Heroes (2006–2010): Season 1, Episode 18 - Chapter Eighteen 'Parasite' - full transcript

With the election and NYC's destruction looming, Nathan has a disturbing face-to-face meeting with the shadowy Linderman. Hiro's attempt to steal the sword steers him into a grim new direction. Suresh makes a breakthrough on "the list" -- at great cost. D.L. begins to suspect all is not well at home. Isaac paints his most terrible painting yet. New "hero" Candice Wilmer makes an illusive debut.

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Previously on Heroes

I can hear rain coming
from 40 miles away.

I can even hear
someone's moods...

There are others
out there like you.

I can feel them.

We'll find them Mohinder, all of them.
It's our destiny.

Go home Ando.

I made a mistake by
bringing you along.

Hiro, please.

I was surprised to learn
the Linderman group

recently invested
in your campaign.

I don't know why
you'd be surprised.

Mr. Linderman was a good
friend of my fathers.

What Mr. Linderman wants, Mr.
Linderman gets.

- Has he even located ?
- The haitian? Nah.

How long was he hiding, Claire?

I take it it's been months.

Just one more thing.
When should we be expecting Claire ?

I'll bring her in now.

I want her to protect you.

I tried to be the
best dad I could.

This is goodbye.

You don't have to do this.

There can't be any doubt
cast on your father.

Claire, turn around
cover your ears.

Dad. I love you dad.

I love you Clare-bear.

Go deep. Take anything that
would lead them to her.

With just one bullet
I can be a hero.

Show yourself ! No !

Chapter Eighteen - Parasite.

I choose you.

It was supposed to be you.

Can't you do something?

She's dead.

It can't be.

It's your fault.

You did this to her.

Hey, you stop right there.

What is your problem?

I am here with tour from Osaka.

Security just flagged you.
You must be some kind of cheat.

You already got a warning,

and most people
don't even get that.

It is okay.

I am invited now
by Mr. Linderman.

Well, in that case.

You can't stop me!

Bigger men than you have tried.

I will find a way inside...


It's all gone.

So you honestly don't
remember anything ?

I told you I'm trying.

I last thing I remember

is driving home from the
hospital with my wife.

After that, it's grey, blank.

So Sprague and Parkman
taking your family hostage,

shooting your daughter,

a bullet clean
through your side,

you think something there
might have made an impression ?

My daughter is missing

so right now I don't
care if you believe me

or what you do to me,

I just want her home. Safe.

You can kill me if you want,
I'm gonna to find her!

Settle down. You're tearing your
stiches if you're not careful.

Well, clearly your partner
has gone on the road

and taken a pie of slash
of your memory with him.

He did the same thing
to your wife and son.

They remember even less.

- When can I go after them ?
- Sorry.

- Can't let that be your errand.
- She's my daughter!

She's an assignment.
Or you've forgotten,

who gave her to you.

Took her out of a bassinet,

put her in your hands,
and told you to take her home,

and that's after you
said no thank you.

Now I appreciate you're taking the
interests beyond the needs of the
assignment, but

that indulgence ends now.

You expect me to do nothing ?

I expect you to do
whatever we ask of you.

Well, what do you think ?

He's telling the truth.
He doesn't know anything.

You owe me five bucks.

- Come on.
- Wait!

We got a deal.

I help you out,
you'll let me go.

Take it easy, partner.

- We'll get there.
- What?

Hey! Hey!

You haven't said
anything all day.

I thought you preferred it.

It's not like you'll tell me
where we're going anyway.

As soon as I know where we're going,
I will tell you.

When can I go back
to my family ?

Should I lie to you and
say it will be soon ?

You know what
we're running from.

Yeah. The people you
and my dad work for.

What they will do.

Not even you can recover from.

Great. Thanks, dad.

You cannot understand
the level of sacrifice

made so you might live.

You must honour that.

- Is it safe to go back ?
- No.

We leave the country. Tonight.

Sorry Mr.
Petrelli, these men wanted to see you.

- They're from...
- The F.B.I.?

I'm Federal Agent Casada.
This is agent Alonso.

We'd like to speak with you
concerning illegal campaign

contributions you may have
received from the Linderman group.

The F.B.I. is curious

why the Las Vegas
based Linderman group

would be so interested in
helping a new york business.

My father was in charge of the
group before he passed away.

Sorry. We're clear.
No one is listening.

You agreed there would
be no face to face.

And you agreed to
deliver Linderman.

I'm the one who brought
you in here, remember?

I'd appreciate a
little discretion

as opposed to a
surprise office visit.

No one outside this office
knows you're working with us.

Linderman requested a meeting
at the casino tonight.

- Any guesses why ?
- I'm four points behind.

He's going to tell me how he plans to
put me ahead and what he's expecting of
me after I win.

We were thinking
the same thing,

and we want you to record it.

You want me to wear a wire ?

You're the only one on our side who
can get enough incriminating evidence

to put him behind bars.

We need this Mr.
Petrelli, and so do you.

Otherwise, he walks.

We'll contact you when
you land in Vegas.

How long have you been
working with the f.B.I.?

Since Heidi's accident.

I take Linderman down
for a long time, Peter.

I thought I could be a hero,
save the world.

- Instead I just killed--
- What's that?

That's not your blood, is it ?

No, Simone.

Isaac shot her. She's dead.

She's dead ?

- Did you call the police?
- No.


Here's what's going to happen.

I'm gonna make an anonymous phone call,
okay ?

- You will have absolutely nothing to do with it.
- But I did.

She's dead because of me.

I don't know what to do.

That's it,
you don't do anything.

Do you understand?

This is not the time for
you to get noble, okay.

Just stay with me.

I can't. I can't.

As long as I'm alive,
everyone around me is in danger.

Suresh. We can call Suresh,
okay ?

He can study you. He can...

He's working on a cure.

It's already too late for that.

Sir. You have your
flight to vegas

Just, tell the driver to wait.

Peter !

Well, there you are.

Lyle is watching pay per
view in the other room.

I'm going to run to the gym
before there's an ***** line.

I tell you

that flood in our basement turned into
a right vacation for this family.

Too bad Claire is missing it all
with that cheerleading retreat.

I'm not going to answer that.

I got the dog hotel giving me
hourly updates on Mr. Muggles.

- They hate me.
- Sorry. I have to take a trip.

- Now ?
- What else ?

You stay here and
take care of Lyle.

I'll be back as soon as I can.

- If anyone comes looking for me--
- Stop.

Stop. You can't go.

What you are doing ?
Why are you whispering.

Because you told
me to yesterday.

I thought you didn't remember.

You told me to pretend
that man took my memory.

You took me in the shower.
You told me everything.

- I told you ?
- What you really do.

Who you work for,
and what happened to Claire.

Do you know where she is ?

- You know I can't remember.
- No.

But you told me you
were protecting her.

You said you sent her
away so she'd be safe,

and that if you went after her,

I should give you this.

Claire is with friends
don't go after her.

This is my writing !

Okay, look.
We can't let anybody know about this.

Don't worry.
I know how to play dumb.

I can never love you enough.

You do fine.

Puccini ?

I thought of you more
as a John Denver type.

That's your wife ?

Your painter friend from new
york has trying to reach you.

I chatted with him for you.

Apparently, he's got
himself a dead girlfriend.

Nice guy.

Thomson doesn't need me on this one.
I need to be here with my family.

This isn't a request.
This is an assignment.

You do remember assignments,
don't you ?

- I'll get my things.
- Yeah.

Let me guess.

- Another paper emergency.
- Huge order mix up in fresno.

Sorry for stealing your husband,
Mrs. Bennett.

It's just he's the best
guy we've got in a pinch.

I like your hair.

- So this is the list ?
- Yes.

What's left of it.

Most of these people
are missing or dead.

I want to run your DNA sample
against my father formula.

And we can take you
to some place safe.

This is your father's formula

this is how he made the list,
how he found me.

Yes. Although, I haven't figured
out what it he's looking for.

Specific gene, codon.

There are 3 billion
options base per human DNA.

It's the proverbial needle.

- Did my DNA helped ?
- No.

Okay Mohinder,
you've been driving all night.

- Why you just don't take a break.
- I can't. These people are in danger.

We have to warn them.
If Sylar gets to them first--.

Exactly. So let me help.

Right here.
This one is in New York.

Isaac Mendez. I'll call him.

And you just relax
and take a minute.

You're very kind.

Thank you.

You have no idea how
alone I used to feel.

How insignificant.

You've given me hope.

Hope is great.

We need cafeine.

So this formula, if you figure it
out how many of us will you find?

Who knows?
Hundreds, thousands, maybe more.

It's busy.

I'll get him later.

To new friends.

This is good. What is it?


It's a special blend my
father brought from India.

Who we gonna call next ?

No one.

I already have you. Mr. Sylar.


Mr. Petrelli ?

- Flying man!
- Not here.

- Flying man !
- Yeah.

Let me guess.

You're still trying to still
that sword from Mr. Linderman?

- Where is your friend ?
- Ando ?

I sent him back to Japan.

This mission getting
too dangerous for him.

I think I know what you mean.

Can't protect everyone.

Sometimes it's better
to go it alone.

The more people
you try and help,

the more people get hurt.

Please, you must help me.

I can't get past
the casino security.

When I first met you,
I thought you were nuts.

It's okay.
I thought you were mean.

But know you know, you pretend
you do not care about anyone,

but you care too much.

It's really important you
get your powers back, huh ?

It is important for everyone.

Follow me.

You know who I am ?

Of course. Mr. Petrelli.

My friend is making a delivery
for me to Mr. Linderman,

something he's expected.

I didn't realize...

I think you've been
around long enough

to know what happens when Mr. Linderman
doesn't get what he's expecting.

Or do I have to
paint you a picture.

You can take it to the curator.

That work for you?

Vivian Louis ?

My name is Vivian
and I'm from Canada.

Are you kidding me ?

I do not need you happy,
only safe.

There's nothing left of me.

Everything I have will disappear
the second I get on the plane.

My friends, my family. Me.

I can make you forget it all,
if that's what you'd prefer.

There's nothing left for you here.
No one to trust.

No. You cannot see him again.

Peter Petrelli is the only
person I know that I can trust.

More than you.

He cares about me.

Why can't I hide in
New York with him ?

He's not in a position to be
responsible for you or himself.


Boarding pass and I.D.

Boarding pass and I.D.

Boarding pass and I.D.

Sorry, sir, only passengers
are allowed beyond this floor.

Isaac Mendez, NYPD.

We have a few
questions for you.

Mr. Mendez,
detective Jeff Tracy, NYPD.

Do you know this woman ?
Simone Deveau ?

She and I...

We broke up recently.

We received a phone call
that she might be hurt.

Some of your neighbours

said they heard an
argument then gunshots.

Might if we take
a look around ?

Isaac. What's going on ?

Something wrong ?

No, ma'am. Apparently not.

Sorry for taking your time.

Simone, you're alive.

Lucky you.


You're very usefull.

Candace is special,
just like you.

Where's Simone ?

She's traveling
Europe, indefinitely.

As far as the rest of
the world is concerned.

There's a crew going
to clean up this mess.

How am I supposed to
pretend this didn't happen ?

Maybe you should have
thought about that

before you shot her, twice.

What's the matter, sweetie,

you wanna shoot me again ?


I can't stay here.

- Take me with you.
- That's not our assignment.


- I don't know what to do.
- Of course you do.

You keep painting.

My condolescences.

There you go.

- When did you get so good ?
- I'm unemployed.

What do you this I do all
day when you're at school ?

- Wow.
- One more ?

I can't.
I'm going to be late for the bus.

So be late !

You're not gonna learn something at
school that you don't already know.

Love you.

You know,
you have to admit it, Nikki,

I do a better you than you.

Did you think I
wouldn't find out ?

About what ?

- Where did you get that ?
- It was on my pillow.

Well, I didn't put it there.

Were you digging
through my stuff ?

Don't turn this
around on me, Nikki.

You said no more secrets.

I found out you're going to
Linderman's casino. For what ?

- What did you got doing with this guy ?
- It's nothing.

Linderman called and he asked
me to be his dealer, that's it.

You're not talking about
dealing cards here.

That's all this is.

Baby trust me. I promise you,

I won't do anything
that I don't want to.

All right ?

You left that for him,
didn't you ?


- I can't feel my fingers.
- It's the curar.

It induces paralysis
of the brain.

Which means you can't
control your abilities.

Whoever you think I am,
I'm not.

You are the man who
murdered my father !

Do you still expect me to
believe you're Zane Taylor ?

Zane was killed three days ago,

the same day I met you.

You thought you were so clever,
giving me his DNA.

You're a parasite.

You killed my father
and fed off his work.

Let me here you say it.

Tell me your name.

Say it !

Say it !

Sylar !

There's only one thing
to do with a parasite.

Kill it before it kills again.

You're just like your father,
murderers the both of you.

I'm a scientist.

Your father said that.
But he kept bleeding me through--.

He had no idea what you were.

He knew.

He might not have admitted it,
but after all,

we were making so much progress
together, why would he stop?

You know nothing
about my father.

I know everything.

He confided in me.

He told me things he felt
he could never tell you.

Things about your
sister, Shanti.

He thought you were too--

what's the word ?
Fragile to know the truth.

That why he let me.

You were always
seeking his approval.

I provided stimulation
and he gave up on you,

but adored me.
Who is the real parasite here ?

You're right.

My father did want answers.

He called you patient 0.

You were the template he
used to create this formula.

You're the key to
unlocking its secret.

As much as I'd like to,

killing you will not
give me what I need.

So what are you going to do ?

I'm going to take a sample
of your spinal fluid,

and it's going to hurt !

You can at least do some
good before you die.

There are so few dead sea
fragments left in the world,

it would be a pity if
you crushed this one.

So many things.

You brought the new Mendez ?

This one is very special.

This painting is ripped.

And repaired with
a scotch tape.

Yes. Very special.

Is there something else?

I... need the "shito"
for "tiribari".

Sword, Kensei.

I found you.

There are 754 members of the
security team in this hotel,

all of them with the
instructions to drop

what they're doing and come
running if I push this button.

Code 5. Activated.

The sword you
thought you'd steal,

do you even realize what who
you thought it belonged to ?

Akeizo Kensei. He was a hero.

Security, sir.

This man tried to steal
from Mr. Linderman.

Ando ! How did you...

I knew you'd set off
an alarm eventually.

I've been following you.

What about the other
753 members of security?

The guy says Linderman's
gonna be here.

Asking for me in about an hour.

I'm not in the mood for craps so
I'm going straight to my room.

I gues it's hard to act natural
when you are going after the whale.

Maybe he'll chat up a few
more japanese tourists.

Where it hell is that pizza?

Hi, agent Alonzo, Casada.

Mr. Linderman
sends his regards.

And a suggestion.

Don't run surveillance from
inside a man's own hotel.

It's very tacky.

Kick over your guns.


So much easier working
with professionals.

I finally found it.

That's it,
the four simple genes answer everything.

I can make a new list,
I can find them, save them.

And what about me ?

Don't I deserve to be saved ?

Aren't I just a victim too ?
I didn't ask for this.

And what would you have me do ?

Help find a way

to give me salvation.

Give me that damn list so
I can see my teeth in.

I'm a natural
progressively species.

Evolution is a part of nature.

And nature skill kills simple.
Right ?

What you have done is not evolution,
it's murder.

What I am doing is revenge.

Now I can fulfill
my duty as a son.

I wasn't begging for my life.

I was offering you yours.

You are your father's son.

So determined you didn't even
noticed I stopped the IV.

Don't worry.

You might actually do
some good before you die.

Starting with that list.

I'm back in my room.
I'll be on the floor in an hour.

Wearing this could get a person killed.
Okay, sorry. Easy

Listen to me.

I don't know how much time we
have before she comes back.

- Who ?
- Jessica.

The woman they sent after you.

- You pick the wrong day to screw with me.
- Linderman knows about the wire and the F.B.I.

The F.B.I.
can hear everything we're saying.

No. They can't. They're dead.

Linderman knows
you turned on him.

Did you come here to
kill me or warn me?

Just trust me.

Well, you're back early.

Hey, good news.

I convinced the hotel to let us keep Mr.
Muggles in the room.

That is good news.

I've been going out of my head,

thinking everybody is watching me,
waiting for me to make a mistake

- did you find her ?
- I can't do that.

If I know where she is,
they can extract it from me.

I need you to be strong
a little while longer.

We both have to pretend

that we have no idea what
happened so Claire will be safe.

- But the company...
- Has to be stopped for good.

That's the only way to make sure
that Claire will stay safe.

I didn't know that I could
talk to you like this.

I always just thought that you be so
furious at me for all the lies
and deceipts.

Right now we just have
to take care of Claire.

We'll talk about us later.

Must be the kennel.


Yes, it is.

Yes. He is going
to be a problem.

Why don't we do it right now ?


I did it !

Don't worry about me...

you must go !

You have the sword.

- You can teleport out of here.
- No.

- Come, we both go.
- Both ?

Oh no.

This looks like...

What happened ?

It's the future.

The bomb.

We didn't stop it.

I failed.

I am sorry.
I hope I have the right address.

I'm looking for Peter Petrelli.

You picked a terrible
time to do that.

Peter is not here just now.

You may as well come
inside, Claire.

Who are you ?

I'm your grandmother,

and I've been trying
to protect you,

but you haven't made
that very easy.

Quite stubborn, aren't you ?

Just like your father.

Linderman hired her to kill the F.B.I.
and keep you in line.

Who ?

Let's just say I owe her.

He's going to offer you a deal.

If you go in there,
you have to take it.

Spend the rest of my life
with his boot on my neck,

- no thank you.
- Then run.

Get your family and run.

You said you had kids.
Two boys ?

I can't do that.

- You don't have any other option.
- Yeah. I do.

I could kill him.

- Knock me out.
- Why ?

So Jessica knows she's
not in control anymore.

- Who is Jessica ?
- You want this gun ?

Do it.

Not up there.

Mr. Linderman won't be
meeting you in his office.

Mr. Linderman ?

Do you enjoy vegetables, Mr.
Petrelli ?

I've been known to eat
sukini when the mood strikes

but not as a rule.

You could probably hire
someone to do that for you.

Oh, yeah. I like to cook.
It's my meditation.

One aims for perfection
in one's life,

but one doesn't
find it very often.

For me,

this is about as
close it it gets.

Voila. A pot pie.

Wholesome, harm, healthy.

That's of course if you can
live without the cream sauce,

personally, I can't.

I mean, what's the point?

You know,
people can sleep or they can gamble

or they can even make love
when they're miserable.

But I think that most people
eat when they're happy.

I like to see people happy.

Are you happy, Nathan ?

Not especially.

I guess I have a few
issues that plague me.

Oh, dear. Sorry to hear that.

You see,
I think there comes a time

when a man as to ask himself

whether he wants a life of
happiness or a life of meaning.

- I'd like to have both.
- Can't be done.

Two very different paths.

I mean, to be truly happy,
a man must live

absolutely in the present.

No thought of
what's gone before

and no thought of
what lies ahead.


a life of meaning,

a man is condemned to wallow in the
past and obsess about the future.

My guess is that

you have done quite a bit of obsessing
about yours these last few days.

Now, you can't have
any of my pot pie.

I want hold it against you.

Lots of men have
tried to kill me.

And I'll be the last.

Of course you can pull
that trigger Nathan.

You'll be taking
both of our lives.

You'll be dead within moments.

Or I could offer you something.

I'm not interested in anything
you have to offer me.

I think you are.

I think there are things
you need to hear.

- Things that I know about.
- Too late for that.

But you can fly, for instance ?

Or about your brother, Peter ?
Huh ?

And his small problem.

Your daughter, even.

Or those others
out there like you.

I can offer you more than
just information Nathan.

You're going to win your election,
I'll see to that.

And two years from now,

through a series of
fluke circumstances

you will find yourself
in the white house,

a heartbeat away
from the presidency.

A life of meaning, Nathan.

Think about it.

The choice is yours.

Suresh ?

Suresh ?

It's Peter Petrelli.

Mohinder ?


I remember you.

You're like me, aren't you ?

I'd like to see how that works.

No !

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