How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - It's Time to Move On - full transcript

The students are still in shock over Rebecca's disappearance, but while Annalise and Frank try to find out who killed her, they must act as though nothing has happened. Annalise takes on two siblings accused of killing their parents.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously on season one of
"How to Get Away With Murder"...

A woman's body was found inside
the Kappa Kappa Theta house.

- What happened?
- My student.

They found her in one
of those water tanks.

I bet you the boyfriend did it.

There was nothing going
on with me and that girl.

I need you to do
what we talked about.

If Frank's not a lawyer,
then what is he?

The female suspect,
Rebecca Sutter, arrested.

Rebecca! Don't say anything!

I didn't kill her.

Plug it into his computer. It'll
download all his phone information.

Call Wes.

Unlock the door, Rebecca.

I said open the damn door!

You have to get here right now!

- Get out of my house.
- Let her go, then we'll leave.

- Get off!
- Grab it!


Call an ambulance.

Why? He's dead.

Oh, my God!

Get him off her! Do something!!

- I'm so sorry.
- Don't be.

You listen to me closely and
do exactly as I tell you.

Remove the body.

My engagement ring is gone!

- Michaela...
- How the hell do you have that?

You were a disaster that night. I could
tell you wanted to go to the police.

- You recognize this ring?
- I gave it to my husband on our wedding day.

- Any idea why we found it in the woods?
- I'm on it.

Former Philadelphia
detective Nate Lahey was arrested

in connection with the death
of professor Sam Keating.

Just call the damn number.

- Annalise Keating gave me your number.
- Emily Sinclair.

I'm the new prosecutor assigned
to the Nate Lahey case.

Do you have time
for a few questions?

Or would you rather us do
this at the police station?

So, I want your word you're not
gonna tell A.K. about me and Bonnie.

- Bonnie and Asher?
- Gives you the heebie jeebies, right?

Oliver? What's the matter?
Are you sick?

I tested positive.

She texted someone.

"Eggs 911. Lawyer's house."

Tell us the damn truth, Rebecca.

Did you... Kill... Lila?

You just need to tell me
what happened that night.

Rebecca! Who was it?
Who let her go, damn it?!

I didn't let her go.
You have to believe me.

Sam killed Lila.

It's the version of the truth
that makes the most sense.

Say it, and it will become true.

Sam killed Lila.

- Was it you?
- No.

- I thought it was you.
- Of course not.

Now what?

No. No,
you don't have to do this.

You don't have to do this.

You don't. I'll be good.
I'll be good.

I'll be so good!

if you're going to be murdered,

your killer will be
someone you know...

An acquaintance, a friend,
a family member...

Your lover.

- _
- Why is that?

Why are we more inclined to
hurt the ones we love the most?

And what challenges does that
present a defense attorney?

Mr. Walsh?

The challenge for the
defense attorney is that...

You were saying?

Right. Um, the challenge is
that sometimes the police

only look at loved ones when
trying to find a suspect.

- Now what?
- Get rid of her.

Don't tell me how or where...
Just take care of it.

It's a big uphill battle if
your client knew the murder victim.

So your best strategy is to... Find a
different acquaintance to pin it on?

But before you do that?
Miss Pratt.

Attack the police investigation.

Use the idea that they're so used to
thinking it's the husband or boyfriend

that they fail to look
at other suspects.

I'm glad someone showed
up to class today.

- _

It's Sam's.

You know, whoever did this had to be strong
enough to drag her behind the stairs.

A person can lift almost anything
if they're desperate enough.

The defense won Commonwealth v. Ferber
by proving the police had bias.

Detectives' records even showed

they never considered other
suspects other than Mr. Ferber.

Now, what if your client is the spouse of
the murder victim and you know he did it?

What would be your defense strategy...
Mr. Gibbins?

No one can find
out about this, Frank...

Especially Wes.
He can never know.

What if he already knows?
'Cause he did it.

- Mr. Gibbins?
- Pass.

I'm not Professor Hahn.
No one passes in my class.

I just did.

It wasn't him.

You sure about that?

I mean, after Sam, and do we really believe
the story about his mom killing herself?

Wes didn't do this!


Stand up.

50 bucks says he poops his pants

before she's done with him.

You come to my class late and then you
flaunt, in my face, that you're unprepared.

Either way, this doesn't mean that we can't
use this opportunity to exercise your brain.

So, think.

What would be a good defense for
a spouse who's killed his lover?


Mr. Gibbins...

I don't know the answer.
That's what "pass" means.

So either keep wasting everyone's
time or move on... Your choice.

Were you drunk in class today,

or did you finally grow a pair
after your girlfriend ran away?

I'm sorry...
after you let her run away.

- Yeah. After I let her run away.
- I knew it.

Waitlist, let Rebecca go.

- Don't joke about that, Wes.
- "Don't joke about that, Wes."

Who says it's a joke?
Maybe I did let her go.

But you didn't,
so just stop saying that.

- "Stop saying that."
- Michaela!

Oh, you want me to
stop being annoying?

Then stop being a sociopath
who steals engagement rings.

Mm. She's got you there.
I'm team Michaela on this one.

- Never forget it.
- Fine.

So, you're just gonna do that and
hate me for the rest of our lives?

Are you kidding me?

I'm not gonna know
you next year.

At least admit it kept you quiet.

Okay, you do realize I'm
not scared to hit a bitch.

Oh, just throw me down the stairs.
You did a pretty good job with Sam.



You think I got time to be your freaking
nanny? Shut your traps and get to work.

We don't have any work.

Today's the preliminary hearing
for Caleb and Catherine Hapstall,

the adopted siblings accused of
torturing and murdering their parents.

I finally heard back
from A.D.A. Sinclair.

She says you'll be the
first witness in Nate...


The hearing comes just three months
since Grant and Ursula Hapstall,

owners of billion- dollar-valued
Hapstall pharmaceuticals,

were bound, gagged, and shot to death
inside their main line mansion.

My clients had nothing to do
with this violent, horrific crime.

I'm confident the judge will agree
and not let this go to trial.

You don't know how
to get a case thrown out

in a preliminary, jackass.

We need to talk...

- I have other things to discuss.
- Bonnie.

It's freaking "Lord of
the Flies" out there.

- They're scared.
- But is it true?

The puppy went attack
dog on you today?

Acting out in class doesn't
make him a killer, Frank.

Where you going?

To get us a murder case that
didn't happen in this house.

The worst part of a murder
charge in Pennsylvania...

The death penalty
is still legal.

So if I were a hardworking,
low-income parent,

like most of the people
on a Philadelphia jury,

I'd relish giving
you the needle.

I'm sorry. Who are you?

Rich, spoiled, and ungrateful for
the privilege you were born into...

Sorry, adopted into.

You need to leave.

You don't deserve the money.
You're not their real children.

You felt that growing up. And
it made you resentful, angry,

and then you decided, "enough.

- Let's shoot mommy and daddy in the head."
- I'm getting security.

Caleb, wait.
Who are you?

The lawyer you should've
hired in the first place.

Annalise Keating,
of course!

How was her pitch?

Did she tell you that she made her
boyfriend kill her husband yet?

Call me when he screws up.

We're gonna make him screw up.

Manipulate Victor into making
a mistake so big in court

that Catherine and Caleb will have no
other choice but to fire him and hire us.

Wait. Why would we
want their loser case?

Their aunt saw them
leave the murder scene...

You're late.

And since when don't you like
a challenge, Mr. Millstone?

What about Rebecca's case,

If that gets going again?

Rebecca's case is over.

But that firm is huge.

Which is why it'll be that much
more fun to take them down.

you need a trophy to do your job?

Then quit.

You think you deserve to be here,
that your job is safe?

You're here because
I let you be here.

So do your work or get
the hell out of my house!

I'd probably
do what she says.

you still don't like surprises?

- How dare you.
- Oh, relax.

- They can't know about this.
- They can't? What about me?

Am I allowed to know
what's going on?

- Haven't you talked to Nate?
- Yes, he called,

but he seemed just as confused as
to why I'd ever represent him.

And I tried to connect the dots, follow
whatever crumbs you think you left,

but the only explanation
that makes any sense...

If you can say that... Is that the
two of you killed your husband!

That's Eve Rothlo, right?

- Who's Eve Rothlo?
- Go away.

- Why is she here?
- How does she know Annalise?

- Again, who is this lady?
- She's a death-row attorney.

- She founded the exoneration group.
- Oh, so she's a liberal.

No wonder I don't
know who she is.

- Will you please lower your voice?
- Why?

Because I'm right...
You're a killer?

Nate didn't do it.

Are you saying that just
'cause he's your boyfriend?

He's not my boyfriend.

Mm, I'm sure.

I looked him up, by the way.

Saw those sad eyes.
And that body?

But I said to myself, "don't do it, Eve.
Block his number,

because if this was actually important
to Annalise, she'd contact you herself."

You know I couldn't do that.

I know nothing except
for the fact that this is insane.

Who does this, Annalise...

Barely speaks to someone for years, avoids
them even, then reaches out via stranger?

- I had no one else to call.
- You didn't call.

So that there would be no record
of contact between us.

Because there's
something to hide?

Tell me, Annalise, did the
two of you do this together?

- No.
- You paid Nate to do it?

- No.
- You blackmailed him?

- Tell me what happened.
- I can't.

All right. Then I'm leaving.

Listen, there is nothing that I can
tell you to help you win Nate's case.

I won't win his case
because I'm not taking it.

Can you just do this for me,

Just do it for you,
because we're so close?

He's innocent, right?
I promise you that. I promise.

- No.
- Eve...

This isn't court, Annalise.
You can't play me.

Then why did you come here, huh?

It wasn't just to tell me no,

You want to help me.

I hate you so much.

So, Annalise wants you
to trick their lawyer

- into making a mistake in court...
- Oliver.

So she can then swoop in and
represent the two crazies

who tied up and shot their
parents in cold blood?

- Hey.
- You know they did it, right?

I mean, they claim they
didn't hear anything,

but they were inside the house
at the time of the murder.

Look up, damn it!

Connor, no! We have to wait.

Yeah, for sex sex,
but we can do other stuff.

I can't.

Well, can you at least
help a brother out?

so this wasn't about us at all...

- This was about you getting off.
- No.

And here I was, so generously
trying to help you do your job.

My job's a train wreck right
now, and, yes, I admit it...

My penis is really craving
an orgasm. I'm sorry.

You don't get it.

I'm not going to be able to enjoy any sex
if I'm worried I'm putting you in danger.

- I'm on prep.
- You have two more weeks before it works,

not to mention you can't know for
sure if you really want this.

By "this," do you mean you?
Because I do know that.

Look, I'm not going to
leave you just because of

something that's not that
big of a deal anymore.

It is a big deal!

Okay, maybe...
Maybe not for you,

but for me...

It's a big deal.

I'm sorry.

I just...

I really want to be here,
more than anything,

even if that means being celibate
for 14 more days.

Well, 13 days.

You took your first pill
at 9:30 last Sunday,

so technically, it's 13
days from now, not 14.

He's doing it again...

Searching Jane Does just
like he did last two nights.


- So it means he knows Rebecca's dead.
- Or he's just afraid that she's dead.

Are you spying on each of them, or Wes is
the only one you're trying to pin this on?

You think I killed Rebecca?

You're very eager to blame this on a young
man that you have no solid evidence on.

So... Did you?

I won't be mad if you did it. I'll
just be mad that you're lying.

you know I just talk a big game.

I'll clone all their computers,
see if anything weird comes up.


If you're right, that it was
Wes, I have a way to find out.

Are we ever gonna have this out,

or are you gonna keep punishing me until I
figure out exactly what's been bothering you?

Nothing's been bothering me.

Well, you were pretty upset
with me in class yesterday.

I'd been up all night working on a paper.
I was tired, I guess.

- Sorry.
- Apology accepted.

- Is that all?
- No.

We know where Rebecca is.

Frank found her at the Third
Street Motel in West Philly.

I'm telling you so you know we're keeping
an eye on her and that you were right...

She's kept quiet,
no visits to the police.

- Thank you for telling me.
- Just don't tell the others.

I don't want to have to walk in
someplace and find her tied up again.

Laurel's got something
on the Hapstall case.

It's the surveillance footage of the aunt
who saw them the night of the murder.

- So, any news on Rebecca?
- I'm not Frank, Laurel.

You can't twirl your hair
and make me tell you things.

I'm not asking because I'm being nosy.
This affects all of us.

No, this affects all of you.

I didn't make this mess, so don't
you dare include me in it.

You don't know anything either,
do you?


Annalise just talks to
Frank about these things.

There. That's her.

You're a lawyer for the
Hapstall siblings, right?

Whatever this is,
it's inappropriate.

I-I work at a spa
their aunt goes to.

She wasn't where she says she
was the night of the murders.

Miss Hapstall, can you tell us
where you were the night of November 4th?

In the guest house
on the estate.

I've been staying there while
my house is being renovated.

And what happened
around 9:30 that night?

I was reading a terrific
book about Nixon

when I heard screaming
coming from the mansion.

I went to my window... It faces
the master suite of the mansion.

The master suite where your brother Grant
and his wife Ursula were found dead

- by the housekeeper the next morning.
- Yes.

I looked out the window for some time, hoping
that everything was okay, when I saw them.

Your niece and nephew.

They ran by the master window, and there
was no more screaming after that.

I assumed it was nothing.

But when the police came the next
morning, I knew they had done it.

Your witness.

One question...

You said you saw my clients run by
the window at around 9:30, correct?


Your Honor, I would like to submit
into evidence surveillance footage

from the Gladness
Spa on November 4th.

Objection. We're not
aware of any new evidence.

My team only just uncovered
this footage, Your Honor.

The prosecution will have
ample time to authenticate it.

Let's see it.

Can you read me the time-stamp
on the monitor, Miss Hapstall?

9:56 p.m., November 4th.

And who is this person now
exiting their spa treatment?

Well... I believe that's me.

- How'd court go?
- So far, so good.

Let's hope phase two
works just as well.


Hey, lover boy.
Your girlfriend wants you.

What? How... how'd you know
that she's my girlfriend?

Oh. We didn't,
until you just admitted it.

Freaking dumb-ass, Asher!

Did you know that they all know?

It's fine. I'll handle them.

I'm getting off early tonight.

Come over.
You can see my place finally.


Uh, I have to study
for our civ pro exams.

I'm, like really stressed.

I'll help to de-stress you.

I-I can't tonight.

Um, maybe... Maybe next week?


- Where's the puppy?
- Just left for the library. Why?

- Frank.
- Busy.

It's about eggs 911.

She texted someone.

"Eggs 911. Lawyer's house."

I should get a new cell number,

In case whoever Rebecca
texted tries to find me.

Why would they want to find you?

So they can find out
what happened to Rebecca.

What do you mean
"what happened to Rebecca"?

We... we taped her up
and held her hostage.

- What's going on, Frank?
- Nothing. Relax.

I already got your
number unlisted.

You change it now, and the police
ever learn Rebecca's M.I.A.,

it'll look suspicious you
changed it the same time.

So I just wait around until
whoever it is texts me back?

Sit on the grenade. Exactly.

Come on. Just go to the motel.

Prove to me you're
not a psycho killer.

So, you admit to being with Annalise
the night Sam was killed, then?

I think Sam killed Lila.

She came here, you said in
your original police statement?


You didn't go to her
house before or after?


I don't like you, Nate,
not the way you're acting.

It's like you want
to go away for this,

which is very likely, what with the whole "black
man accused of killing the white husband" thing.

White folks...
Always bringing up race

when it suits them,
never when it matters.

You don't trust me...
That I get.

So, ask me what
you want to know.

How do you know Annalise?

We were the same
year at Harvard Law.

- That all?
- We were good friends.

So, put yourself in my shoes.

The woman who framed me tells me to
replace my lawyer with her friend,

and I'm just supposed to trust
that it's in my best interest?

What do you mean, framed you?


This was part of your plan,

- What do you mean?
- Your friend turned down my case.

What? No.
I begged her to see you.

You set me up for a murder you
probably committed yourself,

and now whatever
the hell this is!

But it's over.

And, yeah, I may go to jail,

but I'm gonna make damn sure
I take you down with me.

Nate, listen, I can fix this.

- Now who's doing the avoiding?
- We can't be seen together.

Only if you take Nate's case,
which you're not.

- That's true... I'm not.
- Tell me why.

I thought you could figure
that part out yourself.

What does that mean?

What does it mean?!
You framed him!

- My God, you're not even denying it!
- I'll explain if you just...

I gave you the chance to explain.
You just lied to my face.

- Is that what he said?
- I'm not doing this, Annalise.

I'm not letting you ruin
me the way you ruined him.

That's why I asked you here,
to fix this.

And risk my entire
career in the process.

Did you really think
I would do that,

that I wouldn't remember
how familiar this all feels?

You don't get to
do this anymore.

You don't get to use people and
expect them to stick around.

Maybe this is who you've always
been and I was just blind to it.

All that ambition to make up for
the fact that you knew, deep down,

there is nothing
good inside of you.

Shame on me for expecting more.

But I won't
do it again, Annalise.

Stay away from me,
or I'll scream bloody murder.

Is that the gin
island refresher?

Vodka Martini.
I don't do mixology.

Right. If it ain't broke...

So, um, do you work nearby,
or are you staying at the hotel?

- I work nearby.
- Nice.

- What do you do?
- Men.

I'm gay, and I can tell you're
hitting on me, which is really flattering.

Believe me, I'd be all about
you if I were into women.

Uh-huh. Go away now.



Miss Hapstall, how often do
you go to the Gladness Spa?

Once a week.
I've got a herniated disk.

How we doing?

Massage seems to be the
only thing that helps.

We're about to see.
Any news on Rebecca?

- And did you get a massage on November 4th?
- We're not talking about this here.

That depends on the year
you're referring to.

If you mean 2013, then, yes, but if
you mean 2014, then I was at home

witnessing my niece and
nephew murder their parents.

Remind the witness that she's
still under oath, Your Honor.

Judge, I have here the original
surveillance footage from November 4th,

except for, this time,
it's not doctored.


Let's see the evidence
before losing our heads.

On the left is the footage
Mr. Leshner showed in court.

On the right is the
undoctored footage.

On the left, the time stamp shows no
year, but on the right, the year 2013.

There. Now it's whatever
year we say it is.

The defense manipulated
this footage, Your Honor.

That is a ridiculous accusation!

I'm not sure I believe that, Mr.
Leshner. My chambers, now.

- Was this you?
- Of course not.

Whoever gave us that footage...

That bitch.


I'll meet you outside.

Our puppy trap came up empty.

- No.
- He never went to the motel.

In what world doesn't he at least
look for the girl, Annalise?

Want me to sit him down,
make him spill it?

I'll do it.

Okay, but you need me there
in case he freaks out.

- He won't.
- We don't know that anymore.

I know how to handle him, Frank.
Don't worry.

Do you like red wine? Sam bought this
bottle in Sonoma a few years ago.

It's supposed to be good,
is all I know.

I think I was too drunk at
the wine tasting to remember.

Here. Open it.

You don't have to do this.

- Cook?
- Please.

I don't do it as
much as I'd like.

I know what you did.
Rebecca's not at a motel.

You just made up you found her
to see if I'd go look for her.

You can tell me anything.
I'll protect you, always.

I didn't let her go.
I told you that.

And I believe you.

But you're afraid I'm
gonna try and find her.

Do you want to find her?

Of course, but I'm not pathetic.

She ran away, after I told her I believed
her and after everything I did for her.

Sam. And she still
didn't trust me.

Instead, she chose to run away.
I have to respect that decision.

I'll get over her soon...
I promise.

I'm sorry I didn't trust you.

I'm sorry I was mean in class.


Is there
a girl in there?

- No. And how is that any...
- Rebecca's dead...

Isn't she?

- Why do you think that?
- Because it's true... She's dead.

Why do you think that?

She'd have gone to the
police if she was still

alive, but she didn't
because she's dead.

And now none of us need to worry,

You need to go.

But... you're making up stories 'cause
you got too much time on your hands.

So go home, open a book, and act
like a normal law student for once.


If Rebecca talks to the police, we all
go down. You're gonna take care of it?

You think I'm gonna
whack Rebecca?

It's Laurel.

She's always sticking her
head where it doesn't belong,

asking questions that
don't concern her.

She lied to me about the trophy that
night, stole prom queen's ring.

She even suggested I
kill Rebecca that day.

It's like you say...

It's always the ones you least
suspect, you know, the quiet ones.

It makes sense with
her background, too.

Her father... you don't grow up to be
normal when that's who raises you.

No, you become messed up.

You're wrong.

I wish I was, Annalise,
but it's Laurel.

No, it's not.

You've got the wrong girl.


Is everything okay?

No, everything is not.

Please... I believe her.

- We have to let her go.
- What?

We have gone above and beyond here
to try to fix this for all of you.


Who was it? Who let her go?
Who let her go, damn it?!


I figured you'd be thirsty.



So, good news.

Annalise has decided
to let you go.


She doesn't think
you killed Lila.

And she trusts that you'll keep
everything we've done for you a secret.

Yeah? Well, she's right.

Look, I just got scared...
That's all.


I'm not gonna tell
anybody anything, I swear.

Wes didn't ask for any of this.

I-I don't want to
hurt him anymore.

I promise... I promise...
I'm not a bad person.

I know.

I tell myself that, too.

"You're a good person, Bonnie.
You deserve a normal life...

Even if people said you didn't.

They're wrong.

You're a... Good person."

Bad things happened to me,

The worst things.

The difference is,
I don't use them as an excuse.

I grew up,
stopped playing the victim.

And then I definitely don't
keep the cycle going...

Hurt people because
they hurt me...

Kill a girl.

No, no.
I didn't... I didn't kill Lila.

I don't believe you.


You need to go.

No, no, no, no.
Listen. Listen to me.

You don't have to do this.
No, you don't. I'll be good.

I'll be good! I'll be so good...

I'm so sorry.

- She was innocent.
- We don't know that.

She started all of this.

And she'd have kept dragging
all of us down with her.

You lied to me,
let me think this was Wes.

Frank thought it was Laurel

because of who she grew up
around, but that was you.

You're the one sick
enough to do this.

I didn't know how to tell you.

Because you knew I'd
be ashamed of you.

You were in trouble...
More than you even knew.

So I did what you
would've done for me.

- Don't you dare put this on me.
- It's true... I did it for you.

You did it for Sam! You still
need him to be that man...

Good, kind, and someone who could even love
you, but that's not who he was, Bonnie!

And now you're
just as bad as him.

- I'm not.
- You are!

Now that you've done this,
you're a monster...

Just like him!

Let's get you a drink.

You live here alone?

You didn't come here to ask
me about my personal life.

You were right.

I ruin people.

You mean Nate?


That's a little melodramatic,
don't you think?

Only if you don't know me.

I know you...

Even if it's been a long time.

Well, I was the same back then.
I did it to you.

- You did not ruin me.
- I hurt you.

It's all part of the game,

And I'm doing okay.

I don't sit here thinking
about you every day,

crying into my pillow how you
left me for your therapist.

Hell, at least you married him.

I'm sorry I called.

You can trust me, Annalise.

Even if what Nate said is true?

I did it.

I framed him.

Because you killed Sam?

Because I'm protecting
the person who did.

Does this person
deserve your protection?



Then you're doing what
you think is right.

Sometimes that has to be enough.

Oh, look at me... A hot mess
coming to your apartment in tears.

like I'm not used to it with you.

- Oh, please, I never...
- Are you kidding? It was constant.

you're making it up.

After you lost your mock trial, when
that D.A. told you he was scared of you.

- Oh, he was a bastard.
- I agree with you.

And I'm not saying it was
all tears all the time.

- Yeah.
- We had our fun, too.

Remember those dinner parties at Al's,
dancing all night at that Brazilian bar?

- You were fun, Annalise.
- I was, wasn't I?

Okay. Um, let's put you to bed.
I set up the guest room.

I'm so sorry.

Don't you dare apologize.

I lied.

I think about you every day.

Do you think we did it?

That's not a
question I ever ask my clients.

But clearly, you have an opinion?

No. Listen, you want to say you're innocent.
I understand that.

Research shows that juries
more likely will acquit

if they've heard the defendant say, "I'm
innocent." But I'm not on your jury.

We are innocent.
We loved our parents,

and not because of all this,
but because they loved us.

Then someone killed them, and
now they're trying to blame us.

- You think you were framed?
- Don't you?

What about your
husband's murder trial?

Won't you be too distracted to
take on a big case like this?

No, because I'm not on
trial for his murder.

- But you're a suspect.
- Some people say that.

But consider the facts... What if
I did do it, killed my husband?

Like I said, I'm not on trial.

What'd I tell you, Frank?
They're in.

Your Honor, any change to counsel
this late could result in a mistrial.

If Ms. Sinclair's suggesting I'll be so
bad at my job that I'll lose this trial,

then rest assured...

I plan to win this
the first time around.

I'm glad Ms. Rothlo is so
confident, but any delay...

I agree, which is why
I'm allowing this change

only if Ms. Rothlo can
stick to the start date.

I've won death-penalty
cases on shorter notice.

Congratulations, Mr. Lahey.
You've got yourself a new lawyer.

- I don't understand.
- I'm moving in.

What? I never said that you...

You're worried how
serious I am about us.

Well, here's how serious I am,
because right now,

you are the only part of my
day that I look forward to.

- Yeah, but, uh...
- Oli, it's done, okay?

I'm already subletting my place.
So, deal with it.

We are officially a boring,
domesticated, cohabitating...


Don't answer it.

- It's my Annalise ringtone.
- Oh, God. Answer it.


Where the hell is she taking us?

I think the point is
that we don't know.

Or she's just about to off us.

You'd get no warning if I
was gonna off you, Mr. Walsh.

You've all been through hell.
So have I.

It's a miracle we're
still standing.

But tonight, we're gonna
forget about all that.

To having some fun!

Screw it.

I don't know who that person is.

I don't believe you.

I've never seen her before,

And this is how bad I
am at this spy crap...

Like, I'm afraid to hang
out with my girlfriend,

'cause I know that I'm
gonna tell her everything.

I know what happened
at Trotter Lake, Asher.

So why don't we do this again?
Have you seen this woman before?


Um... She stopped by
the house the other day.

Annalise's house?

- Dance with me!
- Over my dead body.

I'm sorry, Michaela.
I shouldn't have taken the ring!

I just didn't know you then,
but I know you now.

I know I can trust you.

So, please, just accept my
apology so we can move on.

- I don't want to move on.
- "I don't want to move on."

Ow! Stop it!
Let me go!

- Wes, watch my bag!
- Whoo!


We're live on the scene tonight, where
police have just now discovered

a woman's body inside her car.

Sources tell us that the victim is
none other than Helena Hapstall...

I was at home, witnessing my niece
and nephew murder their parents.

It was just days ago
that Miss Hapstall

took the stand against
her niece and nephew,

testifying that she
personally saw and heard

Caleb and Catherine fleeing the
scene of their parents' murder.

The question
detectives must now ask

is whether this was a random act of violence
or related to the upcoming siblings' trial.

- You starting a new one?
- I didn't know you went out.

Just a run to de-stress.

I like it.


You can't turn down a woman
who asks you to dance.

But I have to watch
Michaela's bag.

Wes, stop.

You can't beat yourself up anymore.
It's time to move on.

So, come on.
Prove to me that you can do it.


if you're going to be murdered,

your killer will be
someone you know...

an acquaintance, a friend,
a family member...

Your lover.

why is that?