Heroes (2006–2010): Season 3, Episode 15 - Chapter Two 'Trust and Blood' - full transcript

Following the plane crash, the surviving heroes must team up with one another to try to survive the manhunt. Claire is quickly captured by Noah who takes charge of a "kill squad" to find the remaining people with abilities while N...

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We're gonna make an
unexpected landing.


Mayday, mayday, mayday!

Den Mother 31 going down!

Bearing 2-4-5 at 9-8

off Walnut Ridge Vortac.

We have lost pressure.
Mayday, may--!

Did I wake you?

No, not yet.

Well, it's not good.

Claire got on board somehow,
and all hell broke loose.

No, the pilot managed
an emergency landing,


the plane broke apart
when it hit the ground.

Some of the prisoners escaped.


Shh! Quiet.
- Parkman?

Hiro, how did you get here?

Did you get
your powers back?

No, I am powerless.

The hero's path
is never easy.

If we stay here,
we're dead.

We have to keep moving.
- Yes! Save the others.

Where are they?

I saw them running.
Peter Petrelli, the cheerleader.

It is our duty
to save them!

Don't you get it?

Powers alone aren't gonna cut it
with these guys.

They were ready for us.

All of us.
- Then what do we do?

The sun will be up soon.

It seems like there's
more trees and cover that way.

Come on.



Where are you going?

I can't believe
this is happening.

My father, your brother.

It's not just Nathan.

He's got the whole government.
We need to hide.

Come on.

I can't let you do that,

You both need to come
with me.

Oh, let me go!

Let me go.
This is insane!

What happened to you?

How could you be
a part of this?

It's much more complicated
than you know.

You gonna shoot me,

In front of your daughter?


What are you doing?

I got three on the hill.

Run, Peter.

You're never gonna get away
with this.

The crash--
people are gonna ask questions.

You're wrong.

Nobody's gonna know a thing.

What did you do?

I got to the site
as soon as I heard.

It was a nightmare.

It's totally out of control.

It wasn't just the crash.

Danko, he was in my face from
the second I hit the ground.

Why the hell did you authorize
an air strike?

It's the standing protocol,

I don't need
your permission.


This is my operation.

Not out here it isn't.

I've got civilians at risk.

The second that crash happened,

your prisoners
were redesignated "terrorists."

You mean targets?

Shoot to kill?

That's your tactical,
elegant solution?

These people of yours
are dangerous.

These people are going
into custody.

We're not assassins.

You have a rabid dog,
you don't put a chain

around its neck
and pray for miracles.

You put it down.

When did the rules
of engagement change?

This isn't some exercise
in tactics, Senator.

Your daughter turned
a simple transport flight

into a national security

I'll deal with Claire.

You do that.

And I'll do my job.


Tracy, come on.

We gotta keep moving.
- I can't do this.

What are you talking about?
- I'm not some thing.

My life was finally getting back
to normal.

Okay, stop, stop.

You stay here,
and they will catch you.

Now come on.


Why would Nathan do this to us?

I don't know.

But I'm gonna find
a way to stop him.

This is a nightmare.

Okay, you stay here,
and he wins.

You come with me,
and you can fight.

Come on.

Maybe these people
can help us.

What is he doing?
We're not thieves.

The trance is compelling him.

Let's just let him go.

What should we do?

Come on.

Focus, Parkman.

Put these on.

We need to blend in.

I'll take their address.
Send money later.

- It's me.

How did you find me?

Hiro told me about
your "super secret" hideout.

Of course.

Best way to keep a secret:
Tell everyone.

Is something wrong?

It's Matt.

He didn't come home
last night.

He didn't call.

He always calls.

I didn't know who else
to turn to.

Hiro's missing also.

He's kidnapped.

Maybe same thing happen to Matt.

I've got to find him.

I think he was taken
to Arkansas.

How do you know that?

Because Hiro and I have
GPS trackers.

Of course you do.

He's near Russellville,

I was trying to buy
a ticket to fly there.

Why fly when you can run?


You lost your ability?

It is complicated.

And unfortunate.

From what I've heard,

it would have been
quite useful today.

It wasn't my fault.

Now even Ando has a power.

He has no idea how to be a hero.

Well, then your friend Ando
should stay

as far away
from here as possible.

And so should you.

You think I should leave?

Find a policeman
and turn yourself in.


I must help my friends.

It is my duty.

Not anymore.

If you tell them
your powers are gone,

they may let you go.


I am a warrior.

This is not your fight
anymore, Hiro.

Save yourself.

While you still can.


When did you learn to draw?

I didn't.

It just happened.

Well, do you have any idea
what they mean?



That's Daphne at the crash site.

Matt, that's not possible.

She wasn't even on the plane.

This is India?

You're right.
Right, this is nuts.

I don't want this.

Matt, they will find us here.

We have to go.

If these visions are real,

and Daphne's in trouble.

I gotta get back.

That's insane.
Those men'll kill you!

I'm not gonna leave her!


Never really liked that old man.

That's right.

Take a good look.

'Cause that's your future

if you keep getting
into fights at school.

I just hope a night
in juvy taught you something.

Food's great.

Don't push it, Luke.

Not after yesterday.

Just tell me why.

Why'd you have to hit that kid?

What's that mean?

What the hell's wrong with you?

A shrug.

Is that your answer for everything?

He called you a whore.

Get inside.

Authorities are still
not confirming reports

that an aircraft came down
last night in rural Arkansas.

I can't believe
I left that on.

...Military aircraft
or cargo jet

plummet rapidly across the sky...

Call the police.

...saying that there were

no scheduled flights
in the area.

Several eyewitnesses claim
to have seen...

Mm! Mm!

National Guard training
exercise in the area...

You're either Mary Campbell

or "current occupant."

We've been waiting for you.

Who are you?
What are you doing here?

Special Agent Simmons says hello.


His people trained him very well.

He hardly flinched at all

when he lost a finger or two.

Trouble is he has information
that I need,

so you are gonna help me
loosen his tongue.

Sick freak.

You're gonna torture me
in front of them?


I'm gonna torture them

in front of you.

Oh! Oh...


Hey, thank you for doing this.

Don't thank me yet.


Hey, is that

the cheerleader?


Hang on.

You're supposed to kill Hiro
in the future, right?


Well, then he can't be dead.

And if he's okay,

maybe Matt's okay too.

Yeah, we must be sneaky
when we look for them.


That's why you're staying here.

Wait, what?


So Hiro's alive because I kill him?

That's right. I kill him.

Yes, he's alive.

Roger that, base.

Lost Agent Marquette...

Wait, wait,
I got a man down.

Man down.


What are you doing?

I'm gonna go back.
Find Nathan.

Disguised as a guard?

Where'd you see that?
An old movie?

They saw you on the plane.

I don't care
how many powers you had.


I don't know why.

I can only hang on
to one at a time.

If I pick up a new one,
I lose the old one.

You're gonna go up
against all of 'em?

You don't even know
if Nathan's here.

Oh, Nathan's here.

He's probably sweating bullets.

Trying not to show it.

This whole program was his idea.

It means that his ass is on the line.

You go back, they'll kill you.

You got a better idea?


I know Nathan too,
and not like a brother.

I know the way he thinks.

It's 'cause you slept with him.

And I think the same way.

What are you doing here, Dad?

Doing my job.

You still haven't told me

how you were on that plane,

I was grabbed by your goon squad.

Dad number two tried
to send me home,

but I don't walk out
on my friends.

Or help people sick enough
to do something like this.

You have no idea
how big this mission is

and what these people will do
once you're on their radar.


I'm not gonna be
your excuse anymore.

You know these guys.


Hiro Nakamura.

Of all people,

you chain them up like animals.

I have made
certain arrangements,

arrangements which will
guarantee your safety

and the safety of this family,

but these abilities have got
to be controlled.

I have an ability.

Does that mean
that I have to be controlled?

No, Claire, you're missing--

I'm one of them.

And so is he.

Transportation's set.

Young lady, you're headed
back to Costa Verde.

So that's it?

I just dance away to college,

pretend everything's
all hunky-dory?

Something like that, yeah.

So I get a pass.

And everyone I know just disappears.

Except for Senator Skyboy,
of course,

because he's got everything
under control.

I'm walking a fine line here.

Balancing the security
of this country

against a serious threat.
- Stop.

I don't even know
who you are anymore.

Either one of you.

Stay put for just a minute.

We talked about this
when I came on board.

And I will take orders,

and I will do
what has to be done,

but you gotta put
a leash on your hunter.

I haven't forgotten
what we've discussed.

Don't worry about him.

He's useful.

Until he's not.

- Claire!

Damn it!

I want her found.

Don't forget our arrangement.

Keep her out of this.

You keep her out of this.

Daughter or not,
she is running out of favors.

I wouldn't let anything
happen to her.

What would your hunter do

if he knew you were one of them too?

My mistake?

That I expected
my people to act responsibly?

Nobody could have anticipated
what happened on that hillside.

Wait, Matt!
We can't go down there.

This is the place
from the drawing, I know it.

This is where she gets shot.

- Ando!

How'd you get here?

The speedster brought me.

We're looking for you and Hiro.

She was here.


Oh, good.

- Hiro.

Something brought them together
at the crash site.

I mean, I imagine some of them
had the misguided idea

that they could still stop
this whole thing.


We really gotta get outta here.

She's right.

We gotta move.

I can't carry all these
people at once.

You don't worry.

I'm just gonna do
a quick recon.

Find the safest way--
- Daphne!


Danko's men totally overreacted.

Run! Go!

Once they opened fire,
they were all out for blood.

When they went after Claire,

that's when I knew
Danko had lost control.


Parkman must have got
inside the shooter's head.

Forced him to turn
on his own men.

It became a bloodbath.

Agent Simmons.

Seems fatigued.

You really need
to pay attention.

Your father's in custody,
you sick piece of crap.

Another lie.

Well, it's time to get started.

Where to begin?


Why are you doing this?

What did we ever do to you?


Wrong place, wrong time.

I could have been a flood
or a tornado.

There's really no difference,

How about you, Luke?
Any thoughts?

Oh, I sense some dysfunction

in the Campbell household.

You bastard,
you better leave him--

But I understand.

Single mom,
troubled teenage son,

and judging from that pathetic
alimony check I found,

I'd say dad took off
quite some time ago.


What are you doing to her?

Only what you wished
you could have done years ago.


You're lying.

Agent Simmons,
Mary is losing

her Patience.

Isn't it your job to protect her
from monsters like me?

He's not going to talk.
Let her go.

You said that
'cause you care, kid?

Or is that just
a preconditioned response

'cause mommy drew
the short straw?

What do you know about me?

Mom's a drone,
and dad abandoned you.

I know that rage, Luke.

And I know that deep down,

You'd like nothing more
than to see her blood

all over the living room floor.

Go to hell!

Well, well.

It's a small world.

You and I really need to talk.

So many good men,
devoted soldiers, all dead.

I don't care who your daddy is.

This is your fault.

My fault?

You're the ones who started it.

You hunted us.

I read your file, cheerleader.

I know how you heal.

Like that Sylar.

I'm nothing like him.

One shot
to the back of the head.

That's all it takes.

I told you to stay away
from my daughter.


Get her outta here.

I'll take her home.

I'll take her home.


He would have done it.

He would have pulled
the trigger.

In a heartbeat.

Once they target you,
they won't stop.

They'll go after me,
your mom, Lyle,

whatever it takes
to bring you down.

What are we gonna do?

Right now...


Go home.

Live that normal life
you always said you wanted.

What about Peter?

The others?

I'll do what I can.

Come on.

How many more casualties
are we gonna take

before you get it?

I thought I told you
to stand down.

You've been giving a lot
of orders today, Senator.

Is there something
you'd like to talk to me about?

How'd you think
this was gonna go?

That these people of yours
would lie down?

Give up?

Treat us as liberators?

Right now, you're
the President's golden boy.

You pull this off,
you can write your own ticket.

The downside is, it goes south,

you can kiss
your political career good-bye.

Go back to playing house
in your mama's mansion.

We're all replaceable.

Some of us more than others.

Excuse me.


Nathan, it's me.

One second.

You're calling the shots.
For now.

And I'll clean up your mess
this time,

But if your affection
for these animals

costs me any more men.
- They're not animals.


Say it with me.

I don't want to have
to tell you again.

- I heard.

So that's the kind of killer
that you're working with now?

You need to give yourself up

I can promise
you won't get hurt.

Your promises haven't been
worth much lately.

You'll have to do better.

This isn't a negotiation.

You don't have anything
I want.

I have Peter.

Okay, I'm listening.

I want my old life back.

I give you Peter,

my part in this gets written off
as never happened.

I go back to my apple martinis
and overpaid lobbyists.

How do you want to do this?

Mile marker 47.

There's an old historical site
near the road.

Three hours.

And come alone.

If I even see
one pair of boots...

no tricks.

You can trust me, Tracy.

He's on his way.

Show me.

Some stuff melts.
Some burns.

Water boils.
Kinda like a microwave.

That's very impressive.

You should see what happens
around pacemakers.

You know, I heard you
at the door.

That kid you hit at school,
he didn't call your mother

a whore; you lied.

You do that a lot.

Why do you care?

Because you live a half a block
down from my father.

If that's a coincidence,

God's improved
his sense of humor.

You're wrong.

I'm no one.

I'm not.
I don't have any friends.

Shoplift crap I don't even want.

Sell my Ritalin to meth mouths
at school.

Luke, stop--

No, no, don't worry.

He's lying.
At least, about the drugs.

She hates me, you know.


I don't.

Well, I don't even need
an ability

to know that that's a lie.

She can see it in you,

What you can do.

No, she doesn't know about it.

I'm not talking about the power.

I'm talking about you.

This is what scares them,
what's in here.

The will.

I love my son.

I just want him to be happy.

Well, he's not.

You lie, Luke,
because you'd rather be

anyone else other than yourself.

That's why you got
into that fight.

That kid could be dead
with your ability,

and the only reason he's alive
is cause of your kindness,

and that scares you.

I want you to tell me
about this power

and everything you know
about the man down the street.



No, Luke, stop!

Stop it!

Luke, stop!

You killed him!

He was gonna--

He was gonna save us!

What are you?


Hey, take me with you.

What, did you hear me?

- And so what?

So you just killed the one shot
I had at finding my old man.

He was gonna shoot you
in the head.

I mean,
I coulda just let him.

And I let you live.

Which is kind of a big deal
for me.

I could tell you more
about your father.

Yeah, so could a milk carton.

I'm not that interested.
- Look, I can't stay here.

With her.
With this.

I mean, you're the only one
who understands what it's like.

I know where he is.

Well, you're not lying.

Which only means
you think you can find him.

And I know
why you're looking for him.

Tell me.

Because you're just like me.

Trying to figure out
why you are the way you are,

and in this whole hellish world,

Your dad might be the only answer.

You take me with you, I'll walk
you right up his driveway.

Does your mother have a car?

Not anymore.

What do I do
if something goes wrong?

I'll be right here.

Get close to him, okay?

Use your powers.

God, what if I kill him?
- You're not going to.

Just disable him.

We get him,
we use him as leverage

against the government.

Look, he's not my brother
anymore, Tracy,

and he's not your boyfriend.

You understand?

- Go.



I came alone.

Just like you asked.

Where's Peter?

I've got him.

I told him
that you offered us amnesty.

He'll come out
when he knows he's safe.

It's like I told you.

You deliver me Peter,
I give you your life back.

You'll be surrounded
by your friends,

You can play house
with the Governor,

and nobody gets hurt.

You must know
I'd assume this was a trap.

But I came anyway, Tracy,
for you.

And the offer still stands.

You deliver me Peter,

you get to go free.

You're serious?

Tracy, I am not the devil
you think I am.

Someone like you I can trust.

You and I, we think alike.


he's unpredictable.

He's got it in his head
he's gonna save the world,

And that is not
how it's gonna end.

He is gonna end up

getting all of you killed.

All of you.

What are you saying
to her, Nathan?

What, are you telling her
that I'm unstable?


You lock me up,
you fix everything,

You call off your dogs.

I got Peter.
You take the girl.

You said you were alone.

I know.

How many times are we gonna do this?

As many times as it takes.

Do it.
Take the shot.

I don't have it.
Back 'em off.

I can't do that.
Back them off.

It's over, Pete.
Give up.

Take the shot.

No, this is the beginning.

Take the damn shot.

Take her.

Nathan, don't do this!

Get your hands
off of me!



Look at me!

Don't do this!

What the hell was that?

I told you I didn't have it.

I saw it.

You had Peter cold.

Yes, I did.

Thank you.

You know me.

You know
I didn't want any of this.

protecting them from themselves,

that was always my goal.

Now Peter's loose,
Parkman, the others.

Both sides have tasted blood.

The next move is theirs.

Thank you.
I will send money for gas.

Toss your cell phones.

This is the last time
we get together

using these things.

We find each other,
so can they.

I figure we have 15 minutes.


You need to see these.
Where'd you get these?


He drew them
right after the crash.

He has Isaac's gift.

I recognize this building.

It's the Divya Velukkai
in New Delhi.


The warrior must have
his sword.

I must regain my powers.

Help defeat this menace.

It is my destiny to go there.

It is?

Then perhaps it's ours
to seek justice.

I don't want it.

What they're doing to us
isn't justice.

It's just stupid.
It's blind fear.

Well, if you don't want to see
them punished, what do you want?

I want 'em to pay.

For Daphne.

Matt, that's not us.
That's not you.

Let's get one thing straight.

Our lives as we knew them
are over.

We can't go back
to anything that we knew.

Then what do we do?

We bring the fight to them,

With everything we got.

It won't be easy.

Credit cards,
bank accounts, they're gone.

Homes are gonna be watched.
Can't trust the phones.

We gotta find a way
to defend ourselves.

We leave everything.

we do what it takes
to survive.

Things we can't even imagine.


they're gonna come
for us.

And when that day comes,
we have to be ready.

You've been awfully quiet
since you got back.

Just tired.

It was a hard trip.

I bet.

Two days of scouting colleges,

all those sorority mixers.

Your dad said you begged him
to stay another day.

So, any decisions?

I just, um...

I was thinking of maybe staying
close to home for a while.

Getting a part-time job.

Oh, my God.

I would love that.

I really missed you.

The house would be empty
without you.

Claire's home. She's safe.

We both know Peter.

Sooner or later,
he's gonna come to you.

When he does...

can I count on you
to do the right thing?

That's not why you called,

I can hear it in your voice.

You suddenly see
how this could all end badly,

and you're looking for reassurance.

Maybe even absolution.

But I'm not giving it.

You pushed me aside
and went to the President

because you thought
your team could handle this.

And I suggest
you do exactly that.

They're ready for you,




Get me out of this.

Can't do that.


It's too late.

Why are you doing this?

What I have come to realize
is that these powers

just lead to chaos.

Good people,
through no fault of their own,

cannot control it.

It just leads to disaster.

You son of a bitch.

Maybe that's what you tell yourself

So that you can sleep at night.

But this is about you.

Your ambition.

It's all you are,

It's all you ever were.

Try not to fight it.
It'll be easier.

You're one of us.

You're one of us, Nathan!
Hold her down.

You're one of us, Nathan!
You're one of us!

Subtitles by LeapinLar