House of Cards (2013–2018): Season 2, Episode 10 - Chapter 23 - full transcript

With a military stalemate abroad and a possible violent situation at home, Francis wants to put an end to Tusk forever. Claire and Jackie Sharp collide.

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Well, look at that, Cashew.
Someone's being a bad boy.

"And do not grieve
the Holy Spirit of God,

"by whom you were sealed
for the day of redemption.

"Let all bitterness and wrath
and anger and clamor

"and evil speaking be put away
from you, with all malice.

"And be kind
to one another.

Forgiving one another."

Do you want me to keep going
with this or something else?

Doesn't matter to me. I just
like hearing you read it

Doug, there's something
I need to talk to you about.

You said that she was just
staying for a few nights.

Her roommate kicked her out. She
doesn't have anywhere else to go.

That's not
our problem.

Well, I can't just
put her out on the street.

What's her name?

Lisa what?

You don't have
anything to worry about.

Where is she now?
At the fellowship.

There's a sleepover with some
of the kids in the daycare.

Does she know about me?

No. I haven't
told her anything.

I have given you space.

I trusted you, Rachel,
and you've taken...

I'm not kicking her out.


I could've said nothing,
but I told you.

I have to go.

She better be gone
by the next time we talk.

You want me to brief commerce...
DOUG: Sir.

What took you so long?

I can have a briefing ready
for you in five minutes.

Don't bother.
I had Seth do it.

He doesn't have security clearance.
Well, he does now.

Mr. President,
after you.

I'll see you
in my office.

Japanese sovereignty
is a matter of precedent.

Mr. Prime Minister,
my concern is escalation.

Well, I'm asking for a small
portion of the Seventh Fleet.

We must bring
China into line.

Show them that the US and Japan
maintain a strong alliance.

Have you reached out directly
to Beijing?

No recognition that the
island belongs to Japan.

Well, I'd like to speak to my
team and formulate a plan.

Thank you, Mr. President- Thank you, Mr.
Prime Minister.

for those catching up.

Two Chinese destroyers
entered waters

within three miles
of Yonaguni Island

here, approximately
six hours ago.

You can see how close
the island is to Taiwan.

Now this is different than the
standoff over the Senkaku Islands.

It could have to do
with shipping routes.

FRANCIS: Or the trade war.

They can't pick
on the big kid,

so they're picking
on the little one.

Did you see that?

In the alley.
Camera two.

All units. White male,
hooded sweatshirt.

Duffel bag.
Southeast side of Fair Street.


Put down the bag.

Put down the bag and place
your hands on your head.

Stay right where you are.


Mrs. Underwood? Will you
come downstairs, please?

Where's Francis?

He got delayed
at the White House.

There was
an emergency meeting.

What's going on? I'll
explain in the safe room.

WALKER: The Seventh Fleet is near Guam?
Ninety miles north.

We could have ships to
Yonaguni in less than a week.

But even sending them
in that direction

will be picked up
by the Chinese satellites.

We have to stand with our allies.
That can't be in question.

What if we don't send ships?
Just make a strong statement

condemning their excursion into
Japan's territorial waters.

We still have to offer
the Chinese an incentive

to call back their destroyers.

Whatever overtures we make,

I'd like to have
contingency plans in place.

Already drafting them, sir.

Cathy, open up a diplomatic
channel with Beijing.

See if there's
a concrete ask.

If they don't have one, let's
create a list of options.

Right away, sir.

MAN: How about coordination with
the Japanese navy? (VVHISPERING)


Don't engage
with their navy yet.

I want to talk directly
to Prime Minister Oshiro

and express our intentions.

Former Marine.

He showed up at
the outer perimeter

with explosives
in a duffel bag

and strapped to his body. Jesus.

We apprehended him.
The press isn't aware.

Well, let's keep it that way.
He claimed he was responsible

for sending the package of
white powder to the Capitol.

So this time he really wanted
to take me out for real.

Not exactly.

His wife got an abortion
last week without telling him.

Oh, my God.
It was me.

Yes, you were
the target.

We'd like to keep you down
here with us, Mrs. Underwood,

until we can confirm
he was acting alone.

I'll stay.

No. You have to get back
to the White House.

No, but I can
work from here.

Francis, I'm fine. Honestly.
I'm just gonna be in here.

I want you to stick
with her at all times.

Keep me informed
of everything.

He's almost done with his shift, sir.
I can put another agent...

No, I want it
to be Meechum.

Absolutely, sir.
As long as necessary.

I'll be back as soon as I can.
Okay. It's okay.

REMY: Don't go to California.

JACKIE: Hmm, it'd be
nice to be reelected.

REMY: You're gonna win.

Not if I don't give
the voters more face time.

When'd you get it?

The Army?

Yeah. It's grown since then.

Tell me about it.


Why not?

I don't want to.


What are you doing?

Tell me about the tattoo.


That's not fair.
(CHUCKLES) So what?

You think you can just get me
wet and I'll spill everything?

I think so.


I know so.


Tell me.

I like the pain.


Of the needle?


How bad
did it hurt?

It hurt a lot.

You like when it hurts?


I killed a lot of people.


In the Army.

The pain,

it helped.



Most I could find was some
wrangling with the EPA

when he opened
his first plant,

but that was almost
40 years ago.

We need more.
I want Tusk gone.

Doyle and I
will keep looking.

If you haven't found anything now,
what makes you think you will?

Maybe we missed something.
I doubt it, but we could try.

You think Tusk isn't planning his
next attack even as we speak?

We've been thorough, sir.
He doesn't leave footprints.

You want to shift tactics?

The casino. We go public
as soon as possible.

You said that was
a last resort.

Seth, you need to find
a way to make that happen

so it doesn't
link back to us.

DOUG: If we launch that missile,
it could blow us up, too.

GRAYSON: Not if we spin it right.
If we keep the focus on...

Seth, you're here to listen.
Not contribute.

I wouldn't have him here if I
didn't want him to contribute.

Sir, he's been sitting
with this for three hours.

I've been working on it
for three months.

And accomplished nothing. It's
time we go on the offensive.

What are you thinking?
GRAYSON: Ayla Sayyad.

She's already digging
into Tusk and Feng.

How close is she?
She never mentioned a casino.

But now that I know
what the dots are,

I can see that she's
starting to connect them.

SAYYAD: The Pentagon
isn't talking yet.

I imagine they're waiting
on the White House.

I hear there have been regular
meetings in the Situation Room

since last night.

Uh, let me
call you right back.

Hello? Hey, Lynn. It's Ayla.

I just sent you a picture.
Yeah, I got it.

What does it mean?
It's strange.

It doesn't really make sense.

Tell me.

"Pursue currency" would be
the most literal translation.

Or "pursue money."

"Follow the money"?
That could work.


I like what you've done. The sofa is new.
These lamps as well.

I've made a few changes.

Yeah, you get so used to a place,
the smallest things stand out.

I apologize for not
being responsive sooner.

I've been focused
on the midterms.

Oh, there's
no need to explain.

Mrs. Underwood, you know how
much I respect your intentions.

But I've thought
deeply about this,

and I can't co-sponsor
the bill in its current form.

Civilian oversight
is too extreme a step.

But I'd be happy
to revisit some

of the other, less
extreme proposals.

You think we're
being extremist?

I want to help
with this issue,

but this bill
goes against...

This bill is through
Armed Services.

This bill has a date
on the floor.

Almost every woman in the
House supports this bill.

And I can't
be one of them.

So you lied to us. I didn't lie.
I didn't lie.

I want to help. As long as we
rethink some of the language...

Are you trying to
distance yourself from us

because of
the Galloway scandal?

Maybe you think

it hurts your chances of reelection
if you associate with me.

That's not it.

It's because I honestly don't
believe in this approach.

Do you realize
the message this sends?

The only woman in
Congressional leadership,

in both parties,
and you bow out?

If the bill goes to the floor
as is, I won't just bow out.

I'll actively fight it.

You never asked my position.
You assumed.

I can't imagine what
that position must be.

I've served
in war zones.

I know first-hand how
important chain of command...

We're not talking
about war zones.

We're talking about
sexual assault.

How about a military commission to
review the internal mechanisms...

We don't need more studies.
We need reform.

Well, let's continue
this conversation

when I return
from California.

I'll be back
the day after tomorrow,

if you change your mind.

I won't. But I hope
you change yours.

CATHERINE: China was insulted at
the notion we could buy them off.

Well, do I need to call
President Qian?

I doubt he would contradict
one of his ministers.

See if he's willing
to talk one-on-one.

You should know, sir,

Japan is also
preparing to deploy

three destroyers
and a light cruiser.

They're upping the ante.

Have Ambassador Hynes get in
touch with the Prime Minister.

Ask if Japan will hold off until
I've made contact with Beijing.

Yes, sir.

Have you gotten any rest at all?
No. Have you?

Not yet.

How's Claire?

The Secret Service thinks
it's an isolated attempt.

But they're
being cautious.

After the Galloway thing
and the interview,

half the country thinks she's a
baby killer or an adulterer,

or both.

But Claire's
taking it in stride,

and we're in good hands.

Well, it's very frightening. I
can see why you haven't slept.

One of us should.

Probably the one
who's calling all the shots.

No, I can hold out
a little while longer.

No, go to the residence. Spend
some time with your wife.

You'll come back
feeling like a new man.

Honestly, it's less
stressful here.

Counseling hasn't helped.
No, it has. Slowly.

You know, I got rid of
Christina when Linda resigned?

I heard.

It's improved things some.


But there's still
work to do.

Makes me tired just
to think about it.

Well, you probably wouldn't
be the first president

to get a little shut-eye
on one of these sofas.

I was joking.
I wasn't.

Do the free world a favor and
get some rest. I'll let you be.

No, stick around.
You should be nearby

if President Qian wants
to get on the phone.


I've always loathed
the necessity of sleep.

Like death, it puts even the most
powerful men on their backs.


MAN: KC Limo and Bus Rental.

I'm calling from the Adohi
Casino's travel department.

We've got a corporate account.
Let's see-

Yeah, I'm sorry, we don't
have one in our records.

My mistake. I must have called the
wrong limo service. Thank you.

WOMAN: Missouri Bus and Limo.

I'm calling from the Adohi
Casino's travel department.

You're not Darlene.
No. Darlene is out sick.

I'm filling in for her.
My name is Pam.

How can I help you, Pam?

We've got a flight coming in
from China tomorrow.

We'll need
some transportation.

How many you got coming?

I don't have the manifest
right in front of me.

The usual?
That's right.

So a luxury bus.

How many does that fit?

Fifty-five. Usually about 20 come in.
Should be plenty of room.

That's great. Thanks.

FRANCIS: Do you think
it's really her conscience

or because the bill
is controversial?

I don't think she would
have threatened to fight us

if all she wanted to do
was avoid controversy.

I'll talk to her.

I really want this bill to pass.
I know you do. So do I.

We need Jackie
more than ever, Francis.

I'm damaged goods with
this whole Adam thing.

No, you're not.
We fought past that.

Well, there's plenty of people
who still believe it's true.

We'll get it passed.
I promise.

No, thanks.

Come on.
It's no fun doing it alone.

We could just
go for a run.

No more runs until the death threats
die down. That's the new rule.

But they let you
go to the office.

Because I was in
a bulletproof car.

Does this mean that
we've officially not quit?

We've never been
quitters, have we?

Sir, Mrs. Underwood.
Sorry to interrupt.

I was gonna head home, but I'll
stick around if you want me to.

Oh, no. You've been up
long enough. Get some sleep.

I'll be back first thing
in the morning.

Thank you for
looking after me today.

My pleasure, ma'am.
Sir. Mrs. Underwood.

He's very dedicated.

He is. It's rare to find
someone like Edward.

What? You never use
his first name.

Oh, did I?

I don't feel right talking about
her like this. It's just...

Technically she's my boss now.
And there's a certain protocol.

GRAYSON: This is coming
directly from Doug,

which means it's coming directly
from the Vice President.


Well, I have seen Mr. Danton
around from time to time.

Do you know what he and the
Congresswoman were discussing?

No. They were
private meetings.

Do you have the appointment schedule?
I'd like to look at the dates.

These weren't formal appointments.
He just stops by.

Most of the time,
pretty late at night.

SAYYAD: Did the money
originate in China?

LANAGIN: The money came
from tribal revenue,

as our FEC reports
clearly state.

SAYYAD: Let me rephrase.

Did any of that revenue
come from Chinese visitors

who gambled at your casino?

We have visitors
from all over the world.

I'm speaking specifically about a
businessman named Xander Feng.

I have no idea
who that is.

I'm looking
at FAA flight records

that show
a private plane he owns

making numerous trips
to Kansas City.

And I spoke
with Missouri Bus and Limo,

which has transported Chinese
visitors to your casino.

Miss Syed...

Miss Sayyad. The only
reason I returned your call

was because you work
for the Telegraph.

And it's not every day that I get a
call from a paper as big as yours.

But I really don't know what
you're trying to get at here,

so if you'll excuse me...
What about Raymond Tusk?

What about him?

Feng has ties to Tusk. Tusk
has ties to the President.

You have ties to Feng.

That looks like foreign money being
used to influence political...

What you're insinuating is not
only wrong, it's libelous.

Not if it's true.

I won't bat an eyelash
getting my attorneys involved.

Tusk made the same threat.

If a man worth $40 billion
doesn't intimidate me,

you certainly don't,
Mr. Ian...



He hung up.

FRANCIS: I had nothing
to do with it, Raymond.

I can smell the horseshit
through the phone.

You think I'd put myself
at this great a risk?

Desperate men are
capable of anything.

I want it to go away
just like you do.

Then pull her back.

I have no control
over the press, Raymond.

You'll destroy yourself,
Frank. Not me.

Thank you for that
unsolicited advice.

Work with Doyle. Make sure
we have no weak spots.

I'll call him now.
What did Nancy say?

Well, it looks like Jackie may
be sleeping with the enemy.

Lanagin is correct in saying
we run the risk of libel.

These links are
supported by fact.

Individually, but you can't
complete the circle.

I'm not saying
the headline should read

"Money Laundering Scheme
Exposed," exclamation point.

Just that we present the landscape
as we currently know it.

We're first and foremost
a financial paper.

Many of our readers
worship Raymond Tusk.

No. So we just protect him?

We don't insinuate connections
we can't back up.

If there's any basis
for litigation,

you can be sure his team
will be aggressive.

MR. MAXFIELD: Yeah, they've
bankrupted papers before.

MAN: I think you should slow
down and take your time.

When and if you have a story
you can fully...

Mr. Maxfield? Raymond
Tusk is on the line.

Did you put in a call to him?

specifically asking for you, sir.

We got off the phone with Lanagin
less than 30 minutes ago.

That means that Tusk was the
first call Lanagin made.

Tell him I'll return. Did you
reach out to the White House?

They're not talking to anyone

until after the President does
his press briefing tomorrow.

All right. Walk me through all
of this again, point by point.



Meeohum. We can
talk tomorrow, sir.

No. What is it?

I'd like to put
in a request to be

on your wife's detail

At least until the death
threats quiet down.

That's very thoughtful.

I'll only do it
if you approve, sir.

Have you spoken to Claire?
When she came home.

She likes the idea. Then
I think we should do it.

I'll let Agent Rockland know.

for interrupting you, sir.

You didn't interrupt anything.

Good night, sir.
Good night, Meechum.

What the fifth district

needs is someone
who understands...



You will never believe
what just happened.


Meechum came
into the office

and found me watching something
other than the news.


Oh, no.

He was very
professional about it.

Were you... No,no,no.
I was just watching.

That's really funny.

What about you?
What are you watching?

The video Connor gave me. It's
our first state senate race.

Oh, I forgot about that.

So did I, until I found it
in the desk this morning.

Let me see.

...been there like I have.

Of course, it doesn't hurt to
have a little Texas in the mix.

My God. Look how young we are.
I know.

CLAIRE: (ON LAPTOP) Everyone here
has been so kind, so welcoming.

FRANCIS". We'll have her rooting
for Clemson before too long.

CLAIRE: Now that's where
I have to draw the line.

Do you miss
being with Adam?

Where did that come from?

Miss it? No.

Well, you must.

He meant a lot to me
for a while.

But that's done now.

What about you?

What about me?

Are you unsatisfied?

There's just too much at stake now.
No one we can trust.

We don't have the freedom
we once did.

Maybe it's better this way.

No room for distractions.

I don't mind
the sacrifice.

We chose this instead.

FRANCIS: Well, I think
the one thing we can

agree on is the ribs
here are better.

CLAIRE: You see, he's just
trying to get under my skin now.

FRANCIS: It's not even debatable.
No offense to...


FRANCIS: How's California?


Exhausting. Twelve
events in two days.

Is this the Golden Gate?


I had an etching right there

of the Capitol
before it was finished.

Took 85 years to complete it.

How long did it take
to complete the bridge?

Uh, about four years.

It opened a few months
after FDR's second inaugural.

There was a man
who got things done.

Strong beliefs.
And he stuck to them.

But compromised
when he had to.

I assume you're here
to talk about Claire's bill.

It's not a pet project.

There are three dozen co-sponsors
on either side of the aisle.

It's a serious bill.
I don't disagree.

Except with the language.

I can explain my thinking,

but I doubt I'll convince you any
more than you'll convince me.

Putting aside the military's
honor, chain of command,

all the things
that you hold dear,

let's consider
one simple fact.

You wouldn't have this office
if it weren't for me.

I made very clear that
I wouldn't be a puppet.

I'm not trying
to pull strings.

But you could show
a little gratitude.

If it were anything else, Mr.
Vice President. But not this.

All you're doing is making
the inevitable more difficult.

It's not inevitable. Claire
doesn't have the votes yet.

You really want
to fight us on this?

I don't want to
fight you at all,

which is why I suggested
to Claire that we sit down...

I neither have the time

nor the inclination
to negotiate with you!

Co-sponsor the bill!
Whip the damn votes!

I'm no longer asking!

Then I'm no longer listening.

You don't have just
this office to thank me for.

If you win reelection, you
can thank me for that, too.

Those attack ads didn't just
disappear on their own.

What do you mean?

Why don't you
ask Remy Danton?

And ask him about Raymond Tusk
while you're at it.

That ought to make for some
very interesting pillow talk.


You keep up
the good work, Nancy.

I will, Mr. Vice President.

I miss having you around. But
you're my eyes and ears now.

Otherwise I'd steal you back
in a heartbeat.

Well, thank you, sir. lt means
a lot to me that you say that.

I'm busy.

The story just broke.

They timed it with the
President's press conference.

Connect me with
the Vice President.

WALKER: So the Seventh Fleet is
currently positioned near Guam,

where it will remain

if China removes its ships
from Japan's sovereign waters.

I've been in frequent touch
with Prime Minister Oshiro

and have made personal
overtures to President Qian.

And I remain optimistic

that tensions will be quelled
without any further escalations.

So with that,
I'll take some questions.

REPORTERS: Mr. President!
Henry, you first.

Can you comment on the Wall Street
Telegraph article, which suggests- - -

Yeah, I was just notified of that
moments before I joined you.

I haven't had a chance
to read it yet. Yeah, Jane?

Mr. President,
would you walk us through

your history
with Raymond Tusk?

I'm here to answer questions on
Sine-Japanese relations. Mark?

The article mentions
Xander Feng,

a wealthy and influential
Chinese businessman...

Unless this has to do with
the statement I just made...

It does, Mr. President. Feng has
ties to the standing committee.

And we're currently in a
standoff with the Chinese.

All right,

thank you all very much.

It's not beginning
the story that I fear.

It's not knowing
how it will end.

Everyone is fair game now.

Including me.

This is par for the course

from what we come to expect
from President Walker.

Whenever he's selling
a shiny new car,

he can't say enough about it.

The engine breaks down,
the transmission gives out,

he dodges,
he ignores the warranty.

Well, I'm gonna
tell you something.

Our warranty is the Constitution
of the United States.

And there's no limit on that.

He needs to read
the fine print

and start answering
our questions.

If any of this is true,

we're talking Congress,
the White House, both parties.

Now, I'm saying "if."

But when it looks
like dirty money

and it smells
like dirty money,

somebody has probably got dirt
under their nails.

There's no real proof
this money laundering even...

But the connections are troubling.
Especially Underwood.

He was the House whip

the entire time the Adohi were
contributing to the Democrats.

And he's working side by side
with the President now.

The President. So this goes all
the way to the White House?

It might.
That's hypothetical.

And by the way, you've cherry-picked
the facts to make your case.

I'm not making a case.

My headline is "PAC Money
Raises Questions." And it has.

I haven't answered
those questions,

but I think the American people
deserve answers, don't you?

You can bet
your bottom dollar

the Attorney General
is going to investigate.

With the firestorm this is
causing in the media...

So what's
our course of action?

As your counsel, I will encourage
you not to speak to the press

until we have
more information.

As your average citizen,

the longer you wait,
the more suspicious it looks.

If there's been any irregularity,
I had nothing to do with it.

Your friendship with Tusk
implies guilt by association.

Are we presuming guilt
before innocence?

I'm a lawyer.
I presume nothing.

But public opinion
doesn't have a law degree.

Give us a few moments.

I have to advise you not to have
any conversation about this matter

without me present.

Your advisement
has been noted.

I'll be right outside.


ls this what you were
keeping from me?

We should follow your
counsel's advice and not...

Tell me if it's true.
About the money.

With Bill out of the room, we
open ourselves up to all sorts...

Damn it, Frank.

I've been in the dark for too long on this.
That ends now.

I don't know any details.

Feng told me if the bridge
project got approved,

the GOP would
stop getting money.

We approved it. The money stopped.
Jesus Christ.

That connects the White House
directly to the money.

No, sir. You knew nothing.
You still know nothing.

If the DOJ finds any concrete
evidence of foreign money...

Then that's Raymond
Tusk's head, not yours.

You've done nothing wrong.

Guilt by association, Frank.
You heard the man.

If the DOJ investigates, it
will only prove your innocence.

Nobody walks away from something
like this without bruises.

Well, bruises you can survive.

I just don't know how we can
avoid it at this point.

Unless you want to accelerate
the process and get rid of it.

You could always have the Attorney
General appoint a special prosecutor.

That's a terrible idea.

Maybe so.

And given where we are, Frank,

I'm not inclined
to follow your suggestions.

Well, I wasn't suggesting it
as something you should do.

Just as a possibility.

No, in fact,
I don't think you should.

I think it's better to drag these
things out as long as possible.

Let the public fatigue on it.

And have it hanging over our heads
until the midterms?

It'll lose steam.
What if it doesn't?

I've got the Pentagon

tactical drone strikes
in the South China Sea.

I can't be dealing with something
like this for months on end.

Maybe you're right, then.

A special prosecutor
is the way to go.

I didn't say that. You did.

No, I just meant in terms
of getting it off your plate.

It wouldn't be on my plate if
you'd kept me better informed.

I have done nothing
but try to insulate you, sir.

Is that what you call the
feeding frenzy I went through?

I make this solemn promise to you, Mr.

I will take the fall if it
comes to that, but it won't.

However you decide
to deal with this,

I think your instincts
are right.

Probably shouldn't involve
a special prosecutor.

Send Bill back in.

You knew about this.

Tusk is a client. Doesn't
mean I know everything he...


The reason you're a partner
at Glendon Hill

is because you know the things
nobody else does.

What do you want me to say?
ls it true?

We don't talk
about work.

We're not in bed.
We're in my fucking office.

And in here,
you work for Frank.

I work for no one but myself.

Keep telling
yourself that.

Unlike you,
I don't peddle my goods

for whoever can pay
the highest retainer.

I'm the bitch
to a lot of top dogs.

I'm fully aware and willing.

But you're worse.

You're Frank's bitch
and refuse to believe it.

That's not true.

Case in fucking point.
Don't turn this.

You knew about the money
and you didn't tell me,

even though it's thrown
my seat into contention.

Let's say there was money.
And let's say I did know.

What good would
it have done?

It means you were willing
to watch me lose.

It means I respected the
boundaries that you demanded.

No changes, no special treatment.
This is different.

So now we're
making exceptions?

When it's this
important, yes.

You can't have
it both ways.

Were you...

Was I what?

Fucking me
to get info on Frank.

Is that what you think?
I don't know what to think.

I care about you
more than I should.

But I'm getting tired
of having to say it.

He's being moved to a federal
psychiatric facility for assessment,

then a high-security detention center
until the official sentencing.

Well, that's good to hear.

The bad news is
we don't want you

doing any public events
for a while.

My bill is about
to go to the floor.

I need to have
a public profile.

Your death threats
continue to rise.

We can't take the risk.

Am I even allowed
to leave the house?

Of course.

But we want you to
avoid large crowds.

Our ability to protect...
Mr. Vice President.

Is anything wrong?

We were just briefing Mrs. Underwood
on our new security protocol.

Can we actually finish this later?
Of course.

How did it go?

(SIGHS) He's skeptical.

Should I call Tricia?

Could look like I was trying
to go behind his back.

We'll just have
to wait and see.

I made my case. And hopefully
he'll disagree with it.

This could have been
the wrong move.

Well, don't doubt yourself.

Seth has gotten over 3,000
emails in the last six hours.

The phones
are overloaded.

So you ignore all that.

I can't ignore the
Department of Justice.

What can I do?

Come and visit me
when I'm in prison.

You don't have to
stand by that door.

Take a load off.

Thank you, sir, but I'm
supposed to stay on my feet.

Well, I won’t
tell if you won't.

And if anybody gives you any
trouble about this, or anything,

they can talk to me.

Beautiful night.
Yes, sir.

It's been strange not having you
around these last few days.

You want me to switch back
to your detail?

No, no. I'm glad
you're with Claire.

(SIGHS) I just didn't realize

how much I got used to your
company until you were gone.

Protecting her is the same
as protecting you in my mind.

Oh, come on.

Why do you do this?

Do what, sir?

I've always been awestruck.

People who are willing to take
a bullet for someone else.

It's how I serve my country.

Well, there's a lot of ways
to serve your country.

And this is my way.

Oh, I haven't finished
with this one yet.

It's not for you.

I can't drink
on duty, ma'am.

It's not for you either.

Well, come on over
and join the party.

Haven't you got sick
of seeing my face yet?

Never, ma'am.

To Meechum,
for his loyalty and service.

To Edward.

I'm on my way to my
lawyer's office, Remy.

That's not where I want to be
when I'd usually be in bed.

I can't stop Frank
from leaking things.

No, but you can make sure
he suffers more than us.

And I say us, Remy, because your
skin is in this game now, too.

Are you going to deny?
Of course I'm gonna deny.

Every step of this was legal.

They can't prove
the links between them.

What about Lanagin?
He'll cooperate.

It's Feng we need
to worry about.

I'll find a way to get
in touch with him.

We do have
one major advantage.

The public can hate me,

but as long as Clayton West
remains profitable,

my stockholders won't care.

Frank doesn't have
the same liberty.

Public opinion
can demolish him.

You need to make sure
that happens.

I could work with
the Republicans on that.

They'll be under
the magnifying glass, too.

This'll be a witch hunt.

Then I'll make sure that
they pick the right targets.

What you need to do is
go after the leadership.

Make them hurt.

They'll turn on Frank
to save themselves.

Birch. Womack. Sharp.

Especially Jackie Sharp.
She's his chosen one.


I heard you, yeah.
I got my marching orders.

I'm counting on you-
I'll deliver.

Let's talk in the morning.

The two names
I like the most are

Justin Gaines
and Heather Dunbar.

Gaines has
better credentials.

But he's close
to the administration.

We would've made him a federal judge
if the GOP hadn't blocked it.

That's an
important point.

Dunbar's got grit.
She's more than qualified.

WALKER: And there's
no baggage there.

But she's more

I doubt the Attorney General
would have put her on his list

if he thought
she was a wild card.

Sir, I have to say, I think
this step is premature.

We should hold off and see
what the DOJ does on its own.

I don't want to do it, Bill.
But my fear is this,

if we wait until the water
goes from hot to boiling,

we seem reactionary,
not proactive.

But proactive could
also seem defensive.

Like the suspect
that screams

"I didn't do it"
before anyone asks.

Aside from that, we simply
haven't had time to prepare.

Maybe wait a couple of weeks.
No, that defeats the purpose.

Then a few days.
I'd like to go with Dunbar.

I've made my decision.

Bill, I'd like you to convey my
wishes to the Attorney General.

the decision is his.

We can't appear
to be pressuring.

Of course not.

Thank you, sir.

The only thing
more satisfying than

convincing someone
to do what I want

is failing to persuade them
on purpose.

It's like a
"do not enter" sign.

It just begs you
to walk through the door.

Doyle's about halfway through
our initial background check.

Every donor,
every political event.

Anything that Dunbar
might be looking into.

Good. Seth?

We avoid any official statement.
Follow the President's cue.

In the meantime I'd like to
make some off-the-record calls.

You welcome the investigation,
it's the right step, et cetera.

Give folks
the personal touch.

That's fine, as long as
we don't come off defensive.

I'd like to see a list
of who you'll be calling.

Some of this is
gonna be on the fly.

It'd be great if I
had a little leeway...

Yeah, let Seth
do his thing.

You'll have your hands full
with Doyle.

I'll let you know who I call. All right.
Let's get to work.


Yes, what is it?

I understand that
you need to delegate.

But when you contradict me
in front of Seth,

it compromises
my authority over him.

You can't micromanage.
We have too much to do.

Seth is still
new to the team.

I need to make sure that
he's doing his job properly.

Well, I think he is.

lam your failsafe, sir.

But I can't be that
if you won't let me.

Are you, Doug?
My failsafe?

Do you doubt that?

We're flying full throttle
into a hurricane,

and you're talking
office politics

instead of focusing on making
sure we don't get ripped apart.

You're right, sir. I shouldn't
have brought it up.

Is she still there?

Yeah. I told her
I was going for a walk.

Look, Doug, I know you said
you wanted her gone,

but you have to understand
that all I'm asking...

She can stay.


She doesn't have to leave.
She can stay.

I trust you to be smart.

Will you read to me?

My Bible is inside.

Doesn't have to
be the Bible.

Just pull up something
on your phone.

Like what?

Tale of Two Cities.
My mom used to read it to me.

"lt was the best of times,
it was the worst of times,

"it was the age of wisdom,
it was the age of foolishness,

"it was the epoch of belief, it
was the epoch of incredulity,

"it was the season of light,
it was the season of darkness,

"it was the spring of hope,
the winter of despair,

"we had everything before us,
we had nothing before us,

"we were all going
direct to heaven,

"we were all going
direct the other way..."



Doug, is that you?





Yes, Doug. lt is you.