Heroes (2006–2010): Season 3, Episode 10 - Chapter Ten 'The Eclipse Part 1' - full transcript

Having reestablished control over the Company, Angela sends Nathan and Peter to Haiti to find the power-suppressing Haitian to bring him back to the USA to help in their fight against Arthur Petrelli and the evil Pinehurst. Hiro a...

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on Heroes...

I must wipe your memory.

9th wonders!

Can we leave Matt
out of this?

If you're unhappy,

we can always arrange
for you to return

to your former life.

Just tell me what
I'm supposed to do.

Stay with Parkman.

I came here looking for you
and what did I find?

You're waiting for me.

I mean, that's got
to mean something, right?

You saved my life once, Elle.

Don't you see I owe you?

I forgive you.

Now you need
to forgive yourself.

The others probably
figured out by now

that there's a third piece
of the formula.

It's a catalyst

hidden away in the blood
of a human host.

I think
I'm the catalyst.

I see we share
a fascination.

It seems most of the powers
that are documented

took place during
the last total annular eclipse.

It's coming.

There's a moment in every war

where everything changes,

a moment when the road bends.

Alliances in battle lines

and the rules of engagement
are rewritten.

Moments like these can change
the nature of the battle

and turn the tide
for either side.

So we do what we can
to understand them.

To be ready for change,
we steady our hearts,

curb our fears,
muster our forces,

and look for signs
in the stars.

But these moments,
these game changes,

remain a mystery.

Destiny's invisible hand

moving pieces
on a chessboard.

No matter how much
we prepare for them,

how much we resist the change,
anticipate the moment,

fight the inevitable outcome.

In the end,
we're never truly ready,

when it strikes.

You're getting
pretty good at that.

Well, it's not as easy
as you make it look.

You'll get there.
Don't sweat it.

Yeah, well, I need
to get there now.

I have to prove myself.

To who?

Nobody. I'm not sure
that you'd understand.


Then let's go again.


I need you
to do something.

Find Claire Bennet,

bring her back to me.

You think
you can do that?

Yes, sir.
Of course I can.

I'm going too.


Well, they're not gonna
make it easy for you,

getting Claire.

You need help.

And I was raised
to be a company girl.

But I thought you'd left
all that behind you.


Well, it's all I know.

You need help.

Let me help you.

You okay with this, Dad?

I think the two
of you together,

it's a good pairing.

Let's go get
the cheerleader.

Why is it always me?

You're the catalyst.

Arthur's formula doesn't
work without you.

I have a plan,
but we all have

to work together
to stop him.

Okay, so where's
everyone else?

Nathan's going
to find the Haitian.

Matt Parkman will
get Hiro Nakamura.

And you, Claire, have
the most important part to play.

What's my assignment?

Your assignment is to keep
from getting caught.

Just stay out
of harm's way.

But I can fight.

I can do more.
I can be more.

The only place
you're going to be

is underground,
off the grid.

No way!

I am done hiding.

We all have
to make sacrifices.

What are you gonna do?
Lock me up?

Don't think it hasn't
crossed my mind.

But, no,

I have another plan.

Hi, Claire-bear.

It's too dangerous for you
to go there alone.

I'm just going down there
to get the Haitian,

then I'm coming right back.

The Haitian's there
to hunt down

level five escapees.

This guy,
Baron Samedi, look.


Nono, it's a Alia.
Voodoo God of Death.

This guy's into
some bad stuff.

Drug trafficking,
kidnapping, slavery.

I'm telling you, Nathan,
you're gonna need some help.

Hey, I'm not going down there
to save the country.

Look, hey, just--

You don't understand.

Then help me out.

When I found
my abilities,

I knew who I was
supposed to be.

But now--

Pete, just because you
don't have your abilities--

It doesn't mean
you don't have a purpose.

It will if you don't
take me with you.


All right.

Come on.

I need the catalyst.

You said you would
have it by now.

You said you were
going to cure me!

I've got people on it,

but all our plans
might be for nothing.

What are you
talking about?

I drew that.

It's going
to happen today.

This is Claire Bennet.

She can't die.
It's impossible.

That's my point.

It can't happen,
but it's going to.

You're the scientist.

You tell me how.

There's an eclipse today.


When I first noticed
abilities manifesting,

there was an eclipse.

A global event.

You said it was
a coincidence.

Well, I thought
it was, but--

But what?
What does it mean?

Look, I don't know!

But I do know
if Claire Bennet dies,

then the catalyst
dies with her

and there's no hope
for me being cured.

That explains this.

I'm going to die.

Everything's going
to change today.


I don't understand
what Hiro Nakamura

has to do
with any of this.

Angela made our orders
very clear.

Yeah, the guy's a spaz.

No, he's a time traveler.

If Arthur Petrelli
has us on the ropes,

the man is
a walking do-over.

I know I had Hiro's number
in his dad's homicide file.

Are you nervous
about something?

Arthur Petrelli scares me.

Oh, you don't have
to be scared about him.

Of course I do!

He can take away abilities,
and I betrayed him!

I betrayed you.

No, you didn't.

I'm a betrayer.


And a liar
and a thief and--

I am selfish.
You know, honestly,

I don't understand
why you keep me around!

Because you're one
of the good guys now.

So, you trust me?
- Yes!


Yes, I trust you

I know you, Daphne.

No, you say that,

but you don't know me,
not really.

We had a life together.

In a dream.

It was a spirit walk.

It wasn't real!

Arthur killed your father.

He could kill us all
or worse!

I'm not gonna let anything
happen to you.

I promise.

Please, just help me
find Hiro.

Come on.

How are you gonna
do that exactly?

That guy's
a freakin' teleporter.

Hey, I need your help.
You have to fix Hiro.


What does it say?

It says,
"You have to fix Hiro."

Arthur Petrelli
erased his memory.

He now thinks
he's 10 years old.

Oh, it's back there.

We're all gonna die.

This is
Stephen Canfield's house.

You'll be safe here.
Out of harm's way.

The last time we were here,

we almost got sucked
into a black hole.

What makes it
so safe now?

Simple set-up.

Yeah, I know how you
like to control things.

Okay, I'll bite.
What does that mean?

It means you'll do
whatever it takes

To keep the catalyst safe,

I want to keep
you safe, Claire.


Not some catalyst.

Do you understand?

Yeah, I understand.

Aren't you dead?

Yeah, you would
like that.

What's your game, nemesis?

I'm not a nemesis anymore.

I'm a good guy now.

I can't help him.

I can't understand him.

Well, Arthur really did
a number on Hiro.

He really thinks
he's 10.

So get inside his head
and fix him.

I don't think I can.

He's thinking
in Japanese.

But the comic book
says that you--

I don't know
what to tell you.

This is way beyond me.

Hiro is our reset button.

Our walking do-over,

I know, but he still
can time-travel,

he can teleport,

and he's still
very powerful.

I can't--
I can't do this.

I'm sorry.
I got to get out of here.

What are you talking about?


You paused.
- What?

When I asked you
if you trust me,

you paused.

No, I didn't.

I'm a speedster.

Fractions of seconds
feel like hours to me

And you paused.

You don't know me

And you don't know
what I've been through!

What is that
supposed to mean?

Daphne, come on.


Lawrence, Kansas.

Stop reading my mind!
What's in Kansas?

Come on.

Just back off!
- Your home.

Leave me alone!

Yes, sir.
It'll all be taken care of.

Who was on the phone?


Just updating him
on our status.

He thinks Claire's
with her father.

Glasses himself.

Scary. He's not gonna
make this any easier.

Actually, he is.

I didn't want him
to get inside my head

so he could kill me,
but it worked both ways.

I know how he thinks.

I know where
he'll hide her.

I'm worried about you.

All these "yes, sirs"

And checking in
like a good little boy.

I'm just trying
to be responsible.

Oh, sure.


Where is this
damn rental car guy?

Probably calling
the police

because I told him
you were a serial killer

and that you kidnapped me.

You must be joking.
Why the hell would you do that?

Because I'm trying
to help you.

Because it was wrong
of the company

to hide our abilities.

Because we can do
whatever we want.

We can take
whatever we want.

Trust me.

Come on, we're going.

You're not going anywhere!

Oh, God!
Oh, help!

Please, help.

Let go of the girl.

Thank you.
Oh, God, thank you.

Oh, my God.
Thank you.

Sir, please,
put down the gun.

You really don't understand
what's happening here.

She filled me
in pretty good,

you serially-killing

scum of the earth.

They're all trying
to make you into something.

A boy scout.

A monster.

Who's it gonna be, huh?
Who are you really?

Shut up.

I should kill you
right now.

Say it was self-defense.

I'll be famous.

A Bona fide hero.

I hate heroes.

What does
this eclipse mean?

And how could it
possibly affect us?

The moon controls
the ocean's waves,

the sun our internal timing,

but something
is happening to me.

I'm changing.

I can feel it.

And I can't control it.

What's this for?

Hit me with it.

You wanted me to train you,
let's do it.

Right here, right now.

Is this how you get
over your guilt?

Because I've been
just fine without you.

Have you?

I caught the puppet guy.

Yeah, you got lucky,

and you almost got
your mother killed.

These are serious,
dangerous criminals.

I know!
You're not acting like it.

What am I acting like?

Like a girl who can't get hurt!
Stupid and careless!

What do you know?

You're the one
who left, remember?

My absence does not give you
license to act like a brat.

I have been trying
to do something good

with my abilities.

And I'm trying
to keep you safe.

I don't need your help!

Then hit me!

I said hit me!


The good news is

you've certainly
got the strength.

The bad news is

you're clumsy,
slow, and obvious.


This time,

get your body weight
into it.

That way all the power will be
on the other end of the board.

Okay, let's go again.

What is this,

No, it's baseball.

Let's go again.

It's Tracy.

Nathan's veering off plan.

He's gone to find
this Haitian guy.

That's smart,
using the Haitian against me.

We can't have that.

You're not gonna hurt him?

I'm learning today

there are some things
out of my control.

What is that
supposed to mean?

It's time for Nathan
to see the world

for what it really is.

Look, I agreed to help you
because you said

that we could get Nathan
into the White House.

You need him, Arthur.

So do you.

I need you to go
to Parris Island.

Use those connections
you've got.

I don't take orders
from you.

If you watch your way
into the Oval Office,

you'll do exactly
as I say.

Parris Island?

The Marine
training facility?

Every war needs an army.


I guess there's
no rest for the wicked.

Obviously not.

I need Hiro to
help me find Daphne.

But she stole the formula.
She's a villain.

No, she's not.
She's just scared.

Of what?

I don't know, I don't know.
But I've got to find out.

I told her that
I doubted her.

I practically packed
her bags for her.

Look, we need
to help Hiro,

get him back to normal,
stop Arthur Petrelli--

But it'll only
take a minute.

All he has to do
is teleport me

to Lawrence, Kansas,
I grab Daphne--

Lawrence, Kansas.

Yes, that's us.
We're in a corn field.

She told me that
she grew up on a corn farm.

Corn farm?
- Yeah.


Lawrence, Kansas.

Holy crap, it worked.

This is it.
This is Daphne's house.

I can hear her thoughts.
She's in there.


Holy crap!



Pete, you all right?

Yeah, I'm okay.

Are you?

I'm good.

What happened?

I don't know.

I was flying and
then I wasn't.

I was falling
really fast.

And now?

I can't fly.

Hey, wasn't there an eclipse
that first day you flew?

Yeah. So?

So, you don't find
that significant?

The guy we're looking for,
the Haitian,

he takes powers away.

Maybe he saw us coming.
I don't know.

Maybe it's this
whole damn country.

We got to find him.

Come on,
let's make tracks.

We've got a long walk
ahead of us.

What the hell are these?
Voodoo dolls?

Huh? No,
they're called pwen.

They're messengers.

Prayers for salvation.

Let's go.

Looking at the map,

Haitian's village
is this way.

I saw it
from two clicks up.

We were falling.

It's still this way.

Hey, are you gonna--

Don't you want--

Something I can
do for you?

Yeah, um--

I'm a friend
of Daphne's.

Can I talk to her
for a second?

Daphne's not here.

I know you're inside!

Come on,
I just need a minute.

Go away, Matt.

Like I said,
she's not home.


Why don't you just
let me inside?

Are you threatening me?

Uh, I said...

Let me in.

Why are you turning
your head sideways?

What's your problem, son?

What happened?

my powers are gone.

His also.

What's going on?

Are you gonna tell me
who that was?


I'm not asking a lot
of questions here.

And I appreciate that.

But you've been gone
a long time.

It's my home.
Can't I just come home?

Are you feeling okay?


It's happening again.

Ah, sweetheart,
I'm sorry.

Do you still have them?


Yeah, I'll go get 'em.

All right, all right.
If we double back,

We should be able to make it
to the village in an hour.

You're not even gonna
admit you were wrong.

You really want to
get into this now?

Come on.

You've got to
stop treating me

like your idiot
kid brother.

You read the map right.

I wish I could fly.

But you can't.

That's right, I'm powerless
just like you.

Hey, if it wasn't for me,
you'd be lost and alone!

If it wasn't for you,
I'd be home by now.

I only brought you down here
to protect your fragile ego.

You know what?
I don't need your pity.

No, but you know
what you do need?

My help.

I've been saving your ass
my entire life.

Is that so?
- That's right.

When you jumped off
that roof like a moron,

who caught you?

Who pulled you
out of Kirby Plaza

when you were about
to blow up?

You want my respect?
You want my approval?

Earn it!

Why would I want
your respect?

You're a puppet!

Excuse me?

You have no spine.

I'm a U.S. Senator.
You're a nurse.

You're everything that Dad
ever wanted you to be.

His dreams, huh?
His goals.

He could always find a way
to get under your skin

And manipulate you
and use you.

Where's this coming from?

In the future,
you choose him.

You choose Dad, Nathan.

Well, I'm down here
right now, Pete.

I'm trying to stop him.

Now help me.

Good! Control first,
follow through second.

You feel that power?


Tell me what
you're thinking.


All right,
Tap into that anger.

It'll give you strength.

Here, take a swing
at me now.

I don't want
to swing at you.

Come on.
Swing at me!

See if you can hit me.

Let's go.

Come on.


You're not even
trying, Claire.

Tell me what
you're thinking.

Every time you would
come home from a trip,

I'd always hug you
as hard as I could.


Because I thought
if I held you tight enough,

you wouldn't
leave me again.


Why did you always leave?!

I need to get some air.

Claire, wait a minute.
Let's talk about this.

No, I didn't mean
to bring it up.

Just forget it.

Hey, girls.

You have
the Haitian in here?

No, just me.

Back out
of the house, now.

You're not getting Claire.

Funny story.

We are.

Claire, stay back!




Aah! Uhh!

Oh, my God.
What happened?

She got shot.

Why isn't she healing?
- I don't know.

Something's wrong.
Her abilities aren't working.

We have to get her
to a hospital.


They report gunshot wounds
to the police.

They'll ask questions.

She is bleeding!
She is hurt!

I'm calling 911.

And what happens when
her healing comes back?


This is a surface wound.

We can deal with it.
Hang up the phone, please!

I'll get
the first aid kit.

Thank you.


What happened?

I don't know.
I wish I did.

Maybe you were right.

I've been stupid,

I thought
I was invulnerable.


you shouldn't have--

It hurts.

I never thought
I'd be able to hurt again.

Uhh, it sucks,

but it's wonderful.

Thank you
for saving my life.


Still no powers.

Yeah, that much I get.

Why is this happening?
How do we get it back?

Maybe Daphne was right.
Maybe Arthur took them away.

You know,
I never, ever thought

that I would miss my--

Right now,
all I want to do

is just know what's
going on inside her head.

What are we
supposed to do?

He says
you must save Daphne.

I can't!


Not without
my brain thingy.


He says this is part
of the hero's quest.

Can you triumph
without powers?


Hey, seriously,
dude, stop it.


How do you
say "stop it"?

You must not doubt!

I'm not gonna hurt you.

I'm gonna save Daphne.

Holy crap!

It's a miracle.

Complete remission.

All effects of the formula
have disappeared.

Scales, abilities,

I have no idea
how or why.

Some correlation
to the eclipse?

Further study is warranted.

But not yet.

You're not
going anywhere.

Now we know the meaning
of the eclipse.

Everyone's abilities
have gone away.

You have to
get them back.

I'm not sure
that's entirely possible.

I mean, who knows what
the implications

of this event are?

They could be irreversible.

That's unacceptable.

What are you doing?!

Without abilities,
I'm nobody.

I already been nobody.

You understand?

So, we gonna
stay right here

until you get it
all back for us.

Excuse me?

Be with you in a second.
Don't worry.

We got plenty of red hulks
for everybody.

- Yeah?

Dude, this is
so awesome.

Is he always this quiet?

I don't know.
Why don't you ask him?

I really appreciate
your help,

But we need
to get you back home.

My father's alive.

Arthur's alive?


You're one of the only people
who can stop him.

Now the sooner you take
this juju off of me,

The sooner
I can fly us home

and deal with him.

I'm not responsible
for your condition.

My ability is
gone as well.

The universe has
decided our fate.

Can the universe
get me a phone?

I can call the military,
get us on a C-130,

get this sorted.

I'm not going anywhere
until I stop Samedi.

The guy from level five.

I am responsible
for his evil.

He is my brother.

Like us, special.

His skin is impenetrable.

By knife, and by fire,

and by bullet.

Many people here
believe him to be a god.

He uses fear
to form an army.

They murdered,
stole, kidnapped.

I stopped him once,
put him away, but now...

Hey, you can't do
this on your own.

Peter, this is
not your fight.

You helped
our family out once.

At least let us
repay that favor.

Hey, look,
all right, you proved

you can be brave, okay.

Don't be stupid.
Think about it, Nathan.

The only way to get this guy
to come back home with us

is if we help him
stop his brother.

Look, if you're not gonna do
this for the right reasons,

at least do it
for the selfish ones.

Go! Go! Run!

Je m'appelle,
Nathan Petrelli.

Je suis American.

We know all about you,
Senator Nathan Petrelli.

Your father warned us
you'd come.

My father?


What did he tell you?

He told me to be myself.

Hey, no fever.

You feeling okay?


Pretty good,
all things considered.

We're gonna figure out
what's happening to you.

But for now,
you just rest.

I'll be right downstairs.

I love you, Dad.

I love you, Claire-bear.


No what?

You're leaving,
aren't you?

Do not leave your daughter.
Not now.

She's fine.

She's scared.

She doesn't know
what's happening.

She needs you.

There's something
I need to finish.


Daphne, I'm not leaving
until I talk to you.

Go away, Matt.


No, I came here because
I know exactly who you are.

You are smart
and beautiful

and funny.

I don't even care if the--
the spirit walk is all a bunk.

I'm not gonna--

I'm never gonna
give up because--

Because I'm in love
with you.


The door's open.


I'm in here.

I just didn't want you
to see me like this.

Like what?

Like this.

Hi, sweetie.


Oh, God!

Oh, it hurts!

Well, it's gonna
hurt forever

if I can't set it.

Stop being such a baby!


Oh, thanks.


What's happening to us?

I have no idea.

I used to understand
everything, but...

nothing makes sense.

We're just human.

You okay with that?

It's actually a relief.

I felt the hunger,

the need to have powers,
so numbing.

My mind felt like it was
full of cotton and ice.

I haven't felt
like this since--

Since I first met you.

I pushed you
to become that monster.

It's my fault.
- No.

You were just
following orders,

a company girl.

We're both so--


We can't take what
we want anymore.

Says who?

Subtitles by LeapinLar