House of Cards (2013–2018): Season 2, Episode 12 - Chapter 25 - full transcript

Francis feels shut out. Stamper tries to regain control.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
You're parsing the law.

And I'm talking about
a spiritual code.

Confidentiality is a covenant.

Not only between myself
and those I counsel,

but also between
myself and the Lord.

Dr. Larkin, my chief focus
here is the money laundering.

If the President brought up
Xander Feng,

Raymond Tusk,
the Adohi Casino...

lt doesn't matter
what the focus is.

I can't share anything
we discussed privately.

Religious guidance
is protected.

But you were also conducting
professional therapy.

I never claimed that.

Mr. and Mrs. Keith
confirmed as much.

We were at their house.

But they didn't participate
in any of our conversations.

So how would they know?

So you're saying you only
gave religious counsel?

That's how
I choose to interpret it.

The President and his wife have
never once attended your church.

They're not even
the same denomination.

Not legally speaking.

I'm certain I can convince a judge
to issue a subpoena on the grounds

that you weren't their
legitimate spiritual advisor.

Which is your prerogative.

But I can appeal. And I would.

You'd lose.

The only circumstance
by which I would talk

is if someone personally
waived their privilege.

Otherwise I'd rather face
contempt of court.

It's a matter of ethics.

Mr. President.


You brought it back in.

Floyd Mayweather visited
the White House this morning.

I thought he'd get
a kick out of it.

Did he have a go at it?

He threw a combination I thought
would bust the stitching loose.

Well, that must have been
a treat to watch.

He was telling me
it's not just about the power.

Plenty of boxers
are more powerful than he is.

No, it's his tactics,
his precision, his speed.

Most important?
His counter punch.

He dances and dodges

and then picks
the perfect moment to strike.

Does that sound familiar?

How do you mean, sir?

You gave this to me
as a gesture of friendship.

When I look at this now,

I don't see friendship.

I see calculation.

You set me up, Frank.


Your back channeling.

The special prosecutor.

When I think about Raymond, about
Linda, about Jim Matthews...

You are wrong, sir.

Questions from Dunbar
about the marriage counseling.

"It's a needle in the haystack
she's not trying to find."

That's what you said.

Well, she found the needle.

lam shocked, sir. I never...
Like hell you are.

You want to diminish me.

Diminish you?

Laying the groundwork
for a challenge in 2016.

lam sorry to have to say this,
sir, but you are being ludicrous.

Do you really think
I'm so blind?

A vice president has never
challenged a sitting president.

You've climbed the ladder doing
things other men would never do.

Always in service
to you and the party.

It was your idea
to hand over those logs.

You connected the White House
to China, the casino...

Raymond Tusk entangled us
with China and the casino.

And if I hadn't intervened...

You can't dodge and duck like Floyd.
I've learned your moves now.

This office breeds paranoia.
Don't give into it, sir.

I'd ask for your resignation if
it wouldn't make things worse.

But from this moment forward,

I don't want
to hear your voice,

I don't want
to see your face.

And if I do, I will put
you on your goddamn back.


I've managed to isolate
the President from everyone.

Including myself.

"Congresswoman Sharp
is a perfect example

"of how the military
brainwashes us

"into never questioning
the party line.

"Her opposition to the bill
is disgraceful.

"It will cost thousands
of men and women

"the justice they deserve,

"and some of them
their lives."

Those are Megan Hennessey's words.
They're biased.

They're Claire's words.

Hennessey's just
the mouthpiece.

Why does it say here
that I declined to comment?

You said you didn't want to kick
up dust if we could avoid it.

It's The New York-fucking- Times-
You should've let me know.

That was my call.
I'll take the blame.

Find out when Hennessey's
next appearance is.

I'm gonna
beat this bitch down.

I know she went after you,
but going after her is...

Not her. Claire Underwood.

I understand how Garrett
might misconstrue things,

given the pressure he's under.

But you can't
honestly believe it yourself.

TRICIA: I don't know
what to believe anymore.

Francis is devastated.

All he wants to do is help,

but he feels like he's
being unfairly accused.

I don't want to believe it,
Claire, but Garrett is convinced.

Will you talk 110 him?

I have to concentrate on keeping
my family together right now.

Not getting
into arguments over...

If Francis were really
up to something,

don't you think he would have
told Dunbar about the therapy?

He basically did by forcing
us to hand over the logs.

Your husband chose
to hand them over.

If he'd said no, Francis
wouldn't have pressed the issue.

I don't want to
debate this with you, Claire.

All I'm asking is that you really
think this through, Tricia.

ls he with you right now?



No. It's just you and me.

I want to get
off the phone.

Will you please
talk to Garrett?

Goodbye, Claire.

What do you think?

I don't think she's going to side
with me instead of her husband.

Did Tricia tell anyone else
about the Xanax besides you?

I doubt she would.
She's very sensitive about it.

If she'd only told someone else,
then we could just leak it.

But it'll be too obvious.

The doctor.

He's protecting them.
He won't say anything.

Unless they waive
the privilege.

They have absolutely
nothing to gain by that.

But we do.

You have to meet with Tusk.

Why would he talk to me
after I backstabbed him?

That's precisely
why he'll talk to you.

Well, I can't go to St. Louis.
You know...

Tusk will come east.

Your job is to
get in the same room with him.

What's the play?
Remy Danton.

Go. Get me Durant, in person.

I'll set it up.
And Doug?

Let's make sure we're airtight
on everything else.

No Achilles' heel.

Yes, sir.

"Cry, 'Havoc,"' said he
who fought chaos with chaos,

"And let slip
the dogs of war."


Missed appointments.

No contact in weeks.

You know the rules.

I'd like to speak
to Agent Green, please.

What are you up to?

Put Green on the fucking line,

Anything you have to say,
you can discuss it with me.

What I have to say
is way above your pay grade.

Where do I turn off this shit?

Look at the other screen,
to the left.

What is this?

That is the access grid to all
eight cf AT&T's data centers.

So what do you say
you uncuff me

and tell Agent Green
I'll be waiting for his call?

I'm trying to repair
relations with China.

Giving Feng asylum
would be a slap in the face.

FRANCIS: Garrett's in trouble.

He needs to appear resolute.

We're only as strong
as the president we serve.

We have to rescue him.

How can you be sure his testimony
won't implicate the White House?

He knows where
his bread is buttered.

This isn't about
you saving the President.

Of course it is.

We've been down
this road before, Frank.

Michael Kern, Adam Galloway.

I wanted to become
secretary of state

in order to engage
in productive diplomacy,

not full-time damage control.

Which is why we have to
put Garrett back on his feet.

You want him on his ass,

Is this what the President
told you?

He's paranoid, Cathy.

He's trying to
turn people against me.

You're turning them
against yourself.

You're asking rne
to undermine the President.

All right.

Let's say that what the
President has accused me of

is true.

Would that be so bad?

If taken to its conclusion?

Wouldn't you stand to benefit?

Wouldn't the country?

I don't want
anything to do with this.

Just one more time, Cathy.

Let's unshackle ourselves.

This is a one-time offer,
Mr. Feng.

I would need it in writing.

Open-ended, no restrictions. The
same goes for legal immunity.

First I need to know whether
or not you funneled money

through Lanagin's casino.

No, no.

I will speak freely
once I've arrived safely

in the United States.

Unless you provide
valuable evidence now,

the Attorney General will not
grant immunity on any level.

I've denied these allegations
in China.

My enemies want me dead.

You're asking me
to give them confirmation.

And we're giving you
safe haven in return.

I already have safe haven
in Dubai.

Your asylum there is only temporary.
We're offering you permanent status.

I'm confident that they will
grant me permanent status.

Did you hear that directly from
the Minister of Foreign Affairs?

Because I just spoke to him.

Right now you are a man
without a passport.

Whatever assets Beijing hasn't
seized are frozen in every country

with close ties to
the United States or China,

which is just about
every country in the world.

You want
your freedom and fortune.

We want information.

HEATHER: Mr. Feng?

What do you need to know?

Confirm for me the existence
of a money-laundering scheme.


We used the casino
to mask foreign contributions.

All right.

One of you want to tell me
what this is all about?

You have to comply.

You mean I have to show up.

Unless we appeal.

We'd lose.

She wouldn't have issued the subpoena
unless she had something substantial.

I agree. Which is why I think you
should go and plead the Fifth.

What do you think she has?

I don't want to speculate.

God damn it, I pay the six
of you more in one day

than it costs
to put a kid through college.

And I pay you to know
more than I do.

Her line of questioning
will tell us a lot.

We can use that
to prepare our defense

in case there's an indictment.

When do I have to go?

Your interview
is the day after next.

Forty-eight hours?

Having trouble starting it?

Yeah. I think the
battery might be dead.

I have some cables if you
want to try and jump it.

You sure you don't mind?

Not at all.

All right.
It's really nice of you.

Pop your hood.
I'll bring my car around.



This is Peter. He's the
guy who drove me back.

Where do you want these?

Oh. I'll take 'em. Thanks.

Rachel, right?


Lisa said
you two were roommates.

Can I get you something?
A glass of water?

No, thanks.
I should really get going.

All right.
I can't thank you enough.

My pleasure.
Good luck with the car.


I hope it's only a dead battery.
Have a good night.

We should give him some money.


She needs to be gone.

You told me she could stay.

I changed my mind.

But you said you didn't
care if she was here...

I don't need
to explain myself.

You can't stand it, can you?

The idea that
I might actually
love somebody.

That I might have somebody
in my life who isn't you.

If you care about her,
make it happen, Rachel.

Hey. ls everything okay?

Yeah. You need to tell your friend
that I won't take any money.

I was happy to do it.

We all need a Good Samaritan
every now and again.

Did you feel justice
was served

when General McGinnis
got sentenced to 40 years?

Yes, as far as his crimes go.

But not for thousands of
servicemen and...

I'm sorry to interrupt.

My producer is telling me that
Jacqueline Sharp has called in,

the house majority whip.

Congresswoman, are you there?

Yes, I'm here, Chris. And
thank you for taking my call.

Thank you.

Hello, Megan.


First of all,
as a veteran like yourself,

I want to thank you for your
service to our country.

Duty doesn't require thanks.

I'm glad you brought up duty,

because you recently
equated it with brainwashing.

That's not what I meant.

You said,
"Toeing the party line."

What I meant was that the culture
and the system is one that...

I didn't call to argue
with you, Megan. The opposite.

We can't fix this problem until
we find some common ground.

Wouldn't you agree?

There is no middle ground
as far as I'm concerned.

The military
needs to change...

Can't we agree that you and I served
so that we could protect open debate,

which is the very bedrock
of democracy?

Yes, in theory, but that's
not what I'm talking about.

Not in theory. In reality.

Brave men and women
die fighting for that freedom.

The meaning of bravery
is fighting for the freedom

of those with whom
you disagree.

Sure, but let's get back
to the issue here.

What I don't think is brave

is Claire Underwood
dodging this debate

and having you fight this
battle for her instead.

That's not true.

Then why am I talking to you
instead of her?

It's her bill.

MEGAN: It's not just hers.
It's all of ours.

JACKIE: Except one of you
is brave enough to say it,

and the other is a coward.

Mrs. Underwood
was brave enough

to go on national television
and admit that she...

Yeah, and where
has she been since then?

Deflecting scandal
and hiding from the press.

You called me disgraceful
in The New York Tunes, Megan,

and you have every right.

But I also have the right to say that Mrs.
Underwood is disgraceful,

because there is nothing
more disgraceful

than running from a battle.

That is...

We're not even...

We'll be right back.

Where are you going?

To the Capitol.

Did Feng mention
either me or the President?

BILL: Dunbar wouldn't say.

But the fact that Feng
confirmed the money laundering

increases focus
on the White House.

Well,as long as we're
innocent, which we are.

Raymond Tusk
has been subpoenaed.

Why did you ask for this meeting, Bill?
Just keeping us in the loop?

Did you encourage Secretary
Durant to offer Feng asylum?

Bill, for God's sakes.

The President could have asked
me that question himself.

As the White House counsel,
it is my responsibility...

No, I did not.

So you're saying Durant
acted of her own accord.

I have no idea
what her motivations were.

I'm just as shocked
as the President

that she would have gone through with
this without his direct approval.

There's another matter
I'd like to discuss.

Privately, if we could.

Just give us a few moments.

The therapy.

To be specific,
the confidentiality waiver.

Feng's testimony puts us
in a very awkward position.

We're under a great deal of
pressure to waive the privilege.

If we don't,
it implies that the President

may have confessed
to things he didn't.

Dunbar is just grasping.
Don't give in.

I don't want to.

But Larkin's argument
for spiritual confidentiality

is shaky at best.

We want to control
how this thing plays out.

How can I help?

We need to know if anyone else
might pop out of the woodwork.

Well, I haven't
mentioned it to anyone,

and neither has Claire.

I would never betray the
President's trust like that.

Thank you for your time.

Tell the President
it saddens me

that we now have to
communicate through lawyers.

I will make myself available

if he wants to discuss
any of this in person.

Yes, sir.

What Megan said
was offensive.

She shouldn't have
questioned your character.

Those were talking points.
Carefully crafted, and not by her.

I'm not here to pick a fight, Jackie.
I'm here to end one.

Oh, it'll end soon enough when
the bill goes to the floor.

It won't go to the floor.

I've spoken to Elaine Brooks
and I'm withdrawing the bill.

What you said had some truth.

And early on you offered
to sit down with me

and find a middle ground.

I decided to draw
a line in the sand.

And the braver thing would've
been for me to swallow my pride

and sit down with you.

If you're still open to that,
I'd love to start over.

Are you and Frank
up to something?

A passable bill.

He had Nancy spy on me.

He brought
my personal life into...

Francis is used
to getting his way.

And he'll do anything
to make sure he does,

especially if it's something
important to me.

I don't know, Claire.

I'm skeptical.

We're deeply sorry
for the way we've treated you,

and we want to rebuild
the trust we've lost.

Do you think that's possible?

I'm sorry to ambush you.
I tried calling.

You can't do this to me,

I was very clear that I have
to respect Garrett's wishes...

Not that. The sexual assault bill.
It's not going to a vote.

Did the speaker
remove it from the docket?

No. I did.

I just spoke to Jackie.

This is because of
what she said about you?

My main concern is that she
doesn't come after you next.

Not while you and Garrett are
going through the invesfigation.

I thought you should be aware

because I know how much
this bill meant to you.

All the work
you've put in.

That we've put in.

But we'll pass Jackie's version,
take this baby step and build on it.

I'm disappointed about the bill,
but I have to say, I'm relieved.

How are you
holding up?

Did you hear what Catherine did?
Giving Feng asylum?


Garrett's beside himself.

He feels cornered,

like we have no choice but
to waive the privileges now.

But what about the medication?
I know.

I shouldn't
be sharing this.

We don't have
to talk about it.

You should go. I know you
have a packed schedule.

Thank you for doing this.

CLAIRE: All I had to do was
get her alone in a hallway.

FRANCIS". I meant with Jackie.

We have our priorities.

FRANCIS: Well, I know it isn't easy
to let go of something like that.

CLAIRE: Promise me something.

FRANCIS: Anything.

I can't live
in this house alone.

I'm not going anywhere.

You say that,
but this could all backfire.

Raymond will plead the Fifth.

If he names me, it's an admission
of his own wrongdoing.

I'm more worried about Garrett.
You've made a powerful enemy.

We're stronger than they are.

And he's still the President.

I promise you,

of all of the sacrifices
that you've had to make,

divorcing a convict
will not be one of them.

We can't waive the privilege,

We don't have a choice anymore.
Feng confirmed the money.

Over the phone.
Not in a formal interview.

Rescind the asylum.
Send him back...

Obstruction of justice.

Is that what Galich said?

Definitely how it would
be perceived.

And anything we do that looks
like a failure to cooperate

amplifies that perception.

I just don't want
our marriage put on display.

Look, Dunbar'll ask
if I brought up China.

I didn't. So Larkin can
only help to exonerate me.

And if the marriage counseling
ends up in the report, so be it.

We can survive that.

But he prescribed us

Technically not us.

You took mine, Garrett.

Larkin wrote the prescription
to me knowing you would.

Wait, wait, have you mentioned it?
The medication?

I'm sorry.

But she's the only person
I can talk to

who really understands
what it's like...

All the more reason we have
to waive the privilege.

If they leak this, we can't
control the information.

Claire wouldn't do that.

Don't underestimate her.

If they were going to, don't you think
they would have done it by now?

She dropped the sexual assault
bill to reduce pressure on us.

That may have been
what she told you.

They're not going
to say anything.

I'm begging you, Garrett.
Don't waive the privilege.

The things we talked about
were so intimate.

Imagine if the kids...

I know. But Tricia...

When we ran, I knew every
aspect of our lives
would be under scrutiny.

But I thought we could
protect at least this.

What happens in here.

I'll protect us.

Whatever I have to do.

You have to believe that.

We checked the USB dongle.

The code you're claiming infected
the data center isn't there.

I programmed the code to self-erase
as soon as it hit the server.

It was gone before Lucas was in cuffs.

You don't believe me?

This is one of the most sophisticated
firewalls in the world.

Even if your code
did get in there,
you couldn't break it down.

Your wife uses AT&T.

So does her lover.


She's over there right now.

Jonathan Kemp.

It's her chiropractor, right?

Want to see their texts
to each other?


Oh, I see you already know.

I don't blame you
for not making a fuss,

what with the kids
still at home.

But you walked my code
right through that door.

Into 32 million
people's phones.

And that's on you.

And it's on the FBI.

And it is a shit-storm
that will bring the Bureau

right in front of Congress.

So you tell me.

How much is making
that disappear worth?

You have 100 years
hanging over your head.

Extorting the FBI
won't help you.

Did Douglas Stamper tell you
to set up Lucas Goodwin?

Counter-Terrorism Director.

That's a big step up
from White House Liaison.

I think you had a helping hand.
Not true.

Keep lying.
Meanwhile, here's what I want.


I'm no longer your bitch.

Two, all of my charges
are dropped.

Three, all of Barrett Brown's
charges are dropped.

That's up to the U.S. Attorney.
Figure it out.

If I'm hearing you correctly,

you'd like to keep Larkin's testimony
focused on the money laundering.

Which I never brought up, because
I knew nothing about it.

But your concern is other matters.
Private matters.

Which are irrelevant
to the investigation.

I can't prevent Dunbar from
asking what she's gonna ask.

Of course not.

The most I can do
is ask Dr. Larkin

how he would respond
to certain questions.

But he's a smart man. He'll
understand what I'm getting at.

And this approach
keeps us within the law?

We're not tampering
with testimony?

It's a fine line.

But I'll stay
on the right side of it.


He shut me out, Frank.
Just like he did with you.

My undersecretary has been assigned
full diplomatic authority.

A temporary setback, Cathy.
Where I go, you go.

At this very moment, the President
is in the Situation Room.

China responded to Feng's asylum
exactly the way I predicted.

They're doubling their naval
presence off the coast of Yonaguni.

And you know who isn't
in the Situation Room?

You and I, Frank.

You're thinking about where we are
instead of where we're headed.

Now that isn't
the Catherine Durant

that I waltzed with
at the Jefferson Ball.

She understood potential.

She had her eyes
toward the future.

I told that Catherine Durant

that we needed her
in the State Department.

We still need her.

I wish I knew where she was,

because she is not

the Catherine Durant sitting
in front of me right now.

But I'll tell you something.

If she doesn't show up soon,

well, I'm just gonna
have to keep waltzing alone.

Because I am done trying to
convince this woman in front of me

to take my arm.

Oh. Don't let me keep you.


I'm here.

I'm not going anywhere, Frank.

You still have access
to the presidential briefing?

Yes, I have it right here.

Walk me through everything
that's going on with China.

Feng is in play now.
We might be able to use him.

I don't know yet.

But he's clearly valuable to Beijing,
which makes him valuable to us.

Nothing about Xander Feng?

Daniel Lanagin?

Raymond Tusk?

We only discussed
their marriage.

Nothing about the business
of the White House.

Any oblique reference to work-related
pressures he was feeling?

He said he wasn't getting
as much sleep as he'd like.

Did you ever prescribe him
any medication?

As I've always stated,
I provided religious counsel.

I understand. But I'm
asking about medication.

How is this relevant?

I'm trying to assess whether his
judgment may have been impaired.

In my opinion, he and his wife

were dealing with
standard marital issues.

That's not what I asked,
Dr. Larkin.

So I will ask
fora third time.

And let me be more specific.

Was any medication
prescribed or taken

as a result of
your counseling session

by the President of
the United States?

His faculties were operating at
100%, if that's what you're asking.

Has anyone from the
administration spoken to you?

How do you mean?

About this deposition.

Has anyone approached you,
coached you?

If you tell me now, I will qualify
that as a timely declaration.

I'd like to leave. The President
waived his privilege.

But I'm here voluntarily.

Dr. Larkin, at first you
wouldn't talk to me

because it violated
your ethical code.

I respect that.

But let me ask you,
as a man of faith,

is deliberately lying to me
an exception to that code?

Because that is what you're doing
by refusing to share the truth.

I don't understand.

It wasn't going to pass.

But you said
we almost had the votes.

We needed to be 100% solid,
and we weren't.

If the bill failed,
that would set us back.

We need to accept
incremental reform.

You sound
just like Jackie Sharp.

I'm actually
working with her now.

She's a powerful ally
for us to have.

After what she did to me?

After what she said about you?

If I let the things people say
about me get under my skin,

I wouldn't be able to
leave my own home.

You know how this will go.

Everyone will say,
"Great, we did something,"

which is really nothing.

They'll pat themselves on the
back and they'll forget about it.

We helped put this
on the radar.

I thought
we were doing something real.

Changing people's lives.

How naive, right?

But at least
I didn't want to give up.

Maybe Jackie Sharp is right.

You are a fucking coward.

I'm the one that pulled you
out from under the covers.

You were hiding.
You and your pills.

So you tell yourself
whatever you need to.

I'm sorry.

There were political realities
we couldn't ignore.

Do you ever wonder why so
many people hate Washington?

It's because of people like
you using phrases like that.



I'd turn the lights on,

but when you're paying for
the room with the best view,

you might as well
make the most of it.

GRAYSON: I've never been
in the penthouse here.

Have you?

What's going on?

Do you know why I'm in D.C.?

Oh, it's okay, Remy.

There's nothing you can say
that I don't already know.

Feng is on his way to testify.

Whatever Seth has told you,
don't believe a word of it.

What might he have told me
that I shouldn't believe?

You met
with the Vice President.

In a church.
Don't pretend you didn't.

Playing both sides?
Raymond, look...

I want to hear you say it.

That you met with Frank.

I'll talk to you, Raymond,
but not with him here.

Leave us.

Should I hold
the elevator for you?

Go fuck yourself.

Okay. You can take the stairs.

They're toying with you,


No doubt.

But so are you, Remy.

I wanted to lead Frank on, give
him a false sense of security.

If you’re gonna lie,
lie better than that.

They want to tear us apart.

I don't blame you for wanting
to keep your options open.

But clearly you have bought
the wrong insurance policy.

Don't shoot yourself
in the foot like this.

Your foot.

And you're holding the gun.

Now go someplace else
to bleed.

You want to talk about blood?

How much have you spilt
in this war with Frank?

All I've tried to do
is keep the peace.

You could've let him
have the upper hand.

What would that have really cost
you, other than your pride?

RAYMOND: Such a shame.

You have just made
42 billion enemies, Remy.

And some change.

39 billion, Raymond.

Your market cap is shrinking.

White House counsel
Bill Galich

was called into
questioning this morning

by Special Prosecutor
Heather Dunbar.

According to Dunbar's office,

there are suspicions
that Galich

may have tampered
with witness testimony.

The witness in question
is Dr. Thomas Larkin,

a reverend and therapist

who allegedly conducted secret
marriage counseling sessions

for the President
and First Lady.

The White House counsel wouldn't
be manipulating testimony

without explicit direction
from the Oval Office.

And just as disconcerting
is the fact

that our President is seeking
psychological treatment

and chose to hide this
from the American people.

If we can't trust him about
that, then how do we know

he wasn't involved
in a money-laundering scheme?

How do we know
he's mentally fit to lead?

And most important,

how can he enforce the law
when he's breaking it?

I believe our colleagues
in the House

certainly have enough to consider
Articles cf Impeachment.

Both trust and laws
have been broken.

Whatever the House
decides to do,

we must hold
this President accountable.

Fully support the President

and will stand by him
no matter what comes his way.

Put that in, put it out.

Then get me Ayla Sayyad.

And as for Remy,

let's let him
wither on the vine
a little longer

In the meantime, have his better
half come by the house tomorrow.


No. Jackie.

Mr. Tusk.

Well, Ms. Dunbar,

in 67 years on this planet,

I have never once
been issued a subpoena.

I can now
cross that off my bucket list.

This interview is being
recorded and sealed.

As the subpoena mentioned, Mr.
Tusk, I spoke with Xander Feng.

He verified that you were his
partner in laundering Chinese money

to political Super PACs
since 2005.

How would you respond
to his allegations?

My client exercises his right
to plead the Fifth Amendment.

Did you ever use these contributions
to bargain for political favors?

My client exercises his right
to plead the Fifth Amendment.

What was your relationship
with Daniel Lanagin?

My client exercises his right
to plead the Fifth Amendment.

I don't even remember
why I came over here.

RACHEL: You mean
when you first showed up?

No. To the kitchen.

I'm sorry.

Please don't think
that I don't love you...

Then why? I don't get it.

Everything's been so fast.


I don't know. It's hard to explain,
but I'm not ready for this. And...

That's bullshit.
No, it's not.

I'm still trying
to figure out this new life.

And this is too confusing.

This is the only thing that's
clear, and you know it.

You're afraid, but it's good
to be afraid when you're...

I need you to leave, okay?

For your own good.

lam just gonna hurt you.

I have thicker skin
than you can even imagine.

Please don't make this harder
than it has to be.

Everything was fine yesterday.

It's so sudden. It's like
it's coming out of nowhere.

Well, it's not.

I've been thinking about it
for a while.

No, you haven't.
I would have sensed it.

Would you please,
please, please just go?

Just tell me what's going on.

I don't expect you
to understand.

Well, maybe if you try...
I don't want you here. Okay?

I don't love you
the way that you love me.

I was using you because it
felt good to have you around,

but it was selfish.

I said the words because
I knew you wanted to hear 'em,

but I didn't mean 'em. And I
don't want to keep saying 'em.

I'm gonna go for a walk
while you pack your stuff.

No. I don't want anything
that's been here.


WOMAN: (ON CD) There was a
steaming mist in all the hollows,

and it had roamed in its
forlornness up the hill,

like an evil spirit,
seeking rest and finding none.

A clammy and intensely
cold mist,

it made its slow way
through the air in ripples

that visibly followed
and overspread one another,

as the waves of
an unwholesome sea might do.

It was dense enough
to shut out

everything from the light of
the coach lamps.

I'm surprised
you wanted to speak to me.

I haven't
been the biggest friend
of the administration.

Isn't that the very best
reason to speak with you?

I'd like to begin recording.
By all means.

A number of
political analysts predict

that the House Judiciary Committee
will commence with hearings

on Articles of Impeachment.

Let's just stop right there.

So these analysts
you speak of,

they're making predictions prior to
Dunbar's report even being released.

That could take months.

There's no way the Judiciary
will sit on this for that long.

And isn't that the fundamental
flaw with these hearings?

The committee feels compelled
to act because of hypotheses

advanced by those in the
media, such as yourself.

I can't speak
for all of my colleagues,

but I'm just reporting facts.

Well, you may call them facts,

but if we're being honest,
aren't they just...

In every article and interview,
I report alleged activities.

And if you repeat allegations enough,
again and over and over and over,

people start to believe
that they're true.

That's human nature.

I've done my research.

Xander Feng admitted
to the money laundering.

But you're no longer writing
about Xander Feng. Are you?

You're writing
about the administration.

The truth is, these hearings have
been initiated by the press.

And my fear is that the President
will be tried by the press.

Do you believe he's innocent?

I said so in my written statement
and I say so again now.

The White House counsel has
denied coaching Dr. Larkin,

but according to Ms...
Whatever comes to light,

it will only prove
the President's innocence.

And l'll tell you why.

I have never known anyone

more honest, ethical and
patriotic than Garrett Walker.

His reverence for the Constitution
and the laws of this country

are surpassed by none.

Tricia and I have been blessed
with a strong and loving marriage.

But even strong marriages
face challenges.

Like millions of Americans,

we sought counseling
from a spiritual advisor,

one who happened also to be
a professional therapist.

Over the years we have often turned
to our faith in times of adversity.

Many have criticized us.

But would you rather have a president
that doesn't ask for help?

I ask for help
from my wife every day.

We've relied on one another
for 23 years.

We've raised two beautiful
children together.

Endured the campaign trails

From the state capital in
Denver to the nation's capital,

we've always been
at each other's side.

I married this man

for the same reason that so
many of you voted for him.

Because he's a man of God.
Because he believes in family.


Because he is compassionate
and loving.

Now, none of us are perfect.
I'm not. Tricia's not.

Although she certainly
comes close.

Good morning, Mr. Feng.

I won't ignore
what makes me human.

That's a form of blindness.

Good leadership means tackling
my imperfections head on.

Not bad for a man on the run.

You mean a man with immunity.

Wherever you're most comfortable.
We have a lot to discuss.

I do so with open eyes.

Just as I love,
with open eyes,

my wife,

my maker

and my country.


FRANCIS: Come in.

Thank you, Meechum.

Jackie, in these circumstances,
normally I would come to you,

but we need to keep a public
distance for the time being.

I thought I was here to discuss
the sexual assault bill.

You are.
Among other things.

I see.

There's a price.

FRANCIS: Well, we don't
think of it that way.

I'm going to support your bill,
no matter what you say today.


FRANCIS: Impeachment.

Well, if it goes
to the Judiciary...

lt most definitely will.

I'm not sure about that. Did you
see the President's address?

We did.
I think it will help.

Stop the bleeding.
Impeachment can be defeated.

But that's what
we need to avoid.

You want impeachment...

Why fight a losing battle?

We have a majority in the House.
We do now.

But if this party
fails to distance itself

from a toxic president...

We're thinking ahead here.

It's why I came to you
about the bill.

Because it wasn't
worth burning a bridge over.

FRANCIS: In the long run, we have a
lot more to gain by working together.

I don't understand.

You said in the Telegraph
article that you would...

FRANCIS: I had to.

My office is three doors down
from the President's.

I can't publicly deride him.

You want me to do it?

We want you to do
what you do so well,

whip the votes.

I can't abandon the President.

If the party rescues him,

we'll lose 50 seats
in the House in the midterms.

You will lose your position
in the leadership.

And it will take us a decade to
regain the trust of the electorate.

All we're asking
is that you have an open mind.

Claire kept an open mind,

and you'll pass sexual
assault reform as a result.

You can't possibly
compare impeachment to...

It's an illustration, Jackie.
Of what the future looks like.

What we offer is progress.

With a promise
of more to come.

It's only the beginning,

Ruthless pragmatism,

That's why I wanted
you to be the whip.

The three of us,
we're cut from the same cloth.

Mr. Vice President,

what you're asking
is just shy of treason.

Just shy.

Which is politics.

Oh, be careful.
It's delicate.

What is it?

Something I've been working on
for a very long time.

And it's nearly finished.


Help us finish it.