Heroes (2006–2010): Season 1, Episode 20 - Chapter Twenty 'Five Years Gone' - full transcript

Having time-traveled five years into the future, after the nuclear blast destroyed New York, Hiro and Ando meet the future Hiro, a fugitive who updates them on the events of the past five years and that all people with special abilities are being hunted down and killed as "terrorists". Niki/Jessica Sanders works as a stripper in Las Vegas. Nathan Petrelli is now the president of the United States and Mohinder Suresh is his top adviser. Mr. Bennett gives false identities to people with special powers. A very different Matt Parkman is now a brutal government security agent using his mind-reading abilities to track and kill "heroes" while the Haitian is also part of the execution security forces. A brunette Claire works under a new identity, while the explanation at what happened to Sylar after the nuclear explosion is revealed in a shocking twist.

Previously on "Heroes":

Peter Petrelli.

My name is Hiro Nakamura.

I'm from the future.

I have a message for you.

The cheerleader, you have to save her.

It's the only way to prevent it.

It's the only way to prevent it.

Prevent what?


He says that we all meet up.

Somehow. Sometime in the future I guess.

I see.

He says something bad is gonna happen,
but we can stop it.

To die here.

With you.

But not before I show
them how to kill you

and stop the bomb.

Whether you are 16,

or 64...

I will be there for you.


11 years and I'm still
directing traffic.

I wish you could
see what I see.

We're gonna have a baby!

I want you to know that I would never
let anything happen to you.

You're gonna win your election.
I'll see to that.

Mr. Isaac?

Mr. Isaac!



What are you
doing here?

You're not supposed
to be here.

None of this is
supposed to be here.

It was an accident.

We time traveled.

What happened
to the city?

The bomb.

The bomb still happened.

It was all supposed
to change.

Five years ago,
a man named Sylar

exploded in the heart
of the city,

changing the world forever.

I thought I had it
all figured out.

I thought
I had it all beat.

I look upset.

Go. Talk to yourself.

No way..

I scare me..

You do it.

Excuse me.

Future Hiro,

what is this?

This is a map of time.

The events that led up to the bomb..

That destroyed half the city, five years ago today.

I've been working on it for years.


To determine..

the precise moment to go back in time..

To change the future..

I finally found it..

Save the cheerleader...

Save the world!

You visited Peter Petrelli
with this message.

Yes, did he do it?
Did Peter save her?

Yes, he did.

Claire is still alive.

Which means Sylar
never took her power.

Which means you were able
to kill him, right?

Me? Kill Sylar?

You didn't?


I need to get you back there..

On the day the bomb explodes,

You need to kill Sylar.

You kill someone?

This string here.

This is you.

It crosses with the black string..



This is the moment that you killed him
on the day after the election..

I stabbeb him, but he regenerated.

Because he had
the cheerleader's power.


But if Peter saved her..

Sylar can now be killed..

But I can't go back.

I can't control
my powers.

If I try, Ando and I
can appear anywhere.

They must have spotted you.


Come on. Lets get out of here.

Well, what do you know?

Hiro Nakamura.

Go after his friends!

The Haitian stays
with me.

I want to take him in

[Matt grunts]

Hey! What's going on?

Get out of those clothes.

You're sticking out
like a sore thumb.

What happened to Hiro?
Who was that?

Homeland Security.

The government?

They're taking him
to a special

holding facility
in midtown.

How can you be so sure?

Because that's where
they take all the terrorists.

Why would anyone think
that Hiro's a--

You? A terrorist?

After Sylar exploded,

the world became
a very dark place.

And that is why
we need to change it.

Get him back
so he can kill Sylar.

Then let's go get Hiro.

You can freeze time.
We'll teleport in.

No, no, it's not
that simple.

The Haitian has a way
of stopping my powers.

We need help.

There's only one person

who's powerful enough
to get us through.

Peter Petrelli.
We're going to Las Vegas.

BUYO presents

Subtitle by BUYO 30/360

This is where we're
going to find Peter Petrelli?


This is where
we find his girlfriend.

(man on P.A.)
And now in the center ring,

gentlemen, give it up
for the main event, Jessica!


Maybe the future's
not so bad.

You have one song,
two minutes, and $500.

After that,
you're out of here.

You got me, Hiro?

It's me, Niki.

Do you remember?

Is this how you're gonna
use your time?

I need to find Peter.
It's important.

War's over, General Chow.

We lost, remember?

Peter's not interested.

(Future Hiro)
You could talk to him.

Tell him it's about
stopping Sylar.

You say that name again,
and I will break your neck.

Do you know
where Bennet is?

As far as I know, he's still
rustling cattle in Texas.

How are the receipts
tonight, Marco?

It was
a good night, ma'am.


You don't
have to be here.

I told you that
I can handle it.

What did he want?

What do you think?

He's still trying to stop
an exploding man.

Hey, Sylar's dead.

I sent him off to Bennet.
Just let him deal.

Of all days, huh?

Today is just
another day.

You lost your son, Niki--

It's called letting go.

Maybe you should
give it a try.

Or would you rather
go off with your buddy

and fight the pain away?

I'm not going anywhere.

This is all

Hiro Nakamura.

Born Osaka, Japan,
to Kaito and Ishi.

Stopping time.

Prison breaks.

Attacks against
U.S. interests.

No, I don't think there's
any misunderstanding.

Prison breaks?

Two years ago,
you killed a lot of good men

when you raided the National
Science Center in Raleigh.

No, I know myself.
I'm not a killer.

How can you not
remember that?

Because I do not know
what you are talking about.

I'm talking about men
like you and Sylar

ruining it
for the rest of us.

Making us live in fear,
captivity, and hiding.

Making us choose sides.

Tearing families apart.

I would never tear
a family apart.

I just want
to be a hero.

I don't know what kind of game
you're playing, Nakamura.

What you're hiding.

But I'm gonna get it
out of you.

That's right.
We got him.

We've been after him
for years,

and today he decides
to get sloppy

just before
the anniversary?

I thought
that'd be good news

to announce
at the speech tomorrow.

This can't be a coincidence.
They're up to something.

I need to know
what it is.

That could be a problem.

He doesn't seem
to remember anything

about the last five years.

You sure it's--

It's really him?

It's not a trick
or an illusion or something?

Anything seems possible
these days.

There be something
we've overlooked.

You're a mind reader,

Rip it out of him.

If you can't do it,
I'll get someone who can.

Yes, sir, Mr. President.

Send in the professor.

I'm sorry to keep
you waiting.

We've captured
Hiro Nakamura in Manhattan.

That's excellent news,
Mr. President.

It seems we're running
into some problems.

You're the only person
I trust

to figure out
what's going on up there.

I'll be on the first flight
to New York.

Thank you.

That's not why
I asked you here.

Please sit down.

Five years ago,
you and I allowed a man

to blow up in New York.

Millions of lives
came to an end,

and the world
was changed.

Soon after we sat down
in my office.

Do you remember?

Of course.

We made a pact to eliminate
such danger at any cost.

Billions in research

how close are we to that?

We, uh...

we're not much closer
to reversing their condition

than when we started.

What's the problem?

It's hard coded
in their DNA.

It's like they're
a separate species.

We cannot change
who they are, Mr. President.

So in other words,
we've failed.

No, no, the measures
we've put in place--

They're not working.

We've outlawed
their breeding.

We've confined
their movement.

We police them.
We track them.

Their attacks continue.

Their population
is increasing exponentially.

Your numbers.

in Santa Cruz,

a boy somehow sucked
all the oxygen out of the air.

his entire middle school.

My God.

These events
are increasing.

People are anticipating
another Sylar.

In your original assessment,

you posited
a potential solution.


Yes, but I never meant
to suggest that--

"They wouldn't be
the first species

"to be exterminated

for the preservation
of another."

Your words.

I was talking about
the natural order of things.

What you're talking about
is genocide.


And I'm not
suggesting it lightly.

We've just
run out of options.

You haven't slept
in five years, Mohinder.

We need to put
an end to this.

You're one of them,

Am I supposed to march you off
to the gas chambers as well?

I'm thankful
for the secrets you've kept.

But let's be honest.

I can fly.
I'm hardly dangerous.

I value your opinion
as a scientist and a friend.

But if I gave you
five years, ten years,

20 more years,
be honest with me...

could you reverse it?


Probably not.

Then we need to start
thinking about Plan B.

I don't care
about five years ago.

What are you planning
for tonight?

You are like me.

Why do you want to hurt
other special people?

Yeah, it's Parkman.

What's he doing there?

Watch him.

You ready?

Pad turns red...

you're one of them
and they'll arrest you.

Pad turns blue,
you're free to go.

From now on you will be
the Cranes from Boise, Idaho.

We've enclosed back stories,

references, and money,

How do we know
when we're safe?

You don't.

Not ever.

Always keep a refrigerated
sample of this on your person.

Buy a thermos.

Now you're gonna
have to be vigilant.

Always on the lookout.

Can you do that, son?

Yes, sir.

Good man.

Okay, we have to go.

Do whatever it takes
to protect him.

It's out
of the question.

It's Homeland Security.

I need help
getting in there.

These people trust me.

They come to me
to keep them hidden.

You're asking me to do
the exact opposite!

I'm only asking for the ones
that I brought to you.

D.L., Candice, Molly Walker.

And they'll all be safe
when we succeed.

Sorry, I can't help you.

He saved
your daughter's life.

Excuse me?

Your daughter.
The cheerleader.

She's alive
because of Hiro.

What is he talking about?

Five years ago, I asked
Peter to save Claire

from Sylar at Homecoming.

My friend tells me
he did it.

Claire's alive.

Isn't she?

You guys sit tight.

I'll see what I can do.

Each string represents
a person.

Every action,
every choice.

How people came together,
how they were torn apart.

It's a living map
of the past.

Why would a terrorist
care so much about the past?

Maybe he thought
he could change it.

Hiro Nakamura
can stop time.

Teleport by folding space.

he can fold time as well.

So you're saying
he's a time traveler.

Is that any stranger

than being able to read
someone's mind?

Yeah, it is.

Haven't you ever wished
you could change the past?

Set your life
down a different path?

I used to be that guy.

Wishing it
and making it happen

are two
different things.

Not for Nakamura it isn't.
Look here.

These two dates seem
to be the focal points.

Both in the past.

The first is the bomb.
The other--

What? What is it?

The other's the day
I received my father's ashes.

I was with Peter Petrelli
that day.

On the subway, he said he saw
a man who could freeze time.

I don't know.

He said he had
a message for Peter.

What was the message?

What was the message?

Save the cheerleader...

save the world.

All right, here are
you chilequiles

and your waffle platter.

Now just holler at me
if y'all need anything else.


(news reporter on TV)
Right now we're watching
live footage of the President

approaching Marine 1 for his
trip to his home state,

New York.

The White House promises
a major policy shift...

You know, Sandra,

for a girl who's supposed
to hate the President,

you sure do perk up
whenever he's on.

A guy could get jealous.

He's old enough
to be my father.

Hey, so what did you think
of Rafferty's?

For the reception.

You were supposed
to check it out, remember?

I'm sorry.
I forgot.

You're not getting
cold feet, are you?

No, of course not.

My feet are very warm.

Two pairs of socks warm.

Well, good.

'Cause I'm kind of crazy
about you.

You know that.

The creepy guy
with glasses is back.

Sitting in
your section again.

There we go.


Would you like a scoop
of ice cream on that?

Um, no, not today,
thank you.

But my table's
a little sticky.

Someone knows
about you, Claire.

You need to leave
as soon as possible.

There's a bag
on the chair to my right.


What am I supposed
to tell Andy?

Tell him nothing.
Just go.

I can't do that to him.

We're getting married.

Have you told him?


All I want
is a normal life, Dad.

I've done my best
to provide that for you.

But people are starting
to ask questions.

Now I am trying to control
the information,

but it's not safe here

I've been hiding
for five years.

California, Nevada.

I brought you back
to Midland.

Only after Mom left.

This word just coming in.

We have breaking news...

I just want you
to be safe.

...where enforcement agents
have just bravely rounded up

over 200 undocumented

as part of a coordinated
nationwide sweep.

This has been cited

as the department's
most successful operation

since the Linderman Act
was passed four years ago.

Homeland Security spokesmen

praised the near-perfect
execution of local police,

citing zero casualties
on the enforcement side...

Enjoy your pie.

Officials were also
sure to note

that community tips...

The incident resulted in
the safe transport of suspects

to special holding facilities
within their states,

where the individuals
will meet

with federally provided

to discuss
their legal options.

And a note to our viewers.

If you see any suspicious
activity, please...

D.L. can phase
inside the buildings.

Candice's illusion
can distract the guards.

Hey, what about me?

You'll help too.

That's not what I meant.

What happened to me?
Where am I?

Am I rich?

I can't tell you that.

Why not?


The whole time/space continuum...

might explode because you were impatient.

So...my friend is
still in there.

There's something
I need to tell you.

We already caught you.

Two Hiros.
Son of a bitch!

He really can travel
through time.



Your friends got away.

If they were my friends,

I wouldn't have
called you, Matt.

Yeah, thanks
for the heads up.

That's the deal, right?

I turn you on
to the dangerous refugees,

and you let me help
the harmless ones.

Doesn't hurt
that we're both

children of interest.

Of course, mine isn't
the President's daughter.

She's getting married.

I guess.

Have you, uh...you heard
anything from Janice?

You ever wish you did
something different?

Wish you took
a different path?

Every day.

You did right
by her, Matt.

You did right by him.


I really appreciate
all you've done for them.

What are you doing?!

I'm ending our arrangement.

I have to explain

to the President

that there's a second
Hiro Nakamura out there.

Then I gotta tell him
how I let him get away.

See, I can't come back
empty handed.

Now tell me where she is.


Let's elope.


Let's elope.

Right now, run away.
I'm thinking Vegas.

We'll pack our bags.
Get hitched tonight.

Take off, see the world.
What do you think?

I think you're crazy.



But I've got my reasons.

And I promise
I'll tell you everything.

Will you do it?
For me?

I'll do anything for you.

Let me get my things.


Can I get something
for you, sir?

I don't know, Claire.
What's good?

Save the cheerleader,
save the world.

What does that mean?

How do you know that?

Five years ago,

Peter Petrelli and I
were on the subway.

He said someone
stopped time.

That's what you do,
Mr. Nakamura.

Peter and I were on our way
to see Isaac Mendez that day.

An artist who can
paint the future.

A lot of his work
is remarkably accurate.

Except this.

Is that a new
9th Wonder?

The events in this comic.

History didn't happen
like this.

You didn't kill Sylar.

You're trying
to change the past.

Trying to stop Sylar,
is that it?

If you could save
millions of lives, wouldn't you?

Thank you.

Is that really you, Ando?

Why are you
so surprised to see me?

He didn't tell you.




In New York.

The bomb.


Do you remember
how he used to be?

All full of hope
and optimism?

Of course.

That's the Hiro I know.

He went away
the day you died.

Between you and me,

I think you're the reason
why he became so obsessed

with trying
to change it all back.

He wants to save you.

Hey, baby,
you in here?

Nakamura was trying to find
a way to kill Sylar

before he exploded.

You actually think
he can make that happen?

I do.
Think about it.

Without Sylar,
the world would have never

considered these people
to be dangerous.

None of this would've
ever happened.

Imagine the possibilities.

If he kills Sylar,
we can change the past.

I don't have that luxury.

I need to find answers
in the here and now.

Genocide is not an answer.

Is that what
this is about?

You're feeling bad
because you came up short?

It's wrong.

I was elected to make
hard decisions.

I understand
how things work.

And how is this
going to work?

Today I'm going to announce

that you've developed
a treatment to reverse this.

You're going to lie.

The world will cheer.

And what happens
when people start dying?

I'll say you made a mistake.

A fatal error.

At first,
the world will mourn.

They'll be
united in grief.

And then they'll
just be united.

Mohinder, I need to know
if I can trust you.

I need to know
if you're with me.

Are you with me on this?

Of course.

Mr. President.

There are
two of them, sir.


You're sure?

I am.

I think we got
the younger one.

It explains the gaps
in his knowledge.

I want to put him down.


I want Dr. Suresh
to do it.

Yes, sir.

Mr. President...

that's not the only thing
that I found in Texas.

I thought you were dead.

You have no idea how important
you are to me, Claire.

I'm not important.

I'm just a waitress.

We both know
that isn't true.

You made everyone
afraid of us.

I made everyone
aware of us.

Fear is just
the natural response.

You can't
blame them, really.

We're more powerful
than they are.

More important.

We're special.

Who are you to decide
who's special and who's not?

I'm the leader
of the free world.

For all I know, I'm the most
special person there is.

Lord knows I found
enough power.

Met a lot of
special people.

Like this girl
named Candice

who allowed me
to become President.

But I'm done.

I just want to eliminate
the competition.

I don't need any more power.

Especially not after you.


I've waited
a long time for this.

You've always wanted
to become a kendo master.

I studied in Tohoku,

so technically
I'm a Battojutsu master.

Why do you always have to correct me?

Because there's a difference.

What difference?

You're still a hero.

You became everything you wanted to be and I..

I became dead.

Peter told you?

Looks loke you fought a lot of battles.

More than I'd like to remember.

How was it?

Not nearly as fun..

without you.

Remember what
we promised each other?

Yeah, I remember.

Then why can't you
just let it go?

Hey, I'm not the one
who can't let go.

You gonna call yourself
Jessica on stage

night after night and act
like nothing gets to you?

We both know that's not true.
That is not who you are.

It is now.

You're gonna look
in that mirror,

but nobody is
looking back but you.

She is gone, Niki.

D.L. is gone.

Micah is gone.

You have to accept
your loss.

Jessica was right
all along.

Look out for yourself.

Don't get attached.

I don't buy it.

Then why are you
in such a hurry to leave me?

My own reasons.

And I'm not leaving anything.
I'll be back.

What reasons?

What makes you think
that you are so important?

That you have to fix

Because I do.

Why does it fall on
your shoulders to save everyone?

Because it was me!

The bomb?
It was me!

I killed all those people.

I killed Micah.

No, it was Sylar.

Everyone knows!
It wasn't.

Nathan lied.

He lied to protect me.

He told everybody
that it was Sylar.

Think about it.
You know me.

You know what I can do.

if there is a chance

that Hiro can undo this,
I have to help him.

You walk out that door,
you don't come back.

Is everything okay?

Let's go fix it.

My fellow Americans,
fellow New Yorkers,

please let us take a moment
to remember the men,

women, and children
who were taken from us

five years ago.

Five bells
for the five years of sorrow.


is something that
we're all too familiar with.

We've all lost.

We've all mourned.

And we've all had to become
soldiers, heroes.

Protecting one another
from the gravest of dangers.

This is a battle
that none of us wanted.

One that we entered
with a heavy heart.

Should we freeze time?

No, I haven't had
a good fight in years.

Knowing that the enemy
was ourselves.

We've won battles
the world over.

Not only against those
that would do us harm,

but against poverty,
reclaiming the environment...

Upstairs our powers will be
blocked by the Haitian.

We need to take him out

so the other Hiro
can teleport out of here.

But there are guards
up there.

Won't they be waiting
for us with guns?

But we do not
forget the price

that we've had to pay.

The laws that
we've had to pass

to keep our citizens safe.

Put 'em all down.
No warning.

To preserve our way of life.

Our hope has always been

that a great peace
is on the horizon.

That one day wounds
would be healed

and salvation
could be found.

I'm here to tell you that
that day is today.

I'm proud to announce that
we have developed a treatment,

a method to reverse
the genetic code.

The first clinics will open
next month across the world.

And soon, we can begin
lifting restrictions.

Cities and families
can be reunited.

And we can finally live
without fear.

We've been vigilant.
We have been uncompromising.

And our efforts
have paid off.

The nightmare is over.

The world is saved.

Why are we waiting, sir?

Why can't we just bring
the fight to them?

Because we'd lose.

The Haitian's up here,
so up here, they're powerless.

Weapons free.
Shoot on sight.

I must go back
to stop explosion.

You know I'm telling truth.

Hold him down.

Please don't do this!

I'm sorry.

Come on.
Come on, come on!

You're letting me go.

I think I'm supposed to.

I'll take you
where it's safe.

So you can change
all this.

No, future me!
He's good guy!





You need to go back now.

But how do I return
to the right moment?

I don't know how
to do that.
I'll take you.

Come on, come on,
come on, move it!

Move it!


The Haitian's down!
The Haitian is down!

What about Nakamura?

We can't get to him, sir.

Your brother
is holding us off.

If I don't get
reinforcements now,

it's all over, sir.

Nakamura will escape.

Mr. President?

Mr. Pres--
[disconnects call]

Bust the door!

I'm dead.

We need to get out of here.

I'm dead.

Get in there Parkman..

end this.

Yes sir.

Move it!

Brother versus brother.

Its almost

My brother can't walk through walls, who are you?

I know a friend.

The guy they blame for blowing up New York..

But you and I know the real story don't we Pete?

Cmon Lets go.

You must leave.


You're gonna pay for what you did to Nathan.

What you did in his name.

What I did.

When I kill Nathan he don't return againts his own kind.


Subtitle by BUYO