How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 15 - It's All My Fault - full transcript

Michaela, Connor, Laurel and Wes get into trouble, before the truth about Lila's death is revealed.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
[ woman gasping ]

[ indistinct arguing ]

We he caught her coming back
from the sorority house
soaking wet...

Duped us. Her original
confession tape is true.

I keep telling you
that she killed lila.

[ indistinct arguing ]

Shut up!
[ arguing stops ]

Please, wes.
Make sense of this.

Everything they're saying
is true.

So you think
rebecca killed lila?

Sam might've been

[ door slams ]

[ sighs ]

They've all
lost their minds.

That's the only thing
I know for sure right now.

And I'm gonna
clear everything up,

The entire mess.

But first,
I need you to tell me

That it's okay to take the tape
off of your mouth.

You're not gonna do
anything stupid?

I'm so sorry about all of this,


[ cellphone ringing ]

[ sighs ]


Lila: Do you lie this much
to your wife?

What are you talking about?

Your receptionist said
you were out of town.

At yale, right?

You're taking that job?

I'm just giving a lecture.

What's going on?
You were fine when I left.

I tried to fix it.
Have sex with griffin.

So he'd think the baby's his,
but he wouldn't.

He just kept talking
about god.

It's all gonna be okay.
You still have time.

I'm not having
the abortion.

I know that.
I just...

Look, I'll be back
in a few more days, okay?

And we'll talk more
about it then.

I need to see you now.

I told you,
I have my lecture.

Can you cancel it?

You know I can't do that.
Because you want the job.

So that way you don't have to
deal with me.

Look, e-- [sighs]
everything is gonna be okay.

I'll call you later,
and we'll figure everything out.



I'm telling annalise.

[ cellphone beeps ]

[ sighs ]

We're gonna try this again.

No one here is gonna hurt you.

I'm not gonna let that happen.

But you have to behave.


We stow you
in the basement.

You won't like it.

I'll be good.

Un-tape her hands, too.

She'll just run out of here.
We're not monsters!

We don't tie people up

And hold them captive
against their will.

Who have you all become?

What do we do?

You tell me.
Where's bonnie?

Still trying
to get ahold of her.

Find her.

[ cellphone buzzing ]

[ sighs ]

Was that frank again?

It doesn't matter.

Not to mention,
it's hard to focus

When his grizzly man beard
keeps popping up in my head.

He's not gonna tell annalise
about us.

Because I have personal
knowledge of things he's done

That are way worse
than what we're doing.

Now, can you focus,

Or should I go ask the cute guy
next door for help?

[ chuckles ] no.

Homeboy needs no help
in the snack-attack department.


Sam: I was afraid
you'd think I hurt her.

But I could never do that.
You know me.

So I skipped my lecture,
came back to see her,

But I couldn't find her.

She stopped
answering her phone.

Sam: I lied, yes,

But only because I was afraid
you'd think I killed her.

Didn't you?
No. God, no.

Let's have the trial.

You've all convinced yourselves
that we were wrong,

That sam didn't kill lila.

That we got rebecca off
for nothing.

And you feel
unfairly persecuted,


I don't blame you.

So let's be fair to everyone

And figure it out
once and for all.

Let's finally give rebecca
her day in court.

[ cellphone rings ]

[ sighs ]

Give me some privacy.


[ door opens, closes ]

Did you get the job?

They haven't decided yet.

But you told them
you were open to moving,

Even if that meant
leaving your wife?

I know.

We'll talk about it
once you get the job.

How'd the lecture go?

[ pounding on door ]

[ crying ]
I need to see annalise keating.

Is this about frank?

I don't know who frank is.
[ sobs ]

Is annalise in there?

Do you need a lawyer?

You can talk to me.

No. I just need
to talk to annalise.

Tell her
it's about her husband.

She's not here.

That's her car,
isn't it?



I don't know who you are
or what you think you're doing,

But I guarantee
you're going to regret this.

So just take a deep breath,
calm down, and go home.

Leave, or I call 911.


But tell her I came
to tell her something important.

He can't keep it
a secret anymore.

Who was that?

Some girl
looking for frank.

Oh, good god.

[ crying ]
he knew she was pregnant.

Oh, it's just you.

Who else did you leave
a thousand messages for?

What's going on?
Not much.

Just figuring out if rebecca
killed lila after all.

glad you could make it.

I'm sorry.
I was just at a dinner --

This is a recording I made

Of rebecca's psych evaluation
with sam.

With all the lies you've told,
I'm glad I did. Watch it.

Look for any discrepancies
with what she said

to police interviews.

One hour.

Then I want to hear

Each of your cases
against the defendant.

Connor: If rebecca's case
went to trial,

Then the prosecution
would have argued

That griffin and rebecca
were so high

That they killed lila after she
found them sleeping together.

What if rebecca acted alone?

In her taped confession,
rebecca stated...

I was standing there
watching griffin pin her down.

"his hands
were around her neck."

Meaning rebecca already knew
lila was strangled

Even though that was not
yet public knowledge.

Look at this.
Sam: So, how did you end up
with her phone?

She left it at my apartment
the night before.

But according
to sam's phone records,

Sam talked to lila on her burner
several times after that.

What was her motive then?

It's obvious -- jealousy.

Lila was beautiful.
She was wealthy.

But nowhere
in this confession tape

Do the detectives say
lila was strangled.

Because lila still had
her phone,

Which means rebecca was lying
during her psych eval.

When she found out that lila
was "breaking up with her,"

...Why rebecca's dna...
...The photos of sam
to pin the murder...


I don't have anything.

Of course you do.

Rudy. He saw rebecca
the night lila was killed wet,

And -- and she dosed him
with pcp

Because she knew
he was a potential witness.

Pcp doesn't put you
in a mental institution.

Rebecca's right.

And where's
the actual evidence

That this was
a crime of passion?

Or are we supposed to
just trust you, mr. Walsh?

And the detectives
could have told rebecca

That lila was strangled

Before they started taping
her confession.

And rebecca lying
about having lila's phone

Doesn't mean
that she's a killer.

I mean,
where's the facts?

Of how she got lila's body
up to the water tank?

She didn't. They were
already hanging out up there.

We never did that.
Annalise: Exactly.

Because everything that you're
presenting is speculation.

You've been working with me
for nearly six months now,

And this is the crap case
you present me with?

[ knock on door ]

Do I need to get the tape?

[ door opens ]
bonnie: Can I help you?

I have an appointment
with ms. Keating.

I'm the new prosecutor
assigned to the nate lahey case.

Ms. Keating was kind enough

To agree to give me a statement
before trial.

Now is actually not
a good time.

Hm. Well, she did confirm
with me yesterday.

I'm sorry.
I'll have her call you.
Ms. Sinclair...

Would it be okay
if we met at your office?

I have some house guests
who could get in our way.

How about we meet at my office
in an hour?


Bonnie: You're testifying
for the prosecution?

Of course. Frank?

Don't let them
out of your sight.

Got it.

Emily: According
to your initial interview,

You went
to mr. Lahey's apartment

After your fight
with your husband?


How did mr. Lahey react?

He was concerned
for my welfare.

Was this before or after
you engaged in sexual activity?


Did you have sex
more than once?

Is that question
really relevant?

I need a detailed timeline
of that night

As we have no other witnesses
to mr. Lahey's movements.

We had sex one time.

And then
you made your way home.

Yes. That's when I noticed
that he was following me.

Mr. Lahey followed you home
that night?


He wanted to make sure
that I got home safely.

Uh, but you never reported this
in your first interview.

I wanted to protect nate.

Protect him?

When nate and I arrived
at the house,

Sam was in the driveway
getting into his car,

About to leave town.


Sam was drunk,
yelling at me.

Nate got out of his car
to try to calm him down.


So nate had to hold him back
until I got inside.

You're claiming that
there was a physical altercation

Between mr. Lahey
and your husband that night.

[ voice breaking ]
I'm not claiming anything.

It happened.

I'm outside the coffee shop.
Where are you?

Lila, I drove
all the way down here.

Talk to me.

I'm on the roof.

I just walked in on griffin
screwing someone else.

Can you believe that?

Wasn't god, I guess.

It was me.

That's not true.
It is.
You don't want me.

It'd be easier
if I just...Went away.

Me and the baby.

I'm coming to you there,

Griffin: Lila!
[ cellphone beeps ]

Damn it, lila,
where the hell are you?!

I looked for lila all night.

I called her friends.

I went to her room.

When she was getting strangled
on that roof.

Griffin called lila
28 times that night.

It's on the phone records.

But you didn't
call her once.

'cause you already knew
she was dead, right?

Or I'd just had sex
with her boyfriend,

And I knew she didn't want to
talk to me.

[ cellphone buzzing ]

How's it going with you two?
Do you trust him?

Shut up.

Been together about as long
as me and wes.

I trusted him.

You were right
not to trust him.

After he lied to us
about that night,

You can just
get inside my head?
I'm just saying you're all
spending so much time

Trying to figure out
if I'm a killer

When we already know
somebody who is.

And he got us to go along
with his plan that night.

He was doing that
to save you.

Yeah, and then
he turned on me.

Probably just like he did
to his mother.

She killed herself
when he was 12.

At least
that's what he says.

Laurel: So?
Did you get anything out of her?

You mean anything
other than the fact

That she insinuated
that waitlist killed his mother?

She said that?

It's not true, is it?


She's a pathological liar.

Or maybe she's been honest
this whole time.

She keeps lying, yes, but
isn't that what we would all do

If we looked guilty
of a crime we didn't commit?

Meanwhile, we know sam was
on the roof that night.
So, what?

I'm team whatever really
freaking happened.

[ knocking on door ]
asher: Hey!

Hey, let me in!

Since when
do we ever lock this door?

Here we go again.

[ knocking continues ]

Frankie d!
What it do?

Office is closed today.

Then why is connor's car
out here?

My guess is
that you don't want me here

'cause you're pissed
about me and bonnie.

Shut up and go home.

First I want your word

You're not gonna tell a.K.
About us.

What I choose to tell
or not tell annalise...

What the hell
are you doing?!

...Is none
of your business.
Look, man.

She's not just a hookup
for me.

It -- it actually feels
pretty real.

Just go home.

You guys all here?
What'd I say?

Look, I'm not gonna let you
blackball me from this office.

If everyone else is working
today, well, then so am I.

Okay, fine.
I was wrong.

But I'm still not leaving
this office

Until you swear to me
that you're not gonna
tell a.K. About us.

Just 'cause my facial hair's
not exactly as luscious as yours

Doesn't mean I can't still
kick your ass.

What do you need,
mr. Millstone?

Don't be so mad.

I just wanted to make sure
frank wasn't gonna out us.

And you risked annalise
finding out in the process.

Are you --
are you embarrassed of me?

Is that -- is that why
you don't want her to know?

No. That is not...

Annalise and I have
a complicated relationship.

Like, she's a lesbian
who's in love with you
complicated, or...?

[ chuckles ]

You need to go.

Not without
a little sugar first.

She texted someone.


"eggs 911.
Lawyer's house."

And whose number is it?
I don't know.
Why don't you call it
and find out?

Whoever it is,
they have my number now.
And they know
rebecca's here.

We'll deal with it later.
Just like
you'll deal with me later?

What are you gonna do to me,
by the way?

Are you just gonna leave me
down here forever?

Or are you gonna kill me

Everybody upstairs.

Especially you.



Lila: You came.

Of course.

Get down from there.

Just tell me
you didn't go to my house.


I just knew saying that

Was the only way
to get you to come here.

I came here because
I was worried about you.

You mean you were worried

Annalise would find out
about me.

Hey, hey, hey.
Now, look.

I know how messed up
all this is,

But I am here now.
And after now?

When you go home to her?

I'm alone again,
having a baby all by myself.

You don't have to do this, lila.
You're 21 years old --

I want this baby
even if you don't.

So stop trying
to change my mind.
I'm not going to.

You said you loved me
over and over.

But you don't, do you?

You love her.

No. I don't.

Don't say that
if you don't mean it.

I mean it.

I don't love her anymore.

I love you.

[ sobs ]

Annalise: I bet you
the boyfriend did it.

You've been
evaluated before.

Let's get to it. You want to
know if I killed lila, right?

No, no. This was a standardized
psychological test.
Still barking up that tree.

One of them killed lila.
I'm just trying to
figure out who.


Bonnie and asher?

Gives you the heebie jeebies,

Especially since
she threatened to fire me

But you didn't listen to her,
now, did you?

You're not seriously thinking
about sex right now.

I always think about sex
when you're around.

Stop it.

what's the endgame here?

If rebecca talks to the police,
we all go down.

But that's not gonna happen,

Because you're
gonna take care of it?


You think
I'm gonna whack rebecca?

Is that what you think I am?
Some freaking hit man?

No wonder you dumped me.

Frank, can you tell bonnie
I had to run out?

I have lunch scheduled
with aiden's mother, and she --

Do whatever you want.

What's wrong with him?

Nothing. You're going
to have lunch

With aiden's mother
right now?

She'll show up here
if I don't go.

What does she want?
What do you think?

She wants the ring back.
The real one, not this fake.

Mary: How's
your new semester going?

I imagine well,

Knowing how well
you always have done in school.

Now, last I remember,

You were interviewing
for some associate's jobs,

Which I think is --
I'm not giving
the ring back.

Aiden gave it to me
with a promise

To spend the rest of our lives

This technically means
it was not an engagement ring,

And according to the
pennsylvania supreme court case

Of lindh v. Surma --

I'm not here for the ring.

I'm here for you.

Whatever this break
you and aiden have been on,

It's lasted long enough.

Tell your son that.

I did.
Many times.

Let me be clear here.

I was unfair to you.

I apologize for that

And all the hurtful things
I said to you.

I have seen
the error of my ways,

And you're not the girl
I said you were.

So...Would you reach out
to him?

I know he acts strong,

But he's waiting
to hear from you --

I am that girl.

The one
that tried to slap you,

From the backwater bayou,
that southern ghetto trash.

I just spent a long time
trying to hide her away

So I could claim
the prince.

Your shining, black,
perfect son of a prince.

And I did.

But that girl isn't me.


I know what
you're trying to do here,

Win this contest
between us.

But this is not some ploy.

I want you
in our family.

He just needs a little prodding,
that's all.

He's gay, mrs. Walker.

Aiden's gay or bi
or experimental or...

I don't know what he is.

But I think you do.

Or else you would not be here
scared and nervous,

Begging a girl you do not like
very much to marry your son.

I'm sorry.

He doesn't love me.

But here's the thing --

I love me.

So I'm done.

[ door opens ]

I was worried

When I first found out
you and wes were involved.

Because of you.

I saw you
for who you were.

I recognized you.

You're angry,
you lash out,

You use people.

But only because
you don't know better.

Been alone so long

You don't know what it means
to love someone.

And here is a boy
who so clearly loved you.

He still does.

Even if he doesn't know
who you are anymore.

And he hates himself right now
for doing this to you.

He came to us
so innocent.

And he believed you
when you said you didn't do it.

But now he's grown up.

You and I
have made him grow up.

Rebecca, tell me what happened
that night.

That's all you need to do
to do right by him.

I did it.

I killed lila.

Or maybe sam did it.

That'd be easier for you,

So you could live with yourself
for turning on your own husband.

Who knows who did it.

Annalise: Get up.

I said stand.

You feel bad because
you dragged us into this mess.

You want to wear that
on your sleeve.

But I'm done
making you feel okay

While you sit around here
and mope.

You want to
make this right?

Be a man and go and get
your girlfriend to talk.

She doesn't trust me

Then make her, damn it!

Are you a man or not?!

Sure he shouldn't take
the trophy?

Look at me.
Look at what you did to me.

You said you loved me.

I still do.

[ scoffs ]

I told you
everything about me.

Every awful thing
anyone has ever done to me.

But you know what?
You're the worst one.

'cause I didn't know
I had to be afraid of you.

You don't.

You just need to tell me
what happened that night.

I have told you.
I've told you again and again.

You don't believe me.
You lied about rudy.

Oh, my god. Will you shut up
about frickin' rudy?

Not until you tell me
what happened to him.

Please, rebecca.

I want to trust you.

Tell them all I was wrong,
that you're not a bad person.

But you have to give me
a reason to.

[ inhales deeply ]

You were right.

I gave him pcp.

[ keys jingle ]

[ shivering ]

What happened to you?

What do you want?

Just...Is everything okay?

I heard you fighting earlier
with lila, and --

How the hell
do you know her name?

Th-the walls
are really thin.

Still, I shouldn't
have been spying.

Do you feel like
hanging out?

Rebecca: But I gave him
something else, too.

It's called...Purple x.

You don't get high a lot,
do you?


But people always tell me
I should.

I mean, I take something
for my anxiety and stuff,

But people are still always
like, "lighten up, rudy.

You're such a stressball."

Well, this'll definitely help
with that.

I'd never taken it before,

But I-I knew what it could do
if you took too much.

Please! Mommy, please!

Woman: 911,
what's your emergency?
Help me!

My neighbor's having
a nervous breakdown.

Don't let them kill me,

I don't want to try it, mommy!

Why are you letting me die?!

Aah! Aah!


Please hurry.

Why are you letting me die?!

I'm an awful person.
I know, I know.

I was just so scared that
he was gonna talk to the police.

Why were you wet?

Because of the water tank.

[ laughter ]

[ laughter echoing ]

Wes: She was hiding
in the water tank.

She went onto the roof
to find lila, and she did.

Dead in the water.

Then she heard people coming.

And she knew they'd assume
she killed lila,

She was on drugs,
not thinking --

Then why didn't she ever
tell us that?

You can't possibly
be buying this.
Wes, she's manipulating you

She's messed up!

That's what happens
when you grow up like she did.

People take advantage
of you.

You think everyone's out
to screw you,

So you do stupid things
like lie and deal drugs

And hurt people
before they can hurt you.

But that doesn't make you
a murderer.


I believe her.

We're done
trying this case.

Come on!
She's a pathological liar!

What have I told you time
and time again?

There's no truth
in the courtroom.

There's just your version
of what happened versus theirs.

That's how the justice system

It's not what's right
and what's fair,

It's who tells
the most convincing story.

[ cellphone rings ]
and right now, none of you

Have been able to convince me
that rebecca did this.

So, what do we do now?

[ ringing continues ]

The hell if I know.

[ sighs ]

Bonnie: Annalise...

I had no choice.

The prosecutor approached me.
I had to make a statement.

You mean
make up a statement.

I know how it looks.
All you do is lie.

Again and again,
then you expect me to trust you.

Nate, please,
there's a reason.

You're trying to win my case.
I know.

If I had physical contact
with sam that night,

It explains why my print
is on his ring.

The jury will have
their reasonable doubt,

And I go free.

Tell me I'm wrong.

I know you didn't kill sam,

And I know you think I set
you up to go down for this.

It's hard to believe,
I understand,

But you need to try.

I'm doing everything that I can
to help you.

Trust me.

All right?
Will you do that?

Try to trust me.

[ door closes ]

We know what to do.

We pin sam's murder
on rebecca.

Especially since we already did
the same thing with nate,

But it makes sense.

Sam killed lila,
so rebecca killed sam.

Connor: And then those of us
that actually killed sam,

We testify that rebecca
was the one that did it.

You just have to convince

We thought we can get
the surveillance tape

From the store where nate
first approached rebecca.

That way, we can establish
that she came to the house

With the thumb drive
and she put --
annalise: Stop.

We can't go changing stories
with the police,

Telling a different version
every time we feel like it.

Told you.
But --

It's over, miss pratt.
We have to let it go.

What? No!

We haven't proved guilt
beyond a reasonable doubt.

She's gonna go
straight to the police.

Not if I convince her
not to.


I'm gonna ask her nicely.

Michaela: [ scoffs ]

That's not gonna work.

Laurel: We abducted her.

Taped her to a chair.

She'll get over it.
Michaela: No, she won't!

She only thinks of herself.

You're not still into her?
Laurel: Please, frank,

There has to be
something else we can do.

Don't you dare put this
on frank.

We have gone
above and beyond here

To try to fix this
for all of you

Because this,
from the very start,

Has been your mess,
each of you.

And frank and I
have been more than willing

To try to save
all your stupid asses.

Not to mention annalise,

Who for reasons beyond me,
continues to protect you.

And after what you did to her,
what you took from her --

Rebecca! Rebecca!

What the hell happened?

She was gone
when I got down there.

Who was it?

Tell me.
Who let her go?

Who let her go, damn it?!

I didn't let her go.

You have to believe me.

I do.

All of this...

Rebecca, sam, nate...

It's all my fault.

[ sighs ]

It's okay.

It's okay.

[ sobbing ]

It's okay.

It's okay.

It's gonna be okay.

I don't love her anymore.

I love you.

I know that now.

It's just...

Just taken me a while
to accept it.

But annalise and I, we --

We've been over
for years now.

And when I met you...

[ sniffles ]

I haven't felt this way
in a long time,

And I don't ever want to
not feel this way again.

It's you, lila.

I love you.

Annalise: Because
what matters now is that...

Sam killed lila.

He did.

Sam killed her.

We don't know that.

But it's what the two of us
need to choose to believe.

Hey. You don't know me.

My name's nate lahey.

Annalise keating
gave me your number.

With everything
that's happened,

It's the version of the truth
that makes the most sense

Rebecca: Griffin is not the guy
that you think he is, all right?

I-I hardly even had to try.
That was not his first time.

Okay? Please --
please, just call me back.

100 bucks she comes home
without her underwear again

And brags about screwing
some lacrosse player with

the prettiest penis ever.

[ normal voice ] like,
what penis is ever pretty?

[ laughs ]

[ knock on door ]

Can I help you?

I'm the new prosecutor on
the sam keating murder trial.

Do you have time
for a few questions?

Uh...About --
about what?

Annalise, mostly.

Not that that
should surprise you.

So, can I come in,

Or would you rather us do this
at the police station?

Annalise: Say it.

Say it,
and it will become true.

Sam killed lila.

Sam killed...
Rebecca: Lila!

Look, don't ignore me
if you're up here.

Michaela: Well, look
who finally made it.

I'm on my third.
You need to catch up.

I figure if "eggs 911"
and rebecca

Are about
to take us all down

And this is our last night
of freedom,

I want to be drunk enough to
take home one of those bankers.


How the hell
do you have that?

I found it connor's car

As soon as you said
you'd lost it.

You were a disaster
that night.

I could tell you wanted
to go to the police,

But I knew if you thought
they could find it,

You'd stay quiet.

Rebecca: Fine.

Ignore me.

[ cellphone buzzing ]

Connor: Oliver?

What's the matter?
Are you sick?

Depends on what you mean.

[ sniffles ]

I was gonna tell you
when you called,

But you didn't have
your results yet.

And I thought
maybe you'd have it, too.

[ voice breaking ] and that
we'd be in this together.


I tested positive.

Rebecca: Look,
I know you're up there.

Just --

Just -- just let me explain,
please, why --

[ grunts ]

No, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no!

Don't be dead!
Please don't be dead!

No, no, no, no, no, no!

[ sniffles ]

I haven't felt this way
in a long time,

And I don't ever want to
not feel this way again.

It's you, lila.

I love you.

♪ I don't care what you say,
you say ♪

I should go now.

What? Already?

I need to tell annalise
right now.

I'll call you
when it's done.

♪ I don't care what they say,
they say ♪

Sam: It's sam.

I need you to do
what we talked about.

♪ ...Own way

You owe me.

[ gasps ]

[ gasping ]

♪ I don't care what you say,
you say ♪

[ gasping continues ]

♪ living life my own way,
own way ♪

Asher: Okay.

If frank's not a lawyer,
then what is he?

Is he annalise's bodyguard?

[ gasping ]

I know you said not to worry,

But she's snooping around

You want me to handle it,
just say the word.

[ gasping ]

Is that what you think I am?
Some freaking hit man?

[ gasping stops ]

Sam killed lila.

Annalise and wes:
Sam killed lila.

Sam killed lila.

Sam killed lila.

Sam killed lila.

Sam killed lila.

Sam killed lila.

Sam killed lila.

Doesn't that feel better?

[ sighs ]
I don't know.

It will soon.

[ sighs ]

I promise you, wes.

I got you.

♪ ...My own way, own way

[ lid closes ]


If we don't find her?

Don't worry.

We will.

Was it you?
Frank: No.

you know I'm not that guy.

I thought it was you.

Because I'm that guy?
Of course not.

Now what?