Heroes (2006–2010): Season 3, Episode 24 - Chapter Eleven 'I Am Sylar' - full transcript

Sylar begins to feel confused and more uncertain about himself when his new shape-changing powers begins to get out of control. He begins to imagine his late mother giving him advice on what to do, while Danko continues to use him...

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Previously, on Heroes...

Mom... maybe I don't
have to be special.

You could be president!

Matt Parkman,
meet Matt Parkman.

This is why
you can't give up.

We're sitting next
to each other.

Hope you don't mind.

- What are you doing here?
- I'm Rebel.

I'm helping people-
people like us.

So desperate
to be someone else.

it's your escape hatch.

We should pool
our resources.

- See that agent over there?
- What about him?

To work with us,
you'll need a new identity.

Agent Taub's
the perfect choice.

His life...
is now your life.

All right, so what now?

I'll go back to Washington.

Take ownership of my mistakes,
talk to the President.

Real change.
Change you can believe in.

- Looks like you already have.
- ... back to this country.

And I promise you that when
the President

agrees to meet with me,

when he agrees
to shake my hand,

real change... will come.

And nothing
will ever be the same.

- Who the hell is that?
- Thank you all very much.


Any questions?

Senator Petrelli, could you
give us any information-

Why does this keep happening?

Who are you?

No, no, no,
little Matty's fine.

I haven't even put him down
since I got him.

- Can I talk to him?
- Oh, okay.

Hold on.
Mommy wants to talk to you.

It's mommy.


I love you, sweetheart.

And I'll see you soon.

I'll get him back
as soon as I can, all right?

Look, Janice...

It's really good
to hear your voice.

Thank you
for doing this, Matt.

Bye, Janice.

Bye, Matt.

Did the agents
let your wife go?

- Yeah.
- You don't seem happy, Matt.

- Is everything okay?
- I'm fine.

I mean, I guess-

Look, Janice was attacked by Danko.

This guy was abducted.

I guess I should be happy
she's talking to me at all.

- I'm gonna take him home.
- Is that a good idea?

Won't the agents just
come after baby Matt again?

- No, this time I have a plan.
- Good.

When you return baby Matt
to Mrs. Matt Parkman,

all will be forgiven.

I don't think so.

Think that train's already
left the station.

That is too sad.

Baby Matt needs a mother
and a father.

Maybe you can still protect him.

Help us take down building 26.

- Yes.
- This isn't a game, guys.

Danko and his men are killers.
Just let it go.

This isn't the Matt Parkman I know!

Matt Parkman
isn't afraid of anything.

I am afraid.

I'm afraid that I'm gonna miss
out on this guy's childhood.

I'm afraid that I'm not gonna
see him take his first steps

or... throw his first baseball.

I want him to know
that he has a father.

This little guy's a game changer.


Well, it's hard
to argue with that.

Okay, Matt Parkman.
You go win your family back.

We will go to building 26
and stop them.

Tell us the address.

- No.
- Why not?

What are you gonna do,
freeze time?

- And then what?
- We will stop them.

Well, eventually you're gonna
have to unfreeze time,

and when you do, some of
those agents are gonna be alive,

and they could hurt you.

Or worse.

I can't have that
on my conscience.

Thanks for saving my life.
Now, go save your own.

Good-bye, Matt Parkman.

baby Matt Parkman.

One of my analysts
spotted Sylar

on a surveillance camera
near K Street.

I assured him he was mistaken.

We all know Sylar's dead.

Except for you.

You understand, this is
the only way this will work.

Sylar died
to give you your freedom.

My freedom.
How ironic.

How so?

Last night,
I went to sleep as myself.

I woke up as Agent Taub.

I didn't-I didn't mean to change.

I just did.
I'm losing myself.

Look at this.

Found an extra tooth
in my mouth last night.

Where did that come from?

I'm shifting and reassembling
my DNA so much

it's not coming together
the same way.

Maybe you should just stay
as Agent Taub for a while.

Agent Taub's a nothing.

I don't like being a nothing.

Think of it this way.

As Agent Taub,
you can come and go,

kill who you wanna kill.

If you're Sylar...

I have no choice
but to hunt you down...

Make your life
a living hell.

It's up to you.


See you at work.

I love hot cocoa.
Do you mind?

You don't wanna startle me.

That's funny;
there was a time

when I wouldn't have given you
a chance to be startled.

You don't understand.
I can hurt you.

Oh, I understand perfectly.

You have an ability.

What you don't understand
is that I'm just like you.

- And I'm gonna help you.
- Are you Rebel?

I'm a rebel.

- Why are they hunting us?
- They're afraid of us.

They destroy
what they don't understand.

What about you, Tom?
Why are they afraid of you?

Show me what you can do.

- I really hate to do this.
- Do what?

That looks like fun.


Are you crazy?

Listen to me, Tom.

The agents-
they're on their way here.

You need to decide right now.

Do you pick them...
or do you pick me?



I pick you.

Good choice.

Jeez, would you look at that?

Guy's got some ego.

You gotta be you.
Is that it?

Ha. Yeah, something like that.

You put me in
a difficult position.

I got you your target...
and a little something extra.

He received a text from Rebel
just before I arrived.

- Rebel's still in DC.
- Right under your nose.

That's good news.

I could use your help
to take him down.

My help?
Or Agent Taub's?


need to play dead, Sylar.

You know...

One of my eyes...

stayed blue
for over an hour yesterday.

The past five years,

I've lived
eight different lives

with wives and girlfriends.

Spoke six different languages.

But at the end of the day,
I still know who I am.

What's your point?

Whatever you're going through is...

an identity crisis.

You can survive.

- How?
- Find an anchor.

Something that reminds you of you.

That way when you're
feeling lost,

you'll have something to hang onto.

My father gave this to me...

20 years ago.

I look at this,
and I'm home.

May I?


Soviet military issue.

It's running three minutes fast,

gaining half a second
every hour.

it's a nice watch.

Understanding how things work...

Who'd you kill
to get that power?

That's the only one that was
ever truly mine.

You special Agent Taub?

So it seems.

Unsolved murder
of Virginia Gray.

You don't mind me askin',

what's the federal government
care about

some dead old broad
from Queens?

Nice talkin' to ya.


Oh... this one
was my favorite.


I bought this for you.

I remember.

It was mother's day.

You're such a sweet boy.

Why did you lie to me?

I never lied.
Not to you.

I'm your mother.

I know the truth now.

My real mother was killed
in front of me.

- You were there, you saw it.
- A terrible man.

And you were such
a teeny little thing.

I wanted to protect you,
love you.

I... I didn't think
the truth mattered.

It mattered to me.

All my life...
I never felt like I fit in.

I went to see my real father.

He was so alone, so pathetic.

I didn't want to become him
so I took this power,

And now I can be anyone
I wanna be,

anyone in the world.

So tell me, mom...

Why do I feel so lost?

You're not lost.

You're my son.

Maybe I didn't give birth
to you, but I loved you.

I wanted you
right from the start.

I saw how special you were.

But I killed you!

And there was no one left
to love you anymore.

But now...

I'm back.

What are you doing?

What do you want?

We found Rebel.

Tell Agent Taub
to come join us.

Target's holed up
somewhere in that building.

Okay... kill the lights.

Power grid's down, gentlemen.

No electricity
means no machines.

Time to hunt down
this son of a bitch.

Let's go!

Taub, you coming?

You're Rebel?
You're just a kid.

- I know who you are.
- I sincerely doubt that.

I know you have a problem.
I think I can help.

And do tell me-
What is my problem?

You've forgotten
who you really are.


- You're gonna help me with that?
- Yeah. I can.

You're one of us.
People with powers.

We're all connected.
You don't have to be alone.

You're alone, Micah.
Family's all gone.

All you have left are these
machines and your false hopes.

- We can help each other.
- Too late.

- I joined the other side.
- They don't know you.

They can't see
how special you are.

You can save us all.

Since when do you wear glasses?

I want every floor secured.

Rebel's running.
He's on the pier.

- It's just a kid.
- I said take him down-now!

Take him down!

You see him?

Find him yet?

I don't see him.

Try all the way off
the other side of the pier.

This was very unlike you.

Why didn't you kill him,
take his power?

My head's already spinning
with the powers I have.

I thought talking to machines
seemed like overkill.

They couldn't find
the kid's body.

- Feels like a loose end.
- He's not a healer.

Dead is dead.

We got intel from his system.

Location on dozens of specials.

I'll need you to go after
the more dangerous ones.

Be a hunter...
not the prey?

That's the idea.
You can start tonight.

Just as soon
as you change your face.

I'm so proud of you, Gabriel.

This doesn't feel right.
It's not who I am.

Why would I save him?

You saved him because
he's a lost little boy,

an orphan like you.

He doesn't have his mommy
to love him anymore.

Why should that matter to me?

You understand
how he's feeling,

how lost he truly is.

Isn't that right, Micah?

I shouldn't have
brought you here.

You can shape-shift.
How do you do that?

I seem to be able
to absorb people's DNA.

My mom could do
the same kinda thing.

On the inside.
It made her kinda crazy.

But she fought back
and became a hero.

I am not...
your mother.

You can change into someone
who can make a difference,

like... Nathan Petrelli.

You can tell the president
that he's made a big mistake.

I'm giving you a chance to leave.

I would take it
before I change my mind.

And don't come back.

If I find you again...

I'll kill you.

Look at the ribbons!
It's all so pretty!

He was born
with a silver spoon.

He was given everything,
money, schools...


Yes. But you have a gift.

You're special.

You didn't need anybody
to help you,

and now you'll be a senator.

I am so proud.

- Stop it.
- What's the matter?

You know you're better
than him.

You know you're better
than all of them!

I'm not better.

I killed you.

It was an accident.

You didn't mean to kill me.

It wasn't an accident.

Don't you understand?
I wanted you to die.

The way you looked at me...

like I was
some kind of a monster.

I felt so small.

And then you came at me
with those scissors.

How can I be special?

How can I be anything

when I killed the only woman
who ever loved me?

So... that's how
you lost yourself,

why you brought me back.

I forgive you, Gabriel.

I'm so sorry.

And now you can be
anything you want.

Be a senator...

or maybe even...

President of the United States.

You're right.

I can be anything I want.

I can be president.

I won't let you down, Ma.

Look at this. See?
Mommy's coming right back.

You miss her, huh?
I bet you do.

Wow, look at this.
Mommy's doing pretty good, huh?

You know,
before you were born,

mommy and daddy
weren't getting along so well.

I didn't even know
that you existed, you know?

She didn't know that I would
take one look at you

and fall in love...
Which is what I did.

I fell in love!
Wow, nice room.

You know, I know what
you're thinking.

And I can't-I can't just
put a whammy on mommy

and make her forget everything
and forgive me.

No, I can't do that.

'Cause we can't use our powers
on unsuspecting people.

Oh, thank God.
Oh, thank God!


Thank you
for bringing him back.

Yeah. What? Come on.

He's really a great kid.

It's good to see you.

Yeah, you too.

What is it?

We're being watched.
I can hear 'em.

There's a van down the street
filled with agents.

I can hold them off for now,

but I gotta get the two
of you guys outta here.

Uh, my folks' summer house
at the lake.

Good, good.
You pack; I'll watch Matty.

Well, what about you?

Uh... I mean,
I could come too.

I know, that's crazy.


I'm his father, and I wanna
be a part of his life.

We have a lot to talk about.

Ladies and gentlemen,

our country faces
the biggest challenges

we've seen in a generation-

From terrorism
to global economic chaos.

Our leadership is ill-prepared
to meet these challenges.

We need to shake up the
power structure in Washington

in order to bring
real change to America,

and I have a plan
that will do just that.

You may ask,
"Why aren't I presenting

this new initiative
to the President?"

Believe me, I've tried.

My office has made numerous
phone calls to the White House,

but it seems the President
is just...

too busy to meet with me

too occupied
keeping the status quo,

business as usual.

Seems he likes to talk
about change...

but he isn't ready or willing
to make it.

I know a way to bring real
purpose back to the White House,

back to this country.

And I promise you

that when the President
agrees to meet with me,

when he agrees
to shake my hand,

real change
will come to this country.

And nothing...
will ever be the same.

- How's he doing this?
- He's a shapeshifter.

And now he's one handshake away

from being the most powerful
man on earth.

Well, maybe the President
won't meet with him.

Are you kidding me?
After that vitriol?

I'm sure my staff's arranging
a sit-down with him as we speak.

- We need a plan.
- No.

I gotta do this
myself, Noah.

You made that mistake before, Nathan.

Trying to do it all by
yourself-it doesn't work.

She's right.
We can help you.

Look, I don't have to fight him.

I just have to make sure

that he doesn't meet
the President first.

Sylar will expect that.
He'll be waiting for you.

I'll go with you.

I started this, Pete.

I gotta end it.

did you find his pacifier?

- Matt?
- Right.



I'm so sorry, Janice.
I can't go with you.

Why not?


This-this is perfect.

This house, our boy, you.

This is everything
that I've been searching for.

And maybe
I didn't even realize it,

but Hiro was right;
I have to go back.

I have to face them,
and I have to end this,

or we can never have
a life together.

You want a life together?

I don't know.


But I know that I want a chance
to get to know you again,

and I'm gonna fight
to make that happen.

Oh, God, they're coming!

Come here, buddy.

Matt, they're in the back.

- It's okay.
- We're surrounded.

It's okay, it's okay.
Stay close to me, okay?

I'll protect us.

Go through the side.

Down there.

Looking for this?

Get the hell
out of my body.

Poor Nathan.

You loathe yourself so much.

What the hell
are you talking about?

I've taken a stroll
through your life, Senator.

You've been handed so much.

And yet... you wanna destroy
the one part of yourself

that makes you truly special-
your power.

You have no idea
who I am.

Sure, I do.

Your mother gave me
a very useful ability

to know the history
of any object I touch.

You... have been a bad boy.

Deceiving your mother,
turning on your brother.

Your sweet, precious Claire.

And this is the jacket you wore
when you betrayed everyone.

I don't need to
defend myself to you.

You're pathetic.

You're a psychopath.

People like you are the reason

I went to the President
in the first place.

If you think for one minute

anybody's gonna believe
you're me...

you're wrong.

I'm not gonna be you.

I'm gonna be better than you.

Good-bye, Nathan.

What the hell
did you do that for?

Petrelli's a US Senator.

We need to handle him delicately.

And you... need to become
Agent Taub again.

We're moving to take
the rest of them down.

You should be part of that.

For every being
cursed with self-awareness,

there remains
the unanswerable question:

Who am I?

We struggle to find meaningful
connections to one another.

We are the caring friend...

The loving father...

The doting mother...

The protected child.

We fight and we love

in the hope that somehow,

we can understand our
significance in the universe.

But in the end,
no one can share our burden.

Each of us alone
must answer the question...

"Who am I?"

"What does it mean to be alive?"

"And in the vast infinity of time,

"how do I matter?"

What are you doing?

I told you,
I need you to be Taub.

I'm not interested
in what you need anymo-

Such a waste.

You just didn't know your place.

Agent Gordon,
send a cleanup crew to-

Check that.

That hurt.

subtitle made by LeapinLar and rogard