Heroes (2006–2010): Season 1, Episode 19 - Chapter Nineteen '.07%' - full transcript

After "helping" Suresh search for more people with special abilities, Sylar's rampage continues with two "heroes" being confronted by the stronger-powered serial killer. Nathan must factor what he's learned from Linderman into difficult decisions that will shape the future -- for him, his family, New York City and the world. As Thompson uses every tool at his disposal to find Claire, Linderman drafts Jessica into his far-reaching plans. Meanwhile, Hiro's resolve to "save the world" strengthens in the face of a grim reality.

Previously on Heroes.

People think I collect art.

What I really collect
are lives fixed in paint.

A perfect moment capturing an
entire existence, made immortal.

What you've done is not evolution.
It's murder.

What I am doing
is revenge.

A monster's
fight to survive

and live to kill again.

A mother willing to fracture her
own soul to protect her child.

Don't lie to me anymore.

You told me she was gone. Now
which one of you is in control?

Niki? Jessica?

I'm not so sure.

Youth's struggle for innocence
despite life's cruelty.

Who are you?

I'm your grandmother.

The double-edged lies needed to
sustain a double-edged life.

He is going to be a problem.

Why don't we do it
right now?


What do we think?

He's telling the truth. He
doesn't know where Claire is.

A wandering hero's
pure joy at success.

And his darkest hour,
when all the world seems lost.

All perfect moments
frozen in time.

Alone, each tells
a single story.

Together, they can
tell the future.

Daddy, I'm so sorry.

It's all my fault.

I tried to do what you said,
but they caught me, and now...

I'm so scared.

What is it?


You're not...

Not what?

Not you.

Why don't you leave
us alone, Candice?

Are you sure?

I can show him things that'd
make him tear his eyes out.

You've got more important
matters to take care of.

Things okay in here?

Do you need anything?

I just got through with this
Graham Greene I was reading.

I'll bring it.

How was it?

Ended bad.

I don't know
where Claire is.

None of these games can make
me tell you what I don't know.

We're going easy on you.

The only reason we haven't
taken it up a notch is

because of friendship.


I brought you in,
vouched for you.

And how do you repay
my kindness?

Attempting to destroy
the company?

You asked me
to betray my daughter.

You got too close.
And then you got sloppy.

I saw what your girl
Candice can do.

Maybe you're the one
who got sloppy.

Maybe I'm exactly
where I want to be.

You're on death row.

If you were gonna kill me, you
would have done it by now.

I'm just waiting
for the order.

That's how we do it here.

We follow orders.

I'll see about
getting you that book.

Japanese feudalism.

Renaissance, Baroque,
Mayan, Persian,

20th century.

You must bring
all your first dates here.

What do you do with all this?

I protect it.

I shield it from
a greedy and dangerous world.

You push the cultured facade long enough,
people forget you're a criminal.

When my day
of judgment comes, Nathan,

I'll be remembered
as a humanitarian.

I care about the world.
I just want to save it.

To heal it.

And to do that, I need you.

What could you possibly
know about healing?

A few things.


Parkman, wake up.

They're just waiting.
You gotta be kidding me.

They're coming for you.

They're just waiting
for the order.

And then you're never coming
back, not to your wife

or anyone else you care about.
They'll never see you again.

We don't have much time.

If you can hear me, and if you
can trust me, bang on the pipe.

Good man.

If you follow everything
I say, you might not die.

You may want to argue, but luckily,
this is a one-way conversation.

Can I count on you?
I hate him.

Yes or no?

I know this man.
Well, great.

If you see him, tell him
I want my sword back.

He said he needed it
to save the world.

A lot of people seem
to be saying that these days.

Well, we all have our roles
to play in the events to come.

You know, this isn't
just a collection of art.

This is a road map.

These artists envisioned
a brighter future.

Peace, prosperity.

That's your idea
of a brighter future?

What if I was
to tell you that it was?

I'd say you were
a lousy humanitarian.

I was a lot younger than you
when I discovered my power.

And there were others too, like
me, who discovered theirs.

We were all confused.

And we found each other.

Together, we tried to make
a difference to the world.

And for a while, we did.

It was beautiful.

And then, some of my friends,

they lost their way.

They used their powers
for personal gain.

And all the good
that we'd done was...

Well, it amounted to nothing.

And I learned that healing one person
at a time was just not enough.

We needed something. Something
to pull it down on course.

Something big.

And that's what
you think this is?

People need hope, Nathan.

An explosion of that
magnitude would destroy

half the population
of New York City like that.

There's six and a half billion
people on the planet.

That's less than 0.07%.

Come on, that's an acceptable
loss by anyone's count.

By anybody's count?

Look, I said people needed
hope, but they trust fear.

This is crazy.

This tragedy will be
a catalyst for good,

for change.

Out of the ashes, humanity
will find a common goal,

a united sense of hope couched
in a united sense of fear.

And it is your destiny,

to be the leader who uses this event
to rally a city, a nation, a world.

Now you look deep
into your heart.

You'll know I'm right.

Look, I don't mean
to toss a wet blanket,

but if you haven't noticed,
I'm down in the polls.

I'm not gonna get
elected to Congress,

let alone the White House.

Do you think
I'd leave that to chance?

If you know all this,
then you also know that

the exploding man is
my brother Peter.

As I said, we all have
our role to play.

Peter's curtain call will come
the day after you're elected.

You're insane.

You know that?

Now, all that banging
has alerted the guards.


You told me to signal you.

Don't worry,
it's a good thing.

Now look for the rusted pipe.


It should be the one
closest to the window.

A couple of hits
will loosen it.

Hurry up.
A guard will be there.

You've got three minutes.
Got it.

Come on!

By now, you should have
removed the pipe.

The guard will be coming through
the door any second now.

Signal when you've
knocked him out.

Yeah, I'm working on it, I'm working on it.
Come on, come on.

Grab his pass
and head into the hall.



It's Peter Petrelli.



I remember you.

You're like me, aren't you?

I'd like to see
how that works.

No, no.

I'm not done with him yet.

I can't wait to try that one.

My God.


My two boys
actually getting along.

Nathan's wedding. He has
two boys of his own now.

And that handsome
man is Peter.

But you've already
met him now, haven't you?

He saved my life. He forgot to
mention that we were related.

He didn't know.

He didn't even know
you existed.

But you did?

Since you were a baby.

Nathan's folly in Texas.

And you kept me a secret?

I cared about you
a great deal.

Perhaps not
in the traditional sense,

oatmeal cookies
and school plays.

But I did what I could.

My husband and I made
arrangements for you.


Then that fire happened,

and Nathan just assumed
you were gone, so...

So you let him.

It was the right thing to do.

You needed to be protected.

Trust me,
I don't need protecting.

Because you can grow back your
bones and spit out bullets.

You have no idea, Claire.

The life your abilities
would bring you,

you deserve better.

And that's why you have to go.

Get you away, like we planned.

I haven't seen Peter
or met my father yet.

Neither of them is in a position
to be anything to you right now.

Be sensible.

By shipping me off to Paris?

For now, yes.

I'll be taking you
there myself.

You'll have a chance
to grow up and develop

into someone who can
make her own choices.

And then if you choose to come back and
join this madness like I once did,

at least I will have
given you the option.

So you're like me?

I regret a lot of the choices
I've made in my life.

You're getting the benefit
of my experience.

Whether I want it or not.

You get that mouth from me.

The list. No!


My editor needs these pages right
away, so I called my best messenger.

Oh, man,
the new 9th Wonders!

I've been dying to find out
what happens to Hiro.

The latest and the last.


Looks that way.

Why? What do you mean?

Never mind.

So what happens
to Hiro in this one?

You promise you won't
post any spoilers?

The future.

How do you come up
with this stuff?

It's a gift.

Speaking of which...

Your sketchbook?

Are you serious?

Hold on to it. It might be
worth something someday.

Thank you.

Working for a gangster like
Linderman, pulling triggers for him.

Everything I've done,
I've done for Micah.

You keep telling
yourself that.

Hey, if it wasn't for me,
Niki would still be in prison

and Micah wouldn't have a
mother, and you'd be all alone.

I don't remember
you complaining.

Niki, Jessica, whoever
the hell you are, I'm done.

I'm taking Micah,
and you're never...

Careful how you
finish that sentence.

He's not safe as long as
Linderman owns our lives.

Not as long as you're around. Look
at what you brought into our house.

What, money?


Poor me.

Nobody wants
to hire a black ex-con.

Everywhere you go, people die.

Cash, cars, hurting people
for the fun of it.

Hell, you didn't turn
into Jessica.

You turned into your old man.

Don't you dare.

I'll die before I let you do
to Micah what he did to you.

Miss Sanders.

Mr. Linderman has asked
to see you right away.

If this is the life you want, you
need to get Micah out of it.

You can say goodbye tonight.

The first door on
the right is the supply room.

Steal something
less conspicuous.

And keep moving.

You'll see an exit door
before the hall.

Orders came down. We're moving
Bennet, Sprague, and Parkman.

Now make sure you gas Sprague's
room before you put the lV in him.

I don't want that man
so much as dreaming.

What about Parkman?

Put some tape on his mouth.

I don't want to hear any more
about his pregnant wife.


You want to do what?


We gotta go.

Quickly! Go? How did
you even get in here?

Bennet, he's got a plan.

Were you listening to him?

He told me to come get you.

He could be leading you right
where he wants you to go.

It can't be worse
than the alternative.

Mrs. Petrelli?


I'm so sorry. it's Peter.

What about him?

I found this address
in his wallet.

I didn't know where else to go.
I couldn't leave him.

He's... He's dead.

He was killed. Murdered,

trying to save my life.

I was in over my head and I...
Get out of here.

I'm sorry.

Please leave. Now.


Mr. Linderman
will see you now.

You're kidding.

Linderman doesn't see anyone.

Not if
I can help it.

Fearsome Jessica, finally.

Sweet Niki, yes, but you.

I never had the pleasure.

Hmm, you were due.

Well, we've both certainly
come a long way, haven't we,

since you borrowed that $30,000
and conveniently forgot to repay?

Oh, by the way, I've had
to have that room repainted

since your last assignment.

What is this?

I need a small favor.

You're Linderman. When you need
something, you send your boys.

When it's something big,
you send lawyers.

This must be off the charts.

It's all a matter
of perspective.

I need to borrow
your Micah briefly.


Yeah, I mean, well,
that is, his talent.

I want to help Micah achieve
something monumental in his life.

I had a plan in place that, until
recently, began to unravel.

I need your son
to help me repair it.

Micah wasn't part of our deal.

I don't want him
involved in all this.

Understand, Micah is involved
by the mere fact of his birth.

Now, I've been, I think,
more than fair to you.

I mean, I helped you
out of a tough spot,

spared you that long walk
to the gas chamber, even.


a chocolate milk, all the cookies
he can eat, and I'll tell you what.

I'll even make him
a fresh sandwich myself.

You need something from me,
point and I'll shoot.

Micah's off limits.

The request was
a courtesy, dear.

Send anyone you want.

You're not touching my son.

We'd better take out an insurance
policy on Miss Sanders.

The power grid!

What does he what me
to do, melt it?

No, no, no,
he says you've gotta...

What the hell's an EMP?

I don't know!

an electromagnetic pulse

that causes a high-intensity
photoelectron surge.

I don't know what he's saying, but
he says it's not radioactive.

He says it's clean.

But I don't know
how to do that.

He said you'd say that.
He says you have no concept

- of your potential.
- ...of your potential.

You can focus all your
energy into one burst.

He says,

"Don't burn hot, burn bright."
Don't burn hot, burn bright.

Does that make sense?
Did he say anything else?

I shouldn't stand next to you.

The power's out. Let's go!

No, no. We've only
gotta get Bennet.

What, that guy?
It's his fault we're in here.

He got us this far.
We owe him.

I'm not going back in there.
They'll kill him!

Yeah, well...
They're after his daughter.

He's just trying
to protect her.

He is the one person
who can take them down.

This is our only shot
to get our lives back.

I don't have a life.

Hey! You're always talking
about how you want to die,

yet you fight like hell
to stay alive.

Some part of you wants to live,
and for that, we need Bennet.

That went better
than I expected.



Where is he?

He's gone, Nathan.

No. No!


He isn't supposed
to die this way.

He's not supposed
to die this way.

He was wrong.


What do we do?

We hide it.


Till after the election.

Last thing he would have wanted
was to bring you down with him.

Ma, it doesn't matter anymore.

Peter's dead. I'm not
having this conversation.


I know you don't want me here.

I just want to see him.

I came all this way.

Let the girl have her moment.

I didn't even get to know you.

You're the only one
that made me feel safe.

I thought you were like me.


You saved my life.

Guess we're even now.

What do you do with
something that killed you?

You could put it
underneath your pillow.

I don't know
what I would have done.

Don't think about it.

I didn't die.
Yeah, but if you had...

I don't know
who I am without you.

Of course, you do.
You're Nathan Petrelli.

Top of his class, valedictorian,
most likely to...

You're that guy
with me or without me.

Who's to say I'm not
all that because of you?

Most of what we are is
what people expect us to be.

I mean, if you take them away,
nothing means anything.

It's a good thing
I can't die then.


I got that from Claire.

She can regenerate.

No matter what happens?

I think so.

What about that painting?

You explode. I mean, if that
happened, you could survive it?

Doesn't really matter,
does it?

Think about it for a minute.

If I go nuclear,

if I blow up New York, do you know
how many people are gonna die?


Talk to her, Nathan.

She wants to know her father.

I can't deal
with that right now.

She's not just some girl,
she's your daughter.

You know that Mom wants to send her to Paris?
You can't let her go.

Don't you get it? Claire's
the girl that I saved

in Texas.

Save the cheerleader. Save the world.
I get it, I remember.

And she turns out to be your daughter.
Your daughter.

Look around.

Everything I said is happening
is happening now.

It's real.

Now, maybe if Claire's here,
I don't blow up.

Maybe she's here to save us.

Talk to her, Nathan.

We need her.

About what just happened, Nathan
and I need to talk to you.

It's okay, I know.

I knew long before
either of you did.

I recommend the cherry pie.

Shouldn't we keep
a low profile?

They won't come after us in a public place.
They wouldn't risk it.

How can you be so sure?

Point taken.

Eat up.
It's a long road ahead.

Forget it. I'm getting
the hell out of here.

They will find you.

As long as they have that tracking
system, you'll never be safe.

Neither will Claire.


The system is well protected, but
we can get to it, destroy it.

No more bagging and tagging. No
more looking over your shoulder.

We can end it all.

Where is this tracking system?

New York City.

We're leaving on the next bus.

Is this where Linderman is?

Where did you get that name?

From your boss, Thompson.

He was thinking about sending us
to go see this Linderman guy.

I just figured that must be
who you're working for.

Wait a minute.

You didn't know that?

You're trying to take
down your organization.

You don't even know
who signs your checks?

Oh, my God.

You're middle management!

So what's this
supposed to mean?

What it means is he's a schlub
just like the rest of us.

Linderman isn't in New York.
He's in Las Vegas.

So this is really Linderman, Linderman,
the mobster who owns all those casinos?

What does he have
to do with all of this?

Apparently more than I knew.

I say we go to Vegas. We
take the fight to Linderman.

No. We stick with the plan.

We take out
the tracking system.

And then whoever's left standing
can go after Linderman.

New York?

I've always wanted to go.

You boys ready to order?

But why'd you have to pick me
up so early today from school?

Today's a special day.


The man we're gonna meet...

Well, let's just say
he changes all the rules.

And he wants to meet me?

He knows that you do
the most amazing things.

I told him he doesn't know the half of it.
My son, the genius.

So I don't have to pretend about
what we can do, like Dad said?

That's all right, gentlemen.

I want to greet
this young man myself.

It's a great pleasure
to meet you, Micah.

Thank you.

How would you like
to save the world today?

Cute car.

You know why
Peter Petrelli came here?

He wanted my help.

Instead, I got him killed.

You did
the right thing calling us.

I tried to stop Sylar.

But I couldn't.
I'm a scientist.

I can't fight someone who
defies the laws of physics.

You can.

You just need help.

You're not the one I called.

Glasses, tall fella?

He's no longer
with the company.

You know, you've been going about
this all wrong, Professor.

Trying to take on the science
and the killer all on your own?

What you're dealing with, no man
should face without friends.

Now, we can provide you
with the resources...

I didn't call
about my research.

The man who murdered my father and
Peter Petrelli, he's still out there.

That takes precedence
over any academics.

A person that dangerous
must be stopped.

I can assure you
we have similar priorities.

The best way to stop Sylar
is for us to work together.

You really can
paint the future.

Just like the professor said.

You're late.

I guess you know why I'm here.

You're the one
who's gonna kill me.

That's true.

This is usually the part
when people start screaming.

I tried fighting the future.

It's too big for me.

Maybe you can do better.

Why me?

Do you see some
special future for me?

They stop you

and you die.

You painted all that, too?

Show me.

Now, now.

It's already gone.

Why don't you tell me
all about it then?

I've seen enough
of the future.

I don't need
to watch it happen.

I've wasted my life, destroyed
everything good that ever came to me.

At least I did one
good thing before I died.

You can't fight the future.

Neither can you.

It's all right.

I finally know
my part in all of this.

To die here with you.

But not before
I show them how to kill you

and stop the bomb.

I finally get to be a hero.

Your mom said
you wanted to talk to me.

I did. I do.
Come in, please.

This should have happened a long
time ago under better circumstances.

It shouldn't take someone nearly dying
for the two of us to finally meet.

You know,
you don't have to do this,

pretend to be nice to me.

I'm not pretending.

Claire, most people...

They think the worst of me, and I've
probably given them good reason to,

but I want to do better.

I want to be there for you.

But I can't.

Not now.

Of course.

I'm sorry, but there are
things happening right now

that I can't expect you
to understand.

I barely understand
them myself.

I got into politics for the
chance to do something good.

I have a chance to help,
to be a part of something big.

But in order to do that, I have to...
The election.

You can't have some
illegitimate daughter

popping up and waving
at the cameras.

I need to win.

You need me to leave.

Paris, with my grandmother.

She warms up.

Sort of.

It's just one week.

And then what?

And then you come home
to your family.



Hello? Mr. lsaac?

Mr. lsaac?

Mr. lsaac?