How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 2 - Vivian's Here - full transcript

As Michaela, Asher and Connor gear up for their last semester of law school, they take on a weighty case involving an illegal immigrant who wants asylum; Michaela boycotts going to class after a blowup with Annalise about her father.

Previously on "How To Get Away
With Murder"...

Jorge Castillo, I have
a warrant for your arrest.

I heard you took
Crawford's place

as the new
managing partner, right?

Convenient. You think I had
something to do with this?

I didn't say that.

Then be smart and stop talking.

Who is he?

Vivian's boyfriend
until he O.D.'d on oxy.

Telesco's gonna say that
my mom gave him the drugs.

If she finds out the truth...

Wait, y-you did this?

No UVA law student
has time to watch TV...

Unless you dropped out on me.
'Course not.

Laurel needs us.

No, she's never needed us.

No, I'm going to the police
to report her missing.

That's already happened,

Frank and Bonnie are
with the police right now.

We're gonna beat out
all of the guilt

and the shame and the lies
and the fear.

Annalise knew your birth father.

If that's true,
I'm gonna kill you.

Welcome to the new semester,

which is your last semester
of law school.

From here on out, you will be
taking point on your cases.

I'm just here to give you enough
rope to hang yourselves with.

Our first client... Hector Diaz.

He crossed the border illegally
from Sinaloa, Mexico,

and now wants asylum.

Be ready to pitch your strategy
at C&G in two hours.

Class dismissed.
Professor Keating, wait.

Uh, there's a rumor that
Laurel Castillo dropped out.

Shouldn't someone get her seat?

Also Michaela Pratt.
She's not here, either.

I didn't know
your father, Michaela.

It says right here you did.

I was an intern on his case.

- That means you knew him.
- No...

You're not making any sense!

Listen, put that down,
and I'll explain.

I was an undergrad at Tennessee,

volunteering at the law firm
that was defending him.

Is this the same story
you told Wes?

Listen... I'm part of your
pathetic kid rescue collection?

I didn't know who you were
until we picked the K5.

Oh, it was a coincidence...

That's what you expect me
to believe?!

No, I never told you
because I knew

it wasn't the story
you wanted to hear.

All I ever want
is for you to be honest!

No, you want me to make sense
out of your pain,

to say that I knew your father

and that there was a good reason
why he gave you up,

and I wish I could give
that to you, Michaela.

I do, but I didn't know the man.

He was a stranger to me,
just like he is to you.

I'm sorry.

I'm just sorry you're so dumb

that you think
I'd believe you...


Ms. Pratt is out sick.

The free seat goes to the
student who came the closest

to getting it last semester...
Asher Millstone.

Yes! Sweet baby Jesus.

Study up on the client.
I'll see you at C&G.

Where is she?

At home, boycotting you.

And stabbing her AK voodoo doll.

You can't expect us to buy
that this was all a coincidence.

It was.
And what's my coincidence?

You never explained to me
why you picked me for the K5.

Because you're my secret baby.

You all are.

Here, the first reference
I found of a Dwight Halpern

is in Dixon Correctional
Institute in '91...

Right after
my birth mother was shot.

Then he got transferred
in 2001 to BB Rayburn.

So he's still in Louisiana?

I'm checking.

Or we could just
quit this right now.

I mean, he shot your mom.

That's just the story
I was told.

He went to jail for it.

Like innocent black men
don't go to jail all the time.

There! That's him.

Orleans Parish Prison,
2001 to 2005.

Mm. There's no records
after that,

so maybe he got released.


What? Are... Are you sure?

Maybe he got out
on good behavior.

They lost him in Katrina.

Who? My father.

There's no sign of him
after 2005

because his records
got destroyed in Katrina.

Unless you disappeared him?

Stop this. Why?

So I don't find out
the real reason

you've been lying to me
this whole time?

You can be angry with me,
but you can't miss class.

That's what you're mad about?

Fail me.

Oh, you think I won't? Do it.

Then I'll go to
the disciplinary board

and tell them
about your little relapse.

I'm trying to have
an adult conversation with you.

Adult this.

Who'd you piss off this time?

The hell is wrong with you?

Stole my husband and now
you got to take my son, too?

No, this was all Gabriel.

But you knew he was lying to me
this entire time.

I had to drive to UVA,
thinking I'd surprise him,

only to find out
he's here with you?

Let's go somewhere and talk.

No, you argued a case
in front of the Supreme Court.

You can handle
fighting me in public.

No. I don't want to
fight at all.

Too late. I'm here. I'm ready.

I didn't know Gabriel existed
until he showed up here.

I didn't know Sam knew
he existed.

Oh, Sam knew.
He absolutely knew.

You want to know when he found out?
I don't.

The same night he stood
in our living room

and announced
he was leaving me for you.

He shocked me with that news,
so I shocked his ass right back.

And I knew exactly
how our man would react.

Didn't disappoint, either.

He said, "Never mind,"

he'd tell you it was over.

That's right. He chose me.

I just wasn't pathetic enough
to take him back.

So you lied to your son
about his father.

He's angry about that.

If you want him back,
talk to him.

Did you kill Sam?

I've never killed anyone
in my life, but try me.

How can I help you?


My fiancée, Laurel Castillo...

She's missing,
and the police have no leads.

My God. I'm so sorry.

I found this in her jewelry.

It's... It's one of yours,

Opens a safe deposit box?

Are... Are you listed
on the account?

You think
I'd be asking if I was?

Uh, sorry. Dumb question.
It's just...

I'm begging you, Rachael.

Yes. Laurel Castillo's
one of the access-holders.

One of them?

There's another
family member listed.

Uh, her mother, Sandrine?

proof of your relationship,

I can't tell you anything else.

So sorry.

Temporary protected status.

Where's Mr. Maddox? Who cares?

I just gave you the perfect
strategy for this case.

Uh, a better strategy's
arguing Mr. Diaz

was persecuted
because of his race.

You mean the gang violence
that's rampant

in Sinaloa right now.

Gang violence is a stereotype
about the region.

Clearly, this should
disqualify Mr. Walsh.

- Mr. Walsh wins.
- What? Bull donks!

- His idea sucks!
- Seriously?

I need this more than him.
I missed a whole semester.

Fine, Mr. Millstone
is second chair.

Mr. Maddox, my office.

Your mother's here.

Yeah. She stopped me on campus.

You swear you didn't know?

No, of course not.
I had no clue.

Why wouldn't she tell me
she was here?

Well, she's your mother,
not mine.

What did she say?
These are questions for her, Gabriel,

so go and talk to her.

Look who's got that Cali glow.

Well, that's menopause, girl.

I'll take it.

You on hot flashes is better
than every male partner

giving me side-eye
like I stole their birthright.

Really, all I stole
was a dead man's office...

which, let me tell you,
is still giving me the creeps.

Hey. I'm your boss now.

I'll cut off the funds to your
clinic if you don't listen to me.

Well, I'm sorry. I have to go.

What's going on?

Sam's ex is in town.

Oh. Why is that a thing?

Everything dealing with Sam
is a thing.

I'll be a better employee

I was looking for a friend
more than an employee.

You ready to rock, Bette Davis?
Is that a gay joke?

It's an "All About Eve" joke,
'cause the understudy here

is about to become
the star of this case.

I'm so confused.

I'm stealing
our client from you.

Consider it nice
I gave you a warning.

I'm sorry. W-Where's my client?

Uh... T-Tu, Hector.

Tu in, uh... uh, U.S.A.

Uh, duh... Tu parentes, dónde...

Are they, um... in Mexico?


Did Annalise tell you to do that
just to torture me?

You think
she was wearing a wire?

Of course,
for the FBI, Hannah...

Or the Governor. Take your pick.

Here, this is everything
Frank found on Vivian.

I would ask him to get more,
but he's MIA.

Please tell me he's not doing
something stupid. I'll find him.

Good, and find
something on Vivian

to scare her back to Chicago.

On it.

Wait. You both wanna see this.

It's from 10 years ago,

when Tegan was at
C&G's Mexico office.

So? It's the same year
Laurel was kidnapped.

C&G got her released.
Tegan negotiated that?

Not sure, but I just want us all
to keep a closer eye on her.

No, you want me
to start drinking again.

Shoulda stayed in Malibu.

Where's Annalise?
Oh, she's not here.

You said this was an Annalise emergency.
Yeah, it is.

The emergency is that she's not
answering her phone.

Look, Connor and I,
we need a translator,

and since you say "Castillo"
so well...

I'm the managing partner
of a giant law firm.

You think I have time to be your
translator? I mean, you should.

At least, if you want to meet
your pro-bono hours requirement.


Our client is 8 years old
and he's very, very adorable!

- When's his hearing?
- Two days.

I'm planning on arguing for
asylum due to gang violence.

Connor's idea. It's lame, right?

Okay, well, no strategy
will work if he doesn't

tell us anything, is the point.

Wait, w-w-what's he drawing?


It's a gang member.

If we show this to the judge,

it'll show he's been
oppressed by violence.

We got a gang,
just not the right one.

It's Vivian. Hit me at the beep.

You dead in a ditch somewhere?

That's the only excuse
I'm taking for you

not calling me back.

I hate you for convincing me
to find my father,

because... found him.
Well, sort of.

He's lost in the system.

And even though I want to
go back to not caring about

finding him, you put it
in my head that I should,

which means that all
the frustration

that I'm feeling is your fault.


Unh-unh. Pants off right now.

My mom is here.
Oh, my God. Where?

Not here in the apartment.
Here in town.

How mad is she?

Mad enough that she won't
return my calls.

I only know she's here
because of Annalise.

What? She went to her
first, which is crazy,

but that's my mom for you.

Well... since
we're both stressed.



Oh, my God. Get up, get
up, get up, get up, get up.

I hear you.

One minute!

Boy, open this door.

Hi. Uh, Ms. Maddox.

Michaela. Pratt.

So lovely to finally meet you.

You live in this apartment,

Uh... No.
I-I have a house of my own.

I mean, I share it,
I don't own it.

Thank God. It's kind of gross.

How about you go to that gross
house so I can talk to my son?

Of course. Uh, just lovely to...

Thank you. Okay.

You drunk this morning?

Is that why you forgot to tell
us that our client's a child?

Or is this some hint about why
you picked me for the K5?

Hector's my brother
or something.

Attorneys get incomplete
case files all the time.

They only meet their clients
on the first day of court.

You're lucky I let you
meet Hector before.

So figure out this
impossible case on my own,

is what you're saying?
Like an actual lawyer. Go.

Tell us what's wrong.
Nothing's wrong.

Okay, literally every time
you've ever said that to us,

something has been very,
very wrong.

Vivian's here.

Why didn't you pick up
any of my calls?

I was running around a city
I don't know. My phone died.

So not because you were off
high with some guy?

Gabriel Vincent Maddox...

Just tell me why you went
to Annalise before me.

Because I assumed you'd lied,
just like you've been lying

about being with her
this whole time.

She's my professor, Ma.
I'm not with her.

Ain't that a relief.

God knows it crossed my mind

considering her
previous behavior.

Don't make this about her.
He left you.

Sam. That's who
you should blame.

I'll blame them both,
especially now

that she's brainwashing my son.

I came here for answers.
That's all.

Answers I could have given you.

You lied to me
about this my whole life.

I always said your father
stepped out on us.

Where's the lie in that? You said
he never came back to see me again.

That's true. He didn't.

I met him... Ma.

When I was 11 years old,
he came to see us.



Get in here right now.

Grandma never told you?


Be honest.

I never knew.

I'll swear on the damn Bible.

Baby, I never meant for you
to find out this way.

You never meant for me
to find out at all.

Because I knew you'd be hurt,
and look at you now.

The truth? I kept him
from you because...

he wasn't a good man,
for either of us,

and that is no way
for you to grow up...

Learning how to be a man
from a bad one.

Maybe that's wrong. I'm sorry.

But I'm here now, and I'll tell
you whatever you want to know

about the man...
Good, bad, ugly.

Just don't shut me out, baby.

I think you should go.
Over my dead body.

Gab... I just need some time.

What you need to do
is talk to me, baby.

I'm not your baby!

I'm a grown-ass man,
and I got this way despite you,

not because of you.

Did she seem like a drug addict?

She seemed like a mom.

Like a moley mom? What?

Uh, she's probably a mole
for the FBI like her moley son.

Shut up with that. Yeah, there's no
way that Sam's first wife showing up

at the exact moment the FBI's
stalking all of us is bad news.

Not at all.

Maybe she just came here
to visit her son

who she loves and misses.

Never mind.
That was the old me talking.

Okay. I have something
to confess,

but promise no telling Annalise.

Gabey's a mole? He's not a mole.

He just...

He kind of told me
he killed his mom's boyfriend.

Hey. Where are you?

Pittsburgh. Dad's in trouble
with some bookie.

I'm helping him out.

Well, I need your help.
Vivian's here.

Are you serious? Yeah.

Annalise gave me the file
you put together on her.

What's this sealed file
in her arrest report?

I never found out.

Do you think you can?

I'll look into it. Gotta go.

I'm here for Laurel.
I can't not know anymore...

if she's... okay.

Just tell me she's safe.

What is this?

Some game to make me believe

that you don't know
where she is?

I don't. Neither do I.

Told the FBI the same thing.

Xavier took her.
We both know that.

Don't come here again.

Help me find her.

I found him. Oliver!

I did some old-school
library hacking

and found a newsletter
from a prison in Virginia

that mentions your dad.

Listen... "Inmate D. Halpern
received the Warden's Award"

for starting an online
charity that supports

"domestic abuse victims."

A charity.
It shows he's reformed.

We don't know that that's him.
But we do.


He has your eyes.

It's to a safe deposit box
in Laurel's name.

She shares it
with a family member.

Is it you?


Sandrine? Xavier?

I get it.

That hurt you feel,
that kick in your heart?

I've been living
with that pain every day

since Laurel was a child.

Think about how scary that is.

You wake up one day
to find out just how much

your own daughter hates you.

I still don't get why.

I just know that she wanted
to punish me, and it worked.

Look where I am now.

You did this to yourself.

No. Laurel did this.

And she's probably
got the same plan for you,

Annalise, and whoever else
she's talking to the FBI about.

The biggest tragedy in all this?


I tried to save him,
to keep her from destroying him

like every other man
in her life... me, Dominick,

Wes... and now you.

You want to worry about someone?

Worry about
that sweet little boy.

We say Hector's covered

by the Trafficking Victims
Protection Act.

what was he trafficked for?

House cleaning? Sex work?

If you don't know, you can't
prove improper purpose.

Then we try to use DACA.
He's too young for DACA.

I got it. Here.

We, uh...
We get Hector to redraw this

without the ICE letters.

That way, we prove
that he experienced

violent persecution at home.

You're gonna coach a small child
to offer doctored testimony?

You would do it.
Well, I'm good enough not to get caught.

You're not.

You're all a disappointment.
Class dismissed.


You're going home. Excuse me?

Not to your apartment, but back
to Chicago with your mother.

That's not your decision.

Think about our client.

That boy probably wants nothing
more than to be with his family,

and here you are
throwing yours away.

She threw away my chance
to know my father.

Then forgive her.
I mean it, Gabriel.

she made one big mistake,

but she gave you your life.

She was high most of my life.

Because she was in pain,
just like you are right now.

So go and be the man you keep
saying you want to be

and forgive her.

You know you want to.


I need a second, Asher.

I know how we get them to leave.

Gabriel killed
Vivian's boyfriend.

What? Yeah, he told Michaela,
or at least... he hinted at it.

That's game over, right?

We can't use that.
We just have to threaten to use that.

We can't keep hurting people and
not expect them to hurt us back.


What happened to Laurel and
Christopher wasn't your fault.

Go help Connor. He needs it.


Hate to say I told you so.

What does that mean?

Your new boss is hanging out
with Vivian Maddox.

I don't work with your son,
Ms. Maddox.

Middleton University
oversees our clinic.

Professor Keating's
involvement in the clinic

is why I'm coming to you,
as a concerned parent.

What's the concern?

I've heard some rumors.

People love to gossip,
especially about Annalise.

Rumors about her being involved
in illegal activity.

I'm still not getting
what this has to do

with your son or my firm.

If Annalise Keating were
arrested for illegal activity

while working for you,
there'd be lawsuits,

many of which your firm
would pick up the tab for.

I mean, if my son
got implicated in her crimes,

I know I'd sue you.

It's Telesco.

She's pissed I got her fired
from the FBI,

so she sent in Vivian.

Girl must be scraping
the bottom of the barrel

if she's using the ex-wife
to take you down.

What's wrong?

Tell me.

Are you playing me?

I'm trying
to be your friend here,

but you're making it
really hard.

I'm not the one hiding things.

Because I covered for your ass

when you went to the "spa"
in California.

Meanwhile, I was here being
interrogated by the FBI.

They think I killed Emmett, and
now you're accusing me of this?

No. Unh-unh. Nope.

Why didn't you tell me that
you were meeting with Vivian?

Because the last time
I gave you bad news,

you ended up in rehab.

I'm one of the only friends
you've got here.

You need me more
than I need you.

But if you can't
trust me... I can.

And I do.

Thank you.

Hey, where are you?

Virginia. What?

My father's in prison here.

I'm waiting for the clerk
to tell me.

So distract me?

How did it go with your mom?

Not good.

To the point Annalise
told me I should go home.

Y-You agree?

I-I think that's a decision
only you can make.


I-Is this you pushing me away?

Because I've been thinking
what we have is real.

If that's not how you
feel... Miss Pratt?

Uh... I'll ca...
I'll call you later.

Good news.

Our records show
that "D. Halpern"

is your Dwight Halpern.

He's here? Was.

He got transferred
to Mohawk Correctional Facility

two years ago.

Uh... Uh, where's that?

Upstate New York.

This is a small
amount of cocaine.

Why even prosecute
Ms... Maddox for this?

I'm not sure we should,
but until I see

what's under seal,
I can't make a recommendation

one way or another to my boss.

Who is your boss right now?


He wants us to put pressure
on low-level offenders.

Hence, here I am.

It's Vivian's federal file.
I got it unsealed.

She's on probation
for drugs... meth.

We already knew that.
But we didn't know why.


She was arrested for drug
trafficking just last year.

She's in no place
to be threatening anyone.

How'd you get this?

Doesn't matter.
Bonnie, you can't keep doing this.

It's fine. Do you want to die?

My counselor at rehab said that
I'd die if I kept this up...

Fixing other people's crap
instead of my own.

Now you're doing it, too.

Why'd you come back?


And don't you dare say
it was for us.

Why not?

You can't handle the fact
that I love you?

I know you love me.

I just want you
to love yourself, too.

You're telling me that?

They're coming for us, Bonnie.

It's not if, it's when.

Uh, in Me... in Mexico,
dónde está?

Uh, in Sinaloa? Here?

Are there...
Are there gangs here? Bad men?

Hey. I come bearing gifts.

is the universal language.

What am I gonna do?

I have nothing to offer
the judge tomorrow.

Wait, that's not the only gift
I smuggled in.

How'd you do that?

Oh. I'm a rule-breaker.
Haven't you heard?

And I downloaded an app
to translate...

H-Hey, Hector!
That... That's not for...

Oh, my God.

H-Hector? Mi bebé.

Mi bebé. ¿Estás bien?
¿Estás salvo?

Her name's Marisol.

She speaks English, not great,
b-better than my Spanish.

But the...
The point is she's here.

Where? Maryland.

She came last year to work

and then sent for Hector
when she had money.

He was with other people
from their town,

but they got separated
at the border.

So we get Marisol
to testify for him, right?

I mean, she can speak
to the gang violence back home.

You can't ask her to do that.

Because ICE uses kids
like Hector as bait

to arrest undocumented parents.

They'll both get deported.

Okay. W-Well, what do we do?

Well, you have to come up
with Plan B.

Are you serious?
I need your help.

Connor, you're graduating
in three months.

I'm not gonna be around
after that

to give you all the answers.

So you have
to get used to it now.

Half a gram. $50.

Keep the rest.





Where the hell have you been?

Uh, my dad got caught up
in some crap.

So did I.

Aunt Viv's here, and I need you
to help me deal with her.

It's meth.

You're gonna plant that
on Vivian,

and I'll take care of the rest.



We don't know what kind of trap

the FBI's laying out
for us right now.

We got to be smart.

Where were you? Really?

It's for a safe deposit box.

I found it in Laurel's room.

Only one other person
has access... a family member.

Thought it might be Jorge.

It's not. I know that now.

It's Wes.

I wrote it all down.
Everything I know.

I have another copy
in a safe deposit box.

One phone call,
and it gets sent to the police.

What does it say?

Everything, probably.
Sam, Rebecca. All of it.

I'll find a way in.

I'll figure it out. I always do.

You have a witness you'd like
to examine, Mr. Walsh?

Yes, Your Honor.

I'd like to call
Immigration and Customs Agent

Zach Mills to the stand, please.

You're up.

For the record,
I don't condone this plan.

What plan?

Aah! No! No! No!

Tranquilo, Hector.
Nadie te va a hacer daño.

No le dejes que me lleve!
Por favor!

Mr. Walsh,
may I suggest a recess?

That's not necessary,
Your Honor.

This man is not
a real ICE agent.

Hector's reaction, however,
is very much real.

Or you coached him! How?

Hector can't even talk
due to the trauma

that he's suffered inside
the detention center.

Ms. Price,
were you part of this charade?

No, Your Honor, this was my idea
to illustrate the horror

of my client's inhumane
living conditions.

His living conditions
are not at issue here.

Article 37 of the U.N.
Convention on Rights of Children

demands... "No child shall
be subjected to torture."

By that standard alone,
my client deserves asylum.

Google "Korematsu Chief Justice

to secure our borders.
Roper v. Simmons.

The Supreme Court said that
international standards matter

in how we treat children.

Eh, the Supreme Court
also made clear

that that those standards
are not binding. Here.

Just last year,
the Chief Justice wrote

that the internment
of Japanese-Americans

in World War II
was "morally repugnant."

Look at this boy.

Can you honestly say
that the conditions

we have him in
are not morally repugnant?

Your Honor, the Chief Justice's
remarks were about Korematsu,

a case that has never
been overruled.

Let me quote the Chief Justice.

"Korematsu was gravely wrong
the day it was decided,"

has been overruled
in the court of history,

"and has no place in law
under the Constitution."

We're talking about immigrant
processing centers.

We're not talking
about wartime camps.

We're talking about rounding up
innocent children

on American soil and caging them
behind barbed wire.

How is that any different than
what we did to the Japanese?

Mr. Walsh,
I appreciate your point...

At least six non-American
children have died

in the custody of ICE...
Mr. Walsh, let me speak.

And I refuse to wait for my
client to die... Connor, stop.

Due to the neglect
and cruelty that he is suffering

at the hands
of the American Government!

I agree with you, Mr. Walsh!

And while no one has ever
had the creativity to invoke

these precedents, I cannot allow
them to decide this case.

Your Honor... What I can
do is issue a continuance

based on your client's
mental state.

Ms. Ford, please coordinate

with the Office
of Refugee Resettlement

to place him in foster care.

Your Honor, there's no legal
standing for this.

Unless you can argue
a legal justification

for the torture of children,
you've lost.

Mr. Walsh?

Well done.

Tell him that
I'll get his mom asylum.

Okay. I know
you're feeling yourself...

Look, Marisol can actually
testify to the gang violence,

and if we get her asylum, it'll
be easier to get Hector asylum.

Are you this presumptuous
when Annalise is around?

You know it's a good idea.
Just tell him.


Sí, Hector.


Can Connor actually do that?

Highly unlikely.

Wait, wait, wait!
Michaela Pratt.

I just drove seven hours to see
my client, Dwight Halpern.

We close at 5:00. It's 5:03.
I don't get paid overtime.

Dwight Halpern's not my client!
He's my father!

I-I never met him,
and up until a few days ago,

I didn't want to.


He's nothing to me. A stranger.

I didn't care if he was lost
in the stupid system.

But then I found him.

You can't lose a human being.

T-T-That's not a thing.

He's a man, not a file,
even if America

doesn't want us to know
the difference.

Because I found him.

He's here.

My father is here,
and I really don't want to wait

another night to meet him.


We got to talk.
Let me guess... now Tegan's KGB?

Tegan's not who I'm worried
about right now.

Vivian's talking to the FBI.

Your son killed your boyfriend.

So it's true. You're as
desperate as Hannah said?

You and Hannah still talk?
Give that bitch my regards.

Let's call her right now. Let's.

Let's tell her the truth
about your boy.

You lie for a living, Annalise,

just like you're lying
about this.

No, I'm being nice by not going

to the FBI
with this information.

So not even the police, huh?
You go straight to the FBI?

I'm following your lead.

You wearing a wire right now?

Because that would be
real bad...

them hearing how your son
slipped your boyfriend

the pills that killed him.

That didn't happen.
Because it was you?

Paul overdosed.
Gabriel wanted him to.

And God only knows what the FBI

will do to him
once they find out.

They might even decide
he's the bad guy and not me.

What's this about?

Do you have more information
on Ron's case?


Due to the Governor's
accusations against him

and the suspicions surrounding
his death, my team has been

investigating this office
for corruption.

I assumed.

Really? Then why fabricate
the case file on Vivian Maddox?

I'm sorry.

I was trying to find something

that might prove Ron
was innocent.

And I knew that he was talking
to her son, Gabriel,

and so I-I thought that maybe

putting pressure
on his mother...

would turn up something new.

It was a terrible lapse
in judgement.

An illegal one.

Alright. Whatever
you need me to do...

There's nothing.

Your position at
the District Attorney's office

is terminated.

Effective immediately.

What do you want
from me, Annalise?

Simple. Take your son
and go away.

That's all I want, too.

Then apologize to him,
because that's what he wants.

You're gonna tell me
what he wants?

I'm telling you to go home

instead of whatever this is,
because I don't get it,

you coming here to destroy me.

Why? Because I stole
your husband 25 years ago?

Get over it.

You know, I would like
nothing else but to come here

and tell you how great
my life's been since Sam,

how I was betrayed,
but I stayed strong

'cause I'm magic,
how all I had to do

was look into my baby boy's eyes
and know I got

the better end of the deal.

But things didn't go
that way for me, Annalise.

Sam was the magic.

You felt it, too.

A man who not only sees you,
sees the ugliness inside of you,

but wants you even more
because of it.

Sam wanted me
like I was perfect.

All of me, just perfect.

You don't get to feel that
and be okay when it goes away.

It's a horrible feeling,
a death.

And I blame Sam. Of course I do.

He's the one who broke vows.

But I blame you, too.

I'm sorry. Oh, shut the hell up.

I saw you coming out
of his office.

And I saw the way
he was looking at you,

smiling, and then I knew
it was you.

The wife.

And he gave me that same look

in one of our sessions,
that same smile.

And I knew he wanted me.

So I let him kiss me.

That's the truth, Vivian.

He came after me, his patient.

And God knows
I could have said no,

but I needed him to see me
to make myself feel worthy.

And now look at us...
Two dark-skinned sisters

playing out the same story,
giving everything over

to a man who sees us
in a world that doesn't.

It's not magic, Vivian.
It's a lie.

Hey. I'd like to access
a safe deposit box.

Your name?

Wes Gibbins.

Hey, uh... you have a way
to tell me

who the last person
to access this was?

Laurel Castillo.


Three days ago.

What? Paul.

Did you know?

Know what?

My father's dead.

He died in prison last year.

A stroke.

I could have met him
if you'd told me.

But he's dead and it's too late.

I was too
late, and it's your fault.

So I hate you.

Oh, I hate you.
I hate you so much.

I hate you!

I hate you!

I hate you.

I hate... I...

What is wrong with you people?

I'm about to be a lawyer,
a great one.

I know my freaking rights.
Ms. Pratt...

I'll sue, starting
with the arresting officer

whose Miranda warning
is defective ab initio.

We have a dead informant
on our hands, Michaela.

Your fingerprints match those
on the murder weapon.

No more running.

It's all over.

I want my lawyer.