Heroes (2006–2010): Season 3, Episode 23 - Chapter Ten '1961' - full transcript

Angela has nightmares. She gets the family to go back to Coyote Sands with her to dig up graves, and find her sister.

This is just wrong;
digging up these graves.

Why is she
making us do this?

Mom has her reasons,

She'll share when she's ready.
Give her time.

Come on,
give him a chance.


Look what
he's turning us into.

He knows
what he's done,

and he's carrying
enough guilt for all of us.

But he's here,
isn't he?

He needs our support.

Boy, he charmed you.

Don't worry.

It happens to
all of us.

I'm gonna go
talk to her.

What're we doing here,

You said we came here
to find your sister.

We didn't know
you had a sister.

we need some answers.

Mom, what happened out here?

Angela and Alice Shaw.

That's everybody.

Welcome to Coyote Sands.

My name is
Dr. Chandra Suresh.

Please follow me.

Take a snack.


The dining room.
Game room.

We show movies
every night.

And the best popcorn
you've ever had.

You have a
funny accent.

So do you.

So where are you from?

Bombay, India.

I've come a long way to meet you,
to help you.

These are your quarters,

and your parents
are just across the quad.

Dr. Zimmerman
will show you the way.

Why do they have guns?

It's alarming.

I know.

But this isn't a prison.

The guards are here
for your protection.

We want to
keep you safe.

Come on,
let's get you settled.

I see you got
the milk and cookies.

We wanted to give you

the official welcome.

Welcome to
Crapola Sands.

I'm Charles Deveaux.

The guy with the funny accent is
Daniel Linderman.

And the guy with the glasses is
Bobby Bishop.

I didn't think boys were allowed
in the girls bunk.

Uh, yes, yes.

Well, um, Bobby here...

He wanted to tell you
how beautiful he thought you were.

- I-- I did not.
- What?

What, you don't think
she's beautiful?


we just wanted to say hi.

I don't like this.

I want to be with
Mom and Dad.

We already talked
about this.

It's going to be fun.

Just like camp.

Let's get you unpacked.

There's only
toys and books in here.

You said
pack what I need.

You need clothes, Alice.

Pants, shirts, socks.

And how many times have you read
'Alice in Wonderland'?

I want to go home,

And so do you.

Prom is coming.

The doctor told
Mom and Dad

that this place is going to
make my nightmares go away.

No more screaming?

But what I have
is genetic.

So we all need to
deal with it.

The entire family.

Who snuck you out to see
Sleeping Beauty?

And who gave Jackie Jacobs
an Indian burn

when she stole
your barrette?

I will always
be there for you.

I promise.

But I need you to be
there for me, too.


is going to be fine.


My sister, my parents...
they all died here.

And if we don't
come together,

if we don't settle
our differences...

I'm afraid history's
going to repeat itself.


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It was a different time.

Kennedy was president,
and we were all patriots.

And when the government
found out about us,

they told us
they could cure us.

And we believed them.

And they rounded us all up,
and they put us here.

What happened here?

I don't know.
I was lucky, I survived.

But Alice, my entire family...

So why are we here, Mom?

You could've told us this
in a restaurant.

Why here?

Why are we
digging up those bodies?

I've been dreaming
about my sister.


That doesn't make sense.

But my dreams often don't.

They're open to

They--they're confusing,
but I think--I think...

I have to see her
for myself.

I have to find her body,
find a piece of clothing, something,

anything to give her
a proper burial.

You should've told us
about this place.

That--that you had a sister.

I didn't want you
to know the pain.

Mothers are
allowed to do that.

I'm allowed to
protect you.

You're absolutely allowed
to do that, Ma.

It's my nightmare, Peter.

I never wanted you
to know what I suffered.

I tried to forget.

We made everyone forget.

Who's "we"?

How do you think
The Company was formed?

It started here with a vow
to never let this happen again.

We destroyed files.

Erased memories.

We blackmailed,
we killed.

Anything to keep
our existence secret.

And it worked...
for 50 years.

Now Noah and I
have tried

to fix this
current situation,

but Mr. Danko
has proved resourceful.

So that's what
you were trying to do.


But you blew it.


The important thing is to

put our secret back...

so we can all stop running,
return to our lives.

It's time to go back
to the old methods.

You mean erasing people's
memories and killing?

It's a necessary evil.

I'm sorry
what happened here...


But it didn't give you
the right to do the things

that you've done,
and it still doesn't.

We need you, Peter.

I need you.

Your company
tore this family apart.

I'm not going to be
a part of it again.


I'll get him.

You had a nightmare.

What's it to you?

I think I heard you
talking to your sister

about how your
nightmares come true.

Look, you're not
the only one

who's realised that something strange
is happening to them.

I don't know what
you're talking about.


How'd a pretty skirt like you
get a scar like that?

A bicycle accident.

This place is
one big science experiment.

And we're the rats.

You're wrong.

They're going to help us.

She's right.

We're freaks.

They're going to
make us normal.

And you're blind.

Why do you think
they have armed guards?

We've done nothing wrong.

It's not like
we're Communists.

My dad said
we can trust them.

This has happened before.

Nazis with the Jews.

America did it too...
with the Japs.

This is different.
We're different.

What was your nightmare?

My dreams are confusing.

They're not always right.

You have to
stop being afraid...

and start believing.

That doctor...

Don't trust him.

What're you talking about?


We're all going
back to sleep.

My feet are cold,

That's what you get
for not bringing any socks.

I'll find you some.

Say good night, Alice.

Good night, Alice.

I heard what you were
saying to the boys.

About Doctor Suresh.

Those boys just have an
overactive imagination.

Remember when
I got an F in History?

Dad took away
the TV and dessert.

I was so mad
that I--

that night,
a hail storm smashed his car.


I think I can control
the weather.

Is Doctor Suresh
going to come for me?

Why didn't you tell
Nathan and Peter

about your sister?

Where's your father?

I asked for some alone time
with you.

I want to help you.

I was almost your age
when I came here.

I was 16.

Every other thought was about
boys and the prom.

I was so na?ve.

I wish I had had
half of your strength.

You have courage and
self confidence.

You--you've overcome all those
nagging self-doubts.

Maybe sometimes.

Not always.

I'm still figuring it out.

You dug up those graves
without batting an eye.

If I had had your spirit,

if I had trusted myself,

maybe things would've
been different here.

Doesn't answer my question.

You ever do
something so awful,

something you are
so ashamed of

that you think
if you ever talk about it,

you might never stop crying?

Where did this come from?

This is what happened
in my dream.

It's impossible!

But it is...
it's her!

It's Alice!




- Come on, we got to get back inside!
- No!

You need to see
a menu?

just a cup of coffee, please.

we need to get through.

Whatever it is,
it's between us.

You're not helping things
by running away every time

- things get a little bit tough--
- Running away?

So when you just disappear,

you up and disappear
and you go up forever.

You went instead of
staying in Washington

and dealing with a problem
that you created.

Pete, you know,

nobody can look down their nose
at me better than you.

1986 Mets.
You remember that?


How dad had two tickets
to the world series,

and he had two other tickets
to the playoffs.

And you convinced me to go
to the play-offs with him.

I wanted to make sure
you got to see a game, yeah.

Come on, Pete,
I couldn't have known

the Mets were gonna beat
the Astros.

Come on.

You get to see Mookie Wilson
in that game six.

You saw him.

I got lucky.

- You got to see that game.
- I got lucky.

You think I conned you?
Into seeing a play-off game?

Yes. I do.

Because even in your generosity,

you are selfish.

And that is just
who you are.


We have got to find a way
to forgive each other.

We have to find the
capacity for forgiveness.

- Because without that--
- I am trying...

really hard.

This is the
emergency broadcast network.

A severe storm warning is in effect
for the Greater Valley area.



How did you find me?

Are there
more agents coming?

I'm not working
with them any more.

I tried to stop them
from the inside.

- And they found out.
- You expect me to believe that?

It's the truth.

I tried...
and I failed.

Angela Petrelli
brought us here.

What business does she have here?

She was taken here
as a child.

This was a place for
people with abilities,

and eventually murder.


They killed hundreds.
The graves are outside.

What're you doing here?

I found this.

50 years ago,
my father was a doctor here.

I came to find out
what he was doing.

Now, I'm not so sure
I want to know.

Hello, Alice.

can I talk with you?

Yes, of course,
Dr. Suresh.

It's okay, Alice.

Three wavy lines.

Who are they?

Don't worry about them.

Just focus on the cards.

Let's try again.

A triangle.

I'm not reading your mind,
if that's what you think.

I had a dream
about this,

about you
showing me cards.

A dream?

About this exact moment?

And does everything you dream
come true?

They're dreams.

They're confusing.

And what else
have you dreamt about?

About you.

You're going to
kill everybody here.

My parents.

My sister.

I can assure you...

That's not going
to happen.

You are a good man.

And you've treated us
with nothing but kindness.

But I'm telling you,

it's going to get
out of your control.

If you leave,
it destroys all our work.

Don't you see the
benefits your abilities

could have for the world?

I only see my nightmares.

Einstein said,

"The life of the individual
has meaning--

"Only in so far,

"as it aids in making the life of
every living thing nobler

"and more beautiful."

You have read Einstein.

No, I just dreamt
that you would say that.

You said yourself that
dreams are confusing.

Open to interpretation.

Everything is going
to be fine, Angela.

this won't hurt a bit.

I tried to warn them!

I tried to
make them stop.

I tried to save them,
save Alice.

And now Alice is alive.

If this is your sister,
then why is she doing this?

She's angry.

You don't believe me.

Storms happen.

It's my sister!

What if it's not?!

I need to go find her.

I need to deal
with this alone.

It's too dangerous out there!

Are you okay?

What is it?

Your mom.
She's gone.

So what?
My father was Dr. Mengele?

You don't know
what happened here.

It's hard to ignore facts.

- Which are what?
- He worked here.

Everyone died,
he survived.

The most obvious answer is
usually the right one.

Working with the enemy

doesn't necessarily
make you the enemy.

You should know that.

I met your father.
He was a good man.

You don't know what he did,
what he faced.

What his intentions were.

Who are we talking about?

don't make any assumptions.

Not until
you know the truth.

Any sign of my mother?

No. Nothing.

She's got to be
around here somewhere.

Let's split up.
Cover more ground that way.

No one should be alone.

will you go with Peter?

There's no sign of her.

Do you really think
her sister survived this?

I don't know.

What was this place?

It's where
he experimented on them.

I guess we're destined to
repeat our parents' mistakes.

How do you mean?

I mean
I am my father's son.

Experimenting on
human guinea pigs.

And why?

Not for science.

For self interest.

You're being too hard on yourself,

We started this
a long time ago, okay?

You and me.

I know you.
You're a good person.

Good intentions
only go so far, Peter.

I am weak.
I'm corruptible.

- And I am selfish.
- We're all selfish.

My brother has proven that point
time and time again.

I know what it's like
to have parents

who are... less than.

My mother
brought us here

because she wants to
start a new company.

She thinks it's the
only way to keep this...

from happening again.

But that first company
she started was corrupt.

Yes, but why?

And was it surviving this?

I mean, this has
to come with--with

fear and pain
and anger.

Maybe that's why
you can get it right.

Because you never
knew this pain.

I have to believe that
there is hope for redemption.

I have to.

Even for Nathan.

You and Peter
going to be all right?

I don't know.

He blames me
for everything.

Can't say
as I entirely disagree.

You and I have made
a mess of things.

Yes, we did.

Danko is working with Sylar.

Sylar can change his shape.
He can be anybody.

He almost made me
kill my wife.

What was the last book
you read?

'Cause I can't remember.

Not the last book I read,
last movie I saw...

You remember
Movie Nights?

We used to
rent old movies,

make popcorn.

When do we
get to go back?

I don't know.

I miss it, too.

You know,
I should be a basket case.

Digging up graves.

I should be,
but I'm not.

I'm just... not.

I tried so hard
to impress you.

Both of you.

Becoming an agent,
trying to stop the bad guys.

What you did
was very brave.

I was an idiot.

All I wanted to do
was grow up.

Honey, that's all any teenager
ever wants.

But you can't
fault yourself for that.

Maybe not.

Maybe I can.

There was a time where
I wanted to become a doctor.

A chef.

Class president.

Not an agent.

What are you
waiting for?

Say your goodbyes, all right?

Are you sure?
Do we have to go right now?

Yeah. Linderman and Bob
are already on the outside.

We're gotta go right now,
while they're changing guards.

It's our best chance
to sneak out.

Figure out where we are,
how we can get help,

and save everyone.

Look, this is your plan.

I know.

- It's just Alice.
- Look, she can't come.

It's dangerous.
She'll slow us down.

I promised her
I'd never leave her alone.

I get it.
But we need you too.

So keep her calm.

Make sure
she doesn't blow this.



What were you
talking about?

Me and the boys
are going to go

sneak out tonight.

Cool, I'm coming too.

- No.
- Why not?

Because you can't,

I just want to hang out
with kids my own age.

Are you going
to make out?

don't think like that.

We'll be back in a few.

Cover for us.

I'm scared.


I had a dream
last night.

About you.

And it's going
to be safe here.

I swear.

You just have
to stay here.

We'll be right back.

Now say
good night, Alice.

Good night, Alice.


Look at me.

Please, just...

Turn around.

Talk to me.

# I was alright, for a while #

# I grew smiles for a while #

The cops
don't believe me.

Come on,
we have to convince them.


This is serious and you guys are
acting like children.

We're enjoying the moment.

Do you want a fry?

Come on.

Let's have a dance.

You missed your prom,
and you love this song.

I never told you that.


We don't allow that
in here.

No dancing.
Not with a colored.

We didn't mean
anything by it.

Just pretend like this
never happened.

Your ability?

We don't have
to be afraid, Angela.


We need to get socks.

For Alice.

This is the
emergency broadcast network.

A severe storm warning
is in effect.

Flash floods and high winds
have come out of nowhere.

We have to
get back to Alice.


I'm alive.

You're not going crazy.

I almost
didn't recognize you.

You look so old.

Do I look old?


You look beautiful.

how is this possible?


Have you been here
for 50 years?

When I found this place,

it was packed
with food.

When I went through that,
I did what I had to do.

I stole...
what I needed.

Clothes, food...

Why did you stay?

You told me.

Your dream.

You said I'd be safe
if I stayed here.

- I--
- And I trusted you.

I thought
I'd be safe here.

And the world would be safe...
from me.

From you?

Oh, Alice.

The night I left...

What happened
that night, Alice?

When you left...
That doctor... Suresh.

He came for me.




Alice, wait! Alice!

It's okay. It's okay, Alice!
It's okay!



Get back inside.

You don't have
to stay here anymore.

Let me help you.

It's time to go home.

I have socks for you.

Since that night,
whenever I-I feel lost...

whenever I don't know
what to do...

I steal socks for you.

To remind myself,
there are simple ways

to protect the ones
we love.

You don't ever
have to be cold again.

I am so sorry.

Oh, banana!

It's not your fault.

Yes, it is.

I lied to you...
that night.

I thought I was doing
the right thing.

I was trying
to protect you.

I was trying
to save you.

- You...
- I'm so sorry.

You... You...

I'm so sorry!


- Calm down!
- Alice, calm down!

- Calm down!
- Calm down!


I have to talk to her.

She's going to kill you.

I have to talk to her.



This isn't their fault.

This is your family.

This is my son.

He's your nephew, Alice.

You have a family.

And they're
the only ones

who can make
everything all right.

Don't punish them
for my mistakes.

I am so sorry.

Come on.

Let's get
out of here.

Let's go home.

Say goodbye, Alice.


Alice is gone.

She's nowhere.

Judging from her reaction,

I think I know what my father
was doing here.

Your father...
I found this.

In the lab.

It will give you some answers
about your father.

I don't know...

The storm covered the graves.
They're all buried.

Maybe it should remain
that way.

Fair enough.

Let's get out of here.

I'm not
going with you, Peter.

Why not?

Maybe you're ready to move on,
but I'm not.

I'm not ready to
forgive myself.

Not yet.

We can never let this
happen again.

Not ever.

No one can know
about us.

- They already do.
- Not for long.

I had a dream...
about the future.

We're going
to form a group.

A company.

It's going to
protect people like us.

We're just kids.

Not anymore we're not.

What do we do
in this dream?

Whatever we have to.

They're right
to be afraid of us.

The things we can do...

The things we're going to
do to keep this secret safe.

It's a necessary evil.

I'm never going
to see her again.

You don't know that.

I get it, Mom.

The guilt, the...

But you got to let go
of that.

Come join us?

Come on.

please someone say something.

How are the fries?

this isn't a company.

This is a family.

There's a big difference.

Families have the capacity
for forgiveness.

You mean that?

We're stronger together
than we are apart.

So there's
no more hunting.

We've got to make
our existence secret.

And try to put
our lives back together.

All right,
so what now?

I'll go back to

Take ownership of
my mistakes.

And talk to the President.

...ready and willing
to make it.

Looks like you already have.

The only real way
to bring change

is to bring real purpose
back to the White House.

- And I promise you...
- Who the hell is that?

That change will come
to this country.


And nothing...
will ever be the same.

Thank you all
very much.

I'll take a
few questions.


Yes, sir, thank you.

The American people
are in financial crisis now...

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