Heroes (2006–2010): Season 2, Episode 8 - Chapter Eight 'Four Months Ago...' - full transcript

In flashbacks, we learn what happened to the heroes in the four months after the events at Kirby Plaza. Maja learns of her deadly powers at her brother Alejandro's wedding. Niki starts a Company-sponsored drug program but stops taking the medication only to realize that another hidden personality has emerged. Imprisoned by the Company, Peter Petrelli meets the now familiar Adam Monroe and we learn how he ended up in the shipping container destined for Ireland.

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Previously on Heroes:

As long as I have breath,
anything you love, I will lay to waste.

Jessica wasn't the strong one.
It was you.

Adam was dangerous. We locked him up,
we threw away the key.

Two weeks ago, he escapes,
and now he wants revenge.

- Who are you? What's your name?
- I don't know.

- Peter Petrelli?
- From N.Y.

- Who's that?
- Someone knew I was coming.

- Adam doesn't ring a bell?
- I don't know about any company.

Please tell me who I am.
What the future holds.

I was in Montr?al, 2007.
Next thing, I'm here.

All died from the virus?

- You can change history. You must!
- I can't.

- Don't let them take me!
- No!


It is man's ability
to remember that sets us apart.


We are the only species
concerned with the past.

Our memories give us voice.

They bear witness to history
so that others might learn.

So they might celebrate our triumphs.
And be warned of our failures.

Adam. Adam. I don't know any Adam.

Peter, what the hell was that?

- Do you know me?
- Of course I know you.

Peter, it's me, Adam.
Don't you remember?

Together we're going to change history.

I'm sorry, I don't...

So the Haitian's
taken liberties with your mind.

The Haitian.

That explains why you fell
off the face of the earth.

You can get back your memory.
I know how.

- How?
- Healing. You can do what I can do.

Which means the mind
has to repair itself.

How do you suggest
I go about doing that?

Think about what matters most to you.

Do you know what that is?

- His name is Nathan.
- Nathan?


You saved the cheerleader...

...so we could save the world.

You gotta let me go, Nathan!

You go, I go!

No! I'll be OK.

- You can fly, I can't!
- What do you mean?

It's taking everything in me,
all my power not to explode!

Let me go!


- Sanders! Nicole Sanders?
- Here.

Is my husband OK?

The bullet was less
than an inch from his aorta.

The surgery was successful.
He's a lucky man.

Thank you. Thank you.






Help! Please help!

- Help.
- Bay two is open.

Keep him alive, OK?

Do whatever it takes,
you understand me?

Officer, we need your help.

Did you have to use
the full blast on him?

He can take it.

He's not a toy, Elle.

He could be.

- Where am I?
- Someplace safe.

My brother... I was in a hospital.

We have the finest doctors
in the world working on him.

- But his situation is dire.
- So who are you?

What am I doing here?

I am an old friend of your parents'.

Yeah, I've seen you before.

And, as I said before,
you're safe here.

But your brother,
that's a different story.

- He almost died.
- Because of you, Peter.

Hey, it's not like it was your idea

to go nuclear and take out
half of New York City.

Oh, you know about that?

Yes. As long as your abilities
are in control of you,

you will always be a hazard to yourself,

- to your family...
- The whole world.

Believe me, if I could
turn them off, I would.

Don't worry, we've done that for you.

- At least for now.
- How did you...

My colleague, here, is able to suppress
the abilities in people around him.

I don't understand.

What is this place?

You are in a facility designed
to help people just like you.

Peter, we can help you
go back to a normal life.

Thirty years ago, we had to shut down
research on a vaccine which could

disable your powers.

But, due to recent events,
we have reinstated that research.

And I'm very happy to say
that we're very close

- to finding a cure for you.
- Forever?

You will never have to worry
about hurting anyone you love again.

- How long until it's ready?
- Good!

- You're making the right choice.
- Good boy.

You have had a terrible accident.


He's missing.
He's missing, Nathan.

The coast guard is searching
100 square miles of the ocean.

But you're lucky to be alive.

No. Oh, no, no, no.

- Dad!
- Oh, big Teddy.

- I thought I lost you.
- Girl, I told you.

You're never getting rid of me.

Mrs Sanders...

- I'll be right back, OK?
- I'll be here.

Dr Brooks.

Um, I wanted you to know
that we don't have insurance.

But I'm sure that we can come up...

You don't have to worry about that.
It's all been taken care of.

I don't understand.

How? Who paid?

Uh, that'd be me.

- Do I know you?
- Call me Bob.

Did you happen to see
a morning newspaper?

What? No, why?

Not a mention of what happened
last night on Kirby Plaza.

Or the untimely death
of our friend Mr Linderman.

- Who the hell are you?
- Someone who wants to help.

Linderman made a mess of things,
and I'm here to right the ship.

- So to speak.
- OK.

You've done that by paying our bills.

No, I meant helping you
with your illness.

- I know you think Jessica is gone.
- How do you know about that?

We've discovered that
when these abilities manifest,

the way the mind deals
with the new reality

sometimes results
in a fracture of sorts.

- A split personality.
- No, I'm finished with Jessica.

How do you know
a new personality won't emerge?

I can get you all the help you need.
The best care in the world.

Uh-huh. What's the catch?

The catch is you have to leave
your family and enter the programme.

I just went through hell
to get my family back together.

I'm not leaving them now.

There is medication
you can try at home, but...

- But what?
- It's not without side effects.

And as you just said, you've been
through so much for your family.

Do you really wanna risk
losing them all again?

- So I just take these pills every day?
- Yep.

It's a little cocktail
they cooked up here in the lab.

It controls the abilities.
Dampens them.

Like that guy who was
standing in the corner of Bob's office.

The Haitian. Yeah... Sorta.

So let's just call them Haitian pills.

- Bye, Peter.
- Ow! That hurts.

You'll get used to it.

And then you'll start to like it.

- Hello?
- Who said that?


All right!

Eleven years old.

Almost the man of the house now.


Did you make a wish, baby?

Don't tell us,
you know it's not gonna come true.

You both know
what I wished for, anyways.

- Micah, we've been over this.
- But I've got it all figured out.

I'd make the car radio
pick up the police band.

Go to the crime scene and be heroes.

Or the police
could just take care of it.

We could be like The Fantastic Four.
Minus one. But still.

Micah, I wanna be a hero to you.

And I finally figured out
how to do that.

I think I got a job. A good job.

- What?
- Something that's gonna make you

proud of me, I promise.

Come on. I promised
I'd take you bowling, right? Let's go.

- Mom, you coming?
- Your mom's had a long day, Micah.

Go get your jacket.

All I want is to smile at my boy on
his birthday, and I can't even do that.

They said it's gonna take a little
while for the medication to level out.

I just don't know
how much longer I can do this.

I wanna say things'll get better.

But I know how that sounds.

But the truth is, they will.

You know, it's been a month.
You still haven't told me your name.

Please, I just wanna be left alone.

You came to the right place.
I have to warn you, though,

it does get a bit old.

Let me guess. You were living
a perfectly ordinary life.

Until one day you discovered
you could do incredible things.

I bet it was wonderful at first.

You thought, perhaps,
you could save the world.

And then you realised, tragically,
that you were dangerous.

I'll let you talk to me after a decade.

Oh, actually, talk to me after three.

If they wanna leave me in here
forever, that's fine by me.

You've been through
something awful, haven't you?

I'm sorry.

I'm Peter.

Hello, Peter.
It's nice to meet you.

I'm Adam.

I'm not in the mood today, Elle.

Just a little one? I'll up your dose.

I'm fine. Just a little one.


Not that a fistful of pills
everyday isn't fun, but...

It's been two months and I
don't know a thing about you.

I was thinking, maybe,
there's more to you

than the whole sadistic
lightning thing, that's all.

What's your story?

I liked you better
when you just laid there.

So you're not gonna tell me?
What are you, afraid?

No. You just like to be in control.

I get it. I figured as much.

Sorry I asked. Won't happen again.

I accidentally set my grandmother's
house on fire when I was six.

Caused a blackout in four counties
in Ohio when I was eight.

I spent my ninth birthday in a glass
room with an IV of lithium in my arm.

I've lived in this building
for 16 years.

Ever since the shrinks diagnosed me
as a sociopath with paranoid delusions.

But they were just out to get me
because I threatened to kill 'em.

I'm 24 years old,
and I've never gone on a date.

Never been on a roller coaster.
Never been swimming.

And now you know everything
there is to know about me.

I don't have the luxury of being
more interesting than that.

Later, alligator.

Word to the wise, friend.
I would keep my distance from that one.

I caved in a desperate moment six years
ago, and I'm still paying the price.

Don't worry. I don't want
anything from her except the drugs.

I'm sorry, I keep forgetting.
You still believe them.

- What do you mean?
- This cure of theirs.

They've been days away from perfecting
it since I got here 30 years ago.

- Bob's not trying to fix you, Peter.
- No.

- They created this facility to help us.
- You're not in a facility, Peter.

Look around. You're in a prison.

You don't believe me?
Why don't you try getting out?

Oh, I'm sorry.

- Are you all right?
- He said it was all a lie.

What happened to him
and to Peter... and the car crash.

I take it he told you
he thought he could fly.

And the plot to blow up New York.
That Peter was a bomb.

It must be the pain medication.

You deserve to know this.

I tried to keep it
from you and the boys.


There's a dark secret
in the Petrelli family.

It started with their father.

Delusions of grandeur, paranoia.

It lead to his suicide.

But, sadly, that disease
has obviously been passed down.

My God.

Now... Nathan's a great man.

And his life is
gonna be very complicated.

He really deserves his dignity
and his... his privacy.

So I hope you understand
that this has to be kept secret.

Can I count on you for that, Heidi?

Hi, what can I do to get you inside a...

Hi... Hi...

What can I do to get you
into a brand new car?

Hi, what can I do...

Depends on what you're gonna
do to me once you get me inside.

I got a great feeling
about your first day.

My butterflies have butterflies.

Nik, I am so proud of you.
I knew that medication would work out.

- You were right.
- I'm gonna take Micah to school.

- OK.
- You have a great day at work.

And when I get home, tonight,
we're gonna celebrate.

He's gonna know
you're not taking the stupid pills.

Go away, Jessica.
I don't need you anymore.

What makes you think this is Jessica?

Remember me?

That summer that you ran away to LA
and told everyone to call you Gina?

- You're not real.
- Oh, you're gonna sell cars?

- I'm going back to LA to go play.
- No, I'm in control.

If I can handle Jessica,
I can handle you.

Then why aren't you taking your meds?


No! No! No!

Look, I need to see my family.
Just for a day or two.

Yes, I think that would be
absolutely possible.

- Just not right now.
- Why not?

They don't even know I'm alive.

Look, I could let you go,
and you could explode again.

You could blow up half the east coast.

Dose me with some drugs and
I'll be back before they wear off.

- It's perfectly safe.
- I'm sorry, Peter.

- You're not ready for that.
- So send someone out with me.

- Elle, maybe.
- Uh, no.

No, no, I'm sorry, Peter.
Um, that's just not gonna happen.

I'm never getting out of here, am I?

Suddenly the room
starts to feel like a cage.

I don't understand.

If they're not gonna help us,
why are we here?

- To keep us from being out there.
- Why, because we're dangerous?

No, Peter, it's because
we could save the world.

Years ago, I tried
to take my abilities public.

I thought that if everyone knew
that my blood had curing powers,

- I could help. How naive I was.
- That's why they put you in here.

Well, if it were possible to kill me,
they would have, I assure you.

Instead, I'm locked up in here.

When I could be curing your brother.

Nathan. How?

Just a small amount of my blood
could help to heal him.

End his pain.

Even after everything
you've put him through.

So how do we get out?

My daughter is still in there!

Please! Please!

Hawkins! Hawkins, get out of there!




- Mommy!
- Thank you.

- Yeah, good one, D.L.
- Good job!

This is KCEI, Channel
Nine News, reporting on a house fire'

we've heard, in the Clark County
district. Near tragedy was avoided...

- Dad!
- Hey.

I saw you on TV!
They keep on playing it over and over!

- You really are a hero.
- I guess I am.

Where's your mom?

I don't think she's
gotten home from work yet.


You're not gonna give me a little jolt?

Why, you want one?

Like you said, I'm starting to like 'em.

Starting to like you.

Fine, since you asked nicely.


Enough fun for one day?

Day number five without the meds.

Then I think it's time to try.

Come on, Peter. You can do it.

It's nice to finally meet you.

You know, for 400 years,
you've held up pretty well.

Come on, let's go heal your brother.

Excuse me, chief.

I'm looking for this girl.

- She's over there.
- Thanks.

- Jessica!
- Guess again.

- Dude, the chick doesn't know you.
- She's my wife.

This is us.

Stay out of this.

Come on, man.

- Where am I?
- Let's go.

- Where am I?
- We're going home.

How did you find me?

I told you, you ain't getting rid of me.

I love you, baby.

Not as much as I love you.

- Hey!
- Man, let it go.

We're leaving, all right?

Can I play with it?

Damon, come on.
Why would you ask him that?

Don't be so silly.

You're gonna be all right,
aren't you, sugar?

I don't know.
I think I need to get some help.

Anything you want,
you just gotta ask.

- You know that, don't you?
- Thank you.

I've taken care of everything.
Plane tickets, money. Now this.

I'm so sorry, Nathan.

How long until it starts working?

Don't have time to find out.
They're going to assume that

you'll come to see your brother.
First place they'll look.

- Come on.
- Adam, look, look, look!

Good. Come on.

Come on.

Incredible. His skin was starting
to heal right there in front of us.

As good as new by the time he wakes up.
Here, passport. Plane ticket.

- Here's the plan.
- You disappointed me, Peter.

Just when I thought we
were getting to know each other.

There's a warehouse in Montr?al.
121 Rue Saint-Jacques. Meet there.


Go after him!

You take me back there,
I'm gonna keep escaping.

I'm not taking you back.
You deserve a better fate.

- Your mother helped when I was in need.
- So now you're helping me?

You must start a new life, Peter.
I fear this is the only solution.

Your secret is safe with me.

Go with God, my friend.


There are many ways
to define our fragile existence.

Many ways to give it meaning.

But it is our memories that shape
its purpose and give it context.

A private assortment of images,
fears, loves, regrets.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

For it is
the cruel irony of life

that we are destined to hold
the dark with the light,

the good with the evil.
Success with disappointment.

This is what separates us,
what makes us human.

And, in the end,
what we must fight to hold on to.

I remember.

I remember everything.

Good, then.

Shall we save the world?