Heroes (2006–2010): Season 4, Episode 11 - Chapter Ten 'Thanksgiving' - full transcript

H.R.G. hosts a non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner by inviting Claire over at his apartment for dinner. But the dinner becomes more awkward and uncomfortable when Noah invites his former ...

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Previously on Heroes.

I'm going home.

I'm scared
for my life, okay?

I know.
Do you?


I'm just not like you.

And this thing here, just pretend
it never happened, okay?

I'm Haitianing you.

We're pretending that we've never
been to the Burnt Toast Diner?

I came to warn you, Peter.
You need to know the truth.

The answer you seek
is here.

What do you got?
It's a body.

What is it?

It's me.

One touch, Nathan,
and it's over.

No! Don't touch him. You touch
him, he's got my power,

his mind will go back
into his body.

Take my hand.
Do it now.

I said get away!

Back away!

I need you to go back eight weeks, Hiro.
To a motel room in Texas.

- To save his life?
- No.

To save that film,
before he destroyed it.

Once you return, deliver it to me,
your sweet Charlie will be set free.

You have your film.
Now I want Charlie.


This is entry number four.

When two or more of these forces are
proximate, they amplify exponentially.

Like a kind of
gravity or magnetism.

An abnormal spike in seismic
activity as of late

appears to be emanating from one of
the individuals being held here.

A pregnant woman,
by the name of...

he's crowning.

And I fear...

I fear that this child
may indeed...

I'm coming. It's okay.
It's okay.

Butterfly Man, open up.
You can't avoid me.

I can see you're in there.
Open up!

You are in there,
I know. Come out.

Butterfly Man!

Hiro, is that you
making all that noise?

I've done what you asked.

Now, please tell me where
and when you put Charlie.

It's beautiful out,
isn't it?

Makes a man
glad to be alive.

It feels poetic that today
is the day we give thanks.

Stop ignoring me, Butterfly Man.
I want Charlie.

And you will have her, but there are
more pressing matters to discuss.

That film that you retrieved has
brought everything into focus.

I've discovered the truth about my destiny.
Our destiny.

Give me Charlie.

Sorry, not yet.

There's a nice sharp ax
right over there.

Go on. Freeze time.
Chop me into bits.

No, that's right,
you can't.

'Cause if you kill me,
you'll never find Charlie.

I'm your savior, Hiro.
You just don't know it yet.

Now, go help
set the table.

And smile.
It's Thanksgiving.

when should I expect you?

I don't know.

Oh, you've got to come.

Happy Thanksgiving.

I just don't know
that I'm in the mood.

Come on.
You can invite Gretchen.

Actually, I can't. She moved
all the way across campus.

I'm sorry to hear that. And
that's my fault, isn't it?

It's okay. It wasn't going
to work out anyway.

So, I guess it's official.
I'm a social pariah.

And I haven't helped things much.
I want to make it up to you,

starting with a real Bennet
family Thanksgiving dinner.

Turkey trimmings, the whole thing.
What do you say?

And since when
do you cook?

Well, you know, I'm learning as I go.
Is that a yes?

I don't know.
Is Lyle coming?

No. He sends his regrets.
He can't get away from school.

Don't make me be alone
with your mother and Doug.

She's bringing
the new boyfriend?

She never goes
anywhere without him.

It would mean
a lot to me, Claire.


There's something I've been meaning
to talk to you about anyway.

Great. I'll see you at 4:30,
don't be late. Love you.


Oh, my God.


Of all the supermarkets in all
the towns in all the world...

It's great to see you.

You, too.

What are you doing
in Washington?

Well, after Primatech exploded,
I was kind of unemployed.

CIA seemed like
the obvious choice.

And you?

You know, little bit of this,
little bit of that. Mostly that.

I got a place
in Dupont Circle.

Nice. What brings you
to this side of town?

These yams,
these canned yams.

I love them, and I can't
get them anywhere else.

Hmm, didn't peg you
for a yam man.

Oh, yeah, big yam man.

You're stalking me,
aren't you?

Yes, but I am also cooking Thanksgiving
dinner for my daughter and my ex-wife.


Yeah, Sandra left me.

Can't say as
I really blame her,

but we're still
on good terms.

I mean, hence
the over-sized bird.

Are you having
Thanksgiving on Christmas?

Because this frozen beast is not
going to thaw until tomorrow.

You need one of those
already-cooked birds.



Follow me.

I appreciate it.

Because I'm not exactly
an expert in life skills.

How many people?

Four. Five, if you
would like to join us.

That is, if you don't
already have plans.

And by the way you're sizing up
my single-serve turkey pot pie,

you've already surmised
that I don't have plans.

It would be great
to catch up.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Mom, what are you...

Please set up
in there, boys.

What is this?
Where's your brother, honey?

That's a good question.

Would you please put
these in a bowl for me?

We need to talk.
Yes, I know.

That's what Thanksgiving
is all about.

Just families sharing our lives.
Thank you, gentlemen.

Okay, and please remember
to stir some milk into that.

That's the way
your brother likes it.

Went to a storage unit yesterday, Mom.
Rented out to you.

Saw Nathan's dead body.

Rene told you about that.


it was not your
brother's body you saw.

It was a shape-shifter
posing as your brother.

It's the worst kind
of identity theft,

and he had to be stopped, and then
we had to store him away discreetly.

You can imagine, if the
press had gotten wind.

Matt Parkman
also said that...

Matt Parkman said what?

Officer Parkman is unbalanced.
Suicidal, last I heard.

Because Sylar's
in his head?

Is that right?

What did you do, Ma?

Is my brother
really dead?

Answer him, Mom.

We'd all like
to hear that one.

Happy Thanksgiving, Nathan.

So, if you two will just
help me set the table,

we will sit down like a family,
and we will discuss everything.


Let go of me, Nathan.

Answer him.

It's Thanksgiving
and you are my family.

And we will sit down like a
family as we do every year,

or I will leave here and you
will never hear from me again.

Your choice.


Hey, Happy Thanksgiving.

Come on in.

smells good.

Look at this place. Are you
sure this is your apartment?

We clean up good. So, what can I get you?
Some sparkling cider?

No, I'm all right, but
before everyone gets here

I do want to talk to
you about something.

Okay, just let me check
the gravy first, okay?

Oh, I got that.

Claire, you remember Lauren? She
worked with me at Primatech.

Uh... Hi.

Hi, you're all grown up.
You look beautiful.

It's okay, I got this, Wolfgang.


Does Mom know
you brought a date?

No, no, no, no,
Lauren's not a date.

She's an old friend.
She's helping me cook.

She is so a date.
You should have told Mom.

Your mother
will understand.

We're a complex,
modern family,

and she's got Doug.

So, what did you want
to talk about?

Hold that thought.

Mr. Muggles.

Hey, Happy Thanksgiving.

You, too.

Good boy.

Hi, Noah, Happy Thanksgiving.
A host gift.

Thanks, Doug.
Come on in.

Hi, how are you?

Hi. Good, good. Who's
your little friend?

Dame Penelope
Jean Lovegood III,

but you can call her
Miss Lovegood.

Can't she, Schnookums? Yes, she can.
Yes, she can.

you remember Doug.

Yeah, hi.

Dinner's ready,

You hired a cook?

No, that's Lauren.

Wow, mistaken for a domestic.
That certainly breaks the ice.

Lauren Gilmore. It's nice to
finally meet you, Sandra.

Okay, let's eat.

You brought a date?

No, that's Lauren.

Okay, who's hungry?
Got lots to eat. Come on.

Not a fan
of Thanksgiving?

I'm from Japan.

We celebrate Kinro Kansha,
not Thanksgiving.

What's the matter, Hiro? You
can talk to me, we're family.

I'm not part
of this family.

I'm a prisoner.
No one's a prisoner here.

Samuel broke his promise.

I fixed the past, but he
won't give me back Charlie.

He's a liar
and an evil man.

If the time traveler fixed
the past, where's Joseph?

That's a good question.

You got a minute, Hiro?

Come inside.
We need to talk.

Tell me, what did you do when
you fixed the past for Samuel?

I'm sorry, I cannot say. Samuel might
get mad and Charlie's at stake.

I understand.

I have to change for dinner.
You stay a minute, will you?

You know, Hiro,
we can help each other.

I could use my ability.


I can be inside
of your soul.

We can be as one.

Painted Lady, I think you
are trying to seduce me.

You should know my heart
belongs to Charlie.

I'm sorry.

I'm making you

But I need contact.

to make this work.

Of course.

Every ability has
a different set of rules.

I can feel
what you feel, Hiro.

Touch me.

You want Charlie
back desperately.


And now Samuel's forcing
you to work for him.

But why didn't he have you
save his brother, Joseph?

I don't know.
You should ask Samuel.

He'll never tell me.

You need to take me back.

Eight weeks ago when a
man from the government

came to the carnival
and murdered Joseph.

No, I don't think
I should...

Please, I need
to know the truth.

Oh, no. You made us time travel.
We must go back.

Is that the man
that killed Joseph?

No, that's Dr. Suresh.

We need to talk.

I'm behind
in my chores.

Forget the chores.

This is not good.

All right, brother.
But not here.

Is this it? Is this the night
that Joseph gets murdered?

I don't know. But it is
very dangerous to be here.

We must go before
we step on a


Okay, Mom, you got us here sitting,
just like you wanted, so talk.

Peter, where
are your manners?

Nathan, would you
please say grace?


It's Thanksgiving, Nathan. It's the one
day we should express our gratitude.

What do I have
to be grateful for?

I'm dead. He knows it,
you know it.

Why don't you tell us why,
put us all out of our misery?

Tell us.

I don't expect you to understand
or approve of the decision I made,

but I hope you can keep an
open mind and not condemn it.

Sylar was going to
kill the president.

And you two had flown off to stop
him at that hotel in Washington.

And I had a dream
about you, Nathan.

I saw you fighting
for your life.

I also saw
Matt Parkman save you.

But I panicked and
I went and found him

and I dragged him
to the hotel.

But by the time
we got there...

I was already dead.

I made Matt Parkman do it.

This is the part where I
ask you to forgive me.

So that body
that we saw,

that was Nathan.

Technically, yes,

but as far as the world is
concerned, Nathan is still alive.

Yeah, but I'm not me.

It's your mind.

They are your memories.

You look exactly the same.
You are Nathan Petrelli.

You are my son.
You're Peter's brother.

And it's been
this way for months.

And just because you know the
truth, nothing has to change.

We are still a family.

To us.

I would like to propose a toast
to all of you for being here,

on this my first Thanksgiving
in this apartment.

The first Thanksgiving
I've ever hosted.

And especially
to Lauren.

Without her, we would all be eating
Japanese take-out right now.

To Lauren.
To Lauren.

So, Sandra, how did
you and Doug meet?

May I?


It was love
at first sight.

For Mr. Muggles and
Miss Lovegood, that is.

We met
at the groomer.

My little angel wouldn't stop barking until
they put her cage right next to his.

Am I right, Sandy?

It's true.


Uh-uh. Dougie's allergic.

Legume intolerant.

So, how did the two
of you meet?

Well, Lauren and I used to
work together at Primatech,

and we recently

Yeah, this morning, actually.
Frozen-food aisle.

I troll the place
for eligible men.

Primatech. Is that the paper
company or that other thing?

You know about
that other thing?

Yes, dear. A memory can be
erased only so many times.

So, you worked
closely then?

Well, it wasn't
like that, you know...

Or am I stumbling onto something
that I'm not supposed to remember?

You're not stumbling
onto anything.

I think we should all just
enjoy our Thanksgiving dinner.

You know, in my family,
on Thanksgiving,

we used to
go around the table

and everyone would say
what they were thankful for.

Okay. I'll go first.

I am thankful for the two
beautiful women in my life,

Miss Lovegood and
my beautiful Sandy.




I am thankful that
my daughter, Claire,

decided to come
for Thanksgiving.

It would not be
the same without her.

I'll second that.

I'm thankful
for canned yams.

How about you, Claire?


I know that I should be thankful, but
I'm just not feeling it right now.

Is everything okay?

Her roommate moved out.

And why on earth would she do that?
You're so likeable.

Doug, you don't know
anything about me.


You want to talk about it
right now?


I'm thinking about
dropping out of school.

My family...

This will surely be a
Thanksgiving to remember.

Where's Lydia?

Not really sure.

Amanda, sweetheart,
where's your mother?

I think she went to go
find the Japanese man.

Did she now?

Happy Thanksgiving.

That man from India,

he wasn't writing a book,
he wanted to talk about me.

You sent me away, but I stayed,
I listened, I heard everything!

How long have you
been lying to me, huh?

You need to
calm down, brother.

You stop
controlling me.

Stop manipulating
my emotions.


You want me
to let go. I will.

My whole life, you've kept
me under your thumb. Why?

Because you're
dangerous, Samuel.

What's that
supposed to mean?

Never mind.

No, tell me
what you meant.

You can move
the earth, Samuel,

but it's more than that.

Cities, mountains.

You have the power to kill millions.
I can't let that happen.

I always thought I was
missing out on something.

Some untapped potential.

Just tell me how.

How can I be
that powerful?


I've already
said too much.

You think
I wanted this life?

You had to be controlled
from the day you were born.

I gave up everything
to watch over you.

Let me free you
of that burden.

Show me the film.
Let me learn what I am.

Take responsibility
for myself.

Too late.

I told Dr. Suresh
to burn it.

Why would you do that?

You can never
know the truth.

I've made

A man from the government
is coming to take you in.

I gave him a compass.

You betrayed me.

My entire life,
you betrayed me.

I'm still your brother.

I love you.


No, no, no.
No. Joseph!

Oh, God.
What've I done?

What have I done?

He's coming.
He's coming.

He's coming,
he's coming.

I know that you guys
are freaking out,

but I don't think college is
where I'm supposed to be.

Is this about Gretchen? Because
that is one relationship.

Yeah, it is about Gretchen.
And it's about Becky,

and it's about everything
that's happened.

Who's Becky?

Mom, look, I just don't think
that I belong in college.

And where do you think
you belong?

Or have you even
thought about it yet?

Maybe I'll go
for a year abroad.

Maybe I'll go backpack
through Europe.

A job. I just need to find somewhere
where I fit in, where I could be myself.

And the $40,000
I just gave to the school,

where do you think
that should go?

I don't know, Dad.
Where did it come from?

This is about what that
guy Samuel said, right?

Who is Samuel?
What is going on?

Maybe it is.

How could you even consider
listening to him?

What is happening?
What did your father do?

This is not about Dad,
it's about me.

I can't lie anymore. I'm a freak
and people don't like freaks.

Can I just interject
something here?


I think that we should all
just take a deep breath.

All I was gonna say is that what
Claire is feeling is perfectly normal.

I mean, we've all felt like we didn't fit
in at one point or another in our lives.

Heck, growing up and discovering I
had a penchant for dog breeding,

you think I had any friends?

Trust me, Claire.
This'll all blow over.

Really? Is it, Doug?

Do you think that this
is going to blow over?

What are you doing?

Oh, jeez.

How's that for normal?


We need more wine.

I have to tell them.

No. You can't
say anything.

If Samuel finds out I took you to the
past, I'll never see Charlie again.

- I have something special.
- I'll be right back.


I'm sorry, Hiro. We have
to stand up to him.

Some things are
just too important.

Where you been, friend?

I got lost.

Well, now
you're found.

Something going on
over here?


Something in your hair.

Well, then,
you must be starved.

Hiro, join me.

Make yourself useful.
Pass the cheer, will you?

Guess he's never seen
a regen before.

So, some dinner, huh?

Par for the course.

Especially when it comes
to my ex-husband.

I don't know what's going on
between him and Claire.

Well, I don't know, either, but I
think that Thanksgiving dinner

was just his way
of letting Claire know

that she has a family
that loves her.

Nothing wrong with that.

I thought
you gave up all this.

Yeah, so did I.

And then I come across this compass
which almost gets me killed.

It turns out, it belongs to this strange man
who shows up in my daughter's dorm room

threatening the normal life
she so desperately wants.

Well, maybe it's impossible.

Maybe I'm just not supposed
to have a normal life.

Sounds like you're giving up.
Why did you cut yourself?

I don't know. Maybe because
you guys all think

that you know what it's like
to be me, but you don't.

How could you possibly?

I have to lie
to everyone, otherwise

they faint.

I know that it has been hard and I
know that I have caused you pain,

but I'm concerned about you, Claire.
These are not good people.

They're dangerous. You just
have to trust me on this.

Would you stop treating
me like I'm a child?

Then stop
acting like one.

Let me get this.

Sorry, I'm late.

Hey, come on in.

Who's ready for pie?

Is there a problem, Mom?

Some family.

You look at me,
you don't see your son.

You see the man
who killed your son.

Don't be silly.

You. You don't
see your brother.

Well, that's because
I'm not your brother.


Guess again.

Oh, God.

Sylar's in there
with you, isn't he?

We never should've
gone to Texas, Pete.


Move back.



It feels good
to finally be me again.

What's for dinner?

I'm starved.

You know what makes this
meal truly special?

It's knowing that each and every one
of you had a hand in making it happen.

Just as we've had a hand
in each other's lives,

in our shared destiny.


We have depended on
each other for so long,

through good times
and bad.

But tonight, we should be
especially thankful.

The future is here.

And it will be greater
than my brother, Joseph,

could ever have imagined.

But I can't tell you
about it yet.

Not while there's a
traitor in our midst.

I just learned that the
person who killed my brother

is here.

Sitting at this table.

It's time we all knew
the truth, isn't it?

Tell them, Samuel.

You murdered Joseph.
The time traveler saw it.


Is that what you saw, Hiro?

I'm sorry. I have to
think about Charlie.

I didn't see anything.

You know what you did.

Why so angry, Edgar?

Is it because you've done
something shameful?

You killed Joseph,
didn't you?

You betrayed us
to the government.

And when Joseph found
out, you killed him.

You lying bastard!

What have you done?

I saved your life. Look.


I'm gonna finish him.

No, you can't hurt him.

He's the only one who
knows where Charlie is.

He killed Joseph.

I know, but this is not
the time for revenge.

Sometimes, a hero has to run away
to live to fight another day.

We will defeat him,
I promise you.

I'll hold you to that.

Only the guilty
turn tail and run.

Edgar is gone.
Good riddance.

I feel like I haven't
eaten in months.

You think that's some kind
of existential soul thing?

You have a soul?

Come on, buddy.

That's the best you got?
No big speeches about hope?

Triumph of
the human spirit?

Why don't you let me out of
this chair and find out?

And you...

You have raised the evil incarnate
bar to an entirely new level.

Thank you

for giving me something
to strive for.

All this talk of souls and
spirits has my head spinning.

I'm not
a religious man.

But there is one thing
I do believe in,


Time to carve the turkey.

Get away from her.

What's happening?

It's Nathan. He's in there.
Come on, fight him, Nathan.

Come on, fight him.

Nathan's dead!

No, he isn't.
He is still in you.

His spirit and his mind are
fighting for his family. Nathan!

Come on, Nathan!


Nathan, fight him.

What have you done to me?



I'm so sorry about that.

It's okay.

So, my dad
called you?

Yeah, well, he said
you were feeling low,

and he knew
I was feeling low, so...

How's your new roommate?



Actually, it's awful. No one's
tried to kill me for days now.

And she's a slob.

Well, you know, the other side
of the room is still available.

Sorry. You're right.

I don't know why you would ever
wanna move in with me again.

Maybe because, of all the people
that I've met in college so far,

you're the only one who's
ever made any sense to me.

Well, see, I told you you
were gonna have fun.

What do you think
about Christmas?

How about a movie?

Much better.

Should I give you my number, or were
you just planning on stalking me

in the produce aisle?

Canned goods,
I think it was.

My home number's
on the back.

Use it.

Happy Thanksgiving.
You, too.

Good night, ladies.
Nice meeting you.


We're leaving, Claire.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Noah, it was a pleasure.

Sorry about Doug.

He's fine.

I told him he ate a peanut. He's not the
sharpest tack, but he's a good man.

Never a dull
moment, Noah.

Not if I can help it.

Thank you.


I'm gonna go
wait in the car.

Thanks for the
invite, Mr. Bennet.

Any time.

I guess "I'm sorry" doesn't
begin to cover it.

No, it's not your fault.
I'm just...

I know. I know. You got
a lot to figure out.

I just want you to take your time and
really think about your choices, Claire,

because you do
have choices.

You're absolutely right.

So, you're going
back to school?

Yeah, classes start Monday,
and I will be there.

That's great news.
Love you.

Love you.

And thank you
for inviting Gretchen.

I wasn't over-reaching?

No. It was actually the
perfect Dad-thing to do.

Next Thanksgiving,
your place.

It's a date.

Hey. Ready
to head back?

Actually, no.

We have a couple of days off
before classes start,

and I wanna find out
where this leads.

Where did you get that?

I stole it from my dad.

He said I had choices,

and I wanna know
what they are.

And this is gonna
lead me to them.

A compass? Okay.

You up for an adventure?

It's okay if you're not.
I understand.

I mean, we might
run into Becky there.

Yeah, she's not one
of my favorite people.

But you are.

So, which way?

Take a right.

You saved Edgar.

How honorable.

Of course, when you betray me,
you put Charlie in danger.

Your brother was right. You are
powerful, but I am powerful, too.

I'll make it so
you never see her again.

You won't do that.

You still need me.

So, you tell me exactly
when and where Charlie is.

Or I am leaving. And you
will be the one who is lost.

I like this. Little man
standing up for himself.

But you don't actually think I'd
ever let you leave, do you?

You don't have a choice.

I always have a choice.

How do you feel, Hiro?

What have you done?

Look, I'm gonna find him, and
I'm gonna bring him back, Mom.

It's over.

It isn't possible anymore.

The one thing I know,

the one thing I can count on
since all this started,

is that anything
is possible.


Nobody wants him dead
more than me.

You wanna know
what I want even more?

My brother alive.

I'll find a way.