Heroes (2006–2010): Season 3, Episode 3 - Chapter Three 'One of Us, One of Them' - full transcript

Noah Bennett is stunned when Angela Petrelli assigns him a brainwashed Sylar as his new partner to track down the escapees from the notorious Level 5, as Peter, still trapped in the body of...

Previously on Heroes.


You're special. And I couldn't
kill you even if I wanted to.

HIRO: That formula could
destroy the whole world.

I was just heading out to
get the other half of this.



It's not right
that you're here.

Tells me the future
is not as I have painted it.

You must spirit walk
for many miles.

I was the one
who shot you.

NATHAN: What do I do next?

You're gonna make
the right choices.

I'd be honored to serve as
junior senator from New York.

That's not me.

You can't run this story.



MR. BENNET: And I've called
someone to help out while I'm gone.


They're villains, Claire.

I'm one of the only
people on the planet

that knows enough
to stop them.


KNOX: Come on. Come on.
Hurry, hurry. Jesse!

PETER: Where is he?

Where did they go?

(SHOUTING) I put him in the body of
that guy in that cell, right there.

You need to look out for
someone who looks just like me.


My sons have been
such a disappointment.

But you, I can give you what all
boys crave from their mothers.

Inspiration and
guidance, comfort.

You are not my mother.

But I am, dear.

I should never have given
you up for adoption.

But now, I'm going to take good care
of you, just like a good mother.

My mother.

Because you're right.
You are very special.

And you need to be strong
for what's to come.

Bridget? Would you
join us please?

You wanted to see me?

This is Bridget,
and she has a very special ability.

Any object she touches,
she can see its history.

Everywhere it's been,
everyone who's ever touched it.

What's she gonna
do to me?


(WHISPERS) Feed you.


ongoing search for self,

there are days when we learn
something genuinely new.

Something uncovered,

that we never
knew was there.

Something that
surprises us.

And on that day of self-discovery,
a question remains.

What kind of person are we?

Does the hero or the villain
inside us win the day?

Is Tracy here yet?

No, sir, still no answer.

Where's my brother?

I don't know.
I'm looking for him, too.

You called me?

Peter left me
a message last night.

But it wasn't his voice.

IN JESSE'S VOICE: Nathan, it's Peter.
I'm trapped in the body of this guy.

I just broke out of Level
5 with these criminals.

I'm trying to get back, but I'm really
afraid they're gonna hurt somebody.

Maybe we should come back at night.
It'll be empty.

That's not exactly
the plan now, is it?

You're terrified, Jesse.
I can feel it. What's up?

Nothing. Nothing,
I'm good.


Light it up.


Everyone on the ground,


I expected you
back earlier, Noah.

All of these prisoners escaped,
most of whom you put away.

You can take the man
out of the Company...

Let me be clear.

I am not here
to reenlist.

I'm here to make sure these
psychopaths get put back in
their cages where they belong,

and then I return
to my family.

And our Claire.

I'm gonna need
my old partner.

Well, unfortunately,
the Haitian is unavailable.

He's on a pickup
assignment for me.

I can't do this alone.
You know how it works.

One of us, one of them.
Don't worry.

I have the perfect one of them in mind.
Meet your new partner.



Just keep your heads down.
All of you.



Uh, uh, uh.
No alarms.

(SOBBING) I'm sorry.

Yeah, you are.
But maybe you can work it off.

I hear that Stockholm
syndrome is like Spanish fly.

Leave her alone.

What are you
gonna do, Jesse?

You gonna stop me?

Yeah, I am.

This is open.

Let's go collect
our winnings.

Thank you.



We don't smoke
in the house.


So, you're
Claire's real mom?

Biological mom.

Your dad asked me to stick around,
help protect you guys while he's away.

With fire?


Claire, you got everything ready
to get back to school today?

I'm not going.

Excuse me?

Well, it is very clear that
my life will never be normal,

so I've decided
to stop trying.

You decided?
Your father and I...

Dad's not here.
He doesn't get a vote.

He's out there
protecting all of us.

Yeah, he's out there stopping villains,
helping people,

doing the same thing that I
should be doing with my life.

You're a 17-year-old girl.

Who can't get hurt.

Can't die. Can't even feel pain.
You just don't understand.

I think that what Claire's trying to
say here is that when you're like us...

Meredith, I'm thrilled that
you're here to protect us,

but I know how to talk to my daughter,
thank you.

Claire, get ready
for school. Now.

You expect me to work with this animal
after what he did to my daughter?

Your granddaughter?
He nearly killed her.

She can't die.

You really don't
understand her, do you?


We just let a dozen
criminals out into a world

that is grossly unprepared
to deal with them.

So your solution is to send the
psychopath after the psychopaths.

He's the perfect partner. And he
can't be killed anyway, you know that.

He's a murderer.

Then you and Gabriel have more
in common than you care to admit.

He's been misunderstood.
He just needs structure,

and you're the perfect person
to give it to him.

And if I refuse?

I can't make you do
anything you don't want to,

but I am going to
put Gabriel in play.

It's your call whether or not
it's under your supervision.





Stop calling me that.

My name is Daphne.
And why are you two following me?

You know why.
I want my father's formula back.

That? Too late.
It's been delivered and paid for.

I'm on to the next half.

There's another half?

There's supposed to be some sort of
exchange going down at this theater,

and I'm waiting
to intercept.

You're telling us
your plan?

What kind of overconfident
nemesis are you?

You're 0-2 against me, Pikachu.
That's just regular confidence.

Pikachu? We will find the other
half of the formula before you,

and we will
save the world.

Yeah, good luck with that.

I'm slow.

What did you do?


Whatever. I don't need powers
to beat you two losers.





Well, that went well,
don't you think?


Welcome to
the Bennet household.


What is with this new
superhero kick, anyway?

There are bad people
out there.

I just feel like
I should help.

Sure, you wanna
help people, huh?

I keep trying to be normal. Fit in.
But I just end up the victim.

Your mom told me
about your attack.

You feel like
talking about it?

I just wanna move past it,
and I want to do something. Fight them.

How are you gonna do that, huh?
How are you gonna learn how to fight?

Well, I was hoping
you could teach me.

Hop in. We're gonna
play hooky today.


TRACY: It's open.

Had my swearing in this morning.
You kind of missed it. Everything okay?

You called me
Niki Sanders yesterday.

Then a reporter
shows me this.



Last year,
at the Corinthian Hotel in Las Vegas.

Just tell me
who the hell she is.

I still kind of
think that's you.

I'm just waiting for
this all to make sense.

It's not me. Look, I'm trying
to find her, talk to her.

All I can get is an address
is New Orleans. Tell me
what you know about her.

You're really not
Niki Sanders?

I need to go
to New Orleans.


(SIRENS WAILING) This is all of it.
Let's move.

How the hell did they know we were here?

Probably because
I called them.

You what?

It wasn't just about the money.
In fact, it was mostly about revenge.

It's only about
the money for me.

That's why I'm going to take mine and
leave before the Company shows up.

The Company's supposed
to show up

while I got all these scared
people powering me up.

Hey, we got what we need.
Let's just get out of here.

You're scared, too,
aren't you?



What the hell
are you doing?

He was gonna
ruin your plan.

Yeah, what is
the plan exactly?

We stay put,
raise hell,

and wait for the man the Company
sends when super-people do bad things.

And after he gets here,
then I beat his horn-rimmed
glasses right into his skull.

Right, Jesse?


Hey, man.

This spirit walk,
how long does it last?

It's your spirit walk,
Parkman, not mine.

Why the hell was I
teleported to Africa?

For that matter,
how do you know my name?

From your badge.

From my badge?

What do you mean?
My police badge?

When I was boy,
I went on the spirit walk to find truth.

To hunt.

But my spirit animal tell me
to gather berries, many colors.

They were my paint.
And you were my subject, Parkman.

So, you learned everything
about me from this painting?

This I paint
when I was a boy.

I'm not a boy

It fits. Good.

Are you really
my mother?

You've always understood,
on some level,

that you weren't the son
of a watch repairman

and a woman who
collects Hummel figurines.

He's right, I'm a killer.
That's all I am.

No, it's not your fault.
It's your ability.

There's a hunger that you cannot
control. It's made you that way.

But we're gonna fix that.

I think I've just found a few of them.
They made the news.

REPORTER ON TV: Police were
called to what was described
as an incredible scene

when four gunmen came in to
rob the First Federal Bank

in Poughkeepsie, New York, this morning.
One of the robbers was equipped with...

...what appears tobe a flamethrower.

Police are saying... He's in the
body of one of those escapees.

Which one?

Does he have
Jesse's ability?

If he does,
he doesn't know what it is.

...video taken from
a surveillance camera in hopes
of identifying the robbers.

Police have called in SWAT
teams and hostage negotiators...

Is he ready?




That's all the Japanese I know.
What are you guys looking at, anyway?

Go away,
we were here first.

You can't call dibs.

Can, too. Dibs.

are you doing this?

Do you want
the world to end?

I don't know what you're talking about.

I work for a guy. I find stuff,
he pays me. Simple as that.

(LOUDLY) You're doing
this for money?



(WHISPERING) Is your friend
always so self-righteous?

Hiro takes his job
very seriously.

And what are you,
like, his sidekick?


Like Robin to his Batman.


I understand
what you're doing.

But Hiro's my best friend.
We will never leave each other's side.



This is my life.
It happened exactly like this.

The future can only be
the future for so long.

Then it becomes the present.

Except for this one.

I don't remember this.
This must be my future future.

It was,
but not anymore.

The future has changed.

Changed to what?


Come on. You can't just tell a guy
that his future has changed and not...

Hey, man, come on.
Are you even listening to...

So, what if
he doesn't show?

(LAUGHS) He always does.

He's like Santa Claus.
And then we're gonna get our payback.

I don't think
I want it anymore.

I sat in a cell next to you, month after
month, this is all you talked about.

One-stop shopping,
revenge and retirement.

About being free?


I never told you,
but it gave me hope.

It probably saved my life.
Yeah, but we're free now.

Why do you
wanna tempt fate?

(SIGHING) What are
you so afraid of?

I just don't wanna go back.

I don't like feeling trapped, powerless.
I just wanna get back to my old life.

Yeah, I bet you can't wait to get to
your family and friends in Detroit.

(CHUCKLING) Yeah, exactly.

Except Jesse's family's
from Vegas.


And he ain't
got no friends.



So who the hell are you?

You do realize she's playing us,
don't you?

This is all one
big game to her.


But aren't you curious
to see how it all plays out?


So, how do we do this?
We do nothing.

I take care of the
escapees and Petrelli.

That sounds like
a one-sided partnership.

We're not partners.

You just stay close
and keep your mouth shut.

Who the hell is
in charge around here?

What are you doing?

I'm Lieutenant Chory,
who are you?

Special Agent
Andrew Hanson, FBI.

Lieutenant, you mind telling
me why these barricades

aren't 30 feet further back?

You want the media up our ass?
Sir! I'm in the middle...

Or are you just trying to get one of
these lookie-Ioo civilians killed?

You heard the man.
Back these horses up. All hands.

And we're gonna need some coffee.


You drink decaf,
right, Noah?

I already told you. Somebody put me
in his body against my will. I swear.

Then why did you come along with us?
You had plenty of chances to bail.



You said you were going to hurt people.
I couldn't let that happen.


Now I know you're full of it.
Nobody's that heroic.

The formula hasn't been moved in years.
Why now?

Given recent events,

Mrs. Petrelli deemed it wise to
keep her half closer to home.





We going in?

I am.
You're waiting out here.

What's that gonna
protect you from?

Nothing. It's for show.

You're going in
without your gun, too?

Knox wants me unarmed,
he says he'll release the hostages.

You do realize they're not
gonna let you out alive?

That's very touching.
The monster cares about my well being.

Are you so concerned with proving
that you're better than me,

that you're willing to get yourself
killed? I am better than you.

I can help.
Let me do something.

All right.
Debrief the hostages.

Use that silver tongue of
yours to defuse their stories,

but under no circumstances are you to
go anywhere near that buffet in there.

Got me?



You're not my mother.

No, I'm not.

Your mom and I look so much alike.
But I don't know anything about her.

God, I imagine this is
so strange for you.

Yeah, kind of.

I should go.
I'm sorry.

You look just like her.
Are you special, too? Like my mom?

I'm not sure
what you mean.

She had a power.

She was super strong,
like the Hulk.


It's okay if you don't
wanna talk about it.

It was hard for my mom
to handle at first, too.

Gets easier, though.

Are you special,
too, Micah?

I can talk to machines.

You can
talk to machines?


Maybe I can help you
get some of your answers.

What's your last name?

Strauss, two Ss.

I can cross-reference every bit of
information on both you and my mom.


Just one match.

You were both born in the same
hospital in California. Same day.

Same doctor, too.
Dr. Zimmerman.

Now you know one thing about her.


I've got it.

I've been looking everywhere.
I believe this is my briefcase.

No, you are mistaken.
This is mine.

Wait, we call someone. Usher!

Movie usher!
Hold on. Please!








The hostages are coming out.

Hold your fire!
Hold your fire!

This way, this way.
Follow the officer to safety.

You took away my life.
You're a criminal, Knox.

Criminals get trials and lawyers.
Me, I got stuck in super Guantanamo.

You got a bum rap,
is that it?

I think you get off being judge,
jury and executioner.

Now it's my turn.

Knox, you don't
have to do this.

You can walk away,
you're free now.

Shut up!

I'm done listening to you.

No. No one dies today!


Listen to me!



You. What the hell
did you do?

I came to find you,
get you out of here.

Out of here? We need to stop this,
he's in trouble.

The world is in trouble,
don't you get it?

You need to listen to me.

You shot my brother.
Trapped me.

Why should I believe
a thing you say?

You're right.

I need to show you.



Thanks, Peter.
You okay?

Peter's not here anymore.

Where are we going?

You wanted to learn
how to fight.

Lock the door.

Are you sure
you wanna do this?


All right, we'll start
at the beginning. Survival.

I've already mastered survival.
I need to learn how to fight.

There's some things
you can't fight, Claire.

Looks like the man with the
plan just ran out of options.

Turn yourself in,
and nobody has to get hurt.

Who the hell do you think you are?

Just a guy with a partner
standing right behind you.








I told you to stay put.

You told me that to make
sure I wouldn't, didn't you?


What's this
supposed to prove?

I've walked through fire before
and I haven't gotten burned.

You've never
been burned?

I'm indestructible.
I can't feel pain.

Well, you ever suffocate?

'Cause I would imagine,
the air is getting pretty thin in here.


Why are you doing this?

Why do you wanna
stop bad guys?

I told you,
to help people.

That's what you
keep saying,

but I don't believe you.


You know what
water boarding is, Claire?


It's a method of torture.

You're not drowning, but your
body tells your mind that you are.

You think
you're doing to die.

Trapped, you panic.


Trapped. Does that
remind you of anything?

Stop it. Turn it off.

Is this how it was
with Sylar, huh?

(WHEEZING) You're indestructible,
but you couldn't get away, right?

(COUGHING) That must have made
you feel trapped, helpless.

Please, stop. I can't.

Why do you want
to stop the bad guys, huh?

To help people.

I don't believe you.
You tell me why.


To hurt him, okay?
To hurt him for what he did.


Like he hurt me.


What do we do now?

While I get him
patched up,

you tell the locals that these
are federal prisoners and
we get them back to Level 5.

Yeah, okay.

Hey! What are you doing?
He's getting away.


You were right.
I am just a killer.


No, you don't have to do this.
She's right.

You don't have to do this.

You can fight it.


I don't think I can.
It's the hunger.

I'm sorry I tricked you like that.

I just did it for
your own good.


It's only been a couple of days
since you went through all that.

You got a really
good family.

You got a nice home.

I know.

You're right.

You don't just wake up one day
and know what life's all about.

You know, you got to
build it brick by brick.

And you got to learn to save yourself
before you can save the world.

There ain't nothing wrong with
just being a 17-year-old girl
for a while. You got that?

Yeah. I got that.

Come here.

Who is she?
What happened to her?

It's your future,
Parkman. Not mine.


We cannot understand
these things.

No, this is it. This is it. I can
feel it. This is the reason I'm here.

My spirit walk. So, that means I
can stop that from happening, right?

You really want to know?


School just called. Claire didn't show
up today. You know anything about that?

I'm sorry. You know,
I just thought that seeing as she's...

You don't get to do that.
Think about Claire. That's me, not you.

I'm the one who's been here. Changed
her diapers, checked her spelling.

Me. Not you.

Sandra, I'm not trying
to take your place.

Do you think this is a game?
She just got attacked.

Yeah, that's right.

And she's looking to push back. And
there's nothing you can do to stop that.

In fact, smothering her, that's the
best way to drive her away real quick.

Don't you ever assume you know
anything about me and my daughter.

I just did what I thought was
best to keep her here. Safe.


I got it.

Hey, you ready?

One second.

I totally forgot about the cheerleader
sleepover retreat, I'm sorry.

Is it cool?




No, my name
is Tracy Strauss.

Are you Dr. Zimmerman?


The one from Beverly Hills,
huh? Come in.

How do you know
I'm from Beverly Hills?

Do you know me?

Know you?

I created you.

No, I don't think
it's working.

Here. Try this.

MOHINDER: And as the search
for self continues, we look
for answers everywhere.

In nature.

In God.

In tiny tragedies that
may never be understood.

But still we are driven to it.
Single-minded, on one goal.

To find our purpose
on this earth.

No matter what
the ramification,

the friendships
that may be hurt

or the deals with the
devil we need to make.


I guess you were
wrong about me.

We'll see.

Am I being replaced?

Only for a while.

Just until I find his weakness.
And then I'm gonna kill him.