Heroes (2006–2010): Season 3, Episode 16 - Chapter Three 'Building 26' - full transcript

Imprisoned inside the super-secret 'Building 26' which is Nathan's base of operations to experiment and terminate people with abilities, Tracy struggles to survive various "heat" experiments as well as wait for an opportunity to t...

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Chapter Three
Building 26

It is so nice

to have everyone under
the same roof again.

Noah, I hope this new job
will keep you home for a while.


- What does?
- A consultant do exactly?

Well, it's complicated.

Mostly I meet with various

business and government people

They explain their all
strangedy and tractive

Need your help. Must
warn target. -Rebel

and consult.

Honey, do you have to
do that at the table?


No. Can't.

So I have yet to hear
word one about your trip.


Nothing much to tell.

You visited five

Of the best colleges
on the east coast

And you have nothing to tell?

Which ones did you like, Noah?


I liked brown.


Come back here.

I think all this I believe to talk

might be a little intimidating.

Maybe community college
would be a better fit for now.

I'll go talk to her.

What the hell was that?

I can't lie to her anymore.

Your new job!

Our father/daughter college tour.

We can't risk her knowing
anything right now.

The last time she knew, she
almost got herself killed.

Your mom and lyle are safer this way.

Dad, you've been telling
me that since I was 15.

They're not just
watching you, Claire.

They're watching me.

You brought a plane
down out of the sky,

federal agents are dead,

and a lot of people
want to see you pay.

If either one of us
strays from the script,

I won't be able to stop them.

There won't be any
paper trail. No trial.

One day, you'll just be gone

And nobody can find you.

And now's the part where you tell me

how everything you do,
you do to protect me.


Now's the part when I tell you

exactly what you're going to do next.

Start classes at
costa verde community.

You're already enrolled.

History, English Lit, Spanish.

And come monday morning,

You better be parked
in that front row

With a sharp number two pencil

Or there is going to be hell to pay.

Warn Alex. Sam's comics.
On Buford. Go now. -Rebel.

Wires are up.

Accounts are frozen.

We have traffic cam
feeds from all 50 states.

Patriot act gives us
a lot of leeway here.

What's our status on the Bennet girl?

Eyes only.

We look, but we don't touch.

Senator Petrelli

has granted Ms. Bennet
a probation for now.

Should the terms of that
arrangement be compromised,

I will certainly bring
it to his attention.

Assuming he finishes his latte
and decides to show up for work.

Double espresso.

And Claire Bennet
is still off-limits.

Now I know a lot of you lost friends

on this crash.

You want payback. I understand that.

Not all of these individuals

out there are dangerous.

Some of them are just plain scared.

Now that they know
they're being pursued,

They're gonna be even
that much harder to catch.

Which is why I put in a request

to the white house this
morning to double our funding.

We need to show progress.

These are our targets.

Know them, hunt them,

Track them, and
bring them home alive.

This is so cool.

Road trip.

My mom never took me anywhere.

Ooh, we should stop at
some skanky dinner somewhere

And get some pie

And some milkshakes.

We're not stopping.


It's a long way till
we get to your dad.

Where is he?

I told you, "just keep heading west."

Yeah, you told me
to keep heading west.

Now I want to know
exactly where he is.

Okay, uh, he told me

that if he ever had to disappear,

I could find him in minnesota.

He's got a cabin in the woods

About 28
miles west of--

You're lying.

It's amazing how you can do that.

Tell me where he is.

Okay, okay.

He has an ex-wife who's
a flight attendant.

She lives in Des Moines.

They had a kid that was
born with some sort of...



I can tell when people are lying

Because I saw open their skulls

and rip their abilities out

from their brains.

So you're like a serial killer.

I'm not a serial killer.

But you've got a pattern.

You go after specific victims.

You collect mementos.

Okay, technically,
I'm a serial killer.

Now that we've established that,
give me one good reason

Why I shouldn't tear
open your head right here.

Because you'll never find your dad.

It's not a road trip.
Do you understand?


Are you Alex?

You're a girl.

Yeah, I am.

No, it's just we don't normally
get a lot of girls in here.

You know?

Listen, I'm just here
to deliver a message.

You're in danger.

You need to get out
of here immediately.


What? oh, come on.

A hot blonde in a comic book store?

Please. Victor sent you, right?

This is payback for the
whole birthday thing, right?

Wait, let me guess.

Is this all gonna
end with you giving me

Like a lap dance or something?

You have to listen to me, all right?

This is not a joke.

There are people out
there who are after you.

They will come in
here and take you away.

Yeah! in here?

Oh, come on.

You gotta do a better
job convincing me.

Your life

Is in danger.



You wanna tell me what
the hell is going on?

There's a man in here.

He's looking for you,

And he's very, very dangerous.

Do you have your car here?

Yeah, yeah, but it's out back.

Alex working today?

Come on.

Alex woolsley.

I'm from the county clerk's office.

Afraid we have a situation

With some outstanding
parking violations.

Um, would you rather
just go talk outside?


Uh, this isn't a really
good time. is it important?

Look, dad,
I just--

I was thinking about what
happened this morning...

Uh, sweetheart, I'm gonna
have to call you back.


We're gonna need a team down here.

Come on. come on. come on.

Come on.


This is it,Ando

The same towers,the
same wedding canopy...

The exact spot from
Matt Parkman's drawing.

Now all I need to do is save
the bride,and stop the wedding

This is crazy.

If there is one thing I've learned

It's that when destiny calls,

You answer the phone

I'm going to check what
time the wedding starts.

So I won't be late to stop it.

Stop a wedding...makes no sense.


Hi. my name is Ando.

I'm sorry. I'm Annapura.


Your name is familiar.

Are you a guest of the groom?

No, not exactly.

Are you okay?

Just a little sad. that's all.

On your wedding day?

But this is supposed

To be the happiest day
of your life, isn't it?

Yes, that's what they say.

Then you must call off the wedding.

This is incredible.

I've been feeling
so lost and confused.

I've asked the heavens for a sign

Telling me whether I
should marry or not.

A sign.

Uh, yes, a sign.

Ando? What are you doing?!

You are the sign!

You're the one I've been waiting for.

Sign. no, no, no, no.

It's not him. it's me.

I'm the sign.

That's it.

The wedding is off.

Do we have any response
from The white house?

nothing yet.

So these are the bad guys.

Abby collins. homeland security.

Nathan petrelli. nice to meet you.

The white house has transferred

Oversight of your operations to DHS.

I'm here to kick the tires

And find out what it is we bought.

Just what we need.

Another bureaucrat.

Can I give you a tour?

I don't know how
fully briefed you are

On what's happened here
for the last few days.

I made it clear that
eagle rock prison is

Woefully inadequate for our needs.

The reason I've asked for
such a large funding increase

Is to reinforce the facility

So I can deal with these prisoners.

Right, because they're all magic.

You don't believe
any of this, do you?

Who put you on this
assignment exactly?

People close to the president

Are concerned about
his exposure on this.

Time travelers, mind readers.

We are dealing with a
threat the likes of which

This country has never seen before.

We need better containment.

I can barely handle
the one detainee I...

Are you telling me that
you're keeping a prisoner here?

Without warrant or miranda rights?

I'm gonna need to speak
with the president directly.

Yeah, well, that's not gonna happen.

I'm your new boss,

And I want to see your prisoner now.

This is what I'm talking about.

Place like this,

Worse food, the better.


You really got to stop
trying to be my friend,

Or I'm gonna have to kill you.

Do you like birds?


Well, now, I'm just
wondering if it's genetic.

I mean, your dad,
he's way into birding.

I went with him sometimes.

He'd come get me up about 4:00 a.m.

And we'd be out
walking a trail by dawn.

We'd see goldfinch and
cormorants, woodcocks.

He'd always be pulling
this old, rusty wagon

Behind him, carrying
all his bird books.

Red wagon?

Yeah, it had these--it had
these big, big rubber wheels.

He used to pull me in that wagon.

I remember laying in a red wagon...

All wrapped up in blankets.

It was still dark

And the silhouettes
of the tree branches...

I remember thinking
they looked like...

Snake fingers.

He sold you for money, you know.

Told me once he had a little boy

A long time ago, but he needed cash,

So he sold him.

What kind of man sells his own son?

Why would he even tell
you something like that?

Maybe I reminded him of you.

Oh, my god.

I know. it looks harsh.

We tried insulated gloves,

But she shattered right through them.

The constant heat is to ensure...


This is tracy strauss.

You know her.

She used to lobby for
a defense contractor.

Abby, they won't let me out of here.

You have to do something.

What is this insanity?

This woman is extremely dangerous.

Abby, he's lying. you know me.

This woman is tracy strauss,

And you have her shackled to a chair.

That's why we need better funding.


I am shutting this
operation down today,

And then I'm going
to the a.g.'s office

And I'm filing human
rights violations

Against you, senator.

This is torture. you're through.



I can't believe it.

They're just locking people up?

Believe it. it's happening.

Somebody sent me to warn you.

You must be on a list Or something.

A list? why is he after me?

Do you have a power?

Like a special ability or something?

I can breathe underwater.

You mean

Like a fish. yeah.

I was on the swim
team in high school.

One day, I noticed I just didn't have

To come up for air anymore.

Never told anyone.

I didn't know there were others.

You think I'd be proud
of it or something, but...

Instead, I just...

Feel like a...

Like a freak?

Look, don't go home.

Don't use your credit
cards or your cell phone.

If he can find you at work,

he can find you anywhere.

What am I gonna do?

I don't know. we'll
figure something out.


That car that drove past.

Second time it went by.

Is this car registered
under your name?

Get out.

Car's still warm.

Believe me now?

Let's go.

The house

So this is your place?

With shyla.


We open two years ago.

Against my grandfather's wishes.

Your grandfather?

He believes in tradition.

Thinks women should be at home

Raising the children.

That's why he arranged
my marriage to deepak.

But you don't love deepak.

He is a powerful and dangerous man.

Above the law.

My grandfather was
too frightened to deny

His request to marry.

You must be hungry, my hero.

Let me bring you more.

what`s the matter with you?

We came all this way.

and you stole my chance
to get my power back

I only stopped the wedding,
like the drawing said.

The drawing wanter
me to stop the wedding

Hiro,I have a power now.

I saw a way to help
that girl, so I did

well you did it wrong

No,I did it my way.

And that`s what really bothers you.

That I have powers,and you don`t

You can`t stand the fact
that now you`re my sidekick

Deepak. the groom.

Go on ,hero

save the day

excuse me.

Is everything okay in here?

Who the hell is this?

Ando. he is my friend.

I see.

So you canceled the
wedding because of him?

No, no, sorry, you're mistaken.

I am just a guest. sir!

Calm down, sir. no!

Put the


Deepak hit him with this.

Ando collapsed.

And then?

Deepak carried him off.


We found his car.

He abandoned it about
a half a mile away.

Yeah, for a local kid,
he's pretty good at this.

If you're telling me
it doesn't smell right,

I noticed.

Did you know your daughter's car

Is parked a half block
south of your location?

Yeah, I saw that.

She mentioned she had
some errands to run.

It's a small town.

We'll talk.

At least tell me how
long this is gonna last.

Are we driving for another hour?

Another week?

Hey, check out zz topp.


Ah, god!

Stop it.

What? I'm just messing with him.

Not here.

We don't need the attention.

Our powers are not

For amusement, luke,
you understand that?

I mean, I don't know.

I've never really talked
to anyone about it before.

My mom thinks I'm
enough of a freak as is.

So what, you only use
your powers for a reason?


Sometimes I disappoint myself.

Always have an objective.

Know your end game
before you lift a hand.

What else?

Keep a clear head.

Emotions make you sloppy.

The most important thing

Is that you understand
your motivation.

Always know what it is that you want.

What is it that you want?

For me, um...

It's mostly been about
acquiring abilities,

But lately...

Lately, all I want
to find is my father.

I want to meet the man who made me.

Look him in the eyes.

What are you hoping to see in there?

Where I came from, I guess.

Why I turned out the way I did.

I'm just thinking
he'll have some answers.

That's all.

This is the address.
it's a two-day drive.

You shouldn't have done that.

Now there's nothing to keep
me from killing you, is there?

Well, I guess I'm just
hoping that you won't.

exit-- walk,

Don't run. what?


There's only two.

We can take 'em.

they're the scouts.


Right on the sweet spot.

Everyone on the floor, now!

Please don't let him hurt me anymore.

Don't let him hurt
me anymore, please.

Please, just don't let
him hurt me anymore.

I want to go back to my mom.

Please, I just want to go back.

Stand back.

That was frickin' awesome!

Hey, sylar!

Sylar! thanks for the address.


Sylar, wait! stop!


Deepak willet ando g

If I honor my
commitment to marry him.

And if you don't?

I must prepare for the wedding.

Wedding sermon in hindi]


This wedding cannot go on.

Annapura cannot get married

To this man.

She's being forced into this

Against her will.

You are making a mistake.

You have kidnapped my friend.

I want him back.

He's being held hostage.

It is not I who broke our agreement.

She does not want to marry you.

All my life, I've tried
to please you, grandfather.

But if I marry deepak,

I will be giving up everything

That matters most to me.

Perhaps a traditional
marriage is not my destiny.

We had a deal.

The woman and the
bakery belong to me.

You leave her alone.

Give me back my friend.

That's it. the wedding is off.

You're too much trouble.
I don't want to marry you.

And you can have your
lousy friend back.

This is it.

The moment in the drawing.

This is me being the hero.

So how was your day?


Wanna tell me what the
hell you're doing here?

I was just applying for a job

At the coffee house.

Stop it, claire.

What? they posted a
"help wanted" online.

I know you're lying.

Well, I did learn from the master.

You think you're
invincible, but you're not.

Just because you can't be injured

Doesn't mean you can't be caught.

Do you have any idea what happens

If they think I can't
control you anymore?

That's the thing, dad.

You can't.

Reports are in from the diner.

They brought down the
kid, luke campbell.


Dhs is trying to take us down,

And all we have is
a 17-year-old boy.

From the office of the secretary.

You are hereby notified

To cease and desist this operation

In its entirety.

Abby, don't do this.

Give me five minutes.

Let me change your mind.

Just suspend your
disbelief for a second

And imagine that these people exist,

People who possess powers.

It still wouldn't justify torture.

I'm talking about people
who can slice your head open

With their finger...

Make you think what
they want you to think,

Get inside your head.

This is your argument.

That these people are so dangerous

That they have no
constitutional rights?

There's no justification
for treating people this way.

And american citizens, no less.

You can't pull the plug on a war

When you haven't even
been to the front lines.

People shouting]

'scuse me.





I'm really sorry you had
to witness that today.

I know how upsetting
that must have been.

It's definitely something
I won't soon forget.

I wouldn't be doing any of this

Unless I believed in
the bottom of my heart

These people are just too
dangerous to be among us.

Don't worry.

You'll have all the funding you need.

Don't fill up.

Your dad's bringing home takeout

From that new indian place.

Sounds good.

I didn't mean to pry this morning.

Sounds like your trip was
a little--I don't know what.


Did you guys have any fun at all?

Take in a broadway show?

Dad was a little busy...

Abducting innocent people.

He's not been honest with you, mom.

He's not a consultant.

He's working for a secret program

Imprisoning people with powers.

The company?


No, the company's gone.

This is something else.

Honey, are you sure?

-I mean, maybe
-I was there.

I saw it.

They were loading prisoners
onto a transport plane.

They had them all hooded.

They were drugged.

It was horrible.

Oh, my god.

It's starting all over again.

No, this is worse.

They're taking everyone.

Not just dangerous people.

Anyone with an ability.

Matt parkman.

Dr. suresh.


I'm sorry.

I just can't lie to you anymore.

Indian food?

Go on upstairs, honey.

what's going on?

Noah, I can't take it anymore.

I just can't.

What are you talking about?

I know what you're doing.

Hunting people down.

You don't know what I've been doing.

Don't lie to me, noah.

You have no idea...

I really wanted to believe...

-How big this thing is.
-that you could change.

That you could be someone different

From who you really are.

Do you have any idea
how difficult this is?

Maybe I don't have a choice!

there is always a choice!

The government is
putting together a list

Of people they are rounding up,

And they have made
it very clear to me

That if I am not on board, that
claire will be on that list.

don't make this about claire!

Tracy, I don't know how you did it,

But you better get used to the heat

Because you are never
getting out of here again.

We both know what you did.

What are you talking about?

Broken chain, unlocked door.

You wanted me to escape.

You know what?

Next time, I will.

Something's wrong.

Team leader,

This is central, please respond.

Team leader, this is central.

Please respond.

Team leader, this is
central. do you copy?

Repeat, do you copy?

This is central
command. go to channel b.

Please respond. do you copy?

Team leader, this is central.

You were right.

I should have never interrupted
the course of destiny.

No apolpgoes,my friend.

I realize why I was sent to India

and it wasn't to get
my abilities back.

It was to learn that I do
not need powers to be a hero.

I finally figured out why
your names are so familiar.

A fax came in addressed
to hiro and ando.


It's from someone named rebel.


Just an address in los angeles.

And the words, "save matt parkman."

It's a message from destiny.

So you straightened
it all out with mom,

And now you're off
to a new assignment?


No, your mother wants me

To move out of the house for a while.

She's right.

We keep too many
secrets in this family.

So I'm gonna try to
be a better person.

Better husband, better father.

And not tell lies.

And if we all work really hard

To be honest with each other,

Then maybe we can...

Heal these wounds.

But I'll be around.

We'll get through this.

I love you, claire bear.

I'll see ya.

Thanks for coming back for me.

I didn't come back for you.

I came back for this. You
just happened to be there.

Tracked me twice in less than a week.

I knew if I kept driving,
it was only a matter of time

Before they caught up to me again.

I needed to understand how they work.

Still, you could have just left me.

Mark Leggett.

Excuse me?

The analyst who died
in the hall today.

That was his name.

Mark Leggett.

Thought you'd want to know.

He left a wife and two kids.

You let her out, didn't you?

You murdered an innocent man.

There are times in war

When someone has to
fall on a grenade.

He didn't fall. you threw him.

I saved your ass.

This entire project
was about to be flushed,

And I helped us both out, petrelli.

It needed to be done.

I'm sorry that a man had to die.

Why don't you go apologize
to his blood stain?

It's still warm.

Staying here at the hotel?

Just for a little while.

I'm actually looking for an apartment

In town if you know of anything.


Welcome to costa verde.

Well, it looks like our friend here

Had about three too many.

Don't worry. we'll get him home safe.

To be continued