Heroes (2006–2010): Season 4, Episode 8 - Chapter Seven 'Once Upon a Time in Texas' - full transcript

When Hiro travels three years into the past, he has a second chance to save Charlie from the hands of Sylar. However, Samuel's presence serves to complicate Hiro's mission even further. ...

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I think we've found someone
who can help us fix the past.

I need you to send me back.

You have a rare gift, Hiro,
to right the wrongs of your life,

undo your mistakes.

You can never change the past.
It's bad. Always.

Everything is connected.

It's the butterfly effect!

I just thought of a new
entry for my bucket list.

the list, Hiro.

I must un-do
all the wrongs...

I have committed
in my life!

It is my mission!

Floating through time
is killing you!

I had a friend once.

She knew she was dying,
but that didn't push her off her path.

Her name was Charlie.

Oh, my God.
I can't believe I left her off the list.

You promised you would stay in bed.


Cute butt, hon.

Freeze. Them's my daddy's clothes
you're stealing.

I'm sorry but this is
a matter of life and death.

Destiny has sent me here
to save the life of the woman I love.


- There ain't no such thing.
- Oh, yes, there is.

My love's name is Charlie.

You've heard the story before.

Boy meets girl.

Hey, anything looking good, guys?

What's that on your jacket?

That means "I don't belong here," right?

Boy falls in love with girl.


You ready for disco.

Girl dies

Boy travels back through time
to try to save her life.

Charlie was my heart, my world,
my happily ever after.

I did everything I could
to try and save her life,

but life isn't a fairytale.

No matter how hard I tried,
the Brain Man, Sylar, always killed her.

When she died, I lost a part of myself.

My greatest failure.

Now, I've come back in time
to try again, to save Charlie.

And this time, I will defeat the Brain Man.

But what's a Brain Man?

It's okay.
I will make sure he doesn't hurt anybody.

- I am the good guy.
- Good guys wear white hats.

Bad guys wear black hats.

Do you mind?

He was wearing a black hat.

Oh, boy.

How's Arnold?

He's dying

Might be tonight, sooner. I don't know.

Our family is shrinking
and our graveyards getting bigger.

We need Hiro Nakamura.

- You said he was on a path.
- It's a damned long walk.

We need him now. It's not gonna be easy.

Come on, you can convince an apple
that it's an orange.

I know.

We need him to fix the past.

It's just...
I don't know how I'm gonna convince him.

Desperate times, desperate measures,
and all of that.

He's in love.

Her name is Charlie.

There's a problem. She's dead.
Three years ago.

That's not a problem.
That's an opportunity.

There's more.

There's a lot more.

And how are you gonna get back there?

Just gonna have to ask
my dying friend to help me again.

- You can't.
- We all have sacrifices to make.

Desperate times, desperate measures,
and all that.

Warm you up?

Well, if you please.

Nice watch.
That's a Sylar field edition, right?

You know, those were modelled
after the watch

that the Allied Commander John Pershing
brought back from Russia

after World War I.

Are you a collector?

No. No, I just... I read about him
in a magazine and just remembered.

Just something my brain's
been doing a lot of lately.

Just remembering everything.


I'm my very own Wikipedia.

Okay, who won
the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964?

Martin Luther King.

- 1986?
- Elie Wiesel.

- What's the most common cause of death?
- Heart attacks.

- What's the best thing on the menu?
- Tahitian pancakes.

Fruit cocktail, coconut shavings. It's yummy.

Do you think that your genius memory
is because of that blood clot in your brain?

- How did you...
- I have a gift, too.

I can see how things work.

And how to fix them if they're broken.

One look at you, it's plain as day.

I will try those Tahitian pancakes,
thank you very much.

Smart move, hiding like that.

- You, from the carnival. Butterfly Man
- We need to talk, Hiro. Now.

No, that's not what I'm saying, Sandra.

Of course, I want to be there
for homecoming.

I don't want to disappoint Claire,
but I don't control my work schedule.

Okay, I'll...
I will pick up milk on the way home.

And the Greenies for Muggles, right.

Okay. Love you. Bye.

Sorry I'm late.

Traffic was actually a bitch.

Homecoming. Hooray.

- Everything okay?
- Yeah, fine.

'Cause you're making the face.

- I'm not making the face.
- Yeah, you are.

- I don't make faces.
- Yes, you do.

Every time you lie to Sandra,

your eyebrows furrow
and you get this line right here.

I wish that I could tell her the truth.

I wish I could tell her that the reason
I'm gonna miss homecoming

is because I'm trying to catch
a deranged serial killer with super powers.

You know what?

I'm trying to save our daughters life
and I can't even tell her.

Lying sucks. It does.

Especially to family.
I mean, I wish I could tell my mom

that I missed my nephew's Bar Mitzvah
because I was busy bagging a guy

that could shoot fire out of his nose,
but I can't.

So what did you tell her?

- PMS.
- I don't think that would work for me.

This is nice.

What is nice?

Being able to not be so guarded,
not be "on".

It's just nice to have a friend I can talk to.

Is that what this is? Two friends talking?

- What would you call it?
- Flirting.

It's just been so long, you don't recognise it.

No, it's not.

We've been having breakfast twice a week
for months now.

Miles out of town.
I mean, the pancakes are not that good.

No, they're not.

You and I, we can talk about anything, and...

It's more than friends.

And you're such a cowboy,
you'd never admit it,

so I'm taking the initiative and I

booked a motel room. Crazy, right?

Or not.


No, no, no, no.

I will be right there.
Don't do anything until I get there.

Eden's here with the Sylar paintings.

Go. I'll meet you at the office.

Are you a time traveller, too?
Are you following me?

What are you doing here, Butterfly Man?

- The question is, what are you doing here?
- I'm hereto save Charlie.

And why would you be doing
something like that?

You told me
I could right the wrongs of my life

by stepping on the right butterflies.

This is the biggest. It's Mothra.

I'm here, Hiro, to make sure you understand
the magnitude of your endeavour,

to protect you.

This isn't a simple spilled slushy. Look.

You were on a specific path. Everyone was.
Sylar and Peter and Claire.

I'm making a tremendous sacrifice
to make sure you succeed, Hiro.

This place is a minefield.

One mistake here and it's kablooey history
Awful lot of trouble for one girl.

Pretty as little Susie Flapjacks is
is she absolutely worth it?


You will go on
your path,

Peter Petrelli will stop you...

and save the cheerleader,
just like he is supposed to.

Then the future will be back
on track --

and Charlie and I...

will live happily...

ever after!

The end!

Don't be nervous.

You're gonna be...



If Charlie doesn't die...

I don't go back in time to
save her...

and we don't fall in love.

And that means --

-- History goes kablooey!

Great Scott.

Don't go anywhere.
I'll be right back.

I should be in this picture.
I'm not.

Not yet...

You -- You're me!

Yes. lam Future-Hiro.

Like... Peter Petrelli saw on the
subway train!

Where's your sword?


left it at home.

I have come to tell you about
our destiny --

"Save the cheerleader.
Save the world!"

Actually the cheerleader's
going to be fine.

You must save the waitress.

What waitress? Charlie?


She's dead.

The Brain Man
killed her.

- Let me see!
- No!

You can't go out there.

It's too horrible.

You need to go quickly...

Six months into the past,

and save her.

I'm confused.

Charlie is our true love.

The MJ to our Spidey!

- The Marie to my Crono!
- Yes yes yes.

But you must go back six months...

to preserve the
space-time continuum.

If not,

we will never fall in
love with Charlie.

And then we will never save her?


The fate of the world
depends on it.


Isaac, this is Mr Bennet,
the man I told you about.

This girl, the one you've painted here,

and here, and there,

she's my daughter.

You're not the only one
with special abilities, Isaac.

There are others. Sylar is killing them,

one at a time.

If you know who he is,
then why can't you stop him?

Because nobody knows what he looks like.
That's why I need your help.

To do what?

You know, 14 years ago,
a woman left behind a baby girl,

with no one to take care of her.

My wife and I had been having trouble

conceiving a child of our own
at the time, and...

And it was like

God had reached down
and given us a miracle.


this is my daughter we're talking about.

I was eavesdropping, sorry,
but I heard everything.

I had no idea.

You and I, we'll handle this, okay?

I'm such an ass, I'm sorry.

- Look, homecoming isn't for 37 hours.
- Thirty-seven hours and 17 minutes.

We're made of time.

We'll nail this guy.

And this thing here,
just pretend it never happened, okay?

- I'm Haitianing you.
- No, no.

Don't Haitian me.

I don't wanna forget.

Everything all right, Hiro?

A-okay, cowboy.

Now, why do you look like
the cat who ate the canary?

I did it. No kablooey, see?


Now I'm beginning lo understand
why you're going to all this trouble.

Yes. I don't want to waste another minute.

You sure you got all your I's crossed
and your T's dotted?

I'm sorry?

Thank you very

The pleasure is all mine.

What happened to your clothes?

I'm Future-Hiro.

Where's your sword?

Who cares about the sword!
Forget the sword! Look --

Your Hiro is six months in the past.

You must wait for him.

He'll be here soon.

Just promise me you'll wait --

Fine, I promise.

Good great.

Stay there.

Stay right there...

Stay... Stay...

- Charlie?
- Hiro.


What's wrong?

Nothing's wrong. Not any more.

You're acting like you haven't seen me
in forever.

- Come on. Let's go.
- Go where?

Anywhere. Everywhere. Pick a place.
Your trip around the world starts today.

- I don't have anything packed.
- We can buy clothes when we get there.

You're serious.

I don't want to spend
one more minute apart from you.

Come with me right now.

Where are we going, Charlie?

Otsu, Japan.

It's where Takezo Kensei was born.

You remember.

Of course.

In the Shiga Prefecture,

Otsu is a favourite destination
for relaxing on the beaches of Lake Biwa.

We can take nice long walks.

The average rainfall in Otsu is 13 inches.

- The average temperature is 10 degrees...
- Charlie?

The Emperor Tenji built the Omi Otsu Palace
in 672,

and the famous haiku writer Matsuo Basho
wrote that the city smelled like fish.


What was I saying?

You were on autopilot, talking about Otsu.

Charlie. Over here.

What's going on?

Stu porous.

Decerebrate rigidity, vegetative disturbance.

I don't understand.

It's the aneurysm. It's rupturing.

I'm dying, Hiro.

Not yet you're not.

You. Who are you?
I was just in the diner and then...

What did you do to me?

- What do you want?
- You said you could fix things.

I need you to fix Charlie.

You told her you understand
how to fix things that are broken.

She's dying.

You're dying first.

You can't kill me, Brain Man.

- I have something you want.
- Yeah.

Your power.

- How are you able to do that?
- I'm the master of time and space.

But right now, I'm freezing time.

Well, that must get tiring.
I can do this all day. Can you?

If you kill me,

you will never learn
what I know about the future.

Your future. Your life.

And death.

Now I know you're lying.

I'm on my way to meet
a very special cheerleader.

Then I'll be invincible, immortal.

Are you sure about that?

I will tell you everything I know
if you help me save Charlie.

You're dying, too, aren't you?

A tumour, huh? Well...

- Hiro.
- How is she?

Not well. Who's he?

He's a doctor.

I'm a doctor.

We'll help her, I swear.

You can help her, right?
You saw her aneurysm. You can take it out.

No problem. It's like balling a melon.

I usually prefer a more invasive style.

She dies, you die.


If it's my time, I'm okay with that.

Really, you don't have to do this.

No. We are meant to be together.

Whatever it takes.

You might wanna stay still for this.

I'm scared.

I'm scared.

In Japan,

there was a very
famous poet...

named Ryokan.

He wrote my favourite haiku --

"The thief left it behind;"

"the moon at my window."

Even if everything else is lost,

we will always have our love.

No thief,

no illness...

can ever take it away.

Our love...

is the...



I'm fine. I'm fine. He did it.

Five, six, seven, eight.

We are the Wildcats, we're here to say hello

To our friends the Roughnecks

From San Antonio

We're psyched and we're ready

To come out on top

Don't even try to fight it

'Cause we can't be stopped

Now we say in closing

The best of luck to you

The Wildcats are number one
and we'll prove it, too

- Hey.
- Hey.

Everything okay?

Can't a father go see his daughter cheer
at homecoming?

- You never see me cheer.
- I know.

I hate that I might miss
homecoming tomorrow.

I was supposed to grab a bite to eat
with the girls,

but' I don't know,
we could hang if you want.

I would love to hang.

So, everything's okay at work?

Yeah. Why would you think
somethings wrong?

I mean, do you like it?
Do you love it, selling paper?

Yeah. I like it a lot.

I just... I'm sorry.

I can't imagine you
being in high school and saying,

"When I grow up, I wanna sell paper."

Well, no. Not exactly.

What did you wanna do?

Tell me. Please?

I wanted to teach high school English.

What do you know about Shakespeare?

"Now, fair Hippolyta, our nuptial hour
draws on apace,

"four happy days bring in another moon,

"but, O, methinks, how slow
this old moon wanes.

"She lingers my desires..."



What is that, Romeo and Juliet?

Midsummer Night's Dream.
It's all about falling in and out of love.

You're a drama geek.

I think you should do it.
I think you should teach.

I mean, you can wait till I graduate,
but I think you should.

I don't think ifs gonna happen.

I just think you should do
what makes you happy.

I am happy.

Claire, we're leaving. Come on.

Wow. You go. I'll see you later.

- Love you.
- Love you back.

- Are you sure you're okay?
- Yeah.

Yeah, I'm telling you, I feel fine.

Wow, you're right. These are incredible.

Sorry to interrupt
this little Hallmark moment,

but we had a deal.
You tell me everything you know.

Yes. I will tell you how you die.

You die alone. I'm sorry.

What the hell is that supposed to mean?

It means that you will collect a lot of powers.
You will kill many people.

You will become strong,
the strongest of them all.

But in the end, it won't make any difference.

We all gather to stop you. You alone.

No one will mourn your death.
No one will shed a tear.

No one.

I wish I can change fate,

but you must go on your path.

Five, six, seven, eight.

We are the Wildcats, we're here to say hello

To our friends the Roughnecks

From San Antonio

We're psyched and we're ready

I would love one of those.

- I'm glad you came.
- I can't do this.

I just don't think it's smart
for either one of us.

Workplace romances never are.

Please don't do that.

- Do what?
- Blame it on the job. Come on.

You do that with Sandra and Claire. Not me.

You know how complicated it can be. You...

I know.
I've been to the human resources training.

I mean, come on.

That is not this.

This isn't "let's go have sex
in the supply closet

"because we're bored with our lives" thing.

You care about me.

Yes, I do.

We are such good liars.

We've convinced ourselves that
everything is okay, but it is not okay.

Taking the long way home, you know.
Having that extra beer with dinner.

Don't you wanna be yourself?

Don't we deserve a little bit of happiness?

I love my family.

And as complicated as it is,
as much as I lie to them, I...

I still love them.

And maybe one day I can tell them the truth.
I just don't want to destroy that possibility.

And that is the truth.

I know.

- You're a great agent.
- Yeah.

I can bag and tag with the best of them.
I'm a regular rodeo queen.

I need you, Lauren.

I need your help with this Sylar mess.
I need your help with Claire.

Of course.

Of course.

And that I will always be there
to help you, Noah.

Let's get back to work.

Sorry to disturb you, Future-Hiro.

But, is everything okay?

Everything is perfect.

Keep waiting for me.

I'll be back soon-ish.

Now go back inside.

Go, Go.

What's wrong?

I don't know. I...
I kind of have a knot in my gut.

Then allow me to untie it.

You're the one that put it there.

Look, Hiro, I was okay with dying.
Really, I'd accepted that.

But this... Gosh, this just feels like cheating.

- No, it's okay.
- It's not. It's not okay.

I mean, that man, Sylar,
you said he's gonna kill a lot of people.

I just don't understand
how you could let him do that.

You're supposed to be
one of the good guys.

I... I had to preserve
the time-space continuum.

You didn't. You changed it. You saved me.

But this is our happily ever after.
We're going to Otsu. Yay, Otsu.

Hiro, 300,000 people die every single day.

Young, old. There are accidents, murders.

Why am I any different?
Why do I get to live?

Because I love you.

Then that's just selfish.

Excuse me. I found this on my desk.
I guess somebody delivered it by mistake.

You planning on staying
at the Midland Motel?

So, we're pretending that we've never been
to the Burnt Toast Diner?

Everything okay, Bennet?


Yeah, it's my mistake.

I thought I saw you there.

- Have a good night.
- You, too.

Beer, please. Root.

It's over.

Excuse me

do I know you?


Not yet.

I'm sorry --
are you okay?

I think I may have...

ruined my chance...

at finding true love.

"The course of true love
never did run smooth."

It's a messy business, friend.

Good luck.


Hiro, I was just so terrible to you.

After everything you did, risking your life
You must think something awful of me.

Never. I understand what you think.

That I was selfish.

And maybe I was.

But I'm not. I know the world
is a better place with you in it.

Well, thank you.

Thank you for saving my life.

Shucks, ma'am.

It was no trouble.

Were you crying?

No, it's folding paper.

I was trying to make 1,000 origami cranes.

I want our happy
ending too.

I love you.

Happily. Ever. After.

Let's go.

Here, Charlie.

Butterfly Man. What's going on?

I've done something very bad, Hiro.

What do you mean?

I've taken Charlie. I had to.

Had to what? Where?

Where have you taken her?

Back to my carnival.

Rather, forward to our present.

Why? Why would you do that?

To get to you. It's all been about you, Hiro.

Take me to her. Where is she? Where is she?

You're gonna have to dig deep
and take control.

You're gonna have to take us back
if you ever wanna see her again.

Where is she?

You did it, Hiro.
You're gaining control back. That's great.

You said she was

Where's Charlie?!

She's not exactly here.



Have you seen Charlie? Where is Charlie?

His name was Arnold.

He was a time traveller, just like you.
His body couldn't take the strain.

He had a tumour, just like you.

The last thing I asked him to do was
to take your Charlie and trap her

somewhere in time.

It killed him.

You're a murderer.


Tell me where Charlie is.

If I told you, there'd be nothing
to keep you here.

You manipulated me this whole time.

You left me no choice.

You got too much of that...
What do they call it in Japan?

Honour. I respect that, I respect you,

but I had to do something
to get you to work for me.

To fix my past.

But why me if you had a time traveller?

If anyone here found out
about my transgressions,

all the good work I've done would unravel.

You are not Butterfly Man.

You are Evil Butterfly Man.

I'm the only one who knows
exactly where your sweet Charlie is.

And you can save her, but only
if you do exactly what I ask you to do.

I got my own butterflies that need crushing.

What must I do?

I made a mistake.

About eight weeks ago.


So sorry.