House of Cards (2013–2018): Season 2, Episode 11 - Chapter 24 - full transcript

Frank is questioned by a special prosecutor. Remy Danton is trying to keep all options open. Stamper is struggling with his demons.


CORRESPONDENT: The Vice Presiden tjust
entered the Department of Justice.

We're here with Ayla Sayyad,

whose Wall Street Telegraph article
catalyzed the investigation. Ayla.

The issue at stake is whether the
VVhite House was in any way involved.

Was foreign money
traded for political favors?

Did it influence
diplomatic relations?

Just the act of laundering Chinese
contributions is illegal.

If it had a significant impact
on White House policy,

that's a far more
serious crime.

You've met with Daniel Lanagin
on multiple occasions.

We were in the same room, yes,
on 11 occasions since 2003.

But we only spoke
on three of those occasions.

Those instances
are highlighted.

What did you discuss?

Well, these were fundraisers.

I speak to dozens of people,
usually about nothing at all.

I'm southern, Ms. Dunbar.

My mother taught me that conversation
during mealtime is not only polite,

it aids the digestive process.

So you didn't speak to him about
the Adohi tribe's contributions

to any of these super FAQs'?

Absolutely not.

I never discuss super PACs
with any supporters.

We both know the law.

During one of these
polite conversations,

do you recall Mr. Lanagin
ever mentioning Xander Feng?

I do not.

Does that name
mean anything to you?

Other than being plastered
all over the news?

In that regard, it means
as much as Kim Kardashian.



Then let me be more specific.

What knowledge do you have of Mr.
Feng's political activities?

Is this coming
from your husband, or is it...

From me.

And it's not that I don't
support the bill anymore.

It's just the article.

We've promised Matt
an interview.

Maybe in a few weeks,
once the investigation
has died down.

The New York Times
isn't going to wait for us.

They've already scheduled the cover
for October based on our timing...

Then I can't be a part of it.

It's the Galloway nonsense,
isn't it?

Claire, come on.

It's okay. You can say so.
We're friends.

It doesn't help.

You don't actually
believe I....

But enough of the country
still does.

And Garrett needs every bit of
support he can get right now.

So there's no convincing you?

I'll help as much as I can.

HEATHER: There are rumors
that you and Mr. Feng

served as back channels
to the trade summit last May.

Exactly. Rumors.

HEATHER: We have Feng in the U.S.
during the summit.

Well, if he was back-channeling,
and even if I were aware,

any form of diplomatic communication
is usually classified.

Have you ever discussed Feng
with the President?

Any major player in Beijing
is worthy of discussion.

HEATHER: So that's a yes.

It's a general comment.

Did you discuss him
during the energy crisis?

I assume you're alluding to the
refinery co-venture with...

Yes. With Raymond Tusk.

The refinery was never
part of our conversation.

We needed
an immediate solution.

A refinery would have solved
nothing in the short term.

And it's my understanding
that deal fell through.

Correct. But Tusk did
receive a subsidy.

As did every other
nuclear energy provider.

HEATHER: But his connection with
Feng, then a subsidy on samarium...

Nobody made any profits
off these subsidies.

At best,
they were breaking even.

In fact, Raymond fought us
on the issue.

HEATHER: Then let's back up
to the Port Jefferson Bridge.

I don't blame her.
It's a valid concern.

Tell him I won't engage on Galloway,
so there's no point in asking.

Well, this is Matt Bai.

We can't dictate what he'll ask.
And he will ask.

Then I'll just say I won't
answer tabloid questions.

It's a legitimate question.

How the scandal
could affect the vote.

Look, I say you pull out, too.
We scrap the whole piece.

Jackie is fighting us. The
leadership is noncommittal.

We need this article
to refocus attention.

But it'll hurt you.

Both your personal image
and the bill.

But if we cut the cord, we schedule
two interviews, then we cancel,

won't Matt be furious? The story
will be about pulling out.

We're talking about
the lesser of two evils.

I don't want you to become the
target, to undo all the work...

Then what if
it's not me at all?

You said the First Lady wasn't...
Not her. Someone else.

Was the bridge a trade-off to
prevent additional GOP funding?

As far as I know,
the bridge was a delivery

on a promise the President
had made to the voters.

Are we finished here?


How many members of Congress have
you interviewed, Ms. Dunbar?

About 200?


Well, I want to be of help,

but I doubt I
can offer any more
than the 194 that preceded me.

I have gotten some
useful testimony.

From who?
A high-ranking House member.

In the leadership?
I'm not at liberty to say.

Bob Birch? Jackie Sharp?

This individual says he attended a
meeting July 14th in the Oval Office.

She said "He,"
so it must have been Birch.

I'm sure Raymond had no
trouble buying him off.

You attended
that meeting also.

It appears so.

Do you recall
the subject of that meeting?

A wave of conservative attack ads.
We were being outspent.

It must have
been quite a shock

when Lanagin's tribe shifted
contributions to the other party,

when they hadn't given a single dime
to the Republicans before that.

it would have been a shock,

but we didn't know where the money
was coming from at the time.

According to my source...
Bob Birch.

My source says
the estimate was 25 million.

You said, and I quote,

"With this kind Of influx,

"you can be sure somebody
isn't playing by the rules."

Sounds like something I might say.
Bob has a better memory than me.

The money stopped just after the
Port Jefferson Bridge was approved.

Is there a theory here, or are
you just grasping at straws?

The bridge leads to Feng. Feng
gives me Lanagin and Tusk.

Tusk and the President...

Ms. Dunbar, you want to play
six degrees of separation,

you could throw in
Jimmy Hoffa and the pope.

Then how about
one degree of separation?

Douglas Stamper,
your chief of staff.

This is him at Lanagin's
casino July 14th.

I used these
to get a warrant
for flight records.

The next day, Mr. Stamper
was on a flight to Beijing.

Why was he at the casino?
And why was he in Beijing?

I would like to speak to my client.

I work hard.

I keep things simple.
I know what my priorities are.

There's this person.

She's not even in my life, except on
the edges, making things blurrier.

It doesn't tempt me to drink.
It's more like she...

It's more like she feels what it
was like when I was drinking.

When I couldn't get enough.

No matter how many drinks
I had, I wanted another.

I don't want to be with her.

I mean, I do.

But it's more like she's
my daughter or my mother.

I don't know. This is fucked up.
WOMAN: Take your time.

I should cut her off.
The way I did with booze.

That's all. I'm done.

Thanks for sharing.

ALL: Thanks for sharing.

We'll need some time before
responding to your questions.

I could wait as long as necessary.
It could take a while.

There are national
security matters at stake.

The Vice President needs to
consult with his advisers.

National security? Are you really
gonna play that card, Oliver?

His answers could entail
classified material.

When can we expect a response?

I'll let you know. May we
hold onto the screen cap?

Be my guest.

We'll be in touch soon, Ms. Dunbar.
Mr. Vice President?

If you think
you're insulated, don't.

Our investigation is much
bigger than Douglas Stamper.

That's enough, Ms. Dunbar.

Thank you for your time,
Mr. Vice President.

Happy to cooperate.

From the lion's den
to a pack of wolves.

When you're fresh meat, kill, and
throw them something fresher.

Hey, I'm Fitz.


Yeah, you know, you can isolate,
white-knuckle this shit if you want.

Or you can ask for help.
Got a sponsor?

No. It's been 14 years.
I'm good.

Number's on the back,
if you change your mind.

I thought you had a driver.

I do. I didn't want him
overhearing anything.

You shouldn't even
be near this state.

I'm not really here. Long layover
on my way to California.

I've got auditors,
federal agents in my office,

going through every file,
every document.

They're going
through my goddamn trash.

Just stick to the Fifth
if she subpoenas you.

How do they know
to look for Stamper?

To search the tapes
on that exact day?

Don't jump to conclusions.

You're throwing
me under the bus.

Underwood's the road kill.
Not you.

They're going to fuck me.
They'll find a way.

And you know that.

And if that's the case, you and
your family will be taken care of.

They're already
offering me a plea.

You haven't even been charged yet.
If I cooperate.

You'll do less time, but your
family will have nothing.

They'll still have nothing
when you get out.

You testify against Raymond,

and he'll still walk because
all they'll have is your word.

And that doesn't count
for much right now.

You wouldn't be here
if he wasn't afraid.

I'm not here
because he's afraid.

I'm here because you are.

And I want to make sure
you don't do anything stupid.

After repeated conversations
with Beijing,

they remain intractable
in their position.

This morning, I gave
orders for a carrier group

to reposition near Okinawa.

This won't put our ships

in direct confrontation
with the Chinese vessels,

but it will put them
within reach of airstrikes.

I'll be informing the Chinese
ambassador later today.

We'll release a statement in
coordination with the Pentagon.

Sir, our stockpiles of samarium will
only last another two months at most.

If we go this route... I've
heard everyone's concerns.

And this is the decision I've made.
Any questions?

Okay. Thank you.


How'd it go?

We have a few follow-up questions
that we have to address.

Like what?
Nothing major.

Just odds and ends.
A few details.

I was under the impression
this would be short and sweet.

So was I, but she's very deliberate.
We need this over, Frank.

At least as far as the
White House is concerned.

We can't be distracted.
Not with warships on the move.

I'm confident
we're in the home stretch.

Well, you seem more concerned
than you're letting on.

No, not at all.
You're fidgeting.


It's my class ring.
I forget I...

I buried
You what?

It's a long story.

I've never seen you
this stressed before, Frank.

Well, I've never seen you
this tired before, sir.

You've got rings of your own.
Dark ones.

They're getting worse,
aren't they?

You should take more naps
on those sofas in the Oval.

Naps don't cut it these days, Frank.
Not even a dent.

Lie after lie.

First to a prosecutor,
then to a President.

I feel exposed.

Like the skin
where my ring used to be.

Even Achilles was only
as strong as his heel.

Where's Doug?
He's not answering his phone.

He went to a meeting, sir.

In the middle of the day?

I think he's on
his way back now.

I want him back here
as soon as possible.

Sir, this arrived for you.

The watch you gave Remy
when he left for Glendon Hill.

I recognized it
from the quote on the back.

Was there a message?

No. Just the watch.

Let's find Doug.

Right away, sir.

Forgive the plastic.

Luc Tuymans.
He's the real thing.

Well, I'll take your word.
It's not mine. None of it.

you want to sell your house,

your realtor decorates it.

Well, one room at least.

Where you moving?

I have a little
ranch in Sonoma.

My wife's gone.
My kids won't talk to me.

But at least I'll
have my painting.

You paint?

No. And there's no ranch.

But the rest of it...
The rest of it's true. Cheers.

I'm here about
Jacqueline Sharp.

We're thinking of hiring her.

A lobbyist?

She could lose her re-elect. Not
a great time to be an incumbent.

I know you two are close.

So, you're looking for what?
A recommendation?

We have the lowest turnover
of any shop on K Street.

There's a reason.

What are you looking for
at Glendon Hill?

A killer instinct.

Well, she certainly has that.

Forgive me if I'm prying,

but did she have anything
to do with your...


Jackie did what she had to do.
I'll never forgive her.

But I understand
why she did it.

Did what exactly?

I paid cash for my ticket.
I was careful.

Clearly not enough.

Sir, the casino
had cameras everywhere.

There was no
way to avoid them.

But there had to have been
thousands of hours of footage.

Now how they found that... I have
to ask you a question, Doug.

And I'm sorry,
but I need you to be honest.

Are you drinking again?

God, no.

It's not an option.

Because it
would explain a lot.

You have every right to be upset.
This was my fault.

I'm more concerned than I'm upset. I
need you now, Doug. More than ever.

I know.

We're not young men. If we
fail, we'll die in a cage.

I haven't been myself lately.

That's what you said to me
14 years ago.

When I gave you a second chance,
it paid off. You got clean, Doug.

Nothing means more to me
than this job, sir.


Whatever's going on, I need to
know that it can be managed.

And if you need my help,
I'm here to help you.

I'm good, sir.
I can handle myself.

Things will be different.

I've never given someone
a third chance.

Until this very moment.

And I'm grateful.

You won't regret it.
Please believe that, sir.

It was Remy who alerted
them to the footage.

His going-away gift.
Read the back.

What do you think
he's trying to say?

I don't know, but track him
down and set up a meeting.

What about Dunbar?

We can't run from the facts.

I'll say whatever
you want me to say.

I'll take responsibility
for all of it.

She could indict you.

That's what
having a staff is for.

I have a better solution.

We'll both take responsibility.

Setup an interview with Dunbar.
Day after tomorrow.

You and I need time
to do our homework.

Yes, sir.

When did this happen?

Meechum helped me fix it.

If they're not gonna let me run,
I have to work out some way.

You carried it
all the way up here?

For privacy. I had help.


That's right.

Well, he's a jack of all trades.
Handyman. Furniture mover.

Human shield.

How bad is it?


They have evidence of Doug being
where he shouldn't have been.

What are you gonna do?

Tell the truth.

You're not actually gonna...


Don't worry.
It's a stumble, not a fall.

You aren't like this
when it's just a stumble.

Like how?

You're scared.
I can tell.

500 meters at 1 :39. That was my best.
Shoot for that.

How have you been?

Okay. The meds are helping.

That's good to hear.

Let's have a seat.

Those people at the end
of the street... It's intense.

They're there 24/7.
Twice as many on the weekends.

We're so used to it by now.

Can I take off my shoes?

I thought I should dress up,
but I am not good with heels.

Yes, of course.

My mom said they
went with the dress.

Much better.

Look, Megan, I know the last six
months have been difficult.

But I need your help.

We just don't have the support that
we expected in the leadership.

Yeah, I figured this wasn't
just about checking up on me.

You changed your mind before,
and I understand why.

But now it seems as though
things are more stable with you.

Are you willing?

It's hard to say no
when I'm in your house.

Well, you hear
those people out there.

They're loud,
but I think we
need to be louder.

And it can't be my voice, because
I'm the baby-killer, the cheater.

It needs to be your voice.
A clear voice.

I'm already testifying
at the court martial.

But that's closed to the media.
It's not enough.

There are so many people
this has happened to.

Why does it have to be me?

Because you're
the one who called.

Are you gonna try to put it out
before McGinnis gets sentenced?

Seth? You have a minute?

Matt, I have to call you back.

Close the door.

When the Vice President brought you
on board, I advised against it.

But I can't deny
you've done a good job.

I appreciate you saying that.

I'm very protective
of the Vice President.

I find it hard to share
that duty with anyone else,

which leaves me open to error.
It's one of my faults.

As I told the Vice President,

I understand that trust is
something that I need to earn.

And given how I got the job...

If the Vice President trusts
you, then I trust you.

We're a team now.

And the truth is,
I can't do this alone.

Anything and everything
you ask of me.

It might have nothing
to do with the media.

Press Secretary
is just a title.


We have two tasks.

First, find me Remy Danton,
but be discreet.

I'll track him down.

Second, I need you to go through
the Vice President's travel logs.

Everything in the past 10 years.
What are we looking for?

Anything that could hurt us. I'll
work forward. You work backward.

I'm on it.
And Doug? Thanks.

Nancy, I need you
to order me a new phone.

You said, "Odds and ends.
The home stretch..."

I was presented with this
information just hours ago.

We're talking
about impeachable offenses...

Not at all, sir...
Your chief of staff was...

I had a gut feeling
that the casino was involved.

I sent Doug down there
to get to the bottom of it.

You should've taken this to the
DOJ the first inkling you...

That's exactly
what I didn't want.

To create some ruckus
if nothing was going on?

You can't go on conducting your
own investigations, Frank.

Fact-finding, due diligence,
whatever you want to call it.

If any laws were being broken,
I wanted to know.

That's what you
want to tell Dunbar?

That I didn't want to disclose
our diplomatic protocols.

That I was concerned
about the midterms.

And that I wanted to protect the
President of the United States.

Now, maybe what I did was wrong,
but I didn't do anything illegal.

You certain of that?

I've discussed this at length
with my lawyers.

Dunbar does not strike me as the sort
of person who will put on the brakes,

even if we admit all of this.

In fact, it might encourage
her to dig deeper.

You're right.

Which is why I want to hand
over all of my travel logs.

And I think you should, too.

Volunteer them? Yeah. As a
gesture of cooperation.

Haven't we made
enough gestures?

That'll take the wind
outta her sails.

No. I don't want her

poring over every one of
my comings and goings.

He's worried about his marriage
counseling, as he should be.

If you're worried about your marriage
counseling, you shouldn't be.

Imagine the fallout if the
public were to find out that...

A needle in a haystack, and not a
needle that Dunbar is looking for.

She's interviewed half of Congress.
That woman's after blood.

But not for gossip.

And even if
she does raise an eyebrow,

you were visiting a sick
friend, weren't you?

Yeah, ostensibly.

Well, she couldn't possibly
find any fault with that.

I'd like Galich in here.

I'll let you two talk privately.
When are you seeing Dunbar?

so you have some time.

I'll speak to Bill
and get back to you.

He'll advise you against it,
which is his job.

But I would just encourage you to
think politics and not legalese.

Thank you, sir.

Why should I vote for you?

It's okay, Mark. Goodnight.

You look tired.

Long day on
the campaign trail?

What are you doing here?

You never told me
about Havemeyer's daughter.

Everyone knows that.
The whole world knows.

But not that you visited her.
That you leaked it.

You came all the way to
California to ask me about that?

I came to California
to find out about that.

I offered to buy Havemeyer's
house, but he told me for nothing.

You were right. It has been
a long day on the trail.

It's still a close race.

But not if the voters know
how you became whip.

Are you honestly
threatening me?

Set up a meeting with Frank.

I don't care
what you talk about,

long as you're alone and the
meeting is on the books.

Then you're gonna sit down
with Dunbar.

I've already
done my interview.

Tell her Frank grilled
you on your testimony.

Perjure myself?

Save your seat.

You know what? Tell everyone.

Think how that'd play out.

I don't care.

You'd really toss yourself
off a cliff for Frank?

I have zero allegiance
to Frank Underwood.

I won't be manipulated by him.

And I sure as fuck
won't be manipulated by you.

I'm not bluffing.

Then I was right.
About what?

How little I meant.

That has nothing
to do with this.

It has everything
to do with this.

I should feel disgusted,
but I don't.

Just supremely disappointed.

We got the call 10 minutes ago.
Direct from the White House counsel.

The President's
turning over everything?

From the day he took office.

And we're sure this includes
the visits to his friend?

It has to.
It was full security detail.

Phenomenal. We have
something we can work with.

Now, as for my logs...

They're clean.

You'd bet your life on that?

I would.

Me, too, sir.

We've been through 'em twice,
backward and forward.

My statement?

In your inbox.

We need to go wide with this the
moment the interview's over,

so that we beat
Dunbar to the punch

in case she decides
to release something.

I'll be at my computer,
ready to press "Send"

the moment I hear from Doug.

Have either of you slept? We're awake.
Fully operational.

You take a shower
and put on a fresh suit.

Yes, sir.
I'll see you over there.

You have at least three hours.

Take a nap.
You can use my office.

REPORTER: General McGinnis was in
the courtroom when you testified.


Had you seen him in person? I
mean, since he assaulted you?


So what was that like?

Not fun.

Not fun how?

It was hard. Really hard.

Look, Megan, I agreed to change the
focus of my piece to focus on you,

and I know this
has gotta be hard.

I need you
to help me out a little bit.

I'm sorry. I'm not very good at this.
I'm nervous.

You seemed fine when you called into Mrs.
Underwood's interview.

She was there
with me on the phone.

Your nerves. I know that's been
an issue since the assault.

The defense brought up
what they called

emotional and
mental instability.

That's what always happens.

The person who was attacked
gets attacked all over again.

How did that make you feel?

It made me angry.

The lawyer kept coming after me about
my panic attacks, my antidepressants.

But I just kept staring at McGinnis.
I wanted him to see I could take it.

That I was strong. I wanted
to make him look away first.

And did he?


When I said he did more
than violate my body.

He betrayed his country.
He robbed it of a good Marine.

Let's talk
about the sexual assault bill

that's in front
of Congress right now.

You know, it's taken
some significant opposition,

most notably from another
veteran, Jacqueline Sharp.

If you ask me, she's
betraying our country, too.

Ms. Dunbar.

Mr. Vice President.

Thank you for giving us
a few extra days.

I have no
problem being patient,

as long as it leads to
forthright answers.

Well, I won't make you wait
a moment longer.

Shall we?

You found it. Have a seat.
We're just finishing up here.

What do you think, Mr. Tusk?
Keep growing it
or have it shaved?

I guess I'll keep growing it.

No problem. Let me just
clean up the back here.

RAYMOND: No, Mack, if you'd
give me a couple of minutes.

Appreciate it.

I had this place built down
here about 10 years ago.

I got tired of driving all the
way across town every two weeks.

Now it's just an elevator ride.

You know what
isn't convenient?

Cramming eight attorneys
into my office.

It was not designed for the entire
partnership of my law firm.

They're worried about Lanagin.

He's a little shaky,
but he'll hold up.


Birch delivered.

And did Dunbar
bring up Stamper?

The sessions are closed-door,
but I can't
imagine she didn't.

And what about poor Havemeyer?

Was he any help to us
on Jackie Sharp?

I do not take your hesitation
as a promising sign.

I never like
disappointing you.

He had nothing?


Now, do you think that's
because there's nothing there,

or because he's
protecting her?

There's nothing there. I can
go to another congressman...

No,no,no. It has to be
somebody high-profile,

someone in the leadership
who will make waves.

Let me get back to Birch.

Too obvious.

Now that he's shown
no sympathy for Frank.

This can't look orchestrated.
Multiple fronts, Remy.

Has to be Jackie Sharp. Mack?

Let's finish up here.
I gotta get back to work.

You got it, boss. You need
to get back to work, too.

And what we discussed.
Make it happen.

You denied being a back channel.
I did not deny.

I chose not to confirm
because it was classified.

But your office
has consistently denied...

I instructed Doug to do so, along
with my communications department.

When a back channel becomes
public, it defeats its purpose.

An orchestrated deception...

If we had refused to comment,

it would have suggested
that it was true,

which would have
endangered the process.

I really had no choice.

Mr. Feng is currently in Dubai.
I know.

He's fleeing corruption charges. Not
the first time he's been accused.

And your question?

I know he laundered the money,
Mr. Vice President.

It's just a matter of time before I
have the proof to substantiate that.

So my question, which I am asking
again, is whether you knew.

And I will repeat my answer.
I did not.

I did sense that something was awry,
and Doug was aware of my concerns.

And I took it upon myself
to find out.

The Vice President
didn't know.

You had no knowledge
he was going to the casino?

None. But that doesn't mean

I don't take
full responsibility
for my staff's behavior.

The buck stops with me.

And what did you find?

Nothing. No illegal activity.

I don't have the same
resources that you do.

If you suspected, why didn't you go
immediately to the NIGC, the BIA,

the Department...
You have to understand.

We're facing very
difficult midterms.

I didn't want to bring attention
to a series of allegations

that may have
no basis in fact.

That may have been misguided logic,
but that's how I chose to act.

The mistake is
mine and mine alone.

Not Doug's. And certainly
not the President's.

It shouldn't
surprise you if I say

it feels like lam not
getting the full picture.

Which is why I'm prepared to give
you the full picture. Oliver?

The White House
believes in transparency.

All of the Vice President's
personal travel logs.

And the last 10 years
since I became whip.

DOUG: As well as the President's
since inauguration.

FRANCIS: There should be no doubt
as to whom we met with and when.

lam skeptical
about what this contains.

Which is what we anticipated

and why Oliver will walk you through
anything you might need to know.

It's all there.

But if you have
any questions or requests,

we'll be happy to facilitate.

I mean,
at first I was really nervous.

But then as soon as I
started getting into it,

started speaking from my heart,
all these things poured out.

Everything I wanted to say.
That I've been wanting to say.

Seth told me
that Matt was very impressed.

I want to do more.
More interviews?

Articles. TV. Whatever it takes.
I want to help.

That's great, Megan.

Thank you for
making me do this.

It was a big step for me.

You have a plane to catch.

I can stay longer,
if you need me to do another.

Why don't you
head back to Chicago,

and as soon as we put a plan
together, we can give you a buzz.

Can I get a glass of water?

Tap is fine, or you want bottled?
I can get it.

We've got Ms. Hennessey's
car ready, ma'am.


Did she seem all right when you
picked her up from the airport?

How do you mean?
I don't know. Normal.

Yes. I'd say so.

She's very up and down.
Very skittish and manic.

I guess she did seem nervous.
We didn't talk much.

I'll get her.

I'll be outside.


I've got it.

Really. I'm okay.

The car is ready
whenever you are.

Thank you for everything.

Have a safe flight.
I'll be in touch.

I just had a very productive
interview with Ms. Dunbar.

Send out the press release.

Thank you very much.


You okay, ma'am?

I'm fine. I just dropped...

Please, let me.

It's fine. I'm fine.

No, I've got it.
You're barefoot.

Edward, you don't have to.

Oh, no. What happened?

Damn it.

Let me get some bandages.

You don't have to.

No, I want to. Stay here.

The coverage has been
mostly positive so far.

Dunbar's office?

All they've said is they look
forward to reviewing the logs.

Any heat on Doug?


I'm getting a lot of requests
for comments.

I acted on my own.

And I will fully cooperate
with the Justice Department.

We can put that out?


It might generate
more interest.

On me.
Not the Vice President.

I can handle whatever comes my way.
Put it out.

I'll print you out the most
recent clips, too, sir.

Should I find a way
to tip off Dunbar?

Let nature take its course.

We got a hold of Remy.
He just got back to town.

Where is he?

I've arranged everything
with your detail.

You've done good work, Doug.

Thank you, sir.

There. That's much better.

Thanks, ma'am.

I'm gonna get going.

I'm sorry I'm a little drunk.

It's your house.
You can do whatever you want.

You should have
a glass of wine.

I appreciate that,
ma'am, but...

You're off your shift, right?

lam. That's true.

Then I won't take
no for an answer.

You shouldn't waste
any of your good stuff on me.

I don't really know
anything about wine.

Then how about bourbon? I bet
you like a little of that.

I definitely don't mind a
bourbon from time to time.

Then bourbon it is.

You're a tough man
to track down these days.

You got the watch.

"To improve is to change."

"To perfect is
to change often."

What sort of change
are you looking for?

Whichever leaves me options.

Trouble at Glendon Hill?

Paid leave till
the investigation is over.

at least you're being paid.

First step in terminating
my partnership.

You know how things go.

No matter what happens, there's
a stain I can't wash out.

So you're looking
for career opportunities.

I'm not offering myself
to you wholesale.

I keep fighting you,
but I can fight you less.

And by "less" you mean...

Enough to hurt,
but not finish you.

And in return I have a
future beyond Glendon Hill,

whatever that might look like.

So you offer neutrality,
but you'll go with the victor.

I figure let the best man win.

And if you go down,
it won't be because of me.

That's worth something.

Where is this coming from?

Insurance. That's all.

Does it have anything
to do with Jackie?

That's over.

I know you've got
Birch in your pocket.

Womack's not an option.
We're too close.

But Jacqueline...

This is about my future,
pure and simple.

She's not a part of it.

Keep the watch
as a token of good faith.

He might deny it,
but he's protecting her.

What he doesn't realize is

that I have even less regard
for Jackie than Raymond does.

Poor Remy.
The heart can choke the mind

when all its blood
flows back unto itself.


He said,
"I don't like brunettes."

Looks like I
almost missed the party.

I'm off the clock, sir.


Francis, I broke a glass, and Edward
cut his hand on a piece of it.


Oh, wow. I need to change that. Take
that off, and I'll get fresh...

I hope you don't mind, sir.
I was off-duty...

ls she...

Drunk? A little.

How many of these have you had?
A few.

More than a few.

May I?


Let me see.

It's not too bad.

There's a lot of blood.

Looks worse than it is.


ls it painful?

MEECHUM: The bourbon helps.



Now you let me
know if this hurts.

Not one bit, sir.



How's your head?

Fine. Took a couple of aspirin
before I went to sleep.


I slept like a baby.

Good. You needed that.

What is it?

Something weird.

This one address
keeps popping up.

The President.

Morning, Meechum.

Morning, Mr. Vice President.

It's a beautiful day.