Heroes (2006–2010): Season 3, Episode 9 - Chapter Nine 'It's Coming' - full transcript

Barely escaping from the evil and powerful Arthur Petrelli, Ando forces Hiro to teleport them back to Japan only to discover that Mr. Petrelli has erased most of Hiro's mind and who thinks he's 10-years-old, and still in school. Ando must try find a way to make Hiro remember his powers. Meanwhile, Sylar tries to reason with the captive Elle to force out her anger and to learn how to take her powers without killing her. Mr. Petrelli sends Knox and Flint out after Claire and Peter who try to find a way to outwit their pursuers. Matt Parkman tries to scan the comatose Angela Petrelli's mind to try to save her and learns that Daphne is a double-agent assigned to watch over him and that Mr. Petrelli has something against her. While Suresh continues to unsuccessfully search for the secret to the formula to give people powers, Nathan and Tracy pay a visit to Pinehurst where they meet with the manipulative Arthur Petrelli who offers Nathan the world in exchange for his loyalties and help. Nathan declines, but Tracy, eager to gain more power in politics, accepts.

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Previously on Heroes.

You had to go and be the detective,
didn't you, Matt?

Now that you know,
you can't be here.



This girl found me and said I should
go to this company, Pinehearst.

If there is a chance that these
people at Pinehearst can help us...


You don't have your
powers any more, Peter.

Because I have them now.

I'm sorry, Peter,
this is something I have to do.

If you help him, you're proving the
worst things I've said about you.

Just kick his ass,
and let's get out of here.

Oh, I'm not going anywhere,
Peter. You are.

You can't heal.
How did you fall that far and not die?

Now that they think that we're dead,
we have time to get away.

No. I told you
I'm not running.

There's a company, Primatech, they know
how to deal with situations like this.

If anybody can help,
they can.

It worked.
He thinks I'm on his side.


ARTHUR: Hello, Angela. You can
see the future. I can't have that.

That's too dangerous.

Dad's dead.
He's not, he's alive.

I need to know where he is.


the biotech firm?

How do you
know about Pinehearst?

I've been taking a consultant
fee from them for over a year.

I can open doors.

I don't need any doors opened.
I plan on kicking them down.

I'm ready to
begin my spirit walk.

I understand you've been
dreaming about me.


MOHINDER: When the moon passes
between the sun and the Earth,

a strange fascination takes
root in the heart, and
suddenly anything is possible.

Its power is undeniable,
its beauty mesmerizing,

its lure biblical,
its meaning unknowable,

and as quickly as it comes,
it disappears,

leaving us to dwell on our own
insignificance in the face of God.


ARTHUR: I understand you've
been dreaming about me.

I can't have that.
It's too dangerous.

Leave my friend alone!




You had one job to do, and now I
have to come clean up your mess.

That's what I get for sending
a boy to do a man's job.








Still hard to believe Peter survived
that fall without his powers.

Yeah, I was just
thinking that myself.

Come, I have something
to show you.

Where are you taking me?

It's time I started acting
like your father, Gabriel.

That hunger you've got, it's not
about killing, it's about power.

You can take all the abilities you want,
without killing. I can teach you.


By accessing your empathy,
that part of your heart I know is there.

You've had this power all along.


What makes you think
I'm capable of that?

Because I know you're the one
that saved Peter from that fall.





We have to
get out of here.

I know,
but you're not coming with me. What?

I'm gonna go someplace where they can't
find me, and you're gonna go home.

Peter, I have to protect you.
I can protect myself, Claire.

How? You don't have your powers.
Your father's trying to kill you.

Look, this isn't your fight.
I need you to stay...

Stay what?



Fire escape, run.
I'll hold them off.

I have a plan. Go.

You're never
gonna find him.

That's cute.
She's protecting him.


Don't you know?

I'm the defensive
player of the year.


PETER: Come on.

Told you I had a plan.

What's wrong?
They're coming. Come on.


Go, go.

We should keep moving.

Any luck yet?

If you call
this "luck."

What went wrong?
I don't know.

I'm beginning to
think it's impossible

to give people abilities
without an adverse reaction.

He's a human being
for God's sake.

I see we share
a fascination.

It seems most of the
powers I've documented

took place during the last
total annular eclipse.

It's probably
just a coincidence.

I thought I'd successfully
combined my findings with yours.

I mean, theoretically,
this formula is sound,

but the serum is triggering a
mutation because something is missing.

Some kind of catalyst

that allows the proteins from the
serum to bond with the enzymes

produced by each
individual's adrenals.

Then you'll just have to keep looking.
It's not that simple.

The key component
of this catalyst

would be something that couldn't
be stored or created synthetically.

Meaning what?
Meaning it would live in a human host.

You're saying this catalyst
isn't something, it's someone?

I'm sorry?

My former colleague,
Kaito Nakamura,

he hid it,
just not well enough.


I will kill you,
you son of a bitch.

(SHOUTING) You murdered my father.
Yes, I did.

(SCREAMING) How could you do that to me?


I'm not gonna insult you
by saying I'm sorry.

You deserve so much more than
that, Elle. You deserve vengeance.

I'll take
whatever you've got.


I thought you said there were
people who could help us here.

There were. I don't...
Where'd they all go?

It's like a ghost town.


Who is that?
Her name is Angela Petrelli.


What's wrong with her?
I don't know.

Mrs. Petrelli.




What is it?
What did you see?

I got to help her.
I'm gonna get a nurse.


Didn't expect you so soon.

Matt Parkman's at Primatech.
He's trying to help your wife.

Did you do that to her?

Mrs. Petrelli will be fine.

Can we leave
Matt out of this?

You know,

if you're unhappy, I can
always arrange for you to go
back to your previous life.

Just tell me what I'm supposed to do.
Stay with Parkman.

And if he tries to help your wife?
Then I'll be waiting.

We'll keep going,
then we'll separate. Separate?

I told you, you have to go home.
I'm not going home, Peter.

You still have a chance,

I left home so I could fight
these people, and I have.

I can protect myself now,
I can protect you.

That's the problem.

What's this all about?

That alley back there?
That's where you kill me.


In the future, you find me and you
shoot me twice, right in the chest.

What are you talking about?
Why would I do that?

Because what you are
becoming is a killer.

And I'm trying really hard
to make sure that future that
I saw does not come true.

And I don't know
if I can do it

because everything
that happens, everything,

you're still becoming this woman who...
Who what?

Who kills you? Stop saying that.
Claire, just go home.


No, it's not gonna happen,
and it's all your fault.

You should've never come
to Odessa to save me.

You should've never become
my friend or my hero.

And now I can't leave you
because I have a favor to return.




You want him,
you're gonna have to go through me.

You can't fight it,

How do you know my name?

Because we didn't come for Peter.
We came for you.


No. No.

Get off of me!


No. Let me go.














I couldn't find anyone.
There's no one here.

I got to try and get inside her head,
see if I can unlock what's holding her.

Is that safe?
Can you get hurt?

I don't know. I've only done
it one other time with my dad.

How'd that work out?

What do you
need me to do?

Just stay here and
keep an eye on me, okay?

I might disappear
for a while, in there.

But I'll be back.
I'll be okay.

Just knowing that
you're here is gonna help.

Matt? Can you hear me?



A murderer!


I didn't want to kill him.

I didn't want to kill any of them,
you know that.

You saved my life,
remember, Elle?

You know the pain I feel over this,
the urge.

But I'm not gonna let it control me,
not anymore.


I'll kill you.
I swear to God I will kill you.

I swear to God
I will kill you.


I understand.

You need to let it out.



The anger,

the betrayal,

you can take it out on me.
I can take it all.





Go ahead, kill me.


There was a wide spot up in the road,
in the Berkshires.

My father used to take my brother and
me fishing there when we were kids.

It was called Pinehearst. Nathan,
are you sure you want to do this?

If he's alive, maybe there's a
reason he hasn't contacted you.

I need to know the truth.

Everything I've ever done in my
life has been because of my father.

I went to law school to be like him,
I married the girl he wanted me to,

I ran for office
because he couldn't.

If he's alive,
I've got to see him.

My God.

Good to see you, too, Nathan.
Come give your dad a hug.

You must be Miss Strauss.
I must be.

Do you have any idea what
you've done to this family?

What you've done to me?
Hindsight being 20-20,

I should've told you sooner what
your role was in all of this.

My role?

Would you excuse us, please?
My son and I need to talk alone.


Take a hard look at the last
couple of weeks of your life,

and you will see that
role coming into focus.

The assassination, Linderman,
the Senate seat,

all part of your destiny.

That was all you.

You were born with a talent, Nathan,
the talent to lead a nation.

This is the same crap Linderman spouted.
I'm not falling for it again.

Because last time it was
New York that was destroyed,

and this time it'll be
the world, right?

Look around you, it's already
happening, and I've got
the formula that will stop it.

You're insane.

I'm not afraid to admit that you
have always been my favorite son.

The one most like me,
the strong one.

We can save
the world together.

This can be our legacy,
Nathan, for the Petrelli name.

I'm offering you this
chance as your father.



Kill me. Take my power,
that's what you want.

(SOBBING) Kill me
and make the pain stop.

I want to make it stop,

but I'm not
gonna kill you.

Please, just do it.
I'm sorry.

I want to be
a good person.

You're a monster like me.

Your father made you this way,
just like my mother made me.

We were never good enough for them,
Elle. You never meant to be this way.

You wanted to be normal,
you just didn't know how.

You saved my life once, Elle,
gave me the will to live.

Don't you see?
I owe you.

I only saved you

so we could use you
like a lab rat.

You were just
following orders.


But I forgive you.

Now you need
to forgive yourself.


The pain,

it's gone.


Oh, God.
Oh, my God.


Let me go!


You've got two choices,
let her go or you die.

You and what army?
Peter, what are you doing?


I don't need an army
to kick your ass, Flint.

I can do that all by myself.
Don't even need my powers.


Stop. Gas.

PETER: Claire, run!

No one's ever done anything
like that for me before.

You forgave yourself,

We're all at war with ourselves,
that's what it means to be human.

The trick is figuring out
how to be on the winning side.


You want to try?


Clearly, I don't
have it figured out yet.


Let me show you
a few tricks.

You aim and go like this.

That's good.
This time loosen up.

You know, give it some attitude,
some English.

That's really good.

Keep it up, you'll be
a gunslinger in no time.

Thank you.
It's amazing.

Thank you.






NATHAN: He wants to give
half the planet superpowers

so that we can save the world together,
with me as president.

And you believed him?
I don't know what to believe.

Nothing makes any sense.
I thought the man was dead.

I don't even know what to do
with my life now that he's alive.

Hold on a minute.
You are a US senator.

You've got
an entire constituency

riding on you having a clear
vision for what you believe in.

Good luck with that.

No, you need to listen to me.
You've got to snap the hell out of this.

You have to get yourself together.
Do you understand?

We should go
back to Washington.

We'll get the Justice
Department involved...

No. Let's keep a lid on it.

But people have to know.

The last time I tried to tell
anybody anything like this,

my brother came back from the
future and shot me. Twice.

I'm gonna go to Primatech.
See what else my mother knows.

You go to Washington,
cover for me.

I'll be back in touch when I
know what our next move is, okay?



Let me guess.
You want me to take away your power.

No, I'm actually
getting used to it.

I'm here because I think that
you and I can help each other.

Can we, now?

And all I ask on my end is that you
look out for me once the dust settles.

See, I believe that you
have a PR problem.

I pride myself on knowing
how the tides turn.

I know how
the world works,

and for your plan to succeed,
you need a public face.

Now, normally,
that would be you.

Problem is the world
thinks you're dead.

A thorny issue,
I admit.

But I think Nathan
can be that face.

The bad news,
he's on the fence.

The good news,
I can push him over.

You scratch my back, and I will make
sure he lands on the right side.



Can you hear me?

Angela, you okay?

I'm here to help you.
I'm gonna get you out of here.

ANGELA: You shouldn't have come.
He's too dangerous.

Don't you understand?
There's no escape.

Even if you get them off,
Arthur's locked all of the doors.

These doors are open.
I can get us out of here.

Daphne, what are you doing here?

I'm here to help you, Matt.



Daphne, don't.



No. No.
You got to come back.

(GRUNTING) Daphne, don't.


Matt, wake up.
Matt, wake up.

Matt, you've got
to wake up.

MATT: Daphne!
Wake up, Matt.

Matt? Matt, wake up.
Bring me in there, Matt.

Matt, you have
to take me in there.


Matt, we got to go, now.
Get away from me.

I came to help you.

(GROANING) You stabbed me.
That wasn't me.

Don't believe her,
Matt. Take it from me.

A woman will betray you at every turn.


You're lying.

How do you think I knew where you were?
She told me.

She betrayed you, Matt.

Like Angela betrayed me.

You told him?
I was afraid.

I thought I had to.
He said he'd take it all away from me.

What are you
talking about?

I can't go back to being
the way that I was, Matt,

but I couldn't
let you die, either.

I'm sorry. I just...
I didn't know. Didn't know what?

How much I care about you.
Matt, you're bleeding.

I don't know how
Arthur's doing it,

but you've got to wake up
or you're going to die.

You can't trust her, Matt. She lies.
They all lie. Send her away.

No. No, don't.
Matt, please.

I made a mistake.

I trusted the wrong people,
but I can't lose you.

I love you.

ANGELA: We were once
like that, Arthur.


You loved me, and there's a
part of you that still does.

So now you're gonna let me go,
you understand?

I said let me go,


MATT: We gotta go. Fast.



We did it.
You were there.

Was that really you?
Yeah, you brought me in.

And those things
that you said...

Yeah, that was me, too,
and I meant every word of it.

(WEAKLY) Detective Parkman.

You okay?
I'm gonna get a doctor.


She can't be trusted.
You're the one who can't be trusted.

You shot
your own brother.

CLAIRE: Matt, stop. Matt. You sent
me off in the middle of nowhere.

It wasn't me.
It wasn't me.

PETER: Matt, you've got to believe me,
I'm telling the truth.

Where's Angela?

She's awake.

Test subject was injected
with batch 38 at 06:34 hours.

Heart rate rose to 164 beats per minute,
sustained at that level for two hours.

(WHISPERING) I am so sorry.

Please kill me.




9th Wonders!


Mom. Thank God
you're okay.

Your father,
he's alive. I know.

I talked to him today.

He's got the formula,
both halves.

They were supposed to be
hidden away forever,

but someone's stolen them
right out from underneath us.

Peter and I have
both seen the future

and, trust me, it's not one
that any of you want to face.

Make that three of us,
and she's right.

Arthur's probably figured out
by now that there's
a third piece of the formula.

It won't work without it.

What kind of piece?
It's a catalyst.

Hidden away in the
blood of a human host.

Kaito Nakamura was the only one
who knew the identity of the host.

And Kaito,
as we know, is dead.

So how do we find the host?
We don't have to.

We just have to make
sure that he doesn't.

When Sylar attacked me,
he saw something.

He took off
the top of my head.

He said I was different
from everyone else. Special.


I didn't understand what
that meant until today.

I think
I'm the catalyst.

MOHINDER: It starts with light
and ends with light, and
in between there is darkness.

Nothing there is
beyond hope,

nothing that can be
sworn impossible,

nothing left unimagined,

since Zeus, father of the Olympians,
made night from midday,

hiding the light
of the shining sun,

and raining dark fear
down upon men.

It's coming.