Heroes (2006–2010): Season 2, Episode 10 - Chapter Ten 'Truth & Consequences' - full transcript

Peter Petrelli and Adam Monroe track down another founding member of the Company and learn the location of virus 183. Maya learns how to control her powers but Alejandro' distrust of Sylar ...

- [Mohinder] Previously on Heroes:
- [Speaking Japanese]

When I get back, we'll be together.

You came here
to get control of your life.

It's another strain of the virus.
My blood's no longer a cure.

I'm going to die?

[Bob] Claire is the key
that could cure the virus.

- I'm here to ask you to give us Claire.
- Touch my daughter, I'll kill yours.

- Then I'll kill you.
- [Gunshot]

- Please don't let them take me.
- I'll get us home, I promise... No, no!


- Peter?
- I remember everything.

[Speaking Spanish]

See, when I get my ability back,
I'm gonna kill you and your sister.

And I'm gonna take it all.

[Indistinct shouting]

Get on the ground!

On the ground now!

[Man] Are you sick? Are you infected?

- Take them to decontamination now!
- Caitlin! Caitlin!

Caitlin! Caitlin! Caitlin!

- No need to shout.
- Adam, I was there. I saw her.

Haven't gone anywhere. You were telling
me about time travel and how you were

gonna save some girl from some virus.
You began shouting her name.

No, no, I was in New York City
a year from now. I saw Caitlin.

I was calling at her
to come back with me. Look.

[Adam] Impressive.

I have to keep trying. I can't
leave her to be killed by the virus.

What do you know about this virus?

Kills over 93 per cent
of the world's population.

- Do you know what the virus is called?
- The... Shanti virus.

That's what the guy
at Homeland Security called it.

- Does that mean something to you?
- I knew a woman at the company.

Victoria Pratt.
She was a biological engineer.

On Valentine's Day, 1977,
she recovered a deadly virus

from a sick Indian girl named Shanti.

Under company orders, she tried
to manipulate the virus into a weapon.

I'd heard the programme
had been shut down.

Clearly, I was misinformed.

[Peter] Those are my parents.

- Linderman, Charles Deveaux. What...
- Those are the company founders.

The virus is their crime.

- They're responsible for this.
- Parents sin, children suffer.

- That is Victoria.
- [Peter] We need to find her, Adam.

We need to find her. Make her
tell us everything that she knows.

That's the only way to
stop the virus and save Caitlin.

It's the only way we can save the world.

Get the hell out of my house.

Noah Bennet was a
loyal employee of our company,

and, for many years, a true friend.

I offer my deepest condolences.

- Are those my dad's ashes?
- You had my husband cremated?

His personnel file was very clear
as to how his remains should be handled.

- What gives you the right?
- We were only trying to help Claire

use her abilities for the greater good.

- But Noah's aggression forced our hand.
- He was trying to protect me.

In the wake of this tragedy,

I feel it's only fair
to honour Noah's wishes.

You will be left alone
to lead a normal life.

My father is dead.
There is no normal.

I'm sorry for your loss.

[Sandra] Pack your bags.
We're leaving tonight.

The next 24 hours are critical.

I want you to keep an eye on Claire.

It'd be easier
without this thing on my arm.

It itches like a mother!

And I thought my little girl was tough.

I am, Dad, but I was shot.

And my body doesn't heal itself.

I'm sorry you're in pain,
but none of this would've happened

if you hadn't lowered your guard.

How was I supposed to know
that Bennet teamed up

- with West, the flying boy?
- Excuses don't change outcome, Elle.

You need to accept responsibility
for what's happened.

Can you do that?
Can you regain my trust?

Sure, Daddy.

I'll watch the cheerleader.

[Gasps, panting]

- Mohinder.
- Take it easy.

Last thing I remember...

You were...

- Did you shoot me?
- I didn't have a choice.

- Why am I not dead?
- You would've been,

if you not for an infusion
of your daughter's blood.

- You took Claire's blood?
- It saved your life.

You betrayed me.
You went after my family!

You told me this company had to be
brought down from the inside.

I came to my senses
before I'd done any damage.

- What have you done with Claire?
- Claire's at home,

- grieving the loss of her father.
- Ooh.

- They think I'm dead.
- You put us on this path.

With your violence, your paranoia.
You have nobody to blame but yourself.

- What are you doing with that?
- Your recovery has proven

this blood has regenerative properties.
I believe it holds the key

to saving an woman from a deadly virus.
That's what this company does.

- We save lives.
- Everything they've told you is a lie.

The company made that virus.

They've been experimenting
with it for 30 years.

You can't trust them, Suresh!

Get back here, you son of a bitch!

- Six hundred bucks for a comic book?
- In mint condition.

But that's not why I collect them.
I just like the stories.

How about this for a story?

Once upon a time, we cash these in
and live happily ever after. The end.

Hey, if Saint Joan's a good guy,
why is she wearing a hood?

Every superhero has a secret identity.
How else could they live a normal life?

Who wants normal? I'd be rolling large.
Let everybody know who I was.

If your enemies knew who you were,

then they'd be coming after you,
maybe taking revenge on your family.

That's why Clark Kent
wears those glasses.


- [Niki] Micah?
- Mom, you came back!

[Both laughing]

Mmm! I told you that I would.

- I missed you every day.
- Missed you every minute, every second.

- What's that smaller one?
- Nanosecond.

- I missed you that one too.
- [Chuckles]

So where were you, Mom?

I went to a place that helps
people like us when we're sick.

- Is it Jessica again?
- No, Jessica's gone. They all are.

- This is about something else.
- What is it?

I have a virus.

You don't have to worry.
I can't make you or anybody else sick.

- What's gonna happen to you?
- Do you remember Dr Suresh?

He is working really hard
to find me a cure.

And, when he does, I'll get better.

- Yeah, but what if he doesn't?
- He will.

I am going to get better, Micah.

We are going to have normal life.
I promise you.

I've got something to make you stronger.

Oh, yeah? What's that?

Dad's medal. The one the mayor gave him
for saving that girl from the fire.

- It's in my backpack.
- We can't waste another nanosecond.

- What's wrong, bud?
- It's my backpack. It's gone.

[Birds chirping]

It's beautiful out here, Gabriel.

Thank you.

- I almost feel normal.
- After you see Dr Suresh, you will be.

And then Alejandro and I
can go back home.

What if Alejandro could go home now?

But I need my brother.

He's the only one who can stop me
from hurting anyone else.

What if you could learn
to control your own power?

I've seen people's powers grow. Do you
love your brother enough to let him go?

Of course.

It's... It's just not possible.

Well, you'll never know...
unless you try.

We should get back.

- You put him through enough, Maya.
- Me?

Gave up his life for you,
even after you killed his wife.

- It was an accident.
- Really think he's forgiven you?

- She was cheating on him.
- So she deserved to die?

That's not what I meant. It's just...

But you wanted to kill her,
didn't you, Maya?

- Stop it. Let me go.
- Where? Back to your brother?

- He hates you.
- [Panting] Don't do this.

- Please!
- [Ragged breathing]

If you can control your power,
no more innocent people have to die.

- Ahh! I can't!
- Help. You're killing me.

Help me... please.




You were right. I did it.

[Hiro speaking Japanese]

Don't think we should go guns blazing.
Tell Victoria the truth.

- Ask her where to find the virus.
- This woman can't be trusted.

She worked for the company.
She locked me up.

One glance at me on her path
is liable to affect her mood.

Fine. I'll go alone.


- You lost?
- Hope not.

- I'm looking for Victoria Pratt.
- Never heard of her.

You worked for the company.

In 24 hours,
the Shanti virus is released.

A year from now, 93 per cent
of the world's population is dead.

How can anyone know
what happens a year from now?

I've been there. I've seen it.

A time traveller.

You created a virus
that kills billons of people.

I don't know how it
gets out or where, only that it does.

Unless you help me.

[Rifle cocking]

Inside... Now.

[Speaking Japanese]

[Alarm ringing]

[Voice on intercom]
Containment breach in bio-research.

Evacuation protocol in full effect.

You have betrayed
everything we stand for.

No, Kaito, I tried to save the world.

By releasing a virus that'd
kill billons of innocent people?

When you're around as long
as I have the patterns become clear.

War. Disregard for environment.
Famine. And it's only getting worse.

Had to make the choice
for the greater good.

Take him down to lock up,
and throw away the key!

[Alarm deactivates]

[Kaito] Are you all right, Victoria?

He was looking for strain 138.
If successful, this place would've

been ground zero for a global pandemic.

Thank you for saving us.

You need to shut down
the programme, Kaito.

- Give it to me.
- [Victoria exhales]

This will be taken to the
Primatech facility in Odessa.

With Adam locked away, it will be safe.

Something that dangerous,
there is no safe.

That virus needs to be destroyed.

The other founders
would never allow that.

Doesn't that concern you? Adam had help.

Only way he'd have known
what to look for.

I suggest you take a few days off
before resuming your work.

I won't be a part of this. Not anymore.

[Door opens]

After Kaito and the others were killed,
I figured that, sooner or later,

someone would come after me.

- You look like your mother.
- I don't know anything about this.

Last time I saw my mother
was a year from now,

in a future where the world
had been devastated by the Shanti virus.

Forgive my paranoia,
but I don't know you.

I only knew your parents,
and what they were capable of.

There was a woman. Caitlin.

She trusted me to protect her.

Now... Somehow
I took us into the future,

and now I can't get back.

So if you just tell me
where to find the virus...

...I know that I can save her.

You're looking for a
mutated strain, 138.

If it were ever released,
it would kill us all.

- [Approaching footsteps]
- She tell you where to find the virus?

Company storage facility in New Mexico.

New Mexico?
Company never had a facility...

- [shotgun blast]
- [Grunts]

- You don't understand.
- You're working with him.

That's all I need to know.

I knew blowing your head off
was the only way to be sure.

Better late than never. [grunts]

Thanks, Peter.
Let's get her up to the house.


[Speaking Spanish]




Did you tell your brother the good news?

[Speaking Spanish]

Is something wrong?

This says you murdered your mother.

- But I know you didn't. You couldn't.
- It's true.

I did it. I killed her.

[Speaking Spanish]

When my mother found out
what I could do, she didn't understand.

She told me I was a monster.

My own mother tried to kill me, Maya.

And, as I defended myself,
there was an accident.

I understand.

[Speaking Spanish]

Alejandro, no!

[Door slams]

Everything's gonna be OK, Maya.

- I'll take care of you.
- [Crying]

- Why did you lie to me, Victoria?
- You're with him.

- You're helping Adam release the virus.
- Release the virus?

I'm trying to find the virus
so I can destroy it.

Thirty years ago,
Adam broke into my lab.

I stopped him from releasing the virus
so he couldn't kill everyone.

And now he's trying to do it again.

I broke into the lab
to prevent you and the company

- from putting the world in danger.
- You killed Kaito, didn't you?

And the others. And now it's my turn.

We're trying save lives,
Victoria, not take them.

Adam's a killer. And I guess since
you're helping him, you're one too.

- Like your parents.
- Adam helped me escape the company.

He saved my brother's life. But
what you did, what you were a part of,

that will bring an end to the world.

Tell me where I can find
the virus, so I can stop it.

- Go to hell.
- Where is it, Victoria?

[Victoria thinking]
Primatech Paper... Odessa, Texas.

- Texas.
- No!

- Thank you.
- I am not gonna let you do this!

- Get away from me!
- We're not hurting you.

- We're letting you go.
- What are you doing?


You didn't have to kill her.

She was about to take your head off.
There's no coming back from that one.

I'm gonna get the car.

If anyone survives, I'll tell them...

...I couldn't have done it without you.

[Woman] Well?

There was this kid on third street
who said he can tell me how much

your comics were worth.

I figured if you knew
how much we'd get, maybe...

Where are they?
Where's my backpack?

- It was a set-up. I got jacked...
- [grunts]

- Micah!
- Damon!

- My dad's medal was in that bag!
- I'm sorry! I'll get you a new one!

You gonna get me a new dad, too?

- I'm sorry.
- I don't care! I hate you!

[Woman] Gonna get you cleaned up.
I'm gonna call the police,

and you tell them
everything that happened. Come on.

- We need to get it back.
- Nana's calling the police.

Not talking about the police,
talking about us. We could get it back.

- We have talked about this.
- We need to be heroes. Like Dad.

Being a hero is
what got your father killed.

The medal's gone. I'm sorry.

[Knock on door]

You all packed, Maya?

[Both grunting]

I tried to let you go the easy way...

- But you had to be persistent.
- I'm taking my sister.

[Both straining]

- Oh!
- [Knocking on door]

[Maya] Gabriel.


Hey. I didn't hear you with
the water running. Is everything OK?

I have to talk to you.

- Yeah?
- You were right.

About everything.
About me. About Alejandro.

- I never meant to come between you two.
- He's my brother.

I have to do what I can to protect him.

- In time, he will understand.
- Of course he will.

And, without you,
I would still be somewhere in Mexico.

- I just want to help you.
- You have done that.

And so much more.

Your mom said you're leaving tonight.

I've fallen 20 stories.
Been stabbed in the head.

Crashed a car at 70 miles an hour.

I've even been on fire.

But this hurts...

...more than any of that.

And it's not getting better.

I've always gotten better,
no matter what,

- but this just keeps getting worse.
- Can't stand to see you hurt like this.

I won't be. Not for long. There's
a man who used to work for my dad.

He has the ability
to erase people's memories.

These are a signal
so that he knows to come.

He can make me forget
I ever had a father.

Are you gonna hang those in the window?

How do you know he's gonna see them?

I don't know,
but I have to do something.

You don't want to forget your dad.

Forgetting isn't the answer.

I just wish I could
tell him how sorry I am.


Why are you dressed like that?

I know what it's like
to lose someone you love.

To wish that you had a piece of them,
something solid to hold on to.

Anybody tried to steal my mom's piano,
I'd feed 'em their teeth.

- [Chuckles]
- Look. I know where those kids live.

- The ones who stole your backpack.
- Gonna help me get back my dad's medal?

Long as you stay out of the way.

Anything crazy happens, I need you safe.

- OK, I promise.
- Shh. We still gotta sneak you out.

Come on.

[Machine beeping]

As we'd hoped. Claire's blood
has fortified my antibodies.

They're strong enough
to defeat the mutated virus.

Congratulations. You promised Niki
Sanders you'd find a cure, and you have.

And you promised me
this company's viral research would end.

In working this cure,
I've been pouring over records

that reveal
the extent of your programme.

You, of all people, should understand
what it'd mean to find a safe way

to remove the abilities
of dangerous individuals.

Here, strain 138.

If the smallest amount were released,
it'd wipe out human civilisation.

This strain is locked safely away
in our facility in Texas.

And, I can assure you, doctor,
this company is vigilant about security.

Really? For weeks I operated
as a spy within your ranks, undetected.

God knows what someone with experience
and ill intent could achieve.

What can I do for you?

Help me hunt down every strain of virus
within this company and destroy them.

[Cell phone ringing]

- Hello.
- Niki? It's Mohinder Suresh.

- Are you still in New Orleans?
- Yes.

I think I found the cure, Niki.
I'll bring to you on the next flight.

Your nightmare's over.

I don't know what to say, doctor.
Thank you.

[Niki hangs up]


- [Static buzzing]
- No one's home.

You should have plenty of time.

- You know how to get up there yet?
- Almost.

Got it. I just wish it wasn't so bright.

Don't want people thinking
I'm robbing the place.


How did you do that?

I told the lights I need them
to be off for a while.

- You told 'em?
- Yeah.

- What?
- You're Saint Joan!

You have to stop
reading those comic books.

Stay here. I'll be right back.


[Hip-hop music plays on car stereo]

- [Gasps]
- [Car doors closing]

Y'all put that gas in that van.
Figure out why they're paying us so much

- to torch all these buildings?
- Who cares?

As long as he comes with that cash,
we come with the matches.

[Guns cocking]



[Sobbing] I'm sorry, Dad.

I'm sorry I didn't listen.

I should've done
everything you told me to.

If I hadn't been so selfish,
you'd still be here.

I love you, Dad.

We'd better say good-bye. We gotta
be in Salt Lake by morning. Come on.

This is all happening so fast.

I'm losing everything I care about.



- What the hell are you doing here?
- I came to watch the sunset.

Liar! [grunts]

- Watch who you're shoving, Pompom.
- Claire, don't.

- This isn't fair.
- [Chuckling] Welcome to life.

- Come on, Claire, we've gotta go.
- No, Mom, we don't.

We can tell the world what they did.
Kidnapped me, murdered my father.

You have no proof.
No one would believe you.

You're probably right...

I guess I'm just gonna have to show 'em.

I'll show everyone
exactly what I can do.

Once the secret's out, you won't
be able to touch me or my family.

You'll be the ones running.

[Cell phone ringing]

- Hello?
- [Sylar] Hello, Mohinder.

Sylar? Where are you?

I convinced the babysitter
to take the night off.

Don't worry.
I'm taking good care of the little one.

[Breathing deeply]

- If you touch Molly...
- Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.

[Whispering] We don't want to wake her.

I brought someone to see you.

She needs your help.

We both do.

See you soon, Mohinder.

[Hiro teleporting, speaking Japanese]

- [Door opening]
- [Indistinct chattering]

Doesn't look like the place where they'd
store a virus that'd destroy the world.

Paper company's just a front.
The good stuff is three floors down.

Laboratories, jail cells...

- Hiro?
- Peter Petrelli?

What are you doing here?

Adam Monroe killed my father,
and, for that, he must pay.

- I can't let you do that.
- Then you have chosen the wrong side.


I can't let you hurt him.