Heroes (2006–2010): Season 2, Episode 1 - Chapter One 'Four Months Later...' - full transcript

Four months after the events of Peter's explosion, we find the heroes at different places in their lives. Claire, HRG and family try to stay below the radar in their new town, but a classmate of Claire's with some powers of his own knows there's something different about her. Matt Parkman and Mohinder Suresh are now guardians of Molly Parker, who has been suffering from horrible nightmares about the man who is more evil than Sylar. Mohinder and HRG are still trying to take the company down. Kaito Nakamura and Angela Petrelli receive ominous notices of their impending deaths, clearly sent by one of "the elders". Nathan has pushed his family away and is in a very dark place, feeling that Peter has survived and is alive somewhere. In Ireland, we find Peter Petrelli is alive, but doesn't remember who he is. Maya and Alejandro, two new characters, are wanted for murder due to her accidentally killing multiple people because of her ability to host a plague.

The sun rises on a new dawn,

yet few us realize the debt we owe
to those responsible for this,

to those who dwell among us,
anonymous, seemingly ordinary,

whom destiny brought together
to repair, to heal,

to save us from ourselves.

If evolution can do this for
even the smallest of creatures,

then why not
these human beings?

If someone here found out
about me, what would happen?

When will they stop?

I don't know.

She's a shiny new toy,
and she's all mine.

And they're still
out there among us

in the shadows, in the light.

We pass them on the street
without a glance,

never suspecting,
never knowing.

Do they even know yet

that they are bound together
by a common purpose,

a glaring reality,
to be extraordinary?

Teleportation, tissue regeneration.
These are no longer simply theories.

I have seen them
with my own eyes.

And when destiny
does anoint them...

My name is Hiro Nakamura.
I'm from the future.

...how do they
hide from it?

You may feel confined here,

but this is far freer a cage
than the one they'd put you in.

How long can they dwell in the
shadows before either fate

or their own flawed humanity draws
them out into the light again?

And how will they know what
awaits them when it finally does?

And not only are these special
individuals among us,

they bear a curse,

a virus which strips
them of their powers

and leads to
their eventual death.

In the last few months, I have discovered
what I believe to be a plague.

A plague which targets
only these unique individuals.

It's a disease which threatens
to eradicate them all,

and in doing so, deprives our species
of its evolutionary advancement.

Without this advancement, the
challenges of the modern world,

global warming, terrorism,
diminishing resources,

seem almost insurmountable
on our thin shoulders.

The fate of humanity itself
hangs in the balance.

But with proper funding
and research,

we can stop the advancement
of this disease.

I urge each and every one
of you to take up this cause,

spread the word and fight those who
would keep the world from the truth.

Thank you all for coming.

Inspirational lecture,
Dr. Suresh.

I was wondering if I could
trouble you for an autograph.

Your father would have
been so proud.

So would your sister.

Who the hell are you
and why are you following me?

This isn't necessary.
I'm nobody.

What, you think
I didn't recognize you?

You've been at three of my lectures.

The Company send you to bag and tag me?
Is that it?

A year ago I would've run.
But not anymore.

That's good. Because if you had, I
wouldn't be able to offer you a job.

I've been down that road before.
It doesn't end well.

Where will you go,
Dr. Suresh?

No one even believes
they exist.

I found your father's book
in the parapsychology section,

in between hypnosis
and alien abductions.

They don't take you seriously.
They all think you're nuts.

But not me.

So if you're really interested
in saving the world,

the least you could do
is let me buy you a drink.

All the electives I wanted
filled up last semester.

Come on. It's your first day.
You should be excited.

I am.

Well, that's easy
for you to say.

You're not wading into the
shark-infested waters of eleventh grade.

I don't have one friend.
I'm shark bait.

You're gonna be fine.

They don't look any different
from kids in Texas.

Okay. Except for her.

So maybe they're a little bit
more sophisticated here.

But you're gonna
fit right in.

If you say so.

Just remember
what we talked about.

I know. I'm Claire Butler.
I won't slip up.

It's not just the name.
It's everything.

Trust me, the Company is still
out there, and they will find us

unless we're flawless
with our plan.

From now on, you have to be
entirely un-extraordinary.

Right. Don't stand out
in any way.


Don't raise
your hand in class,

and don't even think about
trying out for cheerleading.

Oh come on, Dad.
That's so behind me.

Just blend in.
Be ordinary, all right?

Got it.

You know, we might wanna start
by you not driving me to school.

It kind of draws
attention to me.


And, you know,

don't you think it might be easier
on all of us if I had my own car?

Your mother and I were gonna surprise
you on your birthday next month,


Oh, my gosh, the Rogue!

Thank you, Daddy.
Thank you!

It's yours.

You're the best dad
in the world!

I know, I know.


it's just...

I just can't help thinking
about how many times

I've said goodbye to you
on the first day of school.

I'm so sorry for everything
I've put you through.

I hope you know
how much I love you.


I'm asking
one more time!

Come out
with your hands up!

Look, I know this sucks, NYPD
showing up at your door like this.

I get it. But this is what happens
when you take somebody hostage.

I just need to make sure everybody
gets out of there safely. Okay?

Don't shoot!

Both of you, hands up!

No! I'm the hostage!

Shoot her! No, I'm the hostage.
Shoot him!

Shoot her. I'm the hostage.

I'm the hostage! Shoot her! I'm the hostage!
No! Shoot him!

No, no! I'm not. Shoot her.
Shoot him!

Shoot him.
Shoot her!

Shoot her! Shoot her!

No, no!

Do it.
It's her. Shoot her.

Shoot her! Shoot her!

How did you know?

- Okay guys, good job.
- Let's clean this place up.

All guns to the armory.

How did you know
which one to shoot?

I don't know. Tone of voice.
Eye contact.

The hostage looked me in the eye.
The other was looking for an exit.

Well, most people notice the
gun under the bad guy's shirt.

Right. Yeah. That, too.
Of course.

You know, guys who get
shot like you did,

they just take that workers'
comp and call it a day.

I've been...

I've wanted to be a
cop my whole life.

Four bullets to the chest
aren't gonna change that.

Well, we were gonna drag
this out, make you sweat.

But I figured, what's the point?
Take that off.

I figured that you'd
rather have a real one.

Well, you gonna take it?

Yeah. Thank you.

Thank you so much.

Turn on your Bunsen burners, people.
And be careful.

You got a death wish?

Are you talking about that?

I was just seeing
how hot it was.

Pretty sure it's hot.
It's called a flame.

Yeah. I was
just kidding around.

Like you were this morning?

When you stepped
in front of my car?

No, it's okay. Made my
morning interesting.

I'm West.


You're new, right?

So, what are you?

Meaning what, exactly?

Meaning, are you
one of them

or one of the others?

I'm not sure I know
what you're getting at.

Let me break it down for you.
Are you a robot or an alien?

Because everyone in the
world is one or the other.

Robots do what they're told.
Stick with the herd.

Aliens, on the other hand,
do their own thing.

Well, I don't know.
Do I have to choose?

Most people do.

So, what are you?

Okay, everyone.

"In the struggle for survival,
it is the fittest who win out

"at the expense
of their rivals."

Now. Who said this?

Come on, people.

Journey of the Beagle?



Charles Darwin.
It's Charles Darwin.

Easy one.

You are late.

No, I believe
I'm right on time.

I believe that
your watch is slow.

Guess what?

Max Grossman tried
to kiss me today.

Mr. Parkman.

Yeah? Can I speak to
you for a minute?

Sure. Can you
give us a second?


Is everything okay?

Yeah. I'm just a little
concerned, that's all.

Molly's been falling asleep
in class the last week or so.

When I asked her about it, she said
she's been having some nightmares.

She's got kind of
a big imagination,

and I realize that there's really
nothing I can do about them,

so I'm just trying to make her
feel as safe as possible.

About that. I know
it's not exactly my place,

but your situation
isn't the most stable.

My situation?

Your injuries, your divorce.

Look, my divorce
is my business,

and all you really need to know is
that Molly is loved and well cared for

and she's doing great.

She's struggling, Mr. Parkman.

Why? Why, because she's
having a few nightmares?

Because of these.

She started drawing them
a week or so ago.

Every day, they get
a little worse.

Oh, my God.

And I have to ask you.

What is this?

It's in every single picture.

Excuse me.

What are you doing here, Ma?

It's time to move on, Nathan.

He's dead.

You don't know that.

Leave his stuff alone. He's gonna
want it when he gets back.

You're drunk.

Thank God your father
isn't here to see you.

Or you, for that matter.

You killed
your brother,

drove Heidi away,
drove your kids away.

If you'd followed our plan, if you'd
done what you were supposed to,

he would be alive now.

To think I almost
listened to you.

You're evil, Ma.

Get out.


Can you excuse me?

You are late.

My daughter's first day of high school.
Had to make sure she was okay.

And that's somehow
my problem?

That shipment of toner
cartridges came in last night.

I know. I was here.

And when exactly were they
going to get installed?

Because I don't see
anybody else here doing it.

I'm gonna do it
this morning.


And if I wasn't here
watching your every move?

You know, you've been here
for a few months, Butler,

I think it's time I saw some
commitment to excellence from you.

When I was assistant manager,

we were fully set before the first
customer walked through that door.

That is how I got this.

Paper business
is dog-eat-dog.

You gotta live it
and breathe it.

You gotta want it.
Do you want it, Butler?

Do you?

Yes, sir.



we'll see.

The Company was formed 30 years ago with
a group of like-minded individuals.

Ordinary men and women who were
gifted with extraordinary powers.

They wanted to
help their own.

To find them,
and to protect them.

We find people and we make sure
they don't become dangerous.

Now, sometimes that
can mean making sure

they understand entirely
what they're capable of

and teaching them to use their
abilities for the good of mankind.

And sometimes it can
mean eliminating them.

Who the hell are you to judge
who lives and who dies?

If I'm not mistaken, you yourself
tried to put a bullet in the brain

of a man named Sylar.

He was a monster.

Yes, and you were willing to
kill him for the greater good.

You acted on a moral imperative
to protect your species.

It doesn't matter one way
or the other about Sylar.

He's no longer a threat.
He's dead.

And now you have Molly.

You and Matt Parkman
are protecting her.

Now, we're not interfering with
that arrangement. Far from it.

We're offering to help you.

We have resources
to offer you, Dr. Suresh.

The plague you talked about, the disease
which killed your sister, Shanti.

The virus.

We have the funds
you need for your research.


can you imagine
what would happen

if that virus mutated and crossed
over into the general population?

Look, the type of research you're
talking about is extremely expensive.

Trust me, that won't
be a problem.

Let's just say we have our
own private Fort Knox.

So, can we count you in?

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.


Shouldn't I be eating some
vegetables every once in a while?

Well, that is why I got you a
vegetable pizza, smarty pants.

Plus, I got your favorite,
Rocky Road, for dessert.

You're just trying to bribe
me because you never cook.

I miss Mohinder.
He cooks.

Hey. I can cook.

I just thought, why not order
pizza, give us time to talk?

Hmm. Talk about what? This?

Does that mean you passed
your detective's exam?

With flying colors.
Why, you proud of me?


Did you cheat?

Why would you ask me that?

Pulling the answers out of
people's minds, it's unfair.

No. It is my natural talent.

You wouldn't think a
baseball player is cheating

because he's athletic,
would you?

It's not the same,
and you know it.


You know what? I want to talk to you about
these drawings that you made at school.

You're changing the subject.

Miss Gerber is concerned,
and so am I.

You don't wanna talk about your exams.
I don't want to talk about my dreams.

Molly, I want to help you.

I don't want you
to be afraid.

I said I didn't want
to talk about it!

Can I finish my dinner
in my room?

Sure. Go ahead.


Nice move, ballerina.

How's that floor taste?

Are you okay?

Don't listen to them. I'm gonna
go find the birdie thing.

Thank you.
No problem.


So I'm a robot now, huh?

Far as I can tell.

Okay. Birdie, please?

You don't even know me.

You had the answer today.
In class.

But you didn't say it. You don't want
people to know that you are smart.

You just have me
all figured out, huh?

I know a robot
when I see one.

Come on, Martha, it's just
a back flip off the tower.

And you know the girls
will catch you.

Just leave her alone, okay?

Okay, one,
don't know you,

and two, as captain
of the cheerleading squad,

it's totally within my rights to
recruit talent where I see it.

I think Martha here has what
it takes to be a cheerleader.

So you can do a back
tuck off the tower?

What's the big deal?

If it's so easy,
why don't you try it?

In fact, if you can do
a back tuck off the tower,

Martha here's off the hook.

All right, I'll do it.

This should be good.

We're waiting.

You're right.
I can't do it.

There's a shocker.

Stop. Help me!

Help me.

Don't hurt. Don't hurt me.

I can see you.

Hey, come on. It's okay, it's okay.
It's okay.

It's all right. It was just a dream.
It was just a dream.

Oh, my gosh. He can see me.

Did you see him?

Did you see
what he looked like?

Okay, you tell me where he is,
and I will take care of him.

No. He's too dangerous.

If I tell you where he is,
he'll kill you, too.

No. No, no, no. Nobody's gonna
kill anyone. I promise.

I promise. I'm right here.

Don't go, please.

Why are you still here?

You're still on your break.

Yes, I am.

You were supposed to be back
on the floor five minutes ago.

There's a line
of customers out there.

Just finishing my coffee.


You're finished.
Get out there.

Just a few more sips,
that's all.

You look at me
when I talk to you.

Do you hear me?

I hear you, all right.

Now you hear me.

I am done eating your crap.

From now on, I will work how
and when I feel like it

and I will take breaks
when I want to,

and you will not say a damn word to
me ever again, do you understand?


Square on that?


You are English?

Oh, now there's a surprise.

You know, there's very few locals
here with whom I can speak plain.

Thank God for you, young man.

Sorry. Sorry.

So, I came over on one of the few
trade vessels your emperor let pass.

The boat left full of tea,
I kept on to find my fortune.

You should see what I get paid
to fend off those bandits.

Kensei Takezo does not fight for
money, he fights for honor.

Really? Well, as long as
it's honor I can spend.

It's not a bad lot.
I mean, I find a stout brute,

put him on a horse, put him on a
field and tell him to shout on

about how
he's fearsome old Kensei.

Then I repair
to the branch of a tree

and start to pick off the
blackguards, one by one.

That's fighting dirty.

That's fighting smart, sir.

I give him a fair wage.

If he lives.

No. This can't be.

No. I come from the future.

Many years from now.

Your noble deeds
become part of our history.

The future?

That's a good one.

No, it is true. I know
what happens to you.

As a boy I read the book,
The Trials of Takezo Kensei.

How you killed the Black
Bear of Sakashita,

your love of the
swordsmith's daughter,

and you defeat the terrible
white-bearded warlord

and saved
the village of Otsu.


Do you smell smoke?

Let me see it.

I do not take
death threats idly.

Someone is
playing a trick.

Are they?

Charles Deveaux,
Linderman, your husband,

all of them dead.

Now there are nine.

So you think
one of us sent these?


For the pain we caused.
The people we have killed.

There is no end
to our suffering.

I sought redemption
by helping Hiro

fulfill his destiny
to save the world.

How did you
help your son?


I am leaving
for Japan tonight.

I suggest you disappear as well.

Oh, no, I broke history!

Villages burn.

Those things happen.

But not like this!

The future may not
exist as I know it.

No future, no cars, no Andos.
No me!

Great Scot!

You mustn't fret everything,
my very strange little friend.

Here, have some sake,
it'll brighten your day.

No. Forget sake.

You are supposed
to be a hero.

Being a hero never filled anyone's
sack with salt and saffron.

It's a waste of time.

In the stories you are rewarded
with more gold than the Emperor.

And you took the swordsmith's daughter,
the most beautiful woman in all Japan,

for your princess.

She is the swordsmith's

And I don't think
she wants to be my princess.

Wait! Don't leave!


You have to rescue
the swordsmith,

and make the daughter
fall in love with you.

You have to become the legendary Japanese
hero that you are destined to be.

You have to fight
Black Bear!

You have to fight
the 11 swords...

The only thing I have to do
is find me a drink.

Come on.

Eighty-six straight days of
sunshine, you just can't beat that.

Right, Lyle?

I don't know. I guess.

So, Claire,

Lyle was saying that his first
day at school was uneventful.

How about you,
anything special happen?


No. Nothing. I
skated by unnoticed.

It was like
I wasn't even there.

That's good, honey.

And how about you,


Anything interesting happen
today at Copy Kingdom?

I made a calendar for

some grandparents, and a
co-worker brought in donuts.

That's great.

I just think it's amazing how well we
have all adjusted to our new lives here.

It's inspirational. Really.

The Bennets were given lemons
and what did we make?


I'll second that.

We're all flourishing. Really.
All except Mr. Muggles.

No one has any idea you won
two regional championships,

five All-Breed rallies.

Poor little guy. I mean, how do you go
back to the farm after you have seen

gay Paris?

Thank you.


Must be work.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.


finally took the bait.

They caught up
with me in Cairo.

I'm in.


It's all falling
into place. Just...

Stay careful.
Watch your back.

And you and I will bring
this whole company down.


Why are you
calling me?

I don't know.
I'm not sure.

Well, don't do it again.

I gotta go.

No! Wait.

Listen, I know
why you're doing this.

I get it. I miss him, too.

I just...

I need someone to talk to. I don't
know if I can do this anymore.

Do what?

Not be who I really am. And I know that
I can't be who they want me to be,

and I just feel like
I'm gonna burst.

Look, I know you're looking for answers.
We all are.

But trust me, I am not the
guy to give them to you.

I'm sorry.

Of all of them, I never
expected it would be you.


What are you trying to do,
kill the poor bastard?


Drag him someplace
where he'll stay dry.

And make sure he's breathing,
for the love of Pete.

Great job, boss.

We're looking for 9109. The
numbers are on the side here.

Supposed to be
the third row back.

Hey, boss,
over there.

I figure I'll keep
a case for myself.

What are you gonna do with a dozen iPods?
You can barely use a computer.

What do you know?

What the hell?

Maybe we got
the wrong number.

No. The number's

Something else is wrong.

What's that?

What the hell
are you doing here?

Where are the iPods?

You heard the man.
How did you get in there?

Maybe this will
jog your memory.

What the hell
was that?

Who the hell
are you?

I said, who are you?

What's your name?

I don't know.

I don't know.