Heroes (2006–2010): Season 3, Episode 19 - Chapter Six 'Shades of Gray' - full transcript

Now on his own, Sylar finally finds his biological father, Samson Gray, a reclusive, lung-cancer ridden taxidermist, to confront him with questions about his past, but soon learns that Samson is not who he appears to be. Meanwhile...

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Bennet house Costa verde,california


Hey, barbie.

I got a message from someone named rebel?

Said you could help me.

I need your help, barbie.

Rebel promised.

Well, he lied.

Now get out.


I can't go back out there.

Claire? You okay?

Oh, my god.

Mom. it's all right.

Mr. Doyle here was just leaving.

No, please.

They'll catch me.

Rebel said you could help me start over,

And that's all I want--

To go back to being a puppeteer,

Making people happy.

And you thought I would help you?

After what you did?

You should know there are agents

Parked outside this house.

Actually, they're not.

Rebel set a fake call,

Which they'll figure out any minute now.

But if there were agents outside...

Why aren't they kicking in the door,

Looking to collect a comes-back-to-life barbie?

They gave me a free pass,

But they will come after me

If i try to help anyone.

So you turn your back on your own kind,

While we're all out there being hunted down?

They burned down my theater while I was still inside.

And you tried to kill us, you--!

You and your free pass.

You have no idea what it's like

To be hunted,

To live on the street,

To break into the home of the last person on earth

You'd expect to help you

Because she was your only hope.

I thought...

I'm not gonna force you to help me, claire.

That's not who I am anymore.

Where the hell have you been?

Dealing with the mess your brother left us.

There wouldn't have been a mess

If you'd released Parkman and Millbrook

Like I asked you to.

I made the right choice. Peter just got lucky.

Though I have wondered

How many people knew he was on that rooftop.



Yeah, I'm on my way.

I thought Parkman was in your custody.

He was last time I checked.

Well, what the hell's he doing

In front of the capitol building

With a bomb strapped to his chest?

No, no, no.

Deactivate the device now,

Then lie face down.

I don't know if I try and pull this it's g--

I didn't do this. I was set up!

Senator Nathan Petrelli.

Sir, this is a very dangerous situation. I can't--

Lieutenant, I know that man.

I can get through to him.

You got five minutes.


You son of a bitch.

Don't you come any closer to me.

- Everything gonna be all right. - No, it's not!

You turned me into a terrorist.

I didn't sanction this. That was Danko.

He's got an agenda.

- You lie to me. - Believe me, Matt.

Use your power. Read my mind.

I'm telling you the truth.

I can't. I can't. They drugged me.

Gonna have to trust me, Matt.

Parkman's vest is ready, sir, but we have a problem here.

Petrelli. How'd he get there so fast?

Is the device armed?

We're all set.

Senator wants to play hero...

He can be a martyr to his own cause.

Take them out.

Weapon activated

Do it.

Take him out. Now.

I don'tnow where this came from!

I'm gonna blow up!

We've been kicked out.

Get it back. Now.

...though there are those who believe

That he may know the bomber personally.

What's goin' on here?

Come on. We're losin' our window.

I'm routing through a different server.

Matt, if we don't disarm you, they're gonna shoot you.

There are a lot of bomb techs around here.

I'm sure one of them

Is thinking about how to disarm that.

Get inside his head.

The drugs are starting to wear off, but I don't think--

What's he thinking?

Running out of time.

Red wire.

Red wire.

Doesn't make any sense.

Why would a suicide bomber bother with dummy wire?

- Don't touch red wire. - I'm not touching anything.

We have to take the shot!

Just hang on.

It's all right, Matt, take your time.

Black wire is the key.

- Black wire. - Black wire. Okay.

Do i pull the black wire,

Or is that the one i don't pull?

He's not thinkin' directly about it.

I gotta dig deeper. hold on!

I got it. we're back up.

Weapon armed, sir.

Matt, i'm gonna pull it.


I said do it.


Damn it!

Sorry, Matt.

I can't have you usin' your power.

It's open.

Almost got the order ready.

You have a lot of pickups today?

I'm not here for a pickup.


It's me.


Your son.

Is that so?

That is so.

What brings you all the way out here?

I had some questions about myself...

Who i am,

Where i came from.

But then i remembered.

You abandoned me.

You killed my mother.


What now?


I kill you.

Go right ahead.

You kill me, or the cancer does.

Either way, i die.

I haven't got all day.


This guy's good.

There's no sign the system was even breached.

I wanna know how the hell he's getting inside,

And i want a name.

Me too.

So we can thank them

For saving us from this disaster.

Of course,

Since the safety of your friends and family

Evidently trumps national security.

Parkman wasn't a threat

Until you strapped a bomb to him.

Parkman and your brother exposed our operations,

So I handled it,

Put a face to the terrorist threat.

People could have died.

People have died, senator,

Or don't my men count?

I was brought in to get this job done.

I'd let go of that if I were you.

You're relieved of command.

I answer to the president.

You try to get rid of me, he's gonna want proof,

And right now it's my word against yours.

Good luck getting any of my people to turn on me.

We'll see. excuse me.

Bennet, you have a minute?

I'm not sure how much i can tell ya

About what happened.

I know what happened last night.

I wanna talk to you about putting a team together

Once Danko's gone.

You're one of us, Nathan.

You're one of us!

You're one of us, Nathan.

Do you have a point?

That maybe this operation

Has been compromised from the start.

The Petrelli family has a lot of skeletons

In their closet, senator.

I think we both know what yours is.

So...looks like we're both building a case

Against each other.

Let's see who gets there first.

You're one of us, Nathan.

You're one of us!

Son of a bitch went over my head.

What do you expect?

You backed a wild dog into a corner.

But you didn't act.

All you did was show Danko your hand,

And, frankly, you put both of us at risk.

I had a plan, though.

Nathan, listen to me.

He's pushing your buttons

So that you'll make a mistake.

Take a play from your mother's book.

Keep your head.

Sorry about all this.

I find that hard to believe.

The man who transferred you back here

Is gonna come in in a few moments

And ask you some questions.

I was wondering when that was gonna happen.

I know this might seem hard to believe,

Well, that makes one of us.

Come on. you're smarter than that.

You might not realize it,

But i have been helping you out all along.

You and everyone else.

And doing a fabulous job of it.

You remember when you jumped off the bridge and i was there?

I'm still the same guy.

You sacrificed me for your own personal gain.

You don't have to like me,

But you do have to understand that i am your last hope.

That's my prisoner.

Got a soft spot for this one, Petrelli?

Wanna make sure i don't get too rough with her?

No, no. knock yourself out.

I wanna know everything you know about Nathan Petrelli.

He was lousy in bed.

I wanna know what you meant

When you said he was "one of us."

Does Nathan have an ability?

An ability?

I have no idea what you're talking about.

You wanna talk about it?

Should i have helped Doyle?

That puppet man

Is a sick and twisted individual, Claire.

You did the right thing.

I have a free pass for a reason.

I should be using it to help people.

Rebel seems to think so.

Yes, well, this rebel, whoever he is,

Can't send psychopaths to our front doorstep.

I don't think i can take any more surprise guests.

Right, which is why I was thinking

That I should have a cover job.

I mean, with Alex gone,

They're probably gonna need someone to fill his job

At the comic book store,

And I could help whoever rebel sends,

And no more surprise guests for you and Lyle.

Boy, Claire, I don't know.

I guess so.

If it's what you want to do.


So, you don't have any retail experience?

Um, does a cheerleading bake sale count?

Uh, you're a cheerleader?

Yeah, I was.

All right, so let me as you a few questions.

Can you work wednesdays?


Wednesdays are when all the new comics arrive.

Wednesday is good for me.

Flight or invisibility?

I'm sorry. What?

Do you throw caution to the wind

And fly off to save the day,

Or do you take the more calculated approach

And learn the whole picture before you act?

What's the answer?

There isn't one.

That's why it's the question.

Put simply-- what type of hero are you?

I don't know.

Whoa, hey, hey.

You're not gonna cry are you?

It--it's okay, really.

They're only comic books, i mean...

I'm gonna stop bothering you.

Uh, thank you for letting me interview, anyway.

What are you talking about? You got the job.

I did?

Every guy in the store's been staring at you

Since you walked in.

You will absolutely sell comic books,

And the other stuff we can work on.

You're still here.

This is pitiful.

What's that?

What you've become.

You used to be a killer. Now look at you.

You're pathetic.

Oh. You want a fight.

Is that what you were expecting?

Son kills his father? Epic battle?

Ah, that's a myth.

No, life--

Life never gives you what you want.

Give me a hand with this.

Maybe i can explain it to ya.

Now, when i open the trap,

He's gonna bolt,

So grab him from the back, all right?

You have an ability.

Got lots of 'em.

Don't know what i got left.

Been years since i used 'em--

Or needed 'em.

You have the same thing--

Taking people's abilities.

Am i right?

Guess the apple didn't fall too far from the tree.

I'm not your apple. you don't know anything about me.

I have some idea.

You and i, we can't be all that different.

From where i stand,

We have exactly nothing in common.

Yeah, well, we pick easy targets.

Like that rabbit--weak, helpless.

Not fair, really.

Are you really drawing a moral line?

Morality doesn't figure into it.

Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly.

You have to kill. It's who you are.

But you do choose your prey,

And yours never had a chance, not against you.

Not really.

Easy pickin's.

Small game.

They had something i wanted.

It isn't my fault

If they weren't strong enough to fight back.

And those agents

That have been comin' after us recently?

I handled them.

No, you ran away from 'em.

Just like i did.

I could wipe them out with a thought.

But you haven't.


You know, there'll come a day,

Maybe tomorrow or next week, next year,

When you realize the hunt...

...your entire life,

Was meaningless and disappointing,

cause there's no challenge in it.

You know, all the power in the world doesn't matter

If you've lived an unsatisfied life.

And I think you know that already, don't you?

You wanna know more, or...

You gonna kill me now?

What do i do?

Gut him.

While you were at Primatech

Did you come across anyone who could fly?


But you know that.

It's in the files.

I'm guessing a few were missing.

The facility burned to the ground.

Who knows what was lost?

That must have been tough for you.

20 years on the job.

I'm sure you've been close to the Petrelli family.

The Petrellis were never exactly

A warm and fuzzy bunch.

You adopted the senator's daughter.

I didn't know she was his at the time,

And neither did he, for that matter.

We both know Nathan Petrelli is hiding something.

You know what question you should be asking yourself?

"Who would want to save Peter?"

His mother? Angela?

You wanna know what's missing from the files?

Who can fly?

She'd never betray her own son.

A long time ago, I gave up trying to figure out

What Angela Petrelli would or wouldn't do.

Go ahead.

We've got a problem.

Nathan's made a power play against Danko.

He's stirred up a hornet's nest.

It's nice to know a mother still has some influence

Over her son.

Things will be better for us with Danko gone.

Of course they will, but Nathan's on thin ice.

He's moving too fast, and Danko's unpredictable.

The man nearly killed Peter.

It had to be done.

Be prepared then,

'Cause I pointed him in your direction.

Be careful. He does his homework.

So do I.


Thank you.

See you tomorrow.

- See you Claire. - Bye.


You all right? Everything okay at home?

Yeah. That's not what this is about.

I have a question,

And I really need you to answer it.


How did you lead two lives for all that time?

I can't always be myself,

And I just don't know who I'm supposed to be.

Honestly, Claire,

I'm the worst person to ask.

So how am I supposed to decide which path to take?

Which answer do you want?

Do you want the one

That's gonna make you feel better,

Or do you want the truth?

I don't know.

Well, then my answer is "neither do I."


I miss you, Claire bear.

Doyle! Freeze!

Put your hands over your head.

Whatever you say.

When are you gonna learn?

I have this effect on women.

Doyle, I'm giving you a chance to surrender.

I should kill you...

But I just wanna go back to the way life was.

All right, Doyle.


Mrs. Petrelli. My name is...

Mr. Danko.

I was hoping you could help me.

Well, everything I know about the people you're after

Is in the Primatech files.

I'm not interested in files.

Elle Bishop, Hiro Nakamura, Matt Parkman,

All inherited abilities from their parents,

As did Peter and Claire.

Well, genetics

Is an extremely complex topic, Mr. Danko.

Did you know that two blue-eyed parents

Can sometimes have a brown-eyed child?

So Nathan...

Was the misfit?

Sometimes these things skip a generation.

I don't believe you.

I've met many men like you, Mr. Danko.

Our company employed dozens of them--

No family, nothing to hold you back.

You operate in the shadows,

Doing all the awful things other people just refuse to do.

It's what makes you useful.

And expendable.


That incident in Angola?

1997, I believe.

All those civilians lost. Tragic.

I'm surprised you survived, actually.

You're a very... resourceful woman,

Mrs. Petrelli.

A man needs a hobby,

Somethin' to occupy the hands,

To stop the mind from thinkin' so much.

I fix watches.


Thought it would make my father happy.

How'd that work out for you?

You're still clinging to that need for connection, huh?

The only thing people are good for is disappointment.

Is that why you killed my mother?

Why you abandoned me?

I don't even remember.

Didn't matter to me.

So few things do.

Well, now what?

Cut the thread.

How'd you do that?

It's just an ability I picked up

From a cheerleader in California.

I guess not everybody gets old.

Not everybody dies.

Then you just have

That much longer to suffer, don't ya?

Get that. It needs to settle.

Over there on that cabinet, if you don't mind.


What the hell are you doing?

It's amazing how it comes right back,

That desire, that hunger.

You think this is gonna stop me?

You think you can beat me?

I want that power!

I thought you'd given up.

Yeah, well, me too.

Then why bother? What's the point?

Immortality. You're my second chance.

At what? Killing again?

You said it was meaningless.

It was.

Then why make the same mistake twice?

Because i'll get it right this time,

Do more, be more,

Take every challenge,

Fight hard, risk it all,

Take real power, real authority,

Change everything--the world,

Just to see if I can.

You can move.

I can.

You're the hunter.

I thought you would know

When someone was playing possum,

When the prey isn't so weak,

So easy.

Please...I need that power.

I don't wanna die.

No, no, no, of course not.

Of course you don't.

It won't kill you if I take it.

You'll heal. You'll be fine.

Yeah, but so will you.

No. don't...leave.

Like I said, I came here to kill you.

I got the answers I wanted.

Now I know exactly what I need to do.

Kill me.

Oh, you're gonna die.


And alone with your sickness.



I'm sorry.

You're just a small game.

Turns out the president

Didn't really need that much proof after all.

It's a signed document. You're finished.

You lose me, you lose the whole team.

Well, that's a risk i'm prepared to take.

In fact, anyone who's not on board

Can step out now.

You're hitting reset on the whole operation

Just because of me?

Well, I think it's time things were done correctly.

You may have friends now, Petrelli,

But one day you're gonna find yourself all alone.

You went to the president?

Mm-hmm, and he is eager

To meet danko's replacement.

You comin'?

They say you're the man with the plan.

I sure hope you have something good

To share with the president.

It's a bit unorthodox, but it's tested.

Look, it's over.

Just let it go.

When are you gonna understand?

Bureaucracy, oversight, rules of conduct,

None of it applies in my world.

I don't know what your world is,

But it ought to be shut down.

Danko, take it easy.

I've seen what these people can do,

And it scares me.

And the thing about you, senator,

Is that through all this,

You've never once shown an ounce of fear,

And I wonder...

Why is that?

I don't have time for this.

Tell me you know about this.

This is it-- your new identity,

Everything you need to start over.

Rebel's erased any trace of Eric Doyle.

You saw me spare that agent's life.

Is that it?

Have I earned your help?

This isn't about you.

This is about me,

About who i need to be right now,

And i don't...

Just take it.

Thanks, barbie.

Did you mean all that stuff you said

About how you'd changed?

Hiro & Ando, Los Angeles, California

You sure this is the place?

63 Varna Avenue

Doesn't look like anyone needs to be saved.

Looks can be deceiving, my friend.

Somewhere inside this house, Matt Parkman...

could be in mortal danger.


I quit, and it takes the service

Two hours to find a replacement?

Well, don't just stand there.

Come in. I'm desperate.

Excuse me, please.

We are looking for Matt Parkman.

No duh.

Anyway, he's a mess.

Matt Parkman's a mess?

Here you go.

Diaper's clean, but that won't hold.

Take it.

Take it.

No, thank you.


W--hey, wait.

We are here to save matt parkman.

Uh-huh. You're holding him.

Matt parkman?

Lots of luck. You're gonna need it.

And by the way,

This baby sitting service bites.

Generations unfold--

Father to son, mother to daughter.

Where one leaves off, the other follows,

Destined to repeat each other's mistakes,

Rebel: Your free pass is up. Agents are coming.

Each other's triumphs.

For how do we see the world

If not through their lens?

The same fears, the same desires?

Do we see them as an example to follow,

Or as a warning of what to avoid?

Choosing to live as they have

Simply because it's what we know,

Or driven to create one's own identity?

And what happens when we find them

To be a disappointment?

Can we replace them?

Our mothers, our fathers?

Or will destiny find a way to drive us back?

Back to the familiar comforts of home?

To be continued...