House of Cards (2013–2018): Season 2, Episode 1 - Chapter 14 - full transcript

Frank prepares for his promotion to Vice President. Doug tries to erase all leads leading back to him and Frank. Claire fights back against Gillian. Zoe considers working with Frank again.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
We could jump
in the car if...

We'll wait.

Did you get the Congressman
anything for his birthday?


I got him cuff links.
Silver with his...

We don't talk about birthdays.
We don't do gifts.

Why not?

You should return
the cuff links.


I tried calling you.

I left my phone in the...

We need to talk.

What's going on?

I just spoke to her.

Did Zoe?

And that's not all.

They tracked down
Rachel, too.


Tell me about Rachel.

Where is she?

DOUG: I have her
under control.

That's not what I asked.

I drove her home. We don't
have to worry about her.

You said the same
about Ms. Skorsky.

Anyone else involved?

Just Janine and Zoe.

They asked about
Russo's arrest,

and they know
he went to see Kapeniak.

I assume that's as far
as they've gotten.

Assume nothing.

I'll alert Barney Hull.

What do you want me
to do about Zoe?

I'll handle Zoe.

Get to work.
Yes, sir.

I emptied it.

You're another year older
on Tuesday.

And we can't have
a Vice President who smokes.


Can you finish?

I'm good.

What's wrong?

Nothing. I just
said finish.

I don't want to just...
If you're not...

Okay, fine.

Zoe, did I do something
that made you...


Zoe, you can't say something
like, "Just finish,"

and then shut down.

This is safe, Zoe.
I'm not him.

Good morning, Jackie.

Good morning.

Richard Russell?

Civil Rights Act, 1963.

Not everyone can be on
the right side of history.

Not even Lyndon
for a time.

But he would've never become
Majority Leader without him.

Well, there's no
Johnson Senate Building.

No. He had to settle
for a presidential library.

It's been sometime
since you and I

have had a chance
to catch up.

You've been an outstanding
deputy, Jackie.

Far more effective than your
more seasoned colleagues.

You're a coalition builder.
Fighter when you have to be.

Tell me, where do you
see yourself headed?

I'd like to aim for
the Chair of Armed Services

or Homeland Security.

Have you ever considered
serving in the Leadership?

I figure that might be possible
eight, ten years from now.

What if I suggested that you could
serve in Leadership this term?

To replace me as Whip.

You're being tapped for VP?

Let's assume that's true.

That makes sense,
but me as Whip?


A third term Congresswoman?

A universally
admired incumbent

who also happens
to be a war veteran.

Webb is next in line
or Buchwalter.


So just consider that
for a moment.

They'll draw votes
from one another.

I'm not saying you wouldn't
have to fight for it,

but I'd be willing to give you
the ammunition.

Come over here.


What is this?

My files on Webb
and Buchwalter.

Why don't you take a look?
We'll speak in a few days.

And there's one on you.

You might want to begin
by reading that one first.



What'd Janine say?

Strip club's
not open yet.

You'll look
into Kapeniak?

If he's on the grid,
I'll find him.

Drop me at
Metro Center.

Not the office?

I'm going to
talk to Rachel.

She'll deny everything
like she did last night.

She can't deny getting into
Stamper's car. You saw her.

Maybe you send a version
of the story about her dad.

No one would print it.

Rachel doesn't
know that.

She said,
"Go to town, bitch!"

It won't work. I have
to get in her face.


We're thrilled for you.
Thank you.

I wanted to fill in
Bob and Terry personally.

Let's get to it.

I have to leave
for Pittsburgh in what?

Twenty minutes.

Home stretch with Jim,
whistle-stop tour.

Looking good
out there.

Very good. But we don't
want to take any chances.

Now, your replacement
as Whip, Frank.

Bob has already
shared some thoughts.

I like Howard Webb.

Webb is a solid choice.

Have you thought
about Wes Buchwalter?

Buchwalter's a hothead.

Could you live
with Webb, Frank?

Webb is a good tactician,
but he lacks follow-through.

The problem with Buchwalter
is he's too abrasive.

No charm.
Lots of enemies.

ls there a third option?

They're the two most senior members
in the caucus. It's their turn.

Mr. President, what if
we let the caucus pick?

Let it be a wide open race?
Both men are qualified.

The Leadership
should be united in this.

We don't want to be backing
different candidates, Frank.

So we stay out of it, and
neither of us backs anyone.

I like it. The caucus
will respect someone

who did it
the old-fashioned way.

WALKER: Gentlemen,
it's your call to make.

Figure it out
amongst yourselves

and let me know
what you decide.

Thank you,
Mr. President.

Put me through
to Secretary Lewis.

Frank, I don't want to go
to battle with you on this.

We've been
down that road.

I couldn't
agree more.

An open race
makes me nervous.

Well, look, it was
just a suggestion.

I'll put some thought
into it.

Thank you.

You know,
let me go work on him.

Good luck.

What are you
doing here?

Ask me what
I want to order.

Have you decided, sir?

I need you to quit your job.

Tell Leon
it's your last day.


Act normal.

Would you want
a side with that?

They found you once.

We can't take the chance
they'll find you again.

What am I supposed to...

Do as I say.

Go home and
pack your things.

I'll come by
around 10:00.

But I don't get a say in...
Stop it!

One suitcase. That's it.

Can you at least tell me...

I'll take the shepherd's pie

with a side
of Brussels sprouts.

To go.

We don't want a trial, her
lawyers don't want a trial,

but Ms. Cole
won't listen to reason.

That said, if you give me
a little more time...

If she wants to go to court,
then let's give her that.

Just because
she's being unreasonable now,

doesn't mean she...
I'm done!

That's a kneejerk reaction.

I've never known
you to be a person

who was irrational
or impatient.

Let me check back with her
lawyers, and maybe we can...

What is the soonest
we can set a trial date?

Give me a time frame.

Six months,
at the earliest.

Inform her people.
Then no more communication.

As your counsel,
it is my duty

to strongly advise you
against this.

I understand,
and I thank you, Oliver.

Thank you.


They wouldn't give me
individual contact info,

but here's every doctor
who served in East Africa

during the last
three years.

And what about
the HMO?

You need a consent form.
It's in the packet.

Can I help you?

Yeah. I'm looking
for Rachel Posner.

She's not here.

Is she coming
in later?


I know her.

Well, your friend
really screwed me over.

What happened?

She took off,
middle of her shift.

I had to put my hostess
on waitstaff duty.

Look, I'm concerned.
Rachel's in real trouble.

I don't care what her
personal issues are.

I just need to know
where she lives.

I thought
you knew her.

I do. It's just
been a while.

And she sent me
a text message

saying she wants
to hurt herself,

and now, she won't
answer her phone.

She has a history
of mental illness.

You got to help me out.

Look, I can't.

Her W-2,
the address was a PO Box.

I'll take whatever
I can get.

Let me see what I got in the office.
Thank you.

If you find her, you tell
her not to come back.

I don't need some nutcase
creating chaos in here.

Yes, sir!

Is Doug back yet?
In his office.

And, sir,

birthday cards have started
to arrive, a few presents.

Thank you notes.
Inventory the presents.

Anything valuable...
Goes in the conference room.

Anything cheap...
Goes to the interns.

You know what to do
with the cards.

Yes, sir.

I'm picking
her up tonight.

I've got everything
set up for her in Joppa.

Where is that?

About 30 minutes
north of Baltimore.

That's close
to home.

We want her to disappear,
but not on us.

Fine. Do you
have the burner?


Happy birthday.

It's pre-paid. All you need
to do is turn it on and dial.

We still have
the phone history.

All the more reason
to be safe going forward.

Where are we with Christina?
I'm on it.

Linda's office. I called
her this morning.

Are you Gillian Cole?

Yeah. Have we met?

No, we haven't met.
You know my husband.

Your husband?
David Applebaum.

So it's true.

It was a mistake...

You want to see our kids?
I can show you pictures.

Mrs. Applebaum... Who the
fuck do you think you are?

Look, I'm sorry.

You're sorry? I don't
think you're sorry.

And don't think
for a second

you're going to use that
baby to get money out of us.

He doesn't even know
I'm pregnant.

But you knew
he was married.

How could you?
Did he talk about us?

Lying bitch.

Am I embarrassing you?

Did you think about how you
would humiliate me and my kids?

Use a condom the next time
you fuck somebody's husband.

ZOE: It's been less
than 24 hours.

She quits her job
in the middle of a shift?

JANINE: She's scared.
I'd take off too.

ZOE: It's Underwood. He's
moving faster than we are.

LUCAS: What about the stripper?
JANINE: Refuses to talk.

ZOE: Kapeniak?

LUCAS: No current address,
no siblings. Parents are dead.

ZOE: Rachel's
the last loose end.

She must know something
else, bigger than the DUI.

JANINE: Any idea
where she went?

I got a PO Box in Dupont,

but none of the clerks
have seen her.

I could go
stake it out, but...

Have you talked
to your guy yet?

In the next
day or two.

He's bringing me the police
report on Russo's suicide.

I'll press him
for more.

What's your
next move?

I'm trying to figure out
how to respond to this.

I got it a couple hours ago.

I think he's setting her up.

I know how
to handle him.

The less he knows the better.

We might
learn something.

Not with him
calling the shots.

I'm choosing
the place.

As if that makes
a difference.

I'm not going to fuck him.
Just talk to him.

I'm going to go
to the bathroom.

I'm sorry. I shouldn't have...
It's okay.

No, it's not.

I just don't want
you to be careless.

I won't be.

You want no life?

You want more work than
three people can handle?

You want a decent chance

that you could be fired
within the first month?

If that tempts you,
we can keep talking.

None of that
intimidates me.

I've been running
a Congressional district

for the past nine weeks
with zero assistance.

Nobody elected me.
Nobody taught me.

I've done it because
somebody had to.

What happened was tragic, but
you won't get sympathy from me.

I don't have time for it.

I wouldn't be sitting here if
I wanted a shoulder to cry on.


DOUG: Rachel?



RACHEL: Leave.

I said leave.

Are you packed?

I'm not going anywhere.

So you didn't
quit today.

I did, but I
changed my mind.

This isn't your
decision to make.

I'm keeping my job, and I'm
keeping this apartment.

DOUG: No, you're not.

You promised you'd make
this all go away.

DOUG: And you starting over
is the first step in that.

No, I already started over. I
don't want to start over again.

I wish you didn't have to.

Get out.

Get out!

Lower your voice.

I'll fucking kill you.

Go ahead.


lam the only one who can protect you.
Don't you see that?

You have no idea
how much danger you're in.



Start packing.

You know,
I ask every year...

FRANCIS: Nothing, as usual.

I thought
we could have dinner.

Only if it's someplace where
nobody will recognize us.

I don't want anyone walking up...
I mean at home.

I'll cook something.

No cake.
No cake.

No gifts.
No gifts.

I could do that.

How's the lawsuit coming?

We'll be fine.

We'd like to increase
the size of your detail

to full Head-of-State status
starting tomorrow.

Well, that won't
be happening.

It's good to
get a head start,

so that by the time
the announcement...

These are my last few days before
I never have privacy again.

I intend to savor these
moments for as long as I can.

But sir, in terms of safety,
I think...

Until I am confirmed
as the Vice President,

security is at my discretion,
is that correct?

Technically, yes...
Then that's settled.

All right, we'll wait
until the announcement.

Now, assuming
the confirmation goes through,

we'll need to work out
the logistics

of moving you into
the Naval Observatory.

That won't be
happening either.

The Congressman will be
remaining in his townhouse.

But it doesn't have the necessary
security infrastructure.

Then you'll need
to build it.

We're talking blast-proofing,
hard-wired communications networks,

24 hour office space
for the...

Where there's a will,
there's a way.

I'll contact you directly about
setting a plan in motion.

Oh, and one last thing
before you go.

I'd like to have Edward
Meechum serve on my detail.

He's Capitol Police.
FRANCIS: For now.

You're about to appoint
him to the Secret Service.

That would require an
accelerated training program.

Sir, we have plenty
of qualified agents,

men and women with
years of experience.

And I look forward
to working with all of them

as long as Edward Meechum
is on the detail.

Thank you very much
for your time.

Thank you, sir.

Nancy, have Meechum
bring the car around.

You know, last time
was the last time.

I know, but this
is important.

You keep selling me that swampland.
I'm done buying.

No more.

The cover-up, you said it
went as high as Barney Hull.

That's not
what I said.

When you gave me
Rachel Posner's...

What I said is that
arrests don't disappear

without a big-ass wand.

That ain't
the same as proof.

We think Congressional
Leadership took part.

I don't care. Yes, you do.
I know you do.

No, I really don't.

When you helped me
expose the drug...

They were dirty street cops stuffing
a few grams in their pockets.

This is different.
Powerful fucking people.

Dirty cops are dirty cops.
You want to protect them?

I have a pension and a family.
I understand, but...

Don't contact me again.


Where is your cell?

Here. It's not recording.

I need to ask you to delete
all of our phone history.

Why would I do that?

I'm trying to protect
both you and I.

I'm not facing prison.

You didn't cover up
the arrest?

Was it because you wanted
him to be Governor?

No. He was in trouble,
so I helped.

And later he expressed a desire
to run, and I offered guidance.

To an alcoholic?

To a sober,

Did you want him
to self-sabotage?

Absolutely not.

It got Matthews
in the race.

I like to back people
who want to succeed.

Take yourself
as an example.

You just took advantage
of the situation.

Matthews took advantage.
I didn't seek the nomination.

Russo was in the passenger
seat when he died.

That's not
entirely accurate.

I saw the police report.

And I spoke to
the Commissioner directly,

because I cared about Peter, and
I wanted to know the full story.

He wasn't in
the passenger seat?

The passenger door was open,
and he was halfway out.

They think that...

He might have had
second thoughts.

If I speak to Barney Hull,
he'll confirm that?

What are you
suggestlng, Zoe?

Maybe there
was foul play.

If there was a hint
of foul play,

don't you think the police
would have investigated?

The same police
that buried his DUI?

And you think
I was involved.

There's a connection
between you.

you sound ludicrous.

I'm just asking questions.

No, you're connecting dots
that don't exist.

You want me to
just walk away?

Act as if I don't
know anything?

Yes, I got Peter
out of a jam.

Yes, I sent him
to speak to Kapeniak.

But beyond that,
there's nothing to know.

Can you blame me if I find it
difficult to trust you right now?

Trust me or not.

But I'm about to be confirmed
as the Vice President.

And our relationship extends
to the Oval Office now.

Don't step out of the
sunlight for no reason.

Let's start this new chapter
with a clean slate.

Now you sleep on that,
and i'll be in touch.

WOMAN: We'll start with
blood and hormone tests.

Those results should be back
within a few days.

If they're good, we'll move
onto genetic testing

for both you
and your husband.

Have you spoken
to him yet?

Not yet. I want to
do the tests first.

We can do those
anytime this week.

CLAIRE: I'll have
my office call yours.

I almost forgot.

I've been doing some
research on the Internet...

Be careful of
the Internet.

Well, I was looking
into common issues

associated with
post 40-pregnancies.

And this drug came up,
but there wasn't much on it.

It's Cruvenae...


You probably
haven't found much,

because it's still
in the beta stage.

And what does it do?

It helps maximize
blood flow to the placenta.

Until CBT, there hasn't
been any viable drug for that.

The jury's still out.

But placental insufficiency
affects women of all ages.

I wouldn't worry
about it for now.

That's putting the cart
way before the horse.

as to who is going to replace
Matthews when he wins...

Can I at least
turn off the overhead?

Of course.

You want me to go
work downstairs?

No. That's fine.
Just make some room.

You haven't
said a word.


Where does that
leave us?

I'm fully prepared.

And I have been
for some time.

I know you'll do
whatever you think is best.

JANINE: But Underwood
confirmed it.

He's going to be
tapped for VP.

That doesn't get us
any closer to...

We know that Russo
cleared the way for Matthews.

It reinforces the theory.
It doesn't give us proof.

We can't go after the guy
for playing dirty.

That's not news. Half the
fuckers in Congress play dirty.

He propped up a sham candidate
just to take him down.

Nobody forced Russo
to drink that night.

The guy was
an alcoholic.

Okay, we don't know
what happened that night

other than three days later,
he killed himself.

Are you gonna
contact him again?

I don't know.

LUCAS: We need to slow down, take
a step back and re-evaluate...

We already let
Rachel slip away.

There's no point
until we have more!

We should keep him guessing, not...
Have more from where?

From who?
LUCAS: I don't know.

But we should
exhaust all options

before Zoe reaches
back out to Underwood.

We don't have
any other options.

We are up against
a brick wall, and unless...


Hey. Hey.


I just need to think.

Well, let's think
about it together.

I'll call
you tomorrow.


Yeah, Frank?

Was there something different
about these ribs this morning?

Better or worse?

I didn't think that they
could get any better,

but these were
something special.

Well, tried a new butcher.

He slow bleeds his hogs.
lt ain't legal, but...

Well, I won't tell anyone.

I don't know if I'm going
to go back to him.

Went out to his shop.

He's got a room in the back
where he does it.

the whole setup.

Why soundproof?

'Cause of how they scream.
They can smell it coming.

You stick that pipe in their
throat, next 10 minutes is hell.

Bust your fucking eardrums.

Now, the humane way to do it
is to make it quick.

Bring out a bucket of slop
like it's feeding time,

and then, barn, shovel right
to the base of the head.

No screaming.

Now, he's willing
to open up the race,

but Birch was very clear.

If he can't endorse anyone,
you can't either.

That's fair.

You really want
Buchwalter to win?

I want the best
man to win.

That sounds like a cagey,
bullshit non-answer to me.

I'm on the sidelines
for this one, Terry.

You're never on
the sidelines, Frank.

I'll see you around.



You wouldn't
return my calls.

I'll be back.

My attorney said that I shouldn't
be in contact with you.

Blue Cross said
my insurance was canceled.


The severance package gave me
health coverage for up to a year.

That sounds right.

So there must be
some kind of mistake.

Well, you'll have to talk
to the insurance company.

I did. They said
it was terminated.

They can't reinstate it without
the employer's approval.

And you want me
to get involved?

There's medication
that I need

that I can't get unless
it goes through my HMO.

Oh, I'm well aware.
I reviewed your records.

You signed a consent form.

No, I didn't.

You forged my signature?

Did a Mrs. Applebaum
pay you a visit?

You realize what
you're doing is...

Civil, not criminal.

Have you thought this out?
Because when we go to court...

You mean six months
from now?

You're expecting
in four, no?

That's four months without
the medicine you need.

I'm willing to let your child
wither and die inside you

if that's what's required.

But neither of
us wants that.

Now tell me, am I really the
sort of enemy you want to make?

But here's the alternative.

This office, this staff, 22
million a year could be yours.

The CWI could be yours.

And you and me, we wash
our hands of each other.

You're trying to buy me?

When we first met,
I promised to empower you.

I'm fulfilling that promise.

How do I get screwed?
You don't.

I resign.
You take my place.

No strings?

NEWSCASTER: Exit polls
have Jim Matthews winning

by anywhere from
a 9 to 12% margin of victory.

Swofford is expected to...

CLAIRE: Hello.
WOMAN: Mrs. Underwood?


Hi. I'm calling
from Dr. Larson's office

to confirm your 10:00 a.m. tomorrow
for the blood and urine test.

I can't come.

Well, if tomorrow
doesn't work,

we can reschedule for
Thursday or even Monday.

No. I won't
be rescheduling.

Please tell Dr. Larson
I appreciate all
her consultation,

but I've put a great deal
of thought into this,

and I won't be pursuing
any further tests.

Thank you.


FRANCIS: Have you thought
about what we discussed?

I think you're right. We should
start with a clean slate.

What about
our text messages?

And the contact?

Are we good?


We can put all this other
nonsense behind us,

and trust one another and
continue to help one another?

I'd like that.

Consider the slate clean.

ZOE: Answer me one thing.

The passenger seat. You said
Russo was trying to get out.

But there was nothing...

I thought we just agreed.

I want to believe you,
but I need details.

More than what
you're sharing.

What's your question?

The night Russo fell off the
wagon, he was at a fundraiser.

The McNeely Cancer Institute...
All in the police report.

Rachel Posner was at
the hotel that night.

Who's that?

The call girl who was with
Russo when he was arrested.

I didn't know her name.

She disappeared, Francis.


Don't act surprised.

I showed the bellmen a photo.

One of them
remembers seeing her.

The girl is a prostitute. I'm
sure she frequents many hotels.

But that hotel
on that night?

Now, you sound like
Ms. Skorsky talking.

I haven't discussed
this with anyone.

I wanted to
ask you first.

I have no idea what
happened that night

except that Peter
started drinking again.

I don't know who was
or wasn't there.

I wish I was. Maybe I
could have stopped him.

Do you know where Rachel is?

Listen to what I am saying.

I'm trying to protect us both.

But these are questions
anyone could ask.

But no one
is except you.

I can't imagine
what you're after.

I took a chance,

showed up at your house and
placed myself at your feet.

Crosses ethical lines,
professionally, physically.

And I hold myself
accountable for that.

Those are my choices,
and I can live with them.

I'd like to move forward,

but I need to know exactly
what I was a part of that...

That I wasn't
a part of someone's...

Finish your thought.

Part of someone's murder.


I want to believe you,






LUCAS: Janine!


Come in.

I've been calling you.

Come here.

Come in. Sit down.


You want something?
Some water or...


You going somewhere?

Hey! You going somewhere?

To my Mom's
in Ithaca.

I'm leaving.

No. No, no, no.

No way!
We have nothing.

Are you giving up on this?

There are only
three people in the world

that know what he has done,
and one of them is gone.

If we had anything, Lucas,
any hard evidence,

or even a fucking
quote from a source

that would go
on record for us,

that would be one thing.

But we are grasping,
and he's not fucking around.

You were the one
who told Zoe to pursue this.

She told me
what you said.

The only stories
that mattered were

the ones that
scared you to death!

Okay, this isn't just death threats!
This is real!

He doesn't know about you,
but he knows about me.

These were in my mailbox.
No return address.

LUCAS: He took these of her?

Who else?

You can keep them.

But I don't think
they're going to help you.

We need to stop him.
Sick fucking shit.

Janine, you cannot
run away from this.

My entire career,

I have always chosen
the tough stories.

I have been fearless.

But you know what? I'm really
fucking scared this time.

He's got power,
he's got a lot to lose,

and right now,
he is winning.

Please, I need your help.
Please, don't do this.

(SHOUTING) Just wake
the fuck up, Lucas!



... at approximately
8:00 p.m. last night.

on the northbound tracks of the
Cathedral Heights Metro Station.

DC Police have ruled
the death an accident.

Previously, she worked
at The Washington Herald

as a Metro reporter
and political correspondent.

Barnes broke
several major stories

including an early draft

of the Education Reform
and Achievement Act,

as well as a college
newspaper article

that derailed Senator Michael Kern's
nomination for Secretary of State.

Carly Heath, the
Editor-in-chief of Slugline

tweeted this morning,

"Zoe Barnes exemplified
the best and brightest.

"We're so sad that
she's no longer with us."


What'd you think
of the files?

There's plenty
to work with.

Did you look at your own?

There was nothing there.

Should there be?


Even if you're lying, the fact that I
haven't been able to find anything

tells me you're very good
at covering your tracks.

That's valuable to me.

Here's our battleground.

One hundred
and thirteen votes.

You have the skeletons.

If I lose,
they'll come after me.

FRANCIS: That's a risk
you have to take.

How do I know
you're not just using me?

Throwing a wrench
into someone else's bid?

That's another risk.

The alternative is
you wait 10 years.

You chose me
for a reason.

I'd like to
know what it is.

All right.

How many missile strikes
did you launch?

Enough to keep me
awake at night.

But you did it anyway.
Yes, I did.

How many women and children?

Too many.

And you launched
those missiles

knowing all those
innocent people would die?

I had orders to
eliminate the enemy.

Which you carried out
expertly and efficiently.

Have you ever
killed anyone?


I watched apartment buildings,
entire villages gone

like they were never there.

I prefer not to talk about it
if that's all right.

You did what
needed to be done,

and that's why
I chose you, Jackie.

Service background,
clean history,

the whole package.

But more importantly,

ruthless pragmatism.

Are we working together
or not?

BOB". Any public or private
endorsements for Buchwalter,

I come out for Webb.

FRANCIS: I'll stay out of
the fray. I give you my word.

Same goes for you, Terry.

Thank you, Christina.

WALKER: Gentlemen.

Mr. President,
how was Pennsylvania?



You like Indian?


Sir, I've seen the news.

I know she was
close to you.

Terrible tragedy.

I spoke to Special Agent
Rockland today, sir.

I begin my training
next week.

Very good.

I know it's a day late.

I hope it isn't

but I wanted
to give you this.

Thank you, Meechum.

That was very
nice of Edward.

He shouldn't have spent
this sort of money on me.

I've opened
some wine downstairs.

I'll be down
in a minute.

Did you think
I'd forgotten you?

Perhaps you
hoped I had.

Don't waste a breath
mourning Ms. Barnes.

Every kitten
grows up to be a cat.

They seem
so harmless at first.

Small, quiet, lapping up
their saucer of milk.

But once their claws get long
enough, they draw blood.

Sometimes from
the hand that feeds them.

For those of us climbing
to the top of the food chain,

there can be no mercy.

There is but one rule.

Hunt or be hunted.

Welcome back.