Heroes (2006–2010): Season 3, Episode 20 - Chapter Seven 'Cold Snap' - full transcript

The identity of "Rebel" is revealed with chilling consequences - Emmy Award-Winner Zeljko Ivanek, Brea Grant and Swoosie Kurtz Guest Star.

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Front door open.

Front door open.

Front door open.

Perfect timing.
Cloud just burst.

Coming down
in all sorts of ways.

This should be
our last conversation.

It's not safe for you
to be seen with me.

I'm touched.

Or I would be,

if I could imagine that you
really care about my safety.

What I care about
is having an awful lot

depending on a man
too distracted

to pack an umbrella
on a cloudy day.

Or use a proper razor.

Family is
a horrible price to pay

for what
we're trying to do.

and the irony
of sacrificing my relationship

to my sons to save my sons

isn't lost on me.

Well, I'm sure
that Nathan will find

that it serves his agenda
to forgive you.

Of course he will.

But Peter,
Peter I'm afraid won't.

He's said his goodbyes.

Now that Danko has thrown
Nathan from a building

and watched him fly away,

it all comes down to you, Noah.

Hate to be dramatic,
but there it is.

Danko doesn't trust me.

Then make him trust you.

Get his mind off Nathan,

give him some kind
of Feather to put in his cap.

Give him one of us.

If I were a better woman,

I'd suggest
you'd turn me over.

That would show him
whose side you're on.

What makes you so sure I haven't?

You need a bigger Feather.

Give him Rebel,

and Danko
will be your best friend.

You do realize

you may be needing
Rebel's services very soon.

I'm resourceful.

I'll find ways to survive

that don't involve Rebel.

I'm going to leave
the city tonight

before something
unfortunate happens.

You've got 15 minutes

to catch the next rail to DC.

Take my umbrella.

Don't say I never
did anything for ya.


I wouldn't go home
if I were you.

Don't say I never
did anything for you.

What is this?

An effective way
of stopping any of you

from hurting any of us.

Neat, huh?

Why didn't you just do it
the old fashioned way

and dig a ditch?

This is gun control.

Everyone in this room
is armed and dangerous,

yourself included.

Where's Daphne?

She's right over there.

I'm afraid
she's not doing very well.

Why was she moved
from the medical facility?

Well, there was the American
tax payer to consider.

I wanna speak to Nathan.

Nathan Petrelli flew away.

Look, this woman is dying.

I need to get her
to an emergency room.

I can't do anything
to help her here.

I don't want you
to help her.

Then why did you
bring me here?

I figure it'd be a whole lot
easier than carrying you.

Hook him up.

And let's make up a bed
for Ms. Strauss.

Heroes SO3E20
"Cold Snap"

I brought you a present.
New trop 50.

Is that the same line
you used on Suresh

to get him in here?

No, he needed
a little more convincing.

In light of recent
management changes,

it's important
that you and I get along.

I couldn't agree more.

So... happy whatever.

Since the puppet man

menaced your wife
and fugitive daughter,

I thought you'd get
some satisfaction

out of seeing him strung up.

It's my gift to you.

How'd you catch him?

I'm smarter
than the average bear.

Well, since you're
in such a giving mood,

allow me
to return the favor.

How would you like to see
Rebel lying here?

I would like that.
Very much.

He's hacked
into our system twice

in the last three days.

We've tracked two messages,

both to Tracy Strauss.

He's gonna try to rescue her,

and I think
we should let him.

Hmm... Bad idea.

Strauss is a killer.

We're not setting her loose.

You open the cage
and let the rabbit run,

she could lead us
right to Rebel.

We both know it's a trap.

I'm not suggesting
we make it easy.

And if you
don't catch Rebel?

Then I put a bullet
in Tracy Strauss myself,

and chalk it up
to self defense.


Let the rabbit run.

Don't worry,
baby Matt Parkman!

We will make you big again!

Baby Matt Parkman,
we will save you.

If you understand,

shake rattle once for yes,

twice for no.

Bad baby.

No television for you.

Hello, baby.

You I love!

Why have we stopped?

Don't stop the car.

But the traffic's stopped.

There's construction-oh!

What do we got?

Where is she?

We lost the target!

Excuse me,

I foolishly gave my umbrella
to a friend.

I hope you don't mind
if I get close.

Not at all.

Cover all points of interest.

They lost Angela Petrelli.

I guess someone tipped her.

Or she saw them coming.

She does that, you know?

She's on the island of Manhattan.

She has a cell phone.

We'll track her signal.

It won't read my Code.

Rebel, Rebel.



Oh, God. Wake up.

Come on.

Come on,
you need to wake up!

Where's Daphne?

Come on. Get up.
You gotta wake up.

We're getting out of here.

Come on. Wake up.


Are you okay?

We have to get her
to the hospital.

She's gonna slow us down.

Yeah, then she'll
slow us down. Come on.

She'll slow you down.
I'm leaving.

No, Tracy, wait!
We all go together!

Open the door!

All clear.

So we just
walk out the front door?

Yeah. Aren't you glad
you waited for us?

When we get out,
I'm not waiting for anyone.

This won't happen again.

If Strauss does
lead you to Rebel,

kill them both.

Chalk it up
to self defense.

Do you want me
to check any sizes, miss?

No, thank you.

Actually, could you get me
a smaller size in this?

Hello, Tracy.

This is one instance
where being out for yourself

didn't serve you.

You should've stuck
with Matt Parkman.

You could have walked
right past me,

and I never
would have known.

We did walk right past you.

Then you went on your own,

and now here we are.

I think
I can pull this trigger

faster than you can
turn me to ice,

But I don't
wanna take that bet.

I'll take it.

While you were playing
Abu Ghraib,

I was trying
to make ice in an oven.

This is a breezy 68 degrees,

and I've worked up
a hell of a cold snap.

Well, like I said,
it's a bet I'd rather not take.

Is everything all right
in there, Miss?


Yeah, I know.
No boys allowed.

But my fiancee
is very self conscious.

Would you mind getting this
in the size down please?

Thank you.


Who is Rebel?

I don't know who Rebel is.

Rebel knows who you are.

He went to a lot of trouble
to break you out.

I think he has something
in store for you.

I suppose you do, too?

Here's how
being out for yourself

can serve you better
than it has in the past-

Lead me to Rebel.

How will that
serve me better?

Lead me to Rebel,
and I'll let you go.

You won't have
your old life back.

That's gone forever.

But you'll be on the outside.

And you'll have a chance.

And if I run?

If you run,

or if you kill me
and then run,

there won't be
another conversation.

It'll be a big, fat cut to black,

and that'll be it for you.

Help. Help!

I need some help!

I need a gurney now!

Matt, where are we?

Honey, it's fine.
You're gonna be okay.

Honey, you're gonna be okay.

Matt, you have to be
ready to move.

Chest wound septic.
Prep for surgery!

Ma'am, can you
tell me your name?

Her name's Janice.
I'm her husband Matt.

This woman's been shot.
What the hell happened?

It was a duck hunting trip upstate,

Her family's idea.
Then she shoots herself.

Just stupid, a clumsy accident.

Her dad's a doctor.
He patched her up.

He said she's gonna be fine,
but she's clearly-

She is not fine.

We have to report all
gunshot wounds to the police.

This was clearly an accident.

But this clearly
was an accident.

I should stick close,
make sure she's okay.

You should stick around,
make sure she's okay.

- She is gonna be okay-
- We'll do our best.

Excuse me.

Life from lifelessness.

No, baby. Bad baby.

You're not from
the baby sitting service.

Are you currently a Federal
Bank of Washington DC customer?

Tracy Strauss, get free access
to our savings program.

We'll match 100%
of your savings

for the first three months.

Get free checking,
online banking, and more

with Federal Bank
of Washington DC.

Please wait for your receipt.

Thank you.


Union station, please.


Oh, I thought you said
you were gonna be late.

Oh, my God.

Hello, Millie.

You look like
you've been mugged,

and the first thing they stole
was your dignity.

Havin' a bad day.

Let me tell you
about my day.

It's been exceptional.

I was detained

by people with badges

for three hours.

Came pounding on my door

right in the middle
of my pilates session,

10:00 a. m.,

had all sorts of questions
about the company I keep,

or kept.

So, you can understand
why I'm not

in the mood to be ambushed.

I'm in trouble, Millie.

I know we haven't spoken
in some time,

and I'm sure
after this morning

you can and are
wondering why.

You were never the same
after Arthur died.

We all saw it.

I chalked the moodiness
and the shoplifting

up to grief,
but good lord, Angela.

What did you do?

Is it pills?

I have dug my sons
a very deep hole,

and I'm just trying
to dig them out again.

Then you're here
looking for a shovel?

Looking perhaps
for a change of clothes,

maybe a car, whatever cash
you have on you.

I need to disappear.

- You want my advice?
- No.

Turn yourself in.

Whatever it is you're doing,

just stop.

I mean, just because

there's a road
unfurling in front of you,

doesn't mean
you have to take it.

sorry to have bothered you.

For what it's worth,

it was good to see you.


It's, uh, everything
I have in my wallet.

It's... I don't know.
A couple hundred dollars.

Thank you, Millie.

Enjoy your lunch.

Watercress soup
was always a favorite.

I've called the police.
They'll be here any minute.

Get going.

Mother of
Matt Parkman's child,

let us explain.

Your baby is in danger.

Who are you?

Do you know
that your baby is special?

It started
during the eclipse,

just like it did
with his dad.

Are you here
about what Matt did?

Yes, we are heroes
like Matt Parkman.

He's not a hero.

He's a... terrorist.

can you turn on the TV?


...A suicide attack
on the capitol building

by former Los Angeles
police officer Matt Parkman

was thwarted by federal
authorities Tuesday night.

Senator Nathan Petrelli
was present...

I came straight home
when I saw this on the news.

Matt Parkman wouldn't.

Someone made him do that.

Yes, they want everyone
to think

that we are the terrorists

so they can justify
what they're doing.


"We are the terrorists"?

You mean like the people
that can read minds or whatever?

I am currently powerless,
but Ando...

People like us
are being arrested.

By who? The government?

They're rounding us up.

And they're coming
for little Matt.

We were sent to help.

The government
is coming for my son?

He's just a baby.
He's no threat.

That must be the police.

I never called the police.

Janice Parkman?


We have a warrant to bring
you and your child in

for questioning.

Uh, I assume
this is about my ex-husband.

Yes, ma'am.

Why do you need
to question my son?

He's never met his father,
and he can't talk.

The warrant is for you
and your child, ma'am.

Is the child home?

He's at the baby sitter's.

I could take you there
if you like.

That would be appreciated,

I'll just get my things.

Search the house.

What? W-

I'm sorry we couldn't
save you, baby Matt Parkman.


Can you say "yatta"?

No? Oh, it's okay.

You convinced them
I was Gwen Stefani?

Uh, yeah.

It got you a good room, didn't it?

How long have I been out?

Two days.

The doctors have been
pumping you full of antibiotics

to kill the infection,

but nothin' but the best for Gwen.

I thought I was
duck-hunting Janice,

the "I'm an idiot with a gun" story.

And who is duck-hunting Janice?

Um, Janice is, uh,

uh, Janice is my wife.

Well, she was.
She's my ex-wife.

So the idiot
with a gun story is true?

Uh, yeah,
except no one got shot.

Anyway, I needed
a believable back-story, so I-

You slotted me
into your ex-wife's life.

Yeah, I guess. Yeah.

Why? Was that wrong?

No, I mean-
It's just enlightening.

You know, you needed
a believable back-story,

'cause you and me,
we don't really have one.

Yes, we do.

Do I have clothes?

Yeah, they're-

Matt, you had a dream
that we were married,

So you think that's a reason
for us to be together.

Turn around.

We are supposed
to be together,

and I didn't dream it.

I went on a...

spirit... Walk.

You got baked in the desert.

That's not a lot to hang
a relationship on.

I'm hanging our relationship
on the fact that I love you.

Whatever we had or have,

it's all in your head.

I don't wanna be
your surrogate Janice.

No, no, you're not.


You're not.

It was nice meeting you, Matt,

and... that's the first time
I've ever said that to anybody

and actually meant it, so...

It was nice meeting you.

No, you have to stay.

You gotta stay here with me.

I mean,
what if they catch you?

I'm not gonna slow down
long enough

for anyone to catch me.

Not even you.

Westbound metroline
now boarding.

Departs in ten minutes.
Track eleven.

We're sitting
next to each other.

Hope you don't mind.


What are you doing here?

I'm Rebel.

Get over here.

What have you
gotten yourself into?

I'm helpin' people.

People like us.

I thought
we could help together.

- Micah-
- Listen.

I know you're not my mom,

but you don't have
anybody else.

Is something wrong?

I didn't know that it was you.

I led them right to you.

Who-you led who?

Wait, you're bait?

I didn't know
that it was you.

Doesn't matter
who you thought it was.

How could you do that
to anybody?

I thought there was
a good chance they'd follow you.

I just didn't think
that you'd be in on it.

Attention, union station

This way.
A gas leak has been detected

in our basement
food court area.

A station-wide evacuation
is in progress.

Excuse me. Ma'am?

Can I help you?


You must have been
a boy scout.

What's the boy scout motto?

Be prepared?

Yeah, clearly you weren't
a boy scout.

'Cause I'm a girl?

'Cause the first rule
of scout law

is to be trustworthy,

and, uh, you suck at that.

I know.

I'm not proud of myself.

I don't understand you.

You got into politics
to protect the civil liberties

of the everyday American.

God, you read my bio?

I read everything
on you, okay?

I thought that meant
I knew you.

I thought that because
you looked like my mom-

that I knew you.

If I met you
earlier in my political career,

maybe I'd be more
like my bio,

but I'm not that person.

I'm not your mom.

I know.

You're nothing like her.

My mom, who was
the everyday American,

was a hero.

You're just a politician.

Who are you? Che Guevara?

Che Guevara
led a revolution.

This is a rebellion.

So whose side are you on?

And "mine" is not an answer.

Can you tell
the sprinklers what to do?

I can tell the fire alarm

to tell the sprinklers
what to do.

Then tell them
to make it rain in here.

Find a way out.

Come with me.

I can't.

Keep doing
what you're doing, Rebel.


And Micah!

Stay ahead of the ice.

She said she had
a hell of a cold snap.

Any sign of Rebel?


Don't worry,
baby Matt Parkman.

You will see your mother again
when it's all safe.

She'll be very proud of you.

You've been very brave.

You didn't cry even once.

But if you want to cry,
it's okay.

If you feel like crying,
you can.

But when time starts again,

you have to be brave.


Your attention, please.

Bus 352 to San Bernardino
and Las Vegas is now departing.


Penny for your thoughts.

Since when did you start
paying people

for their thoughts?

And, more importantly,
how'd you find me?

You love Paris
like I love y-


You got here awfully fast.

How'd you get here?

I flew.

How'd you get here?

I ran on water.

So, you're
Mr. Concord now?

You read minds. You don't...


All right.

You... are flying.

I didn't know
you could fly.

I didn't know
you could run on water.

I can run on anything.

Except air
and the vacuum of space.

Otherwise I'd be living
on the moon.

Oh, you see that?

We're learning new
and intriguing things

about each other.

That's the kinda thing
you can hang a relationship on.

Wanna go for a ride?

I'll show you Paris
like you've never seen it.

Once around the tower.

How high can we go?

As high as you wanna go.

You just have
to hold on to me.

You really would do anything
for me, wouldn't you?

Just say the word.

Then let me go.


We're still
in the hospital, aren't we?

And this is
all you in my head,

Trying to give me
a storybook ending.

I'm sorry.

Don't be.

I'm not.

But... Matt,
you deserve the real thing,

not a fantasy.

I just wanted
to make you happy.

You did.

Do one more thing for me?


Fly me to the moon.

so, what do you
wanna do now?

subtitle by rogard and LeapinLar