House of Cards (2013–2018): Season 2, Episode 3 - Chapter 16 - full transcript

The tension between Francis and Raymond Tusk increases while the situation in China is getting worse. A fight in the Senate puts Francis against the republicans.

Raising the age of retirement

is an unacceptable erosion
of the American Dream.

If the Republicans fail to pass
a reasonable Omnibus package

by demanding
entitlement reform,

they will force the federal
government into a spending freeze.

The frostbite will be on their hands.
Not ours.

Do you think that's a bit much?
The frostbite bit?

Well, it's the State
of the Union, sir.

We want to appeal to
the flyover states.

They'll like
that line.

I want something
more forceful.

MAN: "Blood on
their hands"?

"Throw us back
into the ice age."

Oh, I like that, Christina.
Let's try that. Linda.

you come up here, too.


There are two types
of Vice Presidents.

Doormats and matadors.

Which do you think
I intend to be?


He's hung up on
the domestic agenda.

Not a single word
about China.

His instincts are right.

If the government shuts down
one day after the speech,

not a single word
in the speech matters.

We have to address the freeze now.
China comes later.

Both parties have been wrangling
over entitlements for months.

What makes you think a miracle is
gonna happen in the next three days?

We give the Republicans
exactly what they want.

Retirement age?


That's a line in the sand
we cannot cross.

We will cross it eventually,
so why keep fighting it?

I can push this
through the Senate.

And once I do, the
President will announce

a major bipartisan agreement
in the State of the Union.

We avoid a government shutdown,
and the White House gets credit.

It's a huge risk.

And if it fails,
a huge embarrassment.

The embarrassment will
be entirely my own.

This is on
my shoulders.

Even so,

the President is gonna require
some serious persuasion.

I'm happy
to talk to him.

No. No.

I'll do it.

He'll be more amenable if
it comes from a friend.

You're right.
A trusted confidant.

Let me test the waters.

The Cult of Tusk.
Membership, one.

But that one disciple
just so happens to be

the most powerful man
in the free world.

For now.

The entitlements.

Raising the age
of eligibility to 67.

Your people will
never go for it.

They will if
the leadership does.

And the leadership will.

They fought us on this
since I was in diapers.

Assuming that I can
get this past my people

and convince them,
can you convince yours?

It's a tough sell.

You're the senate
majority leader, Hector.

You don't have to sell.
You can dictate.

What do you want
in return?

A working government.
We stave off the freeze.

You won on education. We
confirmed you as Vice President.

The Republicans
need a win, Frank.

And that's what
I'm offering.

You get a win
on entitlements.

We avoid a shutdown.

Everyone gets points
for bipartisanship.

You know who
I'm worried about.

Curtis Haas.

He's a troublemaker,

Who controls a third
of your caucus.

And he'll never
go for this.

He wants to see
the Democrats suffer.

Just bring him
to the table.

That's all I'm asking.

Miss Gallagher? My
name is Lucas Goodwin.

I'm a deputy editor at
The Washington Herald.

Mr. Goodwin, please.

Just a few moments.
That's all I'm asking.

If I wanted to talk to you, I
would have returned your calls.

Did you read my e-mails? Yes.

Which is why
I didn't call.

Give me a chance to
walk you through it.

I have to get back to the White House.
I'm sorry.

Peter Russo
was killed.
Let go.

So was Zoe Barnes.
I was working with her.

Stop and listen...

Frank Underwood is the
one who did this.

Listen! This is nuts.

The DUI. The BRAC hearings.
All of it was part of...

This has to stop.

Did Underwood talk to you? Tell
you not to speak with anybody?

Doug Stamper?

Whatever you
think happened,

whatever compelled you
to stalk me like this...

You're the only person who
might know something.

Who could understand. I've got
no one else I can talk...

I don't understand. And
I don't want to. Okay?

There's no story here.

Please, just
five minutes.

Just think about
what you're doing.

Waiting outside
of a building...

Peter would still be alive if
it wasn't for Frank Underwood.

I've worked really hard
to put Peter behind me.

So, if I see you again,
if I hear from you again,

I'll not only
contact the police.

I'll let the Vice President know
what you're saying about him,

and then you can deal with
the Secret Service, too.

It's the usual
overseas chatter.

Bit of a bump in China, but we chalk
that up to the trade tensions.

Secret Service.

Average number of death threats
to both POTUS and the \/P.

We passed them along to our
dear friends at the FBI.


The FBI confirms
the level of activity

of our dear friends
at the Secret Service.

We followed up
on everything.

No high-level

So nothing we need
to report directly

to the President
or Vice President?

Thank you, gentlemen.

The e-mail you sent.
Has anyone else seen it?

Except for the agent
that alerted me, no.

Other agencies might
have stumbled upon this.

Even so, they
probably ignored it.

Any idea who's
making the posts?

Deep Web forums. Almost
impossible to trace.

Lone wolf,
most likely.

I want you
to find him.

We need a direct
threat to life.

The Vice President
just assumed office.

I can't have this conspiracy
stuff going mainstream.

This sort of thing
usually fizzles out...

I can't take the chance.

I want you to find him
and put him away.

He hasn't
committed a crime.

But he wants to.
So help him.

That requires manpower.

You've got men.

It exposes me, Doug.

I've always kept
you informed

because you're an old
pal and I trust you.



We're talking
about an operation.

I'm an old pal who now
works at the White House.

Between old pals,

I've been stuck as the executive
liaison for way too long.

How worried are you that

a mass shooting could happen
in a school in your community?

Great deal, somewhat, not so
much, not at all, unsure?

MAN: You sound hot.
Are you hot?


Somewhat hot?
A great deal hot?



WOMAN: Lynchburg Children's,
Pediatric Division.

Can I talk to Cheryl Posner?

She's on duty right now.

It's her daughter.

Hold on one moment.

CHERYL: Rachel?

Rachel? Sweetheart,
are you there? Please...


MAN: Hello?

Hello, Mr. Jay.
My name is Rachel

and I'm calling on behalf

of the National Firearm
Education Center.

Would you be able
to speak with me briefly

regarding firearm legislation

and Second
Amendment protection?

So, you're Willa's
top choice.

Why should you be my
husband's and my top choice?

Over the past 10 years the two
of you combined have gotten

less coverage than the average
junior congressman from Nebraska.

Well, we don't seek
the spotlight.

I'm not suggesting
you should.

But am I correct
in assuming

that your husband will be
an active Vice President?

It's harder to keep an active \/P
out of the press than in it,

but it's possible
if we give the media

just enough to
keep them from starving.

Where'd you grow up,

Just like you.


I had a much thicker accent
to get rid of than y'all.

How do you
know I had one?

Your first joint

when your husband was running
for state assembly in '86.


That's on the Internet?
No. No.

I contacted the local
affiliate in Greenville.

They wouldn't send me
the tapes via mail,

so I went down there
and watched in their vault.

To South Carolina?

When I want a job,
I do my homework.

I look forward to seeing
what you come up with.

Thank you,
Mrs. Underwood.


I don't see how this
is a victory for us.

Our choices
are the freeze,

which the Democrats
get blamed for, or...

Not necessarily.
The Republican...

No, which we definitely
get blamed for.

Or we offer them...

Entitlements, Frank?

We took a stand.
We can't turn back now.

I'd rather see the
government grind to a halt.

Think of the headline,

"Democratic Leadership
Enacts Entitlement Reform,

"Staves Off Freeze." We show unity.
We offer progress.

Let's convert some
lifelong conservatives.

You have Mendoza's assurance
he'll work with us?

I do.

I don't want to put
our necks out there

just to have
the guillotine fall.

You won't.

My neck will be right
out there with you.

Oh, Francis faints at
the sight of blood.

He'd never let
them break the skin.

To unity.


Come on.


Larry, can you come by?

Something weird's going
on with my computer.



Come on!

Hey, what's
the problem?

It's fine. I fixed it.

Okay. Cool.

It's not as progressive
as I'd like.

You mean radical.

Raising retirement age to 67 makes
entitlements solvent until 2055.

And it saves us
over a trillion dollars

without a single penny
of taxpayer income.

Sixty-eight would give us
another 300 billion.

And I'd like to eliminate
early retirement.

Forget it.

What about 68 and 64?

I have a responsibility
to my constituents.

I promised I wouldn't
waver when...

Are we really going to
allow the Tea Party

to determine
fiscal legislation?

I've never been beholden
to the Tea Party.

Oh, come on, Curtis. You
wouldn't have won reelection

if their PACs hadn't dumped
10 million into your campaign.

If their definition of
budgetary conservatism happens

to overlap with mine,
that's a function...

Curtis. Curtis. Let's
show some goodwill.

Can you stomach
68 and 64?

Effective immediately?

Five years from now.
Not interested.

Well, you know we can't throw this
on people without any warning.

They need some
time to digest.

I'm sorry.
I just can't do it.

Okay. Meet with your staff.
Consult with your colleagues.

I'll consult with mine.
And let's talk tomorrow.

All right.
I can agree to that.

But this is a
good first step.

How do we make sure
Curtis can't filibuster

when we get
the amendment passed?

Assuming we do.

Between you and me, I'm sure
we can turn him around.

I just want to be
on the safe side.

We make sure the passage
of the amendment

constitutes the
passage of the bill.

By previous agreement.
Yeah, that's right.

We pass the amendment, and
then we're done. Wham, barn.

Can we put
that in writing?

Have Erikson
reach out to me.

Muchas gracias.



Lucas Goodwin?

Good evening, Lucas.

Speak into the microphone.

Who are you?

Go to the home screen.
Open the other app.

Tell me who you are.

You've done your research.
You know who I am.

Well, I know
who you claim to be.

And if you're not convinced
by now, goodbye.


All right,
I'm on the home screen.

Open the notary app.


What is this?

To ensure you
aren't law enforcement.

I'm... I'm not.

Then sign.


Hold your thumb to the camera
and press "capture."

How do I know you're
not law enforcement?

Sign the document
or walk away.


All right. I did it.

Press "send."

Where is this going?

I'm VPNing through Iran
and 12 other countries.

Don't worry. It's secure.

Now, one last thing.

I need the two-step
verification code

for the Herald's
internal servers.

(STAMMERING) I don't even
know how to do that.

Yes, you do.
Check your e-mail.


Destroy the iPad,
especially the serial number,

and delete the e-mail
after you've memorized it.

Good luck.

FRANCE: Hello?

Raymond, are you there?


Yeah. Uh... Sorry, Frank.

I thought I saw an Inca dove.

Must have flown the wrong
direction for winter.

It sounds windy.
Where are you?

Top of my building.
Got a bird feeder up here.

Nice work with the President.
I hear we have a green light.

He pushed back in the
beginning, but yeah.

His writers are reworking
the speech now.

I'm very close to a deal.
68/64 in five years.

Spending cuts as discussed.

Is that rock solid?

Soon as we shake hands.

What's the hold-up?

Curtis Haas,
which isn't a surprise.

I'm meeting with him soon.
He's the final hurdle.

Cutting it
pretty close, Frank.

Well, this is historic.

The Republicans have wanted
entitlement reform since Johnson.

Curtis will come around.

In the meantime, we should get the
new retirement ages into the speech.

I would stay away from
the specifics, Frank.

I mean, even if it passes,
the House might...

I know the House better than
you know birds, Raymond.

Believe me when
I say they'll pass
the Senate version.

I'll talk to
the President.

Just make sure
this is airtight.

Thank you.

What is it?

Lucas Goodwin.

From the Herald.

He must have been
working with Zoe.

How much does he know?

No more than she did.

She knew enough.

I'm on it, sir.

Not yet.

It's under control. I just
thought you should be aware.

I'm juggling the President, the
Republicans, Tusk. I can't...

And you should
stay focused on that.

Goodwin's on my plate.
Not yours.

It wasn't until
the 20th century

that the notion of noble objectivism
came into the forefront.

Whoa! But facts
are facts.

1992. Fact,

George Bush, Sr. Is shown asking
how a grocery scanner works,

and he gets
nailed for it.

Fact? They were showing
him a new model.

He was asking how the new one
was different than the old one.

Curiosity, not ignorance.

But the lack of context told
a more powerful narrative.

There is no arrangement of facts
that is purely objective.

We can finally do something.
We have the means to act.

Some teenage
pimple-faced hacker...

This was a sophisticated

It's not the work of a child.
Look. Here's the e-mail.

Heronymous Bot. The FBl's
been hunting him for years.

Lucas, listen to me...

If we get these records, I'll need
your help tracking timelines,

No. piecing together
the chronology...

You want somebody
to hold your hand

and say it's okay to go on
this fucking goose chase.

You shouldn't be teaching in Ithaca.
You're better than that.

You should be back home...
I belong here.

Droning on to a bunch of
hungover English majors?

Exactly. You're wrong
about the truth.

There is objective truth.
He killed her.

You know it's a fact.

Here's a fact. My mom has
10,15 years left, at best.

I've seen her more in the past month
than since I left for school.

It's simpler here.
It's quiet.

I need that.
She needs me.

I'm sorry, Lucas. I'm sorry
that night how I reacted.

I'm sorry you
lost your girlfriend.

I'm sorry the world is this fucked up.
I really am.

But I can't help you.

Where's everyone else?

I did you a
disservice yesterday.

We shouldn't have put you on the
spot in front of all the leadership.

Have a seat, Curtis.

We know that you have an
obligation to take a firm stance.

But entitlement reform
is something you ran on.

And now it's
within your grasp.

So tell us your fears.

That the Democrats get another win.
We suffer in the midterms.

And the next Congress
dismantles the agreement.

You think we're
being disingenuous.

My constituents don't trust
the administration.

I can't have them thinking the
wool's been pulled over our eyes.

As I suspected.


Frank and I
propose this,

we include a super
majority point of order

against revisiting
the issue for 10 years.

You have it in
black and white.

A serious,
long-term commitment

with no opportunity
to dismantle.

And that's on top of
everything else we asked for.

VA services and FEMA
stay at current levels.

Everything else at 80 to 100%
of the cuts you propose.

You get your win, Curtis.
We just avoid disaster.

Maybe the country needs to see
what disaster looks like.

The Tea Party has a strong
voice, and you're its bullhorn.

Show your people that voice
can translate into law

and not just
add to the noise.

Fifteen years before revisitation.
Not 10.


And if the House fails to
pass the bill after we do,

you go on record blaming your
own party for the gridlock.

I believe we have a deal.


What are you
listening to?

I'm sorry. I'll turn...

No, it's nice.
Can I listen?

My ears are clean.
I promise.



It's beautiful.

It's so sad.

It helps me relax.

Long day?

I work at a call center. So,yeah.
200 strangers an hour.

I'll leave you alone. You probably
don't want to talk to another one.

It's all right. As long as
you don't hang up on me.

Do you ever just talk to them?
The strangers?

We're not allowed to.

All I would want to do is ask
them about who they are.

What about you?
What do you do?

I, um...

I work at the bookstore
and the daycare center.

I had that same
look on my face

the first time somebody
handed me one of those.

Yeah, I'm... l'm just...
I'm not religious.

Just keep it.
Check it out.
Or don't.

We've got really
good music there.

Thank you.

We sent a bill
to the Senate.

What Frank wants to send back
bears zero resemblance.

Because it's bipartisan.
Unlike ours.

That sounds like something
Frank would say.

I'm not Frank.

He has a desk
in your office.

If this bill
passes in the Senate...

It won't.

We should be
prepared, Bob.

Well, I'm prepared
to wait and see.

Have a good
afternoon, ladies.



He's threatened.
He's a pig.

Give him time.
He used to have two

white middle-aged
guys at his side.

Now he's got a black guy...

And a woman
20 years his junior.

Who knows how
to shoot a rifle.

We just need
to keep at him.


WOMAN: Catalina Rodriguez
is on line four.

Give me a moment.


Ted told me it was you.

You there?

Yes, I'm here.

The press won't
leave us alone.

For weeks they're showing up,

trying to get pictures
of me and Emily.

It wasn't me.

You're the
only one who knew.

I don't know how
the story got out.

Why would Ted
lie about that?

I don't know.
Maybe he's ashamed.

So what do I do? When
will they leave us alone?

I don't know, Catalina.

I can't live like this.

I'm sorry.
I don't know what to say.


How is Emily doing?


He's very confident.

Yeah, but does he
have what it takes?

We'll see when I
get his media plan.

What about
his personality?

Charming. Direct.

Very thorough.

He found our first interview
together, in '86.

I would love to see that.
Does he have a copy?

I don't think so. The TV station
made him watch it there.

We should screen that for the
President and the First Lady.

Show 'em
how it's done.

What about her?

Have you noticed anything strange
between her and the President?

How do you mean?

I passed them
in the hall yesterday.

And they seem... I don't know...
Very intimate.

They did seem cozy
at the prep session.

Do you think...

No. Not necessarily.

An interesting
thought, though.

Sorry to interrupt, sir.
We're having lunch.

The Republicans
are backing out.

Mendoza's chief of staff
just gave me the heads-up.

Get Mendoza on the phone.
It's Curtis Haas.

He got cold feet.

LARRY: Keep them in cages.

It's really kinda like marine,
but people look at them.

It's kind of fun.

I got your e-mail.
Now good for you?

Yeah, sure. Can I
call you fightback?


What exactly did
you need to know?

VVe're doing some follow-up pieces
on the cyber warfare thing.

I just wanted to get
a layman's understanding

of how the Chinese might
get through a firewall.

It's a bit complicated, but I
could show you the basics.

That's all I need.



We use a standard
N-tier architecture.

Think of it like a big
sandwich with layers of bread.

Between each is the lettuce, the
tomato, the roast beef, whatever.

What I'm pulling up here
is the org code,

which separates
the database...

Shit. I forgot there's a meeting
with sales in a couple minutes.

You want to do this later?

No. I'll just run over and let them
know I'll be a few minutes late.

Be right back.

Cool. I'll be here.


Come on, come on,
come on, come on.



Come on.





Something wrong?

Can't find my phone. It's weird.
I had it just a minute ago.


Here it is.
Sorry about that.

No problem.

So the N-tier architecture.

The high-tech sandwich
I was talking about.

WALKER: I thought Mendoza
was willing to work with us.

He is. The problem is Curtis Haas.

And have you
spoken with him?

His office isn't returning our calls.
Neither is Mendoza's...

I should've
stuck to my guns.

The vote isn't until
tomorrow afternoon.

I'll reach out to Mendoza
first thing in the...

This is the State of
the Union, Frank.

I won't be
left in limbo.

If we need to start
rewriting that speech now,

I don't want to
waste a minute.

I can turn
this around, sir.

You know, Raymond told
me this was your idea.

To pursue
this compromise.

I suggested it
as an option.

He said you
bullied him into it.

That he thought
it was a mistake.

If he felt so strongly, he should
have advised you otherwise.

Raymond is
not a politician.

He relies on our
political expertise

as much as we rely
on his business acumen.

Maybe we shouldn't point fingers
until there's a problem.

You wouldn't
call this a problem?

Not if it's solved
before it becomes one.

You see, I wanted a vice president
who can manage Congress.

Not one who bites off
more than he can chew.

Then have faith you made
the right choice, sir.

Whatever faith I have
is quickly evaporating.

Don't humiliate
the administration, Frank.

You're part of it now.

Yes, sir.

We're done.

Thank you,
Mr. President.



Give me the
private line, please.

Tusk is blocking my way.
Goodwin at my heels.

There can be no
false steps now.

The higher up the mountain,
the more treacherous the path.

DOUG: Lucas Goodwin
went up to visit her.

They may be
looking for you.

Nobody's contacted me. I don't
think anyone knows I'm here.

Then we need to make
sure it stays that way.

Don't speak to anyone
you don't have to.

Don't go anywhere
you don't need to be.


Tell me you heard what I said.
I heard you. I get it.


I'm fine.

Put some ice on it.
I said it's okay.

What is this?

What, are you going
through my garbage now?

Someone gave it
to me on the bus.

You let me know
if anyone contacts you.


Sorry I'm late.
No worries.

How much more
you want to do right now?

Fill in this area?

Yeah. And one more
poppy down here.

That's a lot for one sitting.
I know.





You're heading in?

an early riser.

You'll figure this out.

I need to prove what the Vice
President is capable of.

Don't prove it to them.
Prove it to me.

Curtis has me by the
tea bags, Frank.

I don't have a working
majority without him.

He wasn't elected leader.

True. But I have
to pick my battles.

If you can't control him
on budgetary issues...

It's not just him. It's the 15
senators he has under his thumb.

I won't be
the leader next year
if they turn on me.

So he wants to be courted.
Sit him down...

I already tried
talking to him.
He wouldn't budge.

Then we'll both
talk to him.

He's made his
position clear.

We all shook hands
at this table.

The most I can do is put
the substitute amendment

on the floor
with limited debate.

Now, your people can say whatever
they want for the record.

But we're gonna vote
the amendment down.

I am not interested
in symbolic gestures.

Well, that's
all I can offer.

Where's your courage?

My power has limits, Frank.

Five Republicans makes you
the deciding vote.

Now, it's highly doubtful

we can get them to vote
against their own party.

FRANCIS: But they might abstain.
CASEY: You'd need 10.

FRANCIS: Entitlement is the
Republicans' white whale.

I can get at least
two of 'em to flip.

CASEY: And you'd only
need six abstaining.

DOUG: Erikson's already making calls.
FRANCIS: Donner?

DOUG: And Pulaski.
All right.

Get me a call list so I
can tag-team with him.

DOUG: Got it right here.

We have
to get medieval.

When it comes to
parliamentary procedure,

there's not a rule
I don't know, sir.

Find me the ones
we can bend.

you're a sensible man.

Yes, I know...
I understand.

What if... Tell you what.

What if both vA hospitals in
your district... (DOOR OPENS)

Yes, both of them.
Hold on. Who?

Moriarty. I promised
him an amendment

for his bovine
research center.

That makes six.

Mark, if I can get you funding
for both, are you with us?


Well, you come by
the White House

and have lunch with me sometime soon.

We have the numbers.

Once you break the quorum call,
it's gonna be a little tricky.

Tell me on the way.

ISAACS: Sir. Sir.
We might not have a majority.


The Dems are poaching people.
Donner, Pulaski. Maybe more.

Voting for
the amendment?

Others abstaining.

I'm still trying
to figure out who.

Well, we need to delay and figure
out what the fuck's going on.

Quorum call.

There's 49 hours
until the recess.

We call a name an hour. Yeah.

DREWRY: Mr. Avendale?

Excuse me. I do believe
you're sitting in my chair.

Mr. Drewry, what is
the order of business?

We are in a
quorum call, sir.

Then why aren't
you calling the roll?

We are, sir.
In a deliberate manner.

Let's speed it up.

Mr. Brown?

More expeditious
than that.

Mr. Burr?

Ms. Cantwell?

Mr. Cerini?



Mr. Colson?

Ms. Dauster.

They have a quorum.
We don't have the numbers.

Out. Let's get
all our people out.

Mr. Dammeral. Mr. Darling.

Mr. Daswani. Mr. Donner.
MAN: Here.

Mr. Dobbins, Mr. Dwyer.

DREWRY: Engel, Erikson.




Mr. Haas.


Mr. Wicker. Mr. Wyden.

Mr. President,
a quorum is not present.

The chair recognizes the
minority leader, Mr. Erikson.

Mr. President, "I move to
direct the Sergeant-at-Arms

"to compel the attendance
of absent Senators,

"that warrants for the arrests of
all senators not sick nor excused

"be issued under the signature
of the presiding officer."

The question is on the motion.
All those in favor say "Aye."

those opposed, "Nay."

ALL: Nay.

The ayes have it, and the
motion is agreed to.

The Sergeant-of-Arms is hereby
instructed to compel the attendance

of absent senators.


It feels good to
be back in Congress.

have now empowered the Capitol Police

to arrest absent members
if necessary.

According to Republican
Senator Curtis Haas,

one of the staunchest opponents
of the entitlement amendment,

the vice president is, quote,
"Replacing democracy with tyranny.

"He's transformed the Senate into a
police state within the Capitol."


Well, it'll be even harder
to stay out of the news now.

Then why the
joint interview?

I watched the South
Carolina one again.

Convinced them to make me a copy.
It's powerful.

Here you go.
I thought you
might want it.

There's a moment where you ran
your fingers through his hair.

It's intimate and human.

That moment alone would've made
me want to vote for your husband.

Something like
that will buy you

months of flying
beneath the radar.

And who do you have in mind
to conduct the interview?

Does this mean
I have the job?

It means you still
haven't been ruled out.

Well, I'll consider
that progress.


This is the Democratic
cloak room, Hector.

Yours is on
the other side.

What you're
doing won't work.

It might. Which is why you
made the long walk over here.

Ice water?

I have my people in planes,
trains, and automobiles.

All I need is six
to make my quorum.

Think what I can do with 26 votes.
And I've got 45.

You won't be able to get your planes
and trains back here fast enough.

I'll roll those dice.

The Sergeant-at-Arms
is very good at his job.

And this is a perfect way to
show Curtis who's in charge.

I'm doing you
a favor, Hector.

Tell me what you want.

What I've always wanted. The
package we shook hands on.

Then I'll give you
your Senate back.

They can't come
back voluntarily.

Pick your six best actors.

We can't give in,

We wouldn't be in this situation
had you toed the party line.

DREWRY: Mr. Mendoza
is present.

MENDOZA: Under protest.

DREWRY: Ms. Cornwall
is present.

Under protest.

DREWRY: Mr. Ullman is present.
Mr. Walsh is present.

Ms. Dauster is present.
And Mr. Haas is present.

Mr. President,
a quorum is now present.

You can pass the amendment. I'll
just filibuster the main bill.

No, you won't.

Watch me.

As much as I'd like to see you
hold your piss for two days,

we struck a
deal with Hector.

ERIKSON: The passage
of the substitute amendment

constitutes passage
of the main bill.

I wasn't informed of that.

Pay attention to
the fine print, Curtis.

It's far more important
than the selling price.

Let's go. I want an
immediate call of the roll.

Don't let half
a second pass.
Yes, sir.

A quorum is present.

The question is
on the adoption

of the substitute
amendment to HR 934.

The yeas and nays
have been ordered,

and the clerk
will call the roll.

DREWRY: Mr. Abner?

Mr. Avendale?

DREWRY: Mr. Brown?

I'd like to propose
an amendment to HR 93...

Mr. Haas, you are out of order.
The roll call has begun.

The clerk will continue
to call the roll.

DREVVRY: Mr. Brown? Mr.
Burr? BURR: Aye.

Ms. Cantwell?

Mr. Cerini?

Mr. Chess?

Ms. Cornwall?

Mr. Colson?

♪ I'm so secure

♪ You're here with me

♪ You stay the same

♪ Your love remains

♪ Here in my heart

♪ So close I believe

♪ You're holding me now

♪ In your arms I belong

♪ You'll never let me go

♪ So close I believe
you're holding me now

♪ In your arms I belong

♪ You'll never let me go

♪ So close I believe... a'



I'm glad you came.

Yeah. Me, too.

What'd you think?

The music was
really beautiful.

Not what you expected?

I wasn't sure
what to expect.

I'm Lisa.

Rachel. Sorry.

We've got cookies
and cake inside, if you...

Oh, I think I'm gonna...

If you want to meet
some of my friends...

Yeah. Okay.

Yeah. Yeah.

We should add "miracle worker"
to your resume, Frank.

Lazarus makes
for a good magic act,

but life would
have been a lot easier

if the bastard hadn't died
in the first place.


Well, the President wanted to go
ballistic, but I calmed him down.

I said, "Don't worry.
Frank?! pull this out- "

Did you?

I don't blame you for being
two-faced, Raymond.

It's good politics, as long as
you don't get caught at it.

Now, Frank,
if you think that I...

It's okay, Raymond. Jesus forgives you.
Good night.




Care for some wine?


Step in the room.

Closer. Closer.

State your name and the date.
Wait, why? l...

State your name
and the date, please.

Lucas Goodwin.
February 13th.



Are you currently or have you
ever been a member of...

What is this?

Are you currently
or have you ever been

a member of any law
enforcement agency?

I already told
you I wasn't.

Two-step verification.

No, I'm not.
And I haven't.

Are you currently
or have you ever been

an informant for
law enforcement?


You think you might
have been followed?

Anything strange
the past few weeks?

You know what? This is making
me feel uncomfortable.

We're not fucking
around here.

If you think the FBI hasn't
been tracking your posts,

then you're naive.

You think they
know who I am?

No. You hid yourself well.

What are you going to
do with the Herald?

Nothing. Then why did
you want access?

I already had access.

It's how I contacted you
in the first place.

Just needed to know
if you were serious.

That's Cashew.


Why did you
contact me?

Because you're desperate.

And I'm not
fond of authority.

WALKER". Just today, under the
leadership of Vice President Underwood,

the Senate passed HR 934,

along with an historic
entitlement reform amendment.

By raising the retirement
age to 68 and 64,

for normal and early
retirement, respectively,

we will ensure entitlements
for generations to come.


And when the House passes
that bill in a few weeks,

as I fully expect it to do,

we will put the
government freeze to rest.

We will continue the business
of serving our country,

rather than paralyzing it.

The American people
deserve no less.

We stand at the altar
of democracy.

Let us stand together.


I spoke to Jackie. You have
my support in the House.

But it hasn't
passed the House yet.

There's a long march before it
arrives on the President's desk.

As for me, I used to be
on the edge of the frame.

Now I'm only
three feet away.