Heroes (2006–2010): Season 1, Episode 14 - Chapter Fourteen 'Distractions' - full transcript

Claire finds it increasingly difficult to keep lying to her father, all the while knowing exactly what has happened all around her, while she makes plans to visit her biological mother. Nikki's husband makes a deal for her release...

Previously on Heroes.

My dad lied to me
about my entire life,

my biological parents,
my ability.

You can't just hide
things like that.

A 21-year-old woman
was killed in the explosion.

Also killed in the fire was
her 18-month-old daughter.

Hi, I'm looking for someone
related to Meredith Gordon.

This is her.


Where are you taking us? Tell your
boss I am on very important mission.

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It could take years to
integrate a multiple personality,

but if you let me,
I can help you.

What I am, you can't fix.

Who are you?
How can you see me?

I don't know. I just do what you can do.

I'm the Invisible Man. I'm Claude
Rains. Now get away from me.

I found you. I need you to help
me. This entire city is in danger.

You seemed pretty sure about
that pending apocalypse of yours.

How many people
have you taught before me?

If he crashes, you bring
him back, again and again.

He's dead.

Well, that's less
than ideal.



I don't see how petty theft
is part of my training.

There's a lot you don't see. You have no
idea how to use these gifts of yours properly.

Yeah, and you do? No.

Right now, your abilities
only show up as a reflex.

Autonomic, like swallowing.
That's a dog's trick.

Making it a conscious choice, using it,

that's what makes you
more than a poodle.

Now, is insulting me really going
to help me learn how to do that?

Listen, you're the one who's a bomb set
to blow up me and everyone in this city,

unless I can get you

That's right,
now he's listening.

Now, you absorb

all these abilities
you find, yeah?

You're invisible with me, you've
flown, you've read some minds.

Yeah, it put me in a coma
for two weeks.

Your body doesn't know
what to do with them all.

It's gotten jumbled, like file
cards knocking around a shoebox,

except with you, the cards
are doused in plutonium,

piling up
to a critical mass.

Now, I'm gonna teach you how
to pull them out one at a time.

You think that's possible?

I hope so.
Next time you shut down

might not be just a coma. It
might be the day you meltdown.

So, then let's get to
today's lesson. All right.

Let's start by seeing if you
can hold on to one of your powers

without your benefactors
hanging around.

You think
I could do that alone?

We're about to find out.
Remember to breathe.


God, it sounds like a
bomb is about to go off.

I know it's hard. Just focus
on the mirror and try to relax.

I can't relax. You're
trying to bring her out.


I told you,
she is dangerous.

She could hurt you.
Show me.

Those cuffs could keep
an elephant in that chair.

And just 'cause I'm a shrink, don't
think I don't know how to use that taser.

I thought that the goal
was to get rid of her.

The goal here is to bring your
two halves to a healthy middle,

to have a unified and whole
you, not two aspects at war.

How do we do this?

Like I said,
you focus on the reflection,

and breathe.

Come on.

Feel free
to let your mind wander.

We used to have a
piano in our home.

You played?

Chopsticks, barely.

My sister.

She played beautifully.

I used to play
with her sheet music.

I didn't know what it was,
just dots and lines.

I would get out my crayons
and connect the dots.

Jessica used to say

I could turn
Mozart into a monkey.

I sure did.


You should've listened
to little mouse.

How's Claire?

That was for the haircut.

You shouldn't have built
such a good cage.

If you go anywhere
near her...

No! No!


You didn't just
use your key this time.

I shouldn't have them,
not anymore.

You started painting since you got
back from rehab. Can I see them?

That's not done yet.

Oh, God.

That's the roof
of my father's building.

We had a lot of good
memories up there.

Is that how you
painted our relationship,

like a city destroyed?

What are you looking for, Simone?

It's Peter.
He's still missing.

I'm running out
of places to look.

You finally believe
I can paint the future,

and you want to use it
to find your new boyfriend.

I don't want to be
asking you this, either.

Can you?

I have been.

Except it's
not working.

Every time I try to paint
where Peter is, I get nothing.

You've been trying
to find him? Why?

I know what he can do.

He's the one that's gonna turn New
York into this. I'm not gonna let him.

How do you know
so much about him?

Because I painted it.

I care about you, Simone, more
than I knew how to say when...

When it would have
made a difference.

But right now, I don't care if
you hate me, I just want you safe.

Stay away from Peter.

Just tell me
you'll look for him.

I'll try.



Keep the key.

The manatee's on
the brink of extinction.

There's one at the aquarium in
Lubbock and the marine biologist said

we could stop by anytime.

You're asking my
permission to skip school?

No, if I wanted to skip
school, I'd check into homeroom,

and then sneak out
Miss Robert's window,

but you've always
stressed honesty,

so I'm being

The manatee is a
very noble creature.

Is your car in working order, Zachary?

I just had the oil changed.
Any tickets?

Just parking.

You'll be home for dinner. Yes.

That's not a question.

I'm making fajitas. Zach,
you're welcome to join us.

Let's go.

We'll wait 15 minutes,
and then head out.

Do you have
the directions to Kermit?

Uh, yeah.

Look, what if your mom wants
proof about the aquarium?

Where did you get these?

Motel 6 lobby
and my color printer.

No one can know we're
going to see my real mom.

We have to be perfect.

Get a doctor!
Oh! Wait.

What happened?

I tried to tell her.

Take me back to my cell!
Love to.

Thanks for almost
getting me arrested.

A little more focus, you'd have
had some cash and fresh lipstick.

I never said it'd be easy. In fact, I
think I said repeatedly it'd be crap.

You've been doing this for 15
years. Cut me a little slack

on trying to do it
for five minutes.

You'll learn. We've just got
to find what's holding you back.

Cops have my name and address. I'm pretty
sure Nathan's gonna kill me first, anyway.

You worry a lot about
your people, don't you?

Your friends, your mother,
your brother.

No wonder your head's all
clogged. You're still sunk under.

Under what?
Your attachments.

All these people who feed
you biscuits, pat your head,

and tell you you're not
fit for the outdoors.

You still see yourself
through their eyes. Is that it?

No. I don't.

Right. Well, I'll bet you $20 your
dad didn't make much of you, either.

God, you're easy! We've got to
get these people out of your head.

Do you understand? These people are
my family. I can't just cut them out.

Peter can't use his powers
without someone holding his hand.

How can you not punch that
face every time you see it?

He's not like that.
He is. Trust me.

You don't know him.

I don't need to. I've spent a lot
of time moving around people's homes,

their bedrooms.

You get to know people if you see
them when they think they're alone.

You see them for what they truly
are. Selfish, deceitful and gassy.

So, what is that, your
big truth about the world?

The sooner you learn it, the sooner
we get that collar off your neck.

People suck, friend,

every last one of them.
Never forget that.

Not all of them.

Oh, right,
there's a girl.

She's not like
the rest of them.

Everyone's like the rest,

that's why they're the rest.


Let's go and see
what your girl's up to.

Then maybe
we can clear your head.

Wait. Wait. You want to spy on her?

Look, you could
follow her all you want.

I'm telling you,
she's not like that.

Well, then no harm
in taking a look.


This is it,
number 36.

Nice pinwheel

You know, I always imagined my parents
would live in a penthouse in New York City.

Not some
trailer park in Kermit.

So she lives in a trailer?
Maybe she likes the open road.

Just not what I imagined.

Stop imagining.
She's right there.

What am I supposed to say?

"Hi, I'm your daughter,
and I can re-grow my kidney"?

I mean, what if she's got
burns and scars from the fire.

She's supposed
to be dead, right?

So are you, remember?

I heard you got
that in common.

Hey, where are you going?

I'm getting rid of your
exit strategy.

You'll be fine.

I'll be back
in time for fajitas.



Hi, little fluffy.
Claire home from school yet?


We'll just wait.

Now, what's your name?

Mr. Muggles, where are
you, baby? Mama's home!

Of course.

Let's go say hi.

Oh! I'm sorry.
Who are you?

I just came from
the paper factory, ma'am.

I'm just making
a delivery for your husband,

and I saw this little guy
in the street.

Now, somebody must have left
the backdoor open.

Oh, I hope you don't mind,
I took the liberty.

Well, aren't you sweet?

And he was just out
there in the yard? Oh.

Just chewing
on a sprinkler head.


Who left those doors open,
Mr. Muggles?

Claire or Lyle? You tell
me, so I can tan their ass.

Well, thanks for
inviting me in.

I always wanted to see
where Mr. Bennet lived.

It is so funny how all y'all
call him Mr. Bennet over there.

I've always just known
him as... Stop that, you.

No more shoes.

He just discovered shoelaces.
Can't get enough.

That's funny, I never really
imagined him as much of a dog person.

I guess he just looms a little
larger when he's drilling you.

He mostly talks about Claire. I
was hoping to meet her, actually.

I've heard so much
about her.

Well, she has promised
to be home for dinner,

which means
a half an hour late.

My son is at a tae kwon
do sleepover tonight.

That means an extra plate.

Why don't you stay for dinner?

Least I can offer
my new hero.

Are you sure?
It's not too much trouble?

I will call my husband
and tell him to expect you.

What did you say your
name was again, Mr...


Oh, I don't think you'll reach
him at the office, though.

Last I saw
he was just swamped.

I'm staring.
I'm sorry.

I mean,
you have to understand.

I never thought
this would happen.

You're sitting
inches away from me.

You're so beautiful.

Thank you.

Are you a good student?

I'm okay.
Lousy at math.

No help from me there.

Well, I'll bet
you're all kinds of popular.

I was homecoming queen,
kind of.

Damn, I missed so much.

If I'd known you
were out there, but...

You must think
something awful.

I was so sure that nothing
could have survived that fire.

It was a miracle that I did,
and... God, when I saw that roof...

Don't question
the miracle, right?


it's horchata.

I learned a secret recipe
in Mexico. It's sweet.

You lived in Mexico?


Oh, I moved around a lot.

After I lost you, I sort of started
running. I never really stopped.

I only came back to Kermit
a couple of months ago.

I spent some time in
Cuernavaca, in La Paz.

You've never been.


It's my mom.

Hi. Yeah, we're at
the aquarium right now.

They just let Zach feed him turtle
grass. We're practically on our way.

We'll be home
in, like, an hour.

No, I won't let him speed.
Okay, bye.

She doesn't
know you're here.

She doesn't really understand
what's going on with me right now.

Neither of my parents do.

I'll pretend I understand
why you're sneaking around.

All girls deserve
their secrets, right?

Seems like I have
a lot of them these days.

I have to show you something.

You may understand it,
you may not, but...

I need you to see.
See what?

I think I know
how I survived that fire.

Claire, don't!
It's okay.

Please, say something.

Some family.

I told Claire to get a move
on. She said she'd be back soon.

A cheerleader, huh?

Co-captain by junior year.


Although not so much these
days. They dissolved the team

because of some
horrible event at the school.

Oh, I heard about that.

That must have been
hard on poor Claire.

You are awfully interested
in my daughter.

Well, ever since
I've seen what she can do,

I guess you could
say I'm a fan.

She's really quite gifted.

Oh, you've been to a game?

Yeah, I guess I have.

I just couldn't get
over those irresistible

talents of hers.

I should...

I should check with my
husband again. Excuse me.

I'd rather you didn't,
so I can surprise him.

How did you do that?

I'm special,
just like Claire.

Well, different,
but you catch the meaning.

It's a shame
I'll have to kill her.

But maybe
I'll kill you first.

I really haven't
decided yet.


Find him.
He dies!

I don't understand what
happened. Why was he...

He moved the phone

without even touching it. Shh.

You're safe now. I'm
right here. I'll find him.

He kept asking
about Claire.

Claire's fine.

She's safe, too, and she'll
stay that way. I promise.

Who is that?

This is my friend.

He's gonna make
everything okay.

He'll help you
forget again.

What do you mean, "again"?

It's okay.

Hold my hand.
It'll all be over soon.

You could stay a little
longer, have some dinner.

I can't cook
worth crap but...

Well, I was supposed
to be home a while ago.

I got about six messages from my dad
telling me to come home right away, so...

He sounded pretty pissed.

Hey. This isn't goodbye, you know that?

I was hoping you could
tell me about my father.

Well, that's complicated.

Why don't you let me
work on that for next time?

Some family.

Here. Little something from Mexico.

Oh, no, I can't.

You can,
and you're gonna.

It'll look 10 times better
on you than it ever did on me.


We haven't been up here
together in a long time.

There's something
about this roof.

You and I spent
a lot of time up here.

I mean, it's connected with what's
happening. It's important somehow.

it's certainly mysterious.

You know,
I never figured out

how those pigeons
got up here.

My father always said, "If they found
their way, we ought to let them be. "

I know we had a lot together,
Isaac, for a long time.

You saw it,
the painting of us.

It's the future
I still hope for.

This city took me in. Everything
important that ever happened to me,

happened here.



And now it's all going to be
destroyed because I can't stop it.

You don't know that.

It keeps coming back,
worse every time.

You saw what this
looks like after the bomb.

The world will
never recover from that.

That's not true.

You can't lose hope.

What hope is there?

There's you,
what you can do.

Why else would you be allowed to see the
future unless it was to do something about it?

You can't just see the
future, Isaac. You make it.

You'll find a way.

You really believe that?

I believe in you.

Get dressed.

Dressed for what?

You're going home.

That's not possible.
Oh, it's more than possible.

The charges against you have
been dropped, Miss Sanders.


The D.A. threw out
the entire case.

That can't happen.

I killed people.

Well, the state of Nevada isn't
so sure about that anymore.

It seems a rather terrible
gentleman on death row

confessed to all the crimes
you're accused of.

DNA evidence backed up everything.
Wonderful system, isn't it?

As far as they're concerned,
justice has been served.

And as far as Linderman
is concerned?

Oh, don't worry about
tomorrow's problems today.


I need to be in here.

I need help.

You only need to get dressed,
Miss Sanders.

You're going home.


That's the one you love, off to dinner
with the guy she left to be with you.

Sort of fickle,
don't you think?

Why would you
show me that?

I didn't show you anything. She did. We
just followed her, not even very long.

I'm sorry, Peter. No,
you're not. You enjoyed that.

You've got this rosy film
over your eyes, like a kid.

It's no wonder you live
like an adolescent.

Posters on the wall,
hair in your face.

You've got to see
the world as it is,

it's the only way you'll
learn how to save it.

And, what, be like you, a hermit?

No one knows you're alive
except for some pigeons.

You have to get rid
of your distractions.

The people I love
are not distractions.

Then why can't you fly? You've
done it. You're body remembers how.

The only thing standing
in your way is you.

What am I supposed to do,
cut them out of my life?

How cold do you
expect me to be?

Did you forget
you're a bomb?

You've got to remember
what this is about,

or do you have to ask for your
brother's permission for that as well?

Anything else that I have to
do? You want to make a list?

You're a sad cartoon of a broken
heart, bleeding all over the place.

I'm just trying to
get your mind straight.

Look, I have followed you around and
listened to your half-assed wisdom.

You don't have any answers,
okay? You don't know anything.

You are afraid of the world.
You have to listen to me.

And I am tired of you
telling me what I have to do!

I don't have
to do anything!

Except fly.

Son of a bitch.

Not quite what I was expecting,
but hope for the flowers, yet.

You threw me off
of a 30-story building.

If I didn't regenerate,
I'd be dead.

Well, you could
have flown.

Listen, if you hadn't have worked
this one out, you'd be hopeless anyway,

and I'd have diffused
the biggest bomb ever.

But you did it,
didn't you?

You cleared your mind.
You called out your power.

Right before
I hit the ground,

when I knew what was about
to happen, I had this flash

in my head of this girl
that I met in Texas,

this cheerleader.
She had healed herself.

My God,
she's this sweet kid,

sad little smile,
and she just...

You were wrong.

I don't have to cut her out.
I have to remember her.

How she made me feel.
That's how I...

Oh. Oh, God.
It's happening.

I'm losing it.

Well, it's a start.


Yes. I think I found a way to stop him.

I found him.


I thought you had Sylar.
I will again, soon.

Do you mean Petrelli?
Where is he?

I think he's been here
this whole time,

and I've been painting him.

Except no one can see him,
like he's a ghost, or...


What does that mean?

It means an old friend isn't
quite as dead as we thought he was.


Mom, I know it's
not our game night,

but can we play
a game of Scrabble?

Since you just
got home?


I owe you,
like, a dozen.

Just give me
a minute, okay?



What are you
so mad about, Niki?

You're the one
who wanted to be locked up.

I'm home!

In the kitchen.

You are in big trouble,
young lady.

The school called. Did
you think you could ditch,

and I wouldn't
find out?

Mom, we talked about it
this morning.

Zach and I
went to the aquarium.

Claire, I think I would remember a
conversation about you skipping school.

Are you okay?

Fine, just banged my head
on something.

Bit of a headache.

Why don't you let me
finish setting the table,

and you can go lie down
for a little bit?

Don't think this
gets you off the hook.


You might not remember me.

We haven't spoken
in a long time, but...

our daughter
just found me.

Did you hear
what I just said?

She's alive.

We need to talk, Nathan.