Heroes (2006–2010): Season 3, Episode 17 - Chapter Four 'Cold Wars' - full transcript

Peter, Matt, and Mohinder drug and abduct Noah "H.R.G." Bennet and hold him captive in a seedy motel room so Matt can interrogate him to find out more about the people hunting them down, but predictably, it does not go as planned ...

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I don't like this,matt.

Oh,you got any better ideas?

It's a huge risk being out in the open.We should be laying low.

And what?What?

Run forever?

I don't know.

Yeah,that's my point.

We're being hunted,and we have no idea by who.


Noah bennet has all the answers we're looking for.

Hey,did you get it?

Amobarbital.One dose of this,he's knocked out cold.

What?What's wrong?

Can't you just read his mind?Get what we need that way?

No,we've been over this.

Noah is too well trained,and he's never off his guard.

Guys,look,I was a cop.

You're a scientist,a nurse.

We did nothing wrong,and they turned us into fugitives.

Yeah,but drugging and kidnapping people?

I don't like it either,but this way gives us answers.

Yeah,straight-up interrogation isn't gonna work.

Not with bennet.

We'll need to get creative.

Staying at the hotel?

Just for a little while.

I'm actually looking for an apartment in town.

You know anything?


Welcome to costa verde.

Looks like our friend here had about three too many.

Don't worry,we'll get him home safe.


It's working.

It's working.


Ten people died last night in ohio when a house spontaneously caught on fire.

I'm thinking we should investigate sooner rather than later.

It's over,noah.It's all over.

Primatech may have burned to the ground,

but that doesn't change anything.

We have a lot of work to do.

Primatech should have been shut down a long time ago.

The company had a good run,but its time has passed.

No,we got the job done.

Yes,you certainly did.

And I appreciate it.

What is this?

For your years of service.


And this is from me.

Why are you doing this?

Bag and tag.One of us,one of them.

It's an antiquated system desperately trying to remain relevant.

So we adapt and we get it right.

I don't think we can.I don't think we should.

I am tired,noah.

I have told so many lies.

Maybe it's not to late to cobble my family back together.

 It's a good thing.

You get to go home to claire.

This is everything you've ever fought for,and you've won.

This is all I've ever known.

What am I supposed to do now?

Take care of claire.

Take care of yourself.

All right,so I'm gonna be able to get to these memories that we're looking for.

I'm gonna find out exactly how this whole thing happened,

who's behind it,how they work.

We're gonna find out how to stop hiding and start fighting back.

And how far are you willing to push?

As far as I need to.


This better be good.

Face time at state dinners is hard to come by.

You heard from bennet?


He's off the grid going on three hours.

Standard orders are to check in after duty.He didn'T.


How 'bout claire,she okay?

Yes,your daughter's fine.

I want every inch of surveillance on noah bennet.

Everywhere he's been,everywhere he might go.

You're spying on your own men?

Nobody's above scrutiny,myself included.

You and bennet are both compromised.

What's that supposed to mean?

Your brother peter,your daughter claire.

Peter gets treated like everyone else.

Yeah,and claire gets a free pass.

That makes both yours and bennet's choices tarnished.

Are you spying on me?

You barely touched your prime rib.

Everything okay out there?

Still feels like we're sitting ducks in here,come on.

You can't rush an interrogation.

This isn't an interrogation,it's torture.

You're straining his entire system.

What,do you think I'm hurting him on purpose?

I think you have a personal vendetta,yeah.

I don't think you know what the hell you're talking about.

-They killed daphne,matt.

this isn't about daphne.

This is about me helping everybody.

Well,you're not helping him.

He has done much worse to me.

You're better than him,matt.

-That's my point.
-No,the point is,he's in pain.

Does he have to be?

Look,the drugs are-- it's not gonna be comfortable.

-I'm digging through his brain--
-To find a memory.

Can we really trust this?

I mean,who knows what information's been tainted by time and perception?

We know nothing--he knows everything that we need to know.

He's right.

Do I have your permission to go back in now?

Let's find out how this whole thing began.


Need any help?

Um,four letter word...

"thin man dog.

" Asta.


I'm gonna go get changed.

If you're gonna shower,you should go.

We have dinner in an hour with the pierots.


Jenny and ken?

We're on the pta with them at lyle's school--they're nice.


You didn't make any other plans,did you?

No,no.Sounds great.

It's nice to have you around.




I have no idea,actually.

At the mall,maybe.

She's at the library.

-Secret service thing.
-Ah,of course.

I didn't want her to see me here.

I wanted to talk to you alone.

You have a-- a minute?


Come on in.

What's going on?

I've set some things in motion.


Everything's gonna change,and I just want you to know claire's gonna be safe.

What do you mean "safe"?

What have you done?

You know,I got into politics so I could...

help people,make the big impact.

What have you done?

I'm certain that you involved yourself with the company for the same reason.

You sensed there was a need.

Well,that need still exists.

People with abilities are a threat.

Primatech is closed.


With all due respect,primatech never did the job that was required of them.

Then you have the solution.

The united states government has the resources

and the authority to contain this problem.

Wait a minute,what are you talking about here,rounding people up?

For starters,yeah.

Incarceration's the only way to make sure everybody's safe.


Yourself included.

Certain exceptions need to be made.

Is claire an exception?

She could be.

But I need your help.

What do you plan to do once you have everybody?

We find an answer.

Get the best team of scientists,

and we find a way to eliminate these abilities forever.

And if that's not possible?

I refuse to accept that.

My abilities were given to me.They can be taken away.

You know you're gonna be seen as a villain.

Locking people away.

I'll play whatever role I need to.

Claire will never look at you the same way again.

Claire never needs to know.

But she will.They all will.

And they will blame you.

They won't understand.

I have gone so far off the rails with this,so far around the bend...

I nearly killed my own brother.

And I just want a chance to make things right.

What do you want from me?

 You spent 20 years tracking these people.

I want to know how you did it.

What is all this stuff?

This is the last 20 years of my life.

And you kept it.

It's hard to throw this stuff away.

Noah,I am the U.S.Government.

We have loads of...

weapons and...stuff.

I realize you don't need weapons.

But you need perspective.

And you need to control information.

In 30 seconds,you undid a secret that we've kept for over 30 years.

I can't un-ring that bell.

I know you can'T.

Look,I joined the company for a reason.

 And that reason doesn't disappear just because your mother decides to turn off the lights.

I thought you'd enjoy the extra time with your family.

There's only so many crossword puzzles I can do.

He planned it all...

with nathan.

They did it together.

Did you hear what I just said?Your brother is to blame for all of it.

Yeah,I know.


So what?

I tried to stop him.It didn't happen.

Okay,but what are we gonna do,nothing?

Well,we can't do anything from memories,can we?

I've never done this before.It's not an exact science.

It's not science at all,matt!

If you want to go,just go!

That's now what I'm saying.

But it's what you're thinking huh?

You think you deserve this,to be hunted,after all that you've done.

You're reading my mind?

I don't have to read your mind!

You're an open book.

Look,you wanna get caught?Fine,turn yourself in.

But we're not lugging your baggage.

I could say that same thing about you!

I told you this is not about daphne!

Stop!Both you!

We're supposed to be on the same side.

You don't think what I'm getting here is real,huh?


Storage unit combination lock.

In here--it is filled with things we need.



I'll go.

Try not to kill one another.


,Sir,I think I have something.



 Where is he?

Costa verde,breaking into bennet's storage facility.

Is it a live feed?

We've got a local team on the move to apprehend him.

How does he know about bennet's storage facility?

They working together?

I'm reserving judgment.

I want him caught.

He's in a room stocked full of guns.

Am I clear?

You're risking your own men's lives.

I want peter caught.

No bloodshed.

You gentlemen hear that?

Tasers on stun.


We lost visual.Go,now!

Peter should have been back by now.


just give him some more time.

I'll tell you why peter isn't here.

He's been captured or killed.

Shut him up.

I never checked in.

They'll be looking for me by now.

-Come on,do it!
-Mohinder knows I'm right.

My storage unit is under surveillance.

You sent peter right where they wanted him.

You'd say anything to get the hell out of here.

Doesn't mean I'm lying.

You know me well enough to know that's true.

-Matt,we should go.
-He's right.

Your only hope is to let me go,and escape while you can,matt.

Wait a second.We're not finished.

You said--you said you-- you check in...

with who?

Who else are you working with?

Show me.

I am not letting you in my head.

You can't stop me.

Who is it?Come on,who is it?


Welcome to building 26.

I see the government spares no penny.

Not on equipment,not on personnel.

We are building an elite team.

Well,I'm glad to be part of it.

Now,there are a few ground rules that I would like to implement.

Primatech had a system.

One of us,one of them.

Working alongside people with abilities.

It helps to even the odds.

Yes,I read your file.

I think we'd be better served with one of us and one of us.

I'm sorry?

Or 10 of us...

12 of us...

and none of them.

A lot of the people you're targeting are good people.

They're useful people.

Well,this isn't about ethics.It's about trust.

About us...and them.

By your own admission,your way didn't exactly work.

Prisoners escaping,loyalty issues--it was a mess.

A mess.

For 20 years,I was successful at making sure

that people like you never knew people like them even existed.

You don't presume to know anything about me.

I thought I was running this operation.

Well,the situation's become a little bit more complex,noah.

It's important that we look at everything from as many angles as we can.


Glad to see you got your old job back.

How else would I randomly bump into old acquaintances?

Something big is happening.

I need your help.

Why would I believe anything you say?

Because it's true.

I realize we haven't always played nice with each other,but...

you have a unique perspective.

You've been ordinary and extraordinary,so you understand our fear.

What exactly is happening?

A government program.

And it is going to blow up in their face.

I need you,mohinder.

I need your brain.I need your strength.

Together,we can help people.

We can save lives.

What do you say?

He came to you.


I just saw you and him in a cab.

You knew about this.

You didn't tell him?

All right matt,let me explain.

Why didn't you tell him?

I wasn't talking to anybody.

I thought it was the safest thing.

That's why you didn't want me in his head.

You didn't care about his health.

You were afraid of what I'd find.


Yes,he approached me.

But I said no.

You should have told me about this.

Why didn't you tell-- Uhh!

What could I have done?

Tied up on an airplane too!

You think I don't regret any of this?

You're my friend.

You could have warned me!

You could have warned all of us!

I didn't know what to do.

I didn't believe him.

-Even after the plane,the leash--

told you that I could've stopped all of this?

That I could have maybe prevented daphne's death?

If I had,I'd probably be the one tied up in that chair.

All right,check back there.I got over here.


We gotta hurry.They found me.They're gonna find us.

We're gonna get all the answers we're looking for without the drugs.

I want him to feel everything.

How do we fight back?

You always have a plan,now you're gonna share it with us.

Listen to peter and get the hell out of here while you still can.

How much time do you think you have,matt,before they find us?

Maybe we should just take what peter has and run.

You don't get a vote!

-What are you talking about?

Mohinder knew that we were gonna get attacked by the government.

Is that true?

Bennet came to me,yes.

But I didn't believe him.

He manipulated me before,and I didn't think I could trust him.

Why didn't you say something?

As if any of you would believe me after what I've done.

Yeah,it's better that we didn'T.

You're a coward!

Can you get anything more out of him?

I was just about to do that.

Who's the guy you were taking orders from,huh?


Wait,wait,what guy?I thought he was in charge.

Turns out he's still middle management.

Who is he?




You got a minute?

 I think we got off on the wrong foot.

I was hoping we could talk.

What are we gonna talk about?

We're gonna be working together.

I thought maybe it'd be a good idea if we,uh...


Got to know each other better?

Understood where the other guy was coming from.

I already know where you're coming from.

And where is that?

You got a family at home.

A wife,a boy.

And your daughter claire,right?

She's the special one with the soft spot in the center of her soft heart.

That's right.

You're a dime a dozen.

And 11 of the 12 are unreliable.

You don't know anything about me.

That's the whole point of this.

All that time you worked at your company,

you danced the fine line between company man and family man.

I'm not much for dancing.

You're oversimplifying it.

I think you're overcomplicating it.

Hunting them or harboring them...

to win this war for good,it takes focus.

And yours is just a little split right now.

I've read your files too,mr.Danko.

I've known men like you.

-Is that right?

Simple,unconnected.Take your work home with you.

You're never off the job.

You think that makes you perfect.

Not perfect,just better than you.

These aren't terrorists you're hunting.

They're people.

They're targets.

This job is about understanding their humanity,

not their ability.

But you have to be human to do that.

You're a valuable asset.

But once we begin engagement,I have to know...

 are you gonna take orders,

or continue undermining me with every glance?

You're the boss.

Matt,don't do this.

Don't push this any further.

Peter,I got another address for you.

-What did you see?

No,you go after this guy and you're dead.

You're all dead.You can't undo it.

This guy's in charge.

Don't listen to him.

This is why we came.

We want to cripple them.We want to hurt them.

This is the guy.

No,peter,you're making a big mistake.

You're unraveling things you don't understand.



Secure all the exits.

Wait for my order before moving in.

I want eyes on the scene.

You really should lock your windows.

Sir,we have a situation.

Tell me you found bennet.

No,sir,not bennet.

Did you already mobilize the unit?

I was waiting for your order,senator.

So you're the one that's driving all this.

Making us run,hide.


You're the good brother.

Compassionate one.

You want me dead?

Do it.

You wanna die?

No.But you came here with a mission,right?So...

get it over with.

You think you're innocent?

That you're the good guy?

You broke into my house,put a gun to my head.

You are the one who's hunting us.

With good reason.

And it's not ever gonna stop.

'Cause if you kill me,I'll get exactly what I want.

And what is that?

They'll see what I've been telling them.

They'll know just how dangerous you people are.

He's right,you know.


Don't do it,pete.

How the hell'd you get here so fast?

 I know you might think I'm the bad guy here,pete,and maybe I am.

-But you've gotta believe me when I tell you--
-I don'T.

I'm done believing in you.

This isn't you.

All right...

if you kill him.

The order will come down to kill you all,and I won't be able to contain-- Just shut up!


Let 'em figure a way out of this.

I was right.

You can't trust either of them.Not really.

They're moving in on matt and mohinder right now.

You pull the trigger,you're signing their death warrant.

Why did you tell him about parkman and suresh?

I just saved your life.

You're welcome!

Move in.

Take 'em now!

They don't know which room we're in.We should make a break for it.

You're never gonna stop hunting us.

Even when you had the chance to stop,you didn'T.

Daphne's alive,matt.They have her,alive.

-You're lying to me.

See for yourself.I won't fight you.

I go back inside your head right now and we get caught.

Go in.

Find out.

I'll hold them off.

It's what you've wanted.

All right,go.


This one's alive.

Gunshot wound to the shoulder.

Get a sedative.

It's gonna take three times the normal amount to keep this one down.

Daphne's alive,matt.

Come on.

I said come on,all of you!

Matt,listen to me.You're not a killer.

This is only gonna get worse for you.

You're gonna have to escalate beyond anything you could ever imagine!

You should have just taken the damn watch and stayed home.

Drop it.

Don't hurt him.

Is there anyone else here?

No,just me.

Let me walk him out.


let me walk him out.


Take a hard look at yourself before you judge me.

 It wasn't too long ago you had me tied up.

Don't use me to rationalize your actions.

What I did,what you're doing is wrong!

The curtain is up.

The government is involved in this now.

What you did-- what peter,what matt did--

it got in the way of what I'm trying to accomplish.

And what's that,exactly?

The plane you were on.

That was taking you to a facility that was meant to contain you.

Well,your actions supported the hard-liners,

who believe you should all be executed.


I still believe containment can work.

You're gonna round us up and imprison us forever?

That's your plan?

That's the first part.

Then we're gonna find a way to control these powers.

To eliminate them,so we can go back to living what's left of our lives.

But I need your help.

That's not gonna happen.

You believe science has all the answers,right?

Why don't you start with her?


She is alive.

For now.

But I'm losing that battle.

And unless you help me,I can assure you that my associates are gonna kill her.

And then they're gonna kill you.

And then they're gonna kill my brother...

and matt.

You'll all be dead.

Protocol after a man's taken prisoner is to grant him shore leave.

Maybe you ought to take a few days off.

Matt my wife kicked me out of the house.

My daughter is scared to death of me.

What am I gonna do with time off?

You were right before.

When you said I was weak because of my split focus.

That's not gonna be a problem anymore.

The job is all that's left.

You have my complete dedication.

You still think I'm compromised?

They found your storage unit.

Which,unless I'm mistaken,led you right to them.

You're the one that let 'em get away.

Yeah,I admit...

I underestimated them.

They got away because senator petrelli let his personal interests cloud his judgment.

Kid gloves are standard issue in this outfit.

You had I have to change that.

You agree?



All things considered,it went pretty well.

I think he trusts me.

Don't be foolish,noah.

That man trusts no one.

He will continue to test you.

I'm prepared to be tested.

Because he's got it all wrong.

And so does nathan,for that matter.

There's no halfway anymore.

You're gonna have to play the role.

Make tough choices to prove your loyalty to them,to their cause.

You know me.

I've always been comfortable with morally gray.


This can't happen.All I wanted to do was find daphne.

This is why I didn't want to paint the future.


You're not capable of this,okay?

You are not a murderer.