How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 10 - Don't Go Dark on Me - full transcript

Bonnie and Nate formulate their alibis when Miller's murder investigation intensifies. Annalise makes plans so Gabriel does not learn the truth about his father.

Previously on
How to Get Away with Murder...


I know about your misconduct.

I can fix this for you.

You had Nate's dad killed.


- Why aren't you with your boo?
- He didn't come.

Just saw him outside with Nate.

Why'd you call the Warden that day?

Own it!

He murdered my pops.

Take his car and him and drive away.

Why do you look like someone just died?

Gabriel is Sam's kid.

You're making him out
to be some monster.

He hurt all of us.

I want to know how he died.

All Gabriel has to do
is find new evidence.

He's here to take us down.

Please record your message.

I screwed up.

They found out who I am.

- Hey.
- Hi.

Can I have my ball back?

- Do I know you?
- You're going to help me with this.

Delete this e-mail.

Go upstairs to your wife and love her.

He never deserved you, Annalise.

Every single day is
the chance for a new beginning,

every morning an opportunity
to be changed,

different... magnificent.

We all have the choice to stay
mired in our own pain and mess,

or we can try mending the
broken pieces inside ourselves.

You here to make my face
look like yours?


Look, this wasn't about you, okay?

This was about two consenting
adults needing a connection...

Never talk to me about my mom again.

Is he in there?

I don't know. I haven't
heard him all day.

Maybe he's already turned us
in to the police.

It's not easy believing in ourselves.

I hear talking.

We all feel like there's some
thing inside us that's missing,

and if only we could find it,
we'd finally feel whole.

We just can't do that until we
learn to look inside ourselves.

Where's Connor? I need his help.

He went for a run to take his
mind off the Gabriel stuff.

That's why I need him... we're
gonna burn Gabriel from our brains

by writing up a wrongful
death suit for Nate Senior.

Didn't Nate Junior ask you to
stop interfering in his life?

He'll forgive me once he sees

that this is our last chance at justice.

Or you're just setting him up
for more disappointment.


You're supposed to be
the hopeful one in this house.

Don't go dark on me.

But looking within is hard.

It means seeing

not only the good parts of ourselves,

but the bad.

What did you see, precioso?


It means recognizing our own weaknesses

and flaws and wounds.

You've reached Bonnie Winterbottom.

Please leave a message.

Only then can we start to heal.

Annalise doesn't need us dumping
another problem on her.

She also doesn't need
to be blindsided again.

This is not her problem to fix.

Then at least tell me
what you did with the body.

- Doesn't matter.
- It will when the cops find it

and you two are thrown in jail.

- That's not gonna happen.
- Look at your hands.

You're gonna be
the main suspect the second

Miller's identified as missing.

This is my life, my mistake.

It wasn't a mistake.

This is Nate's call.


But as soon as it's out
that Miller's M.I.A.,

one of you is telling her.

Yeah. We'll see.

What did we agree on?

I'm calling Eve.

What the hell do you want?

- Annalise?
- Do I sound like Eve?

Are you in San Fran?

- No.
- Eve's here?

Let me come over.

We'll figure out how to handle Gabriel.

I talked to him last night. He's fine.

Annalise, what does that mean?

Why don't you bring over
your Gabriel file?

Eve would like to say hi, too.

She's not happy.

Shower to wash away your guilt?


- You ready to talk?
- To yell.

Let me get dressed.

We'll go at it.

Can't wait.

Okay, I'm, uh... I'm ready. Armor's on.


You'd just lost the baby,

wouldn't answer my calls.

I was in grief.

That's why I was worried about you.

Oh, so you hacked Sam's e-mail

because you were worrying about me?

I was afraid he'd leave you

when you needed him the most.

You wanted him to leave me.

No, I wanted to help you
save your marriage.

That marriage was over
when our son died.

We stayed together
when we shouldn't have.

Why didn't you tell me?


I thought I did what was best for you.

I was wrong.

So I'm here to make it right.

Gabriel's worked with activist
groups on FBI watch lists.

If he tries to get Sam's case
reopened, we threaten him

- with conspiracy charges.
- No.

He's a kid who thinks
he's more powerful than he is.

This isn't just about him.

The Governor knows that
I tried to adopt Wes.

That's enough for her
to link me with Sam's killer

and reopen the case.

Now that kid Gabriel is here,
picking at the scab, so...

Any more bright ideas?

He wanted to go public.

I wasn't ready.

So I told him not to come
to the wedding.

He showed up anyway.

I got pissed and broke up with him.

That's the last time I saw him.

What is it?

There was a ring.

I left it on him.

But a purchase that big
will get noticed.

And I'd rather you hear
it from me than the Feds.

I'm sorry.

He brought this on himself.

I gotta say I never saw
him at the wedding.

I was in the tent most of the night.

You saw me there and drove me home.

It's not gonna work.

It's just a cleaner story.

Asher saw you with him.

Asher, why does Bonnie
need to see you ASAP?

- No idea.
- Maybe it's about Gabriel.

I said no more obsessing over Gabriel.

Obsessing about the guy
who could lock us all up

isn't such a bad idea.

It is when we should be
spending that time

suing the state for killing

an innocent, mentally ill black man.

Where was this altruism

when you decided to
deport a gay DACA student?

All right, I'll be back
in an hour to help.

Thanks, Asher.


Gang, look who it is.

Aren't you two supposed
to be on your honeymoon?

Uh, we're going after Connor graduates.

Right on.

Michaela, you got a minute to talk?

She doesn't really want to talk to you.

That's right. She doesn't.

Just let me explain.

You ditched me at a wedding that
you begged me to take you to.

I think I understand.

That wasn't about you.

Yeah, I think that's
part of her problem.

Look, I had to leave
to talk to Professor Keating.

She was at the wedding.

I saw her leave without her keys.

She wasn't home when I got
there, so I waited.


That's what I want to talk about.

Then talk so you can
finally leave us alone.

Sam Keating's my father.

Look, I know I should've told you all.

But you didn't.

I just want to know
what happened to him.

That's why I came to Middleton,
and that's why I'm here right now.

To see what you guys can tell me.

Professor Keating worked
out of the house that year.

You guys were all interns, right?

He was hardly ever there.

Look, I get it. You don't
want to talk about this.

Why would we?

You've been lying to us this whole time,

manipulating us into kissing you.

That's not what that was.

Look, I never bought into
the story that Wes killed him.

So, what, you thought you'd
come here and solve a case

- that the D.A. closed?
- Seriously.

You better not be blaming this on A.K.

I mean, she... she's already
been through enough.

I know.

I got that when
I talked to her last night.

You actually talked to her?

Yeah, she told me Wes killed him.

She even played me
a voicemail he left her.

Then you know everything.

You don't think
he was covering for someone?

What about you?

I mean, he's your kid's father.

You think he did this alone?

Yes. Because he did. And honestly?

I don't appreciate you barging
in here dredging all this up.

Look, I know this is hard,

but this is my dad we're talking about.

Yeah, a dad you never knew, okay?

Meanwhile, Wes was someone that I loved,

someone that I wanted to spend
the rest of my life with

until I realized he was hiding

the worst part of himself from me.

You should go.

I've seen what Connor
can do when he's angry.

I'd leave if I were you.

I'm sorry. I really am.

I might need to borrow
some fresh underwear.

Where's everything on Vivian?

There's not much out there on her.

That you found out.

Go see what else you can dig up.

Nice to see you.

And gimme your phone.

I'm cutting you two off.

Where is she?

It's saved under "The One."

I always thought you two were end-game.

Annalise and I are handling
Gabriel, okay?

I just need sweet-O's help
finding dirt on his mom.

So Oliver's handling it?

I need blackmail.

Just like we've got on all you.

You in?

Only if you give me access
to Gabriel's spy cam.

- No.
- He can just hack into it

- if you don't give him access.
- She's right.

How's Vanessa?


What is it?

She's pregnant.

It was our fifth try.

I gave up on the idea of it
ever working,

but she just left the doctor, and...

I'm sorry. This is the last thing

I want to be telling you, Annalise.

You said you never wanted a kid.

I didn't.

I guess you just didn't
want one with me.

Don't... Don't do this.

What am I doing?

Making me feel bad.

Why should you feel bad?

For being happy, more than ever.

But I can't tell you that
without feeling

like it's a competition.

I want you to be happy. I can handle it.

Are you drinking again?

Did Frank tell you that?

I saw it on your face
the minute I walked in the door.

Your life is hard, God knows,

but you chose it,

and you continue to choose it every day.

So there has to come a point
where you take responsibility

for your own mistakes,

or you can just stay unhappy.

There's some ice cream in the freezer

if you want some dessert.

Was anyone with you

when you saw me and Miller
outside the tent?

No. I was coming from the bathroom.


What did you see?

Um, not much.

I was by the church.

You were both far away.

And then?

You disappeared behind the tent.

What's... What's going on?

You didn't see me with Miller.

I didn't?

You saw Bonnie.

She was with him in the parking lot.



I need to know what's going on.

You don't want to know.

I'm not lying to whoever
you want me to lie to

unless you tell me the truth.

Show him.

This is Miller ordering
the Warden to kill Nate's dad.

No, that's...

Miller ordered the inquest.

It was his cover.

You're... you're... you're assuming that
because he used a payphone?

It was him, Asher.


Miller won't be coming
back to work tomorrow

because you were the last person
who saw him?


Think about all the times
Nate's helped you...

after Sinclair, Simon...

This is your turn to help him.

Everything's gonna move fast
once Monday comes

and Miller doesn't show for work.

Peggy won't get him on his cell,

so she'll send someone to his place.

I know it's under 48 hours,

but even his emergency
contacts can't reach him.

And he's never late,
especially Monday morning.

Protocol will require
the Investigation Division

to open a missing person's case

From that point, you gotta act
like every move you make

is being watched, especially at work.

A forensics team will sweep

Miller's office for evidence.

And they'll put out an APB on his car.

It'll all turn up nothing.

Why? What'd you do with his car?

Just focus on your part.

He in there, Pegs?


What the hell?

Ron's missing.


I know, it's like Denver all over again.

The FBI will be called in
'cause Denver was just killed.

They'll send a team to
the office within hours.

The police will hand over
Miller's cell records to them.

They'll want to speak to
the last person he called.

Ms. Winterbottom? Special Agent Telesco.

You free to answer a few questions?

What is this about?

We'll get to that,

but first I'd like you
to tell us a little bit

about your role here at the office.

If this is a corruption investigation,

I'm not answering questions
unless my attorney is present.

This isn't a corruption case.

It's a missing person's.

Who's missing?

Who is missing?

D.A. Miller.

What are you talking about?

No one's been able to contact
or locate Ronald Miller

for the last 36 hours.

When was the last time you saw him?

Saturday night.

Have you tried his mother?

She lives in Lancaster.

We wouldn't be here if we hadn't
looked into all leads already.


But we had a fight on Saturday,
and we broke up, so...

So you two were seeing each other?

Yes. For a few months.

So maybe this is just him
taking some personal time or...

To be clear, the last time you
spoke to him was Saturday night?



This is the last time you two spoke.

Well, maybe it was Sunday morning.

It was the middle of the night.

He called me to apologize, but...

Are you sure this isn't a mistake?

That's perfect.

Call my cell whenever you have anything.

My friend who's a P.I. in Cook County.

She's checking for everything on Vivian.

You're allowed to go home now.

I can handle it from now on.

I came here to help, Annalise.

And you did that. So now you can leave.

Well, you can leave, too.

"Wherever you go, there you are."

That's what they tell us in AA.

You deserve to have some peace.

That's all I'm saying.


You're alive.

I wasn't sure when you weren't
answering your phone.

No, that's my fault.

I've been monopolizing her time.

Eve Rothlo. I'm an old friend.

Emmett Crawford.

He's my boss.

Uh, well, I have a few calls to make.

Happy to see you're putting
your giant salary to good use.

What's going on?

I got served for a deposition
this morning.

- For what?
- The misconduct allegations.

C&G wants me to admit fault under oath.

- You can't do that.
- Well, that's why I'm here.

If you're gonna actually
keep your promise

and help me figure out
a way out of this...

- Of course I will.
- Well, this is the time.

I'll look over it.

Thank you.

Um, are you okay?


You know how it is having company, so...

What do you know about Eve Rothlo?

That she's one of the best

death-penalty lawyers in the country.

- Who'd you kill?
- I saw her at Annalise's apartment.

- What?
- It's weird, right?

You being at Annalise's apartment?


Uh, just tell me if you think
she's up to something.

- Annalise is always up to something.
- Exactly.

That doesn't mean
it's something bad... usually.

Like maybe she's just trying to
recruit Rothlo to come work here?

No, that's not what
I sensed was going on.

Well, maybe you should recruit
her then and bring me.

We can woo her together.

Yeah. So you know nothing.
That's what you're telling me.


What are you doing here?

I need you to ask Miller for the
transcripts from Senior's inquest.

- Why?
- So we can file Nate's civil suit.

- Can you ask him?
- No.

Why am I the only one that cares
about this case anymore?

I care, okay? I...

I just... I can't be asking him
for special favors like that.

Fine. I'll ask Bonnie.

Uh, you think she'll mind
that you told us she's screwing Miller?

Michaela, don't do that.

What is going on?

Why did Bonnie want to see you?
Was it about Gabriel?

It was a personal thing, okay?

Just stop worrying.

- Anything?
- Not yet.

Vivian Maddox is an enigma,
just like her son.

- It's addictive, right?
- It's boring.

He's studying for our Admin Law Exam.

You think he's playing us?

We'd be stupid not to think that.

What should I say?

When he's old enough
to ask me about his dad?

Do I tell him nothing
like Gabriel's mom?

Hope he never finds out the truth?

Or you tell him the truth,

which is that his father was a great guy

who took the fall for his friends.

You believe that?

If it hadn't been for Wes,
we'd all be in jail.

Christopher would be in foster care.

Or my dad would have him.



Your father was a superhero,
which means you're a superhero.

How cool is that?

Officer Wagner
fired one shot at Mr. Lahey,

striking his frontal skull.

Hey. Wagner.

Mr. Lahey, thanks so much for waiting.

You want to tell us
what that was all about?

Look at your hands.

You're gonna be the
main suspect the second

Miller's identified as missing.

Just tell me why
I'm meeting with the FBI

for beating a guy up.

Not just a guy.

The prison guard who shot your father.

A beat down seems like
a pretty easy way to get off.

I agree.

Mr. Lahey, are you aware that
D.A. Miller has gone missing?

Since when?

His last reported call was to a
colleague early Sunday morning.

You don't seem surprised.


He ordered the inquest on those guards.

So you think those guards

might have something to do
with his disappearance?

Ain't it obvious?

Or maybe you're trying to put the blame

on some people you're
obviously still very angry with.

Someone ordered those guards
to kill my pops.

Miller tried to find out who.

Now you're telling me the guy's missing.

You really think that's a coincidence?

Is it Nate?

That's who you're staying here for?

Let's not have this conversation.

If you're together again,
I support that.

We're not.

Because you're with
that man who showed up?

My life is a mess right now.

I don't need a man to make it worse.

What about a woman?

Is that what you think,

that I need my own Vanessa?

If you're open to that.

We know a ton of sober ladies
in San Fran.

You've never understood, even now.

Your privilege lets you be gay.

I'm black from the damn Bible Belt.

So stop trying to figure out
what's gonna make me happy.

You don't know what that is,
I don't know what that is,

but it isn't about finding
a person, a man or a woman.

I have to figure it out.

I have to save me.

Is Annalise filing
a civil suit for Nate?

I am, and what are you doing here?

She's out sick today.

Came to talk to you, actually.

Nothing you could say to me
could get me to forgive you.

Everything I said that night
was the truth.

Of course it's true,

because I am special and beautiful

and worthy of someone great.

Clearly I now know that that's not you.

I know. I...

Which you played me like
some basic bitch sidepiece.


Look, I only hid
who my father was from you

so I could find out
what happened to him.

And, honestly, I was kind of
hoping you'd understand.

Well, you're an idiot for hoping that.

You're adopted, right?

So I just thought maybe
out of everyone that

you would get what it's like
to want to know

about the parent you never met.

We're not the same.

Leave so I can work.

You've reached Nate Lahey.

Leave a message.

Nate, uh, it's Michaela again.

Sorry to keep calling you.

I just... I want to run something by you

about your dad's case.

Any leads?

Not that I know of.

You know, I was, um... I was thinking.

Wouldn't it... Wouldn't it be
funny if he was just at home,

sleeping this whole time,
and his... his phone was dead?

The police went to his house.

Yeah, I know.

Uh, I just remember that one
time where he was yelling at you

'cause his phone battery kept dying.

Did you ever, uh, get him a new one?

No. He wanted to wait for the upgrade.


No reason.

Um, but you know what?

I think you should get him
that upgrade anyway.

Like, that's how much
I believe he's coming back,

that we just got to keep the faith.

God willing.

I want to run something
by you about your dad's case.

Don't worry. I'm not digging
into anything I shouldn't be.

Just, can you call me back?

Hey, did they bring you in?

Yeah, we'll talk later.

BonBon. We need to talk.

- Not now.
- It's important.

- Miller's cellphone battery was busted.
- What?

His phone kept dying.
Peggy confirmed it.

So what if that's why he was on
the payphone... not to be shady,

but because his phone was actually dead?

There's no other reason he'd
have called the Warden that day.

We have no proof that the call
was even about Nate's dad.

- Asher...
- What if Nate is wrong?

That's all I'm asking.

You don't want to believe
he was a bad guy.

I don't want to believe it, either.

But we were wrong about him,
especially me,

so stop making me feel worse
than I already do.

- Ms. Price, do you have a minute?
- No.

What if I told you I know how to
make the board love you again?

You should file a civil suit
against the state

on behalf of Nate Lahey Junior.

If you win, you'd attract
a ton of good press

that C&G desperately needs.

Why wouldn't you bring this to Annalise?

You're the civil-suit expert,

and you need this win
more than she does.

Okay, but have you talked
to Nate Junior about this?

I wanted to get you on board first.

You mean you want to
waste my time on a case

without an actual plaintiff?

We lost the inquest.

No one is going to jail
for murdering that man.

Justice will not be served.

But you know what still can be served?


Let me think about it.



Any idea why Annalise would
be meeting with Eve Rothlo?

- Eve's here?
- So you know about the two of them?

No, I-I-I mean, I know that
they were at Harvard together.

But were they together at Harvard?

You mean before Sam?

- Bisexuality is real, Ms. Pratt.
- I know that.

I have personal experience
with the matter.


My fiancé...

ex-fiancé, he was bisexual.


Seth? You have a minute?


This is all crazy, huh?

I'm still in shock.

With Denver, I kept thinking
it all had to be a mistake.

I'm sorry.


It's rough for everyone.

There's something you don't know.

Ron and I were together.

No one really knew, and I
don't want them to.

It's just...

I don't want to cause trouble.

For who?

I heard Ron on a phone call
with Warden Sykes.

They were arguing.

You think Sykes is behind this?

I don't know.

I just don't want to
raise it with the FBI

if I'm being paranoid.

And I know that you are
monitoring the prison

for your corruption case...

You know I can't talk about that.

Ron told me you have
a wiretap on Sykes...


I just want to listen to that one call.

Here's the date.


At least so I can stop
thinking that Sykes

had something to do with this.

Vivian's been clean a few years.

It helps she works part-time
at a rehab center.

- But then I found this.
- Who is he?

Vivian's boyfriend
until he O.D.'d on oxy.

It could work, right?

Make Gabe think Mommy could be charged

with drug possession, dealing...

- No.
- He needs to be scared.

She has a better idea, Frank.

Section 401 of the Illinois
Controlled Substance Act.

- You think it can work?
- I think you can make it work.

We'll need proof that Vivian
supplied the oxy.

Easy. Frank bribes someone to
say Vivian was their dealer.

So now we're lying to Gabriel

as well as bribing drug addicts, too?

Sorry, what am I doing?

They won't have to testify,
just sign a statement.

Gabriel's too smart to fall for that.

He's just a law student. He'll cave.

Or it makes me look guilty.

He loves his mother, right?

Use that... not to scare him,

but to convince him to protect her.


Let's talk.

Look inside.

Who is he?

Your mother's ex.

She was with him when
you were an undergrad.

Kept it under wraps because
they were using drugs together.

Her drugs.

So this is a threat...

I keep my mouth shut about Sam,

otherwise you, what, you get
my mom charged with murder?

That's not what I'm saying.

Then tell me what the hell this is.

I could've easily taken
this to the police

if I wanted to hurt you or her.

Instead, here I am, giving it to you.


Because I want to help you.

- Because you feel guilty.
- Yeah.

Because it wasn't just Sam.

It was me who hurt her, too.

And maybe that's what
made her turn to drugs.

And if I can find this out
in a day, imagine what else

someone else could find if they
really wanted her to suffer.

We both want to protect her, Gabriel.

So just help me to do that.

They get their money's worth with
us single people, don't they?

Hmm. What's up?

A potential new case.

This is Annalise's client.

She's too busy to handle a civil suit.

You okay with me suing the state?

Let me read it over.

Oh, and I got some scoop on why
Eve Rothlo could be here...

- if you're interested.
- Mm. Go ahead.

- They're ex-girlfriends.
- What?

It was, apparently, just
a law-school thing for Annalise.

Meaning, you know, don't worry,
you still got a chance.

- Projecting much?
- What?

I think you meant to say that
you still have a chance.

What? No! Sir, come...

Oh. Oh, you think you're funny.

Good night, Ms. Price.

I'm just a plane ride away.

So, uh, call me if Gabriel acts up

or you need my help with the Governor.

I can handle it.

I just need an excuse to visit.

I can come to you after the baby.

If there's a baby.

Oh, there's gonna be.

My point is... come sooner.

Not to introduce you to our hot friends.

I don't want "hot." I want nice.

They can be both.

Just keep your eyes open. That's all.

Mr. Maddox.

This is Agent Telesco with the FBI.

We have a few questions
about a voicemail

you left for D.A. Ronald Miller.

I screwed up.

They found out who I am.

Can you call me back?

Please call us back as soon as possible

so we can set up a time to meet.

Breaking news in Philadelphia tonight.

We have just received word that
Interim District Attorney

Ronald Miller has officially
been named...

...a missing person by the FBI.

Authorities were notified
this morning when Mr. Miller,

- a long-time Philadelphia resident...
- You don't know who gave you this.

...who has worked at the D.A.s
office for over a decade,

failed to appear at work and
then could not be reached

by telephone or at his home.

There has been no recent
activity on his cellphone...

...or car GPS that could
help investigators

determine his current location.

It has been close to 36 hours
since anyone has seen or heard

- from the interim District Attorney...
- Dinner's ready.

...who took office several months ago.

No one's hungry?

'Cause I can inhale this
pad Thai all by myself.

Our sources tell us there were
no signs of a struggle or

- break-in at his home.
- Did you know about this?

The suspicious nature of D.A.
Miller's disappearance

prompted the FBI to open
an immediate investigation

in hopes of finding the D.A. alive.

You were at work all day.
You had to have known.

- Authorities say the D.A. made...
- No, I swear.

...his last known phone call in the
early hours of Sunday morning...

- This is bad.
- It's not bad. It's a nightmare.

- The call contained no indication...
- You really didn't know?

No idea.

...of danger or duress.

Law enforcement is asking that anyone...

- Hey. It's all over the news.
- ...who has seen his vehicle to come...

- You got to tell her.
- I'm here now.

...any information that may
lead to the D.A.'s discovery.

The FBI has reported
that any and all leads

will be explored to the fullest degree.

Board of Probation and Parole.

This is Warden Sykes returning
Mrs. Jeffries' call

about the new Parole Board regulation.

Warden Sykes here.

Hi, Warden.

It's Janelle from
the Department of Corrections.

D.A. Miller's disappearance
is of particular concern

considering the fact
that his predecessor,

District Attorney Todd Denver,

was murdered less than a year ago.

Currently serving time for his murder

is former Antares Technologies
CEO Jorge Castillo.

- The FBI declined to comment...
- Did your father do this?

...on if they believe there
may be a connection...

I don't know.

...between D.A. Miller's
disappearance and Castillo.

- Probably.
- It wasn't your dad.

How would you know?

You wanna tell them? was widely known...

- What?
- Bonnie needed to see you ASAP,

you were acting weird at the office...

That doesn't mean anything.

She had blood on her leg at the wedding.

Why? Did she do something to him?

No. You're insane. It's...

Bonnie had Christopher at the wedding.

I couldn't find them.

Tell us the truth. Was this Bonnie?


He just kept... lying to my face,

saying I was wrong, and I lost it.

Started swinging.

It was like...

I wasn't there.

No control.

My body just took over.

I'm not telling you so you can fix this.

How is that true?

The Governor's gonna come after
the both of us even harder now.


Because it was the Governor
who killed Miller.

She got Miller to help her
take out my pops,

then she took him out
to keep him from squealing.

It's a good plan.

Hi, Warden. This is Marissa.

This is Sykes.

Jeff, hey. Ron Miller here.

Oh. I didn't recognize the number.

Yeah, my phone died.

Uh, listen, I'm calling to thank you

for handling the
Nate Lahey Senior transfer.

It's not a problem.

Well, still, I just
wanted to say thanks.

His son works for me, he's a good guy,

so I'd like to make the transfer as
easy as possible on his old man.

Yeah, we'll take good care of him.
No problem.

Yeah, thanks so much, Jeff.

- Good night.
- Night.