Heroes (2006–2010): Season 4, Episode 12 - Chapter Twelve 'Upon This Rock' - full transcript

Samuel goes off and tries to bring Emma into the fold by manipulating her about how special her sight-of-sound powers are, while back at the Sullivan Brothers Carnival, Claire becomes more suspicious about Samuel's intentions and ...

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There are many ways to
define our fragile existence.

And many ways to give it meaning.

I love you.

I love you, Nathan.


But it is our memories
that shape its purpose

And give it context.

Hiro, you're very sick.

Brain tumor. I'm dying.

A private assortment of images, fears,

loves, regrets.

We alone choose the importance of each.

How do you feel, Hiro?

[Speaking Japanese]

Building our own unique histories

one memory at a time.

What have you done?

Did you send a cello to my apartment?

Cello, no.

Hoping that ones we choose to remember

don't betray or trap us.

They are no bad powers, Emma.

You will learn to use your powers

to do good things in the world.

Where'd you learn how to do that?

Medical school. I dropped out.

Are you gonna go back to school?

Go be a doctor?

For it is the cruel irony of life

that we are destined to hold
the dark with the light.

The good with the evil.

You betrayed me.

I'm still your brother.

I need you to start
by retrieving some files

from the apartment of a Mr. Noah Bennett.

What do you want?

We don't want anyone to get hurt.

So we'll just take what we came for,

and we will be on our way.

This is what separates us, makes us human.

- Gone.
- So are your files.

And in the end,
what we must fight to hold on to.

Where'd you get that?

I stole it from my dad.

We came all this way to go to a carnival?


So glad you could make it.

I think it's time for some soul-searching.

And you're welcome to stay a
few days and do just that.

I'm gonna stay.

Just for a couple days.

I'm not sure she's gonna
serve a purpose for you.

It's not her I'm after.

Don't worry about Eli, he's harmless.


I've caught him staring at me,
like, three times.

It's that you're new.

Everybody's talking.

Talking's okay with me.

Staring? Not so much.

You have breakfast yet?

Yes, I had the blueberry pancakes,

and they were amazing.

Mm. I'm taking some to Samuel now.

He is in his trailer.

You know... How about you take them to him?

Score some points.

Not that you need to,

but he does love Mrs. Comey's pancakes.


Okay, sure.

Thank you, Claire.

No problem.

Hope you brought extra syrup.

How'd you know I had pancakes?


I thought you were Lydia.

That's so very nice of you.

That box in there looks a lot like the one

from the paper company
my dad used to work for.

As you may have guessed...

Your father and I have shared
more history than you know.

Well, you can always fill me in.

I'm not interested in the past, Claire.

Not when the future holds
such infinite possibilities.

The homeland you were talking about?

Yeah. And we're almost there.

And I'd love nothing
more than for you to stay

And watch that come to fruition.

Well, like I said, I do have
to get back to class on Monday.

Okay. Your loss.

How do I look?

I'm going to the city.

Then you look very, uh...

- ...urban.
- Good.

'Cause I need to make a positive impression.

I'm going to get someone--

someone essential for the
plan coming together.

Someone that can help us build a place

where we can be free.

Freedom is what you do
with what's been done to you.

Sounds deep.

Sartre. College.


I always thought freedom
was just another word

for nothing left to lose.

- That too.
- You'll see, Claire.

We'll stop running and find
a permanent place to live,

an ordinary place.

Then... you might even want to stay.

Or go.

It's your choice.

So she's free to go?

Not in my lifetime.

You make sure of that.

[Speaking Japanese]

[Speaking Japanese]

[Yelling in Japanese]



[Speaking Japanese]

[Speaking Japanese]

[Yelling in Japanese]

? To blow your head apart ?

? You got to see the show ?

? It's a dynamo ?

? You got to see the show ?

? It's rock and roll ?

? Ohh ?


What the hell are you doing?

Give it up, little brother.

It almost moved this time.

Let's see.


Far out.

Now come on.

I've got a show to do.

Just you wait.

I'm gonna move bigger rocks than that.

People are gonna come from
all over the world to see me.

You mean Vanessa's gonna come see you.


Oh, Vanessa girl.

Come and see my big dirt-moving show.

Shut up.

I can't believe you're still
carrying a torch for that girl.

Don't you know we're never going back there?

Tell you what...

If you can get people to buy a ticket

to see a kid not move a rock,

I'll invite her myself.

You're a jerk. Just you wait.

? ?

Just you wait, brother.

Just you wait.

Are you serious, mom?
Come on! He's nice.

He just got here.

I don't even know him from Adam.

I certainly don't know his family.

Since when do you care?

The answer is no.


Something funny?

Sorry, no. No, no, no, I just--

I've been looking for
something normal in this place

since this morning,
and I finally found it

When I was listening to you
and your daughter argue.

You sound like my mom and me.

We had some serious knock-down, drag-outs,


I wonder if we had a place like this

if things would've been easier.

How so?

Lose a finger, it grows back.
Nobody looks twice.

Oh, yeah, it's paradise here.

You don't sound convinced.

I didn't mean anything by it.

You know things, right?

I mean, you can see things.

Your tattoos.



I was just wondering if you...

knew why Samuel wanted me here.

Well, lately he's wanted
a lot of people here.

Half of them want to date my daughter.

[Both chuckle]

Why's he bringing so many people in?

It's become an obsession of his.

He spent all morning in his trailer.

Yeah, with my dad's files.

Well, well.

If it isn't Nancy Drew.

Is there something I can
help you with, Nance?

I was just looking for Samuel.

He's not around.

[Exhales] Nice trick.

I like to think so.

Aren't you on beautification duty?

Why don't you run along and beautify?

Oh. [Speaking Japanese]

[Speaking Japanese]

[Speaking Japanese]


[Speaking Japanese]

[Buzzer sounds]

Miss Coolidge?


My name is Samuel.

I've come a long way to see you.

I'm like you.

[Chuckles] No.

But I have a gift like you.

Emma, please let me explain.

You can read lips?

No, Emma, wait, wait, wait.

I'm the one who sent you the cello.

I'm interested in people like us.

I know that you can see
things that other people hear.

And that you feel them, oh, so much more.

I know many people with gifts.

And one of them can see from far away,

and she helped me find you.

We're all connected, Emma.


I'm sorry--I'm sorry I didn't
tell you that was from me.

Giving it away was not that easy.


It was meant for someone else.

Someone special in my life.

[Heavily sighs]

She and I... were close.

And then one day I lost her.

May I?

It's found its proper home.

I can see that now.

No, it didn't do that.

You did.

It was your own fear.

That's why I'm here.

You have to let go of that fear

and release your true ability.

[Rustling papers]

I need your help.

I've tried in my usual way to find this man.

But I've been unsuccessful.


He's--he's overwhelmed by his gift,
like you've been.

But so much more lost.

He thought he was losing his mind

when the moss and the flowers

started growing in his footsteps.

He lost touch with this world

and fell into the cracks.

I'm told he lives in Central Park.


Cover the exits.

Now you know what it feels like.

Yeah. Nice trick.


[Glass breaking]

- [Groan]
- [Grunt]

[Mechanical clanking]


What do you think you're doing, Barbie?


Let me go.

Not until you tell me why
you were in Samuel's trailer.

- Listen to me, okay?
- You're a spy, aren't you?

Hm, working for your father?

No. I came here on my own.

I believed what Samuel
was saying was real,

but he's collecting
people with abilities.

Yeah, why shouldn't he?

We're a family.

You wouldn't understand that,
would you, Barbie?

Huh? No.

You only see the worst in people.

Makes me want to pin you
to that trailer

so Samuel can find you
when he gets back.

Samuel is using my dad's old files

to track people down and bring them in.

He's got a map
of that valley out there,

and he is planning something.

Yeah, and whatever it is...

you're gonna ruin it for everyone.

I'm not gonna let you.

I'm not gonna let you ruin it for me.

[Speaking Japanese]

[Speaking Japanese]

Your gift is more than
seeing sound as color

and putting cracks in the wall.

My true ability, what is it?

Your emotions can
become one with the music.

You can bring people to you.

Like a siren's song.


Yeah, just play and you'll see.

[Paper rustling]

Concentrate on him.

Draw him to you.

Now's your chance.

Make your prayers into song.

[Cello music playing]

? ?

It's all right.

Let the music fill you up.

Is he all right?


I cannot thank you enough
for getting him in.

If you ever wanna help more of us,

there's a place I'd like you to visit.

We could use a doctor...

And a siren.

This'll help get you there.

I will. Thank you.

Thank you.

She's different, like me.

Not different.


I always thought
I was alone in the world.

I guess I'm... just a little scared.

So many of us are, friend.

So many.

But not for long.

Let's go home.

Sources confirm the remains found

in the the small plane crash

are that of New York Senator
Nathan Petrelli.

The NTSB is promising a complete
and thorough investigation

into the crash.

At this time,
investigators are reporting

that the senator was the
pilot and sole passenger

of the plane.

You're getting weak.

Otherwise you would've
forced my mouth shut.

Don't tempt me, Barbie.

I'm telling you.
Samuel's up to something.

And he's lying to all of you.


He's a good man.

Why are you so sure?

Because I'm good now.

This place is good for me.

I haven't done anything
wrong since I got here.

Joseph set me straight.

He showed me what was good
and true about my ability.


Is that who's in that picture
there next to Samuel?

- Yeah.
- Samuel's brother.

He didn't want to let me in at first.

Samuel convinced him.

Lydia said that Samuel was obsessed

with making the family bigger.

Why do you think that Samuel's
bringing in all these people?


Shut up!

- This is my home now, Barbie.
- Listen to me.

I don't want to destroy this place.

But if Samuel's bringing
people in for a reason,

don't you think that's gonna put
everyone in danger?

You know me.

Do you seriously think
I want to destroy your home?



Talk to Lydia.


She knows.

Thank you.


Claire? What are you doing here?

I just went into Samuel's trailer.

He has a map of the valley.
What is he planning?


You wanted me to go in
there for a reason, why?

You know something

And you're not telling me what it is.

Samuel wasn't--
He wasn't always in charge.


He was our real father.

He made this place a home.

I miss him.

We all miss him.

What happened to him?

He killed him, didn't he?

He's lost his way, Claire.

I am scared for all of us.

Yeah, I woke up this morning

and I wasn't sure about this place.

But this place is special.

For you, and for your daughter.

Even Doyle.

The only thing wrong with it is Samuel.

You have to help us.


You have to find someone
that can stop him.

I will.


No buried treasure for you, Nancy Drew.

What were you thinking?

You told me to watch her.

She's not a prisoner.

If she wants to go, she can go.

Not a prisoner?

Sure feels that way
with copy boy over here.

Don't you ever get sick of him?

Stay or go, Claire.
It's still your choice.

I'll go.

After you tell me
what happened to Joseph.

Eli, give us a minute.

Did Lydia tell you?

No, I asked her, she wouldn't.

It's true, isn't it?
You killed him.

I lost control.

Like that is an excuse?

He told the government about us.

You remember them, don't you?

They lured him in.

Very same people that have
been chasing us for years.

Emile Danko.

Same one who worked
alongside your father.

The man who imprisoned you, Claire.

How do you think your
father got the compass?

This is not about my father, okay?

This is about what you did.

[Frame clatters]

[Whispers] What I did was awful.

Joseph put us all in danger.

After years of running free.

I wasn't about to let
him get away with that.

I wasn't about to let him
take that away from us.

So murder was the answer?

You, of all people,
should understand how far

a father will go to protect his family.

Hasn't your father lied,
cheated, even killed...

to protect you?

What's going on out in that valley?

Every artist needs his canvas, Claire.

And Ian...

Well, Ian is Picasso.

I need water.

That can be arranged.


It's beautiful.

It's you.

It's who you are.

It is beautiful.

What is this place?

Our new home.

My brother would've loved it.

He never believed it was possible.

He certainly never believed
I could make it real.


This is why I need a bigger family,

to build the future.

This could be your home too, Claire.

I have a home.

And I'd like to go back to it.

Of course.

But just remember...

You're free, Claire.

Whatever happens in your world back home,

you can always come back to this one.

Whenever you want.

I know.

Claire, we need to talk.

Claire bear, call me.

Claire, hey, it's Peter.

Um... You need to call me.

Something happened.

We have a lot to talk about.

I'm glad you're safe.

From what?

Where I came from or this lie?

I know you took the compass.

And I'm not giving it back.

My brother Nathan taught me a lot.

He taught me...

how to ride a skateboard
when I was a kid,

how to hook a marlin,

he taught me how to catch a baseball.

Those are all things usually
a father'll teach his son.

But dad wasn't around.

So it was Nathan.

And I wish to hell it
would've been my father,

because Nathan didn't make it easy.

He would throw it high,
or he'd throw it wide.

And I would yell at him.

I would tell him to throw it right at me.

But he'd say to me,

"That's not how it's gonna
come at you in a game, Pete."

I used to think he was
just being a big brother

and he was picking on me.


But now I understand.

He just wanted me to be ready...

for anything.

I'm ready, brother.

For whatever comes.

Detail, atten-hut!

Detail, halt!


Ma'am, this flag is presented

on behalf of a grateful nation

for the honorable and faithful service

rendered by your loved one.

[Whispers] Thank you.

[Yelling indistinctly]



Fire! [Gunfire]


Fire! [Gunfire]


Fire! [Gunfire]

Honor, hut!