Heroes (2006–2010): Season 2, Episode 2 - Chapter Two 'Lizards' - full transcript

At the behest of his new employers, Dr. Suresh travels to Haiti to treat a potential virus victim. The patient turns out to be a familiar face. Claire's secret may be out when a fellow student sees her regenerate a limb; that student may have his own secret however. Matt Parkman investigates a murder that affects one one of the Heroes. In 17th century Japan, Hiro is doing his best to ensure that Takezo Sensei lives up to his reputation. He has to take things into his own hands however. In Ireland, Peter Petrelli finds himself with no memory but re-discovering some of his many powers. Maya and her brother reach the Guatemala-Mexico border in their quest to travel to the USA.

[Mohinder] Previously on Heroes:

You're supposed to be a hero!

Ohh! I don't think
she wants to be my princess.

Dr Suresh, can we count you in?

Finally took the bait.
They caught up with me in Cairo.

- I'm in.
- You and I'II bring this company down.

We are all in grave danger.
Our past has caught up with us.


- I'm West.
- CIaire.

Are you one of them?
Or one of the others?

I figured that you'd
rather have a real one.

- Ah!
- [Matt] Need to talk about nightmares.

- There's nothing you can do.
- I wanna help you.

[speaking Spanish]

What are you doing here?
Who are you? What's your name?

I don't know. [grunts]

[screams, groans]


He's awake.

Where am I?


You took something that's ours. Just
tell us where you stashed the iPods.


We'II cut your binds.
You'II be on your way.

As square a deal
as you're Iikely to find.

- I didn't take anything.
- Right.

With the thousands
of shipping containers

coming through Cork Harbour,

you just happen to be having tea
in the one we were sent to rob.

I don't know how I got in there.

Might wanna consider remembering, boyo.
You're in a bad spot.

Ahh, dang it all.
My wedding ring fell in with the eggs.


We do have a colander, dear.
No need to be flashy.

It's no big deal.

- It isn't until it gets you noticed.
- I can't even be myself at home?

Bad enough that
I have to be all fake at school.

We simply asked you to Iay Iow.

High school doesn't work Iike that.
Lay Iow, you get noticed more.

They have metal detectors
for people who Iay too Iow.

I have to be someone.

You know I trust you, CIaire.
I mean, we got you your own car.

You know, it ma y be easy
for you to pretend

you' re the most boring
photocopier in the world,

but I can't not be what I am.
Whatever that is.

Making copies is not my job.
Keeping this family safe is my job.

If that means I don't have time

to make you breakfast
or I have to dress up in this shirt

so that we stay invisible
and nobody finds us...

...then that's what I'II do.
And I need you to do the same.


I forgot how weird it must be
for you to play normal after being...

...whatever that was.

Don't you feel sorry for your dad.

Compared to the Iife I had,
normal's a pretty nice vacation.

[Iiquid pouring]

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.

Have a good day.

Did you see this?

I knew this would happen.
[sighs] Kaito.

How'd you know this was gonna happen?

Hey. That's not
the way we do things anymore.

No more secrets. That was the deal.

This was done by a very gifted artist
in New York. Isaac Mendez.

Everything he's ever painted
has come true.

Except for a series of eight.

- I was only given the first.
- There's seven more.

- What's in the others?
- I don't know.

But I'm gonna find them.

- [indistinct chattering]
- [sirens wailing]

- Are you waiting on an invitation?
- Oh, no.

I've spent so much time
on that side of the tape.

- Savouring the moment.
- Welcome to the big Ieagues, detective.

Let's hope you survive.
All right, got Kaito Nakamura.

Seventy, a Japanese national.
CEO of Yamagato Industries.

Now, he fell out of the sky
onto Central Park West

with this in his pocket.
That Iook familiar?

Uh, no.
No, I've never seen this before.

Mr Masahashi here is a witness.
Says he saw Mr Nakamura being pushed

- by someone who went over with him.
- Only got one body.

Either the killer fell 20 stories,
got up and walked away, or flew away.

- You know somebody that can do that?
- [distant sirens]

Ah. We, uh, found
a fingerprint on the photo.

- Got a match.
- Angela Petrelli.

We need to bring her right in.

Mr Masahashi.

You ever seen this symbol before?

Yes. It is a Kanji.

- It means, "Great ability, godsend."
- Ability?

It is the crest of Takezo Kensei,
a famous hero in Japan.

Mr Nakamura used to read
the Kensei stories to his son, Hiro.

- I need to talk to him.
- So do I.


[speaking Japanese]

[flies buzzing]

You must be sober!

If we don't go after Yaeko,
she'II be killed!

Who's Yaeko?

Girl you're
supposed to fall in Iove with!

The one who hates me?

Before I came back in time
and ruined everything,

she was supposed to be
your princess and you a hero.

- You Iook Iike a fish when you talk
- I promise, if you do this,

they will tell the story
for 400 years minimum!

Like a giant carp.

- Yahoo!
- [horse neighing]

This video demonstrates
the newt's amazing ability

to regrow a completely working Iimb.

But newts are not the only
creatures with this talent.

Thanks to millions of years
of combined mutation,

Iizards are capable
of cellular regeneration.

Like people who can heal themselves?

[chuckling] No, not people, CIaire.
Lizards. And raise your hand, please.

But it's possible, right?
For people to be able to do that too?

I mean, theoretically.

There's a Iot of controversial
though promising work with stem cells.

Might be able to culture organs
and Iimbs for people who need them?

I guess the next step for us
is phasing out the extra parts.

We're not using the appendix anymore,
or grinding bone with our wisdom teeth.

Don't even need a pinky toe for balance.
It's all just junk in our DNA.

I've read people might have evolved
a different code already.

- That possible?
- I'm afraid you are gonna need

an advanced degree in genetics
to get at those answers.

And I hope you thank me
in your dissertation.


[water splashing]

Oh, so how'd you Iike the jet?
A lot better than flying coach, huh?

Didn't agree
to work with you for comforts.

- Still, it doesn't hurt.
- I can't help people with abilities

unless I have access
to your records and Iabs.

Of course, of course. Right now,
I need to get you back on that plane

because I have your first
assignment here somewhere.

I thought you said your company
kept its medical samples here.

Not samples. A man.
In Port-au-Prince. He turned up sick.

Weakness, tremors,
Ioss of abilities. He's dying.

- The virus.
- Mm-hmm.

If there's another case, could be

- some reservoir of infection.
- Need you to find out.

There have only been
two presentations of the disease.

Your sister in 1 97 4,
and Molly Walker four months ago.

- If there is actually a third case...
- Then it is spreading.

I'II test him. If it's true,
I'II bring him back as soon as possible.

Oh, and, doctor... As of now, your blood
is the only cure for that virus.

Try not to get yourself killed.

[speaking Spanish]

[door creaks]

Bet you were prettier yesterday.

I Iike your necklace.
What does it mean?

- I wish I knew.
- Let's try an easier one.

- What's your name?
- I don't know.

It's not your day, is it? I'm Caitlin.

You know that much now.

- Caitlin.
- Mm-hmm?

- What are they gonna do to me?
- I don't know.

- Whatever my brother thinks is best.
- Your brother?

Did he send you in here?

He'd pitch an epic fit.
Thought I'd try a kinder tack

Thing is, this job, it's bigger
than you and a couple of quid.

They pulled it
for this man named McSorley.

Promised delivery today.

What happens if the guy
doesn't get what he wants?

You have to remember something.
Anything. A name, a face.

First thing I remember is
your brother and his crew finding me.

Then the big guy came at me and...

And an electrical short blew
Tuko on his arse. I heard the story.

The spark.

- I think it came from me.
- [chuckles]

My hand.

- I... I know that it seems...
- Isn't possible.

I've just wrung out
a Iot of your blood.

You don't have a mark on you.

[kettledrums playing,
crowd chattering indistinctly]

[speaking French]

I do not want your cure.

- Without it, you could die.
- God gave me a power.

I abused his gift, so he took it away.

- Now I suffer his judgment.
- We should Ieave it to God to decide.

The chances are you carry one of
1 00 viruses I can do nothing about.

If you somehow carry this one virus,
there is only one cure.

The distillation of my own blood,
and I was guided to you.

Surely that's a sign.

- Just the same as your suffering.
- A sign of what?

That God isn't quite done with you yet.

So, my friend, shall we see
if he still offers redemption?

[speaking Spanish]



V?monos. V?monos.


- Hyah!
- [Iaughter]


[speaking Japanese]

[Hiro Iaughs]

[Hiro Iaughs]


Keep an eye on him.

If he so much as Iays an inconsiderate
fart, you grab the gun.

What am I, 1 2?


[grunting] Come on. Come on.


[exhales deeply]

Sorry, fellas.
Ricky and the boys just Ieft.

Aye, I saw.
We're not here for Ricky.

Lucky then. I've just
tapped a barrel. Two pints?

Ahh! Ha!

No, thanks, Iove. We came for you.

- [knee thuds]
- Ohh!

- [grunting]
- [cocks rifle]


- [bell ringing]
- So... Iizards, huh?

Tell me you didn't just time that
so I'd walk right past you.

I figured you'd be more
into whales or something.

- Unicorns.
- You make a Iot of assumptions.

- Is my hair really that blonde?
- I think it's cool, actually.

- I'm sort of into genetics too.
- I didn't say I was into genetics.

You don't have to hide everything
interesting about you.

Biology is supposed to be our destiny.

But people forget... genes can change.

I thought guys Iike you were supposed
to sit at the back of the classroom

- and hate everything.
- I just found this book

By some Indian guy.
I can barely pronounce his name.

It's about everything
you're talking about.

People who've evolved.

There's a whole chapter on regeneration.

Sorry, I Ieft all my awesome
genetic textbook reading

for the summer vacation.

You should see it.
I... I could bring it over.

Get you on your way to your Ph. D.

You know, I don't really care that much.
I was just kind of bored in class.

- Really?
- Yes, but if you Iike Iizards,

that's awesome. Have fun.

And I gotta go home.

Where's my car?

[speaking Japanese]

[rhythmic beeping]

Your blood is clearing the viral Ioad.
Seems you have this disease after all.

How are your hands?

Steady as faith.

I prayed your cure would not work.

If I prayed,
I would have asked the same.

The thought of this virus
finding you, out here. If it spreads...

So you did not believe what you said.
About God sending you to cure me.

Trouble believing in any god

that'd allow a pathogen Iike this
to exist. It killed my sister.

[children playing outside]

Seems Iike it's becoming
even more virulent.

With a replication rate this aggressive,
you'd have been dead by morning.

The people I work with will want me
to bring you in for observation.

I have a plane.

- You work for people?
- A company.

Of course. There's always a company.

Where is he?
Where is the Haitian?

- The Haitian? Isn't he in Haiti?
- We're in Haiti.

You've been out of contact for hours.

I was in your office.

You gave me an envelope,
said a man may have the virus,

that I was to cure him.

He wouldn't have been able to take
your memory unless the vaccine worked.

So... apparently it did.
Full recovery. Thank you, Dr Suresh.

My memory?

I'm sorry.

Well, at Ieast
we've contained the virus.

We'II just chalk this up
to a rookie mistake.

[speaking Spanish]

[car engine rewing]

[indistinct radio chatter]


[whispering in Spanish]

[singing softly]

[speaks Spanish]

[up-tempo music plays]


Five-pound bag of gummi bears.
Receptionists Iove them.

A well-stocked candy dish
makes them feel popular.

Dad, if I told you something,
will you promise not to freak out?

My car kinda got stolen.

My God, CIaire.
My heart just about stopped.

[sighs] I know. What's a stolen car
when you're running for your Iife?

Not that...

Look, I Ioved the car,
and if you ever got me another one,

I promise I will never
Ieave it unlocked ever again.

You Ieft it... unlocked?

CIaire, I have to be able to trust you.
Not just with the car, with everything.

- I know. I made a mistake.
- Can't afford mistakes.

- We're in hiding, it's dangerous.
- That's right.

Great. I'm in hiding
because of something I can do,

- and I don't know what that is.
- You know enough.

But I don't even know how it works.
Or what my Iimits are.

If I cut off my arm, would it reattach
itself or would I grow a new one?

- Shouldn't be discussing this.
- You're the only one I can talk to.

I could be missing
my opportunity to help people.

If my skin can grow back
after I boil it, maybe my blood

can help someone
who got burned or who's sick

- I don't know if I can get sick
- Enough!

Yell at me all you want about the car,
but this is what I am!

I have kept you out of danger so
you wouldn't have to find your Iimits.

They find you, that's what they'II do.
Cut you, test you.

They'II push you so far
past your capacity for pain

you'II wish you could die.

Believe me.
You may feel confined here,

but this is far freer a cage
than the one they'd put you in.

I've gotta get back to work

You and Nakamura.
Witness said you had a fight yesterday.

We were old friends. Sometimes simple
conversations can be misconstrued.

Hmm. He said you slapped him.

He made an offhand comment about
my son's death. I found it distasteful.

You're a major shareholder
in Yamagato Industries.

Stock's been in the toilet
for months now.

- You think I killed Kaito over money?
- Most common motives are money and sex..

Well, I don't need the money
and I wasn't sleeping with him.

Not for a Iong time.

You recognise that symbol?

Yes, it's the Iogo
of my husband's Iaw firm.

Why draw it across Nakamura's face?

I don't know.

[echoing] Because we did something
terrible. and now someone wants revenge.

Would anyone want revenge
on him, maybe... on you?

- Who said anything about revenge?
- I want my Iawyer.

- Who wants revenge, Mrs Petrelli?
- Stand down, Parkman. She cried uncle.

[Angela thinking] Get out of my head!

Mr Petrelli.

- I know you.
- Detective Matt Parkman.

Met in Texas when you came in
to Iawyer your brother out of jail.

Look, I'm sorry about Peter.
Follow me. I'II show you to your mother.

She's not gonna want to see me.

- Look, I just came to get her out.
- Then why'd she ask us to call you?

She doesn't have anyone else.

- [Angela screaming]
- Where is she?!

- [screaming continues]
- Mom!

- [pounding on door]
- That's not possible!

- Stand back-1
- [screaming continues]



It's gonna be all right, Mom.

It's gonna be OK.

Who did this to you, Mrs Petrelli?

- I... I don't...
- [whispering] What happened?

What happened?

- Aren't you gonna say anything?
- About what?

- About those things you did.
- I didn't do anything.

Make up a story. Tell me
you Iost your memory of tonight too,

- but don't pretend I'm stupid.
- [door opens]

You had to knock the piss
out of him, didn't you?

The fella you put through a wall
was McSorley's son.

A sadistic bastard,
but his old man Ioves him.

- You made him uglier.
- Next time, I'II Ieave him

- alone with your sister.
- Don't you mouth off to me.

You turned a fixable
monetary problem into a blood feud.


You're gonna make this right.
We'II do another job.

Something big enough
we can drop a fat stack on his desk

- and get him off our backs.
- I'm not a thief.

Maybe not. But you certainly
handled those two Iike a pro.

And that makes you something.
Now, doesn't it?

What's to say I don't walk out of here?

I thought common courtesy would do it.

No? Then maybe this.

You might want this... Peter.

My name is Peter?

Sounds about right, doesn't it?
Just something I read.

This is everything you had on you
when we found you.

Credit cards, maybe a train ticket.
Could even be a Iove Ietter.

It's all yours.

You just have to help us
with one Iittle job.

What do you say... Peter?

Hello? Mr Kensei?

- Mr Kensei?
- You stole my armour, Ieft me withal.

- Who do you think you are?
- I only did it to save Yaeko.

And to show that Takezo Kensei
is not a drunk, but a hero.

- And I did.
- You did?

Yes. They're already
telling of your bravery.

Ah. And what exactly
did I do on this day?

You disarmed 1 1 men
and rescued a beautiful girl.

I'm to believe you did all that
and took no credit?

[speaking Japanese]

- All right, Carp, I'm in.
- Really?

Don't know what brand of fool you are,

but Iistening to you
will grant me more reward.

- And more of her.
- It will!

Make me the hero she sees in me.

- As Iong as you stop drinking.
- No promises.



Aah! [grunts]


I'm sorry, Carp.

Maybe I'II be a hero next time around.

No! You cannot die!


[door opens]

- [door closes]
- [distant siren wails]

[cell phone vibrating]

- You're working Iate.
- Night shift. Don't ask

W as it a productive trip?

You should have
the answer to that shortl y.

- And you didn't arouse any suspicions?
- I don't think so.

Bob seemed more angry at himself
for trusting the professor.

They'll be watching me more closely now.

That's to be expected. Don 't worry.
I'll find the other paintings myself.

Are you sure?

You've given me everything I need.

W elcome to Copy Kingdom.
How can I help you?

[man] When I checked her pedigree.

- she ended up having 1 7 champions...
- [woman] Oh. that's just...

- [up-tempo music plays]
- Turn that off.

That is salt in the wound
for poor Mr Muggles.

I'm sorry.
That was very inconsiderate of me.

- [turns TV off]
- [barking and growling]

You're right.
It doesn't help to avoid it.

- [TV turns back on]
- [music and indistinct commentary]

Well... Guess it's just you and me.


Ahh. [winces]

Come on, grow back

- No way.
- [dog barking]