Heroes (2006–2010): Season 3, Episode 11 - Chapter Eleven 'The Eclipse - Part 2' - full transcript

In Haiti, Peter and the Haitian try to rescue Nathan who has been captured by the sinister Baron Samdei and his militia army. At Pinehurst, Mohinder finds himself a captive by Arthur who wants his powers back for a grand master pl...

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Previously on Heroes...

Now we know the meaning of the Eclipse.

Everyone's abilities have gone away.

You have to get them back.

You have to fix Hiro.

Arthur Petrelli erased his memory.

Hiro now thinks he's ten years old.

I can't do this. I'm sorry.

- I gotta get outta here.
- What?

You don't know me and you don't
know what I've been through.

All he has to do is teleport me
to Lawrence, Kansas.

I just didn't want you
to see me like this.

- Like what?
- Like this.



Why isn't she healing?

Her ability's not working.

- We're both so--
- Powerless?

We can't take what we want anymore.

Says who?


Oh, my God!

Arthur is alive?

You're one of the only people
in the world that can stop him.

I'm not going anywhere
until I stop Samedi.

The only way to get this
guy to come back home with us

is if we help him stop his brother.

We know all about you,
Senator Nathan Petrelli.

Your father warned us you'd come.

Wait, stop! We have to go back!

My brother won't stop
until we're dead.

I have no abilities, Peter!

- I'm completely--
- Powerless?

Like there's nothing you can do?

There is nothing I can do.

You said all this happened
for a reason.

To test our resolve.

Look, maybe that's a good thing.

Samedi's abilities are gone too.

He's not invulnerable anymore.

That does not make him powerless.

His followers think he's a god.

Then I say we make him bleed.

We show them he's not a god.

- Why did you come here, Peter?
- To find you.

Take you back to stop my father.

Do not lie to me.

I needed to know I could
be a hero without my powers.

Let's go.

GSW to the shoulder.
BP 110 over 82.

Heart rate 128.
We started an IV, D5-W.

It hurts!

- What's your name, sweetheart?
- Claire.

Where's my dad?

He's on his way. How
long ago were you shot?

It just happened.

It's gonna be easier if you don't lie.

I'm not.

Her whole system's been infected.

Either she hasn't been sick in
her whole life or you're lying.

You don't want to tell me the truth,

you can tell it to the police.

- Is she gonna be okay?
- I don't know.

Do you think it's permanent?

What; our powers
going away or us?

Both, I guess.

I don't know anymore.

What if it is...


Then you get exactly what you want.

And what is it I want?

A chance to reinvent ourselves.

Free of powers or perils.

- Scary.
- Yeah.

And unexpected.


Our powers going away...

Or us?

Come on, let's go, Elle!

Come on!

- Who's doing this?
- Who do you think?

That's right, run!

I want you to be scared!

Just like Claire was!

This ends today.

There is a lot of power in a name.

You shouldn't give yours
away so freely.

Some believe that if you know a
man's name, you can possess him.

Others believe that names
grant great strength.

Is that why you call yourself
Baron Samedi?

So people will worship you like a god?

Is that why you took
the title, 'Senator'?

- [in French] Come on!
- No, no!

What are you doing with her?

She's a restavec.
She will be sold.

You mean prostitute.

It's not her choice to decide
whether she's happy or sad.

Whether she lives or dies.

- I'm not gonna let you do this!
- You?

You are just a man.

And I am the God.

So, Dr. Suresh,
what have you found?

Why aren't our abilities working?

I have checked every imaginable
connection to this eclipse.

The possibilities are
too numerous to consider.

Uh, gravity, electron density.

I mean, maybe it really
is just a coincidence.

Yeah, you keep talking, Doc.

But all I hear is
"Blah, blah, blah."

If you gave me just an inch to breathe!

You're under a lot of stress.
I understand.

You understand?

You are holding me here against
my will and I'm finally cured!

Being powerless makes me vulnerable.

- You're paranoid.
- Very much so.

I think you need proper motivation.

Ow. Stop!

I'm counting on your help, doctor.

Sandra, what is it?

Where are you?

Why haven't you been
picking up my calls?

What's happened?

I took Claire to the hospital.
I know you told me not to.

Is she all right?

No, she is not all right.

They've stabilized her

But they say her whole system is
infected, like she's never been sick.

You know she is scared.

I don't know what to tell her
and I don't know what to do.

Okay, just...
Stay calm.

There are asking a lot of questions.

They called the police.

What am I supposed to tell them?

Tell them what I would tell them.

You mean lie.

I'll be right there.

What's going on?

What are those?

Leg braces.

This is me without my abilities.

I have cerebral palsy.

But you're the fastest
person in the world.

Last year, I could barely move.

And then there was an eclipse.

And afterwards, I could walk.

And then I could run.

Then I could run really fast.

And now, I'm back to where I started.

Read my thoughts if
you don't believe me.

I can't.

I can't.

I lost my abilities.

Hiro did too.

- We tried to fight Arthur Petrelli.
- He's punishing us.

We don't know if it was him.

I watched him kill your father.

It's right up his alley.

Not like I don't deserve it.

- Stop saying that.
- Why?

I'm a villain.

A nemesis, right?

You reap what you sow.

How many times do I have to tell you,
you are a good person?

You don't know me.

You didn't know about this.

You can't help me and stop
pretending like you can.

Everything all right?


Matt was just leaving.

This gonna give me my powers back?

It'll help track the changes
your body's going through.

You really think I'm
that kind of stupid, Doc?

Honestly, yeah. I did.

"Dude, this is so awesome."

We need the new issue of 9th Wonders.

You must help us.

What is this, some
kind of practical joke?

What, you think I hired these guys?

I'm Ando Masahashi.
This is Hiro Nakamura.


"How did you know
what I was gonna say?"

How did you put this in a comic book?

I didn't.

Dude, this is-- dude.

You must help us understand
why Hiro's lost his power

and how to get his memory back.

The world is at stake.

The answers are in these books.

Let's open up some back issue
and find out what's going on

This is not a library.
You want it, you buy it!

This one too, please.

It's okay.

May I help you?

No. We're fine, here.

He's gonna call the cops.

It doesn't matter. You'll be long gone.

What are you talking about?

You've bled a trail of bread
crumbs for Bennet to follow.

He's gonna be here any minute.

We have to split up or else
he's gonna kill us both.

No, we have to do this together.

That's the point.

With our abilities gone,
Bennet is the powerful one.

He's better trained
and he will kill you.

Maybe I deserve it.

No, you've changed.

Don't give up.

Do you have a plan?

Let him follow and set a trap.

Numbers are our biggest advantage.

Okay, we do this together.

Come on.

Go, go, go, go, go.

I know. I was there.


Hey, I thought you said you were gonna
figure out why our powers aren't working.

We are.

- In here?
- Yeah.

- Have you found anything?
- Actually, I have a theory.

Who are these bozos?

In Hiro's origin story,
there's an eclipse.

And there's an eclipse right now.


There was an eclipse
on the Yamagato roof.

The day everything changed.

Yeah, but what does that mean to us?

I think that your powers will
come back when the Eclipse ends.

Uh, guys.

You might actually be on
to something. Look at this.

This is a picture of Daphne
at her house and she's running.

I gotta get back there
before she leaves.

Thanks, guys.

That was Matt Parkman.

Yeah, I'm Matt Parkman.


I know you can't understand
a word I'm saying,

But there's something, um...

I need to confess.

You know, somebody's supposed
to be looking out for you.

Somebody's supposed
to be protecting you.

Standing up for you.

Somebody like me.

I had power.
I had influence.

And I didn't.

And I'm sorry.

Ready to go home?


They found him.
They found him.

We don't have much time.

- We need to make a run for it.
- No, no, it'll never work.

Look, you, uh...
I'll hold 'em off.

You guys escape. Go!
Give me that.

No, Pete--

Stop, you're a senator.
You're important.

You need the Haitian.

I'm expendable.

Have a little faith in me, okay?

Go. Go!

- Mom?
- Hey.

My mouth is dry.

It's the antibiotics.
You're fighting off an infection.

It hurts.

Here, take this. Here.

If the pain's too much,
press that button.

Where's Dad?

He's on his way.
Just try and relax.

You're lying.

You're not very good at it.

He will be here.

I'm so stupid.

All I wanted was for
this ability to go away.

And now it's gone.

Mrs. Butler,

we need to talk to you.

You have got to be brave.

I'm not brave.

I'm just a stupid teenager.

I didn't want to be.

I thought I could be more.

I'm sorry I ruined everything.

Claire, don't talk like that.

It hurts.

Why does it hurt so much?



Help! Help! Help!

We need help now!

She's coding.
Get me a crash cart.

Bring another liter.

She's antiseptic.

Oh, God!

He's here.

This isn't good.
It's too open.

Okay, come on.

We'll take this down.
It'll buy us some time.

Wait, what are you doing?

Goodbye, Elle.

Gabriel, no!

Gabriel! No!

Gabriel, no!

She's gone into septic shock.
Crack the chest.

I get it, you're in control.

The agent, the killer.

And I'm defenseless.

What if Claire could see you now?

Shut up!

We're losing her! Paddles!

Paddles ready. Charge.





Poor Gabriel.

You always wanted to be special.

Look at you now.


You're nobody.


We gotta get you outta here.


Mr. Millbrook?

What happened?

She's gone.

- Gone where?
- I don't know.

No note. No goodbye.

Just gone... Again.

- Uh, you okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

It's all my fault.
He's been so good to me.

When she started walking--

I almost got killed
'cause I was selfish.

A fluke.

Maybe if I'd have done more,
she would've stayed.

Don't think that.

I gotta go.

I never should have stolen
the formula for Arthur.

So stupid.

Now everything's screwed up.

Matt's dad is dead.
I brought them all together.

I'm as bad as they are.
Horrible person.

- Hey.
- Hey.

You got your ability back.

Well, you could be anywhere
in the world right now.

What are you still doing here?

I came to talk to Ray.

Does Ray talk back?

I made him when I was 13.

This crop is my dad's livelihood.

And one fall, the birds
were feasting on it.

We were losing the crop.

Then along came Ray.

He saved the field.

No, you did.

Life just took a lot from you.

You were trying to take something back.

I get that.

We're all flawed.

Powers or no powers.

But when it counts,
you're a good person.

I know it and you
know that I know it.

So you forgive me?

I'm not the one you need
to ask forgiveness from.

You came here for a reason.
To set something right.

Go do it, Speedy.

[Speaking in French]

Stop firing!

- Thanks for coming back.
- You got it.

This isn't your fight.

You made it my fight.

Use your ability.

Turn his off. I have a shot!

This is my responsibility.

Maya, it's me. Mohinder.

Just a minute.


You gotta get him out
of my bathroom, man.

What is his problem?

He doesn't want to grow up.

Everyone has to grow up!


He says, "You guys didn't grow up."

You read comic books and eat junk food.

If you were Hiro...

You're not, but if you were,

you would know that saving the world
comes before everything else.

He says, "Look what happens when I try."

"My father's dead."

"Why bother being a hero?"

Because you give people hope.

Anybody, even a lowly office drone
can make a difference.

You don't have to be a billionaire
like Batman or an alien like Superman.

You just have to believe.

I, uh, thought you didn't
believe in any of this.

I don't.

Thank you.

This is really weird.

Did you find something?

Issue one of 9th Wonders.

Yeah, this is the issue where, uh, Hiro's
dad gives the baby Claire to her father,

makes him swear to protect her.

You were there.

That's the first and only time that
Claire Bennet and Hiro Nakamura met.

- That's not the only time.
- No, no, Kirby Plaza doesn't count.

They never actually even talked.

Maybe they did.
Look at this.

In the greenhouse.

That's Claire...

And that's Hiro
hiding behind the ferns.

And Hiro's wearing the
same clothes he is now.

I think Hiro has to take Claire here
to get his memory back.

How does he find Claire?


Best day ever!

Claire Bear. You okay?

I needed you...

And you weren't there again.

I'm sorry.

There was something I had to do.

There's always
something you have to do.

Work's just more important.



On the day I was
assigned to protect you--

That's right.

I'm just an assignment.

Claire, you know that's not true.

I died!

But I guess that's just
old news to you, isn't it?

You died?


Why does it matter?

It matters.

- What is it? What's wrong?
- Where's your mother?

She's with us.

-Stay back!
- Ahh!

We're taking Claire with us.

That's what we came
for in the first place.

You following Daddy's orders now?

You trying to be a good boy?

Not a good boy. Not exactly.

Something else.
Something more like...

Like you.

Home, family.

But not afraid to do
the job I have to do.


Look, I will go with you, okay?

Just please, leave him alone.

I think this game of
cat and mouse is over.

They're not your parents.

What are you talking about?

They're manipulating you.

Arthur and Angela.

I've read your files, Gabriel.
You're not their son.

They're just leveraging your mommy
issues to turn you into their weapon.

He's lying.

Don't let him get inside your head.

You know exactly who he is
because you helped create him.

And you can't undo that.

Not ever.

You really think you two
could have a normal life?

He killed your father, Elle.


What the hell?


We got our abilities back.

Where's Hiro?

- He's gone.
- Gone where?

No one knows.

Okay, uh, let's look in
one of your comic books.

No, no, that well is dry.

Isaac Mendez is dead.

This is the last posthumous issue.

- But it's not the last story.
- What do you mean?

There's a legend I heard
from a guy at a convention

who heard it from a dude,
who heard it from another dude

that one more 9th Wonders story exists.


The day that he died,

Isaac Mendez bequeathed his sketch
book to a humble bike messenger.

You find that messenger,
you find your story.

Vivian? Vivian!

I'll bring the girls
back to their parents.

Thank you for what you did.

Nobody should ever have to make
the sacrifice you made today.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

Pete, you've always
made your own decisions.

I haven't agreed with all of them,

but they've always
come from your heart.

I respect that.

And I'm sorry about--


Thank you.

It means a lot.

I'm going to Pinehearst.

- To Dad?
- It's got nothing to do with Dad.

Look, I'm never gonna forgive
him for what he did to us.

But his idea,
giving people abilities...

- The right people--
- Is wrong.

It's not wrong, Pete.

It's so right.

You saw what one man with unstoppable
powers nearly did to this country.

Yeah, but we stopped him.

We didn't do anything.

He did, because he still had power.

And that was just one village.

What about the whole world?

Somalia, Darfur,
Bosnia, the Middle East.

Murder, genocide.

Don't we have an obligation
to try and stop it?

Yes, we do, but not like this.

Then how?

Pinehearst has a way, Pete.

It's not perfect.

Not yet.

But if we don't try and stop...

What's happening in the world,

then we're just as guilty as the
people who are committing the crime.

- Nathan.
- Pete, I can't live with that.

- Nathan, you--
- Call TK at the embassy.

He'll help you get home.

Nathan, you can't do this!

I'm sorry, Pete.

I think this eclipse showed
us all exactly who we are.



And weak.

Are you ready to get back to work?

Look at me.

Where else could I go?

We'll find a cure.

But that monster inside of you,

that's something you're gonna have
to take care of all by yourself.

- What was that?
- Hiro Nakamura.

Strange day.

Was Bennet lying about my parents?

Of course he was.
He's Bennet.

He seemed to think you
knew something about it.

He's just trying to mess...
with you.

Sit down.

I've been thinking.

About what?

What you said about finding
ourselves free of parents.

Our powers.

What about it?

You were wrong.

Nobody ever really changes.

You did.

I saw you.

That was temporary.

And then I got my powers back.

And I understand now.

And I'm never gonna change.

Neither are you because
we're both just damaged goods.

You're hurting me.

I know.

What did you do?

What the hell is going on?


"I don't think I'd be
a very good father."

"Once again, not a request."

"Don't get too close."

Holy sh--