House of Cards (2013–2018): Season 2, Episode 2 - Chapter 15 - full transcript

Frank is announced as Vice President. The US meets with China. Jackie faces obstacles as she plans to run for new whip. Lucas looks into Zoe's death.

This is not the most inspiring
choice for Vice President, right?

I mean, a well-respected operator,
pragmatic, but let's face it.

This is probably
just a nod to Congress.

Tapping one of their own.

It's really nothing more
than a placeholder

until 2016, assuredly.

I'm not surprised he's doing
a private swearing-in.

My bet is that the
President wants to draw

as little attention
to this as possible.

There's just no real
wow factor...


DOUG: Christina's
working out well?

LINDA: She's getting
her sea legs,

but I've been happy so far.

She works hard.

It's a big load
off my shoulders

when she can travel with
the President instead of me.

I get so much more done
when I stay here.


The President have a preference
in the Whip's race?

Can't believe
how ugly it's gotten.

He's more disappointed
than anything else.

Watch out, Wes.

I hope I'm not interrupting.
Not at all.

This is something else.

Security specs.
They had to work fast.

It's like a war zone
around here.

The idea is to keep
the war from getting in.

How's the Whip's race
coming, Congressman?

It's tight between
you and Howard?

Well, you'd have
to ask Howard,

if he's not too busy
trying to sodomize me.

Just say hello.

For God sakes, don't make
me talk to that man.


Good to see you, Howard.

Nice to see you, Wes.

Yeah. I bet it is.


Appreciate you inviting me, Frank.

Thanks for inviting me. You bet.


Good to see you.

Is there somewhere
I can go to change?

Yes, absolutely.
There's room down the hall.

Doug, will you take care
of the judge?

And when he's ready, let's
get this thing over with.

I'll start bringing 'em in.

JUDGE: "...that I take
this obligation freely,

"without any mental reservation
or purpose of evasion."

"...that I take
this obligation freely,

"without any mental reservation
or purpose of evasion."

"And that I will Well..."

One heartbeat
away from the presidency,

and not a single vote
cast in my name.

Democracy is so overrated.

" on which lam about
to enter, so help me God."

"And that I will
Well and faithfully

"discharge the duties
of the office

"on which I am about to enter,
so help me God."

JUDGE: Congratulations,
Mr. Vice President.



All right, let's get back
to running the country.

FRANCIS: Now, one of you is
gonna replace me as the Whip.

You're the two frontrunners,
and we know you both want it.

BOB: And you're not behaving like
men who belong in the Leadership.

We need to tone down
the rhetoric.

You're hurting your party.

I'm just responding to the
lies Howard's been slinging.

Those junkets happened, Wes.
I'm not making it up.

WES: And nepotism's
any better.

WEBB: That's just not true,
and you know it.

WES: And your
sister's husband

just happened to be
appointed State Treasurer.

Ex-husband. And yes.

That is such
a load of crap, Howard.

Gentlemen, Bob is right.

This sort of cat-fighting
gets out in the press,

whichever one of you wins
hits the ground limping.

Let's keep it clean

and bring some civility
back to the House.

Can we agree to that?

I'd feel a lot better
if you shook hands on it.

Thank you.

I'm with him
right now, Christina.

I'm off. I'll swing
by your office later.

Don't. It's not ready yet.
I'll be working from here.

Tusk is in town.

He's meeting with the
President in 45 minutes.

just told me.

The Joint Commission talks.

That's what
she said.

Christina is
proving useful.

We'll stay
in touch.

Get me Cathy Durant.

Your people coming by?

Just my new
Chief of Staff.

That's all I've got
until we hire more.

So how does it feel to be
married to the Vice President?

Exactly the same.

Just louder.

Secretary Durant.



Mr. Vice President.

Thank you very much.

May I please introduce
Secretary Durant.

Madam Secretary.


Well, this is
quite a surprise.

I had no idea
you were in town.



Morning, sir.

Mr. President.


We just happened to run into Raymond.

Come on in.

LUCAS: The phone records will
absolutely prove I'm right.

There were no phone records.
You know that.

The data history
with the carrier.

Even if we got the case reopened,
which isn't gonna happen,

do you have any
idea how hard it is

to get a warrant
for phone data?

Probable cause.
Bring him in for questioning.

Technically you
have jurisdiction.

The Vice President
of the United States.

I know this all sounds
preposterous to you,

but if you go
through my notes...

We've been
through your notes.

You've listened,
but you haven't heard me.

Circumstantial, yes,
but plausible.

I know you've
reopened cases on less.

This has gotta stop, man. We keep
having the same conversation.

It can't be
an accident.

Okay. I'm gonna
show you something.

CNN tried to get
a hold of this.

We 86'ed it out of
respect to the family.

The footage?

It's not easy to watch.

I want to see it.

She tripped
or jumped.

She didn't jump.

Here it is,
frame by frame.

Now, there were
two witnesses.

One was a 70-year-old woman
with macular degeneration.

All she saw was a blur.

The second was the
conductor of the train.

He said it looked
like she fell.

Between those two and this
video, that's all there is.

You can watch it a million
times, but this case is closed.

We should limit the agenda
to a couple of key issues.

Import tariffs on
industrial manufactured goods

and export quotas
on rare earth elements.

They're using both
as political levers.

I agree these are two areas where
we can make meaningful progress.

But I'm worried about the rise
in corporate cyber attacks.

That's a rabbit hole.

Well, we have to address it
sooner or later.

It's just a matter of whether
we want to address it now.

The Chinese
don't like surprises.

All I'm proposing is that we
use the Joint Commission talks

to bring it up gently now, set
the stage for the next round.

RAYMOND: Look, I'm a
businessman, not a diplomat.

But I'm a businessman

with 35 years' experience
working in China.

When they come to the table,
you don't get greedy.

You're working on a co-venture
refinery project in Fujian.

Which would be
the first of its kind.

Open the gateway
for increased investment.

Cyber attacks threaten
those co-ventures.

There's less a need for them if the
Chinese can obtain new technology

from corporate espionage.

Frank, what do you think?

I lean more toward
Raymond's thinking.

If we antagonize the Chinese,

we could undo
years of progress.

CATHERINE: Allow me to do this
quietly with a soft touch.

I won't antagonize them, sir.

The last thing we want to do
is rock the boat.

WALKER: What do you
have in mind, Catherine?

A suggested agenda.
Not a demand.

We'll keep it mid-level.
I won't get anywhere near it.

WALKER: Raymond?

I've voiced my concerns.

A very soft touch.

You have my word, sir.


Want to grab some lunch?

Would love to.

Thanks, Frank.
Welcome to the West Wing.

Thank you, sir.

The President is like
a lone tree in an empty field.

He leans whichever way
the wind is blowing.

And right now, Raymond Tusk blows
far too strong from the west.

Is that a wig?

No. He's been growing it out
for months.

Diane says
she likes it long.

I told her she'll
feel differently

once she sees
the first dreadlock.

Or smells it.


I went to see your
daughter last weekend.

How is she?

You want to see
a picture?


Was her mother there?

Are they okay on money?

The rate at Greenwoods
is going up in January.

Catalina is worried
she's gonna be short.

I'll make sure to put
more into the account.

We don't have to talk about
her if you don't want.

It's fine.

I appreciate you
going to see her.

I'm sorry, Ted. I thought that
when you asked me to lunch

it was because
you want...
No, no, no.

I mean, yes, I want to make
sure they have what they need.

But no, the reason
I wanted to talk...

Lorrie Tate.

Lorrie's a friend of mine.
What about her?

She mentioned you're interested
in the Whip's race.

Oh, no. Ah!

I wish she hadn't.

Why not?

Because it's ridiculous.

Is it?

I just mentioned
it off-hand.

The whole Webb and Buchwalter
thing is just...

Complete mess.

But I wasn't serious.

I think you
should be serious.

Do you want
to do it?

I don't have
the experience,
Ted, and I...

Yes or no?
Yes, of course.

Someday. But now, I don't
have the money they do.

Unless you use mine.

You can't waste
your money on...

If I funnel my PAC money to some
folks who are on the fence,

round up a couple dozen
commitments before you announce,

that would make you
an instant contender.

Now tell me that's a waste.

We're talking
hundreds of thousands.

It's not
a Christmas present, Jackie.

With you as Whip,

I have a strong ally
in the Leadership.

I stand to gain
as much as you.

Hang on one second.
I don't know where the...

LORRIE: How did it go?
Did he buy it?

Whatever bug you put
in his ear burrowed deep.

It was easy. That man adores
you like you're his own child.

But you sure as hell
better make me Chief Deputy.

I need to win first.

Ted and I make two.
111 to go.

It's always good

when the Chief Deputy
knows her arithmetic.

Fuck off. Let's
start taking names.

This one seems promising.

Connor Ellis. He's solid.
Good experience.

He's the one that got Senator
Jones out of that mess

with the push polling.

Yes. Kept him from
the Ethics Committee.

Let's set up
an interview.

I'll find a good time
in the schedule.

Let's talk about
the schedule.

I think we need to be more
selective with the events I do.

Some of these are leftovers
from Mrs. Matthews.

We can cancel
whatever you like.

And what's this?

Your husband will
be pinning stars

on two newly-commissioned
Marine generals.

I think that's one
you should do.

Okay. Walk me through it.

The generals are Alicia
Hampton and Dalton McGinnis.

Arriving at 6:50...

Dalton McGinnis?

Yes. Do you know him?

We went to
college together.

I'm sorry.
Where were we?

Arrive what time?


Great. I'd like a list of all the
people that will be attending.

It's not that big a deal
if I get left out,

but you're
the Secretary of State.

I mean, Tusk should not
be determining policy.

The President alone should instruct
you on what you are to pursue.

What's their

He's had his ear
for years.

An advisor...
More of a mentor,

and one whose advice
is not easily dismissed.

He's gonna keep pushing back
on cyber warfare.

Not if I get it
on the agenda.

No, especially if you
get it on the agenda.

Tusk is not gonna
take any chances

when the next Joint Commission
talks come around.

You agreed with him
in the meeting.

If we had ganged up,

he would have taken
a firmer position.

For all we know, he's convincing
the President right now

to change his mind.

Now we need to remove that
option as a possibility.


Force the Chinese to confront the
issue now, this round of talks.

I promised the President
a soft touch.

I can't intentionally
break my promise.

What if it was

Cathy, if you don't like
how the table is set,

turn over the table.

You're cheating.

No, I'm not.
It's vapor.


You should try it. Addiction
without the consequences.

It's all yours.

You staying UP?

This ceremony
tomorrow night.

You don't
want to go.

If I don't have to.

I hate these
sort of things, too,

but it is my first public
appearance as Vice President.

Thank you.


Should we turn this
into a proper office?

That's not a bad idea.
No privacy downstairs.

I'll talk to
the contractor.



Congressional Record.

Weren't the talks
supposed to go until 6:00?

MAN: We can't talk
if they won't listen.

Did the Chinese walk out?

We made it clear that we won't
discuss any other issues

until government-sponsored cyber
attacks are on the table.

Apparently, that's not
what they wanted to hear.

Sir, what did you
tell the Chinese

delegation before
they walked out?

LUCAS: We didn't have
anybody there.

The Joint Commission
is usually a snooze-fest.

Not today it wasn't.

I've got Greer on it.

Isn't this international?

We need somebody
from the tech beat

if we want any background
on cyber warfare.

Does he have anybody
on record yet?

The Chinese
aren't talking,

and all the US delegation said
is what's in the AP wire.

I want something online
in the next two hours.

In-depth follow-up
sometime this week.

Hey, Lucas?

You all right?

Yeah. Why?

You're wearing the same
clothes you wore yesterday.

Am I?

I don't know what's going on
in your personal life,

but it seems to be
entering the workplace.

Appearances matter.

And we can't have an editor looking
more disheveled than his reporters.

Two hours.
You'll have something.

WES: Did you know Jackie
Sharp's running for Whip?

No, this is the first
I'm hearing of it.

WES: I spoke to Webb.

He got an email
from Lorrie Tate about me.

I got one from Dave Holland
about him.

Which means
nothing to me.

The junkets,
the nepotism.

Tate and Sharp
are close.

Holland serves on
the VA Committee with her.

She used proxies
to insulate herself.

So you think that
she gave the dirt to them.

Yeah. She's been playing
both of us.

How many commitments
do you think she could have?

Around 20 so far.

So she's a distant third.

But she's picking people
off us left and right.

I want your help.

You have my support, Wes.

Then make that public.

If I come out for you,
Birch comes out for Webb.

That's gonna hurt you, not help you.
This is serious, Frank.

Ted Havemeyer is
bankrolling her.

Have you thought
of talking to Jackie?

No, no. I can't do
that on principle.

Why not?

Anyone who Havemeyer is
backing, I don't work with.

He pulled the same crap on me
when I ran for Senate.

He financed my primary
opponent. Asshole.

Well, that is your call.

But if you're gonna let an old
grudge get in the way of progress...

I just can't do it, Frank.

Havemeyer's been trying to shove
me down the totem pole for years.

I won’t give him
the satisfaction.

Well, I can respect that,
but my hands are tied.

CATHERINE: It's a delicate matter,

but we are in communication
with the Chinese government

as to how to move forward.

Does this mean the US will
back down on cyber attacks?

The United States
never backs down,

particularly on issues
that are high-priority to us.

REPORTER: Madame Secretary...
CATHERINE: Thank you.

REPORTER: What did you tell
the head of the delegation?

FRANCIS: The delegation
overstepped its bounds,

but Cathy couldn't throw her
own people under the bus.

LINDA: she should have consulted
us first before speaking publicly.

The press was
on her doorstep,

and the President was
in another hemisphere.

Now, look, I'm not
condoning what she did,

but she had
to do something.

She made a gut call,
and she acted.

We have to distance
ourselves from this.

When is the President back?
Tomorrow morning.

Can we set up
a meeting?

Cathy needs to
publicly apologize.

Can we get her in the room
with the President?

Shouldn't we all be
on the same page first?

I'll see what I can do.
Thank you.

Now, you asked me a question
before I went and got my food.

Mr. Vice President.
And I've forgotten what...

General McGinnis.

Ah! It's a great honor.

I hope you don't mind. The
President wishes he could be here.

He's asked me to fill in.
The honor is mine, sir.

And, General,
this is my wife, Claire.

It's good to
see you, Claire.

It's been
a long time.


We were classmates.

Well, Claire
didn't say a thing.

Well, we dated
for a time.

Well, about
five minutes.

Anyway, I'll let you
get back to your meal.

Thank you.

I've remembered.

Interestingly enough,
in South Carolina,

the largest crop
is not cotton.

No, it's tobacco.

And the third-largest crop
is marijuana.

Now, we'll just keep
that to ourselves.

Would you all excuse me
for just a moment?

FRANCIS: ls she alone?

Would you give us
a few moments, please?

What's wrong?

It was him.


Freshman year.


You mean...


Francis, Francis.
Please, don't do anything.

I am not gonna pin
a medal on that man.

You have to.
Just a minute, please!

There is no way that man...

MAN: Sir, they wanna
start the ceremony.

Just a minute, please!

He does not deserve a medal.
Francis, I beg of you.

That man deserves
to be taken out and shot!

Please! Do not...

I said just a minute!

Do not make
a scene. Please.


Thanks for coming by.

You know,

I thought I would miss this place
the moment I stepped inside.

But I don't.

Hope you like Stella.


Here's how.

How are things?

They're good.

They're good.

You're happy?

I haven't been happy
a day in my life.

But I have time now
to think, to write.

Been working on a novel.


It's absolute shit.
That's okay.

That's great, Tom.
That's really great.

What's on your mind?

I know you didn't
ask me here just to catch up.

Frank Underwood.

On the President's behalf,
it is my great honor

to formally recognize the selection
of General Alicia Hampton

as Commander, United
States European Command,

and General Dalton McGinnis

as Commander of the United
States Strategic Command.

The United States Marine
Corps has been well served

by these two
exemplary leaders.

The President and I are grateful
for their continued service.


Thank you, sir.

You think I'm insane?

I don't think
you're insane.

I think you've been
through a lot.

Trying to make sense of it all.
I know I'm right.

I'm sure you
believe you are.

It's a fact that
he helped cover up the DUI.

Imagine if one of your reporters
came to you with this story.

Could you print a word of it?

No, but I'd have them keep digging.
Would you?

If you’re honest
with yourself,

wouldn't you tell them
it seemed farfetched?

Your notes aren't convincing.

The police reports
don't prove a link.

And the speculative leaps
you're making...

I know.

Hold yourself to the same
standards as you hold your staff.

You and Zoe were
seeing each other.

I'm assuming.
Maybe I'm wrong.

We were.

When I lost my first wife,
it didn't add up.

Who dies of
breast cancer at 31?

I wanted to sue.

the hospital, everyone.

Thought they were
hiding something.


Grief demands an answer,
but sometimes there isn't one.

Her life couldn't
be saved. Period.

What do I do?

Would you consider
seeing someone?

There's a therapist
who helped me a great deal

when Cynthia passed away.
I can put you in touch...

No, I don't need to see somebody.

I appreciate you
coming by, Tom.

Thanks for the beer.

You call me anytime.

You take care
of yourself, Lucas.

I mean it.

PHELPS: Any plans
to go elsewhere, sir?

FRANCIS: No. We're in
for the night. Thank you.

PHELPS: Yes, sir.


I'm tired.

Do you need
something, sir?

My remote.
I want to play.

It's right over here.

Thank you.

Is there something wrong
with the Internet?

I can't get online.

We had to disable the access.
It's not a secure connection.

Could you just
give me a moment, please?

Whenever you're out here,
somebody needs to be with you.

I can't be alone
in my own backyard?

If it were up to me, sir.
But it's not up to me.


Okay, Meechum.

You think I don't
want to smash things?

I know what that anger is
more than you can imagine.

When he was on top of me...

FRANCIS: We don't
have to talk about it.

No, I want to.

When he was on top of me,
I pressed my hand...

With everything I could,
I pressed it into his face.

I pressed it so hard
I broke his nose.

That didn't stop him.

He shoved the sheets in my mouth.
I could barely breathe.

Every time I think of her
pinned down like that,

I strangle her, Francis,

so she doesn't strangle me.

I have to.

We have to.

The alternative is...

It's unlivable.

You should go to sleep.

I'm not sure if I can.

Then you should
go back downstairs.

You'll still feel the hate
in the morning.

You'll use that.

But not on him.

WALKER: What did you
communicate, exactly?

I told him to
bring up the agenda,

suggest bullet points for the
SED, but make no demands.

And how did that translate
into a direct ultimatum?

Well, sometimes my delegates
try to read between the lines.

They know that I need
plausible deniability

for diplomatic purposes.

Why didn't you
immediately recant?

In my experience
with the Chinese,

makes us look weak.

I had two choices.
Lose face or exhibit strength.

I chose the latter.

All right, Catherine.
I'll be in touch shortly.

Thank you, sir.


Get me Raymond
on the private line.

Do you think she overstepped
on purpose?

Cathy would never disobey
your orders. Not on purpose.

Raymond, I've got Frank here.

Just the three of us? Just us three.
Morning, Raymond.

My contacts in Beijing tell me

the Minister of Commerce
is in a tizzy.

RAYMOND: Wants to use
this as an excuse to
start clenching fists.

Well, either I turn my back on
Cathy, or I stand behind her.

It's gotta be the former.

I agree.
If you don't apologize,

you go from ruffling feathers
to plucking them.

And the Chinese won't stand
for that, Mr. President.

What about perceived miscommunication
between me and my Cabinet?

FRANCIS: Mr. President, right now
the goal is to resume the talks.

I wouldn't worry
about perceptions.

Frank is right.

We need to be pragmatic.
Worry about appearances later.

All right. I'll have Catherine
draft an apology.

No, it has to come from you,
Mr. President.

If the apology is
to mean anything,

it must come from
the White House.

That is certainly
the more likely to succeed.

Fine. I'll do it then.

Thank you, Raymond.
Thank you, Garrett.

Do you hear how he still uses
the President's given name?

And that Walker doesn't flinch at
the lack of respect it implies.

Sir, forgive me
if this isn't the case,

but you seem
a bit hesitant.

Why do you say that?

Well, you've raised a good
point about public perception.

I don't want you to think

that I'm dismissing
your concerns casually.

No. It's a concern
for you, too?

There is some insight
into what Cathy brought up.

Backpedalling is weakness.

Well, it's always a coin
toss with the Chinese.

But sometimes standing your
ground is better than giving in.

They respect you more
when you show strength.

Are you changing your mind
on this, Frank?

I just think it's important that
you do what you think is best.

The American people
voted you President,

not me,
not Raymond Tusk.

I'll let you know
what I decide.

Thank you, sir.

You think
she's Underwood's choice?

He deflected,
so it's possible.

You and I, we need to work
together on this, VVes,

before we both get screwed.

I agree.

One of us drops out,
throws support to the other.

That'll dwarf
any following she has.

You want me to drop out.

I'll make sure you get my
Chairmanship on Appropriations.

All you can offer me
is Ethics, which nobody wants.

Let's put this to bed, Wes.

Webb must have
offered him a deal.

Then we have to offer
a better one.

I'm guessing Appropriations.
There's no way I can top that.

Except for Ways and Means.

I won't let you give your Chair
to an ass like Buchwalter.

If you're the Whip, you outrank
him and every other Chairman.

Screw committees. I'll have
a direct line to the Speaker.

Don't be stubborn, Jackie.

You think he'd take it?

He was willing
to take a deal from Webb.

But you're the only person
he hates more.

He's a brute,
but he's not an idiot.

Well, I know you're not
refusing out of loyalty.

WES: True.

So it's because of Ted.

You think you are
hot shit, don1you?

Can we set
egos aside

and talk business
like the adults we are?

I want more than
Ways and Means.

Tell me.

I want Havemeyer gone.
Not just retired.

Politically dead.

That race was
12 years ago.

That was 12 years I could
have been in the Senate.


Not revenge.


Well, what are
you gonna do?

won't budge.

You know, there's nothing I despise
more in life than pettiness.

I could approach Webb, but I
don't have enough to offer him.

He'd never drop out.
Too much pride.

I'm not sure
what to do.

This is my file on Ted.
An illegitimate daughter.

The nanny,
of course.

Her name is Emily Rodriguez,
19, cerebral palsy.

I know about Emily.

Well, then why are we
having this conversation?

It's complicated.

The daughter? It's very
black and white to me.

I've known Ted
since I was born.

He and my father
were very close.

Yeah, I'm aware.

He's always
looked out for me.

He got me into West Point.
He funded my first race.

I like Ted. He's always
been a team player.

It's unfortunate
he has this secret.

It was a mistake,
one he's always regretted.

After she was born, he asked
me to check in on her,

because he couldn't,
because he trusted me.

I see.

You came in here
knowing what you had to do,

hoping I would pull a
rabbit out of a hat,

so you wouldn't
have to.

I know the girl.

I know her mother. These
people don't deserve this.

I've given you
all I can.

Whatever you decide
is your prerogative.

But maybe I
misjudged you.

Ted is family to me.

An adopted daughter
in lieu of a real one.

Sir, the Secretary is here.

FRANCIS: Thank you.
Send her in.

Excuse us.

It's good.

GREER: Not too long?

A little bit,
but not much.

This part,
three paragraphs in.

About the phone companies?

Tell me more.

It's one of Homeland
Security's major concerns.

That the cyber attacks might
infiltrate phone carriers,

get access to millions
of people's data history.

Like who they called?

Yeah, who they called,
texted, what they texted,

when, where they were,

And that's possible?

There haven't been any
catastrophic breaches yet.

At least not reported.

But it looks like
the Chinese are starting

to recruit mercenaries
on the Deep Web

to launch guerilla-type attacks
that can't be tracked back...

Wait, wait, wait.
Hold on. The Deep Web.

I've heard of that.

Yeah, yeah. No, 96% of
the Internet isn't accessible

through standard search engines.
Most of it is useless.

But it's where you go to find
anything and everything.

Child porn,
Bitcoin laundering,


hackers for hire.

How do you access it?

It's actually
pretty easy.

I could show you
if you want.

Yeah, I'm curious.

Mind if I...
Go ahead.

Okay, first thing
you need is TOR.

Some people prefer l2P,
but I think TOR is better.

What is TOR?

It protects you
through proxy servers.

Keeps you anonymous.

Then I'll show you how to get to
the posting boards and the lRCs.

But I gotta warn you,
be careful what you click.

Some crazy shit
there, man.

For too long, we've
danced on egg shells

regarding the issue
of cyber warfare.

Now, Secretary Durant
acted on instructions

that came directly from me.

Now, if the Chinese
are not willing

to engage
in a meaningful dialogue

about intellectual property
of American corporations

as well as this
deliberate targeting

of our government's
online infrastructure,

well, then that is proof
of a double-standard mentality

that we shall
no longer tolerate.

Our delegation to
the Joint Commission

on Commerce and Trade

was unfairly
accused and defamed

by representatives of
the United States government.

The People's Republic of China
will not be threatened

by derisive
and unsubstantiated claims.

As long as the White House
continues to behave this way,

any future bilateral trade
talks will be impossible.

lt caught me by surprise, too.

Did you say anything to him
after I hung up yesterday?

No. Have you
spoken to him?

Yeah, a few minutes ago.

He said he did what
he thought was right.

FRANCIS: Well, there's nothing
we can do to combat that.

He doesn't usually
go against my advice

without giving
me fair warning.

What are you suggesting,

He's easily manipulated.

Clearly, not in this case.

We need to fix this.

And I'm counting on you
for that, Frank.

Let me freshen your memory.
I don't owe you any favors.

I promised to work with you,
not for you.

And when it comes to China,
we both want the same thing.

So we need to work together.

To convince Garrett
he should retract.

To support the President
in the path that he's chosen.

While he continues
to antagonize them publicly.

While he continues to benefit
from a bump in approval ratings.

A tough stance on
China is popular,

and we can use that
to our advantage.

Let's just be patient

and see if we can smooth things
over from back channels.

If I don't see
any results,

you won't have
my patience for long.

That's understood.

Let me know what
Durant has to say.


Thank you, Mr. Vice President.

I thought he might balk
at taking a handout from me.

I'd call it more
than a handout.

Well, he's always
been the sort of man

who could be bought,
but never cheaply.

It's not the Chairmanship
that bought him, Ted.

What do you mean?

I'm telling you this
so that you have time

to call your wife and
prepare your statement.

What's my out? What
does he want from me?

There is no out.
He wants it to hurt.

You told him.

I just promised him that
I could make it happen.

You can't do this, Jackie.

The story's breaking tomorrow.

What part of it?

No names. Just that
you have a daughter.

Have you thought about what
this will do to Diane?

To our sons?

I hate myself for it.

But I'll get over that.

What about her?

You can't even say
her name, can you?

Don't lecture me.

You've never been in
the same room with her.

She's had the best
treatment available.

Alone, hooked up
to machines,

surrounded by nurses
who punch out at dinnertime.

You don't know what
I've been through.

You? What about her?

I can't do more
than I've done.

That's bullshit, Ted.
You could've found a way.

I won't defend
myself to you.

Don't. Save that
for your wife.

This isn't to punish you, Ted.
It's simpler than that.

When I first encouraged
you to run for office,

it's because I sensed
how unstoppable you were.

But I never thought I'd have to
lie down on the tracks myself.

If you're going to put
my neck in the noose,

look me in the eye
while you do it.

I'm very grateful for all
that you've done for me.

You'll make
an excellent Whip,

Now please get out of my office.


CLAIRE: What are you doing?


It's finally quiet.

It is, isn't it?

We have our fortress now.

Where are you
coming from?

My new office.

They just finished
setting it up today.

Do you like it?

It's an office.
It's fine.