Heroes (2006–2010): Season 1, Episode 15 - Chapter Fifteen 'Run!' - full transcript

While the scandalous truth about Claire's real father is revealed, her adoptive mother faces a crisis. Matt takes a job as a bodyguard for a crooked attorney, which puts him in the cross hairs of Linderman's new assassin. Hiro and Ando return to Las Vegas to find the sword, but get sidetracked by a damsel in distress. Suresh finds someone on the list and unknowingly puts himself in grave danger. Meanwhile, Simone turns to some unlikely help in her and Nathan's struggle to find Peter.

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Previously on Heroes.

Sword not there. Original
owned by man named Linderman.

He's a client of mine. Get your
car. You're going back to Vegas.

You're going home. The charges against
you have been dropped, Miss Sanders.

And as far as Linderman
is concerned?

Don't worry about
tomorrow's problems today.

Officer Parkman, we're
enforcing a six-month suspension.

We're gonna need your gun
and your badge.

Nothing in my life
has been real.

My dad obviously doesn't work
in a paper factory.

He's gone now.
You're okay.

This is my friend. He's
gonna make everything okay.


I was hoping you could
tell me about my father.

Now, that's complicated.
He's kind of a big shot.


You might not
remember me.

We haven't spoken in a
long time, but I just had...

Our daughter just found me.

Did you hear
what I just said?

She's alive.


We need to talk.

are you still there?

It's been 14 years.

I went to your funeral.

Look, that fire,
it wasn't an accident.

Someone was out
to get me,

and the police, they just
assumed I was dead, so I ran.

And our daughter?

Well, she's got an angel
on her shoulder, that one.

She was adopted by
a nice family here in Texas.

She's 16 now.
She's beautiful.

She's got blonde hair
like me,

and she is smart
just like you.

Maybe one day she'll
run for Congress.

The timing of your call
two weeks before my election,

that's not a coincidence,
is it?

A child born out of wedlock, that's big
news. You wouldn't want that to come out.

Ruin things for you.

How much do you want?


A hundred thousand?


That ought to cover it.

I'll let you know
where to send it.

Nice and easy.

Mom, are you okay?

I've been better.

Oh, she'll be fine.

She needs a little rest,
little time to recover.

Recover from what?

She had an appointment with a
neurologist, who ran some tests.

What kind of tests?

Your mother's been
having some headaches.

Yeah, she's also been having some
memory loss. Did you tell them that?

Of course, Claire.

I'm handling it.

Don't worry, honey.
I'll be fine.

Mr. Muggles
isn't worried, is he?

No, he's not.

D.L. won't be fooled.

Sure, he will.

Love is blind, and if last
night is any indication

he won't be able to see
anything for a long time.

Nik, baby,
I've got to get going.

I'll be right there.

Don't you look
all secret service.

Is this standard issue
for bodyguards?

Bodyguards? We're not called
bodyguards anymore, honey,

it's private security.

Whatever you want to call it,
it's paying the bills.

Are we ever
gonna talk about it?

Talk about what?

What we can do.
Our powers.

I just feel like we're supposed
to be fighting crime or something.

That's true. But for now, can you just
have fun at school, my young genius?


All right, baby, there's a
package for you over on the table.


Are you taking your gun?

It's the difference between 500
and 350 a day, my carry permit.

You're not gonna need it,
though, right?

I'm basically
a glorified babysitter.

Nothing's gonna happen.

I hope not.

Thank God you called. Playing
house was making me cranky.

I understand. Guy stole his
money. He wants him dead.

What Mr. Linderman wants,
Mr. Linderman gets.

The white curb is for immediate loading
and unloading of passengers only.

No parking.

I'm Malsky.

Matt Parkman,
here to protect you, sir.


Excuse me?

Are you okay, miss?

Anything we can do
to help?

No, I couldn't possibly,

I mean,
we're complete strangers.

I'm Ando.
This is my friend Hiro.

Hi. I'm Hope.

So, where we headed?

Diamond District,
Broadway and Sixth.

What a beautiful day
to be in Los Angeles.

Look at this weather.
And the air...

What's your name again?

Parkman, Matt Parkman.

Listen, Parkman,
the job is simple.

You drive me downtown. We
meet a man. I make a deal.

Then you drive me
back to the airport.

You just make sure
no one bothers me.

That includes you.

Hope this loser
knows how to use his gun.

Otherwise we're both dead.

My name's Dr. Mohinder Suresh.

It's very important
that I speak with him.

I assure you
my interest is legitimate.

My name is
Dr. Mohinder Suresh.

It's really rather complicated
to explain over the phone.

This is
Dr. Mohinder Suresh.

There's a certain
genetic trait.


Have you noticed anything
unusual about his behavior?

My name is
Dr. Mohinder Suresh.

You still there?

One new message.

Hi, this is Zane,

Zane Taylor. Z-A-N-E Taylor.

I got your phone message,

and something's happening to
me. I can't control it. I...

I think we need to talk.
Please hurry.

Can you come see me
right away? It's really...

Five minutes, ladies.
Five minutes.

We've dated
for a few months.

He lives in LA.
Comes to visit.

And, at first,
he was really sweet.

But now he's just horrible.

He even hit me once.

Your boyfriend
did this to you?

I'm sorry.

I left this morning
while he was sleeping,

and then
I forgot my bag.

It's pink and it has
rhinestones on it,

and it's got all my money
and my credit cards.

It even has my
family photos in it.

That I can't replace.

I should go up there
and talk to him.

Maybe he won't be so mad.

No. We will do it.


Excuse us, please.

Hang on. Did you two say
something about Mr. Linderman?

Yes. You know him?

No, not personally,
but everybody knows who he is.

I know people who do.

That's great.

If we get your bag,
can you introduce us?

Yeah, I can do that.

We still have a problem.

How do we
get past security?

I have an idea.

Who's there?

Room service.

I didn't order room service.

for high roller.

Ah, very nice room.

How are you today?

You're done.

Oh, God, hurry.
Please hurry.

Oh God, hurry.

Hurry. Please hurry.
Please hurry.

Dr. Suresh?



Thank God. Come in.

Come in.

I was starting to think
you weren't gonna show.

I didn't know
what I was gonna do.

I mean, look at what
I'm living with.

Yes, I see
what you mean.

I'm just a regular guy.

I mean, I've never
been different, or special.

I mean, no one would even look at
me twice walking down the street.

I guess
I should show you.


What I do,
you need to see it, right?

Yes, of course.

I haven't left the apartment
for three weeks,

I'm going a little crazy.

Maybe you should step back.

It can get a little messy.

We reap
what we sow, Nathan.

You have no one to blame
but yourself.

I'll go down to Texas
and handle it.

So close
to the election?

Don't be ridiculous.

If the press
gets wind of this,

especially on the heels
of the Linderman scandal...

I cared about
Meredith once.

I owe her more than a
phone call. I owe them both.

I'm this girl's father, Mom.

You're a glorified
sperm donor.

Don't get
emotionally attached.

How can you be so cold?

Because I know you, Nathan.

Beneath the gruff exterior,
you're a sap.

And the moment that young girl looks at
you with those sad, little weepy eyes,

you're lost,
you're finished.

You'll start giving, she'll start
taking, until there's nothing left.

So prioritize, Nathan.

Wire the money to Texas.

Focus on the people
who really matter.

How's Mom?

Your mother's resting.

So I understand you and Zach
cut school yesterday.

Mom said we could.

It was for a report.

We went to the aquarium.

With these tickets?

Printed from your computer?
These fake tickets, Claire?

You're spying on me?

I don't know where you were,
and I don't want to know.

You're a teenager. You need
to assert your independence,

but this behavior

is unacceptable.

You're grounded,
young lady.

You're to be home everyday at
5:00 sharp, until further notice.

What? You can't do that!
You have no right!

I'm your father!

You're not my real father.

No, I'm not.

But I'm as close
as you've got.

So you'll stay home at night
until you earn our trust back.


It's me, Claire.

Do you have a second
to talk about my father?

Oh, hey, Claire,
I'm glad you called.

Talk about coincidence.
I found your father.

You're kidding.
What did he say?

Well, after he got over the
shock that we were both alive,

he was actually
kind of sweet.

Said he'd be happy to help us
out, sounded real generous, too.

Says he's gonna fly
right down from New York.

Well, I want to meet him.

Oh, right, well,
I don't know about that.

But he's my father.

Right, well,

why don't I talk to him,
and we'll see what he says?

You know what, Claire,
I actually have to go,

but I'll call you later,
all right?

I love you.

I've got the money.
Let's see the diamonds.

Stones range from
two to nine carats.

My offer is
more than generous.

Not that it matters. Linderman's
guy will be here soon.

You won't get out alive.

Sir, sir, please.

We've got to get
out of here right now.

This is a setup.

How do you know that?

I just do.
You have to trust me.

You've got a deal.
I gotta run.

Who's Linderman?

My ex-employer.
How do you know his name?

Never mind.

Why has he sent
someone here to kill you?

Because I stole
his two million.

I should have been
out of the country by now.

Oh, great.
You stole the money.

How do you know?

Please, you've gotta
get me out of here.

Take this. There's another one
for you when you get me out.

No, no. You can't bribe me.

I don't want to die.

Two in the bodyguard.

Then Malsky gets
one in the gut.

Two in the bodyguard, then
Malsky gets one in the gut.

She's in there.

This should be fun.

I do all the work. He takes
half the profit. I'm sick of it.

No, I got these two
Chinese guys to help me out.

Turned on the waterworks,
and they were mine. Yep.

They're getting the suitcase
as we speak.

All right, I'll catch the bus
from Primm and meet you in Barstow.

I love you, too, Leo.

Oh, hi.
I didn't see you come in.

You were on telephone.

Uh, with my mom.

So, where's the bag?

We are not Chinese.
We are Japanese.


Where's the bag?

You are bad person.

You may fool Ando,
but you do not fool me.

Thanks for the help, Sulu.

What are you doing?
We can't stop here.

Back up. This way!
Come on! Come on!

Go to the elevator.

You can't do this.

You have to stop!

Don't worry, Niki.

I don't plan on being
Little Miss Homemaker forever.

Just gotta lay low
for a while.

You're chasing two men
with a gun in broad daylight.

You call that laying low?

This is my life,
my child.

You can't do this.

I have to.

Somebody's gotta
repay Linderman.

You made the deal
to get me out of jail?

I couldn't leave it
up to you, now could I?

The elevator's not coming! Come on!

Who are you calling?
Back up.

You can't bring
the cops into this!

Terry, hey, it's Parkman.
I'm working security.

Diamond District,
Sixth and Broadway.

I've got a shooter, possibly
two. Send everyone you've got.

Come on!

All right, you go to the
other side of the building.

Cops will be here soon.
I'll buy us some time.

Drop your weapon.

Over the side,
right now.

where's your partner?


Come on, your partner.
I heard you arguing with her.

Niki, right?
Where is she?

You heard Niki?

Where is she?

She's probably
killing Malsky.

Right now.

Fourth one over,
third one back.

Hey. There you are.
Come on, let's go!

Me again.


No! No!


What are you doing here?

I have to see my father.

You don't understand.

I'll wait here all night
if I have to.

Why don't we take a walk?

It's my mom, she's sick,
and I think it's bad.

Oh, I'm so sorry.
How can I help?

You said my father
had money.

You said he had power,
and that he wanted to help us.

I thought maybe
he would give me...

Oh, honey, I didn't mean
that kind of help.

I meant just money.

I don't understand.

Your daddy, he's...

How do I explain this?

When your daddy found out
that I was pregnant with you...

What I'm trying to say is that
you can't count on him.

He'll give us cash,
because that's easy,

but anything else,
he'll just disappoint you.

He doesn't even
want to meet me?

Oh, Claire, please.

Why'd you even
tell me about him?

Because he wants to
give us some money,

$50,000, and you're entitled
to half of that.

I don't want his money.

I'm heading back to Mexico for a while,

so we're probably not
going to see each other.

I want you to take real
good care of yourself, okay?

Hang on.

So I can remember
that sweet face.

Police! Get your hands up!

I'm on the job.
I'm on the job.

Hello, Zane Taylor?

Yes, you must be Dr. Suresh.
Come on in.

Can I get you some tea?

Sorry it took me
so long to get here.

No, it's no problem.

Is Earl Grey okay?

Yes, that'll be fine.

You sounded rather alarmed
on the phone.

You seemed to have
calmed down some.

I had a kind of epiphany
about it this morning.

Are you familiar with Abraham
Maslow, the peak experience?

No, I'm afraid not.

It's a single moment that
takes you out of yourself.

Makes you feel very tiny, or very
large, to some extent, one with life.

Or nature, or God.

I see.

Like, seeing all the pieces
of a puzzle fit together.

All this time,
I was trying to fight it,

deny it.

But there is no shame in
having this ability, is there?

None whatsoever. It would be
like denying you had brown eyes.


So, I guess that you
want to see my ability.

Yes, I mean, I'm quite
anxious to document it.

You might want to step back.
That looks like a nice jacket.

My God.

You want to see it again?

Look, for what it's worth, I'm
sorry for the way things turned out.

You know,
I could have been...

...a much better person
back then.

You politicians, you sure know
your way around an apology.

You and me, we were
never gonna work out.

In two different worlds.
In two different worlds.

I hope this goes
a long way toward

making up for the fact
that I wasn't there

for both of you.


Where is she?


You just missed her.

Did she want to see me?

I snapped a photo of her.

Look how beautiful she is.

I'm sure she is.

Take a look, Nathan.

She came here with
her bags all packed.

She thought you were going to
rescue her from her tragic life.

That sound familiar?

I told her you were just here
to pay your money and go.

Did I speak out of turn?

I could call her. I could
get her to come back.


You did fine.

You did just fine.

I should probably be
heading back to my family.

Just the kids.

I'm very interested in how
you control this ability.

Well, it's like
riding a bike.

For the first time,
it's a little wobbly,

and then I
discovered something.

A kind of peace,

a sense of purpose that can
only be described as destiny.

I'd like to take
a DNA sample.

From me? Okay, sure.

Just swab it on
the inside of your mouth.

The tea. If you'll
excuse me for a second.

Of course.

I just swab it
on the inside of my cheek?

Yes, that's right.

Here you go.
DNA sample.

Thank you.

You know, you should be careful who
you talk to about this ability, Zane.

There are some people
who might not understand,

who would want to hurt you.

Why would anybody
want to hurt me?

I don't know yet,
but I do know this.

There are others out there,
like you.

Really? How many others?

Dozens, and those are
just the ones I know about.

With more time and research, I
could find hundreds, thousands.

But you're the first one
who's returned my phone calls.

But I am going to find them,
all of them.

I could go with you.

I could help you,
think about it.

These people could
need convincing.

Who better to do that?

Ando, over here.


You got it. My hero.

I was trapped under a bed.
Your boyfriend is very large.

You mean ex-boyfriend.

Come on, I need a ride
to Primm, my mom's house.

I'm sure she would
love to meet you.

Where is Hiro?

Oh, I took him to meet the guy who
could introduce him to Mr. Linderman.

He didn't wait for me?

Well, he said he didn't
really need you anymore.

But I didn't even
give you your bag yet.

Why didn't you
wait for me?

Three's a crowd, baby.

We gotta go.

You are not Ando.

S.R. Gustavson,
State Gaming Commission.

I come in peace.

I only saw the blonde, yes,
but I heard them talking.

I know there were
two of them.

I'm telling you,
she was incredibly strong.

She broke my handcuffs.

Any idea where
the diamonds are?

You didn't
find the case?


I guess the incredibly
strong killer

and her partner
must have taken it.

Fourth one over,
third one back.

Fourth one over,
third one...

What a joke, Parkman.
What a joke.

Can't even do a decent job
as a rent-a-cop.

He'll never wear a police
badge again in his life.


You okay?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm good.

Mom, I'm home.

To survive in this world,

we hold close to us those
people on whom we depend.

We trust in them
our hopes, our fears.

Go away, you.

Mom, what's going on?

This mangy thing came at me out
of nowhere. I think it has rabies.

Go away. Scat!

Mom, this is your dog,
Mr. Muggles. You love him.

I don't have a dog.

I don't know
any Mr. Muggles,

and I don't know you.

But what happens
when trust is lost?

Where do we run when things we
believe in vanish before our eyes?

It's done.

did I get another package?

it's in your bedroom.


Opening it now.

When all seems lost,
the future unknowable,

our very existence in peril...

Yeah, I remember him.

Not a problem.
Consider it done.

...all we can do is run.