Heroes (2006–2010): Season 3, Episode 18 - Chapter Five 'Exposed' - full transcript

Following a tip from their anonymous source "Rebel", Matt and Peter hurry to rescue Daphne from the holding facilities in 'Building 26' in Washington, and to find evidence that may expose the government's plans to capture those wi...

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Previously on Heroes...

Give me one good reason
why I shouldn't

tear open your head
right here.

Because you'll never find
your dad.

We need to show progress.

These are our targets.

Hunt them, track them,
and bring them home alive.

If you kill me, I'll get
exactly what I want.

And what is that?

They'll see
what I've been telling them.

They'll know just how dangerous
you people are.

Daphne's alive, Matt.
They have her, alive.

You're lying to me!
- No, no, no, no, no.

I won't fight you.

Your mother wants me to move
out of the house for a while.

She's right.

We keep too many secrets
in this family.

They're just
locking people up?

Believe it,
it's happening.

Somebody sent me to warn you.

You must be on a list
or something.

I can breathe under water.

You're ok, we need to get
out of here immediately.

We're out of whole wheat.

I'm starving.

Well, my mom's going
to the market soon,

so hopefully she'll take Lyle.

You can come downstairs,
stretch your legs a bit.

Well, that's a good thing.
I'm starting to stink.

Look I've got the cash.

There's a train leaving
for Albuquerque tonight.


I don't know anyone
in Albuquerque.

Well, that's the point.

You could start over,
become a new person...

Where no one could
find you.

Yeah, but I never agreed
to that.

My family's here, my friends.
My life.

Do you want them
to find you?

Make you disappear

They're gonna find me

The government has
those spy satellites.

They're probably
watching us right now.

No, we're fine.

Yeah, but you don't
know that.

You're not Harriet Tubman,
Claire, all right?

And this isn't
the underground railroad.

You're just
a high school girl,

and you're in
way over your head.

Well, if it wasn't for
this high school girl,

you might already
be dead.

So you want to survive,
you're gonna have to do

exactly what I tell you--
got it?


I need to speak with you.


Hey, mom.
What's up?

Our house money's gone.

You know, the money I keep
in Mr. Muggle's rubber sneaker.

Any idea where that went?

Maybe Lyle took it.

I already grilled him.

Per usual,
he has no clue.

Okay, fine, I took it.

I was was gonna pay you back.

Claire, I don't get it.

You have a nice allowance.

What do you need $300 for?

Are you in some kind
of trouble?

No, I just...

What is it, Muggles?

What's under the bed, boy?
What is it?

What is going on
with you, Claire?

Nothing, I swear.

I didn't hear anything.

Miss Bennet, right?


Home sweet home.

Not anymore.

Got a one-bedroom
in Dupont Circle.

You don't mind that we're
keeping an eye on your daughter,

making sure
she's behaving herself?

Claire's a big girl.
She makes her own decisions.

If she does something wrong,

she can live
with the consequences.

Ladies and gentlemen,
your attention, please.

Peter Petrelli has joined
Matt Parkman as priority one.

Charged with kidnapping,

and attempted murder
of federal officers.

Both of these men are considered
armed and dangerous,

and should be taken down
by any means necessary.

Short of lethal force.

Actually, Senator, my men
have been given the go ahead--

shoot to kill.

On whose authority,


Back to work.

Do you really want
to push my hand?

Your brother came
into my house,

put a gun to my head.

I saved your life,
if I remember.

You made this personal.

Now I do what I need to do.

Keep an eye on him
for me, will you?

Matt and Peter kidnapped me
and threatened my life.

What makes you think
I won't shoot them myself?

Sir, we have a lead.



- Matt!

- Uhh.

Matt, you need to stop.


Matt, you need to stop!

Stop. Stop.
What happened?

Look, you've been painting
the same image

over and over again
all night, okay.

I'm guessing you're trying
to find some answers

how to stop this.

Oh, God.

Look, we need to leave,

It's too dangerous here.
We gotta go now.


The only thing that matters
right now is finding Daphne

and getting her back.

One life at a time.


Look, Matt, when you were
in Bennet's head,

could you see--could you tell
where Daphne was?


I don't know.
I don't know.

I mean I didn't see much.
I saw a hallway.


Did you turn that on?


Who the hell is Rebel?

I have no idea.


Someone's listening
to our conversation.

No, no, no.
He's just hacking in.

This could be information.

We need this information!

We don't know who this is.

How can we trust
this person, huh?

What if this is a setup?

And what if
he's telling the truth?

Go, go, go!

They're gone.

We just missed 'em.

I think I know
where they're headed.

Mom, this is Alex.

He's, uh...

He's my new boyfriend.

Okay, that doesn't explain
why he's hiding in your closet.



You're really gonna make me
say it out loud?


We're having sex.
And I know it's wrong.

Very, very wrong.

You do understand that
my daughter is only 17.

I haven't touched her.

I barely even make eye contact.


The truth.

He's like me.

He has an ability.

You can tell her.

I can breathe underwater.

He has a power?

And you brought him here?!

Dad was after him.
I didn't know what else to do.

Do you have any idea
how dangerous this is?

Yes, I do, but what was I
supposed to do, just let him--

And on top of that
you lied to me!

I am so disappointed.

The agent still there?

Pretty sure you lost him
when you skidded off

onto the dirt road.

But just to be sure...

yep, we're clear, officially,
off the grid.

No communications
within 50 Miles.

You sound disappointed.

Maybe I am.

I mean, the way I see it,
agents catch up with us,

we just pwwsshhh--

charbroil 'em
from the inside out.

I don't want to leave
the trail of dead bodies

to my father's house.

Why are you doing this?

Parents suck.

You never get what you want
from them.

When I was a kid,
I just wanted my dad

to take me fishing.

He used my arm
as an ashtray instead.

Seriously, look.
I have the scars to prove it.


You should have worn
a seat belt.

Dude, you're hurting me.

Why don't you want me
to see my father?

I just--
I don't get it.

You don't need
to get anything.

My father's the only one
with answers.

You're the most powerful dude
on the planet.

I mean, what could you
possibly need?

We don't need anyone.
- What?

Hey, what are you doing?

What the hell?!

If you're hungry, there's
a burger place up the road.



I'm sorry I lied to you.

I should have told you
about Alex.

What you're doing is
extremely dangerous, Claire.

Do you understand that?

They were gonna
lock him up for no reason.

And they'll do
the same thing to you.

This is not a game.

Mom, I have to do this.

I know that it's hard
for you.

You want a normal life,
a regular family.

But that's why Dad and I
have to lie.

So we can protect you.


Because I'm some fragile
creature in need of protection?

No, that's not
what I meant.

I know what you meant,
and I've got news for you.

I'm strong.

Much stronger than either
you or your father think.

And I know more
than you think I know.

For example, I know
that right now,

there's a van parked outside
on the street.

They're watching us.
They're watching you.

You think she's hiding
the Woolsley kid?


I'm telling you
she's helping him.

Those pool cleaners have been
parked out there

for four hours.

Nobody's pool is that dirty.

This is bad.

How you gonna save Alex,

You can't go out there.

You gonna keep him
up in your closet forever?

No, I'll come up with something.

I have a plan.

I just haven't thought
of it yet.

I have an idea.

You do?


And you can either
keep me in the dark,

and lie to protect me,

or you can let me help.

I say we definitely
let her help.

All right, Mom...
what's the plan?

We're not gonna have
a lot of time.

Get in there, you do
your mind-control magic,

and then we get Daphne
and we're out.

It's impossible.
I mean, look at this building.

It's gotta be jam packed
full of people.

There are only so many minds
I can control

at any given time.

You're right.
You're right.

What are you doing?
What is that?

I just borrowed your power.


That way we can
watch each other's backs.

And you can't fly now.

Which basically rules out
our rooftop escape plan.

See, we gotta get
into the building first.

And two guys pushing thoughts
is better than one.

Come on.

Top floor.

I love doing that.

Makes it a lot easier.

They got cameras everywhere.
Let's go.

In here. Come on.

Hey, you're not allowed
in here.

You're gonna finish
your lunch in the hall

and make sure
no one comes in.

I'll just finish my lunch
in the hall.

The plan
was to find Daphne.

Gotta know where
to look, huh?

Sir, take a look at this.

Okay, this is a problem.

How the hell did they
get in here?

Targets are in Operations.

Shut down the computer systems,

Someone's hacking in.

Damn it, just shut it down!
Let's go!

Hell with that.

I wouldn't go out there
if I were you.

You're not me.

Son of a bitch.


How'd you do
on your history exam?


Right. You're grounded.

Drivers license, please.

Thank you.

That was harsh.

He's a terrible driver

To disappear,
you need a new identity.

Trick is
to remove the photo

without tearing it.


I cannot believe you know how
to make a fake I.D.

Where did you learn that?

- No.

Claire, believe it or not,
I was a teenager once.

And an enterprising one,
not unlike you, young lady.

Oh, there was this band once
I just had to see.

Def Leopard.
Oh, my God, Rick Savage.

Bass player.
So cute!

Oh, what I would have given to--

- Sorry.

Alex, you need to change
your looks.

probably using
facial recognition algorithms.

That I learned
from your father.

You can find a change of clothes

I appreciate everything
that you're doing.


You know I didn't mean
to drag you into all of this.

You were gonna do it
one way or another, Claire.

Just thought I might help.

I'm sorry for being
the way I am.

Making everything
so much harder.

Sometimes I just wish
I was normal.

Why on earth
would you want that?

It would just
make everything easier.

Maybe you and Dad would
still be together.

Honey, your father and I
had issues

long before you came around.

Why'd you marry him?

'Cause I fell in love
with him, warts and all.

He was dangerous, handsome.

I accepted everything
that went with that.

But now...

I'm tired of being lied to.

I can't see my marriage

So it's...over.

You guys are gonna get
a divorce.

I don't know.


But whatever happens
between your father and I

has nothing to do with you.


So what are we looking for?

Something happened here.

Yeah, like
a million years ago.

I've been here before.

How do you know?

I remember.

My father was here too.

# listen to the wind blow #

# watch the sun rise #

# run in the shadows #

# damn your love,
damn your lies #

# and if you don't
love me now #

# you will never
love me again #

# I can still
hear you saying #

# you would never
break the chain #

# and if you don't
love me now #

# you will never
love me again #


Where did you just go?

I can remember my father.

Are you sure?


- It's okay.

I still don't know why
you're doing all this for me.

Well, we're
an endangered species.

I'm just...doing my best
to try to save us.

Hell, I didn't even know
there were others like me.

I remember that feeling.

So...how do I look?

Like an exceptionally
cute boy

who can breathe underwater.

You're special, Claire.

And not just because
of the whole

immortal healing thing.

I don't know.

Maybe if things were different,

we could have gone out
or something.

We could have been hiding
in your bedroom

for entirely different reasons.

Uh, even if things
were different,

I'm not really into the whole
relationship thing right now.


It just seems like
everyone who gets married

gets a divorce.

Okay, I think it's more like
half of all marriages

get a divorce or something.

Yeah, but who knows how happy
that other half is.

I don't know.

I still think it's worth it.


For moments like this.

When someone gets you

the way that
no one else does.

It's definitely worth it.

Those agents are coming
toward the house.

Alex, come with me.
Come with me!


Come on, in here.

That's the first place
they're gonna look.

No, you have to whack it.


Now get down here
and push it with your foot.

Your dad used to store
guns, files,

god knows what else in there.

He doesn't think
I know about it--careful.

That's right, now close it.
Close it behind you.


Just another day
in the Bennet house.

Let's go. Let's go!
That is so weird.

You're not supposed
to be here.

I'm off limits.

Top floor is clear.

I told you,
you're wasting your time.

Oh, come on, Claire,
we both know what's going on.

Hot guy, just your type.

Where is he?

He's here. I know it.

Well, that would be wrong,
wouldn't it?

If you two are finished here,

I need you to get the hell
out of my house.

Wow, that was close.

I cannot believe the way
you stood up to that bitch.

Let's not celebrate yet.

They're not gonna give up
so easily.

The train's leaving soon.

We need to find a way
to get you to the station.

You have both done enough.

Maybe I can slip out back.
Make a run for it.

No, they'll catch you.

Maybe not.

We're gonna give him
a head start.

I think I got something.

Millbrook, right?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

She's not here anymore,

transferred to a medical

Damn it.
Of course.

wait, hold on a second.

Your friend is back.

Tell him he screwed us.
Daphne's gone.

He's opening up a file.
I think there's something

he wants us to see.
- What is it?

Come here.
- That's us. Huh.

That's us--
that's the entire operation.

They got the whole thing
on tape.

What are you doing?
- Copying the files.

What for?
- To expose them.

Look, American citizens
rounded up like this.

No warrants, no trials.

This is gonna look great
on the evening news.

Nathan's not gonna know
what hit him.

We'll use this as leverage.

Daphne's not here, Matt.

There's no guarantee

that we're gonna find her,
but if we have this--

we can make a deal.

Everything we've got
in exchange for Daphne.

One life at a time.

Parkman's a telepath.

Incredibly powerful.

But when he uses
his ability,

his senses become
raw nerves,

and he becomes susceptible.

We exploit that...
we can disrupt his thoughts.

That just might work.
Let's do it.

Unh! Peter, I can't focus.
We gotta get outta here.

I need more time!

It's done! I got it!

- What?

30 seconds for what?

It's off. Come on, let's go! Go!

Whoa, whoa, wait.

You do not want
to shoot us.

Hey, wait.
Down. Down. Good, good, good.

Don't do it!

This is only gonna end badly.

Don't do this.

I'll hold 'em, you go.
- No, what about you?

There's no time.
Go. Go. I'll hold 'em.

Bennet, you know me.

Nice and easy.

Something terrible
happened here.

What are you talking about?

It's a toy car.
What's the big deal?


My father did something to me.

Something I forgot.

Well, that's a good thing,

Not remembering all the crap

that happens to you
when you're a kid.


It eats away at your soul.

# chain,
keep us together #

# running in the shadows #

# chain,
keep us together #

# running in the shadows #

# chain,
keep us together #



So you didn't find Peter?

You're not helping him,
are you?

Don't be ridiculous.

Someone's out there
calling themself "Rebel."

Knows we're building 26s.

How it runs.

So I see.

You have
all that information too.

Tell me this isn't you.

Of course not.

First of all, I don't know
the first thing about computers.

Yeah, but you could hire
someone for that, Mom.

And beyond that, I know
who's keeping me safe, Nathan.

I can live my life in peace,
thanks to your generosity.

I would never betray you.

Look, Peter...
he stole a dangerous file.

And there are people
that want him dead

because of that.

You're in charge.
You can protect him.

I'm doing everything I can
to contain and control

these people with abilities,

but there are other people

that want to see them
all dead.

Yes, dear.

I've had a bit of experience
with all this.


It's me.

Pete, where are you?
- Is he okay?

I'm only gonna say this once.
You know what I took.

I've got evidence against you
and your entire organization.

What you've been doing
to us.

What do you want?

A trade.

Matt Parkman
and Daphne Millbrook

for everything that I've got.

That's it?

Two people?
I don't understand.

Look, if anything happens
to them or me,

all the information I've got
goes directly

to the nightly news--
do you want that?

So do we have a deal?

Where do you want to meet?


My son and I are going
to a movie.

Does that threaten
the Federal Government?


- You okay?

Yeah. Fine.

You can get off of me now.

Oh, God.

We gotta go.
That way.

End of the block.
Think I see 'em.

We all set?
- Town car's ready.

Ten minutes to the exchange.

Your boys know
where they're headed, right?

It's exactly where
your brother wants.

4001 North Nebraska Avenue.
- Next to the network news.

I don't suppose
that's a coincidence.

Peter's no dummy.

Daphne and Matt ready
for transport?

No, Senator, they're not.

We're not making a deal.

What's he talking about?

What the hell are you
talking about?

I have another plan.

You realize if my brother's
harmed in any way,

copies of those files
are gonna make their way

to every news organization
in this country.

Our entire operation
will be compromised.

I'm aware of the situation.

Then get Millbrook
and Parkman released right now,

put them in the car,

and get them down
to the parking lot.

Or do you want to disobey
a direct order?

I'm following orders,
Senator, just not yours.

The United States Government
will not make deals

with terrorists.

Those were the President's
exact words.

Despite your endless

your brother's a terrorist.

My brother's not a terrorist.

Target spotted
approaching parking lot.

I'm en route.
Hold your stations.

Just stay out of my way.
Let's go.

Noah, just remember,
Peter can hear your thoughts.

Where are they, Bennet?


Matt, Daphne.

Listen to me.
are you in there?

Come with me.

And nobody
has to get hurt.

Peter...listen to me!

They're not here.
You're being set up.

Time to die, Petrelli.

Just a little further.
Gimme the kill shot.

I'm trying to save
your life.

Get out of here,
he's gonna--

Are you all right?

It's just a scratch.
He'll be fine.

What do you want,
a thank you?

Why...are you doing this,

Doing what, saving your life
or trying to save the world?

Perhaps there's
a better way of doing it.

- This hasn't turned out

exactly the way
I wanted it to.

- I'm aware of that.

There's a lot
of different agendas going on.

Yeah, all leading
to killing us.

You realize you're responsible
for that.

Yeah, I do.

It's out of control,
and it's my fault.

But I can fix it.

In fact, I'm the only one
who can fix it.

Why is that?
- Because you're one of us?!

Because I'm the only one
who really cares

if you're alive
or not, Pete.

Come with me, okay,

and I promise
you'll be treated well.

Don't do this, Nathan.
- It's okay.

Ma, please.

You have my word.

I know you'll take care of me.
- I will.

Because you love me.

Pete, I'm just trying
to help.


Bye, Nathan.


No, Nathan, don't.

You give me
one good reason

why I shouldn't go after him
right now.

Because the game
has changed.

I've seen it,
and you need to be ready.

And we have some
breaking news for you now.

Rumors have surfaced
that the U.S. Government

has recently broadened
the reach of the Patriot Act.

Thanks, Brian.

Well, tonight sources have
provided our news bureau

some startling footage
taken directly

from an unnamed
government agency

right here in Washington.

Now, this video shows
American citizens

in hoods and restraints

in what appears to be
a clear violation

of their constitutional

Is the government running
a secret military organization

with the authority
to disregard civil liberty?

So what, we're just gonna
stay here all day?

Look, the guy's an ass,
plain and simple.

All right, I told you
parents su--

He killed my mother.

I'm sorry.
I didn't know.

I mean, I've been trying
to tell you that he's a jerk.

You've been trying
to tell me, really?

When did that happen?

'Cause all I can remember
is the cute little stories

of you two bird watching
around the neighborhood.

You made him sound like
Mr. freakin' Rogers.

I was just waiting
for the right time.


Hey, I got an idea.

Why don't we drive
up to Canada,

because we're close
to the border.

We could rob some old ladies.
- That's not gonna happen.

Why are you doing this
to me?

Because you're here,

and I need to express
my feelings.

You used me
for some joy ride, an escape.

I got news for you, kid.
There is no escape.

There is only pain.

And you can never outrun it
no matter what you do,

no matter where you go.

Go home to your mother,

You're not gonna kill me?

Seems a little
on the nose.

Where you going?

To find my father.

'Cause now that
I've seen the truth...

I want him to die.

What the hell
are you doing?

Must've realized
there'd be consequences

for your actions.

Yeah, when that story breaks,
you're exposed.

and the world will see
what you're doing.

You're hunting
innocent people.

You're not innocent.

The world just doesn't realize
how dangerous you are.

Now they will,
and they'll beg me

to hunt you down and kill you.

The enemy has a face, Parkman.
It's you.

No, I don't want
to hurt anyone.


To me...you look
exactly like a terrorist.

Why did you...

You gonna miss having
a cute guy in your closet?

A little.

You were incredible.

Nice to know I still have
a few tricks up my sleeve.

I love you.

I love you.
Just the way you are.

I wouldn't trade this life
for anything.

Me either.

So I made popcorn.

Figure we could watch a movie.
Some sappy love story.

Ah, sounds perfect.

I'll be right down.

Hey, Barbie.


I got a message
from someone named Rebel.

I need your help, Barbie.

Subtitles by LeapinLar