Heroes (2006–2010): Season 1, Episode 16 - Chapter Sixteen 'Unexpected' - full transcript

Peter painfully learns that someone close may have betrayed him and Claude. Matt's world spirals out of control when radioactive man Ted Sprague and Hana Gitelman, a fierce young woman with "wireless" mental abilities, drop into his life. After blood is spilled, Hiro makes a difficult decision about his mission. Claire is unable to contain her anger at her father.

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(no intenet connectiong available)

(ted i know u're there)

(i am not on line,how are u doing this)

(I know what they did to u)

(Look at the needle)

(we should meet)

(turn around)

My name is Hana Gitelman.

How the hell
did you do that?

Satellite signals.
Wi-Fi, radio waves.

Your computer can download them
and so can I.

So you can, uh,

access the internet
without a computer.

Just pull email
out of your head.


And you're radioactive.

Why come to me?

Because they got to me too.

I can find them, Ted.

And you can nuke them.

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Turned on the waterworks,
and they were mine.

They're getting the suitcase
as we speak.

Where's the bag?

You may fool Ando,
but you do not fool me.

Matt Parkman,
here to protect you, sir.

Sir, we've got to
get out of here right now.

This is a setup.

How do you know that?
I just do.

Now, you absorb all these
abilities you find.

I'm gonna teach you how
to pull 'em out one at a time.

I don't have to do anything!

Except fly.

Zane Taylor?

You must be Dr. Suresh.

Come on in.

There are others out there
like you.

And I am going to find them.

I could go with you.

She had an appointment
with a neurologist.

Your mother's been
having some headaches.

Yeah, she's also been having
some memory loss.

Did you tell them that?

I don't know
any Mr. Muggles.

And I don't know you.



Where's Dad?

He's on one of
his stupid business trips.

There's something
wrong with Mom.

There's something
wrong with you.


Do you know who this is?

leave your brother alone.

You recognize us?

Yes, you are the daughter

who is supposed to be
setting the dinner table.

I was standing right there
just a minute ago,

and you had no idea
who I was.

Lyle, help your sister
with the table.

Honestly, Claire.

Good thing Dad's not home,

'cause he would so
drug test you.

It's good
you called us, Isaac.

I didn't know
who else to trust.

That man, Peter Petrelli,


I tried finding him.

I kept painting what
I thought were empty spaces.

And now?

There, in the water.


So...Peter's invisible?

That sound so crazy?

Any more than a man
who can paint the future?

Peter absorbs
others' abilities.

Apparently, he's met someone
who we assumed was dead.

That's the roof of the--

The Deveaux building.

Look, there's a chance that
Peter might come here first

before we reach him.

What do you expect me
to do with this?


Sync:FRM@????&???ҷ???&le Petit Prince



You know what?

Let me do that.

I am pregnant,
not porcelain.

No, I'm just trying
to be Mr. Helpful.

Try Mr. Get-the-hell

What did you do?

You like it?

I love it.

I do.


Matt, we can't afford this.
I mean, we're--

Nah, come on.
I got a guy.

He gave it to me
wholesale, so...

I'm so bloated.

You, you look so beautiful
to me.

I'm sorry.

made this beautiful gesture,
and I have to mess it up.

What do you mean?

A man called yesterday.

HEA Professor Suresh.

He was a geneticist.

He wanted
to talk about DNA.

Matt, your DNA.

Did you te

I mean, you didn't
tell him anything, did you?

Of course I didn't
tell him anything.

He found you.

He knows.

Who are these people?

I just wanted to say thanks.

For what?

Well, you know,
for bringing me with you.

You didn't have to do that.

It would have been
a long road alone.

I'm glad
for the company.

Well, I believe in fate,
Mohinder, and karma,

and I'm not just saying that
'cause you're Indian.

I mean, you really
came to my rescue,

and I won't forget that.

It's not completely altruistic
on my part, Zane.

I have a feeling
we're gonna meet up

with a lot of skepticism
from these people.

You can help.
I'm ready.

Excuse me!

Excuse me.


Rap music.

Can't stand it, but
it's the only thing I've found

that cancels out the--

Can I help you?

We're looking
for Dale Smither.

You found her.

Oh. O-of course.

I'm Mohinder Suresh,
and this is Mr. Taylor.


it's just Zane.

I left you several
messages this week.

Yeah, I got 'em.

I believe I can help
with what's happening to you.

I'm sure you have
lots of questions.

Yeah, only one--
how'd you find me?

You gave blood
11 years ago.

Signed a consent form
to have a sample used

in a program called
the Human Genome Project.

You dialed the wrong number.

Look, I know what
you're thinking right now,

that you've got
nobody to talk to,

nobody that understands
what you're going through.

But that's not true.

I-I understand.



That was my best wrench.

So there really
are others, huh?


I'm proof of that.

That's why we're here.


I thought the headaches
at first were gonna kill me.

I'd lie awake at night thinking
that my head was gonna explode.

A cockroach crawling
across my neighbor's floor

was like a marching band
parading through my house.

I'm sorry.
It must be quite a burden.

A burden?

Hell, no.

This is the best damn thing
that ever happened to me.

Well, now that
I've learned to control it,

I'm like Superman
or something.

I can hear rain coming
from 40 miles away.

I can even hear
someone's moods--

the tiniest changes
in a heartbeat.

Yours, for instance.

It's racing kind of fast.

You nervous about something?

Um, no, I'm just excited

to meet somebody like me.

Well, if you've come
to try to take it away from me,

you're gonna have a hell
of a fight on your hands.

I can assure you
we only want to help.

Uh, I'd like to perform
a few tests,

s-some questions, really,
that's all.

Shouldn't take more
than a couple of hours.

I'm kinda backed up today.

We can come back
in the morning.






Is that u?i'm locked in!

You're not Ando.

S.R. Gustavson.

State Gaming Commission.

I come in peace.


Ando is my friend.

I bring him from Japan
on my mission.

Where's the girl?

Where's the suitcase?

She said her name Hope.

Tell me where they are!

Take me with you.
I must save Ando.

Not a chance.

I work alone, pal.

You take me with you

or she gets away...


I so miss you, Karen.

I miss your laugh.

But they're gonna pay
for what they did to me.

What they did to us.

I know you're not gonna like
what I gotta do.

So, uh,
I came to say good-bye.


I say when it's enough!

You've got a power to stop me.
What are you waiting for?

I'm trying!

And when you've left New York
a smoking wasteland,

we'll put that
on your tombstone:

"Here lies Peter Petrelli.
He tried."

Dig into that
file cabinet of yours

and pull something out!

Fly, stop time,
paint me a pretty picture.



Ha ha!

You pushed that away
with your mind.

Which one of your sorry friends
has telekinesis?

None of 'em do.

Right--that guy who
was chasing Claire in Texas.

He sent some lockers
flying at me.


And you pulled that little trick
out in the here and now?

Well, we might
just have a chance

at stopping you
from going nuclear.

I tried.

Every street I painted,
every building--empty.

I think
Peter's left New York.

Why does this
seem so familiar?

Oh, now I remember.

You'd get that same look
on your face

when you'd lie to me
about using.

You think I'm lying?

You're right.

I can't willingly throw you
into another man's arms.

Because you're jealous.

Because he's dangerous.

Oh, God.

I don't think
I should have this anymore.

Keep it.

I would do
anything for you, Simone.


Find Peter.



you're nothing but
a Japanese MapQuest for me.

So till we find that girl,

just sit there
and shut up.

I bring Ando from Japan
on my mission.

I am responsible for him.

All a partner ever does
is either drag you under

or screw you over.

A partner helps
by believing in you.

He keeps you honest.

Uh-huh. Well.

Who wanted to help
the girl?

Grab the suitcase?

take your car


You take on a partner,

all you get
is their blood on your hands.

Why are we stopping here?

I thought we were going
to your mother's house.

The less questions
you ask, Ando,

the better off
you'll be in life.

Why is that?

That'd be another question.

Here, I will
help you with--

No, I've got it.

It's okay--

What is this?

What did I say
about asking questions?

You know,
I have to admit, Zane,

when you first offered
to help, I was--

I was cautious.

In what way?

I don't know you.
You don't know me.

It could have been
a disaster.

You...made a difference

Thank you.

Here is your key.

When you told that woman Dale
that you could help her,

is that really possible?

It's only theoretical
at this point.

But I am working on
an inhibitor,

a chemical that'll isolate
the genetic mutation

that causes
these abnormalities.

We can offer these people
understanding, control,

or, if needed, elimination
of their ability.


You make it sound like
a virus or plague.

I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to imply--

It's just not all of you exhibit
the same sets of skills you do.

And they can be

My father had to learn that

How's that?

He was murdered
by a man named Sylar.

Well, what happened
to this...


I'm not sure.

He just got away
with killing your dad?

I only know he's gone,
locked away.

What does it matter?

Even if I could come
face-to-face with him,

what difference
would it make?

Justice can never
really be served.

What a shame.

They're out there.

I can feel them...

so innocent, so unaware
of what's happening to them.

We'll find them, Mohinder.

All of them, together.
The two of us.

It's our destiny.

I'm gonna call it
a night.


I'll catch you
in the morning.

[door opens, closes]

do we need to talk?



Mom, you know how you

sometimes forget things?

Honey, is this about
my trip to the neurologist?

It's just some headaches.
I don't want you to worry.

But they don't know
what's causing it, right?

We are still waiting on
the results from the tests.

What if it's not some thing
that's responsible for it

but someone?

What on earth
are you talking about?

What if you knew a secret,

and they had a way
to brainwash you?

You have been studying
long enough.

Let's curl up in my bed,

piece of pie,
glass of milk,

and watch
an old Cary Grant movie.

Mom, I'm serious.

I know this is a little scary,

but Dad's in charge
of talking to the doctors,

and they will come up with
the answers.

Maybe you shouldn't
trust Dad so much.

Now, why would
you say that?

What if it gets worse...

and next time that you--


Mom! Mom!


Mom, please wake up.

What's this
all about anyways?

What's what?

The birds.

I mean, you--
you sort of hate everything,


Except you treat these pigeons
like they're family.

Charles Darwin
bred pigeons

when he was working out
his theory of evolution.

Married up various permutations
to get maximum potential.

What do you mean by that,
maximum potential?

I think he meant you,

But you used to care.
About all this.

Didn't you?

All right,
sharing time's over.

Time to get--

What are you doing?


Claire, this isn't
a great time.

Dad, you have
to come home.

Mom fell
and she blacked out.

I called 911--

What happened to her?

I came home and she didn't
even know who I was.

She didn't even remember
Mr. Muggles.

I'm coming home right away.

Claude'll have to wait.

Matt, where are you?

Hey, what's up?

The ring.

I took it to get

and the jeweler told me
it was worth $40,000.

Well, that's ridiculous.

And he accused me
of stealing it.

I had to tell him
my husband was a cop

anthere has to be
some kind of an explanation.

There is an explanation,

The guy that I was
protecting, Malsky...

those were his.

You were gonna
get upset--

You let me keep
the ring.

It was stolen property.
What were you thinking?

I don't know
what I was thinking.

I have no idea.

You know, Matt,
for a guy that can...

read other people's thoughts,

you should spend a little
bit of time on your own.

You know what?

I'm just trying to figure out
how to take care of our family.

I don't have a job, Jan.

And I'm worried
that the baby--

Ever since you told me
about this thing,

this thing that you do,

I have tried to act like
everything's okay, but it's not.

It's stealing and lying.

Matt, you're better
than this!

All right.

Fine, I'll take them
down to the precinct.


Call them right now.



Where are you right now?

Yeah, I know the place.

I'll be right there.

Who was that?

I, uh, I gotta
go out.



How you feeling?

You knew
they were after you.

I don't know who they were!

You wanted to know why
I was invisible all these years.

It was because of them,

and you've brought the bastards
right to my door!

I just saved your ass!

You've no idea
what you've done.

Your mate, the painter.

He took your girl
up to the roof.

He must have known
we were up there.

He's a comic book artist.

Let's call a spade
a shovel, mate.

It had to be Isaac.

They got to him.

You said yourself
he disappeared for a bit, right?

Yeah, so?

that's how it works.

At least, that's how it did
in my day.

You drop off the face
of the earth for a few days,

wake up with a memory hole,
a killer headache,

and a souvenir.

Did he have a set of these?

I don't know.
What is that?

Those are for
the lucky ones.

So what do we do now--

You watch your own back.

I do what I always do--

I'm not letting you
run again.

We're getting somewhere
with all this.

You should have
thought of that

before you brought
your baggage to my roof.

I can't do this
on my own.

Then I guess
you go boom.

Have you heard from Peter?

Last time I saw my brother,

he flew out of a window
to get away from me.

I doubt he's going to come
knocking on my door.

He flew out a window?

So to speak.

Simone, I've got people
looking for him,

people I can trust.

Around the clock.
We'll find him.

But what if you don't?

You need to go public,
call a press conference,

tell everyone about
Peter's condition.

Nobody's gonna believe

somebody can explode
and destroy a city, Simone.

I can't believe
I believe it.

Let's tell them everything.

Isaac painting the future,

Hiro stopping time.

Even you--what you all can do
is incredible.

It's time people know
what's happening.

The truth.

Simone, look,
I know your heart--

it's in the right place.

You want to help Peter,
and I want to help him too.

But if people knew
what we were capable of,

they would drop
a collective brick.

You think they'll
burn you at the stake?

Yeah, pretty much.

Because that's what
I would do.

I'd round us all up,
stick us in a lab

on some island
in the middle of the ocean.

Where Peter saw hope,
you see disaster.


I guess I'm voting
for the other guy.


Do not take this public.

But you kissed me.
I thought you liked me.

Don't remind me.

What will happen to me now?

Damn it!

I want my share.





This way hurry!

Gustavson, you can't
spend it if you're dead!

Neither can you!

Hiro I'm sorry

I should've listened to u

No.this is all my fault.

I never should have....

brought u on my mission

And if you didn't...

i would be at my desk in tokyo

I would never know.

what it is to be a hero

I don't want to die.

Did your powers work?

I had my eyes closed!

Me too

Her GUN must have misfired

I guess...

Lucky for us!

Look Ando!

Not a scratch on the Versa!

I didn't hear your footsteps.

That's because
there weren't any.

That sound.

In your heart.

What is it?


Is my mom
gonna be okay?

She's stable.

When your dad gets here,
we can discuss options.


Claire, why don't you
come sit down.

Your mother has
a subdural hemorrhage.

I got a C-minus
in biology.

Oh. It's, um...

it's like a bruise
on her brain.

Specifically the area
that controls memory.

Has your mother had any
recent exposure to radiation?

A history of epilepsy?

Claire, if this is a result
of domestic violence--


No, it's not like that.

Not really.

Then what's it like?

You won't believe me.

Anything you say will be held
in the strictest confidence.

There's a man...

who works for my dad.

He can make you
forget things.


just by touching you
with his hands.

I'll talk to your father.

Wa, I'm telling you
the truth!

Hey, I only came here

because you said it was
a matter of life and death.

You can't go blowing
anything else up.

I found out what these are.

They're tracking us.

Like animals!

What the hell's
that supposed to mean?

The truth.

What's going on?


She's--she's a friend,
okay, like us.

She's the one who put me
onto the scratches.

It comes from
a pneumatic needle.

It injects a radioisotope

for tracking viruses
in Africa.

That's what we are to them,
a-a virus.

A plague.

Who's them?

A shipment of needles
went to Primatech Paper

in Odessa, Texas.

The tracking slip
went to a man named Bennet.

Sound familiar?

I've already been
down this road.

Trust me,
it's a dead end.


Why would a paper company
need pneumatic needles

with a radioisotope?

I had my blood tested.

It's in me, that isotope.

Ted, you're radioactive
by nature.

How much you wanna bet
it's in you too?

No, it's insane.

I want to put
this whole thing behind me.

My wife and I have a baby
coming, my family needs me.

If you got a family, that means
you got something to protect.

There is no putting
this whole thing behind you.


If they can track us
like you say they can,

he'll know we're coming.

Good. I can get us through
any wall they got.

I need you to get
inside his head.

He can't lie to us
if you're there.

We'll find out the truth.

Look, I cannot do this...

without you.

If we can save ourselves,
we could help others.

We could be heroes!


I've convinced the doctor

to let us take her home
in the morning.

She'll be okay.

No thanks to you.

Shut up, Claire.

Claire, can I talk to you


The doctor told me

you had an interesting theory
about your mom's condition.

It's not a theory.

You did this to her.
You erased her mind.

that's ridiculous.

You tried to erase mine.

I don't know where
you're getting these ideas.

Stop. Stop it!
Stop lying!

After what you did to Mom,
isn't that enough?

What you know
is dangerous.

If the wrong people find out
about what you can do--

Like the man
who killed Jackie?



Why did you do this
to Mom?

A few days ago, that man
broke into our house...

looking for you.

He found your mother

So I made her forget.


And people like her
shouldn't have to know

about people like him.

And maybe people like you.

I never meant for her
to get sick.

I only wanted
to protect my family.

Claire bear,

I promise--

I promise this will
never happen again.


You don't just get
to say you're sorry

and make everything
go away.


Zane, are you all right?

Yeah, it's just, uh,

it's just a headache.

Okay. Sit tight.

I'll be back.



Anybody here?

Hey, maybe we should
just come back, Mohinder.


what's the matter?

What are you doing?

Dialing 911.

Do you think
that's a good idea?

What are you talking about?
She was murdered.

And what were
we doing here?

What do you mean?
We found her.

How? Why?

I mean, l-look at us.
Where did we come from?

How did we get here?

Can we explain any of this

without looking
completely insane?

The top of her head
was removed.

It was Sylar.
I don't--I mean, how?


Okay, we have to warn them.

Everyo on the list.
He's after them.

We'll, uh, we'll leave now

and we'll call the police
anonymously from the road.

Zane, are you okay?

Oh, Hiro.

My arm still hurts a little.

U should drive.

No u always drive.

Take the Veasa back to the rental car place.

What are u doing?

What i should,ve done weeks ago.

Go home ando.

Why are u doing this?

I said i was sorry about the girl.

This isn't about u.

It's about me.

I made a mistake by bringing u along.

I have to do this alone.

But u can't!

It's Destiny!

The comic book...we are going to save the world!

Life isn't a comic book.

Too many people have died since we began.

I don't know what i should do...

if I lost u too.

Hiro please!


Hey, young fella.

All by yourself?



We'll get through this.

Your mom needs us.
Lyle too.

I don't even know if I'll
remember any of this tomorrow.

All I want to do is run away,
but I can't.

Somebody has to protect
this family from you.

Lyle, take your mother.

Get out of the house
right now.


I'm sure you have
a lot of questions.

We all do.

Why'd you do it, Isaac?

How'd you get in here?

What'd they give you,


What's a Judas get these days?

I was trying
to stop you.

You're dangerous.
You said it yourself.

Without them to help,
you'll become that.

I had help.

I was learning
to control it.

You scared my only
chance of hope!

Stop it!

What are these marks, huh?
What do they mean?

They're nothing.
They mean nothing.

Don't lie to me!

This is why
you sent them after me.


With me out of the way, you'd
have Simone all to yourself.

You stole her away from me!

But I did it
to save New York,

to stop the bomb.

I can do it right now.

With just one bullet,
I can be a hero.


You're a junkie.

You couldn't even
save yourself.

That's why
she left you, Isaac.

It had nothing...
to do...with me!

Show yourself!