Heroes (2006–2010): Season 3, Episode 14 - Chapter One 'A Clear and Present Danger' - full transcript

Two months after the destruction of both the Primatech and Pinehurst, and the death of Arthur Petrelli, the now-villainous Nathan returns with a vengeance by persuading the U.S. President and the government to round up all people ...

Mmm. Hello, Governor.

Is he on now?

There are people

who are frankly stunned

by your seemingly
meteoric rise.

In the Senate
less than three months

and already closely allied
with the President

on what many people are calling
unprecedented access

to the average American's
most private details.

Steve, I'm just a humble
Junior Senator from New York,

but as Chairman
of the Senate Commission

On Homeland Security,
it's my duty

to protect and serve
the people of America.

I can assure you,

I don't know any more
about this than you do.

Trust me,
that's ancient history.

I haven't spoken to him
in close to two months.

Now, if you don't mind,

I do have
to get some sleep.

The rumors in Washington are

of frequent private meetings
at the White House,

and the question
on everyone's mind is

what are you discussing?

Well, again, these are matters
of national security.

We're protecting
the American people

from a very serious threat.

Are we talking
about terrorism?

Let me assure you,
the threat is real.

We're not out to alarm
the American public,

but it's important that
we take precautionary measures.

Senator, I don't mean
to belabor this,

of course the questions
remain: Why you?

Why now?

Well, I'd love to go

into specifics
with you, Steve,

but these are highly
classified discussions.

There are those that fear

that what you're
really talking about

is taking away
civil liberties,

relaxing FISA policies,

expanding the reach
of the Patriot Act.

What about that?

Anyone who knows
my record and my career

will tell you I've devoted
my life to protecting people.

As a District Attorney
in New York,

I was tough on crime.


You want me to beg?

And now I'm continuing
that passion

with the protection
of the entire nation.

Well, screw you.

Is this about
your religious calling?

I don't beg for anyone.

After your assassination

you made claims that God
has a mission for you.

What do you want?


Yes, I stand by those comments.
Now more than ever.

Cover her hands.

You got her?
- Got her.

All right.

All right,
we're good.

I'm a God-fearing man.

I just want what's best
for our country.

Tell Petrelli
we got the first one.




Breathe in.

Breathe in.

Breathe in.


Peter, it's over.

No, I can save him.

It's no use.
He's dead.


Damn it.

I could have saved him.

No, you couldn't.

He bled out in the car.

I should have got to him faster.

He was pinned in there.

So, I should have been stronger.

You can't save everyone.

I should have been stronger.

Well, any favorites yet?

Yeah, I mean, Hamilton, Smith,

Georgetown-- they're all...

the best schools in the country.

Getting your GED

was the best thing you could have done.

An elite education

is something most people
only dream about.

Claire, you're
an exceptional young woman,

and you deserve
an exceptional education.

If you say so.

Are you okay?

Look, I appreciate this.

You putting me up and offering
to get me into school,

but I don't think I can do this.

Your father and I have
discussed this at length.

Which one?

Both of them.

And we all felt
that going to college

was the best chance
that you would have

at a normal life.

Everyone keeps saying that,
but none of us have a chance

at a normal life
when he's still out there.

When who's still out there?


Claire, Sylar is dead.

We stood there together

and watched Primatech
burn to the ground.

They found dental remains.

I know he's out there, okay?

I can feel it in my gut.

He's killing again,

and my father is trying
to hide it from me.

I found an article in his desk

about a man who went
missing in Memphis.

They searched his house
and found his entire upstairs

filled with salt water.

I'm sure there's some explanation.

My dad keeps going away
for days at a time,

going on business trips.

It's happening again,
and I should be out there

helping to stop it.

Claire, you have got
to believe me.

It's over.

All of it.

Primatech, the company,

All of it.

And we all have to accept that.


You're just trying
to put me on the bench.

He's out there.

And if I'm the only one
who sees that, then fine.

I'll go find him myself.

# I don't want to set #
the world on fire #

# I just want to start #

# a flame in your heart #

# in my heart,
I have but one desire #

# and that one is you #

# no other will do #

You move, and I shoot.
God damn thief.

Think you can come into my shop

without me hearing you?


Martin Gray?

Do I know you?

Did you live
at 423 Canmore Street

In Queens 27 years ago?

It was snowing.

In the middle of February,
you went out

for a pack of cigarettes
at 10:00

and never came back.

Or so the story goes.

Kind of cliche, don't you think?

Who are you?

I'm your son.

And I have some questions
for you.

# I'll have reached the goal
I'm dreaming of #

Oh, hey.
I was just--



I got done with all
my morning deliveries,

So I thought I'd just come home.

At 10:30?

Are you spying on me?


Look, I know I said
I wouldn't use my speed,

but do you have any idea
how long it takes

to get across Midtown
on a bike?

Yes, and that's sort
of the idea.

But I'm all done for the day.

We could go to the zoo or something.

Some of us still have
to put in a full day.

You know,
I could use my ability

to work my way clear to the top

of the police force, but do I?

No, 'cause you're a body guard
who makes 12 bucks an hour.

At least it's honest work.

When you should be opening

your own private detective
agency, like you want.

I told you,
I can get you the cash.

I'm not gonna use stolen money
to open up a business, Daphne.

What's wrong with trying
to live like normal people?

It's boring, for one thing.

Well, I will take boring any day

over this bizarro world
that I've been in

ever since this whole thing
got started.

Come on, we talked about
putting it all behind us

and just getting everything
back to normal.



Fine, you win.

Normal it is.

Yes, I know that.

But she has her own ideas,
and now she's circling

the building
on your whole operation.

She found an article
about a guy in Memphis

that your team picked up,

and, uh, she thinks it's Sylar.

You haven't?

Well, then I'm sure
it's all just her imagination.

What's your point?


Well, the point is
she's suspicious,

and I can't control her.

That's too bad, Mom,

because I was counting
on you distracting her.

If she digs, she's gonna
start finding things,

and today is crucial.

We have to keep her
away from Peter

and away from Parkman
when we take him down.

Mom, you hear me?

I want Claire as far away
from all of this as possible.


I think we have
a bigger problem now.

I'm very different person now.

That was a long time ago.

Maybe for you.

You said you had questions?

Well, ask 'em.

How does a boy

without a father
grow up to be a man?

How does he learn
to make the hard decisions

he's gonna have to make in life--

The ones only a man can teach?

You want an apology, is that it?

You want to hear I'm sorry

For walking out on you
and your mother?

I just want the truth.

What about?

That your mother was a sick,
infantile woman?

Or that I made a mistake ever
to have a child with her?

Let's start there,

because I'm sure as hell
not the son of a man

who repairs watches

and the woman
who collected snow globes.

So who am I?

Tell me.

You were given to me.

By whom?

A man who needed money.

Your mother wanted a baby
and couldn't have one.

I wanted out of a loveless marriage

and was too much of a coward.

Seemed like the right answer
at the time.

Who was he?

My brother.

Is he still alive?

You're telling the truth.

Now please leave.

So, you planning on seeing him?

See who?

Your brother.
He's in town.

Saw him on TV this morning.

Ah, I didn't see that.

I haven't seen him in months.

Not really talking at the moment.

Huh. Maybe you won't mind me
being honest.

He scares the hell out of me.

Why is that?

My family's from Iran.

The things he's talking about,

protecting the country
from dangerous people,

it's Code.
It's not very subtle either.

He's talking about people like me.

We're different, so we're scary.

But you wouldn't know
anything about that.

Believe me, I know more
than you think.

Hello? Claire?

Peter, thank God.

Hey, where are you?

I'm in New York.
We have to stop them.

Stop who?

Your Mom and Nathan,
they're planning something,

something bad.

I thought it was Sylar,
but it's them.

What are you talking about?

I don't know.
I think they're talking

about rounding up people
with abilities.

They already started taking them.

This guy, in Memphis,
he disappeared.

Look, wait a minute.
Slow down.

They were talking on the phone.

Your Mom, your brother.

They were talking about
keeping me out of the way,

so I wouldn't find out.

They're going
after Matt Parkman today.

We have to stop them.

Okay, look, just take
a deep breath, all right?

I have to warn Matt.

I'll go talk to my mom.

When I know something,
I'll give you a call, okay?

I'm just going a few blocks.
87th and Madison, please.

Hello, Peter.


This is a coincidence.

Last time I saw you--
I know.

It's been a long time.
Keeping out of trouble?

Trying to.

Although you ever
get the feeling

like you're meant to do
something extraordinary?

I used to.

Turns out I was mistaken.

Seen anyone?
- I try not to.

Everybody's under the radar.

All except your brother,
of course.

Well, you know Nathan.

Seems like every time
I pick up a newspaper

or turn on the TV,
there he is,

right out in the open.

He's not wrong, you know.

These powers uncontrolled,

I see only danger in that.

Do you?

I was living proof of it.

Okay, so what happens
when the government

wants to step in?

That's a necessary risk
I'm willing to accept.

Internment camps?

People hiding underground?

We'll agree to disagree.

How much do I owe you?

Ah, it's okay.
It's on me.

Thank you.

Take care of yourself,

You too, Peter.

Where to, my friend?

Just drive.

It's your dime.

Who are you...
and what do you want?

I want you to get in the Van.

You're surrounded.


Get in.

You want to live,
get in!

What the hell is going on?

Those guys who tried
to kidnap me.

Do you know who they are?
- No.

Has anybody contacted you
about people with abilities

being attacked or abducted?
- No.

Have you had any contact with Claire?

Or Parkman?
- No! No!

What did Peter Petrelli
tell you today?

How did you know--

Where did you come from?

What are you doing?!

Sorry, Mohinder.




Mom, you home?

She's not here.

It's been a long time,

Sorry I've been out of touch.
I've been kind of busy.

Yeah, what with all press
you've been doing lately, right?

You know the media,

they like new and shiny.

Yeah, you got
the whole country thinking

you're talking about terrorists,

but we both know
who you're really talking about.

What can I say, Pete?
Last time I tried to out us,

I got shot.

I'm nothing if not a quick study.

Just gonna round us all up,
get rid of us?

Let me guess,

you got our mother
involved in this, too.

Mom's got nothing
to do with this, Pete.

It's not Dad's plans,
it's all me.

You know how I feel about this.
We've been over it.

I'm doing what's necessary.

No, what you're doing
is turning your back

on your own kind.

It's one thing
to disown me, Nathan.

But this, you're
a self-loathing hypocrite.

And you wonder why
I haven't returned your calls?

Look, I said some things
that were pretty harsh.

I admit it.

I got a little emotional,

but I've had time
to calm down and...

I'd like to talk to you
about some ideas.

I'd like your input,



What advice could
I possibly give you

besides kiss my ass,

I'm just trying to extend
an olive branch here,

that's all.

How about dinner?


Just dinner.

I'll text you when and where.


Just out of curiosity,

What can you do these days?


Your abilities.

What are you, a cop?

What's the last thing
you saw me do, Nathan?

You flew.

Hey, how the hell did you
get out of your tank?

You're talking
to a turtle again.

You again.

How did you get into my apartment?

What are you doing here?

I came to give you a message.

It's kind of a long trip

for a message, don't you think?

I'm not really here,

It's an illusion, like life.

It's best not to make this
any more difficult

than it has to be.

There are things
you'll come to know

along the way in this journey.

No, no, no, no.

I've taken way too many
journeys already.

I know it's difficult
to understand,

but I went through
the same thing

when it happened to me.

When what happened to you?

The calling

to be a prophet.

You've been chosen.

No, I didn't ask
to be chosen for anything.

All I want to do
is live a normal life.

But you're not normal,

and you've known that
for a while.

The world needs you

to tell them the future.
- The future?

How the hell am I gonna do that?

You'll paint it.

I can't even draw!

You'll learn.


Fine, so what am I supposed--




Thank God you're okay.

Claire, what are you doing here?

Did they come?
- Did who come?

I don't know,
but you're in danger.

I heard Angela
and Nathan talking

about sending someone
to take you down.

Take me down, huh?

I came to warn you.
It's happening again.

Sylar, the Company--
they are planning something.

I don't know anything about that,

But something weird is happening to me.

Weird like what?

I made these drawings.

Except the thing is I don't draw,

Or at least I couldn't until now.

What does this have
to do with anything?

They're supposed to come true,
I think,

But they don't make any sense to me.

Is that supposed to be us?

You're right.

That's us, right now.

What is that on your neck?


I know we have dinner plans.

There's just some things
I need to talk to you about

that can't wait.


I can only imagine
how you feel about me after...

disowning you the way I did.

It was selfish, arrogant...


Those are your
better qualities, Nathan.

I know it hasn't been easy

losing me as a brother
and a friend.

You need to know what I'm doing

is hugely important for this country.

For the world.

I want to give you the chance
to understand that

before you make a decision

that may change your life forever.

I'm not making any decisions.

Okay, I'm just trying to live
my life as normally as I can.

That's just it, Pete.
You're not normal.

Pete, please...

Tell me you understand that,
so I can make arrangements

and provide you with
the protection that you need.

Tell me you understand.

What are you asking me this?

What is it that you're
looking for me to say?

I'm looking for you
to tell me you're with me,

and then I'll leave.

I can't do that.

No, I won't do that.

Look, I don't know what
you're up to,

but if it is what I think it is,

I'm gonna fight you
with every breath that I have.

I swear to God.


Hey, give your big brother a hug?

Of course.


I'm sorry, Pete.

Don't hurt him.


Anybody home?

Mr. Gray?

Who are you?

I said, who are you?


Agent Daniel Simmons.

All right, Agent Simmons,

where's the man
that lives in this house?

Where's Mr. Gray?
- I don't know.

Then we'll ask another question.

I walked into a trap.
Who sent you?

A challenge...fine.

I like a challenge.


We have a couple of situations.

Let me guess...

We've lost communication
with the team.

I told you to put a bullet
in the back of his head.

Right here.

The last thing I need is
a body count to try and explain.

We're sending a clean-up crew,

but there's something else.

Uncuff her.

Give us a minute.

I hate you.

I know.

You're never gonna
get away with this.

Someday you might
forgive me, Claire.

Someday you might not.

The important thing is
that you get home right now

and forget everything
you've just seen.

What makes you think
I'm gonna do that?

What, are you gonna
threaten my family?

Claire, I have given you
a free pass.

Don't make me change my mind.


Where are you taking them?

Flight 195.
You are cleared for takeoff.


Peter, it's me.

Come on, wake up.

Come on, we need to get
everyone out of here.

We need to break
these shackles.

I don't have strength anymore.


Take this stuff off.


Come on, wake up.

Come on, wake up.


Wake everybody up.


Go to the cockpit!

Uhh! Oof!

We're gonna make
an unexpected landing.



Ohh! Grr...



Mayday, mayday, mayday!

Den mother 3-1 going down!

Bearing two-four-five
at nine-eight

off Walnut Ridge Vortac!

We have lost pressure!
Mayday, mayday!

Subtitles by LeapinLar