How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - She's Dying - full transcript

Annalise and her team are blindsided when investigators try to pin a new charge on the wealthy siblings she's been hired to represent. Meanwhile, things for Annalise become even more difficult when she's brutally cross-examined on the witness stand during Nate's preliminary hearing.

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Previously on
"How to Get Away with Murder"...

Now that you've done this,
you're a monster!

I won't win his case
'cause I'm not taking it.

Can you just do this for me, please?

- How do you know Annalise?
- We were good friends.

I think about you every day.

Congratulations, Mr. Lahey.

You've got yourself a new lawyer.

Have you seen this woman before?


I'm moving in.

Caleb and Catherine Hapstall

accused of torturing and
murdering their parents.

I was at home, witnessing my niece
and nephew murder their parents.

- You think you were framed?
- Don't you?

Police have just now discovered
a woman's body inside her car...

none other than Helena Hapstall.

You can't beat yourself up anymore.
It's time to move on.


- Where's Connor?
- We thought you had him.

Oh, my God, they're gonna
be here any minute.

- We can't leave without him.
- Fine, but where the hell is he?

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

This is your fault.

It's always your fault.

What idiot hires a new lawyer
then murders their aunt?

- Rich idiots.
- What is she doing here?

- She saw the news first.
- Why aren't you in with them?

The siblings only gave your name,
so the sergeant won't let me in.

Well, you didn't try hard enough.

Why are we here?

I'll tell you if tell me
where you were earlier tonight.

I'm not talking
until my lawyer is here.

How's my sister?

If you do anything to her,
I swear to God...

Oh, no.
You keep going with that.

I'd love to get a threat on camera.

Catherine, your silence right now

is telling me that you weren't at home.

I didn't say that.

Okay. What about your brother?

Where was he tonight?

I didn't know you went out.

Just a run to de-stress.

Just answer that one question...

then we'll tell you what
you've been arrested for.

Game over, detective.

Your aunt was murdered
earlier tonight.

Oh, my God.

How did she die?

Her throat was cut.

So we've been arrested
for her murder?

I don't know.
The warrant's sealed.

They won't tell us
till your arraignment.

They can do that?

Because you're already facing
a murder charge, yes.


Please don't tell me you think
we're dumb enough

to kill the only eyewitness
in our own trial.

We don't know each other
well enough yet.

We didn't do this, okay?

If anything, this proves
someone's framing us.


Where were you earlier tonight?

At home.

We've been together all night.

Catherine, is that true?

Of course.

We were both home.

Your girlfriend's gone M.I.A.
on me, bro.

Hasn't paid rent in three months.

She's not my girlfriend.

Oh, no. She ghost you?

It's not like that.

I have to get to work.

Okay, but do you want to go
through her stuff before I throw it out?

I don't want anything of hers, so...
Move, please.

The arraignment of the siblings
is in 72 hours.

We have to establish an alibi
in order to get the charges thrown out.

An alibi for the night that their
parents were killed or their aunt?

I'm just trying to keep track.
There's so many murders.

Alleged murders,

and we're only dealing
with the aunt today.

Frank, try to get a copy
of the sealed warrant.

Bonnie? With me.

You're running point on Caleb
and Catherine,

and don't you dare smile.

The only reason why
I haven't fired you

is 'cause I can't be
in two places at once.

You screw up again,

you're gonna be the next
dead body in this house.

That about Nate's trial?

No. Why?

Oh, no reason. I just...

I like when you're the big
boss lady of the house.

You get to make the rules,
I get to abide.


Someone sext you a peen pic?

Uh, I was just looking up

what judge is presiding
over Nate's hearing.

Michaela, you are not going
to Nate's hearing.

I never said I was.

Okay, I can't be the only one
who wants to go.

You want us, the real murderers,
to go to the fake murderer's trial?

- Annalise would kill us.
- I'd kill you.

Why are we killing each other?

Uh, Oliver is HIV-positive.

And Laurel was just saying
that she would kill me

if I had sex with him
before my prep kicks in.

Wait, he has HIV, and you're
gonna have sex with him?

Yes. Lots of sex.

Dude, no.

Look, I get the o-man probably
has a really sweet ass and all,

but you could, like, die.

This reminds me of that time
in the library parking lot

and Professor Carson walked by...

Is Nate gonna do it?

- Do what?
- Lie on the stand,

say that he fought with Sam that night.

Okay, I may have agreed
to this insane situation,

but I did not agree to break
my client's confidentiality with you.

What confidentiality?

The only way he wins
is if he follows my plan.

You mean my plan.

I'm his attorney, Annalise,

and I'm very good at my job.

So stop trying to micromanage.

I'm sorry.

Do you love him?

He's innocent.

That's not what I asked.

I care for him.

And none of this can affect
the way you defend him...

What did I just say
about you micromanaging?

You're freaked out, aren't you?

About the other night.

Don't worry.

It doesn't have to mean anything.

We just...

Had fun.

Well, at least I did.

So did I.

This is crazy, Annalise.

I mean, I want to say I feel bad,

or at least a little bit guilty, but...

No wonder everyone's having affairs.

Calling case number 09682,
Commonwealth vs. Lahey.

Probable cause hearing in
the death of Samuel Keating.

are you ready to proceed?

Yes, Your Honor.

But first, I'd like to say

there might be cause to not
have this hearing today.

- Why's that, counselor?
- Annalise Keating, the victim's wife,

has had a long-standing relationship
with the defendant's attorney.

Your Honor, I believe Ms. Sinclair

is referring to the fact
that Ms. Keating and I

were classmates
at Harvard Law...

They're friends, Your Honor.

Ms. Rothlo, please explain the extent
of your relationship with Ms. Keating.

Don't spare any details.

We were acquaintances
in law school, yes,

as I was with the 1,500 other
Harvard Law students at the time.

I also recall the both of us consulting
on a federal case 10 years ago.

10 years?

- Nothing more recent?
- Nothing.

And I welcome any investigations
into whatever Ms. Sinclair is insinuating.

No insinuations. Just facts.

Fact... Ms. Rothlo willfully neglected
to disclose her relationship...

If I had to disclose the names
of all my classmates

I've gone up against in court,
I'd never have time to argue another case.

- This is clearly collusion.
- Let's maintain our composure.

Oh, I suppose I'd be colluding
with Ms. Sinclair, too,

if she'd been able to get into Harvard.

I am requesting you remove Ms. Rothlo
and sanction both her and Ms. Keating...

Ms. Sinclair is the one
in need of sanctions,

if not a tranquilizer.

- Enough!
- Because what this reveals

about this case is that
Annalise Keating helped Mr. Lahey

commit her husband's murder.

Researching your next murder?

Smart to use a plastic bag,
by the way.

Made the clean-up easier.

Please don't.

I can't take anyone else
beating me up.

I'm not beating anyone up.

I'm just trying to understand
what you were thinking.

I mean, at least tell me.

Because you would have told me
if it was you?


She's gonna get over it.

Speak of the devil.


The D.A. found out that Eve
and I know each other.

Of course.
That chick's so annoying.

Find out what else she knows.
I don't want any more surprises.

Unclench. Everything's fine.

How do you think that Sinclair
got the 411 about A.K. and Eve?

Annalise has been humiliating
the D.A.'s office for years.

This is just them retaliating.

Okay, but, I mean,

don't you ever worry about
all the illegal crap we do?

I mean, you could get disbarred,
or worse...

I'm fine.

So, will you stop worrying,

or do I need to take you
into one of these empty rooms

to make you relax?

Miss Guthrie, hi.
We're the...

The lawyers. I know.
I won't lie for them.

Lie? No.

We just want to know if you saw

Catherine and Caleb the night
Helena was killed.


No one on my staff did.

In fact, Caleb told us all
to take that night off early.

Is the prosecution
prepared to call their first witness?

We are, Your Honor.

Annalise Keating.

And due to the circumstances,
I'll be treating her as a hostile witness.

I'll have no need to be hostile

if she stops acting like I'm the
one on trial here, Your Honor.

You watch yourself,
Ms. Keating.

You're a material witness here
today, nothing more.

Do you swear to tell the truth,
the whole truth,

and nothing but the truth,
so help you God?

I do.

She just looked right at me.

Stop. There's no way she can see us.

If you both keep talking, she will.

Ms. Keating, is it
true you first met Mr. Lahey

on one of your cases?

He was the detective
that the prosecution put on the stand

during one of my trials, yes.

Was the attraction immediate
in the courtroom?

I can't speak for Mr. Lahey,

but I was focused on winning
my case, which I did.

So when exactly did
your attraction begin?

Over drinks at a bar.

Was this weeks or months
after you cross-examined him?

- I don't remember the exact timing.
- Okay.

Do you recall the first time
after these drinks

you and Mr. Lahey had sex?

Let the slut-shaming begin.

I don't remember.

Mr. Lahey says it happened
that very same night

in a bathroom stall
at the bar, in fact.

Your Honor, Ms. Sinclair is testifying
instead of the witness.

The hostile witness.

I'm allowed to ask leading questions.

Ask the questions, yes,
not answer them yourself.

Are you objecting in order
to protect your client

or in order to protect Ms. Keating?

Let's not go down
this road again, counselors.

And I agree with Ms. Sinclair.

The questions seem fair
given the witness' status.

So at the time of your first
sexual encounter with Mr. Lahey,

were you aware that his wife
had just been diagnosed

with stage-four ovarian cancer?

Did all that naked Nate talk
make anyone else horny?

I mean, obviously not you,

since you probably have been
having sexy time with Rebecca

- in your apartment this whole time.
- Connor...

- He doesn't even deny it.
- You want to blame this on me, fine.

It's all my fault,
but for the last time,

I don't know or care
where Rebecca is.

Screw Oliver already if it makes
you stop being such an ass.

Excuse me. My phone died.
Can I borrow one of yours?

Uh, yeah, yeah,
you can borrow mine.

Uh, he has a boyfriend.

His name's Oliver,
and he's wonderful.

What about you? Boyfriend?

'Cause, uh, this is just a ploy

for me to sneak my number
into your phone.


She doesn't have a boyfriend.

Um, actually, I do.

She's lying.

- Connor.
- It's okay.

I get it. You're not interested.

- Uh...
- She totally is.

I'm not. Sorry.

What the hell? He's hot.

And he's probably in a courthouse
because he's a criminal.

Well, you don't have to take him
home to meet the parents.

You just have to sit on him.

Come on, do it.

Do it for me. Please.

All that sugar's gonna mess up
your liver.

I got to get my sugar from somewhere,

especially with you being all boring.

I have a civpro exam this week.

So? Let me hook you up
with last year's exam.

I'm not a cheater.


You're just a person who burns corpses
and sticks them in dumpsters.

Maybe I'm just trying to do
what you said...

be a normal law student.

That way I can forget
Rebecca's nowhere to be found,

and Nate's on trial for our murder.

That was bad advice.

You're not normal...

not anymore, anyway.

Here she comes.

The arrest warrant, as promised.

Now, you owe me, butter,

and don't think it's gonna be small.

When is it ever small with me?


Okay, who is this bitch?

We got to go.



Yeah, that's not a story
you'd be able to handle.

Oh, come on.

Stupid rich people.

Annalise, it's Bonnie.

Hang on.

What is it?

Frank got a copy of the
Hapstalls' arrest warrant.

The police found DNA
in Helena's car.

It matches Caleb's.

Always bringing me problems,
never solutions.

We can investigate the lab
that did the DNA test.

And the chain of custody...

Or we can accept the fact
that our clients

are going down for three murders
and cut our losses.

Yes. I say we stop hap-stallin'
and hit eject on these fools.

Catherine's our way in.

She lied about being home
with Caleb. We know that.

We just need her to open up.

I can talk to her.

You're too much alike.
She'll shut down.

I can still try.

I'll be the puppy.

It's what you say.
People trust me.

Oh, God, so we get into
a Rebecca 2.0 situation?

Why don't you sit this one out, Romeo?

Wait, where is
the Beckster these days?

You two still boinking?

It's a great idea, Wes.

- What?
- It is not.

It is!

And I better not see either of you
in that courtroom again.


They need you back on the stand.

Just be yourself.

Oh. Uh...


Was Bonnie just in here?


Who are you?

Uh, Wes. I work for Annalise.

I must just be early.
Do you... do you mind?


So, how are you feeling?

Stressed, I bet.

Well, you shouldn't be.

Even though the DNA
matches your brother,

Annalise will figure out a way
to get it thrown out.

What do you mean
the DNA matches him?

What DNA?

Uh, you know what?

- Bonnie will be here any minute. I...
- Tell me what you know.

I really shouldn't have said anything.

But you did, so tell me.

Did they find Caleb's DNA
at the crime scene?

Oh, my God.

Does Caleb know?

I'm sure Bonnie's
telling him right now.

It's fine.

You were with him that entire night.

Okay, no one's gonna believe
that over DNA evidence.

They will if you're telling the truth.

What is that supposed to mean?

You're not lying, right?

You were with Caleb that entire night.

You were sent in here to play me.

Just tell me where he went,

Tell me so we can help you.

I was gone for a half an hour.

So you're admitting
that you lied to us.

Only because I knew
how it would look.

Or because you were slicing
your aunt's throat.

No! God, no.

Then why do we have
surveillance footage

that puts you one block
from your aunt's car?

That's impossible.

I run the same route every night...

River Road to the park
and then back home.

That's nowhere near
where they found her car,

so if that's me on that tape...

Don't you get it now?
Someone's framing us.

Where'd you find
that footage of Caleb?

I didn't.

You made it up?

It was a test. He passed.

Why did you and Mr. Keating
argue the night he was killed?

I found out he was having an affair.

With Lila Stangard,

who you just found out was
pregnant by your husband?

- I assumed he was the father, yes.
- Did the argument get violent?

- Not on my end.
- Really?

Because your sister-in-law testified
that you once threw a paperweight at...

Hearsay, Your Honor.

Not your purview, Ms. Keating,
although I agree.

- Move on, Ms. Sinclair.
- So let me understand.

Here you are discovering
that you're being traded in

for a younger model.
Add that to your violent history...

- Argumentative.
- What did I just say?

Add that to your violent history

as well as numerous indicators
that proved

you helped Mr. Lahey
kill your husband...

I will not stand for this,
Your Honor.

You know, I have the utmost
respect for your court,

but not for these speculative,
antagonizing questions.

As if I have any other choice.

The point of this hearing
was to present evidence

against Mr. Lahey... not me.

If that's not the case,

then please charge me
with my husband's murder,

though I'm guessing
that hasn't happened

due to lack of evidence.

Instead, your strategy has been

to attack me with accusations
and insinuations

making it very clear that this
is not a preliminary hearing,

but a witch-hunt.

And I did not put my hand
on this court's Bible

to be burnt at the stake,

and especially by a petty,
foolish, amateur prosecutor

who doesn't deserve mine

or anyone else
in this court's respect!

That's quite a temper, Ms. Keating.

Seems like you're more
than capable of murder.

Everyone up!

We have 36 more hours
until the siblings' arraignment.

We're all going to stay up all night,

if that's how long it takes to
get the DNA evidence tossed.


Who wants coffee?

So it worked.

Playing the puppy.

It always works.

Hey, guys.

Hey! Oliver!

- What are you doing here?
- How's it going?

Oh, so many questions and from
so many different people.

Oliver. Hey. Asher.

I'm sure the C-Dawg's told you
all about me.

I'm his, uh, straight bro

who's totally down
with all your... gay stuff.


How you holding up, man?


- Asher...
- I just want to say...

that I have all the respect in the world
for what you're dealing with,

and "Philadelphia's"
one of my favorite movies,

and I just...

I think you're really brave, man.



I hate you!

I know. I'm... I'm sorry.

Sorry doesn't explain
why you tell strangers

something I haven't even told
my parents yet.

I'm just saying, it's not 1995.

You don't need to be ashamed.

Oh, apparently I do,

according to your "bro"
who thinks I'm dying.

- Asher's an idiot.
- No, you're the idiot because you told him.

It's hard to explain,
but everyone in there...

we know a lot about each other,
even the really bad things.

Oh, like the fact that I'm positive?

No. I didn't...
That came out wrong.

Everything is coming out
of your mouth wrong.

What's next?
You want to finally ask how I got it?

Because if I'm being really honest,

you should be happy
I haven't told you.

That's how different we are.

I keep my mouth shut about
things that'll hurt you.

What do you mean, hurt me?

It doesn't matter.
Just... Here you go.

Keys to our apartment.

But don't feel like you have
to be in a rush to use them.

Ms. Keating, you admit
to a violent altercation

between Mr. Lahey and your husband
on the night he was murdered,

this after having your own
heated argument with him that night,

yet you claim you had
absolutely nothing to do

with his murder,
which makes me wonder...

who do you think
killed your husband?

Ms. Keating?

The defendant.

I'm sorry.
Louder for the court, please.

I think Mr. Lahey killed my husband.

I won't do it.

Nate, please. The only way
we explain your fingerprint

on that ring is to admit
to the fight with Sam.

There was no fight!

It was her idea.

So then think of it as my idea.

Who you representing here?

Her or me?

'Cause I'm more than happy
to get on the stand

and tell the judge
the real story here.

Annalise framed me for this,
and you're in on it.

I just didn't realize it till now,
being a dumb ex-cop and all.

Nate, there's no other way.

There is.

Figure it out.

- He won't lie on the stand.
- Why not?

Oh, isn't this a coincidence?

Do you consider yourself
a good liar, Ms. Keating?

Objection. Relevance.

- Sustained.
- Let me rephrase.

Did you lie when you said

- you think my client killed your husband?
- Of course not.

- So you think Mr. Lahey did it?
- Yes.

Because then you don't go away
for this murder.

Your Honor, this line of
questioning is completely...

No need to object, Ms. Sinclair.

In fact, maybe I should
join you over here,

since we agree on so much.

What do you think?
Shall we try this one together?

Make your point, Ms. Rothlo.

You killed your husband on your own,
didn't you, Ms. Keating?

- No, I did not.
- You did.

Sam cheated on you with that
girl, and it made you angry.

Angry, yes. A killer, no.

Or are you just that good of a liar?

You spend your whole life
playing a part, after all...

the perfect wife,
dedicated attorney.

But you were faking it...
faking a moral compass,

faking being in love,

when, really, deep down,
you're out for yourself.

Which is why you had to kill Sam,
because he had the nerve

to shatter the sham
that was your marriage!

Ms. Rothlo, watch the tone.

Do you think my client's a fool,
Ms. Keating?

- The only fool in here is you.
- Cute.

I only ask because isn't it true

you only slept with him the
night you murdered your husband

to establish an alibi?

Then you ran home and played the
grieving widow for the police,

all while you had someone

transfer my client's fingerprint
to that ring.

Why aren't you defending yourself?!

Is it 'cause it's all true?

Shame on you, Ms. Keating.

Shame on you for using my client
as a pawn in your own murder plot.

And shame on you for thinking
we'd all be dumb enough to fall for it.

Shame on you.

She put it all on Annalise,

even said she transferred
Nate's print to the ring.

You should be working on our case.

There's no way they can prove
the print was transferred, right?

- Like I freaking know.
- Bonnie.

- I said go to work.
- It's about the case.

If Eve argued Nate's fingerprint
was transferred,

couldn't we do the same
and say the police

transferred Caleb's DNA
to the crime scene?

Welcome to the Philly PD database.

- It's that easy to hack into?
- Yep.

I'm surprised my blabbermouth boyfriend
hasn't told you already.

I am so sorry about that.

Asher's a jackass.

- That's what I said.
- Hey, buddy.

You're not allowed
to talk right now.

Consider it practice
for keeping your mouth shut.

Sorry about your fiancé.

Oh, did Connor open up
his big mouth about that, too?

Yep, said he was maybe bi
or something.

- Let's not talk about it.
- No, let's.

Let's talk about how you have
terrible taste in men.

I mean, like that guy
at the courthouse today...

how do you say no to that?

- Uh, he wasn't my type.
- What's your type?


I'm with Oliver.
You don't get to talk anymore.

Well, speaking from experience,
I say go out on the date.

I mean, look at me.

I never thought I'd end up with
a self-absorbed pretty boy.

- Oh, wow.
- What?

The police ran two DNA tests
on the aunt's crime scene.

Why would they run two tests?

The cops deleted the first report

because it didn't show anything
at the scene.

But six hours later,
they ran a new test,

and that's when it matched
to Caleb's DNA.

Because they planted it.

This is good.

You can use this at the arraignment.

So I can finish your job for you?

Just like Rebecca?

It's always gonna be like this
with you, isn't it?

You stay the little girl lost
while I play the mommy,

always there to clean up your mess.

Do you want me to go?


I will if that'll make you happier.

You see? Every decision rests on me.

Isn't that how you want it?

No! No!

I can't trust you to do
anything yourself!

Because you don't let me!

You say you want me to be like you,

but you don't.

Not really.

You want me like this

so that I don't forget what I owe you.

Well, I...

I don't forget...



And maybe you'll never believe me,

but what I did...


It was for you.

To take care of you...

The same way you took care of me.

I didn't take care of you.

I ruined you.


You saved me.


I didn't.

And the worst part is,

is that you still think that I did.


You needed to be saved from me.

And that's what you all need.

So maybe today was
a good thing, you know?

Lock me up.

That way, you can all finally be safe.

Caleb and Catherine Hapstall,

you've been charged with murder
in the first degree

in the death of Helena Hapstall.

Do you understand the charges?

They do not, Your Honor,
and neither do I.

I have evidence that will show
that these charges are without merit.

This is a simple arraignment,
Your Honor.

That we've come to
based on a DNA match

that was manufactured
by the Philadelphia P.D.

Judge, please.

I have a report right here

that shows Caleb Hapstall's DNA
was on the victim's car.

Which is the second report you ran

after you took a sample
of my client's DNA

and illegally placed it
at the crime scene.

That's ludicrous, Your Honor.

Then why did your team delete
the initial report?

No such thing happened, Your Honor.

I have evidence of both reports...

the second manufactured
lab results,

as well as the initial report
that was deleted.

So, Mr. Eastham,

why did you delete
the original tests, hmm?

I mean, unless you didn't
want us to see it.

Explain that to the court.

That was awesome.

No, we were lucky.
We won by the skin of our teeth.

You lie to me again,
and I'll fire both of you.

- Got it.
- Understood.

Now go home and don't kill anyone.

Good God, waitlist.

Just because there's no evidence
that she killed the aunt

doesn't make her dating material.

Annalise, Nate's judge
made her decision.

All rise.

You may be seated.

We came to this hearing to decide

whether there was enough
evidence against Mr. Lahey

to go to trial.

And yet much of the time was spent

focused on the peccadilloes
of Ms. Keating

and whether she played
the more substantial role.

It gives rise to the question...

Whose preliminary hearing was this?

Frankly, Ms. Sinclair, I don't
think you know, either.

You yourself suggested
that Ms. Keating,

your own witness, was a liar.

As such, I have no option

but to send you back
to the drawing board.

Put together a new case...

one where I can tell
who the actual suspect is.

Mr. Lahey, you're free to go.

Thank you.

Here's what's fair.

I hurt you
and I hate myself for that,

and the only way I see us
getting past this

is if you hurt me back.

Like punch you or something?

Tell me how you got it.

It doesn't matter.

It's what I deserve, Oliver,
like you said.

Do it.

Hurt me.

I can take it.

I was a mess after you
cheated on me.

Like, I didn't get out of bed
for a week.

I just kept googling that guy
you hooked up with

and staring at his abs.

My friends forced me to go out.

"Get laid," they said.
"Rebound the pain away!"

So I went to this bar, did shots...

many, many shots.

And I ended up going home
with some guy.

I barely remember anything.

Like, if I saw him on the street,
I wouldn't even recognize him.


Yeah, that's the long, sad,
cliché story of how I got it.

Because I cheated on you.

No. Not really.

It was my bad decision.

Yeah, that you made
because of me.

It's my fault.

You didn't have to come.

Of course I did.

You're forgiven.

Annalise, please.

That D.A. doesn't have enough
evidence to charge you.

I know.

Okay, this is still how you do things.

- How do I do things?
- You avoid anything hard.

You did it when you left me
for Sam, refused to see me.

You can't avoid this
conversation by, what...

- pretending you're hungry?
- What do you mean? I forgave you.

You don't mean it.

Well, if you don't believe me...

Of course I don't believe you.

What I did to you,
you get to be angry with me.

I'm done being angry with people.

With people, yes.
But this is me.

What do you mean?

We don't know each other anymore.

I don't agree with that.

Especially after the other night.

It was sex. Get over it.


No more running, Annalise.

This conversation
is happening now...

Why did you have to do that?

You needed to pin it on me,
I know that.

But you didn't have to make it
about me... Me.

The things you knew would hurt me.

You made it personal,

and I don't understand
why you had to do that,

unless that was the point...

to hurt me.

Why would you do that?

You know why.

I don't.

Because part of me's
still in love with you.

It's pathetic, I know.

I mean, we were forever ago, but...

I guess I'm just stuck.

Yes, I've been with plenty
of other women,

buried myself in work, but...

You show up again in my life, Annalise,

and I'm just done.

You still have me, and I hate it.

I don't hate you, but I...

I hate how you make me feel.

Because I can't have you.

I'm sorry.

That's all I came here to say.

I'm sorry.

Look at me.

- No.
- Look at me.

- Annalise, don't do this.
- Look at me.

It was good with you.

And real.

Too real.

So I got scared.

And I left.

But you're the most beautiful thing
that ever happened to me.

What do you want?

Guess who got an "A"
on her civpro exam?


Oh, and with no cheating,

which proves I can be normal.

You couldn't have just texted me that?


I'll go.


Without getting what you came for?

That is not why I came here.

Yeah, it is.

For the fast, hard,
make-your-toes-curl sex

those prep-school boys
never gave you.

You think so highly of yourself.


I can just read your body.

Those goose bumps on your neck,

how fast your heart's pounding,

and now you want me to kiss you...

slow, deep,

my tongue moving down your neck,

chest, stomach, all the way
till I'm under that skirt.

My fingers sliding inside
your panties.

Too bad that's not happening tonight.

You're disappointed,
I know, but...

Think about how disappointing it is

to be treated like a gigolo.

If you're interested in me,
get to know me.

this is closed for business.

♪ An observer at that ♪

♪ and if you're wary,
don't believe me at that ♪

♪ When I say that I wouldn't,
I wouldn't dare ♪

♪ from the tip of your tongue ♪

♪ mercy awaits
and cuts like a knife ♪

♪ bound to the badlands ♪

♪ heaven's distraction ♪

♪ there's no persuasion
stronger than sorrow ♪

♪ it's stronger than ♪

You don't know
who you're dealing with here.

I'm nice with it on a pool table.

And you're just trying to get me
drunk so you can beat me.

Not gonna happen.

♪ Learning to trust
my hand to you ♪

Let's do this.

♪ My hand to you ♪

Bye, Felicia.

That's another way to say "suck it"

because my team threw up a "W"
in court today

and handed you yo' ass,

which means now there's no need
for me play the mole anymo'.

I don't understand
what you're saying.

I'm saying screw you
for putting me in this position.

I almost considered leaving
my lady because of this crap.

But now I don't have to.

In fact, I'm on my way
to make sweet love with her

all... night... long.

You should do that.

Oh, I will.

And then you can give her
the bad news.

I'm the new prosecutor
on the Hapstall case.

- Come with me.
- To New York?

Well, not this second,
but why not eventually?

You can't stay in this house...
Sam's house.

And what else is keeping you here?

I mean, that tabloid case
is beneath you,

and if it's teaching,
I'll call Columbia.

I'm not saying marry me.

Just... just think about it, is all.

I'll think about it.

She's dying. She's dying.

She's... she's dying.

Connor, there is nothing
we can do for her.

- No.
- The police are gonna be here any second.

- I don't care!
- Damn it, Connor.

It's the only way we end up okay...

if we leave right now.

Please, Connor.

Please. Please.


Emily Sinclair.

Have you seen this woman before?

I'm the new prosecutor
on the Hapstall case.