Heroes (2006–2010): Season 3, Episode 13 - Chapter Thirteen 'Dual' - full transcript

Noah, Claire, Angela, and Meredith find themselves trapped at the Primatech by Sylar who locks them in the building and subjects them all to various mind games. Meanwhile, Matt, Daphne, and Ando seek refuge at the Mendez loft wher...

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Previously on Heroes...

I'll take the catalyst
and your powers too, Hiro.

It's very important
that we find our friend

Hiro Nakamura--

See...this may not make
any sense,

but we can't find him

unless we get
that package.

I can't believe this--Hiro's
stuck in time 16 years ago.

And no powers.

The catalyst
is within me.

Place your hands on the vat
and focus your energy.

In theory, you should cause
a chemical reaction

at the molecular level.

I want you to know

exactly what it is
you've signed up for.

This drug is gonna change
your life

in ways you
can't possibly imagine.

Are you really
my mother?

They're not your parents.

I'm your father.

No, you're not.

You're not a killer, Peter.
I am.

On the sixth day,

God created man
in his own image.

And now it's up to us
to figure it all out.




In each of us
is the capacity

to decide
what drives our actions.

So what is it, then, that makes
some choose selflessness,

the need to devote themselves
to something greater,

while others know
only self-interest?

Isolating themselves
in a world of their own making?

Some seek only love,
even if unrequited,

while others are driven
by fear and betrayal.

There are those
who see their choices

as dark proof
of god's absence,

while others follow a path
of noble destiny.

But in the end,
good, evil, right, or wrong...

what we choose
is never what we really need.

For that is
the ultimate cosmic joke,

the real gift
that God has left behind.

Oh, Peter.

You did it.

I tried.
It was Sylar.

Sylar, huh?

There was no other way
for this to end, Nathan.

And that formula
has to be destroyed.

It's too late, Pete.

There's a dozen Marines
being injected right now.

The formula works.

Look, I know that you think

you're doing something good
here, but you're not.

Are you sure of that?

Following Dad's
insane plan?

I'm gonna stop it.

It's not Dad's plan
anymore, Pete.

It's ours.

What are you talking about?

The plan.

It's ours.

All of us.

Making the world
a better place.

Don't tell me you're gonna try
and get in the way of that.

You sound just like him.

I know.

I can't help but wonder

how long it's gonna be
before it's me lying here.

Remember what happened

the last time you had
a gun in your hand?

I am gonna finish
what he started.

I'm not gonna let you
do that.

Eventually, you're
gonna have to choose a side.

Now, either you're
with me...


I'm sorry.

But you're wrong.

The formula's complete.

Peter's gonna need help
at Pinehearst.

It's up to us
to finish this.

Arthur Petrelli is dead.

No need to go
to Pinehearst now.


Don't worry, Claire.

Peter couldn't do it,
so I did.

Just like Mommy wanted.

I know I repulse you...

terrify you.

You see me as a monster...

and yet...
you did this to me.

And before
the night is over,

I'm going to prove to you

one by one...

that you're all monsters...

exactly like me.

I know where he has to be

broadcasting from.

Claire, you get six shots.

Pump after each one.
Keep Angela safe at all costs.

Think about it--,
manipulative grandmother.

neglectful father,

a mother who abandons
her own daughter?

All villains, really.

you're with me.

You really don't
think you can stop Sylar.

Yeah. I do.

Sylar's got
my healing ability.

There's a spot back here.

Jab something in,
it cuts off my brain,

shuts me down.

And Claire...

you and I, we're more alike
than any of them.

We can't be damaged.

I mean...

Except for a broken heart.

And that's what
parents give us, isn't it?

We're nothing alike,
you sick Bastard!

I'm going to enjoy
proving to you

just how wrong you are.

You're not hunting me, Noah.

I'm hunting you.

Hiro's stuck in time.
It's up to me to rescue him.

Hiro doesn't even
have his abilities.

How much trouble
can he get into?

Well, anything he does
in the past

could change the present,

like if he died...



Wow. They really
cleaned this place up.

Dr. Suresh!

Where is he?

You said he'd be here
and we could get the formula.

No, I said I thought
he'd be here.

The only way to save Hiro

is for me to become
a time traveler.

You can only read minds.
She can only run fast.

Really, really fast.

If Suresh isn't here,

he's probably in his lab.

At Pinehearst?
Too dangerous.

Someone has to get him.



She is
really, really fast.


I've run out of time.

The infection
has spread to my lungs.

By giving myself abilities,

I've signed
my own death certificate.

My hope is that by injecting
myself with the formula,

it'll be the cure.

Suresh, put it down.
It's a weapon.

We need to get rid
of all of it.

My life depends on this!

Do you remember
when we first met...

how you tried to convince me

that people with abilities
actually existed?

And you
didn't believe me.


But once I saw
for myself...

what it means to be
special, powerful...

I coveted what you had.

So much so that I tried
to recreate it.

So was it worth it?

It's turned you
into a monster.

That's why I need
this formula.

This inject--

What did you do?
Where the hell is it?

Time for a little
payback, Doc!

You move,
I'll burn your face off.


Hold up.
Wanna trash this place?

So do we.

Why would you help me?

They make this formula stuff...

and we ain't
so special no more.

If you're looking to allying
yourself with Peter,

with your brother in charge,

think of all the good
we can do.

Nathan's not in charge


How many marines
have been injected?

Just me.

When you didn't return
to the lab,

Miss Strauss
became concerned.

Peter...is gonna ruin

He's gotta be stopped.

Consider it done, sir.

I'll bring him to--

I'm gonna wait
until your brother's

gotten rid
of all the formula.

You're working
for Peter?


He's one
of the good guys now.


Did you find Suresh?

Yep. Took this
right out of his hand.

One dose.


No, no, no, no!

You guys realize
how insane this is, right?

Look, just because
you wanna be a time traveler

does not mean that's
the ability you're gonna get.

Think about it--
what if that thing makes you

glow in the dark
or grow a second head?

- What?

You were always worried about
what people thought about you,

and now you can read minds.

I wanted to run.

Look what happened.

Okay, but it also turned
Suresh into a freak.

Haven't you ever
had faith in something

even though everyone else
said not to?

Yeah, I have.




It's dead.

Doesn't surprise you,
does it?

He's put us all
on lockdown.

You're only giving him
what he wants.

A child starved
for attention

throws a temper tantrum.

Well, I'd like to give him
a good spanking.

There is a way
to stop this, Claire.

You wanna be a company agent,
hunt down bad guys,

that means making hard choices
just like your daddy.

And let's face it--

you are
just like your daddy.

Okay, I will allow
Dad, you,

and BioMom
to walk out of here right now,

alive, to live
happily ever after.

All you've gotta do
is take your shotgun,

hold it up
to Angela's head,

and pull the trigger.

Is she even worth

She wanted to blow up
New York City,

murdered her husband.
Oh, okay...tried.

And most importantly,
lied to me,

made me believe
I had a mother and a family,

and then took it all away.

But if you're dead set
on keeping her alive,

you could always
just give me Daddy.

Why are you doing

You should ask your dad

about what he and Elle
did to me.

I could have been
a nobody...

instead of the monster
I became.

And now Elle's dead...

and very soon
your father may be too.

It's your choice or fault.

All you gotta do
is get rid of Angela.

You hurt him...

and I swear I'll hunt you
down and kill you!

From cheerleader
to stone cold killer.

Who's the monster now?

Are you crazy?

We need help.

but these guys,

they wanna kill us
as much as Sylar does.

Hello, Meredith.

I knew we'd be
together again.

I just...didn't think
it would be so soon.

Make this quick.

Sylar's in the building.

One of you guys
brings me his head,

you get your freedom.

And...what's to keep us
from escaping

the second you turn around?

Sylar. We're all locked
in here with him.

Now get moving.

They don't stand
a chance.

Think about it, Meredith.

What do you need
to catch a shark?

They're bait?

You do know that the formula's
highly combustible?

So what?
I can't be burned.

What about Peter?

Are you willing
to sacrifice him as well?

These are your accomplices,

Thugs, killers!

What does that make you?

You didn't have to do that!

What? Now this'll go
twice as fast.

What--what happened?

Do I have abilities?

So far all we know

is that you
can pass out really well.

Was it all for nothing?

Give it a try.
Come on.

I'm the master
of time and space.

That's good.

I am the master...

of time and space.

I'm the master of--

Do like Hiro does

when he scrunches
his eyes together.

Right. Good idea.

Yeah, but scrunch

You don't wanna jump
back to the stone age.

- Yeah.

Gentle scrunch.

Ah, maybe too

Kick it up a notch.

We're never
going to save Hiro!

What was that?

I...don't know.

But...that sure
wasn't time travel.

They say adrenaline
can kick-start a dead heart.

Meredith's mine.

Mine to love.

Mine to kill.

You really think you...

can control me?

One more thing to do...

What the hell?

What happened?

Get away! Oh!


I can't control my fire.

Did Sylar do this?

Yeah. He pumped me
with adrenaline.

I can't hold it back.
You gotta go!

It's bulletproof.
Remember, Noah?

At the rate she's going,

you're gonna need
that one bullet I left you.

Oh! Oh!

Shouldn't be
too hard for you.

Hey, let me ask you
one thing.

When this is all over,

and Meredith's dead

with a bullet
right between her eyes,

what lie are you
gonna tell Claire?

Your life or hers, Noah.

You helped make me
into who I am.

I just wanted
to return the favor.

You know you've
backed the wrong horse.

Everybody roots for Peter,

but in the end,
he always winds up losing.

Uh-huh, that's why
you're up here

and he's down there

Define winning.

All my brother ever does

is disappoint the people
who believe in him.

You really hate the guy.

Feel sorry for him,

Then why are you
so afraid?

You worried
he's gonna stop you?

I'm not afraid of anybody.

Miss me?


- Watch it, watch it!

Could you stop doing that?
- No, I-I can't!


I can't control it!
Calm down--

It's o--it's okay.

What happened?

It was like an explosion
in my head.

I could hear every...

from every person
in the entire city.

What did you do--

I didn't do any--
- Daphne!




It's okay.

It's over.

What happened?

It was like an explosion
in my head.

I could hear every...

from every person
in the entire city.

What did you do--

I didn't do any--



Where'd you just go?

I don't know.

I-I was out there,

but I was watching
myself in here.

And--and you were there...

and you were there and...

Matt, I think I traveled
back in time.

Back in time?

We have to save them!

He only showed us that

because he wants us
to go down there.

I don't care.

Now, come on.

Where's Angela?

Well, you wouldn't pick
before so...

I had to up the stakes.

Save Daddy...

or is it Granny?

Let me go!

Why are you
even pretending?

We both know you're going
after your dad.

Even after all the lies
he's told you,

how he's neglected you.

What does that say
about you, Claire?

That's the thing
about the truth, Claire.

Stings like a bitch.

Oh! Oh...


Go to the keypad.
Punch in 29297.


Sylar ripped it out.

There's gotta be another way.

I don't know how much
longer I can hold on, Noah.

All right, Meredith...

I need you to take

as much heat as you can
in your hands.

Press your palms
to the glass.

Okay, good, now
back away from the glass!

Claire, you do the same.
Move back.

Oh, God!
It didn't work.

Stay back, both of you!

Come with me.

Just give me a minute.

Go now.
Stop Sylar.

I'm coming back for you.

I gotta get you
outta here.

We gotta stop Peter
before he ruins everything.

Nathan, this situation
is still deniable.

Are you kidding me?

I can spin anything.

But this is a disaster that
you cannot be associated with.

Look, the document
with the formula's all we need.

We find it...
we can start over.

New game...our rules.

I can't run away, Tracy.

It's not running away.
I'm being a realist.

That's why you hired me.

Then you're fired.

I don't understand.
How can I travel through time?

Because...he zapped me,

and I was able to hear thoughts
a thousand times louder, right?

And then you zapped Daphne,

and she could travel
a thousand times faster.

Your power is like
a super-charger.

Going faster wouldn't mean
I can time travel.

I mean...would it?

According to Einstein, yeah.

The space-time continuum!
Theory of relativity.

If you can travel faster
than the speed of light,

then you can actually
move through time.

How do you know so much
about Einstein, Einstein?

I actually paid attention
in high school...mostly.

So if I can super-charge
other people's powers,

that means I have an ability!

Yes! Ya-ta!

If you keep zapping me
with super-charge

and I keep running,

maybe we can go back
16 years.

Okay, no, wait, wait, wait.

Come on, what if you
can't control your speed?

Or--or you end up
in the dark ages?

What if this guy
runs out of juice?

We'll be back
before you know it.

You found him!

It worked!

The formula
must be destroyed.

And I know where it is.

I'm the one who stole it
for Arthur Petrelli, remember?

Nemesis, you have a chance
to make up for your past.

And for me to make up mine.

Take me to it, please.

He's right.

Go, go!

Be the, uh,
be the good guy--gal.

Back in a flash.

Stop! We have come
for the formula.

It doesn't belong
to you.

And you are...

Hiro Nakamura.

It is my sacred duty
to see that it is destroyed.

Sorry, I've got plans

for this little piece
of paper, pikachu.


Excuse me.

Time to go.

Hey, gimme a hand with this.


That's the last of it.

And now we can blow
this place to hell.

No, wait, Flint!
We gotta get the people out.

My brother's still here.

I don't give a rat's ass
about your brother.

Or you.

You broke my heart, Peter.


Son of a bitch!


So...you killed Arthur.

I certainly did.

Then you saved
the world.

I was right about you
all along.

You are a hero.

I don't think so.

You're wrong.

I always wanted this for you.

I dreamed about it.

And now that Arthur's dead,
there's no one to hold you back,

no one to take
advantage of you.


Gabriel, I cared for you.

I gave you love,
I gave you guidance--

everything a mother

You...are not...my mother.

Are you?

And I can tell
if you're lying.

No, I'm not.

For a brief moment,
I wish you were.

Why did you do it?

I told you.

My sons have been
such a disappointment to me,

and I wanted another chance...

a chance to give the love

that only a mother can.

That's a lie.

I told you I could tell.

I wanted you to work
for the company.

You had a skill
that I needed.

You saw me as a hero?


As a killer...

a monster.

You were flawed,
weak, malleable.

I could manipulate.

Because that's what I do,
because you're right...

I'm a monster too.

Is there any good
in this world?

Tell me something, anything.

Just make me believe
that you're not the same as me!

I know who
your real parents are.

You're telling the truth.

You're not the son
of a watchmaker

and a woman
who collected snow globes.

Who am I then?

If you kill me...
You will never find out.

Tell me.

Tell me!

I want the truth!


We need to leave. Now.

Get Angela out of here.


No, what are you doing here?

I told you I'd come
back for you, come on!

I can't.
It's too late.

Claire, let's go.

This whole building's
gonna come down in flames.

You'll be buried alive.
Come on.

No, I can save you.
- No, get away!

We have to get out of here.

You gotta go!

I love you, Mom.


You flew!

That wasn't me--
that was you!

You took the formula!

I had to.

Everything you're against!

I had no other choice.

Why'd you save me?
Why'd you do it?

Because you're my brother,
and I love you.

That's not what
I would have done.


There is
good, and there is evil...

right and wrong...

heroes and villains.

and if we're blessed
with wisdom,

then there are glimpses
between the cracks of each

where light streams through...

We wait in silence
for these times

when sense can be made...

When meaningless existence
comes into focus,

and our purpose
presents itself.

And if we have
the strength to be honest,

then what we find there
staring back at us

is our own reflection...

bearing witness
to the duality of life...

that each one of us

is capable of both the dark

and the light...

of good and evil...

of either...of all.

And destiny, while marching
ever in our direction,

can be rerouted
by the choices we make...

by the love we hold onto

and the promises we keep.

I think our only
real option at this point

is to get the United States
government involved.

And you're saying all
of these people have abilities.

Them and more.

A lot more.

The important thing
to remember

is how dangerous
these people can become

if left unchecked.

I had a solution.

It proved unsuccessful.

It's all there.

All the evidence you need.

What, exactly, is it
that you're asking to do?

I wanna round them up
and put them in a facility

where they won't be
a danger to anyone.

All right, Senator.

Let's get you
whatever you need.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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