Heroes (2006–2010): Season 3, Episode 21 - Chapter Eight 'Into Asylum' - full transcript

Denko is approached by Sylar with an offer to help him to find an elusive shape-shifting person, despite the fact that they don't trust each other. Meanwhile, Peter and Angela hide out in a church where she seeks a path of redempt...



-One night.





Actually,he's my,uh,biological padre.

So...what's the plan?

Plan is to keep you safe.

I was exposed...

so that free pass I had for you went away.

But even danko's reach doesn't extend south of the border.


And what about everyone else?

I'll make some calls.

Put some things in motion.

All right,well...

we also gotta eat.

There's a cantina down the way.

Can I buy you a taco?

With,uh,what money?

I'll think of something.

Think I'm just gonna go for a walk.

Now,look,it's probably best that we stick together.Okay?

It's for your own safety.

I'll be careful.I promise.

All right,look,I'll meet you at the cantina,okay?Don't be--


Think we're clear.

My very own guardian angel.


You're a good son,peter.

That's not why I saved you.I want answers.

And you think I've got them?

You always know more than you let on.

I'm sorry to disappoint you,

but I need to find some answers for myself right now.

That's why I had you bring me here.

This is where I'm supposed to be.

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 So,tell me exactly what happened.

We were moving in to apprehend this guy.

Agents whitman,price,and holiday went in,

I watched the hallway.

And I heard three gunshots.

I ran in as fast as I could and I found them.

Like this.

And you didn't see anyone?



I'm sorry,sir.

Go back to H.Q.Get cleaned up.

What are you thinking?

No sign of a scuffle.One bullet each in the back.

Who was their intended target?

James martin.32

High school geometry teacher.

Amateur fly fisher.

Bio doesn't exactly read "trained assassin.

" What's martin's ability?


His dna was in the national database.

Set off a red flag.

We're doin' that now.

You gonna lecture me about civil liberties?


About sending your men in blind.

Unknown means martin could be anything.

He could be a telepath,a teleporter,an invisible man.

Each one requires a different tactic.

Our orders are to take them all in.

You're so desperate to chalk up a win,

you're cutting corners-- is that it?

Let's not forget you're nathan petrelli's boy.

And the last crusade was to catch this rebel,

and you didn't catch him,did you?

You need a win a hell of a lot more than I do.

*As I walk along I wonder what went wrong with our love,*

* a love that was so strong *

I love this song.

Well,quite a bloodbath in there,isn't it?

Did you get my gifts?

Taxidermied bunny and the near-dead puppeteer...

you shouldn't have.

It was an overture toward collaboration,

since we both want the same thing.

And what's that again?

Killing people like me.

I think we should pool our resources.

What's in it for you?

Let's just say you fascinate me.

And you're in way over your head in there.

I can help you...

if you want.

I can find the guy who killed your agents.

* I'm-a walking in the rain *

* tears are falling,and I feel the pain *

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Heroes Season3 Episode21

I want eyes on every road,

every terminal,air,bus,roadblocks.

This isn't a drill,people.

Three of our own died.

And they will not die in vain.

Not on my watch.

Not on yours.

So remember your training.

Remember agents whitman,price,

and holiday and their families.

Remember,we don't sleep...

until this son of a bitch is caught.

Any questions?

Nice speech.

We need a win.

You have 20 years' experience with these people,

and I need a plan.

 And I don't wanna hear,"one of us,one of them.

" Then I won't say it.

But it got the job done.

The very same tactics that you used on all those counter-insurgency programs

you ran from havana to kabul.

I don't know what you're talking about.


Well,if you did know what I was talking about,

then you'd probably understand the value of co-opting the native population.

Working the enemy.

A little focused manipulation goes a long way.

How could you work with these people?

Trust them?

Who said anything about trust?

They're assets-- weapons to be mobilized.

Motivate them.

Greed,revenge,love,hate-- whatever it takes to make the collar.

Speaking of which...

I have reason to believe that sylar is here...in D.C.

This could be the win that we both need.

Or it could be another chapter in the big book of you

letting him slip through your fingers.


got another assignment for you.


Where'd you get that?

I sold my kidney.

Actually,both of them.Twice.

I found a pawn shop down the street.

Sold the necklace my dad gave me.

My other dad.

You didn't have to do that.

I didn't want to,but he's mr.Survival skills,

and if he knew we were in a pinch and didn't sell it,he'd be mad.

I expect he would.It's a nice gesture,

but I got everything under control.

This isn't exactly a simple situation here.

It seems simple to me.

Government agents are out there hunting innocent people,

and they're gonna keep going until you tell them to stop

what you started.

Would it kill you to show me just a little bit of gratitude?

For what?

For--for giving you a free pass.

For risking my neck to save your life when it was over.

Pick one--either one.

Just common courtesy,claire.

Why did you give me a free pass?

I had my reasons.

Be back.

What are you gonna do with it?

Turn it into more.


Is that tequila?

The mass is ended.

May you go forth in peace and love and serve the lord.

You think sanctuary's gonna stop the agents from coming?

I can't sleep,peter.

To find where we should go,what we should do,

I need to dream,and to dream I need to sleep,

and I can'T.

I haven'T.

Not for a long time.

Take a pill.

Doesn't work.

For the dreams to come,ones that matter,

sleep has to be natural,has to be earned.


I always found peace here.

Your father and I were married in this church.

We walked down this aisle.

Your first communion...

even nana's funeral.

You're probably too young to remember,but you held my hand.

There used to be love in this family once.

Look at us now.

It's all my fault.

You come here to be forgiven?

I'm not sure even god has that in him.

You boys wanna make this a little more interesting?

What'd you have in mind?


-Come on,let's go.
-$100 a hit.

Last man standing takes all.

Listen,I can do this.

I used to do this scraping for shore leave money in the philippines,all right?

I'm good at it.

-All right.

Go for it.

All right,boys.

Line 'em up.


I wanted to check in.See if there was anything else I could do.


Just try to get some rest.

I wanted to tell you that what you said earlier about the guys...

It was inspirational.

I wish I had your strength.


Special delivery.

How the hell did you get in here?

Well,you'd be amazed what you can do with a lifted I.D.Badge,

a $4 tie,and a west baltimore accent.

But you've got much bigger problems.

Done some homework about that killer of yours.

I don't need your help.

Well,I just found some evidence to the contrary.

There's another body.He stashed it,you missed it.

I found it,of course.

You're lying.

Look in the box.

What's in the box?

Your answer.

How james martin was able to shoot your men in the back so easily.

It's because of what he can do.

He's a shape-shifter.

Come on.

Where is he?

Just around the northeast corner.

'Scuse me.

Hey--hey,I didn't do anything.

Take him in.

Your coat's sopping wet.

Found this one in the bins.It looked like something you'd wear.

Well,it should.It's mine.

I made a donation last week.

It's supposed to go to someone who needs it.

You need it.Come on.

Didn't know you were still so active.

I give them things.

Not devotion,not myself.

Not the same.

It's like with you and your brother.

Your father and I supported you,

but we didn't give you support.

Sure,you did.


There were times when you were growing up,

you were so confused.

You were so desperate for answers,

and I could have told you the truth.

I could have given you comfort.

I didn'T.

You must hate me.

I'm gonna find you a cup of tea.

It'll help you sleep.

I don't hate you.

Look,whatever's happened,you're still my mother.

I'm afraid that unconditional love isn't really love at all.

Hey,why don't we just call it a draw?

You guys don't look so good.

-You don't have to do this,you know.

Yeah,I do.

We need the money,don't we?

Besides,your dad's not the only one who can...

your other dad...

he's not the only one who can do stuff,you know.

You better get your old man off to bed.

You need a rematch,huh?

How 'bout a rematch?

Uh-uh,no,man.I beat him fair and square.

Come on,what about...

winning a little bit more?

What do you have in mind?

What about this watch?

It's a pretty nice watch,huh?

It's a really nice watch,but...

I'm like...22 shots deep.

You're a little bit late for the party.

Then I'd better catch up,huh?

You're not the only one who can get the drop on someone.

Oh,you've been waiting here for me.

Your M.O.'S predictable enough.

You desperately wanna find martin

so you can get that ability,don't you?

I have plenty of powers.

But this is different.


You're salivating.

I read your profile.

How you like to take on accents,affectations.

Play characters.

-It's fun.
-It's sad...

you're so desperate to be someone else.

You want out.

You have no idea what I want.


It's your escape hatch.

'Course,I could save you the trouble...

end it all for you,right now.

The part of my brain that you'd need to hit to kill me...

is microscopic.

I'm a pretty good shot.

It's not that simple.

I also gotta jam something in there,right?

To make it stick.

You've clearly thought all of this through,haven't you,

except for the part where you can't catch your guy without my help.

You're all the win I need.

The white whale.


I'm the goose who lays the golden egg.

I can round them all up.

You suggesting that I can't?

You chased a shape-shifter.

You don't chase...

a shape-shifter.

Just one...

photo on that board...just one...

and I could help you find them all.

Then you can take your shot.

I asked to be extraordinary.

And I promised to make
the world a better place.

So when I got my chance,I lived
up to my end of the bargain.

For what?

I'm running for my life.

A lot of people are
running for their lives.

They're hurt and they're
dying,and I can'T...

help them.

Do you even care what
you put people through?

I mean,when I kneel here
before you and I ask for help,

do you even listen?

And I'm tired of fighting.

And I'm angry.

I'm angry at my father,nathan...

and my mother.

At you.

We had a deal.

I think it's about time
you lived up to your end.


show up.

I want the perimeter locked down.

Excuse me...

what do you people think you're doing?

Sit down,sir.

Sir,we have reason to believe the
church is harboring two fugitives.

Chain the doors.No one gets
in or out,you understand?


This is a waste of time.

Martin's halfway across
the country by now.

No,he's not.

He hasn't left the city.

He had his chance,and he didn't take it.

He showed up as agent
jenkins right under your nose.

Yeah,why would he do that?

Martin's only human.

We all crave routine We
just need to find his.

You got some special power for that?

I do.

But I don't need it.

You can tell everything about
a person from their belongings.

I thought you'd be better at this.

Why's that?

'Cause you're a shape-shifter too.

I've been to your apartment--
you've got no books,no art,

no keepsakes,no
correspondence.Nothing to define you.

This is the part where
you get under my skin.

- I've seen your file too.
- Must be very hollow and boring.

Not like martin's closet.

I've never seen so many costumes.

Not much call for a geometry
teacher to wear an armani suit.

Or scrubs...

or this.

It's fractured.


 He's trying on
personalities like clothes.

- Has he made a choice?
- Not yet.

Like all of us,he's still looking.

What's the common denominator here?



These roles give martin something
he could never find in real life.

- Why?
- Why does anybody want power?

To screw with people...

or to simply screw people.


Tell me what you notice
about all those pictures.

Martin isn't in any of them.

Or these are all...martin.

Different men of power with
different women of allure.

It's a cliche for a reason,and
it's marvin's routine.

Where is he?

Where he goes every night...

lookin' to fall in love.

what do you weigh,like a buck ten?

That's none of your business.

Well,I'm just sayin',man.You
just don't even look drunk.

I think that you're just
jealous that I caught up.


After I put your old man to sleep.

Oh,please.That's not hard.

He tends to bite off
more than he can chew.

He's pretty slick,but
he seems like a good guy.

He wants to be.

Free passes and...

swooping in and...

- taking me off to mexico,thinking
that's all he has to-- I get it.

My parents are divorced too.

No.It's not like that.

Maybe it is.

I just wish he would take off
his armor,shining or otherwise,

and just act like a normal human being.

Thank you!

We need to go.

Hey,come on.

We gotta go.

I won the money.

Right there,that door.

All right,I'll get it.

You got it?

I'm checking every one.

I'm sorry,peter.

Mom,you need to be quiet.

No.This may be our last chance together,and
there are things I have to say--

You don't have to say
anything--it's okay.

Listen to me!

I was just like you.

My head in the clouds,full of hope.

I was gonna be a teacher.

And then my power
manifested,and the dreams came.

Visions of a bloody future of
deceit and death-- the apocalypse.

And when I woke...

I tried to warn everyone,but
no one would listen.

Why would they?Why should they?

I was cassandra screaming
that the sky was falling,

but when they looked up,there
was no cloud in sight.

And I did it with lies...

and with manipulation...

and betrayal.

And it cost me everything--
my friends,my husband,my boys.


But peter...

it's the price I chose
to pay to save the world.

All clear.

You heard him.Back up.

Guess who's here?


Which one?

I suppose that
fits the pattern--

a position of

I think you'll recognize him.

what happened last time you chased him.

What's he up to?

Why me?

He's after power.

He thinks that's something you have.

He's trying to convert
the power into love.

He's doing a pretty good job of it too.

He's a better you than you.

Where'd he go?


You should...


fly in that condition...again

How are you not...

Ah,the whole tissue
regeneration thing--

I think it includes my liver tissue.


I didn't know that.

I'm so sorry,claire.

Let me...help.

I really messed up.

It's all right.It's fine.

It's not fine.

You know what I did when
I found out about you?

I did what I always do.

I denied there was a problem,just
like I'm doing right now.

You know,we should probably...

have this conversation in the morning.

The truth is,claire,I get a pit in
my stomach every time I think of you.

It was just so stupid
the way I handled it.

You know,I thought if I...

kept my distance...

when the time was right,we would...

catch up.

But look at you.

I missed my chance.You're all grown up.


You wanna know why I
gave you a free pass?

Because I thought in one
move,I could win you over.

Look,right now I'm using you as an
excuse to hide behind this mess that I'm--

you know what?

I know everybody's
counting on me to fix it.

And I wanna try.

I'm gonna do it for everybody.


my mom...

For you.

I'm gonna fix it all.

I'll make it all...

I lost him.

Me too.

I guess he's gone.

For good this time.

Let's go.

You killed him.


He's still alive.


Can you do it without leaving...

Good morning.


Ou really bailed me out
with those kids last night.

I appreciate it.

That's what family's for,right?

So what's the plan?Are we
going straight to washington?


Look,I-I didn't make
any calls to anybody.

I don't really have any friends
on the hill at the moment.

But last night,you said that
you would fix everything.

I was drunk.

I'm sorry if I got your hopes up.

There's gotta be
something that you can do.

I'm wide open if you got any ideas.

Claire,I overreached.

 I screwed up...

and now it's just way beyond my control.

Some things are bigger...

than one man.

You know what?

Over the years...

I couldn't help but...

think about my real dad...

who you were,what you
looked like,your job...

and then I met you.

And you were more amazing than
anything I could have ever imagined.

It's just a fantasy.


No,it doesn't have to be!

You can do anything you want.

You can fly!


You're supposed to be superman.

Feeling better?

I slept...

and I had a dream.

What about?


Or should I say "her"?

I know what we have to do now.


we need to go find nathan and claire,

and we need to bring
this family together.

And then we need to go visit my sister.


So where they headed anyway?

There's a quarter
past ocho to san diego.

What time is it?

I got nothin'.

What happened to your watch?

I'm heading back up,you know.



You okay,sir?

Those things'll kill ya.

So how did that feel...

zipping up that body bag?



And tactically fortunate.

I'll be a lot easier
for us to operate...

if everybody thinks I'm dead.

If we do this...

we succeed...

you'd be the only one left.

Funny how that works.

proudly presents