Heroes (2006–2010): Season 3, Episode 22 - Chapter Nine 'Turn and Face the Strange' - full transcript

Hiro and Ando set out to find Matt Parkman with his infant son, but soon learn that the infant's powers hinder their travel plans. Meanwhile, the shape shifting Sylar begins to use his new powers to harass Bennet by impersonating ...

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Previously on Heroes...


This woman is dying.

I need to get her to an emergency room.

I can't do anything to help her here.

I don't want you to help her.

Got another assignment for you.

I want the perimeter locked down.

A-team, rip apart the rectory.

All clear.

I slept, and I had a dream.

I know what we have to do now.

We need to go find Nathan and Claire.

We need to bring this family together.

And they're coming for little Matt.

We were sent to help.

Janice Parkman, we have a warrant to
bring you and your child in for questioning.

We should pool our resources.

You desperately want to find Martin

so you can get that ability, don't you?

Shape shifting.

You're salivating.

It'd be a lot easier for us to operate

if everybody thinks I'm dead.


No pulse.

No body temp.

Believe it.

Sylar's dead.

Impressive work.

I never did catch how you pulled it off.

Four-inch pocket blade.

Replaced by a six-inch metal spike.

Metal's a good choice.

Last time it was glass.

Killed him just fine until it melted
in the primatech fire.

Oh, trust me.

He won't be getting up again.

I've been chasing this one for a long time.

It's a funny thing.

You're on the hunt all these years,

and I show up, and bang, he's dead.

Maybe you didn't really want to catch him.

Or maybe you're just better at this than me.

Bennet. You have a visitor downstairs.

Says she's your wife.

My wife is here?

Send her up.

You have reached a number
that has been disconnected

and is no longer in service.

I've arranged travel to India.

If it's safe, I'll get
what I can from the apartment

and leave by ship from New York.

Avoid the airports. Smart.

Washington's far too dangerous for us.

You should come with me.

I'm not going anywhere.


Matt, I know how you feel about Daphne.

And what they did to her was inhuman,
but this is--

What they did to Daphne was protocol.

She died because she was different.

I can't get over it, Mohinder.

I can't get it out of my head.

These agents, they're too powerful.

We tried to stop them before.

We went after the wrong guy.

Emile Danko, he's been
pushing this whole thing.

And that bastard killed Daphne just as
sure as he pulled the trigger himself.

So it's revenge.
You just want to see him die?

I want him hurt.

I want him to feel what he's done.

Matt, please, let's just talk about this.

You've been a really good friend, Mohinder.

Good-bye, Mohinder.

Sandra, what are you doing here?

I am not gonna sit home any longer, Noah.

Agents burst into our house,
our daughter goes missing,

and you ignore my phone calls.

That's not fair.
I have returned all your calls.

And told me nothing.

I know when I'm being handled, Noah.

Claire is safe.

You know how this works.

The less you know, the better.

That's not good enough.

I can't believe a word you say,
and I want to see my daughter.

I'm sorry.
Am I interrupting your busy day?

There's a body inside.

They're telling me that it's Sylar,
but I don't know.

Something just doesn't feel right.

Will you listen to yourself?

Claire has disappeared,
and you are talking to me about Sylar.

You must be Mrs. Bennet.

I've seen your picture.

I'll bet you have.

From the surveillance cameras
watching my house?

Nice meeting you.



Go back to Costa Verde.

I am staying at the regency.

And I am not leaving until you find her.

It was fun being you.

Commanding the respect of others.

What the hell are you doing?

But you really ought to have
that mole checked.

You know the one I mean.

I showed Bennet the body.

Should have seen his face.

Do you know how dangerous this is?

This isn't a game.

It's not about you finding some
clever way to kill Noah Bennet.

I'm not gonna kill him.

I'm gonna destroy him.

Heroes Season 3 Episode 22
"Turn and Face the Strange"

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This is Bennet.

Noah, Angela.

I've been worried about you.

I've had a dream.

Do you know about what happened
at the place called Coyote Sands?

I've heard whispers. Rumors.

For 20 years, anyone I ever asked
always told me the same thing.

Which is?

That I should never ask again.

Peter and I are headed there now.

I spoke with Nathan.

He and Claire will meet us.

I need you with us.

It's time everyone knew the truth.

Just have a few loose ends to tie up.

They showed me a body.

Our old friend with a
six-inch spike in his skull.

-So they tell me.

There's only one way to be sure.

No, leave it alone, Noah,
get out while you can.

Where'd they take the bodies?

Crematorium. Barbecue day.

No, leave it--
Are you listening to me?

Leave it alone.

Noah, Noah.


Someone's gonna have to pay for that.

Who took my papers? My father's work?

They said they were
from homeland security.

Also told me that if you
or the big guy showed up,

I should give 'em a call.

I'd advise against it.

Might have to implicate you.

I checked the building before I came up.

No one's watching.

These guys must have got what they wanted.

First the feds, now you.

I don't need this in my life.

Don't worry.

I'll be gone tomorrow.

I don't believe this.

Oh, and your crazy old man,
he left some stuff in storage downstairs.

Do me a favor.
When you go, take it with you.

Show me.

Oh, don't go getting all foreign on me.

Y'all are from the mother ship, huh?

Uh, habla a little ingleso?

Si. I am Hiro.

This is Ando.

And this is baby Matt Parkman.

Well, climb aboard, amigos.

Name's Sam Douglas from Lubbock, Texas.

Car trouble, huh?

Yes, we are trying to get to the
east coast to find the baby's father.

Yeah, I got me a buddy mechanic
in the next town.

He can get you all fixed up.

Oh, that's fantastic.

Thank you.

No problemo.


Well, let's rodeo.

Hey, everything shut down.
Ignition, electrical.

Even my cb went out.

Something's not right.

That's it, Emile. Feel it.

Feel it.

It's a hell of a thing
not knowing who you can trust.

That's it. Feel it.

The person closest to you is in danger.

Go to them.

Make sure they're okay.


Stop. Don't move that body.

Mr. Bennet, can I help you?

-Draw your weapons.

Get a beat on the back of his head.
Do it!

Mr. Bennet.


Okay, I need this sent to Strathmore Labs.

I need a DNA analysis.

This is an a1 priority.

-You got it?

You want us to go ahead
and cremate the body?

I have a signed order
to cremate the body.

Mr. Bennet.

Who are you?


Is everything all right?

Sandra, hi, come on in.

So this is your new home.

Well, you said it couldn't wait,

so I assume you want
to know about Claire.

No, Claire's fine.
She called about a half an hour ago.

I just need you to sign these.

What is it?

It would be easier if you just sign.


This is the real reason you came
all the way to Washington?

Was to serve me? What does it say?

That you have perpetually lied to me,

brought loaded guns into the home,

endangered the lives of our children.

-I already changed the locks, Noah.

-Just sign the damn papers.
-Now, Sandra,

don't throw away 22 years of marriage.

Marriage? Is that what you call this?

This isn't a marriage.
It's an arrangement.

It's cover so you can go
around shooting at people.

Look, I'll be done with my work here soon.

I will come back to California.

-Don't insult me with promises.
-We will go to counseling.

It's too late.

We owe it to Lyle and to Claire...

-You're not listening.
-To try to hold this family together.

It's too late. I don't love you anymore!

You're a liar and a betrayer.

You say you care about your family.

You don't.

It's over, Noah.

I don't love you. I don't trust you.

I don't even respect you.

And when that's gone...

Look, I'm sorry for all y'all's troubles,

but what say we try moving your magic
baby the hell away from my truck?

Well, I still got a load to deliver.

Thank you for the ride.

Good luck to yous.

Come on, baby Matt Parkman.


I make a funny face for you.

Come on, baby Matt.
Look at uncle Ando.

In English, Alena.

You promised you'd practice.

For you, Jakob.

But only you.

Do you really have to leave so soon?

I told you. This was all last minute.

I have to fly back to Chicago tonight.

I know, I know.
"A mix-up at the warehouse.

" Car's here.

I gotta go.

Give me a smile.

I'll be back in Washington before you know it.

Who are you? How did you get in here?

The door, uh-- I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. This was a bad idea.

I don't believe it.

They sent you to me, didn't they?

Sent me?

The escort service.

They gave you my address, right?

I told them I was finished.

No more. But they never listen.

So the guy who was just here was a client?

Mr. Prodasa.

Mr. Prodasa.

How do you know about Jakob?

Jakob and I work together.

He asked me to meet him here.

You're from his work.


I've never met any of his friends.

But now that I have you, I insist.

Please, sit.

Strathmore Labs. This is Nigel.

This is Noah Bennet.

I'm awaiting results of a DNA sample
I sent earlier today.

Yes, Mr. Bennet,
I was just emailing you now.

DNA matches one James Martin
of Arlington, Virginia.


Thank you.

Sylar's a shape-shifter.

Have you been seeing Jakob a while now?

Almost a year.

Jakob and I met through the...

He ever talk to you about his work?

A bit.

School books.

He says his company sells
all over the world.

It sounds boring, actually.


Well, his sales calls
do keep him on the move.

That and his family.

He talks to you about his family?

His wife.

Two boys, yes.

He told me about them right away.

He's going home to Chicago
to be with them,

but he promised once
his children are grown that we--

You were gonna be together, yeah.

After what I have been through,
it is a miracle.

To have someone like
Jakob come into your life.

He loves me.

You know what?

The sick thing is...

he probably does.

But he does not deserve you.

Whatever you think he is,
it's a lie, Alena, a lie.

And you need to get away from him now,
while you still can.

No, you are scaring me.

Who are you, really?

You want me to tell you all about Jakob?

I'm gonna show you.

Hello, Dr. Suresh?

This is Hiro Nakamura.

Yes, I know.

My very angry landlord said
you've been calling all day.

Yes, it is important that
we find Matt Parkman.

Do you know where he is?

Still in Washington, I'm afraid.

I did what I could.


Hiro, Matt's changed.

He's committed himself to
a very destructive course.

What? We must save him.

Believe me, I tried.

It's difficult to dissuade a man

who's decided he has
nothing to live for.

I'll tell you the place
where Matt was last headed.

Thank you, Dr. Suresh.

What's it called again?

Coyote Sands.

Here it is.

Looks like a million miles from nowhere.

Why do we have to meet her there?

I have no idea.

When your grandmother has a dream,
it's a good idea to pay attention.

It appears my father was looking for information
on an abandoned government project in the 1960s.

Focusing on an "Operation Icarus."

Files are heavily redacted,
but it mentions medical research

and a place called Coyote Sands.

My father was there.

There's cash in my purse.

I'm not here for your money.


You say another word and you die.

Noah, what are you doing?

Divorce papers?


Did you really think I wouldn't notice
that your signature doesn't match?

What are you talking about?

Sandra never even
left California, did she?

Noah, it's me. It's sandra.

Shut up. I know who you are.

Your mother's name is Anita.

We honeymooned in Puerto Vallarta.

- You've done your homework.
- You sleep on your left side.

- Your joints ache when--
- You can mind-read now?

- What?
- Who did you kill?

- Matt Parkman?
- I didn't kill anyone.

Danko's in on it, isn't he?

He was going after James Martin.

Did he feed you his catch?

- Noah.
- Answer me.

Is Danko in on it?

I don't know what you're talking about!

Noah! Please, the kids.
Don't do this.

Where's your phone?
Where is it?

What? In my coat pocket.



Lyle, what do you need?

Um, I'm supposed to give Muggles
some kind of pill while mom's away.

I forgot where she keeps the pills.

Where are Muggles' pills?

I don't know.

Top shelf of the
refrigerator on the left.

Not the green bottle, the brown one.

Top shelf of the fridge on the left.

The green bottle or the brown one?


Get out.

Sylar's a shape-shifter.

- Leave.
- He came to me as you.

You filed for divorce,
you'd changed the locks.

Probably a good idea.

No, no, Sandra, don't you understand?

This is exactly what he wants.

Get out!

You gotta believe me.

I do believe you, Noah.

But it doesn't matter.

It's too late.

I really want you to leave.



What are you doing here?

I don't understand.

You live here?

Damn it, Alena,
I'm not gonna ask you again.

How did you find me?

I brought her here.


What the hell did you do to her?

Inside. Both of you.

Don't even think about it.

Even if this place is bugged,
your soldiers won't get here in time.

So this is what you've been reduced to?

What kind of garbage did you push
into her head to get her to come along?

It didn't take much, Danko.


Why does he call you that?

And this place, you said you
lived in Chicago with your family.

Stop, Alena. Don't listen to him.
He'll work you.

Make you believe
things that aren't real.

What's the matter, Emile?

What, are you worried she's not
gonna roll out the red carpet

when she finds out what her
boyfriend really does for a living?

Oh, shove the psychobabble, Parkman.

You have no idea who I am.

I used to be a cop.
I was surrounded by basket cases like you.

Your job's a nightmare, so you
seek out anything to ease the pain.

Nothing relationships.

Fantasies of a normal life.
Trust me, I've been there.

Go to hell.

Your boyfriend kills
people for a living.

Jakob, tell me you are not this person.

Go ahead, Danko.

Tell her.

My name isn't Jakob.

There is no family in Chicago.

No house.

I'm a soldier.

I hunt people for the government.

Son of a bitch.

Tell her what you did
to the woman I loved.

All of it.

The woman, Millbrook...


she was a threat.

You killed her?

No, it's worse than that.

He had a choice, and he let her die.

You were everything to me, Jakob.

Why did you lie?

Because I knew you couldn't possibly
love someone who did these things.

You really care about her, don't you?

This is the only way...

that you're gonna truly understand...

what you did to me.

Go ahead, Parkman.

But if you think killing her
is gonna make a difference,

or change how I feel about
the program, forget it.

Whatever you do, nothing's ever
gonna be more important to me

than putting you and your friends down.

My god, Jakob.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

This is what he's done to us.

In his world there's
no room for mercy...

Jakob, no!

Go ahead.

Finish it.

Close one.




Stay away from me.

What is it, Bennet?

Guess again.

I went to Bennet's apartment and
told his doorman that I forgot my key.

Bennet's old Primatech files.

Looks like he's been holding out on you.

I'm not surprised.

No? Are you surprised now?

If I were Sylar, I wouldn't
need this now, would I?


I knew he couldn't have
gotten to James Martin alone.

Not right under your nose.

What do you want?

How dumb are you?

How did you think it was gonna end?

Who did you think would be left
standing the minute Sylar got bored?


- What do you want?
- I want Sylar on a platter.

Then maybe I'll overlook this
pathetic little cry for help.

He's been going on assignment as
agent donner, leader of team six.

They've been racking
up a lot of wins lately.

Where are they now?

On a mission.

They should be back in an hour.

I'll wait.

And so will you.

I know you meant well, Hiro,
but I didn't ask to be rescued.

Dr. Suresh told us about your plan.

It is one thing to defend yourself.

But a true warrior knows the difference
between a righteous battle and--

What, retribution?
See, that's where you're wrong.

It's the only thing that
the other side understands.

But that is why we are better than them.

That is why we had to save you.



What's going on?

I cannot make the face anymore.

What's with the kid?

Matt Parkman, meet Matt Parkman.

He is your son.


My son?

We rescued him from government
agents in California.

He has a power like us.

This is why you can't give up.

A boy needs his father.

I have a son.

I have a son.

Outstanding. Great work.


Good job.

Agent Donner.

Yes, sir.

A word, please?

I do something wrong?

Just wanted to say congrats.

You guys have really
been on a roll lately.

Thank you, sir.

This man is not Donner.

He's Sylar.
He has shape-shifting abilities.

Get a lock on the back of his head.

Whoa, whoa, guys.

It's just me.

Tell 'em, Danko.

I have no idea what
you're talking about.

Agent Danko has betrayed you.

He and Sylar are working against you.

Guys, this is a huge mistake.

Put the gun down, Bennet.

This is Sylar.

He's killed a dozen agents, and
Danko is protecting him.

Everybody, stand down.

Look, you're under a lot of stress.

Yeah, because of the
divorce and everything.

How would you know a thing like that?

Everybody, freeze.

This is Sylar, and I can prove it.

He's gonna heal. You watch.

Now get up.

Get up. Get up.

Get up!

He's dead.

Sylar was never even in the building.

You just killed an innocent man.

Nobody move.

Put your weapons on
the ground right now.

Weapons down,
or I will blow his head off.

Get him!

I didn't have a lot of options.

I had to direct him somewhere.

It seemed the safest choice.

You almost got me killed.
You could have said I was Agent Foster.

Except if Bennet shot Foster,
Foster would be dead.

I didn't know you could bleed like that.

I squeezed out a little extra.

For show.

Sandra, just called to say...

I don't know what.
I love you.I miss you.

I miss my family.

All my old numbers are burned.

I can't leave you this one.

I'll call again when it's safe.

Alena, it's me.

I know how you must feel.


Angry. But what I said before,
it's not true.

You mean so much to me.

The way I am with you, it's not a lie.

Jakob Prodasa is the man I want to be.

I can't do it without you.

I'm begging you.


Give me a chance to prove myself.

I still don't understand
what we're doing out here, mom.

This is the place, Peter.

This is where our story really begins.


Why did you call him here?

This family has to come together.

Whatever has happened,
Nathan is still your brother.

Yeah, well, I have a hard
time believing that.


Claire, it's all right. Let him vent.


There's been too much
misery in this place.

What happened here, ma?
Why'd you call us together?

I never wanted you to see this.

Any of you.

But I realize now that was a mistake.

And to prepare for the future,
you have to understand the past.

You want the answers?

Then you'll have to dig.

It is our nature to
protect our children.

For each generation to pass on
their cautionary tales to the next.

So it is with the myth of Icarus,
the legend of a boy who fashioned

wings from feathers and wax,
daring to fly into the heavens.

I need a light.

His father was fearful and
warned Icarus to be careful.

Find something?

Begging him not to tempt fate
by flying too close to the sun.

But in the end, the boy couldn't resist.

His waxen wings melted
from the sun's rays.


And he plunged...

to his death.

You know who that was?

I knew...

all of them.

All of them?

Exactly how many are here, mom?

Keep digging.

edited by rogard