Heroes (2006–2010): Season 4, Episode 13 - Chapter Thirteen 'Let It Bleed' - full transcript

Claire attends Nathan's funeral while Peter struggles with his grief in his own way by wanting to seek revenge. Meanwhile, Noah and Lauren interrogate a captured Edgar for information to where to find Samuel's carnival. Elsewhere,...

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I want to see him.

Plane's ready to go.

I can handle this, peter.

You don't have to have any part in it.

Yeah, I do.

It's awful.

Did the police, you know, say anything?

Engine fire or--


Tragic accident.

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Excuse me.


I tried to stop him.

I'm sorry.

Stop who?

Hello, samuel.


Oh, good. You remembered.

Get everyone to safety.

But not too far. Understand?


You're just delaying the inevitable.

You could have killed doyle.

You didn't.

I'll get to him.

I'm much more interested in you.

Memories were a little fuzzy,

Like an orange that's
been left out too long,

But I could still find my way back.

Thank you. - My pleasure.

Been a while since my body
and mind were together.

Be a crisis for a lesser man

Having your soul ripped out of you,

But not for me.

I returned with one simple,
singular thought.

I know. Wait, don't tell me.



Love what you've done with the place.

Brought a lot more people in here.

Gonna make me a lot more powerful.

No, it makes me more powerful.

I got big plans for you.

Kill me now,

You'll never know what could be.

Everybody has big plans for me.

I think that's all people have.


You all right?

I, uh, wasn't expecting to see you.

Well, I thought I'd give you a lift.


You don't want a ride?

I, uh...

I'd actually prefer if you didn't come.

You lied to me.

Once again.

About nathan's death,

About what you did.


It was sylar.

Did you...

Forget that it was sylar?

Did you forget what he did to me?


He attacked me.

He cut open my head.

He killed my father.

And you,

You dressed him up in nathan's face,

And I hugged him.

And I felt love for him.

We did the wrong thing

For the right reason.

We found a way to contain sylar

And to keep nathan alive at the same time.


It didn't work. We shouldn't have done it.

You did.

And I need time to grieve

Without being reminded why.

I keep looking up too,

Hoping to see him.

We never have been very
good with death, have we?

Or it's complications.

Can't have been easy for you,

Covering this all up with noah.

How are you?


I'm okay, mom.

Nathan was a better liar.

Must have gotten that from you.

I'm sorry.

You don't deserve that.

Oh, sure I do.

I deserve every ounce of your wrath.

No, you don't.

Just want to put my fist
through a wall right now.

No, you want to put a fist through sylar.

What do you want, mom?

Don't do it.

Nathan was right.

You need to fight the good fight.

Revenge will only get you killed.

And I cannot bear to lose you too.

Claire's here.



You, uh, you want to help me in the kitchen?

You trying to escape?

As quickly as possible.

Hey, guys, why don't you take a break?


Hey, where's your dad?

Didn't see him out there.

Uh, I asked him not to come.

Ah, you're pissed.

You're not?

Oh, I am.


'cause you're about the only person

Who's on the same page as me.

That's a hell of a lie.

Trying to protect us.

Yeah. That's fine.

I get that, but...

I mean, did they really think

That they were gonna get away with it?

Forever? That we would just never find out?


Damn it! - Let me see.

It's not healing.

I have the haitian's power.

I'll, uh... Sorry, I'll turn it off.

No, don't, don't.

- Let me find you a band

- A band

I have not used a band-aid in forever.

It's nice to feel pain.

Feel normal.

We're anything but...


Mourning nathan could not be more ordinary.

That's what we're here to do.

To cut lemons and limes

And remember that...

Stupid jerk.

I can't believe he's gone.

Oh, I hope he can find heaven,

Because he was a terrible navigator.

I mean, for a guy who could fly.

Why are you laughing? What's so funny?

He gave me endless grief

For dating a guy who could fly.

He said I had daddy issues,

Which I do.

Whatever happened to that kid?

What was his name?


He goes to n.Y.U.

We're facebook friends.

It's nice telling stories.

Makes it a little easier.

What about about you?

You must have a million of 'em.

I'm gonna take these out there.

Won't get fooled again.


i>- Hai.

Oi, restaurant closed.

Everybody get out.

Iron maiden? Seriously?

Just a little nickname

That you earned back in the day.

It's a compliment.

What are you doing here, noah?

Aren't you supposed to be at nathan's wake?

Claire didn't want me to come.

Do you have the sodium thiopental?

You want to talk about this?

There's just nothing much to talk about.

I misled her.

She's angry. I don't blame her.

Maybe if I had followed my gut on this,

The whole thing wouldn't have happened.

So the truth serum's for you?

You're gonna confess everything to claire?

Not exactly.

Do you remember the speedster down in miami?

Carlos, the cuban missile crisis.

We couldn't figure out how to stop him.

Well, it turns out that
speedsters don't like the cold.

Or quaaludes.

But mostly the cold.

Tightens their muscles,

Slows down their heart,

Levels the playing field.

Meet edgar.

He's gonna tell me everything
he knows about the carnival.


Why did you put sylar in my trailer?

Because you're going to help him.

He's not...

Dead? No.

No, he's amazingly resilient.

Muscles knitting back into flesh.

But even though all the parts

Are back into place,

There's something wrong with him.

Well, yeah...

No, not that.

He had the chance to end me,

And he couldn't.

He's different.

Not the cold-blooded killer,

Not the blank slate.

Then what?

That's what you're gonna find out.

And how we can use that

To our advantage.

How am I supposed to do that?

With your charming personality.

I'm not some piece of flesh

You can just toss around.

You didn't seem to mind
the last time he was here.

Don't be petulant. It's ugly.

Everyone has to do their share.

I know the rules.

If you had strength,

I'd put you in construction.

If you had the wisdom,

You'd teach the children,

But no.

These hands were meant for a softer trade--

Plying out the demons

That haunt men's souls.

Don't disappoint me.

Your skin is so soft.

It's like a baby.

What are you doing?

I'm gonna help figure out
what's wrong with you.

There's nothing wrong with me.

I heard differently.

You couldn't kill samuel.

Let's find out why.

What are you afraid of?


You're lonely.

You're afraid you're gonna die alone,

But you want love.

You just don't think that you deserve it.

Do you know what I do to people like you?

You cut open our heads.

You steal our powers.


See what people want.

Their desires.

Their hopes.

I like it.

What are the tattoos for?

A map.

How to find what you need.

You don't want to help me.

You want to manipulate me

To your agenda to kill samuel.

I see what you want.

I got your power.

I don't need to kill.

That's just something I like to do.

Not anymore.

You're impotent.

I tried to find a photo of you, but...

There are none.

Not of the illegitimate daughter.

Nathan wanted to acknowledge you.

But you convinced him that
it would tarnish his career.

I know. I've heard the story.

You're angry.

I'm disappointed.

In you and my dad.

I'm supposed to look up to my elders,

Yet I can't believe a word

That comes out of either one of your mouths.

Well, I can't blame you, claire.

But you do have a good
head on your shoulders.

You've grown into a fine young woman.

It's peter I'm worried about.


That I actually do believe.

He's empathetic beyond his years,

But now it's his time to grieve,

And he has absolutely no idea

How to go about it.

He needs a shoulder to lean on.


You're his mother.

I am.

But, like you,

I'm afraid he will never trust me again.

He'll listen to you, claire.

He's up on the roof,

Listening to that police scanner

And looking fojustice.

Please help him.

Go ahead, 55.

We have a 10.3 at 1583 west hudson.

Repeat. A 10.3 at 1583 west hudson.

I have a barricaded suspect with hostages.

Shots fired. No sign of suspect.

All units hold back.

I'm alone in here,

And I don't want to execute.

55 standing by.

In position outside south corridor.

No sign of suspect or hostages.


I need you to keep breathing.

Just breathe.


What are you doin' here?

I followed you.

What the hell do you think you're doing?

Claire. I'm helping.

And so are you. Come here.
Give me your hand.

Put it right on that.

Right there. Don't move.

Claire, this is wendy.

- Hey.
- Hi.

Don't worry about the blood.

Just keep the pressure on, okay?

And don't move.

Wendy, what'd you say this guy's name was?

Uh, adam malamut.

He got fired,

And then he...

He just went crazy.

Just relax.

I'll take care of it.

Peter, you can't do this.

It's a little late for that.

Peter, wait. Why are you doing this?

Because I need to be more
than a band-aid, claire.


I'm the one who can't get hurt by bullets!

Just take a deep breath,

In through your nose,

Out through your mouth.

Try to stay calm.

Where's samuel?

What's he planning?

What does he want with claire?

I don't know.

I swear.

Nice weight.

Good balance.

Sharp as hell.

You make this yourself?

Oh, this is fine work.

I'm impressed.

Hey, is this the knife that cut me?



Let's start again. Where's samuel?

Noah, can I talk to you?

Look, I get that you're angry.

This guy sliced you up like this albacore.

That's toro.

And this has nothing to do with revenge.

You sure? Because his face looks
an awful lot like revenge.

I just want some answers.

I know you do, but I can tell you

That torture doesn't work.

Look, I might have been the
iron maiden back in the day,

But I have changed,

And you may think that I'm shoving

My liberal agenda down your throat,

But you are losing your target.
You're emotional.

I'm not emotional. I just--

Worried about claire?

What samuel's done to her, said to her,

And these medieval tactics

Aren't getting you anywhere
with either of them.

Thanks for the sodium thiopental.

Stop using him as a punching bag,

And start talking to him.

There's a story you're not getting here.

Try to be objective,

Look at the facts of the situation.

He doesn't have a compass.

Why doesn't he have a compass?

Honey tastes sweeter than vinegar.

I promise.

Who the hell are you?

Don't worry about her.

There you go.

You just keep that gun pointed right at me.

- You work here?
- No.

I'm just like you.

Having a bad day.

The worst, in fact.

You see, I just buried my brother.

He was murdered.

And if that's not bad enough,

I had to stage his death.

Like I'm some kind of
mobster or spy, but I'm not.

I'm just some kid from new york city.

And now everyone expects me to shake hands

And pretend like everything's normal,

But it's not.

It's far from that.

Why are you telling me this, man?

Because I understand where
you're at right now.

You want to punish the
people that have hurt you.

I know what that feels like.

I want to torture the guy
that murdered my brother.

I want to make him scream.

That's all I can think about.

But I'm trying to be hopeful.

I'm trying to be strong,

Even though I feel myself slipping.

Look, I promised my brother

That I'd be a hero.

Don't make me a liar.

Not today.

That hurts every time.

Well, it's supposed to.

That's what happens when you take a bullet.

I thought I'd get to him first.

I did take him down, though.


You saved the day.

It's your turn now, claire.

Come on. Help me out.

I don't think that's gonna
solve anything, is it?

What are you talking about?

Quit messing around.

I'm messing around?

What about you, huh?

Running into danger?

Going off after sylar?

You're not gonna do anything

But get yourself in trouble.

You have got to stop.


You have to.

I can't.

I'm not always gonna be here

To be your personal safety net.

Then I guess this is a
good ability to hang on to.

And even if you do, then what?

Huh? What kind of life is this?

A human pin cushion?

If I keep moving?

If I...

Just act on instinct,

Then I don't have time to think.

About nathan?

Nathan would be so pissed at you right now.

Lying to yourself, lying to us.

You're not honoring his memory.

You're avoiding it.

If I think about it,

Then it's real.

If I mourn,

Then it's real.

I miss him.

I know. Me too.

You like tea?

Stupid question. You're british.

Here. Drink up.

You must be freezing.

Thought the skirt was the good cop.

Oh, the skirt is the good cop.

Trust me.

This is her idea, the two of us talking.

If it were up to me,

You'd be down six fingers by now.

I spotted you as I came
out of my daughter's dorm.

I figure your top speed

Is somewhere between 600, 700 miles an hour?


You could have killed me at any time,

Flew past, gutted me...

Blink of an eye.

But you want me alive.

You need me for something.

What is it?

You don't have a compass.

You can't get home.

What are you doing out here?


What did you do?

Found out that sammy
killed his brother, joseph.

He convinced the lot

It was my fault.

And they just believed him

On his say so?

What's he planning?

What's he gonna do with them?

Is he recruiting more?

I don't know.

Sammy's all about saber rattling.

He ordered me to kill danko.

To slice up your gut.

Sorry about that.

You don't seem like a hitman to me.

I'm a juggler.

Joseph taught me.

Called it the most useful skill a man needs.

A juggler?

If you can keep a chainsaw,
knife, and torch in the air,

You can balance anything.

But you're all out of balance.

You're exiled. You're lost.

Why did you attack me?

Thought if I caught the boogie man

And brought you back to samuel,

He'd take me back.

You'd go back to samuel

Even after he killed your friend

And blamed it on you?

I'm afraid of what he's
gonna do to my friends.

Where he's gonna lead my family.

That makes two of us.

We can help each other here, edgar.

Enemy of my enemy makes us...

Less antagonistic.

We could stop samuel together.

Before he has a chance

To hurt the people we love the most.

You think that tea's gone cold?

Fresh out of ink.

You destroyed the last batch.

Then make more.

You want a tattoo?

You want to find out

Where you're supposed to go next?

I say you're already here.

I don't think so.

I know why you can't kill.

Lydia told my everything.

I doubt she told you everything.

You think people are lying,
manipulative bastards.

They're just trying to con you.

Aren't you?

You're hurting. You need a friend.

Even though I tried to kill you?

Especially because you tried to kill me.

You're not special.

You're like everyone else.

We all need people who understand us.

Care for us.

Who's she?


The love of my life.

I'd move mountains for her

If she'd ask me.

Haven't seen her around here.


She's out there.

I'm afraid she'll reject me.

For who I am, for what I've done.

That's the way you think too,

That no one could love you.

Stop pretending like you know who I am.

You have no idea.

I know hiro nakamura

Said you're going to die alone

And it's haunting you.

I know you.

I am you.

I'm not a good guy.

But I'm not all bad, either.

I found love and forgiveness
and acceptance right here,

And you can too.

If that's true,

Let the tattoo show me,

And I'll stay.


You afraid I might see something else?

I'm a carny.

I live for games of chance.

You sure we should have him up here?

Trust begets trust.

Never had miso soup before.

It's good.

Thank you.

No, thank you, edgar.

This is invaluable.

Now we know what we're up against.

The problem, of course, is finding it.

Claire has a compass.

- No.
- I'm just saying.

I'm not putting her in the middle of this.

You must have a way to get back in.


She has no great love for samuel.



Okay. We're gonna isolate samuel here,

In this backstage area.

Quick and targeted.

And nobody else gets hurt, right?


We're gonna do everything we can,

But this is a raid.

When it's over, I promise you,

We will take care of everybody.

We'll find them all homes.

They've got a home.

The carnival's our home.

Samuel's the problem.

If they're wrapped around his finger,

He's gonna use them to protect himself.

They're lambs.

They know no better.

He's brainwashed them, edgar.

Look what he did to you.

He turned you from a
juggler into an assassin.

Even if we stopped samuel,

Can you promise me that somebody else

Won't just take his place?

I know that you think of this as a family,

But it has a lot more in common with a cult.

Your friends need help.

They need to be left alone.

Left alone out in the
open makes them targets.

I have never seen that end well.

But by separating them,

By reintegrating them into the real world,

We can make sure that
this doesn't happen again.

What are you doing, edgar?

It was a mistake coming here, trusting you.

I won't let you hurt my family.

Okay, edgar, just slow down.

You're not a violent person.


You are.

What's it doing?

Stop thinking.

Stop trying to force it.

Just let it happen.

Well, isn't that interesting.

I guess you were wrong.

I don't belong here.

I like it better up here than down there.

I have a lov
e-hate relationship with rooftops.

You gonna go back tonight?


We got school tomorrow.

Unless you want me to stay,

Which I can.

No, I'm cool.



I'm fine.

'cause I've got to trust you.

Can't have you lying to me.

Not you.

I'll always be honest with you.

I promise.

Strange request.

Um, your old boyfriend.


Could you... Call him for me?



We had everything we needed to end this,

And I blew it.

You're being hard on yourself.

I thought the expression
was "too hard" on yourself.

No, no, I said it right.

Still think honey tastes sweet?

I still think it was the right move, yes.

Look, I've seen this before
with other cult leaders.

Samuel has done a number on edgar.

He's got his hooks in all of them.

You mean claire.

Yeah, I mean claire.

You're still her father.

You're the only one she has left,

And she needs you.

You know the thing about burned bridges

Is they can be rebuilt.


"in the library studying late.



Hello, cheerleader.