Heroes (2006–2010): Season 3, Episode 2 - Chapter Two 'The Butterfly Effect' - full transcript

A egoistical and super-charged Sylar goes to the Company to kill all the leaders, and inadvertently releases 12 super-powered criminals from the place's notorious Level 5 prison block during a fight with Elle. Peter, trapped in the body of one of the criminals, is set free as well and is forced to team up with a group for a crime spree. Meanwhile, Future Peter tries to fix his mistake with Nathan, as Angela takes over the company in the wake of Bob Bishop's murder and frees Nohan Bennett to help the Company track down the 12 escapees to bring them back, or eliminate them. In California, Claire learns more about her powers as she recovers from Syler's attack. Hiro and Ando travel to Paris to track down speedster Daphne Milbrook who robbed them and learn that she is working for a more darker power. In New York, Maya discovers that Mohinder's injection has changed him by making him super-strong, but also altered his personality. In Africa, Matt meats Usutu, an African shaman with a familiar power of painting the future. Elsewhere, Tracy learns that she has the power to super-freeze anyone and anything wild dealing with a hounded tabloid reporter seeking any dirt on her and the shady Govenor Maldon whom are continuing to groom Peter for a position in the U.S. Congress.

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Previously on Heroes...


To stop Nathan
from telling
the world about us.

Is there anybody here?

ANGELA: What have
you done with Peter?

Put him someplace safe.

I'm Peter Petrelli!

You're the one
who healed me.

...for political redemption.
I think we found our guy!

What's his name?
Nathan Petrelli.

MOHINDER: This single syringe
could give powers to anyone.

It's evil,
and you should destroy it.

Well, you stole
something from me.

Gotta go!



You're special.
And I couldn't kill you
even if I wanted to.

Claire, when you are
ready to talk about it,
you know I'm here, right?


I'm so angry.
To think that that
monster was in this house.

Maybe we should
go to a motel.
He's not coming back.

How do you know that?

(SIGHING) Because he got
what he came for.

You don't have to give me
any details, Claire,
but I need to know.

Did he...


No, it wasn't that.


I'll get you a towel.

SANDRA: Oh, gosh.

I don't feel anything.
It didn't hurt.
There's no pain.

But that's your power,
isn't it?

No, I heal,
but I always
feel everything.

It hurts the same
as it would
for anyone else,

but not this time.

That pain I'm always
so grateful for,

'cause it's the only time
I know I'm still human.


I had another dream.
One I'd rather not repeat.

And all because you're not
where you're supposed to be.

So go back where
you came from, Peter.

I'm sorry,
I'm a little too busy
saving the world right now.

You never were as smart
as you thought you were.

I see a few more
years on this planet
hasn't changed that.

There are things
that I know. Things
that you can't see, Mother.

Even in your dreams.
I've seen what you become.

I've seen what you do,
so don't think that I came
back here for my health.

You have no idea
of the fire that
you're playing with.

You don't screw with time.

It's called
the butterfly effect.

You step on a butterfly today,
three years from now,

a million people
are wiped out.

Let's just hope
it's nobody that I know.

Oh, well,
what if it is?

What if it turns out to be
someone you do know?

Someone you care about?


You talked to her
today, didn't you?
What did you tell her?

Told her not to go to Odessa.
Told her to stay home. Why?

She listened to you.

Ended up being
where she wasn't
supposed to be,

and had a pretty
bad day because of it.

Don't believe me?
Go see for yourself.

Dr. Suresh?


Dr. Suresh?
MOHINDER: Up here.

How did you...



I came to apologize
about last night.
I'm sorry I was so...


How did you just do that?

That serum I made.

You know how I said
it would give abilities
to anyone instantaneously?

You didn't.
(LAUGHS) I sure did.

But you said it still
needed to be perfected.

I was wrong.
And the results have been
beyond my wildest dreams.

I woke up this morning
and I have never
felt anything like it.

I've been cataloging
the whole experience,
monitoring my vitals.

So it didn't give you
my abilities?

Far from it.
My senses are heightened.

I'm stronger,
faster, more agile,
have boundless energy.

I'm a new man.
Watch this.

I've run a blood sample,
checked reflexes,
hormone levels,

blood pressure, balance.

They're all normal.
I'm completely
the same in every way.

My God, it's unbelievable.

Just different. Better.

And if I can give
powers to anyone,

then it's only a matter
of time before I figure out
a way to reverse the effects.

Take the powers away.
Your powers.

And this all came
from you, Maya.

From what's inside
that extraordinary
body of yours.



You are different.


Freeze, Sylar!
Get on the ground!






BOB: Karina and Cruz were
two of our best agents.

Fine. I'll own it,
Daddy. I screwed up.
Sylar got away.

And he got to Claire Bennet,
making him virtually

I can stop him.

You know, I can't help but
think about you as a child.

When your mother died,
your need for approval,

was hard to bear.

I will find him and
I'll figure out where
he's going to strike next.

No, no, why should
I keep putting you
into a position

where you're just
going to be letting me
or yourself down again?

That's not fair
to either of us, is it?




Please tell me
you're not getting
cold feet.

I know we wanted
to make a bold move,
but Petrelli is a loaded gun.

The seat's been vacant
for a month now. As governor,
it's your job to fill it.

Doug Hargis is
a safer choice.
(GASPS) Hargis is a stiff.

You'd be better off
leaving Dickenson's
dead carcass in there.

All right, if... If we went
with Petrelli, do we really
know what we're buying?

Yeah, the future.

Someone who'd
owe you a real debt
in a very strategic place.

He's untested.
Some say unbalanced.

Well, he somehow
got elected to Congress

from the most populous
district in the state.

And gave up his seat
for personal reasons.

Do you really think
the press is gonna
look the other way?

If we point them
in the other direction, yeah.

The man was shot,
died on the table and
lived to talk about it.

Who does he credit with
this little miracle? God.

God and politics,
risky bedfellows.

Maybe so, but he's
landing huge on every major
media outlet in the country.

And the far right is
loving him, which fits in
nicely with your priorities.

Sure, they love him now.

You don't pay me
for sex, Governor.
I give that for free.

What you pay me for
is my advice,

and my advice to you is
to appoint Nathan Petrelli

the junior senator
from the state
of New York.

(CHUCKLES) But then again,
like I said, it's your call.

We're ready, sir.

Reach out to him.

My flight leaves
in an hour.

Miss Strauss?
The Governor hasn't
made his choice yet.

Oh, no, this isn't about
filling the Senate seat.
This is about you.

Me? There's
no story with me.
Oh, I don't know.

Las Vegas stripper
becomes K-Street
Ice Queen. Big story.

You're kidding, right?

This isn't something some
grammar school kid
couldn't do with his laptop.

No, no, no,
I have my sources,
they tell me this is you.

Your sources are wrong.

Why would someone like me
do something like that?

That's exactly
what I wanna know.


I'm running this story
with or without your comment.

You run this story, and
I will hunt your ass down
and destroy you.



It seemed to help
last time I made a tape.

But this time,
it's different.

Because I'm
starting to wonder if
I'm even human anymore.

Because if
you can't feel anything,
do you still have a soul?



Will I live forever?

All these questions...
I just need to prove
that I'm still alive.

So I guess I should
just start by saying

my name is Claire Bennet, and
this is attempt number seven.


What are you doing?
What were you doing?

What does it look like?
Trying to get hit by a train!


I just needed
to feel something.

What happened to you?


Something awful.

He put the top
of my head back on
and left me there.

He can heal now.

Yes. I saw it.

That wasn't
supposed to happen.

And what did he mean
I was special, different?

What was he talking about?

What happened to you
never should have
happened, Claire.

It's my fault.
You can't save me
all the time, Peter.

What happened was my fault.
I can't defend myself.

Yeah, I can heal,
but what kind of
lame power is that?

I'm still just a victim.

You could teach me.

You learned how
to use your power
and you fought him.

You could help me do that!

I can't. Not me. Not now.

Why not?
I don't understand.

Because something
could go wrong and
it changes everything.

I need someone
to help me.
It can't be me, Claire.

I have to be very careful
what I say to you.

I'm sorry,
I have to go.

NATHAN: For the salvation
of my soul,

grant me true contrition
that I may, day and night,

by penance, make satisfaction
for my many sins.


Speaking of sin...

I'm sorry. The nurse
said that it would be
okay if I stopped by.

Yeah, no, it's fine.
I was just...

I'm sorry,
I'm a little bit surprised.
What are you doing here?

(CHUCKLES) You're right,
I should have phoned.

But I have quite a proposition
for you, Congressman.

A proposition for me?
No, thanks.

I'm here on behalf
of Governor Malden.

You work for Malden?
I'm an advisor
to the Governor.

And we both agree
that you would make
an excellent choice

to fill the seat left
by Gerald Dickenson's
untimely death.

(WHISPERS) Niki, it's me.

What the hell
are you talking about?

Did you just call me Niki?
Yeah, Niki.

Come on, cut the crap.

Wait, do you think
that you know me?

The word "biblically"
comes to mind.

Niki. Niki Sanders.
We met in Vegas.

Had a pretty good time,
if I recall.


I think you have me
mistaken for another
woman, Congressman.

My name is Tracy Strauss.

You're not Niki Sanders?
Not in the slightest.

And you're an advisor
for the Governor's office.

You can check me
out if you like.

And the offer.
The Governor wants
you, Mr. Petrelli.

United States senator.
Think about it.

My cell number's on the back.

Interesting meeting?

You put Niki up to this?

That woman is
not Niki Sanders.

That's Tracy Strauss,
just like she said.

And the offer that she made
was quite legitimate.

That's impossible.
That woman was Niki Sanders.

Perhaps there's
a reason for that.

Someone so familiar-looking
offering you the chance
of a lifetime.

You should think
about that, Nathan.

This is God's plan.

You don't know the first thing
about God's plan.

Get out.
Nathan, I...

I need my sleep.

Dad, I've been
thinking about it.

We don't need to look
for Sylar. He's on
the hunt for powers.

On Level 5, he'd have
an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Are you even
listening to me?

You know, you are
so sure that I'm going
to disappoint you,

but when I
prove you wrong...

Hey, you come to
see me, baby, or what?
Screw you!

Elle, it's me,
Peter Petrelli! You've
got to let me out! Please!

Let me out of here!


Sylar's in the building,
let's go.

Daddy doesn't want me
to leave my cell.

My dad's dead.

Sylar killed him.


Hello, Noah.

Did you miss me?





I got that
from your Claire.

You son of a bitch.


Sylar! You bastard!

KNOX: Jesse!
What's going on?
MAN: What's happening?

JESSE: Sylar!
What are you doing?
KNOX: Jesse! What's up?

MAN: What's going on?
KNOX: Jesse, you okay?

JESSE: Leave her alone!

KNOX: Who's there?
JESSE: Sylar!

Leave them alone! Sylar!

JESSE: I'll kill you!

Look what your daddy
used to be able to do.

You killed him?

I've killed a lot
of people, Elle.

You're as much to blame
for that as anyone,
maybe even more so.





(ECHOING) Elle, it's me,
Peter, you okay?

(ECHOING) Jesse! Come on!
We gotta go before
they lock us back up!

KNOX: Where are we going,
man? What's the plan?




PETER: How are you feeling?


I've been asked to
fill the seat left
by Senator Dickenson.

That's incredible.

Last time I was in
a position of authority,

I nearly let Manhattan get
wiped off the face of the map.

Not really sure what that says
about my basic nature.

You're different now.
Everything's different.

Which is what I came here
to talk to you about.


I need to show you something.

I'm from the future, Nathan.
I came back to kill you.

I was the one
who shot you.

I've lived
for years in a world
where people like us

have been hunted,
slaughtered, used.

All because of what
you told the world at
that press conference.

I had to stop that
from happening.

I'm not sure how
I'm supposed to
respond to this.

I came here to save the world,
but I don't think that I have.

You sure as hell
stopped me from
telling everyone.

I know. But the future
is different now.
I've changed everything.

That's what
I'm trying to say.

Why are you telling me this?
I need your forgiveness.

If you're from
the future, then

what do I do next?

Do I take the offer?

Do I become a senator?

You had a different
future where I came from.
But I stopped that.

Now you're on the path
to being the brother
that I always looked up to.

You're gonna make
the right choices.

Where are you going?
To set things right.


Tracy Strauss.

Hi, it's Nathan Petrelli.

Listen, I've given it
a lot of thought
and I've decided.

I'd be honored
to serve as junior
senator from New York.

The Governor will be
very pleased.

But it's on
one condition.

I want you on my staff.
I'm not going into
this without an ally.

If that's what it takes.


We'll make an announcement at
the press conference tomorrow,

the whole dog and pony.
I assume you're well enough?

I'll be fine.


Got to run.
Expect a call shortly.

Senator Petrelli.

Hey, story runs tomorrow.
You sure you don't
wanna make a comment?

I turn it in,
in 15 minutes.

That'll be
a serious mistake.

This woman in
Las Vegas, Niki Sanders,
looks like me, she's not me.

Is that all you got?
You wanna tell me
that's not you?

I got this from
a friend of mine
who works in security

at the Corinthian Hotel
in Las Vegas.

That is you.

And, if I'm not mistaken,
that's Congressman
Nathan Petrelli,

rumored to be
Governor Malden's choice
for Dickenson's Senate seat.

It's not me.

You know, I was thinking about
running with something like,

"K-Street Ice Queen
heats up Las Vegas

"sleeping with a senator
and a congressman."

You can't run this story.




Quite a little mess
you've made here.

Mrs. Petrelli,
what are you doing here?

With your father's death,
the chain of command
falls to me.

My father's body
isn't even cold yet.

This is how things
work around here, Elle.
You should know that.

I'm in charge now,
and I'm starting by
making a few changes.

I... We caught Sylar.
Good for you.

Your electrical outburst
also shut down the grid,
letting out a dozen inmates

who were just
as bad or worse.

And Noah Bennet
is gone, too.

I know, and I'm going
to get right on that.
No, actually you won't.

I'm sorry?

We only kept you
around this long at
your father's insistence.

He's been protecting you
for a long time.

And circumstances have
obviously changed,

and we won't be needing
your services anymore.


I have worked for this
company my entire life.

What am I supposed
to do now?

I suppose you'll have to
get yourself another life.


What are you doing here?

You have something of mine.
And now, I have something
of yours.

All right, time warp,
give it back.


You are not faster
than me, nemesis.

Oh, yeah?

Here, kitty, kitty.
I'm offering you a trade.

All right, but
my boss isn't gonna be
very happy about this.

Your boss?


You know, I was just
heading out to get
the other half of this.


This is a trade
between two
honorable people.



You can't stop me.
I'm taking them both.
I can't let you do that.

That formula could
destroy the whole world.

Is it worth
the sacrifice of your friend?

No! Stop!






What's happening to me?


Oh, God. I'm going insane.

That plant there,
it will give you water.



Thank you, turtle.
You saved my life.

Why are you talking
to a turtle?


Thank you.
You come from America.

Yes. How did you...
You know Britney Spears?

What? No.
She's from America.

Yeah, yeah.
America is a big place.

Africa is, too.


We walk.
Walk? Walk?

Your cell.
I gotta use your cell.
I gotta call home.

No service here.
Should've gone
with Sprint.

Listen to me.
It's very important that
I get back to America.

You gotta help me
get back.
No. You will stay.

You must spirit walk
for many miles.

Spirit walk? No, no, no, no.
No, I was sent here
against my will.

I have to find out why.
Be patient, Parkman.

How do you know my name?

It's not right
that you're here.
Not right at all.

Tells me the future
is not as I have painted it.

The future?

Wait. Are you the one
that painted that rock
back there?

How do you know
the future?

Keep walking, Parkman.




Thank God you're home.

I was so worried about you.

Are you all right?

But I'm better now.

You're not staying,
are you?
Something's happened.

Something that
I can't ignore.

You made
the right choice, my boy.

Taking your rook?

Taking the Senate seat.

It's gonna be
different this time.

I'm not gonna let you
manipulate me. I'm the one
making the decisions.

I'm the one in control.

Of course you are.

Mr. Petrelli, it's late.
You need your rest.

Can't you see
I'm in the middle
of a heated game?

You're playing yourself?

I'm obviously
playing Mister...

She can't see me,
Nathan. No one can.
Except you.

Did I not mention that?

Now, whose turn
was it again?

Some people are just evil.
That's their nature.

His name is Knox.

He can absorb a person's
fear and turn it into his own
strength. Incredible strength.

This guy is a flamethrower.

We call this guy the German.
He can control
magnetic energy.

And this guy, Jesse.

You don't want to know.
Let's just say
they could destroy us all.

You know,
even before you
were ever born,

I've been finding
these people and
locking them away

so they can't do any harm.
And now, a dozen of them
have escaped.

They're out there.

And they will kill,
and they will terrorize,
and they will conspire.

And they will cause
unimaginable destruction
to the world.

They're villains, Claire.

And right now,
I'm one of the only
people on the planet

that knows enough
to stop them.

That's why I can't stay.

Then let me come with you.
I can be your partner.

I can help.

I helped save New York City.
You were there. You saw it.

I was willing to shoot
Peter with your gun
when you couldn't do it.

That's exactly
the kind of situation
I can't put you in again.

I am doing this
so you don't have to.

And what if somebody
comes here?

What if somebody comes
after me and Mom and Lyle?

I've thought about that.

And I've called
someone to help out
while I'm gone.

What's going on?
You have a lot
of questions, Claire.

As adoptive parents,
there's only so many
we can answer.


She's here to make sure
you all stay safe.
You're in good hands.


What are you doing here?
(SNARLING) Where is he?

Where did they go?

That's not possible.
That never happened!

It's the butterfly effect,
Peter. Just like I told you.

I put him here
to keep him safe.

(SHOUTING) I put him in
the body of the guy in
that cell, right there.


You're gonna figure out where
my son is, and you're gonna
bring him back here.

You understand me?

And then go the hell back
where you came from!

This is Nathan Petrelli.
Leave a message.

Nathan, I don't even
know if you're alive
or not, but if you get this,

you need to look out
for someone who looks
just like me.

He's got a scar on
his face, and I think
it's me from the...

Come on,
our ride is here.




What are you doing?

Just having
a little fun, that's all.



You coming?
It's now or never.


My sons have been
such a disappointment.

But you, I can give you
what all boys crave
from their mothers.

Inspiration and
guidance, comfort.

Isn't that right, Gabriel?

My name is Sylar.

And you are not my mother.

But I am, dear. I am.