Heroes (2006–2010): Season 2, Episode 9 - Chapter Nine: Cautionary Tales - full transcript

Hiro learns of his father's death and travels back in time to save him only to realize that he must let events unfold as fate intended. He does however recognize his father's killer. Matt Parkman realizes that he has the ability to implant thoughts in other people's minds. He wants to know the identity of the woman in the photo with his father. When Bob and Suresh kidnap Claire Bennet, HRG and West set out to rescue her but get their own bargaining chip beforehand.

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Previously on Heroes...

Of all of them...

I never expected
it would be you.


This thing we can do,

It only begins

At reading minds.

And then it becomes
so much more.


(Mr. Bennet)
Isaac Mendez.

Everything he's ever painted
has come true.

Have they given you a gun?

her name is Claire Bennet.

You remember
her father, Noah?

You're saying
we should kill him?

I'm saying
we should be prepared.

I have been working
with bennet

To take down this company.

Why are you
telling me this now?

He found us.

The man who abducted me.

We've gotta
get out of here.

That's what i've been
trying to tell you.

The guy in the glasses
is my father.

it's not safe here anymore.

Pack your bags.
We're moving.

[Tape peeling]

[Dishes clatter]

What are you wearing?

My uniform.

I have a pep rally today.

Well, maybe i
didn't make myself clear.

We're leaving
costa verde today.

You made yourself
plenty clear.

I'm not leaving.

Go change
out of that outfit

Or i will--
Or you'll what?

Abduct me?

Experiment on me?
Erase my memory?

That's what you did,
isn't it, dad?

And then you inject them
with some sort of--

You are talking about
things you don't understand.

Actually, i do understand.

You abducted west.


When he was, like, 12.

When he saw you yesterday,

I have never seen anyone

So terrified.

What are you talking about,

Dad does not
abduct people.

Dad is a bad guy, lyle.
He's a liar.

Don't listen
to a word he says.


Would you
stop defending him?

That's all you do.
I mean, look at us!

Moving, lying,
changing our names.

All i want
is for you to have

A safe and normal life.

This isn't about me.

This is all about you
and the things you've done.

If you and your boyfriend
hadn't showboated, none of--

Stop using that
as an excuse.

No matter what i do,

This is never gonna end,
is it, dad?

We'll always be running.

Do not walk
out of that door!

What are you gonna do...
tie me up?

If i have to.


Noah, put down the tape.

Claire, go to school,
say good-Bye to your friends,

Then come right home.

We are leaving tonight.
You got it?

I hate you.


Heroes Chapter 9
"Cautionary Tales"

[Bell chiming]

I do not take

Death threats idly.

So you think
one of us sent these?

yes, for the pain
we caused.

The people
we have killed.

There is no end
to our suffering.

Good morning.


How'd you sleep?

On my pillow.

No nightmares,
no nightmare man?



What were you
looking at?

That's a puzzle.

People in that photo
fit together somehow.

Some of 'em got hurt,
and i'm trying to find the rest

So that no one else
has to.

I can find them
for you.


No, you won't.

I made that mistake once.

I'm never gonna ask you
to do that again.

Sit down, eat breakfast.

I want you to be
a normal little girl.

I'm not normal.
I can find people.

All right, you wanna help?

Come here.

if you wanna help,

Help me put
the nightmare man behind us,

So we can get back
to normal.

And just be a little girl.

Go to school, have fun.

And i'll be...
an underpaid cop.


But why can't we?

[Matt thinking]
just do it, okay?

For me?

Okay, i'll do it for you.

Back to normal.

come back and finish
your cereal.

[Small crowd chattering]

[Splash in swimming pool]

Welcome to Costa Verde.

How we gonna do this?


We grab claire,
we take out her father.

We get out.

When you say "take out,"
you mean kill?

It is a euphemism.

Word choice aside,

I never agreed
to take out anybody.

You were loyal to bennet.
I get that.

The two of you were going
to take down the company.

But you made the right choice
in telling me the truth.

I'm not choosing sides.

This is about claire's blood
curing niki.

I'm just trying to do
the right thing

For everyone.

That's what i like
about you, Dr. Suresh.

Your moral compass
always faces

True north.

Which is why you're
going to get a new partner.

One who can execute.

One whose compass
faces north-Northwest.

I hope you're
using sunscreen.

Overprotective, much?

Dr. Suresh,

I would like you to meet
my daughter, elle.

Your daughter?

She's the executioner?

What's your super power...
punching bag?

Have you been working
on your sharp shooting?

I don't want you to get
too close to bennet.

Hey, fight club...
check this out.

What's your deal?

I figured this was
your flight path to school.

You don't have to pretend
anymore, Claire.

The jig is kinda up,
spy girl.

I'm not pretending.

And i'm not a spy, i swear.

I'm just...

I'm just a cheerleader.

So this is all
a big coincidence?

That your dad just happens
to be the guy

Who abducted me?

Then why didn't
you just tell me?

I was selfish.

You liked me.

You were like me.

And i thought...

That if i told you...

It would just
mess everything up.

And i guess it did.

My family's leaving town.



But i'm not going
with them.

I'm staying here
because of you.

I wanna believe you.

But i don't.

I need to go
figure things out.

Yes, i've been on hold
waiting for a special agent--

No, some of that
interdepartmental cooperation

I've been hearing so much about
on the news.

[Sardonic chuckle]

Yes, i'll hold.

[Dial tone]

What are you doing?

I was on hold
with the fbi.

Well, i want you
to tell me

Why you're on hold
with the fbi.

Because i'm trying
to get some information

On the kaito nakamura case.

The kaito nakamura case
is closed.

Angela petrelli
confessed, partner.

Yeah, but she didn't do it.

There's something bigger
going on here.

I don't know what it is,
but these guys are involved

In some kind of, uh,

Like from back in the '70s.

Like a disco?

Like a research facility.

I was there yesterday.

All these guys--Nakamura,
linderman, arthur petrelli,

My dad,
and this adam monroe guy.

Your dad?


Let it go.

You got real work to do.

This is real work!

And it's important.
Lives could be at stake.

Your job could be at stake
if you keep this up, parkman.

Now, i need you back
on the planet earth.

You got me?


Excuse me, detective?

give me 24 hours.

Let me talk
to angela petrelli again.

Tell you what.

You got 24 hours.

Talk to angela petrelli

Then you're done.

Thank you.

Great idea.

Is this him?

he looks a lot
younger there.

Well, apparently,
he can fly.

Did you really do
what claire said?

Abduct him
when he was just a boy?

I thought
we were doing good.

Saving the world.

Honestly, i don't know why

I'm not getting in the car
with the kids and leaving you.

Come here.
I want to show you something.

Remember that painting
i showed you?

The death of kaito nakamura.

Kind of hard
to forget a story

About a man who can
paint the future.

Well, that
was one of eight.

I found the other seven

That's claire, isn't it?

Is that...
claire's right.

It's all about me.

And this man with the gun,

Is he gonna shoot you?

Believe me,
i've considered it.

But suresh
is one of the good guys.

And you think west
has something to do with it?

I don't know,
but west is the reason

Why claire
won't leave town.

And i need to talk to him.

It's all falling apart.

I really need you now.

I'm gonna...
take lyle to school.

[Cell phone ringing]


Is molly well enough
to use her ability?


I need to track down a boy,

And i don't have time to run
all over costa verde.

His name is west rosen.

Are you okay?
You sound--

Can you do it or not?

Yes, of course.



Thank you.

[Seagulls calling]

That was bennet.

Does he know we're here?


He just wanted
some information.

A location of a boy.

Maybe we can use this
to our advantage.

How so?

We feed him a false location.

We isolate him.
We get him away from claire.

We don't have to kill him.

Do you know what happens

When you change your plans


Neither do i.

Because we don't do it.

Let me put it this way.

We do it my way,
or i blow the whistle right now.

Tell bennet everything.

Bennet is dangerous.

You saw what he did

To his mentor
in the ukraine.

Don't you think
if push came to shove,

He's do the same to you?


I don't.

He's adorable.

Can i keep him?

Okay...we do it
the doctor's way.

i sought redemption

By helping hiro
fulfill his destiny

To save the world.

How did you
help your son?

I'm leaving
for japan tonight.

I suggest you
disappear as well.

Where are you going?

I can't just wait around.

He goes to school
with Claire.

Remember me?

Then you know i don't
have super strength.

I can't hold on forever.

What do you want?

We took you
to study your abilities!

I don't care
about any of that!

Is she working with you?

Or for you?

Did she ever
really care about me?

Claire never even mentioned
you existed!

You hear me?

She lied to me!

So i'm guessing you're
pretty important to her.

[Both grunting and panting]

Aah! Agh!


You listen to me
very carefully.

I am taking claire.
We are leaving town.

And you are gonna convince her
that's the right thing to do.

[Cell phone ringing]

I just spoke to molly.

She's located west.
He's in Costa Verde.

Corner of Verbena and Palm.

Right now?

Are you sure?

Molly's ability
has pinpoint accuracy.

But i can't guarantee
that he'll be there forever.

You should
get there quickly.


I'll head right over.

What's going on?

Claire's in danger.

I need your help.

[Rock music playing]

Claire butler,

Bring it on in!

Hey, we missed you
this morning.

Is everything okay?

Yeah, everything's great.


Come here.

This is Mr. Bishop from
the state board of education.

He needs to talk to you
about the debbie incident.

Please...call me Bob.

Am i in trouble?
No, no, no.

Just wanna ask you
a couple questions.

May we walk?

Yeah, sure.

We take underage drinking
very seriously.

Of course.

You haven't seen
any other incidents

Of drinking, hazing?

No, sir, none.

You wouldn't lie to me,
would you?

No, sir.

Because an incident
like this

Can ruin a girl's life.

You wouldn't wanna do that,
would you, miss bennet?

What did you just call me?


Have you killed
many people?

How is that
any of your business?

I guess it's not.


Let me talk to him first.


You sure?

I am.

He trusts me.

What are you doing here?

I'm sorry i lied to you.

I only have a second.
You have to listen to me.

Are they forcing you
to do this?

Do they have molly?

Nobody is forcing me
to do anything.

I'm here to ask you
to give us claire.

We need her blood.

You've gone native.

Are you kidding me?

She'll be returned to you
safe, unharmed.

You have my word.

No offense, mohinder,

But your word
isn't what it used to be.

Claire is very important
to the work we're doing.

She can save lives.

"The work we're doing."
You sound like me ten years ago.

This is what they do:
they indoctrinate you.

I couldn't have been
more clear about this

When you agreed to go in.

They're not who
you think they are.

They are not
getting claire.

I have to do
what i think is right.

Start driving.







This guy showed up
at my school.

He knew our real name.

Dad was right.

I messed up,
and they found us.

We gotta go.
Go where?

What is this?

That's why your father's

Been acting so strangely--
He thinks that's gonna happen.

Isaac mendez...

He was a very
talented artist,

And incredibly accurate.

Good to see you again,

You know him?


He was the regional
sales manager

Of primatech paper.

So who's your partner?

Excuse me?

Company policy.

One of them, one of us.

Who's yours?

Elle, huh?

You know her?

Oh, yeah.

Hey, you.



Uhh! Ohh...

You lie to me,
betray me.

You come after my daughter.

How did you think
it was gonna end?

Mr. Butler...

What are you doing?

No one's taking
my little girl.


Sandra! Claire!

Uhh! He took claire.

Your old boss bob.

What the hell is going on?

It's okay.

We're gonna get her back.

How, noah?

I've got collateral.

What do you mean,

Hi, mrs. Butler.

It's good to, uh...
see you again.

Did you pack mr. Muggles'
doggy bath?

I need to speak
to your father.

What do you think--
This is my first day?


Stings like a bitch,
doesn't it?

I know all about
your ability, elle.

You don't know
anything about me.

I was there.

When your father
first brought you in.

You were a normal girl.

Unicorns and rainbows.

And then they started
the testing.

The human brain isn't built
to take that much electricity.

You poor girl.

My father would never
let that happen.

Your father
was leading the charge.

I don't remember
any of that.

No memories, huh?

Kind of like someone
took them away?

Why do you think

I never let the company
anywhere near claire?

I didn't want her

To become you.

Now i need
to talk to your father

To arrange a trade.

Claire for you.

What if he doesn't
wanna make a deal?

You'd be surprised what a father
would do for his daughter.

Elle, where are you?

you touch my daughter
and i'll kill yours.

And then i'll kill you.


We'll be at the imperial
beach parking lot

In two hours.

Well, looks like
you and i

Are going to the beach.

I'll do whatever
you want, okay?

Just promise me
you'll leave my dad alone.

I wish it were that easy.

he's got my daughter.

Let me talk to him.
He'll listen to me.

He's not big
on the listening.

And once he sets his mind,
it's stuck.

Which is why we gave you
to him in the first place.

We thought he would
be loyal to the end.

Turns out we were right.

It's too bad, really.

You'd be an excellent
addition to the team, claire.

You, your blood.

You can help
a lot of people.

Take my blood.

Take as much as you want,
but leave my dad alone.

No one has to die.

Thanks for your help,

Now go on home
to your family.

No way!

I'm going with you.

No, it's too dangerous.

Exactly, and i'm the quickest way
To get claire out of there.

All right.

You can wait for me
in the car, okay?

they say girls
tend to find boys

Just like their dads.

Because he can fly?

No, her real dad.


All he cares about
is protecting her.

If anything happens...

Nothin' is gonna happen,

Except you
bringing Claire back.

Of all of them...

I never expected
it would be you.


Kaito! Kaito!



If you visit me one more time,
detective parkman,

I'll expect you to make
an honest woman out of me.

That is the plan

are you going to try
to read my mind again?

I knew your father
when he could do it.

I'm even less impressed
with you.

Those marks that you have
all over you,

My father made you do that
to yourself, didn't he?

Did you know him

When his mind reading
became something more?

When pull became push,
and then he realized

He could put a thought
into anyone's head?

Don't do this.

you are gonna answer
Every question
i have truthfully.

For once.

Who really killed
kaito nakamura?

It was adam.

Your son told me
that you and your friends

Locked him up 30 years ago.

He was dangerous.

Dangerous how?
Like a bomb?
No, worse.

We thought he was just
able to heal.

Cellular regeneration.

Like claire,
your granddaughter.

What we didn't know
is that if your cells

Continually regenerate,

After a while,
you stop growing old.

What's old?

400 years.

Do you know
where adam is now?

All i know is
that he wants revenge

For locking him up,
and he's not gonna rest

Until all of us are dead.

All of you are,
except for you, bob,

My dad,
and this woman in the photo.

Who is this woman?

Please...don't do this.

I need you to tell me
the truth.

The truth...

The truth...
is that our generation

Mortgaged our souls
to protect yours.

Show a little respect
for that.

Get over your daddy issues
and leave us be!

That's all i want.
Believe me.

But adam is still out there,
and this woman is on his list.

tell me the truth.

Who is she?

All she wants
is to be left alone.

I made her a promise.

If you take
this secret from me,

You're not just
like your father...

You are him.

What kind of car
do you drive?

Excuse me?

I know you can fly,
but you're still a teenager.

You do have a car, right?

Yeah, it's a piece
of crap suv.

I drove a '52 citroen
when i was your age.

Oh, those things
are awesome.

Now once we get Claire,

You fly her out

No matter what else happens.

You understand me?

Yes, sir.

It doesn't have to be
this way, noah.

Dad, the painting!



No matter what i do...

We'll always be running.

But if you die, bob...

The company dies with you.

please, don't do this.

The last thing
i really said to my dad...

Was "i hate you."

You didn't mean it.

No, i did.

I keep playing it
over and over.

How i'll never get a chance
to take it back.


To be continued...