Heroes (2006–2010): Season 4, Episode 14 - Chapter Fourteen 'Close to You' - full transcript

H.R.G. recruits Matt to help him take down Samuel, as they use his long-lost love, Vanessa, to lure him to them, but Samuel has his own plans for Vanessa in the works. Meanwhile, Hiro and Ando go to extreme lengths to save Dr. Sur...

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It's found its proper home.

It can bring people to you,
like a siren's song.


That seems to be the key
component in the mystery,

Enough for them to kill for.

He's gonna tell me everything he knows

About the carnival.

We could isolate samuel here.

The problem, of course, is finding it.

But our primary focus
must be stopping samuel.

First, you have to disappear
for eight more weeks.

Well, then we'll have to
agree to disagree, hiro.

The craziness over the last
few weeks is finally over.

Sylar's gone.

Who is she?

Vanessa. The love of my life.

Have you seen her around here?

She's out there.

I'm afraid she'll reject me for who I am,

For what I've done.

You're still her father.

You're the only one she has left

And she needs you.

You know, the thing about burnt bridges

Is they can be rebuilt.

Look at her.

How do I explain to her about the world

Without dampening her spirits?

Now she sees it filled
with promise and hope,

As bright as the light in her eyes.

But I've lived long enough to know

That everything is not as it appears.

Evil does exist.

People do terrible things to one another.

Oh, god.

Oh! Oh! Oh, my god!

Noah? Noah?

Oh, my god.

I'm still your brother.

How do I protect her without losing her?

Hasn't your father lied, cheated,

Even killed, to protect you?

How do I build a bridge between us...

You lied to me.

We shouldn't have done it.

...When the distance seems so vast?

I need time to grieve
without being reminded why.

So much for his eighth grade class.

Who's next?

We're getting down to
childhood playmates, noah.

If that's what it takes.

All I'm saying is,

Are you sure this is a
productive use of our time?


I've got to find this guy, lauren.

And I want to help you.

But we've been shooting in the dark

For, like, six hours now.

You got a better idea, I'm all ears.

It's just that you're
starting to sound a little...


You could call claire.

Not an option.

She has a compass, noah.

She can lead us right to the--

I am not calling claire.

She's angry at me right now,

And frankly, she has every reason to be.

She's in no mood to help her old man.

Well, maybe it's time to patch things up.

Maybe it's time we found a useful lead.

If you don't want to help me,
you don't have to.


We got a hit on vanessa wheeler.


She's the one that I told you about.

She grew up in the estate

Where his parents worked.

The house that became a sinkhole.

Looks like we have some still photos

Off a security camera.

Is that your man?

That's him.

You got a phone number?

California area code.


Vanessa wheeler?

Yes? Who's calling?

My name is bennet. Noah bennet.

I wanted to talk to you
about samuel sullivan.

What's this about?

Just looking for him,

And I'm wondering if you've
heard from him lately.

I'm sorry. I don't know
anybody by that name.


Because he grew up on the estate

That your family owned.

Looks like I'm going to california.

Yeah. Good luck with that.


Good night.


Just writing a letter.

Anybody I know?

I'm running low on ink supplies.

If you're going into town tomorrow,

I need you to pick some things up.

Of course.


I know much has happened lately

That's difficult.

Edgar. Hiro.

Claire bennet. Joseph.

Not to mention sylar.

I'm asking for your patience.

I need you on my side.

We're so close now

To realizing all our dreams.

Our dreams, samuel?

Or are they yours?

I made a list.

Indigo. Umber. Linseed oil.

Don't worry.

You'll meet her soon enough.

I've waited a long, long time

To bring her.

The day has finally come.

You don't trust him, do you?

He's planning something big,
and I don't like it.

He's always been good to me.

I don't know why you want to cause trouble.

If this family is going to survive,

We are going to need a new leader.

Like who?

There is someone. A man of compassion.

Samuel himself said that
he may be the next joseph.

He's just so far away.

Well, maybe you can call him.

Maybe I can.



Is matty still asleep?

i>- Yeah. He was up so late
watching ratatouille.

Speaking of which... - Hmm?

Tonight, for dinner-- ratatouille.

- Really?
- Yeah. I'm looking at it.

I mean, it's really not that hard.


You know, my brother called yesterday.

He's still looking to hire someone.

You don't know of anyone, do you?

Uh, no. I mean, I told you before,

I don't know any software salesmen.

You see, he doesn't need a computer guy.

Just someone who's smart,
focused and, you know,

Looking to get ahead.

You don't like my cooking?

Matt, I love your cooking.

But you want me to work for your brother.

Seriously? Honey, your brother?

I'm just worried about you.

Since you got back,
you hardly leave the house.

- Well, I'm a stay
-at-home dad guy.

That's what I do. What's wrong with that?

Nothing. I just want you to be happy.

There's "stay at home because you want to,"

And then there's "stay at home
because you're scared not to,"

And I just don't know which one you are.

I'm the one who is really excited

About this ratatouille recipe,

Which, by the way,

Will be ready at 6:30 p.M. Sharp.

Honey, I'm really happy.

I am, just being here,

Taking care of you and matty.


Have a good day.

Go make some money, will you?

Hello, matt.


I thought I'd check your security system.

Seems you're not as safe as you think.


I've left you five messages.

What do you want, bennet?

I need your help.

Have you ever heard of a
guy named samuel sullivan?

No, but even if I have,

The last time I helped you,

I got sylar stuck in my head

And I almost died, you remember that?

It's nasty out there, matt.

But shoving your head in the sand

Doesn't make the world go away.

Yeah. Well, you never know
until you try, do you?

I'm sorry about what you've been through.

The sylar thing was a terrible idea.

We all admit that.

Look, I stay home and lock my doors.

I don't see why that has to change.

Because this sullivan guy,
he's a very bad man.

Well, so is bin laden.

So you're gonna have to do better than that.

He's trying to recruit my daughter.

Okay, what's your plan?

Are you gonna go kick this guy in the teeth

Instead of talking to your daughter?

I'm sorry.

Today it's claire.

Tomorrow, it could be your son.

- All right, time to kiss bye

Patients only past the double doors.

Can't I at least see him to his room,

Make sure he's comfortable?


Come on, pal. Let's get you strapped in.

- What?
- Just an expression.



Dr. Watson is suresh!

How long are these rehearsals anyway?

I have no idea.

Okay, so she plays the cello,

She's in the l.A. Chamber orchestra,

And she's first chair.

What is she, samuel's
girlfriend or something?

Well, that's what you're here for, matt.

That's her, right there.

Yep. Looks like rehearsal's over.
Jump in anytime.

What? No, no, no. Hey, I never--

- Vanessa wheeler?
- Do I know you?

I'm noah bennet.

We spoke on the phone briefly.

I called you about samuel sullivan.

I thought I was clear.
I told you, I don't know him.

Yeah, the problem is
that we know that you do

Because we have pictures of the two of you.

Are you with the police?

No. It's more complicated than that.

Is there somewhere that we could go

And sit down and talk for a minute?

Look, whoever you are, just,
please leave me alone.

Hang on just a second.

Have you met my friend matt parkman?

No! And I don't want to!

Matt, you want to share
any thoughts here, please?

No, I told you I--

You can trust us, vanessa.

You want to talk to us.

You know, come to think of it,
I'm glad you called.

I need to talk to someone.

I'm worried about him.

Hey, noah, it's peter.

Look, that, uh-- that tattoo on my arm,

It showed up again.

Give me a call, all right? Bye.



It worked!

I'm sorry. What worked?

I brought you here with music.

I just had to think of you, and it worked.

I'm sorry.

Please, come in.

I met an unusual man, and he showed me

A new side to my ability, using this.

Where did you get this cello?

That same man.

He's the one who sent it to me.

Who? What's his name?

Samuel. Why?

I woke up this morning with this.

They were good years, growing up.

He used to write me these poems,

These little love poems.

We were close.

Neither of us cared that his family

Lived in the carriage house
on my family's property

Or that his father called my father "sir."

One day I came home and they were gone.

I moved on with my life.

I assumed he moved on with his.

But he hadn't.

He showed up in my room one night,

All swagger and rock and roll.

I was just in the right
place for the bad boyfriend.

We had a wild couple of weeks,

Till he asked me to marry him
and run off to his carnival.

I mean, a carnival?

I was getting a music degree at yale.


He's not that 20-year-old kid anymore.

Samuel sullivan is a very dangerous man.

Well, lately he has been showing up

More and more often.

Since his brother died,
it's gotten even worse.

He just shows up, spouting
all kinds of crazy things.

Okay. So he's stalking you?

That's not the word I would choose,

But he does seem--


A week ago, he was waiting for me

In the lobby of my apartment building.

Going on and on about how much he misses me,

How we'll be together

Once I see how powerful he's become.

It was 2:00 in the morning.

So he knows where you live

And you know how to reach him?

I've been banging my head against the wall,

Trying to figure out how
to find the carnival.

Maybe we bring the carnival to us.

Okay. How do you move a carnival?

Do us a favor.

Call him.

Is this the guy that gave you the cello?

Who said his name was samuel?

Yes. You know him?

He told me his name was william hooper.

What did he want from you?

He didn't want anything.

Just to find a homeless man.

That's it?


He gave me something.


Emma, the last time I
saw a compass like this,

My friend got stabbed.

You think samuel--

If there's any connection to that,

I'd keep my distance from him.

Peter, he's a good man.

Emma, my friend almost died

Because of a compass just like that.

And he wasn't the first
person that got attacked.

Delmonico's for lunch.

Or maybe it'll be too crowded.

How about moxie?

Hi, mom.

Um, emma, this is my mother, angela.

- Nice to meet you.
- Mom, this is emma.

Peter, how do you know this woman?

Emma is my friend.

I need to get to work.

Bye, peter.

I'll call you later.

What the hell was that?

- How's it going?
- All good.

You better not be messing with my meds.

No, I was just admiring your cart.

Very nice. I work in a cart factory.

You're the japanese guy's friend.

Uh, yes.

I'm buck.

Excuse me.

I'm chuck.

Yeah. Well, take it easy.

He's late.

We're pretty exposed here, noah.

So when he shows, we've got to hustle.

Taser and some duct tape

And we're out in 60 seconds.

You getting a hit on the chip in her pocket?

Yeah, it's all good.

We have our target.


Well, he didn't come past me.

He must have come around the back.

And let's go.

Copy that.

Hello, bennet.

Hey, can I ask you a question?

No, uh...

Hey, what was that?

The alley. Get the car!

Got it.

Samuel sullivan!

Where is she?

Stay away from her, bennet.

Where is she?

She's already gone.

What the hell happened to you?

All right, she's headed south on normandie.

Let's go.

You had a dream.

There's nothing you can do to save her.

You need to save yourself.

I'm sorry.

Mom, half this family is dead.

Their bodies are surrounded with lies.

It's down to you and me.

Are we ever gonna get this right?

Please, just tell me the truth.

For once in your life, mom, please.

The dream was foggy.

The message was not.

She's gonna help kill people.

That's wrong. Mom,
that's not possible, okay?

She's a good person.

Peter, she's gonna kill thousands of people.

It will be a bloodbath.

A cello. Something to do with a cello.

Tell me exactly what you saw.

I told you, it doesn't matter.

The important thing is
that you cannot save her.

But someone else can.

Is that it?

I'm sorry.

I need to know.

People think that dreaming
the future is a gift.

They're wrong.

Dr. Watson!

Dr. Watson!



Dr. Watson, I have traveled
over great oceans to free you!

Where am I?

You put me here!

To be continued.

beware the stormtroopers!

Why are you talking like that, hiro?

Warp speed, dr. Watson.

We must rescue sancho and escape.


The prisoners have all gone to dinner.

I've hidden sancho for his safety.

Ando? What's happened to him?

He partook of the absinthe
intended for you, dr. Watson.


One who can't walk, one who can't talk.


They must have searched my cell.
We've got to go.

We shall ride to freedom.

What's happening?

It's like swimming but inside out.

i>- Silencio!

I'm swimming!


Warp speed, captain!

Hey! Get back in your cages!


There they are!

It's okay. I've got this.

What the--?

She's here. She's right here!

The carnival was here.

Yeah? Well, it isn't here now.

They had, like, a two-minute lead on us.

An entire carnival doesn't just disappear.

This one does.

Well, how did claire find it?

Gotta have a compass.

Okay, so you're saying

She got that from the samuel guy?

No. She got it from me.

Great. Okay, well,
then let's go back to claire then.

It's not gonna work that way.

You're burning bridges, noah.

You can't talk to claire anymore,
so tell me,

How is it gonna work then?

I don't know!

I don't know.

But we're gonna find it.


We have to.

Lauren, it's me. Just call me.

I'm running out of ideas here.

Well, you know what?

I would love to sit and brainstorm with you.

I really would. But I've got to make dinner.


- Yeah. Ratatouille.
- What?

Ratatouille. It's french. It's in the book.

I know what ratatouille is.
This woman's been kidnapped.

Well, that's a missing persons case.

And we have to find her.

I don't have a badge anymore.

Let the cops handle it.

You're gonna send cops up against specials?

They're gonna get flayed alive.

Look, I dragged her into this.

I pulled her into the sunlight.

Well, maybe she's already
crossed state lines, noah.

Look, I mean, admit it.
This is bigger than us.

So what are you gonna do?

Are you just gonna lock your doors

And crawl back into your shell?

You're one of the good guys, matt.

You have a responsibility.
You're not a coward.

You know, some days

Maybe you just can't save the whole world.

Some days, you're better off

Just getting your own house in order.

Which means what?

Which means...

Go home.

Hug your little girl.

Don't worry.

I've come to save you.


Aah! What are you doing?

- I'm sorry.
- What is wrong with you?

Let me explain.

I have these dreams that come true,

And I had one about you and that cello.

You broke my cello because you had a dream?

No. Because a lot of
people are gonna die, emma.

Your friend, samuel.

Uh, that compass that you have. My tattoo.

They're all connected to this cello.

I loved that cello!

And we have to make sure

To stop that dream from happening.

That's why I broke the cello, okay?

Something bad is going to happen.

I want you out.


I'm sorry. I...

- Good
-bye, peter.

Okay, I think that way is west.

We must away, before the
stormtroopers are upon us.

I have had just about enough
of your nonsense, hiro.

After what you did to me, I have half a mind

To leave you lost in this swamp forever.

Hey, don't talk to him like that.

Hiro has got very little time left,

And he chose to spend it rescuing you.

You should be thankful.

He's a hero.

What do you mean, "little time"?

The reaper waits for no man.

He's dying.

The stormtroopers and their ewoks!


Are you sure he can't teleport?

No. Not unless we unscramble his brain.

Hey, what would they have
done at that hospital?

Probably electroshock therapy.


Why are we stopping?

Electroshock therapy.

What, you want me to--

Even if we evade them,

We could be wandering out here for days.

We need to teleport out of here.


You can use your red lightning.

Look, hiro once saw a future

Where I killed him with my red lightning.

Was it in florida?


Then we're good to go.

Make it so, sancho.




Dr. Suresh.

We must stop samuel sullivan!

Hiro, you're back!

Yes. And now, we must get going.


Hey, um, I'm sorry to bother you.

I was just in the neighborhood.


Ye--no, no. I was in california.

I just landed. Bags are still in the car.

Listen, I know that you're mad at me

And--and I'm okay with that.

And, um, I want to just
let you be mad at me.

I don't want to try to
talk you out of anything

Or to try to convince you of anything.

Dad, what are you doing here?

Are you all right?

Yeah, yeah, I'm good.

I'm--I'm great, actually.

I'm just--I'm thinking about bridges.


Bridges that connect us
to the people and things

That we love and need in our lives.

They're built on trust, and I've--

I've torched most of them.

And I'm just hoping that the--

That the one that connects me to you

Can still be repaired.

I'm sorry, but I do have
something that I'm late for.

Oh, okay.

Can we talk about this later?

Yeah, yeah. We'll--we'll--

We'll talk about it later.

This thing that you're late for,
do you need a lift?

No. No, I'm good.


So I'll, uh, I'll see you later?

Yeah. Um, I'll see you later.

I didn't think a law office
could be such a soap opera.

I mean, the human drama of it all.

Matt, you remember my boss, pressman?

So he's totally gay, he's totally in denial,

And he's totally married.



Matt, this is delicious.


So how about you?

Did you, uh, leave the house at all today?

Do you think I'm a coward?


I think I'm a coward.

What are you talking about? Why?

I had the worst guy in the
world living inside my head.

When I finally got rid of him,

I didn't do a thing to go after him.

Because you came home to us,
where you belong.

I've let so many people down.


Friends. Um, people that I care about.

I mean, I'm sitting here,
eating ratatouille,

Instead of facing the world,

Doing something about the
problems that I've caused.

Matt, you have a family.

Come on, you're a simple guy.

You care about us. That's your world.

You just have to let the rest of it be.

There is nothing cowardly

About looking after your family.

You belong here with us.



Come here.

Not exactly fiv
e-star accommodations, I know,

But if there's anything you need...

What I need is to go home, samuel.

What are you doing? You can't just take me.

I've thought about this
day for so long, vanessa.

The day you would arrive.

It wasn't supposed to be like this.

Everything was supposed to be perfect.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Noah bennet.

He did a real number on you, didn't he?

He got into your head.

I had to act, to protect you,

To get you away from him.

By kidnapping me?

I would hardly say that.

You won't let me leave here.

You've got me against my will.

What would you call it?

You know what?

I'm just--

You're upset.

And I understand why.

But there is a reason for all of this.

There's something I want you to see.

It's so magical, so beautiful.

Just let me show you, that's all.

If you're still unhappy,

I'll take you right back
to california, I promise.

What do you mean,
"right back to california," sam?

Where are we?

It's so beautiful, vanessa.

Wait till you see it.

It's perfect.

I was driving by. I saw the light on.

Come on in.

How was california?

Not as fruitful as I would have liked.

You got my messages?


I'm sorry.

I know.

And I think I, um...

I care for you more than I want to admit.

And it's complicated.

I know.

Just don't do it again.


You have company.

Sorry to pop in like this.

Hello, boys.