Heroes (2006–2010): Season 4, Episode 9 - Chapter Eight 'Shadowboxing' - full transcript

Claire is determined to get to the bottom of the Sorority Rush attacks on her own, until H.R.G. intervenes only to realize he may be the source of her troubles. Meanwhile, Peter's new ability is a perfect fit for his job and gives him the opportunity to help Emma accept her new life. Elsewhere, Sylar's battle at gaining full control over Matt's body escalates -- with potentially dangerous implications at stake.

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Previously on Heroes...

My life finally
makes sense to me.

In the last six weeks,
I have saved 53 people.

You can do this.

You can give life.

- Did you get his ability?
- Yeah.

It's time to take
your life back, Emma.

I used my ability

to push
one man's memories

into another man's head,

and now his consciousness

is--is rattling around
up in here.

Someone's done
something to you,

your mind somehow.

You would take me in here?

Knowing what I've done,
knowing who I am?

We're family.
Family accepts.

Tonight, we welcome
a new brother into our family.

This is what we call
a screaming scavenger hunt.

You're saying there's
another one of you here?

You think they're
trying to kill you?

Not me.


- What?
- What's happening?

When we got here,
Becky was all invisible,

and that rod, like--like,
went through your body,

but it's, like,
you're totally fine now.


I just saw the two of you
get attacked

by a pack of wild dogs.

Oh, my God.

Those water bottles
they gave us,

I bet they were drugged.

Yeah, I just saw
you two making out.

I think you're right.

Oh, my God.

Let's just
keep it between us, though.

We don't want the sisters
to know that they got to us.




Are you okay?


I'm not okay.

Becky just tried
to kill me.

Eyewitnesses report
that the two trains collided,

causing the eastbound commuter
to jump the track.

W-w-w-what happened?

I was on the subway
and then the train...

There was an accident.

The train
went off the tracks, okay?

I need you
to do me a favor.

I need you
to wiggle your toes.

Can you do that for me?


How's that?

It's great.

Try it for me
one more time, huh?


That's perfect.
You're gonna be okay.

- You all right?
- Yeah.

You look exhausted.

I'm fine.
Come on, let's go.

Now what have we got?

He's gonna be okay.

He's a little shaken,
but he's gonna be fine.

That's the fourth patient

that wasn't as bad
as we thought.

We've got luck
on our side today.

- Day's not over yet.
- Let's go, people.

We've got
more coming in.

This day
ain't nearly close--

Attention, travelers.

National Security Measures
and the T.S.A.

require you to keep your bags
with you at all times.

Unattended luggage
will be confiscated immediately.

Thank you
for your cooperation.

Tickets and I.D., please.
Thank you, next.

Thank you, Mr. Parkman.

Have a safe flight.

I.D. out.
Thank you.

This is ridiculous.
Just give me back my body.

Sucks, doesn't it?

Being in the passenger seat
of your own life.

Where the hell
are we going, anyway?

New York.

New York.
What for?

The last thing I remember
is Peter Petrelli

stabbing me in the neck
with a syringe.

I figure
the Italian eagle scout

should know
what happened next.

Unless of course you want
to save us the trouble

and just tell me
what happened to my body.

That's not gonna happen.

Suit yourself.

I don't get to fly
very often, you know?

Especially not first class.

I'm glad my life savings

could broaden your horizons.

Code Blue.

Gate 37. Code Blue.
This is not a drill.

Hold the line.
Hold the line.

Hold it.

What the hell's going on?

Do not move.
We found a gun in your bag.

Ooh, they found a gun
in your bag.

What is he talking about?

Who are you
talking to?

The socks you thought you were
packing this morning?

My service revolver.

There is no gun
in that bag.

You did not find a gun
in that bag.

Yes, we did.

You might be able
to control my body,

but I will never ever
let you control my ability.

Do you hear me?

It sucks, doesn't it?

This is a mistake.
I can explain.

I'm a cop!
I'm a cop!

Look, I can explain.
No, I'm a cop.

I'm a cop!

Final boarding call
for flight...

I'm sorry, Lydia.

A situation's come up.

I don't really have
a choice in the matter.

Made a bit of a mess.

I'm afraid I'm gonna have
to clean it up.

A bit of a mess?

Sounds to me like the
Claire Bennet recruitment

is a lost cause.

Well, you know me.

I'm the patron saint
of lost causes.

This is a lost cause.

There's got to be something.

There's nothing.

Nothing about
Becky Taylor,

or why
she wants me dead.

Or why she killed Annie.


Let's not forget
that she already succeeded

in killing
one of your roommates.


I should go
to the sorority house

and go into her room,

go through her stuff.
I'll find answers there.

What if you find
Becky instead?

Or what
if she's here right now?

Wanting to kill me...



There are ways
to make her visible.




Maybe I should go
with you?


No, just stay here.

It'll be safer.

And don't let anyone
in the room

until I get back, okay?


You'll be fine.

Lock the door.

Thank you.

Do you work here?

Know how to keep pressure
on a wound?

Do you know how to keep pressure
on a wound?

Now do not let up.

Can you do that for me?
All right.

If you see a nurse
or a resident,

you tell 'em
that she's prepped

for a 4-0 Prolene suture
ASAP, okay?

Thank you.

Back on track.


If you are not
essential personnel,

find somewhere else
to help.

Pulse is 140.

His pressure is dropping.

This one's critical.

Come on.
Move it, people.

Out of the way.

What's the situation?

Isn't this
a little backwards?

So where's his chart?

We'll check his chart
after we save him.

What is this?
A parade route?

Come on, people.
Don't crowd me.

You understand the meaning
of "seriously injured"?

'Cause I can happen to give
you a hands-on example.

If an old lady like me
can move her ass,

I'm sure you can too.

There you go.

That's what
I'm talking about.

Nice job, guys.
Thank you.

Watch the glass.
Watch the glass!

Why would I want
to be dressed as a pirate?

Because everyone
will be dressed as wenches,

and you won't stand out.
And don't worry.

You can totally be
a slutty pirate.


- Oh, hey, Claire.
- Hey.

Uh, a little late
for party prep, aren't we?

Have you guys seen Becky
since she kidnapped us?

- Since she what?
- Since she kidnapped us.

For the scavenger hunt.

Oh, there's gonna be
a scavenger hunt?

You guys
don't remember anything.

- Huh?
- Okay, um...

That was fast.

My daughter calls,

I drop everything.

I mean, the luck
we're having today, huh?

Wow, four and a half hours
at the airport,

trying to talk your way
out of that airport jail,

only to still be
on the no-fly list.

And now this.

How did I not see
that huge chunk of metal

in the middle of the road?

Maybe I made it
so you didn't see it.

Oh, man,
I could get used to this--

Playing the bad guy,
the saboteur.

Do you have any
upper-body strength at all?

I'm deceptively strong.

Strong enough to stop your ass
from getting to New York.

Yeah, I don't think so, Matt.
I'm in control.

You sure about that?

You okay, son?

Yeah, I'm fine.

My car,
not so much.

Well, there's a trick
to loosening the stubborn bolts.

- Want me to give it a go?
- Be my guest.

I'd appreciate that,
Mr., uh...

Ain't nothin'.

Can you hand me that
tire iron over there, please?

Sure thing, Hank.

You okay over there?

That looked like
that could have hurt.

No, I'm fine.

You know, it looks like
it's going to be

a long trip to New York.


Oh, what are you gonna do?

- You gonna hit me?
- No.

Hey, Hank.




You're right.

Deceptively strong.

You just killed him.

No, I didn't.

You did.

let's go over the rules.

I'm pretty clear
from our phone conversation

what the rules are.

Well, recap for me.

We make all the bad stuff
go away, like this Becky...

Man on the floor.

And you get to keep
all the good stuff,

like your new friend Gretchen.
Am I right?

Close enough.

I will do my best, Claire,

but life
isn't always that simple.

Let me get
inside the room

and see what I can find.

It's that one on the end.

Okay. All right, Claire,
why don't you

go on back to the dorm,
back to your friend?

I'm coming with you, Claire.

No. No, no, no.

We just went over
the rules.

Don't you remember
what the rules are?

You are not supposed
to wipe Gretchen's memory.

She must be
a really good friend.

Dad, just--please.

He's not going
to erase Gretchen's memory.

He's going with you
so that if Becky comes near,

she won't be able
to stay invisible.



That's actually
a really good plan.

This is not
my first rodeo.

Thanks, Dad.

We'll regroup soon.

Come on, Rene.

He was helping you.


In his death,

he has helped me
prove a point about the line.

What line?

The one I can cross
and you can't.

The one that says
I can do anything I want,

like killing people
in cold blood.

No, you can't just--

The world
is my hostage, Matt.



So no more sabotage, okay?

Because I'm the one
that's in control here.

Do you understand me?

I'm sorry.

I don't think
I heard you.


I understand you.



I'm... fine.

I'm fine.

I can't...

Too many people need help.

This power, it keeps
draining out of me,

and then it comes back,

and then it drains
out of me again.

Maybe you shouldn't
use it anymore.

And be ordinary?

I got to get back
in there.


Hey, you know,
they could use your help.

Earlier, I saw you
with the, uh, suture.

Where'd you learn
how to do that?

Clown College.

Clown College.


Medical school.

I dropped out.

You're packing.

Why are you packing?

Because I'm going home.

Maybe forever.

No. No, no, no, no.
You can't do that.

I told you
that I was gonna handle it.

With what?
Baby powder?

That doesn't exactly
inspire confidence.

I know. I know.

And that's why
I called my dad.

You're too important...

to me.

I just don't want
to lose you.

I'm sorry.

I already
booked my flight.

Wait, wait, wait.
You don't understand, okay?

This is Rene,

and he can keep Becky from
being able to turn invisible.

I'm scared for my life,

- I know.
- Do you?

Because Becky's after me.

She's not after you,

because you can't
get hurt.

But I can.


everything's gonna be fine.

Okay? My dad and I have
done this a thousand times.


This is everyday life
for you,

but it's not for me.

I'm just
not like you.

Stay with her, please,

until she gets
on the plane.

Can I help you?



I apologize for this
awkward introduction...

and my more awkward agenda.

My name is Samuel,

and I'm here looking for
my niece, Rebecca.


And why would I know
where your niece is?

Because she told me
who you are, Claire.

At least a little bit.

I know you're special.

Like her. Like me.

I know you're asking yourself
right about now,

"Who is this guy?

What could he possibly
know about me?"

something like that.

I also know
it's very hard

to trust anyone
in this world being...

one of us.

- So why should I trust you?
- You shouldn't.

Not until
you hear me out.

If you have
a moment to listen,

I might have
some answers for you.

I had a partner
like you once.

As I recall, about 10,000 volts
of electricity

should make you

And then some.

Don't want
to have to use this.

Why do I find that
hard to believe?

Just you today?

I'm actually hungry enough
to eat for two.

If memory serves,

the Tahitian pancakes here
are really good.

And a coke.

Uh, a diet coke.

Oh, I'd say
go for the real thing.

Life's too short
for artificial sweeteners.

Well, amen to that...


Regular coke it is.


Oh, she's so sweet.

Isn't Lynette so sweet?

Funny story...

I tried to kill
a waitress here once.

- You can't kill her.
- Oh, I'm sorry.

Did you miss my whole "the world
is my hostage" bit earlier?

No, I got it.
I got it.

I've done nothing.
And I've kept quiet.

And now
I want you to talk.

Hostages are used
to get things that you want,

and I want
to know everything--

Exactly how I ended up
in your head,

and where the hell
my body is.


It's nice and isolated
back there.

Nobody'd ever
hear her scream.

Come on.

Stop. Please.

Come on. Stop it.

Okay, fine.

Just tell me
what I want to know.

Your choice.

Her life
is in your hands.

Do you need something,

As a matter of fact,
I do.

All right.
Fine, fine.

I will tell you anything
you want to know.

Thank you very much.

So you can
move the earth?

Something like that.

We're all like you.

A family of sorts.

People with
extraordinary abilities.

Rebecca came to us
when she was still very young.

So she's not
really your niece?

A family
is more than blood.

It's about trust,

about love.

About those
who embrace you.

The real you.


Becky pushed my roommate
out the window.

Do you embrace that?

No, of course not.

But Rebecca's complicated.

Her father was murdered

when she was just
five years old.

but how is that my fault?

It's not.

You're not the one
she's after.

It's all about you.

I'm sorry.
Do I know you?

You don't remember me
at all?

Well, I guess
you wouldn't.

You never saw me.

But I remember you.

I was five
when you came to my house,

when you tried to take me
and my dad away.

He told me
to stay out of sight.


I had never seen him
so scared.

And then in
came my dad?

Shooting first,
asking questions later.

Well, I'm sure
he had a good reason.

The reason
is we were different.

Potentially dangerous.

Your father needed neither
warrant nor probable cause.

Not for people like us.

Life is more complicated.

I hid under the bed
and I wished...

Wished that
you wouldn't find me.

And my wish came true.

You didn't see me.

Your ability manifested.

I kept making wishes,

that that whole night
had never happened,

for my dad to come back.

I have spent
my entire life

wondering why
I could make a wish

and save myself,
but not him.

I thought perhaps Becky
had moved past it, but...

She came
to get revenge on him.

Through you.

And then when I found out
that you had a daughter,

I stopped making wishes
and I made a promise.

I'm gonna take away

all of the dreams
that you had for her

just like
you did to me.

I'm sorry
about your father.

I take responsibility
for that.

But you're not
going to hurt my daughter.

I'm gonna hurt you both.

I picked up your costume.

Oh, um, hi.

What are you
doing in here?

Just, um,
looking for someone.

I guess she's gone.
Excuse me.

I am truly sorry for what
happened to your roommate.

Both of them.

But it was good of you
to send the other away.

I didn't send her away.

She left.

it's a slanted perspective

to see the extraordinary

through ordinary eyes.

Fear is easier
than understanding.

So how do you
deal with it?

By not having
to deal with it.

I simply surrounded myself
with people who,

by definition,
are like me.

It's a whole lot easier

for someone like you
to understand you.

Which is why I came to you
and not your father.

We both know exactly what
he would do in this situation.

No, tell me.

What would Bennet do?

I don't mean you any harm.
I swear.

He said
he was Becky's uncle.

You were stalling.

You kept me talking.

You seem
to like to talk.

You actually think that
I would trust you over my dad?

I just ran
into your niece.

She's, um, not all there,
is she?

a very disturbed girl.

But in all fairness,

you had a hand
in that.

A responsibility.

Okay, let's talk

What do you know
about this?

What is that?

Every time
I see that compass,

it comes
with a dead body.

First was Danko's.

Agent Danko
killed my brother.

He started all this.

We didn't want
any bloodshed.

Well, you forgot to tell that
to your knife-wielding friend

who sliced
my guts open.

In the wrong hands,

this compass could mean
trouble for my family.

We just need
to stay hidden.

- From who?
- Well, for starters, you.

No offense, sir,
but you have a reputation

for scorching earth
to get to people like me.

Please, I just need
to find Rebecca

and get her some help.

And I want
some answers.


Somebody help!

- She's not breathing.
- Let's get her to the E.R.

No time.
It's a pneumothorax.

I can do this.

Thoracotomy kit.


Take over.


Hey, sweetheart.

You're gonna be okay,
all right?

You're gonna be okay.

You did it.

You really should watch
how you treat us

in front
of your daughter.

After all,
she's like me.

You really ought to watch
what you say to my daughter.

Don't blame your father.

He really
doesn't understand us.

Get in the car.

Rebecca, no!

No, come on.

Dad, don't!

Look out!

Dad, no!

I'm so sorry.

You all right?

I'm sorry.

Okay, here's the truth.

After Peter
took you down,

I pushed Nathan's memories
into your mind.

I made your body think
that it was him.

Your shape-shifting
took care of the rest.

I had never
done this before.

I thought that I was pushing
all of Sylar

out of that body.

I didn't--
I had no idea

that all of it
would stay with me.

Well, that's just crazy.

Just the check,
please, Lynette.

Thank you.

Clearly you didn't decide
to do this on your own.

Who else was involved?

Mama Petrelli, right?
Who else?


Everyone else
thinks you're dead.


I was off to see
the wrong brother.

I got to go
find Nathan.

Get my body back.

Then what are you
gonna do?

Then I'm gonna kill...

every single person,
even remotely involved.

You should really
pay more attention

to what you're doodling

- on a napkin.
- Hands up!

Police. Freeze.

What the hell
are you doing?

I'm crossing that line.

You told me that I'm not
man enough to take a life.

Well, you know what?
You're wrong.

'Cause I'm gonna take yours.

You're an idiot.
You'll die with me.


I know.


I'm sorry
I pushed you.

It's okay.
I don't bruise easy.

No, you don't,
do you?


You're amazing.

You know that?

Think you mean

I want you
to have everything.

You deserve it.

A social life.

The education.

The white picket fence.

All of it.

Well, as you said,

sometimes life
just isn't that simple.

Good night.

Night, Claire Bear.

Who's that?

My nephew, Christopher.

He drowned.

I was babysitting, and...

I got distracted
for a moment.

I didn't hear him.

I tried to revive him.

It was right before
my second year of residency.

That's why
you dropped out.


Megan wanted you
to have that.

She said it's only for
very special people.


I couldn't save him.

But you saved her.

You saved me.

Thank you.

Are you gonna
go back to school?

Go be a doctor?

Can you
see the colors?


I don't have
that power anymore.

But we could still play,
if you like.

Still asystolic.

All right. 360.


I'm sorry
I had to do that to you.

I'm sorry that I messed
things up with Claire.

I just...

Got impatient.

Don't worry.

Might not have been
the plan as conceived,

but I think
Claire Bennet's

right where
we want her to be.

Look, when I asked you
to do this,

I promised you revenge,

and you'll still have it.

Uh, we have
a problem.

- A big problem.
- What?

Sylar, he's gone.

what are you--what--what?

- Oh, thank God.
- What are you doing?

What's going on?

I think I'm in trouble,