Heroes (2006–2010): Season 1, Episode 23 - Chapter Twenty-Three 'How to Stop an Exploding Man' - full transcript

In the season finale, Ando fears his friend is powerless to keep him alive, so he steals Hiro's sword and goes after Sylar, himself. Nathan comes between Peter and Claire. Jessica tries to find her son after Lindeman and DL get killed and finds Nikki occupying the same space as herself. Mohindar does everything in his power to keep Molly alive, even though Noah Bennett wants her dead, thinking she's a missing link. And it all sets the stage for the showdown between Sylar and Peter.

Where does it come from?

This quest,

this need to solve
life's mysteries,

when the simplest of questions
can never be answered?

Why are we here?

What is the soul?

Why do we dream?

Perhaps we'd be better
off not looking at all.

Not delving,
not yearning.

But that's not human nature.

Not the human heart.

That is not why we are here.

Yet, still we struggle
to make a difference,

to change the world,
to dream of hope,

never knowing
for certain who we will
meet along the way.

Who among
the world of strangers
will hold our hand,

touch our hearts,

and share the pain of trying?

You don't love him.

Everything I've done,
I did for them.

You should have
taken the money.

Why did you
take that bullet?

You could have let it phase
right through you.

It's okay.


Forget about me.
Save Micah.

Hit it!

You can get us out of here.

You can walk us
through this wall.

I don't know if I can.

You got to do this.

Come on, guys.
You can do this.

Surveillance picked
them up in the elevator.

What does he want?


What am I thinking
now, Parkman?

Your last thought.

Lower your gun.

Shoot me, and she dies.

As long as she's alive,
my daughter will
never be safe.

None of them will.

You'll take the life
of one little girl
to save another?

If I have to.

Taking her life would
save thousands.

And Thompson,
did you save thousands
of lives by killing him?

No, just my own!

Officer Parkman?


You know this man?

I told you he was coming.

He promised
to keep me safe.

That's right.

And nobody is
gonna hurt you.

Nakamura Hiro.

Peter Petrelli.

I challenge everyone
here tonight

to inspire by example,

to fight the battle,
no matter the cost.

Because the world is sick.

It's spinning
out of control.

But we can heal it.

Heidi and the boys
should be landing in
Nantucket any minute.

Show the world exactly...

Chopper's gonna
meet us up on
the roof in an hour.

Thank you all very much.
Thank you.

What is it, Ma?

It's Linderman.
He's dead.

Someone got to him
in his office.

He was murdered.

This is a terrible
tragedy, Nathan.

Yes, it is.

But it doesn't change anything.
The plan wasn't just his.

You know that, Congressman.


After the explosion,
the city is gonna
need me, Ma.

America is
gonna need me,

the world.

This changes nothing.

42. Micah's on this floor.

You go. I'm only
gonna slow you down.

I'm not leaving you.
You'll die if I do.

I can't go with you, Niki.
You need to do this alone.

You have to find Micah.

I can't.
You can.

You are strong enough.
You always have been.

I'm coming back for you.

You stay right here.
You understand me?

Linderman's guards will
be all over us if
they find Thompson's body.

Maybe you should
have thought of that
before you shot him.

It was self-defense.

And Molly Walker?

What's your excuse
for nearly shooting her?

She's dangerous.

You're gonna need
to start trusting me,
Dr. Suresh.

Yes, because that's
worked out really
well for me before.

The organization
I used to work for once
stood for something.

Now, it's been corrupted.

Used to work for?

The only thing that's
important to me now
is protecting my family.

I will never let
Molly be used to
hurt anyone.

She can do good
in this world.

I don't think you
understand the true nature
of this organization.

And you don't understand
how important she is to me.

Those are my antibodies
that saved her.

I'm responsible
for her life.

Hey! There's something
wrong with Molly.


Claire? Where are you?
Still in New York.

I'm with Peter,
but there's a problem.

Ted Sprague's dead.

Sylar killed him.


Put Peter
on the phone, please.

He wants to talk to you.


When you came
into contact with Ted,

you absorbed his power.

That's right.

Well, now that
Sylar's absorbed it, too,

I think you may be
the only one
who can stop him.

Now all we have to
do is find him. Any
idea where we start?

There's a tracking system here.

We're trying to fix it now.

As soon as we do,
we'll find him.

And if you don't?

You just stay close
to Claire's phone, okay?

I'll contact you
the second we know
a location.

Whatever you do,

you keep Claire safe.

You understand?


What are we doing here?

I actually believed you.

You lied to me.
You said you weren't
going to call him.

I know, but think
about it, Claire.
We can't do this alone.

No, you think about it.

We can't trust him.

Yes, we can trust him.

Nathan has never
let me down.

Nathan doesn't
care about you.

He doesn't care
about anyone.

He doesn't care about me,
and I'm his own daughter.

We do not need him.

Yes, we do.

Because I'm afraid!


And I need my brother
to help us.

You lied to me, Peter.

I trusted you.

What's the emergency?
The bomb,

it's not me. It's Sylar.


He killed Ted Sprague,
which means
he's radioactive.

If he explodes...


I know that this is
a lot to process,

but it is real.
I swear.

And I don't have
a lot of time to find him.

What do you
want me to do?

I don't know,
just help me.

Come here.

Look, if what you're saying's real,

then there's no reason
to involve Claire in this.

It's just too dangerous.

No, she has
to stay with me.

She's just a kid, Pete.

If I find Sylar,
and I'm able to stop him,

then she's the only one
who can stop me
if something goes wrong.

You're gonna be fine.

How do you know?

You told me you
could regenerate,

that you could survive.

There's nothing you can do
to stop it, Peter.

They're all gonna die.

What is it?

Claire was right about you.

What are you talking about?





No! No! No!

No, no, no, this
isn't happening.

How much longer before
she's up and running?

She's not a machine.

I just gave her
the transfusion.
It'll take some time.

Well, take too much time
and the city will pay for it.

Sylar's out there.

You mean
the boogeyman?

Don't try to get up.

I can do it.
I can tell you
where he is.

Okay, so how do we do this?

I just...

I think about him
in my mind,

then I point to him
on the map, there.

I need a pushpin.

So you can find
anyone in the world?

You just need to
think about them?

Almost anyone.


There's only one
that I can't.

Who's that?

Is it someone bad, Molly,
like the boogeyman?


He's a lot worse.

And why don't you
want to find him?

'Cause when I think about him,

he can see me.

Molly, can you think
about Sylar, now?

He's there.

That's the Lower East Side,
somewhere around Reed Street.

Isaac's loft.

Isaac Mendez,
the painter?

I gotta call Peter.

Why don't you let me
answer that for you?



No, this is her grandmother.

Where is she?

Where she belongs,
with her family.


I'm her family.

o, you're the man
we gave her to, to look
after, to keep safe,

a job you haven't
done particularly well.

What are you
gonna do with her?

Take her someplace
far enough to keep her
out of harm's way.

I suggest you do the same.
There isn't much time.

Let me say goodbye to her.


Claire, are you okay?

Yeah, I'm just trying
to get away from
these people.

No. No.

You're better off
going with them.


She's right.

You shouldn't be here,

but as soon as you're
safe out of the city,

you try and get away.
Do you understand?


I need to find Peter.
Where is he?

I don't know.
They won't tell me.

That's long enough, dear.

Tell me you have
a plan, Dad.

I have a plan.

I love you, Claire.

I love you, too.

We have a new priority.
Peter Petrelli,
we have to find him.

What for?
We know where Sylar is.
We can go after him.

No, not without Petrelli.

He's the only one
who can stop him.

I've come 3,000 miles.
I left my pregnant
wife at home.

He's a bad guy. I'm a cop.
I'm going after him.

Then he will kill you.

Yeah, we'll see.

Here you are, sir.

Thank you.


I'm Peter.
I'm your father's new nurse.

Yes, I've heard.
I'm Simone Deveaux.

Nice to meet you.

Your mother seems to know
my father somehow.

Yeah, she's...



Yeah, my mother,
she's full of surprises.

I wanna thank you.

I know
it's a real hard job.

Dying's hard.

What I do, it's just...

I'm here to help.

No, you're a real hero
to care for a perfect
stranger like this.

This may sound strange,

but your father's last
few weeks, his death,

it could be beautiful
if you let it be.

Sure, piece of cake.

I'm not saying
it's not tragic for you.

I'm just saying...

You know,
death is the one thing
that connects us all,

reminds us that
what's really important
is who we've touched,

and you know,
how much we've given.

It makes us realize
that we have to be
good to one another.

See, your father,
he's the real hero,
not me.

Come on, I'll show
you the apartment,
get you settled in.

Believe me, if he knew, you'd know.

There's a look
you just can't hide
when it first shows.

What about Nathan?

Linderman tells me
Nathan will be ready
to play his part.

Well, he's been
wrong before.

Meaning what, exactly?

I think that Linderman is
betting on the wrong brother.

We talking about
the same Peter, here?

I look in Peter's eyes,
I see compassion, empathy,

but, most of all,
I see hope.

This war won't be
saved on strength.

What it really needs is
heart, and that's Peter.

Charles, don't get me wrong.

I love Peter,
but that poor kid can barely
get out of his own way.

He's ruled by insecurities.

He's weak.

No, trust me,
this bomb is going
to go off,

and Nathan is going
to be the one
the world turns to.

I don't believe
this tragedy's inevitable.

Well, then, one of us
is going to be right

and one of us won't.

Well, I'm glad
I won't be alive to see
which one that is.

You are in
my prayers, Charles.

I could use them.

Goodbye, my dear,
dear friend.

I know you're there, Peter.

Looks like you
dropped something.

Comic book that
predicts the future.

What will they think of next?

You're kidding?

This is how Isaac
thought I'd die,

by a silly little man?

Hiro is not silly.

You should have seen
the look on his face
when he tried to kill me.

You cannot take my brain.

Please, what would
I want with your brain?

Where is Peter Petrelli?

I don't know.

Where is he?

Let him go.

I don't think
I'm going to.


All you have to do
is stop time before
I cut off his head.

Do you think you can
do your little trick
before I can do mine?


Where are you?



You can't be here.

Look what you did.

Oh, my God. Micah.

It's all your fault,

D.L., now Micah.

They're both gone,
because you were weak.

Micah, please.

The wrong sister died.
It should have been you.

Face it, Niki,
you're nothing.

I'm the one they needed.

Molly, we need to go, now.

Where are we going?

Officer Parkman called.
He believes that Sylar...

He believes
the boogeyman is
on his way.

No, he's not on his way.

He's already here.

I have to get some paperwork.

I'm not going
to be coming back
to my office.

Helicopter's picking
us up from the roof
in 10 minutes.

When the jet lands
tomorrow morning,
you'll be safe.

But everyone
else will be dead.

How can you do
nothing to stop this?

It's inevitable, dear.

There's nothing
anyone can do about it.

That's insane!

Nothing is inevitable.
The future is not
written in stone.

I'm afraid this one is.

If everything is
so inevitable,

then why has she
been trying to keep us
apart all these years?

There are things you
simply aren't mature enough
to understand yet.

Yeah, like how you can let
your own son die like this.

Your own brother!

He's not gonna die.

Thanks to you,
Peter has the ability
to survive.

So he lives and
kills millions of people.

How can you let him
be responsible for
something like that?

And how can you
live with yourself if he is?

Claire, I know that
it's hard for you to
trust me right now,

but this is all gonna
make sense very soon.

I promise.

We're offering you everything
you've ever wanted, Claire,

a place to belong,
a family.

I already have a family.


I know what you're
thinking, Nathan.

Let her go.
You understand.

How many times have
I saved your ass?

I'm the only reason
that you're still alive.

Niki, that's not me.
Stop her. Find Micah.


I said, stop her.
That's not me.

I'm not strong enough.

Who the hell are
you talking to?



Mom, I'm in here!
It's locked.


Is it really you?

It's me, baby.

It's just me.

Wait! He could
be a bad guy.

He needs my help.

Okay, we need to get
him out of here.

It's not working.

They must have
shut it down.

Okay, I need a lookout.
Can you do that?

Stand over here
and keep an eye out.

If anyone comes,
tell me straightaway.


Invisibility, always
thought that that would
be a good one to have.

I don't understand.
How is this happening?

You're alive.

Is this a dream?

Am I time traveling?

Are you doing this?

Doesn't really matter
what it is, does it?

Only that you're here, now.

Yeah, but I saw you
speaking to my mother.
You know about the bomb.

You know about everything.

You came here
because you needed to.

You needed to hear
the truth before you
could save the world.

Can I save the world?

You've had the power
all along, Peter.

You just needed
to learn how to use it.

Why me?

Because there has to be
one that's good,
there always has,

and your heart has
the ability to love,

Like I told you,
in the end,
all that really matters

is love.

I'm tired now.

Let's get you
your rest, then, sir.

Call me Charles.



Wake up! Wake up.

I must have blacked out.

How did you find me?

I told you, we have
a tracking system.

And where's Claire?

She's safe.
She's with your mother.

My mother?

They're on their way
out of the city right now.


Then you need
to leave, too.

I don't think
I can control this.

No. I'm staying
with you.

You saved
my daughter's life.

I told you
I owed you for that.

Consider this payback.

Yeah, but if I can't
stop Sylar,

if I lose it, I could...

I will put you
down myself.

Don't worry.
I'm a pretty good shot.

Thank you, Mr. Bennet.

Call me Noah.

Come on.

The guards are coming!



We have to go.

It won't work.

Yes, it will.

Come on, D.L.

Come on!

Dad, hurry!

You know, it doesn't
look like there's many
places to hide.

Are you sure about
this tracking system?

He's here.
Don't worry.

All right. Look,
all right, then that means
he's hiding in plain sight.

What took you so long?

Haven't I killed
you before?

Didn't take.

You think I'm gonna
let you ruin it all,

take all the glory?

Come on, let's go.

Did you really think
you could stop me?

Mom, Dad needs your help!

Go back to your family.
I got this.

Wait. No! No!

Turns out you're
the villain, Peter.

I'm the hero.




Peter Petrelli!

You can stop this.


I need you to kill me.

Do it!

Do it!
You're the only one,

Tell me there's
another way, please.

Shoot me.
There is no other way.

Yes, there is, Claire.

The future isn't
written in stone.

I took his power, Nathan.

I can't control it.
I can't do anything.

I'm not leaving you, Peter.

There's another way
to end this
and you know it.

I can't let you die.

And I can't let
everyone else.

You saved the cheerleader

so we could save the world.

I love you, Nathan.

I love you, too.

You ready?

What happened to them?


Please don't die,
Officer Parkman.

You're my hero.

We dream of hope.
We dream of change,

of fire, of love, of death.

And then it happens.

The dream becomes real.

Let's go.

And the answer
to this quest,

this need to solve
life's mysteries
finally shows itself,

like the glowing light
of the new dawn.

Let's go home.

Home where?
Our house burnt down.

Home is anywhere
our family is together.

You've got a plan, right?

So much struggle
for meaning, for purpose,

and in the end,
we find it only
in each other,

our shared experience
of the fantastic

and the mundane.

The simple human
need to find a kindred,
to connect,

and to know in our hearts

that we are not alone.

Ando must have
thought I would
give up.

He took a sword and
went after Sylar!


He'll die!

Yes. Probably.

But that's not your concern
right now.

You must remember your

The world is at stake.


I must go after him.

I will not abandon my

Then you have
already lost.


My whole life you have looked at
me with disappointment.

I do not wish to lose you now.

But I cannot let my
friend die.

Not when I have the
power to stop it.

Don't forget your legacy...

the wind at the
back of history.

It's okay.

I'm here to
save you.

Don't worry about me!

Just stab him!

Hiro! You did it!

You were faster
than Sylar!

Now I'll go back.

We can go back together.
Surprise him!

No, Ando.

This part of my

I must finish alone.

But... I am not afraid.

I know.

You have shown me
what bravery is.

Your whole life you talked about
your favourite stories...

Star Wars, Star Trek,
Superman, Kensei...

All the heroes you
wanted to be.

One day, people
will tell the story

Hiro Nakamura.

So you'll know
I'll be back.


your sword?

"It is not the sword. It is the man."

This man is ready.

You look bad ass.