How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 9 - He Betrayed Us Both - full transcript

Previously on
How To Get Away With Murder...

You want to change your life? Are
you Annalise Keating's bitch?


The baby. Is it dead? Tell me!

The governor knows about the adoption.

- I am asking you to protect my son

from his own worst instincts.


The warden got a call
from an unlisted number.

- You had Nate's dad killed.
- No.

- Own it!
- What?!


It was him. He murdered my pops.

He murdered my pops.

Take his car and him and drive away.

Why do you look like someone just died?

[SLAPS] What the hell
are you doing here?

You left your keys at the church.

I know who you are.

FRANK: Gabriel is Sam's kid.






FRANK: Bonnie.

What are you doing?

Gabriel knows Sam's his dad,
so I told Annalise.

You got to go to her place

and make sure she doesn't
jump off the roof.

- Bon!
- I need you to stop talking.

She's only gonna listen to you...

Shut up so I can tell you this.



It's Frank. He could be
here in five minutes.

- I'm not gonna hurt you.
- You broke into my home.

I just want answers. That's all.


- Hi.
- Frank: I need to come over,

talk you through the whole thing.

Whatever you want to ask me,
I'll tell you.



I got nothing for you, Frank.










[CHUCKLING] Your dad really knows

- how to buy someone's forgiveness.
- No, no, no.

We are not forgiving him

until he agrees to pay
for the honeymoon.


Who's that?

Who do you think?


Well, I guess props to Pam
for getting back out there.

No, Oli.


- Michaela.
- Ugh.

[QUIETLY] Asher probably took her phone.


Come here.

- Hey.
- Yeah?

I really love you.

I love you, too.


- Enough!
- It's our wedding night!

You're dead to me, Asher.

Yeah, me, too. She's my mom now.

What's wrong?

Only Bonnie and Frank
knew before tonight.

And you.

They wanted proof
that Gabriel knew who he was

before they told anyone.

So when Frank found
his birth certificate tonight,

he finally told Annalise.

- How long have you known?
- A few weeks.

- Oh, my God.

They told me that I had
to protect all of you.

And since when do you do
what you're told?

You think you're pissed off?
She let me make out with him all week.

How could you let that happen?

Okay, that is between me and Michaela.

I don't understand how not
telling us about Gabriel

is protecting us.

- You... you were gonna kill him?
- Not me.

Nothing has changed.

Gabriel still thinks we're clueless.

- You don't know that.
- I do!

He ditched Michaela at the wedding.

- CONNOR: Well, maybe he was going...
- Hey! hook up with my mom.
Oh, wait. No, that was you.

LAUREL: Okay, look. We're all tired.

- We just need to go to sleep.
- Listen!

Gabriel hasn't returned any of my calls.

It's late. He's probably asleep.

Except I saw blood on Bonnie's leg.

Happy wedding.


You don't care about getting disbarred?

Who's gonna tell them? You?

Only people that's gonna hurt
is class-action clients.

Or did you just pretend
to care about them

to get close to me?


Truth shall set you free, Gabriel.

My mama raised me

to care about people worse off than us.

Oh, so I'm supposed to believe

that she would be happy with you
studying under me?

- She doesn't know I'm here.
- Oh.

Or you're just a good liar.

I never lied about any of that...

You lied about who you are...

My dad took off before I was born.

That's what my mama always told me.

I had no reason to question it

until my grandma died last year.

I was cleaning out her apartment,

and I found my birth certificate.

So why didn't you tell
your mother about any of this?

'Cause it would kill her. You know that.

How would I know that?

Sam left her for you.

I don't know anything about your mother.

I didn't know about you till tonight.

Think about that.

He lied to me for 20 years.

So he's the bad guy in all this?

That's what you want me to believe?

Well, we wouldn't be meeting
like this if he were good.


The baby? Is he dead? Tell me!

Take him!

SAM: We'll get through this.

All right, watch your step.

Hey. How was the drive?

I'm sorry you couldn't fly.

My ma said that's normal
after a C-section.

We made it home in one piece.
That's what matters.

I can stock the kitchen with
a month's worth of junk food.

- Booze, too.
- Booze you've been drinking?

Huh? You stink.

[SIGHS] Annie, Annie.
The doctor said no stairs.

I'm not sleeping on the couch.

[SIGHS] Fine. Let me help you.

I talked to Dean Foster.

He said to take as much time
as you need.


They're giving me time, too,

which means I'll be free to annoy you,

however long you want.

- Here.

I'll get you some juice.



You get to say anything to me.

The witness who died has a son.

Christophe. He's 12.


Annie, it's too soon to think
about any of this.

I got to think about something else.

Otherwise, I can't breathe.

He needs us, Sam, just like we need him.

We don't know what we need.

I need him then.


I'm not saying no.

Of course you are.

Let's just focus on getting you better.

The rest will figure itself out.

You mean I'll figure it out,

like always.













WOMAN: At the tone,
please record your message.

When you've finished recording,

you may hang up
or press 1 for more options.



I'm not sure this is actually
your number, but...

It's Sam.

Look, I know I don't have
a right to ask...

...but I really want to meet him, Viv.


I'll do anything to meet him.


Did he actually tell you he'd call?

It's Nate. He'll know what to do.

I'm not sure about that.



That him?

Large pineapple pizza
and a Caesar salad for Bonnie?

- Yeah.
- $22.75.

Here's $40. Keep the change.

Uh, you don't have to do that.

I-I used to waitress.

Tipping is one of my only joys.




- Hey.
- Are you with Bonnie?

FRANK: Yeah. Why?

I saw blood on Bonnie's leg
at the wedding,

and now Gabriel's missing.

You got me on speaker phone?

- Did you two do something to him?
- God, no.

Just tell us why Gabriel
isn't answering his phone.

He's probably sleeping.

Sleeping, like, six feet under?

No one hurt Gabriel.

So go to bed, sleep off your hangovers.

I'll call you in the morning
once I know more.

- [SIGHS] That's too bad.
- What is?

Well, a dead Gabriel would have
at least stayed quiet.

ANNALISE: I know what
you're telling yourself.

That I ruined the marriage,
I stole your father.

Makes for a good story,
but it just isn't true.

Which part?

That I'm to blame for you
having no father.

- I never said I blame you.
- Oh.

Then why come here, play all of us?

I want to know how he died, Annalise.

- Go online. It's all there.
- So it's true.

- Wes killed him.
- Yes.

Then why's Frank looking
into me this whole time?

I don't know. Ask him.

You didn't tell him
to keep an eye on me?

I said I never knew you existed
until tonight.

- That's hard to believe.
- Well, it's true.

Frank's been lying to me

just like you've been lying to me

just like Sam.


You have more in common with
your father than you knew.

Where are you going?


- Hey.
- BONNIE: Hey.

Thanks for bringing that over.

It's the least I could do.

How are you?

We're doing okay.

Doctor says she's healing pretty good.

It's easy for me to say

since I'm not the one who's in pain.

I'm so sorry this happened.

I'm just grateful nothing
happened to Annie.


I, uh...

I never even got to hold him.

They just took him. I don't...

I don't even know where.




I didn't hear you come in.

I just got here.

Do you want me to bring this upstairs?


Should you be out of bed?

Go home. We're not working yet.

I know. I just... I was in the hood...

I asked him to come over.


Come on up.



BONNIE: The pump's not as
complicated as it looks.

And it'll help relieve some of the pain,

even though it might take a
little longer to stop producing.


Send that certified mail.

Let me know when it gets there.

Sam can't know.

- FRANK: Please let me tell.
- You don't need to.

Your face is everything you're feeling.

- [VOICE BREAKING] 'Cause it's killing me.
- It should be.

My son died, and you're responsible.

- That's why I need to tell her.
- Why?

So you can feel better

while the rest of us suffer?

Your guilt goes away,
but we're stuck in this hell?

You take this to your grave.

BONNIE: Won't Sam want this, too?

ANNALISE: He's too fragile.

He won't even consider it.

- He's in shock.
- Well, so am I.

But it's the only thing
making me not slit my wrists.

It's just the first step, Bonnie.

Adoption is a long process.



I know you love Sam the same way I do.

But I need you to choose me right now.


Thank you.


- What's this?
- You don't believe Wes did it.

Here's your proof.

Annalise, it's Wes.

I just got to the house.

I was at the police station.

They found Rebecca's body.

They're saying you did it.

All of it.

Even Sam.

You can't go down for what I did.

There's no way I could live with myself,

so just please, come home.

That was enough for the D.A.
to tell the judge

to close Sam's case.

- Why?
- Because it's him confessing.

No. Why? Why did he do it?

Why do you think?
He was sick in the head.

I'm just trying to understand
why one of your students

would kill your husband.

Well, I've been trying to figure
that out all these years,

and I still don't know.

All I know is that
I'm done with everyone

accusing me of killing my husband.

I never accused you.

Sam broke my heart, Gabriel.


Just like he broke yours.


He betrayed us both.



- What's wrong?
- A lawyer from Ohio...

called my office this morning.

She wanted my Social Security number.

I thought it was a scam
until she clarified.

It's about the adoption.

- I told you I wanted to do this.
- It's been a week.

You're barely back on your feet.

Don't be my doctor. Be my husband.

That's all this is about...

- me loving and protecting my wife.
- Then give me this.

You're in grief, Annie.

You have no idea what the hell
you want right now.

What I want is to feel better.

And you know what does that?
That little boy.

[IN DISTANCE] He's the only thing that's
getting me through this nightmare.

[IN DISTANCE] It's our nightmare.

We're both going through this.

Then you should know
exactly why I need this.

No, what we need is time.

Time for what? To grieve more?

'Cause I'm the one doing that.

Maybe it doesn't look like
you think it should,

but I'm feeling everything
I need to right now.

No child is gonna make
this pain go away!

How do you know that?

Well, let's just think about
that boy right now...

- He lost a mother! We lost a son!
- Exactly. Our son!

Not some dog from the pound.

- We have to grieve him, have a funeral.
- No!

- You loved him, Annie. I know you did.
- Of course I loved him.

Well, then let's take the time
to accept what we've lost.

He's dead, and you know who isn't?

That little boy who I know I can love

because he's alive.

Well, that's not gonna happen here

if you want to stay married to me.


Well, I'm going through with it,

with or without you.




But it's without me.



Go home. Give her some space.





CONNOR: Of course he's here
to take us down.

OLIVER: Maybe he just wants to
find out about his father.

LAUREL: Or he's known Sam
his whole life.

Still, that doesn't mean
he can do anything to hurt us.

He could go to the D.A.

and have them reopen the case.

I thought Sam's case was closed?

Nobody was ever convicted.

So all Gabriel has to do
is find new evidence

- and bring it to the D.A.
- Oh, this hurts my head.

Seriously, my head is racing.

'Cause you're ashamed that you hooked up

with your friend's mom?

Yeah, well, I have great news, okay?

Even if Gabriel tries
to reopen Sam's case,

we have a friend in the D.A.'s.

You're just a stupid intern.

Miller isn't gonna
break the law for you.

Yeah, but he'll do it
for his girlfriend.

- Bonnie.
- Since when are they together?

- Bonnie's with Miller?
- Why would she date him?

This is great, okay?

There's no way that Bonnie's

gonna let Miller
charge us with anything.


[QUIETLY] Annalise was right.

Ron was playing me.

I just didn't want to see it.

I saw the guy around you.

No way he's faking that.

I need to believe he was awful, Frank.


GABRIEL: What was he like?


I mean, you were married to him
for all those years.

It couldn't have been that bad.

Yeah, that's what I thought.

It's why I didn't think
he was capable of killing that girl.

- Lila?

You're making him out
to be some monster.

He walked out on you and your mother.

Maybe she didn't tell him about me.

Or maybe he just didn't care.

You're only saying that
because he hurt you.

He hurt all of us.

And don't you dare take
his side over your mother.

She's the real victim here, not him.






FRANK: You love this, don't you?

What are you talking about?

Sam and Annalise in the weeds.

It means you can finally
get it in with him.

Don't feel bad.

Lots of people crush on their shrink.

You want to dig into each
other's personal lives?

- Let's do it.
- I'm just playing with you.

What happened in Ohio?


LISA: So you want to change your life?

FRANK: It's my fault.

You tell her, and I'll ruin you.

You know what happened.

The Mahoney case tanked,

and Annalise got hit by a car.

I mean between you and Sam.


You like a guy with mystery, don't you?

- Stop.
- I know what you're doing.

Making up that Sam and I
have some secret

'cause it turns you on.

'Cause if that's true...

I might be able to help.

You're drunk.

Only a little.


SAM: Hey.

ANNALISE: Your sister tell you
to divorce me yet?

No, but she's still berating me
for not getting a prenup.

- You call your mother?
- No.

It's really nice to be around
family right now, Annie.

Why do you want her to come here?

Am I gonna be alone
in the house that long?


You know I'm okay.

Make sure you tell Hannah that.

I can't take her feeling sorry for me.

Will do.

I'll call you tomorrow.




You need to go.

Please, Gwen. She won't return my calls.

Because she doesn't want to
talk to you, let alone see you.

- Is she in there right now?
- No.

- Is he?
- Sam, please leave.

[LOUDLY] Vivian, it's me.
Please come out.

Keep yelling, and I call the police.

Or maybe I just call your wife.

- Does she know you're here?
- I just want to know my son.

You lost that chance
when you left your wife.

And t-the only thing
that Vivian asked for...

the one thing you did right...

was stay away.

So if you have an ounce
of love or respect

or basic human decency left,

you will leave right now.


I'm sorry.

Go home, Sam.






Are you...


You a Bulls fan?


Can I have my ball back?


- Grandma?


Get in here right now.






- Hey.
- NATE: Hey.

- Where are you?
- Doesn't matter.

But this is the last time you two spoke.

He's drunk.

He's trying to apologize.

Does he want me to come get him?

- Who is that?
- Frank.

- Bonnie.
- He can help us.

- Does this mean Annalise knows?
- Of course not.

Just tell me where you are
so Frank can come get you.

ANNALISE: You know, me and you
are more alike than you think.


I grew up without a father, too.

Messed me up and...

probably what led me to the wrong man.

This void that you're trying to fill,

coming here, breaking into my home?

He's dead, Gabriel.

Better to have no father than a bad one.





SLOANE: Is this Annalise Keating?

- Yes.
- Hi, Miss Keating.

This is Maria Sloane

from the Department of
Children and Family Services

in Cleveland.

- Do you have a minute?
- Of course.

She's not answering.

- Maybe Sam is back.
- They're having make-up sex.

- Have you ever met his sister?
- Hmm?

Hannah. That's who he's with right now?

Your guess is as good as mine.

You don't think he's there?

Okay, you're kind of proving my point

that you're obsessed with the guy.

I'm worried about him.

Well, I'm worried about Annalise.

Because there's something
you won't tell me?

Maybe I can help you.

No one can help me, okay?

I'm screwed up, I screw other people up.

That's my life.

Annalise gets that.

I just...

I hate that she's not okay.




You're a better guy than you think.



This is the cellphone of Sam Keating.

Leave a message. [ BEEPS]

Sam, can you call me back?

Please come home. Please.

I'll try to be better.

I just need you here.










Annalise? Are you in there?


Annalise? Wake up.


Annalise, it's Bonnie.

Annalise, please wake up.

Please. Please, just wake up!







What is it?

You can tell me.

The adoption isn't happening.

BONNIE: The paramedics are coming.

They're gonna be here
any second. Annalise!

Okay. You just stay looking at me.

Just right here. You're gonna be fine.

It's okay.

Okay? Look at me.

Just keep looking at me, okay?

That's right. It's gonna be okay.

I don't know why I'm so surprised.

I never thought it would happen for me.

Being a mom.

Sam convinced me.

I believed him.


Okay, it's okay. Get it all out.

What do you need?


Okay. Let me help you.

- Let me help you.
- My baby. My baby.

I've got to get...
where's my baby, Bonnie?

- I've got to get my baby.
- No, it's okay.

- [GROANS] Bonnie.
- You're all right.


My baby. Where's my baby, Bonnie?

Got my hopes up,

even when my body wasn't working for me.

I didn't listen.

Just kept trying.


Then it finally happened.

He was right here, Bonnie.
I need to go get him.

- Annalise.
- I can hear him crying.

I've got to feed my baby.

- Listen to me.
- Bonnie.

Listen to me.

There's no baby.

It's the pills. There's no baby.

I'm sorry.

There's no baby.



[SOBBING] I killed him...


No. No, it was an accident.

- I killed him.
- No, it...

It's... Bonnie, it's my fault.

It's not.

My fault, Bonnie. [SOBS]


I keep thinking I'm gonna just wake up

and it's just a bad dream.


God wouldn't let this happen to me.

And then I remember.






I'm glad you're in my life.


So am I.



- Where are you?
- The house.

- Oh, crap.
- Am I late?

Annalise actually said you
don't need to come in today.

Did you tell her?


About us.

Of course not.

You're not having regrets, I hope.


- Are you?
- Hell no.

I just want it to happen again.

We'll see.



Just a sec.



Do I know you?


What now?


- Why do you have this?
- It doesn't matter.

You showed Annalise.


'Cause I'm doing what you asked me to...

taking care of her

while you're out there lying about
being at your sister's.

I know what you're doing.

She's doing the same thing,

but no other kid

is gonna replace the one you lost.

So here's what you're gonna do.

Delete this e-mail.

Even if Vivian responds,
forget her, the kid.

Go upstairs to your wife and love her.

'Cause that's what
she needs right now...

a husband to let her know
she's not alone anymore,

'cause she has you.


I'm home, Annie.




I have something I need to tell you.

Your dad said I had to protect you

from your worst instincts.

He's wrong,

'cause I'm the one sticking
my nose in all of this,

even when you begged me to stop.

And now I'm the guy who makes jokes

about wanting Gabriel dead.

So maybe you need to protect me
from my worst instincts.



Maybe we can protect each other.


What... what are you doing?

I'm too freaked out
to be alone right now.

Well, I mean, you are alone.

We're... We're all alone.


You know what's funny about us?

We're both disasters when it comes
to picking people to hook up with.

We picked each other.

Need I say more?

You can...

You can sleep on this side,

feet to feet and no funny business.





SAM: Dear Vivian, I know
I'm the last person

you want to hear from right now.


I tried to stay away, I really did,

but 11 years is long enough.


That's why I came to see you,

to make things right with you and him.




It just breaks my heart to know

he grew up without a father
because of my failures.


I did this.


It was all me.


He was gonna die either way.


You just saved him some pain.


I can tell he's a good kid, though.

I knew that the minute I saw him.




Can I have my ball back?


He's a beautiful kid, Viv.

- All the best parts of you.



- GWEN: Gabriel?



WOMAN: At the tone,
please record your message.

- Hey.

I screwed up.

They found out who I am.

Can you call me back?

SAM: Maybe there's a chance
he'd like me in his life.


I know I'd like him in mine.


I'd be lying if I said

I didn't think about us sometimes,

what could have been.


I guess the truth is...

I miss you, Viv.


I miss how we were together.


I miss who I was with you.


Do I know you?

I'm a friend of Annalise's.

Looks like the good times
didn't last too long.

Her kid's here.

You're going to help me with this.

That's why I'm writing this.

Because I couldn't live with myself

if I didn't at least try
to be in our son's life

and your life.

So this is me trying.

You owe me nothing.

I owe you everything.

But please know this.

I've never stopped loving you.

All my love, Sam.


He never deserved you, Annalise.