Heroes (2006–2010): Season 4, Episode 6 - Chapter Five 'Tabula Rasa' - full transcript

Under Samuel's guidance, Sylar starts on a path to rediscover his true identity. Hiro helps Emma accept and understand the great possibilities that go along with having an ability. ...

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SAMUEL: Previously on Heroes.

I must have gotten
your ability on the street.





Peter Petrelli?

ANGELA: You're supposed to be the
man with the plan, remember?

I'm not sure
I'm that guy anymore.

It's just, you know, kind of sad
when you look back on your life

and you realize it
hasn't amounted to much.

What are you talking about?

Your whole life has been
about trying to help people.

But I don't remember
actually helping anybody.

LUBBOCK: The guy doesn't know his
name, what day it is, nothing.

I'm gonna help you.

You're a watchmaker from Queens
who murdered your own mother.


What are you waiting for?

SAMUEL: A broken vessel.

An empty shell.

What is a man without the mind?
Without memory?

A ghost?

A body in search of a soul?

With no compass to guide us,

how can we know if our
destiny is to seek the good

or obey the demons
that whisper in our ear?

The blank slate hungers
to be written upon.

The body thrives when the
heart has a mission.

How are you feeling, Hiro?

You collapsed in my
apartment last night.

You remember?

And you brought me
to the hospital?

I spoke to the doctors.

Hiro, you're very sick.

Yes, I know. Brain tumor.
I'm dying.

I guess I didn't want to believe that I
would end up in a hospital bed so soon,

but here I am.

Look, I know about dying.

I've helped a lot of people
through this transition.

I'm gonna help you
with whatever you need.

Maybe that's why
you came to me.


But maybe not.

Destiny has been sending me to
different places, different times,

to right many wrongs
before I die.

Maybe destiny has brought me to you,
Peter, to fix a problem in your life.

No, my...
My life is fine.

I really don't need any fixing.

What if you didn't come here
so that you can fix me?

What if you're here
so that I can fix you?

I've seen the best doctors
in Japan.

There's nothing
that can be done.

Maybe not by doctors.

The faster I can go,

the faster I can get back.

HIRO: Go? Go where?

Just sit tight, okay?

I'll be right back.

Are you okay?

Did you send a cello
to my apartment?

Cello? No.

There's something wrong with my
ability, or whatever you call it.

There's nothing wrong.

(LAUGHS) It's confusing
at first. I know.

It's difficult for everyone
in the beginning.

And I wanna talk about it
with you, but I can't.

Right now I have to leave.


My friend is dying.
And it can't wait.

You know what?

You have questions about abilities,
you should talk to him.

He knows everything there
is to know about abilities.

His name is Hiro. Talk to him.
And I'll be back soon.

Where are you going?

To save his life.


He's not what you expected.

For years,
I've heard rumors, stories.

Sylar, the most powerful
one of all.

SAMUEL: But that man
seems beaten.


What happened to him, Lydia?

I'm not sure.

It's like there are two
sides at war within him.

Good morning, Sylar.
How'd you sleep?

You called me Sylar.
Who's Sylar?

That's you.
That's your name.

I don't know.
The police told me my name is Gabriel.

You don't even know your name?

What happened to you?


I don't know.

I can't remember.

You know what I think?

I think a great damage
has been done to you.

And you've come to us to heal.

Walk with me.
Spend the day among us.

And, with time,
your memories will return.

What do we call you?
Gabriel? Sylar?

Take a deep breath. What's the first
name that pops into your head?

Call me Nathan.

Why are you doing this for me?
I mean, you're taking me in,

hiding me from the police.
You don't even know me.

Of course I do.
You may not realize it,

but you're a man
of great powers.


Last night at the police
station, I raised my hand

and somehow threw a man
across a room.

What's wrong with me?

There's nothing wrong.
You're special.

Take a look around.
Here, everyone is.

Hey, Teddy. Show him
what you can do.


You mean everybody here...

Is like you.
Like us.

Lydia, come meet
our new friend.

Show him around
a bit, will you?

I think you two are gonna
like each other.

My pleasure.


What is it?

I remember shaking
lot of hands.


Like I was a politician or something.
Is that possible?

I suppose anything is possible.

Come on.


MR. BENNET: Hi. Laundry day.
Is this a bad time?

No. Come on in.

How goes job hunting?


Well, hang in there,
it'll work out.

Thank you.

Can I have some quarters?
I need like 12 of them.

Yeah, sure. Over there in the jar.
Help yourself.

Don't take this the wrong way,

but have you ever thought about
doing a little volunteer work?




How'd you get in the bathroom?

(SIGHS) It's been a long time
since I've teleported.

I need you
to deliver some tickets.

"Captain Lubbock.
Baltimore P.D."

Isn't this the guy who was
hunting Sylar last night?

Something is very wrong.

SAMUEL: The memories are returning,
but they're the wrong memories.

There's someone else
inside his head.

We need to jump-start
the real Sylar,

wake the sleeping lion.


If the real Sylar sees this cop
coming at him, he might kill him.

Indeed he might.

Hiro's dying?

He doesn't have to
if I can find a healer.

That's why I came
over here, Noah.

I want you to help me
locate one.

What about my blood?
Can't you take me back with you?

We can give him
a blood transfusion.

That won't work.
A tumor is living tissue.

Your blood's regenerative powers
would only make it grow faster.

But there was a kid.
A bag and tag of three to four years ago.

How long does he have?
Hard to tell.

Could be a couple of months,
could be a couple of hours.

Yeah, that's him.
Jeremy Greer.

We found him when he was 13.

I was getting a report of a kid that was
bringing squashed bugs back to life.

Back from the dead?

Well, no, not exactly,

but if just the leg's
still twitching,

all he had to do was touch
them, and away they would fly.

We studied him for four days and,
of course, erased his memory.

He was a good kid.
Or he wanted to be.

He couldn't decide if his
power was a gift or a curse.

Well, if he can save Hiro,
it's definitely a gift.

"Cainan, Georgia."
You ready?


Samuel's brother, Joseph, began
the tradition of morning chores.

He believed that hard work helped
bind a community together.

SYLAR: Well, I'm certainly looking
forward to getting my hands dirty.

I haven't done an honest
day's work since...

Since I can't remember when.

It's nice having you here.

We don't see a new face
among us that often.

Especially one so handsome.


Hey, how you doing?

That Lydia always had
a thing for bad boys.

What do you mean?

I've heard about you, Sylar.
How you steal powers from other people.


I'm sorry, man. I literally have
no idea what you're talking about.

I'm sure you can do some fancy tricks.
But you know what?

I have some tricks of my own.

Okay. Excuse me.


Those are kind of in the way.

Are you gonna stop this?

Boys will be boys.


Why don't we let the
others finish up here?

There's someone
I'd like you to meet.



It's so strange
when that happens.

My hand just rises up
and can suddenly do

these incredible things.
Like motor memory.

Memories don't only exist in the mind.
The body retains everything.

I remember flying.

You mean flying in a plane?

I mean like piloting a jet.

I flew jets.
In the military, maybe.

Politician's life,
jet pilot, this all sounds

like a very exciting life,
but it isn't yours.

Someone's done
something to you.

Polluted your mind somehow.

I thought your true memories
would return on their own,

but that's just not happening.

You want to know who you
really are, don't you?

Of course I do.

Then it's time
for stronger measures.


SAMUEL: This is Damian.
He has a powerful gift.

In his hands, your true
memories will be returned.

Are you ready
to know the truth?


SAMUEL: Take him
to the House of Mirrors.

Oh! Go away. I have no more blood left.
No more blood.

Blood? I'm sorry. I...
I read lips, but yours moves differently.

Sorry. Japanese accent.

I'm Emma.
I'm Hiro.

Yeah. Peter Petrelli said I can ask
you questions about my abilities.

You have a power?

How can I make it stop?

No. Manifesting a power
is a wondrous time.

A hero never refuses the call.

I'm deaf.
I can't hear the call.


You must have many questions.

Just one.
How do I turn it off?

It's not a light switch.
It's part of who you are.

Sorry to have bothered you.


Dead plants, dead bushes...

Not exactly what you'd
expect from a healer, huh?

So, what do you know
about this kid?

Not that much.

You know, I tested him, I wrote
up a report, threw it in a file,

but the kid was just
coming into his ability.

He had a lot of questions, so
naturally we wiped his memory,

sent him back
to his messed-up family.

I went on
to my next assignment.

The Company was never what
you'd call a support group.

Yeah, more about powers
and less about the people.

That's right.

You saw him heal, right?

Yeah, bugs,
dog that got hit by a car.

Day four, I slashed my arm
pretty bad.

The kid touched it,
it was as good as new.

Guess his power
doesn't work on birds.


That smells like...

PETER: Hello?
Is anybody home?



Noah. Noah.



The parents.

PETER: What the hell
happened here?

There was a case.

In China, this woman
manifested as a healer,

but as time went on, it evolved
into something very different.

There was a flip side.
She could control the flow of life.

Give it...
Or take it away.



Jeremy, is that you?

MRS. GRAY: Gabriel?

Hello, Gabriel.



Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.

Oh, my God. No, no.
This isn't me. This isn't me.

Why are you doing this to me?

Make it stop, please.
Make it stop.

So, tell me about your ability.

I have an ability, too.
I am the master of time and space.

Well, I was. Lately, time and
space has been the master of me.

Oh. Is that
my brain scan?

No. Mine.

I see sounds.
They make colors.

A new ability
can be frightening,

but you must not
turn away from it.

I want it to stop.


I don't think
he's shooting to kill, Noah.

He's just warning us
to stay away.

Still, we're talking about a scared
kid with a small cannon in his hands.

All right, I'm going up.

No. I need
to talk to him.

There's a staircase
out back, though.

Yeah, yeah. I'm on it.


Jeremy, I'm coming upstairs.

I'm not armed.

I'm not gonna hurt you.

Talk to me, Jeremy.
Say something.


Stay away, all right.
I'm warning you.

No, I'm coming upstairs.
So if you're going to shoot, lock and load.

I told you to keep away.

Why? What happens
if I come near you?

Everything I touch
ends up dead.

Captain Lubbock?
Samuel Sullivan.

Glad to see you and your
family could make it.

I appreciate you sending those
tickets over this morning.

But I gotta ask, why me?

We always try and do something
special for local law enforcement.

I heard about you
on the news last night.

Out chasing down
some escaped prisoner?

If you'll indulge me, I've been
showing this to everyone I can.

Got a lot of people
on the hunt for this one.

Don't think I've seen him,
but I could be wrong.

A lot of folks come
and go around here.

If you spot him,
call me right away.

I absolutely will.

Enjoy the carnival.
Mrs. Lubbock.

No. No, no, no.


Stop. Make it stop.
Please. Please.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. No.

This isn't me. No.
Please make it stop. No. Please.

No, this can't be me.
This can't be me. Please make it...



Tell me what happened.
Don't come any closer.

Okay, I'm right here.
I'm right here.

What happened to your parents?


I killed them.

I was angry. And I just... I touched them
and they died. I didn't mean to do it.

I know you didn't.

You know, what's happened
to you, Jeremy, it's...

It's not fair. You never should have
been left to suffer through this alone.

And who are you?

You don't remember me,
but we've met.

I know you. I know all about you.
I know about your power.

And I know that
you're not a killer.

You're a healer.

I used to heal things.
And then it turned. And now I kill.

No, you're still a healer.
You can do both...


If you come one stop closer, I
swear to God, I will shoot you.





Peter, stay with me.


Peter. Peter. Peter.
Stay with me. Peter.

Oh, my God.
He's bleeding out.

He's never gonna
make it to the hospital.

You need to heal him.
(CRYING) I can't.

Yes, you can, Jeremy.
I've seen it with my own eyes.

You need to come over here
and lay your hands on him now.

If I touch him, he'll die.

He'll die if you don't.
You can do this.

Listen to me. My power is
understanding people like you.

That's what I do.

What happened to your parents
never has to happen again.

You can control it
and you can heal him.

Everything I touch dies.

I'm touching you right now.

You can do this.
You can give life.

Come on. Focus, Jeremy.
Visualize Peter healing.

Imagine what it's gonna look
like when the wound disappears,

his eyes open again,
and he is healthy and alive.

Picture it, Jeremy.

Keep that thought in your mind.






Welcome back.

(GROANS) Yeah.


And now, to assist Hiro the Magnificent,
please welcome to the stage,

Emma the Also Magnificent.

Hiro. What are you doing?


And we are going to need much applause
for the next feat of magical-ness.

I will make Emma


It's like time is...

Standing still.

It's all so beautiful.

There are no bad powers, Emma.

You just have to
understand them.

And when you do, you will
learn to use your powers

to do good things in the world.

Oh! But please, for now,
our magic trick.

Hide behind the curtains.
Over there. Yeah.

Abracadabra, alakazoom.


Where did she go?
Where is Emma? Emma?


Emma? Where are you?

There she is. Ta-da!

How did he do that?

A big applause
for Emma the Magnificent.

Oh. But we have to give applause
in a different way. Like this.

All those murders.

All those memories in my mind,

but I cannot believe
that they're mine.

How many did I kill?
A dozen?

Two dozen?

I'm sorry for your pain.

Truth can be difficult.


I am a monster.

I stalk people and slash
open their skulls.

Has it ever occurred to you to
question what brought you here?

Why Providence has seen fit
for our paths to cross?

This place is a safe,
protected womb.

But out there is a cruel world filled
with people who persecute our kind.

Can't you see?
They made you what you are.

They turned you into a monster.

That makes it okay?
It makes it the truth.

You wanted to know who you are.
And now you do.

The question now is where
are you gonna go from here?

Do you wallow in self pity?

Or do you learn to use the gifts God
gave you and command fear and respect

and defend against those
who would do us harm?

All in the embrace of a community who
loves you for exactly who you are.

You've just met me.

(LAUGHS) You would
take me in here,

knowing what I've done?
Knowing who I am?

We're family. Family accepts.
Family forgives.

There's a problem.

That policeman who was
hunting you, he's here.

It's not just
about you anymore.

We're harboring a criminal now.

What do you want me to do?

I can't make that
decision for you.

But your presence here
puts all of us in jeopardy.

Something has to be done.

Where is he?

One of my men saw him going
into the House of Mirrors.

I don't know what to do with him.
A leash? A cage?

Maybe a cattle prod.

Now, you keep your
Japanese tush in this bed.

I am not a pet.

(DOOR CLOSES) She's right, Hiro.
You're sick.

You need to stop using your
power before it kills you.

But my power isn't killing
me, it keeps me alive.

When I was stuck
in my cubicle every day,

wasting my life,
that's when I was dying.

How can you be so focused helping
others, knowing what it might cost?

I had a friend once.

She knew she was dying, but that
didn't push her off her path.

She taught me to keep joy and dignity
alive, even in the face of death.

Her name was Charlie.

Oh, my God. I can't believe
I left her off the list.

What? What are you doing?

(GASPS) Paper and pen, stat.

I had a list. A list of all the
wrongs I have to right before I die.

I can't believe I forgot her.


Promise me you won't leave
until Peter returns.

There's been an accident
at 2627, Otsego.

Please send the police
and the coroner.

Did you get his ability?


So, what next?

Well, there's an airfield about six
miles south of here off the highway.

I called in a favor
and I got you a ride.

It's not as fast as the
way you got here, but...

You're not coming with?


Better hurry.
Hiro's waiting.



Okay, so, I jerry-rigged the
heater and I backed up the vent.

It's gonna look like carbon
monoxide poisoning, okay?

You came home and you
found them, all right?

You're staying here?


How long?

Until I know that
you're all right.

Jeremy, it used to be my job
to watch over people like you.

But somehow I...


I lost my way.
I dropped the ball.

You may not even know it,

but I let you down.

Come on.


Hands above your head.
Now. Now.

You need to leave here, now,

while there's still time.

I got a better idea.
You resist arrest, then I have an excuse.

I'm just trying to save your...





(PANTS) What are you?



Don't just stand there.
Get a mop.


That was beautiful.

You promised
you would stay in bed.

Joy and dignity
in the face of death.

Just like Charlie.
Come on. Back to bed.


You're safe now.


we welcome a new brother
into our family.

He will live and work among us

and will be welcome here
all the rest of our days.


There, there, Edgar.
Don't pout.

Good thing
I followed that bastard.

Had a feeling
he wouldn't follow through.

He's just a baby,
learning now to walk.

What use is he to us like this?

What use is a lion
that can't kill?

Maybe it's better this way.

SAMUEL: We just make a better Sylar.
And when we do,

he'll be ours forever.




I'm sorry I took so long.
How is he?

Hiro's gone.

What? He disappeared.
Just disappeared.

"Save Charlie."