Heroes (2006–2010): Season 3, Episode 1 - Chapter One 'The Second Coming' - full transcript

In order to change the course of history, a scared and cynical Peter Petrelli travels back in time from four years to the day his brother Nathan revealed the existence of the super-humans and was the one who shot him. In attempting to capture future Peter, Matt Parkman gets teleported to a desolate African landscape. In Japan, Hiro takes control of his father's company when, courtesy of a DVD, he and Ando receive instructions from Hiro's late father about a deadly secret contained in the office safe. Hiro can't help but open the safe and the contents are promptly stolen by a "speedster"; a woman with super-fast speed called Daphne. Meanwhile, Nathan undergoes a religious experience while recovering from the shooting and is offered a new job in Congress by a shady blond government woman named Tracy Strauss, someone who looks remarkably like the late Niki Sanders. Elsewhere, Sylar confronts Claire, whose alone in her house, in a bid to get hold of her powers.



Come on, Claire.
It's me.

Put down the gun.

Can't. It ends here.

No, no, no!
Wait, wait!

I'm going back to the
day they all found out.

It's too late.
It isn't!

Think about it, Claire.

It wouldn't be like this if
they'd never known about us.

No camps, no experiments,
no hiding underground, hunted like this.

All these powers,
it's gonna destroy everything.

I made peace with that a long time ago.
You never did.

What happened
to you, Claire?

How did you get
to this place?

I'm different,
remember? Special.

I can fix all of this.
Everything. Please.

I'm sorry, Peter.
I always loved you.


NATHAN: Welcome. Good afternoon,
thank you for coming.

Most of you probably
have no idea who I am.


My name is Nathan Petrelli,

and I was elected to Congress
from the state of New York,
seems like a long time ago.

Last year, something incredible
happened to me, and it changed my life.

First, I was afraid.

But I'm not
afraid anymore.

I'm here to tell you the truth.
I have the ability...





Get an ambulance
in here! Now!

OFFICER: Get back!
I said back!

You stay with...
Stay with him.

Don't leave him.

Where is he?

I lost him.

Did you get a good look at him?


REPORTER: Police currently have no
leads as to the cause of the shooting,

and an investigation is
underway to locate the gunman.

The building has
been sealed off,

and authorities are
interviewing everyone present.

The status of his condition
at this time is unknown.

Mr. Petrelli was in the
middle of a public statement

when he was hit with two
bullets to the chest.

Nathan Petrelli graduated
from Annapolis...

CLAIRE ON PHONE: Peter? It's me.


Is he...
Oh, it's bad.

We're gonna get him
to the hospital.

I should be there.
I can help.

No, he needs to
get into surgery.

But my blood...
Claire, you're in California.

What he needs is to be
in a hospital right now.

Just... I'll call you
as soon as I know anything.

REPORTER: Police currently have no
leads as to the cause of the shooting...

WOMAN ON PA: Dr. Langdon,
report to Emergency.

Dr. Cattrell,
Dr. Daniel Cattrell...

Dr. Hartman, Dr. Phil Hartman,
Emergency admitting.

He was down
for four minutes.

Hang two units of blood
and charge the paddles!

DOCTOR: This is a restricted area.
I'm his brother.

I'm sorry.

Is he gonna make it?

DOCTOR: Let's go!

Paddles ready.
Here you go.


Three-sixty! Clear!

I'm sorry.

Shouldn't have
ended this way.









Police currently have no leads
as to the cause of the shooting,

and an investigation is
underway to locate the gunman.

The building has
been sealed off,

and authorities are
interviewing everyone present.

Mr. Petrelli was in the middle of a...

Hello, Claire.

I bet you've been wondering where
I've been since you saw me last, huh?

Let's just say I took a little
detour from my career path.

Spent a little time
south of the border,

but that's all behind me now,
like a long night after a bad taco.

No. I saw Hiro Nakamura
kill you. I was there.

And yet here I am,
fully recovered. Well, not fully.

That's actually
why I've come.

What do you want from me?

Same thing I did last time I came for
you. I want what you have, Claire.

I want your power.





Oh, my God!
God's sake, Maya!

Oh, my God, I'm so sorry.
I thought it was Sylar coming back.

I saw the doorknob moving...

It's this damn key.
It's bent.

How did it go with Molly?

Harder than
I had wished for.

The flight attendants said they'd look
after her until she landed, but...

I just hope I did
the right thing.

She'll be safe now.
No one's going to find her there.

And now we can finally
start on my examination.

Yeah, about that.

I know I promised you, Maya, but I
really am in no position to help you.

What do you mean?

I mean I've hit a dead
end with my research.

There's nothing left
for me to do here.

I'm packing up my things,
I'm going home to India.

I don't understand.

After all this time,
I've found nothing

that leads me to believe
I can take these powers away.

But I came all the way from
South America to find you.

For a cure.

And I'm sorry,
but I can't help you.

But you haven't
even tried!

It's not fair.

You can't do this to me.
You have to try.


I'm sorry.
I should go now.

No. Wait.

Tell me what just happened.

When you got upset, angry,
your ability manifested.

Is it always that way?

Yes. When I'm scared
or mad, it just happens.

And to make it stop?

I just calm down somehow.

Like some kind of sympathetic
nervous system response.

a mind-body connection.

The neuropathways
that control...

What are you
talking about?

Fight or flight. The adrenal glands.
They control our stress levels.

My father had it all wrong!

For years,
he'd been working on a formula,

trying to isolate the gene
for these abilities.

It's all here.

All this time,
I've been trying to make sense of it,

but he was looking
in the wrong place.

These abilities don't
originate in the blood.

They're produced
from adrenaline.

Now, all I have to do
is make you mad again.








How are you doing this?
Are you a speedster, too?

Speedster? No.
I am Hiro Nakamura. I stop time.

I got news.
You don't stop it completely,

or we're not having
this conversation.

So you move fast?

Not "fast."
I move "really fast."

Well, you stole
something from me.

You mean this?

This whole time-stopping thing,
how does it work, exactly?

I mean, if you chase me to Bangkok,
will time stay frozen here in Tokyo?

I don't know.

Well, something to think about
when you get back on your feet.

But I am on my feet.


Gotta go!


MATT: Peter.

You looking for this?

Hey, yeah...
I was just...



It's pretty incredible, huh?
Nathan's recovery?

They said the bullets
went straight through him.

Barely any damage,
like his body had already healed inside.

How'd you know where
to find the gun, Peter?

I just figured there weren't
many places for him to stash it.

And what makes you think
he stashed it?


You had to go and be the detective,
didn't you, Matt?

How did you...
I came from the future.

To stop Nathan from
telling the world about us.

I had to.
It's where it all begins.

The future? And now that you know,
you can't be here.




Petrelli's miraculous recovery has
this hospital staff completely baffled.

His condition has been upgraded to
stable, and he is resting comfortably.

The shocking footage that
has been played over and over

on news outlets and
YouTube has created a...

That's him. That's him.



I was dead and He gave
me another chance.

But now I know
the reason I'm here.

To do great things.

To do his bidding.

Mr. Petrelli, earlier today,
you were about to make a statement.

You had a message to deliver.
Are you ready to do that now?


God is the only one
with a message.

It's a message of hope and urgency,
because he's not gonna wait much longer.

His message
is a simple one:

We're all connected.

Our hopes, our dreams,
our children's future,

reflecting back in
each other's eyes.

We fight our own personal battles,
but we know we're not alone.

Because only together can
we make our short time on
this planet mean something.

Only together can we be the
stewards of our own destiny,

and we hold in our collective
hearts one noble goal:

To save ourselves,

save the world.

MOHINDER: I've separated
the tyrosine and combined that

with the dopamines
produced by your adrenals.

And what now?

We wait a few seconds to see if
the enzymes attach to the cortisol.

You're very brave to have
found me the way you did.

There was
no other choice.

I imagine that it must be very
unsettling to have these abilities.

But I have also
imagined, many times,

the exhilaration one
must feel to know such power,

to feel so special.

It worked.

What have you done?
What my father never could.

I've isolated the genetic
building block of these abilities.

I've found its source.

I have to get
to the loft, to my lab.

There's a centrifuge there. I have to
verify and duplicate these results.

This is incredible.

I don't understand.
What have you found?

The contents of this single syringe
could give powers to anyone.

Give powers?

And with the added
component of adrenaline,

the effects would
be instantaneous.


SYLAR: I know you're scared.

I would be, too, all alone in
this house with someone like me,

a man you barely know.

It isn't exactly a fair fight, I admit.
But I don't want to fight you, Claire.

I just want
what you have.

You see,
I lost everything that made me special.

Lost, but now found.

There's a whole shopping list
of abilities right here.

But I'm gonna start
with the best.

And once I have yours...





(WEAKLY) What are
you doing to me?

Looking for answers
before I bleed to death.


I'm looking
for answers, too.

Why don't I feel anything?
No nerve endings.

An amazing bit
of machinery, this.

And how much of it do we actually use?
10%? Maybe 20?

Imagine the answers
we'd have with 100%.


Why is there evil?


How many angels can dance
on the head of a pin?

How do we make love stay?

All these answers,
they're all right here.

Are you going to eat it?

Eat your brain?

Claire, that's disgusting.



There it is.






What about me?
Aren't you going to kill me?

Poor girl.

There's so much about yourself
you don't even understand.

Your brain is not like the others,
Claire. You are not like the others.

You're different.

You're special. And I couldn't
kill you even if I wanted to.

You can never die.

And now I guess
neither can I.

I ran two samples in the centrifuge.
The enzymes held both times.

You need to destroy
that, Dr. Suresh.

What? What are you
talking about?

It's like you said.
It's against the laws of nature.

No. Maya, this is a discovery
of world-changing proportions.

The possibilities for the advancement
of science, for our entire species...

Ordinary people...
Would have my ability.

No, no. Each individual's blood
chemistry is unique, like fingerprints.

These abilities could manifest
in an infinite number of ways.

But they can still end up terrible,
like mine.

Or they could be wonderful.
Flight, telepathy, super strength.

Of course, it would
have to be perfected.

There'll be research and development,
clinical trials.

But in the wrong hands...
It's in the wrong hands now, Maya.

An entire clandestine company dedicated
to hiding it from the rest of the world.

Yes, because
of people like me!

People like Sylar!

Exactly. Sylar
killed my father.

If I had had a legitimate chance
to inject myself with this,

to give myself a power,

then perhaps
I could've stopped that.

That's my point.

You would actually
inject yourself with that?

There are quantum leaps in science
that one dreams of being a part of.

This is one of them. I don't see
why you don't understand that.

And I don't see why anyone would
want these abilities. It's a curse!

Can what's in that syringe
cure me or not?

Then it's evil,

and you should destroy it,
for the sake of all of us.

Am I still here?

"Touched by God."
That's what you said in the chapel.

I thought I dreamed that.

It's true, Pete.
He saved me. He came for me.

He brought me back.

We've seen what people
like us can do, Nathan.

Things no one
in the world can.

I came back
from the dead.

You had third-degree burns
over half your body.

And who's to say
this isn't the hand of God?

All of us
with these powers.

Didn't you ever stop
and think about it, Pete?

We can be angels,

all here to do
God's bidding.

What happened to telling
the world about us?

Well, we couldn't be angels if
everyone knew, now, could we?

I don't expect you to
understand what I did to you.

But I hope someday
you'll forgive me.

Life is funny,
isn't it, Nathan?


You're the one
who healed me.

"There's a divinity that shapes our
ends, rough-hew them how we will."

It seems you and I are meant
for great things, Nathan.

Great things indeed.

The extraordinary claim
of divine intervention

has captured the imagination
of the entire country.

And nowhere is it being
greeted with greater interest

than by the leaders
of the religious community.

In short, the elected Congressman from
New York has become a cause c?l?bre,

the poster child...
Tracy, baby?

...for political redemption.
I think we found our guy!

Isn't that
my job, Governor?

It's a message of hope and urgency,
because he's not gonna wait much longer.

What's his name?
Petrelli. Nathan Petrelli.

Our hopes, our dreams,
our children's future, reflecting...

I like him.
...back in each other's eyes.



Is there anybody here?









What have you
done with Peter?

Who do you think you inherited
your first ability from?

Your dreams. I dreamed you'd come.
I saw what you'd do.

Shooting your own brother,
for God sake. I had to.

It was Nathan who set
everything in motion.

The powers,
the greed, the war...

Who are you to play God?

If you can see the future,

then you know that that formula that
you and your friends tried to bury,

it gets out
and it destroys everything!

The only future I've ever
seen is the one caused by you.

But Nathan didn't die.

And now he doesn't have to.
It doesn't matter.

Because by shooting him,
you've screwed up everything.

Something different happens now.
And it's all because of you.

So why don't you go back to where
you came from? You understand?


what did you do
with my son?

Don't worry,
I put him someplace safe.

(BANGING) JESSE: This is a mistake!
I'm not supposed to be here!

I'm not who you think I am!
I'm Peter Petrelli!

You've got to help me!
I'm Peter Petrelli! Peter Petrelli!

MOHINDER: "Turning and
turning in the widening gyre,

"the falcon cannot
hear the falconer.

"Things fall apart.
The center cannot hold.

"Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world."

JESSE: I'm not
who you think I am!

I'm Peter Petrelli!
Please get me out of here!

"The blood-dimmed
tide is loosed,

"and everywhere the ceremony
of innocence is drowned.

"The best lack
all conviction,

"while the worst are full
of passionate intensity.

"Surely some revelation
is at hand.

"Surely the Second Coming
is at hand.

"The Second Coming!

"Hardly are those words out

"when a vast image out of
Spiritus Mundi troubles my sight.

"Somewhere, in sands
of the desert,

"a shape with lion body
and the head of a man,

"a gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
is moving its slow thighs,

"while all about it reel shadows
of the indignant desert birds.

"The darkness drops again,

"but now I know that 20
centuries of stony sleep

"were vexed to nightmare
by a rocking cradle.

"And what rough beast,
its hour come round at last,

"slouches towards
Bethlehem to be born?"


Dude's got some money
here somewhere.

Give me your money.

I said give me
your money!

Now, waste him.




THUG 1: Hey, you all right?
Get up, man! Let's move!

Let's go! Come on!