Heroes (2006–2010): Season 4, Episode 7 - Chapter Six 'Strange Attractors' - full transcript

Matt goes to extreme measures to extinguish Sylar, who continues to torment him. Elsewhere, H.R.G. calls in a favor from Tracy to save a troubled young boy whose misfortunes resemble her ...

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Previously on Heroes.

What happened to your parents?

I touched them and they died.

I know about your power.

And I know that you're not a killer.

You're a healer.

You're staying here?

- How long?
- Until I know that you're all right.

I'm Becky Taylor.

Open rush st:-ms today at the house,

why don't you come by and meet the girls?

I'm missing bid night, Uncle Samuel.

Checking on your work with Claire Bennet.

You're doing everything you can
to isolate her,

push other people away,
push her in our direction?

I remember flying.

I flew jets. In the military, maybe.

What's the first name
that pops into your head?

Call me Nathan.

I have a crush.

Please accept this bid to join
the Psi Alpha Chi sisterhood.

You need to figure out
how to undo what you did,

give me back my body, and I will be happy.

You're a killer. I'm a cop.

If I have to keep you trapped
inside this prison for the rest of my life,

so be it.

That was amazing. You were amazing.

Forbidden fruit.

My favourite kind.


- you can't do this.
- Is that right?

Well, now, you say you're a family friend,
and now you're a lawyer?

- Jeremy lost his parents.
- Well, my point exactly.

You saw the broken heater in that house.

You can't lock him up
like he's some kind of a killer.

You know this was an accident.

Yeah. What I know is that
two people are dead, and that boy...

Well, let's just say that it's not the first time
he's made some trouble in my town.

Okay? He's building up quite the rap sheet.

Are you pressing charges?

That kid ain't going anywhere
until I finish my investigation.

And if and when that happens,

I'm not releasing him to anyone
who's not the next of kin.

And that is not you, friend.

You have yourself a nice evening now.

Hey. It's me.

I need your help.

I can get a latte here, no problem, right?

I saw a cow about a mile back.
You get some espresso, we're in business.

Thanks for coming.
I didn't know if you'd show.

- And who was your fallback?
- Don't have one.

Then I'm honoured.

So, you found a kid with abilities.

I thought that you were done
with the whole bag and tag business.

This is more of a rescue mission.
His name is Jeremy, 17 years old.

He has what you'd call a dual ability.
Life and death.

He got into an argument
with his parents and...

- He killed them?
- It was an accident.

His emotions got the better of him.
We all know that that can happen.

Is that why you called me?

Not entirely.

Look, they won't release him to me
because I'm not family.

But it turns out that the kid
is very fond of his Aunt Tracy.

Just go in, talk to him, sign him out.

- I don't know.
- He's got nobody.

You've been there.

Are you awake?

Yeah. You?


Are you afraid I'm going to
kiss-attack you in your sleep?


We should talk about this.

Yeah, I guess we should.

It was stupid and impulsive and bad...

It wasn't bad.

I mean, you're a good kisser, I just...

I don't want to mess this up.

Mess what up?

My new, totally ordinary life.

You know, the one I'm still chasing.

Gretch, you're the first real friend
I've had since I left Texas,

and that's a big deal for me.

And I really like you a lot.

Just not in that way.

Jeez, Claire.

You don't have to go all Buffy on us.
We're just kidnapping you.

I am so sorry.

Do you wanna be an Alpha Chi or not?

- Is that a trick question?
- Where are you taking us?

Well, if I told you, that wouldn't be
a very good kidnapping, would it?

I cannot believe
that they shoved us in a trunk.

So lame.

Look at us.

All tied up in the dark.

You know' they have entire websites
devoted to this.

- Sorry.
- Sorry.

So, you were saying
how you didn't really like me in that way.

No, you were saying that.

I was saying that you've been a great friend.

So, which way is it?

I don't know.

What does that mean?

It means I don't know.


Good morning. Welcome to Hell Week.

All right, ladies, listen up.

This is what we call
a Screamin' Scavenger Hunt.

There's a big Alpha Chi treasure close by.

Whichever team finds it first
gets to sit out Hell Week.

Trust me, you wanna sit out.
We bought goldfish.

Good luck.

But remember, ladies,

someone's gotta win
and someone's gotta lose.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Where are we?

Thank you.


My name's Tracy.
I'm a friend of Mr Bennet's.

How'd you get in here?

- We told them that I was your aunt.
- My aunt?

I don't have an aunt.

You do now.

Mr Bennet fixed some paperwork,
and here I am.

Mr Bennet said that
everything would go away,

that the cops would buy the story.

Mr Bennet said they'd let me go.


All I have to do is sign you out.

That might not be such a good idea.

Why not?

I killed my parents. I'm a murderer.

You can't control me.
You've never been able to -do that.

Well, I had a compelling reason.
Let's face it. Your wife is kind of hot.


That's the second Parkman
I made scream today.

If you want'
I can give you some pointers later.

You crazy psycho.

What are you gonna do? Hit me?
Defend your lady's honour?

We both know it's not about that.

It's about all those other things
I can do to her and Matty.

The next time I take over your body,

that's when the real fun begins.


Oh, my God. Do you smell that?
It smells like something died in here.

What is this place?

Oh, my God.


- Oh, my...
- Please don't say that again.

Hey, guys.

Super-cute puzzle over here.

"What you find will help you survive.
When we were found will keep you alive."

- "When we were found"?
- Okay, guys,

let's just open one
so we can get out of here.


Relax. Relax. It's not real.
They're just trying to scare us.

Open 24.

How do you know?

"When we were found." 1924.
That's when the sorority was founded.

You know that?

My mom's a former sister, remember?

- Thank God. I am so thirsty.
- Hey. One bottle per team.

No problem. Come on, Ash.
They won the first round.

Now we are going to bring it.

Can I just stay here?

J ere my,

what happened with your parents,

I understand.

All you did was touch them.

The day that I discovered my ability,
I killed a man.

He was threatening me.

I grabbed him, and something took over,

something inside of me.

And no matter how hard I tried...

You couldn't let go.

Your emotions took over. You got mad.
For most people, that's not a bad thing.

We're not most people.

I'm gonna get you out of here.

His next of kin is here.

What possible reason
do you have for holding him?

- Well, we got plenty.
- Is this Jeremy's?

Gil, show him what we found.

"I feel the darkness surrounding me.
I am the bringer of death."

He's 17 years old.

Half the songs on his iPod
sound just like that.

Well, maybe I should read you
the part about killing animals.

Any kid at school will tell you he does it.
For fun.

So now we're taking gossip as evidence?
Is that it?

There's something wrong
with that boy, okay?

As far as I'm concerned, this proves it.

He ain't getting away with killing his family.
He's staying right here.

No. They still haven't charged him
and their evidence is circumstantial at best.

Yes, right now.

I'm calling in a favour, Dennis.

Thank you. All right, I'll see you then.

Sounds like you're shaking things up
in there.

From the looks of the place,
I'd say they could use it.

Is that right?

Tell me something. How's a girl like you
end up in a place like this?

You'd have to do better than that.

The name is Samuel.
And I'm here to ask you one question.

If you're here to save young Jeremy's life,
then what's next?

Are you gonna take him to a place
just to live?

Or where he belongs?

- What did you do?
- It's all right.

- Stay back.
- I'm a friend, Tracy.

- How do you know my name?
- It's all right. You're safe here.

I'm like you. We're all like you.

What is this place?


Slaughter floor or operations centre?

Should I even ask?

Have a nice Hell Week.

After you.

So, how long have you known?

Known what?
That I really don't wanna be in this sorority?

That you liked girls.

You make it sound like I have to declare.
Like it's my major or something.

I'm actually jealous.

First year of college
and you've already figured yourself out.

I don't know about that.

Truth is, I've had more boyfriends
than girlfriends.


How many more?

Six or seven. It's not a lot, right?

Sounds about right.

But you're not...

No, you couldn't be. You were a cheerleader.

Not what?

A virgin.


We could not be more different.

Maybe were strange attractors.

Strange attractors?

It's a physics thing.

Everything in the universe
has a magnetic charge, right?

So strange attractors are particles

that end up together
that don't really belong together,

but when they're together,
they're super powerful.

Sort of like we could be.

Or not.


Hold on.

Come on.
Don't tell me you're freaked out now.

I mean, look. See?


Just more lameness.

G retch.

What the hell was that?

I'm starting to think this isn't a game.

This is the life Jeremy could have.

What? Working at a carnival?

Surrounded by family. His true family.

Do you remember the first time
you experienced your gift?

"Gift" might be a little generous.

Like the entire universe
coursing through you, all at once.

That wasn't just your ability, Tracy.

You were tapping into something
greater than yourself.

We're all connected.

- I'd like to believe that.
- Believe it.

Every time someone joins this family,
I get a feeling, in here.

It's an energy, I guess.

It gets stronger every day.
This is where Jeremy should be.

What, living in trailers?
Drifting from town to town?

What would you do?
Give him a false name? A false life?

This is a boy who can work miracles.
Why should he be invisible?

Bring him home. You could join him.

I know you've been lost, too.
It's your nature.

That's enough.

Just take me back now.

Fair enough.

Look, I'm never about the hard sell,
but please take this.

To find your way back here.

This is Lydia.

She'll take you from here.

I know her. I helped her.
She came to me when she was sad.

- No.
- I held her in my arms. We were flying.

We've talked about this.

The memories you're having,
they're not yours.

Then whose are they?

And if the real me isn't in here,

then where am I?

Matt, what are you doing?

I have to leave.
It's just... It's not safe for you and Matty.

- Why?
- Because...

Someone else can control me. My body.

Someone else.

Matt, why do you always do this?

Come on. We're just getting close.
We're going on 15 years

- and you want to blow everything up again?
- Janice. Janice.

Look, I did a terrible thing.

This should be good.

I used my ability to push
one man's memories

- into another man's head.
- Yeah, my head.

There is somebody out there
using my body without my permission.

- I didn't even know that you could do that.
- It was wrong. I know that.

But I had to do it
to get rid of this really bad criminal.

Well, that's not very nice. So quick to label.

Or at least just his mind.

And now his consciousness
is rattling around up in here.

- Well, there's so much space.
- Will you shut up?

Janice, Janice. Look, I can get rid of him.

The answer's out there.
I just gotta go find it.

Good luck.

I need you to trust me. Okay?

And I'm gonna give you guys a moment.

- You trust me, right?
- Do your thing.

Come on, you said it yourself,
a decade and a half,

that's worth something, right? I can fix this.

Okay. Okay.

You need a place to work things out,
you should stay here.

- No.
- No, I insist. It's safer for you here.

- And I'll take Matty and we'll go and...
- Don't.

Don't tell me where you're gonna go.
I don't want him to hear.

Okay. Okay.

- I love you.
- Good.

That was pretty smart, even for you,
not letting her tell me where she's gonna be.

But you still haven't figured out
how to get rid of me, genius.

Mohinder, look,
I have no idea where you are.

Just... Will you do me a favour?

Call me back. Okay? I just...
When you get this, just call me.


How's he gonna help you?

He's probably still working
on his fathers research.

Why don't you try your old lady?
See if she picks up.

Forget it, Parkman.

It is time for you
to give me back my body and just

accept that I'm gaining ground and I...

I can make you do whatever I want.


This is hurting you a little bit, isn't it?

You wish.

You know what? You're right.
I mean, you slept with my wife.

You can control me at any time, right?

All right.

Control me. Stop me from drinking this beer.
Come on.

Come on. Stop me.

Why don't we see

how you do

against the heavy artillery.


I think I finally found a leash for this dog.

There you are. Your guy came through.

- I've made all the arrangements.
- That's great.

- You all right?
- Yeah.

Yeah. Let's just... Let's get him out of here.


Jeremy' they're letting you go.

But who am I gonna live with?

You'll be a few doors down from me
in my apartment building in D.C.

I've set up a new identity for you.
Your name is Jarod Mitchell,

and you're going to attend
Georgetown High School.

So nobody will know what I can do?

You'll learn to control your ability
with Tracy's help.

But you're gonna keep it to yourself.
It's the only way.

What if something happens?

Nothing's going to happen. You'll be safe.

You'll be invisible.

So, what, you think a sorority
brought us out here to kill us?

That's ridiculous. It's just a game.

It didn't just move itself.

But there was no one else there.
How else would you explain it?

In my world, there's a million ways.

- Name one.
- Telekinesis.

I've seen it.
Heck, I know someone who has it.

So, wait, you're saying
there's another one of you here?

It's very possible.

And, what, they're bored
and they're playing a college prank on you?

Not a prank.

You think that they're trying to kill you?

- Not me.
- Then who?

Me? Come on.

Think about it.
My first roommate committed suicide

with a mysterious note
that wasn't there, but then it Was.

I mean, maybe you almost getting gutted
wasn't a coincidence.

Claire, that is a little out there.

Sounds like some
crazy-ass conspiracy theory.

Which pretty much describes
your entire life.

What was that?

I don't know.

Ash, cut it out. Come on.

Hey, you guys all right?

- You find another clue?
- Like I'm gonna tell you.

Look, your roommate's freaked out,
and we don't care about the treasure.

Let's just stick together,
get the hell out of here,

and once we find it, you can have it. Deal?

- Okay. Can we just go?
- Deal.

Lead the way.

Take my car. Straight ahead.

- You're sick!
- We know what happened to your parents!

- Hey, you're getting away with murder, you...
- Let go of him.

- Hey
- Don't hurt him.

Jeremy' stop. Let him go.

Get the hell away from him.

- Jeremy. Jeremy. Jeremy' you can save him.
- Get the hell away from him.

Everyone, back. Back.

Jeremy, listen to me. You can help him.
You can save him.

Everybody, stand back. Now, listen, son.

You're going back in there,
where you belong.

You know what you did
to your momma and your daddy.

Jeremy' come on. You can save him.
You can do it.


You do not understand the first thing
about what's happening here.

Three people are dead. I understand that.
And that boy, whatever he is, is responsible.

Hey, do you want it to happen again?
Just let me talk to him.

Talk to him?

You're through talking to him. Both of you.

You think killers go free, huh?
Not in this town.

Gil, where's the boy?

Gil, do you read?

The boy is gone. Gil, do you read me?
Are you there?

Not so tough now, are you?

Go ahead. Take your best shot.

Give me a reason.

You're not normal.

You don't belong here.


You like that?

You know what this is?

I bought this with Janice
on our anniversary trip to Ensenada.

And it is so poetic
that I'm using it to bury you.

Bury me or drown the truth?

The truth? What? That you're nothing.
You're just a figment of my imagination.

Let's quiet those voices, shall we?

Your wife walked out on you.

You think she wanted
to give you your space?

She can't stand the sight of you.
You're pathetic.

You know what she said to me
in front of the fire last night?

"Why can't you be
more like this all the lime?"

When you're gone,

Janice and I are gonna have
a beautiful life together.

You're so desperate to fit in.

Why can't you accept your power?

Why do you insist on being so forgettable?

Oh, man. You're afraid.

You're afraid of dying.

And you just passed out.

You just passed out.


- Matt.
- Parkman.

Honey, I did it. I really did it.

Parkman? Okay, okay.

"Kill house."

"Prep room."

Kill house sounds more dangerous.
We're taking that one.

I thought we were gonna stick together?

No way.

Let's just check this real quick,
and we'll catch up to them.

Well, we won.

Kind of.

I'm gonna go get Paris and Nicole.

- I get it, by the way.
- You get what?

You, wanting lo run from your freaky world
and live a normal life.

I shouldn't have put you on the spot
and gotten all relationshippy on you.

- The last thing you need right now...
- I need you.

Trust me.



What's going on?

Oh, my God. Claire.

- Oh, my...
- God.


Grab her.

A little help, please.

- Claire?
- Oh, my God. Claire.

Oh, my God. Don't. Don't do it.

- Stop! Stop!
- Don't! Don't...

- What the
- What?

How did you...

What's happening?

What are we going to do?


We could have saved him.

He needed a home.

A real home.



Tracy, I'm sorry.

You know, this was supposed to be simple.
Just go in and sign him out.

I thought I could manage it.

By hiding him away for the rest of his life?

I stood on his porch and I told him
that I wouldn't let him down.

But you did.

We did.

I did what I thought was right.

And I was wrong.

I've been wrong all these years.

Do we have to be invisible?

You ever think we could just live, Noah?

Out in the open?

After today, no.

Don't ever call me again.

- Hi.
- Hey.

You gave us quite a scare there, brother.

I know. I'm sorry. I just...

I had to see if I could...

I'm much better now.

Not quite.

We start over. From the beginning.
You hear me?


Thanks. Both of you.

I love you.

You'll love me a lot more
after I take a shower.

Let me guess.

You want your body back.

Did you think you were actually winning?

The second you blacked out,
I slipped right in.

Now I'm in the driver's seat.

You'll never get away with this.

I already have.